Full World Etude is out

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Just let it stay dead.

Some people were waiting for it, y'know. Go shitpost somewhere else.


You really are in every thread aren't you? Jesus fuck find something else for yourself

Great, btw Altair is perfect.

Does it have lesbians?

Lot of them

Yes. but they died. The rest is the love between a daughter and her teenager mommy.

Only two.

OOC bullshit.

go kys setsuna

If you're referring to Altair being all happy at the end, I think you misunderstood how insane and obsessive she was.
When you present an obsessive person with their literal obsession before them they become the happiest thing alive. All of her anger faded away because Setsuna was the only thing she cared about.

What? Altair only cares about Setsuna since the start and doesn't give a fuck about anything else in the multiverse. She even only lose her composure when someone says anything bad about her.

I'm just talking about the forced yuri shit. Even if Setsuna was written as a lesbian to fulfill MC-Kun's otaku's fantasies, it was still stupidly out of left-field, even for this show.

In today's news the doujinshi from comiket was distributed as a purchase bonus for NAKED with a new postcard

What else would you call Altair wanting to be with her creator forever? It's love of its purest form and Setsuna was modified by Soda to Altair's liking.

The /u/ part is just fandom stuff. They were talking about writing stories for each other from within the stories there, and had no weird physical contact there to what a friends/relative would have.

>What else would you call Altair wanting to be with her creator forever?
"I love you Jesus Chriiist," love, not the obviously lovestruck and intimate stuff going on here

>Altair is one head taller than Mamika
I thought there was like 3 centimeters between them?

>and had no weird physical contact there to what a friends/relative would have.


She was going to destroy every world for her dead mother, how wouldn't she stare at least this much at her revived mother?

Reminder that Altair is crazy.
That is all.

It still lacked hugging and hair brushing for greater friendship.

Look at the way that Setsuna's staring at her.

Jesus Christ is indeed great, but I wouldn't wanna spend my entire life with him in a deserted castle forever. That would be gay.

That's what fanart's for.

That was nice.
At least the OST was consistently good

And that's her greatest creation that left a mark in the world, became real for her and revived her (though not the real one, but still an exact copy).
They are going to write other characters eventually. Maybe another Selesia for bullying purposes (or just holopsicon the Earth one back).

>that campfire

We Yuru Camp now

This song is nice.

Hopefully someone subs world étude, I want to understand the whole story. Though clearly the holopsicon and the ppsh was from some other video and not from Setsuna's. Even the spinning swords isn't from her. Maybe how Altair chose characters Setsuna would like, Altair picked her main abilities the same way.

I want more Re:Creators before the next fucking comiket if possible

That song is shit. The voices are nice, but I would've rather had them sing something more slow and emotional, maybe them confessing things to eachother.

There is a new figma coming

I'm getting it, but that's for the end of the year at this rate

Altair was always tall.

> maybe them confessing things to each other
It's not that kind of song, it's literally Setsuna talking about how she was feeling before killing herself. And it can't be too good, it's supposed to be fanmade by a teenager, the only exception is that it's a professional VA singing it (Altair VA).

She is one of the smallest in the cast but the cast is taller than the anime average. 167cm with her hat on.

wasn't that one announced months ago?

They had a very early prototype last wonfes

Yes, they just revealed the proper prototype now.

You can tell by her head size that she's been scaled down, probably to fit with all of her outfit.

I think some editor dropped the ball with her

>it's supposed to be fanmade by a teenager
Oh, that explains the feeling and the impression I got from listening it. It sounded "old", for a lack of a better word. It sounded like something you've listened to many times before, akin to openings from the 00s.
I'd really like to see the thing I said happen, though. A nice, slow, emotional dialogue between Setsuna and her creation in three parts, backed by a piano, a gentle sax, and a flute, respectively. Well, not really a slow dialogue, but something akin to a musical.

There is no way she is taller than Selesia with her hat though. 167cm plus hat would make it as tall as Aliceteria.

That would make a nice drama CD

Hikayu´s part when they are leaving is the best. The song that plays in her part is comfy as fuck.

(It is the third part of "E:verydaytor4" in the OST)

Also the scaling with Aliceteria seems correct.


Something does seem off, she's a giant compared to Setsuna and Setsuna was maybe 2cm shorter than Souta and he's 1.65sm.

She might be afloat there, she also has her heels on compared to Setsuna


Not that user, but I'd give Setsuna a height of ~1.63m, and Altair about 1.68/9m. 6 centimeters below Aliceteria sounds about right.
This is all by eye, and by gut feeling, though, I could be way off.

Setsuna is 156 tall


Souta is 165, I think the height difference is within the margin or animator error

Personally I like the idea of Setsuna being a smol

She is really smol
Souta you dumbass

Altair makes the best boy

Shes so best she makes the best everything.

CD Rip fucking when

Im afraid to ask how much it costs

who cares
ending was shit

You failed to realize that creations sometimes serves as a message.

Altair is Setsuna's cry for help, and the Setsuna script is Souta's overdue reply (hence the title, Re:Creators).

Man, Setsuna was such a qt.
Why couldn't they let her have more screentime?

I'm gonna kill myself if Hiroe ends up drawing fgoshit



fate grand order

Mamika a cute

Why would he do that

Can Altair defeat Gohan Blanco?

Can Altair defeat SCP-682?

Gohan Blanco no, Goku Blanco yes since it's canon now.

you don't have a ball to kill yourself so quit lying

It will be a good reason if I ever choose to

Doesn't look like one.

I still can't believe Souta got away with it all. The absolute mad man sociopath even won over best girl Shark, is in constant contact with Meteora pussy, and didn't even talk to Altair directly.

I fear what happens if he tells another artist girl that he doesn't know what to do and to stop talking to him.

They tricked us into believing Sota was the MC and Altair was the villain when in reality it was the other way around.


He managed to sneak some touhou stuff last comiket between the black lagoon releases.



Seriously this. Dont spam up the thread.


Being a jealous cunt isn't a crime. Shark can't talk to him anymore or the police will find her powerless self and Meteora will eventually find a superior male having 2D level cute and personality. And he won't get far in the industry with no talent.

>that sinking titanic posture
if i were his violin teacher i would slap his elbow.


Keep reporting, maybe a mod will take notice

can Altair defeat a slap humor character like saitama ?

Two cartoonish invincible characters would just end in a stalemate.

thought he was based on kof´s billy and gg´s sol