Eva 4.0

Be anno
>last movie was 6 years ago
>3.0 made absolutely no fucking sense
>Gets busy with the flop shin godzilla
>Says 3.0+1.0 will be released between March and April 2018
>a month less than the expected window and absolutely no news

When will this nigger Anno just admit that there won't be any 4.0.

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>Shin Godzilla

This, quads speak the truth, literally watching it right now too.

Shin Godzilla wasn't a flop

also,here's your damn Evangelion news


Can't he just die already and fuck off from anime industry, at this point he's literally nothing but a cunt.

Didn't live up to the hype, instead got beaten by a crappy cgi movie.

You have to realize that Anno is a hack.
A total and complete hack who was only given the reigns to Evangelion, not because the staff at Gainax had faith in him, but that they were banking on him failing.

Imagine the mindset when you realized that all the bold decisions and directions you made were only allowed because everyone thought you were gonna shit the bed.

Imagine the fact that you only had your big break because people thought you were shit. Your rise to stardom wasn't through hard work and guts like so much stuff you worked on, but because they thought you'd botch it.

Your success was a fluke, and so you begin to resent the fanbase that made you a success.Because they liked ideas that all your superiors thought were fucking stupid enough to make a flop.

Imagine how paralyzing it is to make anything because you KNOW that your first real success wasn't because you were good but you were lucky.

Wow, they decided to shit on evangelion even more

>2.0 was kinda dumbed down, more action-oriented version of Eva
>still kinda allright on it's own, great music some great scenes
>3.0 comes out
>It has barely anything to do with what was established in 2.0
>It's also total horseshit
>A few years later Anno pretty much admits he has no idea where the story is supposed to go from here

Look, it's very hard to make an anime movie when you're trying to kill yourself every other day like a live action Zetsubou Sensei.

Not as much horseshit as the preview for Q
>promises fanservice
>gets kawoshin yaoi instead

3.0 was such a trainwreck that it felt like a parody of Evangelion, and I honestly think it is unsalvagable at this point. I'm kinda glad, because fuck reboots in general. It was still painful to watch however. It was like watching poorly written fanfiction.

Also if you're looking for fake Eva, go watch that FrankeXX thing. It's a literal copy of Eva. You might enjoy the surreal feeling of something so shameless.

>what the fuck went wrong

Everything. I still cannot comprehend how 3.0 ended up so... unrelated to Eva. It was like watching some poorly written OVA.

3.0 has the distinction of being the only movie I've seen that was so boring and disjointed, it made me feel as if it were some overlong prologue, so when they got out onto the red sand or whatever, I thought to myself, "ah, now the movie's starting."

>Gets busy with the flop shin godzilla
As in he made the best film in his entire career? Dude hasn't cared about Eva for decades. I can't believe you're still falling for the Rebuild scam

3.0 after a rewatch wasn't so bad. It just spent an awful lot of time with the useless shit in the beginning. It got better when Kaworu showed up.

>wanting more Evangelion after 3.0

nope, it was worse than some joke fanfic someone on Cred Forums would shitpost

Maybe he should just reboot the reboots after 3.0

3.0 didn't really know what the fuck it was doing with the new things; once it started retreading Shinji being alienated and then gay from ep 24, it found its footing.

There needed to be a short explaining what the dick happened in the N3I years, since all of the "fuck you Shinji, don't get in the fucking robot," characterization relied on things completely offscreen. N3I itself apparently happened during the credits to 2.0 and somehow Misato and Ritz and Maya and Toji's kid sister and Asuka and Mari didn't turn into Tang or weird frozen Eva people? Why is Lilith's head a sneering, eyeless Rei when the blob had nothing to do with Shinji starting an Impact event? Why is Gendo Geordi LaForge? Why the AAA Wunder outside of "it looks cool"?

Shin Godzilla is the highest grossing Japanese produced Godzilla film of all time. Please do some reseatch before you shitpost.


God, I want Luculia to step on me while smiling like that.

Why would they give him control if they thought he'd make a flop?

>watching 3.0
>timeskip because fuck you
>everybody hates Shinji because reasons
>flying ships
>"EVA curse"
>3 impact fucked everything up but people who were near the center of it are okay
>SEELE now inside the monoliths or something
>full gay Kawoshin
>another Rei
>who the fuck is Mari?
>tiger EVAs
Just why?

Read the history.
They were pulling a real life "The Producers"

i was glad I was on Cred Forums when it aired

there were like over 1000 threads of pure rage

>He thinks Anno's first success was Eva.

I actually liked 3.0
Even more than the other rebuilds

You do know that Anno cofounded GAINAX. Dude directed Gunbuster and shit.

Kinda ruins all the cosmic horror of original and movie, as well as

>tfw waiting for the last film since 2008 because I want to watch them all at once

As soon as all you greentexting Cred Forumstard shitheads get out of Cred Forums so never.

Finish your game already Eva.

After watching 3.0 you will not want to watch the last movie anyway

>Dude directed Gunbuster and shit.

A lifetime ago. He's like George Lucas, made 2 good film (one of which was Star Wars) and then went to shit. Anno is the same. He's never managed to let go of Eva even while its message became stale and obsolete. All the while the world changed. There is a reason these "new" Eva films tasted like cold soup and nobody gives a damn. The only legacy of Eva is hords of otaku masturbating themselves to the mother figure of Rei. Which incidently explains why Japanese men don't fuck anymore.

>3.0 after a rewatch wasn't so bad
I went though it 3 times, camrip then BD twice, the first was awful, the BD made it even worse when I realized that the shitty camrip was actually hiding how terrible some parts actually were, the last rewatch I had to make sure I wasn't unfair and it turned out to be even worse than the previous times, the writing is complete garbage and the whole middle segment which lasted probably 65% of the movie was a huge, extreme animation budget saving drag. This movie is plain garbage outside of the action sequences.

Gunbuster and Nadia were Gainax's first commercial and critical successes, both years before Eva and both directed by Anno. Gainax had faith in him because he was literally their only director who had ever brought success. But cool copypasta.

If you have to justify anything with "it wasn't THAT bad", and not " it was good", it means it's actually really fucking bad.

I still enjoy these 20lbs-of-ass controls greatly.

He's clearly using Eva for funding. He does not give a single shit about it. But that doesn't mean he's in any way like George Lucas, whose work with Star Wars absolutely absorved him. After Eva he worked in live action film, and he has been producing and storyboarding a bit for anime. His last film, Shin Godzilla, is actually fantastic.

Also, that response came a bit out of nowhere. I was responding to a guy that said, incorrectly, that Gainax took a chance with Anno just to see him fail.

I'm with this user, was cautiously optimistic after 2.0, eager to see how the big changes at the end affected the story I loved when I first watched Eva. I didn't realize they were going to throw it all out

Except George Lucas made Revenge of the Sith, an absolute masterpiece.

>He's clearly using Eva for funding. He does not give a single shit about it. But that doesn't mean he's in any way like George Lucas, whose work with Star Wars absolutely absorved him. After Eva he worked in live action film, and he has been producing and storyboarding a bit for anime. His last film, Shin Godzilla, is actually fantastic.Also, that response came a bit out of nowhere.

This is true. If the main creator of Eva doesn't give a shit anymore why should fans ? It's pretty clear Anno doesn't want to do another Eva film. The third film was clearly (except in the minds of the Eva-deluded-tards) a cry for help. That's why he went to do a live action film. I don't think Godzilla is a masterpiece, I'd rank it slightly under the original Godzilla film. Honestly, Anno should just come out and say "guys Eva is over deal with it and 4 is never coming out". I'm doing other things from now on.

> I was responding to a guy that said, incorrectly, that Gainax took a chance with Anno just to see him fail.

That's just wrong. It's obvious Anno has talent and his career makes that pretty plain, but that talent is being sucked dry by his obsession with Eva. He's what 50+ year old ? He wants to do other things besides Eva and he should just come out clean about it. And Eva fans be damned once and for all.

Revenge of the sith had a few good parts but it's far from a masterpiece.

It would be best if the last rebuild was cancelled.

>Palpatine's "fight" with Mace Dindu
>that corny-ass final confrontation
Yeah no it was entertaining but far from a masterpiece

>The third film was clearly (except in the minds of the Eva-deluded-tards) a cry for help.

Eva in itself was a cry for help, the rebuilds (all of them) are just excercises in cynicism and money laundering, and it attracted the kind of acclaim it actively confronted. I really hope the success of Shin Godzilla will make him a name in other places.

Unless he retcons 3 entirely, it'll be shit. Assuming it's even coming out, which I doubt.

It would be best if the last rebuild was just a stream of anno performing seppuku

The day after he sudokus

>Shin Godzilla
I stopped reading here

You forgot all the apologism going on back then too, Christ was that movie a shitshow

>not Asuka

>to step on me
What is it with you disgusting losers and your fucked up fetishes?

At the rate things are going I wouldn't be surprised if Anno got asked to make a Star Wars trilogy before finishing 3+1


wasnt that game like only a thing back in 2001 or some shit

same, the others were just the show but not as good

>muh Fukushima
>muh new wave
Whatever, evanmeme never was good.


3.0 was fucking shit, but god damn Kaworu made me gay all over again

Curse of Eva is unforgivable. That was literally fanfiction bullshit.

i want to be brutally killed by Luculia.

Shin Godzilla was pretty damn good.


>tiger EVAs
I think I successfully purged those from my memory.

>A few years later Anno pretty much admits he has no idea where the story is supposed to go from here
Just in case it wasn't already obvious. I'm more surprised at the idiots who defend 3.0. The movie is Disney Wars tier of directionless.

How did people even defend this crap when it aired?

t. vagina

>when it aired
Now THIS is shitposting.

People who like 2.0 but hate 3.0 are the worst Eva fans.

2.0 was literally the sayonara no tsubasa of Eva, it mislead expectations on purpose and offered something different but fun. 3.0 is garbage at every level, as a sequel and on its own, its nothing but random bullshit Anno threw around because he was bored with Eva.

You Literally Can (Not) Defend 3.0

2.0 killed Eva, 3.0 just buried it.

Imagine being so full of shit

Eva's 90s aesthetic was great.

Trying to remake Eva with 00/10s modern anime aesthetics just feels wrong.

Gunbuster was amazing.
I fucking hate Nadia but it was directed well.
Evangelion's directing is objectively stellar.

You're retarded.

I'd still probably watch a ANIMA adaptation though, just because of how mental it sounds.

I think that the worst of 3.0 was that being the downer trainwreck it was, i still had to watch it lile three times and stop it every now and then just to understand what the fuck was happening. It was like studying for a hard test for a fucking hard class that i hate, like hate-fucking or hate-watching.

Then why was Anno's best work (KareKano) made after NGE?

Near Third Impact and the attempted resurrection of Lilith were separate events. I kind of liked that part because Shinji doesn't know what the fuck, a historically untrustworthy character starts telling him things that don't quite line up with the background, then it's shown there was a ground war and two Angel attacks after Shinji died and before Seele tried their ritual.

Wtf I have to play maple again

Not gay but totally would

>duoyyyy 3.0 wus bad and 2.0 good

I want Reddit to leave.

We can only hope that 4.0 won't happen

The only good thing about 3.0 was the music.

>there won't be any 4.0.

Its for the best.

Anno will take cues from RE-TAKE, mark my words

Gunbuster is garbage though

>there won't be any 4.0
Thank fucking Christ. 3.0 was such a fucking disaster I don't want to ever hear about the franchise ever again. Just let it die already, holy shit.

Get the fuck out.

2.0 and 3.0 is proof positive that he had no idea what he was doing in the first place, EVA only "worked" because of randomly throwing enough religious symbolism at the wall and it somehow tricking literal retards into thinking it's an intelligent and profound show, he just wasn't lucky enough with 2.0 and 3.0.

So what's the idea behind the final movie being called 3.0+1.0? Are they avoiding the number 4 because somehow everything will be alright in the end.
By that I mean for the characters. The fan base will probably still be angry.

Wow user, ya got me! XD


I only want to watch 4.0 to see how much of a trainwreck it will be.