Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series...

Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal user can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underage faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole ninja faggotry and everything about the Naruto world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on revenge, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to Cred Forums, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every user to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Naruto threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.


kys op you fucking shit faggshit maggot naruto was GREAT i am watched it first time when i was 5, nostalgia overload

Is this still a banner? I haven't seen it in a while.

Naruto is shit, everybody knows that already, OP, it's a common knowledge.

What year is it?


I have not even watched the show and I know OP is gay as fuck.

No one cares what you find bad you dumb chuck

>nostalgia overload

teen faggot detected

>People are replying to this ancient pasta unironically

Fun fact: This pasta was originally about Elfen Lied.

and no one gives a shit what you find bad either, cuntbucket

"retarded insecure faggot who can't live without calling shows others like as trash" detected

I hope they just go back to mal or reddit or facebook or somewhere else to talk their generic-shounen-neverending-borutoshit-narutoshit-dickrutoshit-assrutoshit-franchise.

Neither did i say otherwise cuckaritard.

>Newfags can't recognize a classic pasta that is literally a banner
They're probably all mobileposters

Lurk for infinity years

Mobile is way more convenient than pc. Retards like you don't understand how phoneposting is superior in this current technologically rapidly advancing world. It's not like everyone is NEET like you to be in front of pc all time like a loser you are

I'd recommend Naruto over Bleach any day of my life though

You people ruined this website.

Fucking kick yourself off this site. Ain't no one listening to retards like you

Man my nigga naruto is better than bleach in terms of story but maaan kubo draws like crazy i am right now watching bleach manga battles on youtube holy shit drawings outstansding better visually than naruto or one peice especially in last arc

That was indeed a fun fact.

>the Nu-Cred Forums doesn't know about Naruto copy-pasta
I'm old.

Says the literal newfag

It's not even that ancient. I'm a 2015 newfag and I recognized it instantly. These people are either retarded or literal first week on Cred Forums crossboarders.

Has Cred Forums fallen so far?

The whole website has fallen irredeemably far.

Why the fuck does it matter if we cutting edge intellectual nu-Cred Forums don't know about some retarded copypasta. It's not like we are not even aware of bait shitposty nature of the OP's post

Trips of truth.
Also checkem

Naruto is really good manga. Anime is trashy sometimes because of godawful pace and filler.

Idk I thought Naruto was good. Maybe like a 7/10 at its best. Probably the filleriest filler to ever filler though.

It's much better now when you don't have to wait a week for a new episode that's probably filler and can just skip that shit.

Maybe everyone else just grew up , started a family , and got off of Cred Forums and only you and a bunch of young weebs are left.

I want Cred Forums to ban shonenshit.

If only, user. If only.

Cry more, newfag bitch

wow its been a long time old friend, will you be publicly banned as well?
No, the mods aren't that cool anymore.

And I want a sandwich. Guess who's going to get their wish?



This is the best and truest pasta of all time.

And yet, in the piss hole of neo-Cred Forums, we have Boruto threads daily.

How is that even possible
It's even a banner for fuck's sake
or at least was

Never understood why people like Naruto, the characters seem so obnoxious and lame it deters me from ever seeing it, and i'm glad for that

Naruto is a gateway anime is a gateway pasta of the worst kind.

they are just pretending

>No, the mods aren't that cool anymore.

narutofags haven't been problem since forever

Lol you’ve never watched it and can’t understand why people like it, I wonder why...

I’m watching it now since I gave up on the show 6 years ago because of filler and the reason I like it is because the show is very imaginative. My biggest criticism is that the monologues during fight scenes are long winded and stupid

All I’m going to say is I will take Naruto any day over loli dogshit

>I have good tastes I like animes that no one knows and anime with multiples lolis
>An anime that is popular is certainly shit
kys op

Daily reminder BASE Madara took on 5 kage's AND WON.

Funny you should say that, seeing as how there's been more public bans in the last week or two.

Post 2008, unfortunately

I'd take shonenshit over moeshit any day.

Your newfag opinion doesn't matter.

you take that back baka

>best boy gets best girl
What magic is this?

Naruto aired 16 years ago.

2006 called, they want their pasta back

I miss getting dubs in naruto threads to derail it and not getting banned for it

Me too. I also miss when OP's pasta would immediately derail an Naruto thread.

user, I think this meme only works when you write about something that's not actually true.

I miss Sakurafish.

It's mainstream now so yes