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FMF is better.

They should find a way to replace the Whore of Babylon. Preferably with someone who isn't shit.

Why have you abandoned Zabiko
She can nikui too

>episode 4
Why are we still here?


Shinji and Dan seem like they're the exact opposite of how they were in Extra

Fucking whore.

To see where Nasu's wild ride takes us. Episode 4 was pretty good. While I do miss Casko, Nero's dynamic with Hakuno is pretty nice so far. I loved how Rani looked this episode too.

>Nero's dynamic with Hakuno is pretty nice
I have never disagreed more with anything. It's dumb as fuck.
Nero just acts cute, Hakuno has no reaction. That was the entire interaction for 3 episodes. Her cute acts, juxtaposed with everything else that isn't cute, is just jarring and out of place. This episode had her dancing in the sunlight and going on about flowery bullshit, but Hakuno actually got wide eyed and took that shit seriously. The first "surprise" he's had is her flowery bullshit. I have not seen a more forced relationship in the entire Fate franchise, period.

How exactly is it out of place? From the previous episodes, it's obvious that Hakuno isn't completely dead inside despite all the hate filling his thoughts. When things slowed down and he could actually talk with his servant, it was a given that he would thank her. As for Nero, it's not like she instantly made progress with him either. During the second episode, despite her attempts, she couldn't really connect with her master. She kept trying though and in the end, the two of them were finally able to connect, even if that moment was ruined by another servant. None of it was out of place if you actually watched the show.

1000 years can change you a lot
Rani was a pleasant surprise hopefully she gains more fans, but still im 100% here for the chance of casko making an appearance

where is chyuu

>2 extra greens

I mean im not complaining...

I wonder how Hakuno(n) would survive with all those fluffy tails chasing after them. They already have enough trouble dealing with a rather possessive one already.

>How exactly is it out of place?
When everything but her is being serious and not-cute, her cute act is out of place. That's what being out of place means. It was mostly fine up until now. I hadn't complained about it yet. She acted pretty nicely up until now, took the atmosphere and others' feelings into consideration when talking. I thought Nasu did a good job with here there.

But in the 4th episode, she really dropped the ball. For example, the scene with Rani. She's explaining how dire things have been, a serious music playing in the background, and Nero is sitting there, naked, smiling, asking Rani if she wet herself over Nero's beauty. That's not even mentioning how when they were just sniped and almost died, she was dancing and being all happy. That's not the appropriate tone. It's out of place for the scene and situation at hand.

One thing you mention, how she made attempts to connect with Hakuno and it didn't work, I liked that. I really liked that. They liked each other, obviously, as Hakuno's life was saved by her and they're partners in this. But their personalities are too different. Getting along in a more expressive manner would be hard. So they didn't. Nero, the outspoken one, made approaches, Hakuno didn't respond particularly well. That was natural and felt right.

In this episode, after all those attempts to connect with him, the thing that got a reaction out of Hakuno was a dance and a speech about how she wanted to live to the fullest, singing and loving. Really now? After what he did in episode 3, this is what surprises him and gets a reaction? I get that Nasu wanted Nero's positivity to affect Hakuno, but this is just forced and out of place. This was the epitome of cheesiness.

I wish they don't keep this shit up and go back to the slow and steady progress shown in episode 3. That was the best showing of Nero. Even the kiss felt less cheesy than this.

>***,269位/***,227位 (***,547 pt) 2018/04/25 FranXX 1 [Normal]
>***,297位/***,267位 (***,573 pt) 2018/05/23 Last Encore 1 [Bonuses]
>***,298位/***,263位 (***,881 pt) 2018/04/25 FranXX 1 [Bonuses]
>***,541位/***,484位 (***,328 pt) 2018/05/23 Last Encore 1 [Normal]

Dumb salesposter

>darling in redditXDXD

Well, if the ending to CCC is anything to go by, Hakuno is going to kick their fuzzy asses.

I wish Drake was treated as well as Robin is


Fuck sales. Stay in your containment thread

Yeah. All things considered, Robin could have ended up a lot worse, too.


I don't understand shit but it's probably bad, rip 2nd cour chances

I'm actually impressed at how well they handled Robin's fight. No Face May King finally seemed like a true danger as an invisibility cape should

>While I do miss Casko
>implying she wasn't Rin last episode
>implying she wasn't Rani this episode

Assuming that they weren't NPCs, the Rin and Rani there is a good chance that they are just Tamamo LARPing.

It also handily explains Li Shuwen becoming a Berserker. Can't have two servants using the same ability.

Although, looking at the ruins being overrun by forest, it makes me think the entire floor is overrun with Archer's Noble Phantasm.


2nd cour depends whether they have had it planned or not, sales won't matter here.

It was such a boring episode. No wonder it is flopping.

EP 2 was the only decent so far

2 > 4 >>> 1 > 3
So far.

I feel that too. Moreover, Rin/Casko can't be an NPC because no NPC could wreck 3 servants, even if they were corrupted.

>no NPC could wreck 3 servants, even if they were corrupted

Even humans can wreck servants, what exactly surprises you.

Three at once?


>a good chance
For it have "a good chance", there needs to be ANYTHING supporting your little theory. There is nothing. There isn't a "good chance", there's no chance of them being Tamamo.
In fact, there's a lot of things that don't fit. For one, Code Cast. A Master-only tool, used by both of them. Tamamo can't do that. And their CS. Another Master-only thing, both Rin and Rani had those. Not to mention Rani's cloning ability.

If you want to make bullshit theories, go ahead. Just don't act like they make sense. They don't. The closest chance Tamamo has to appearing is with that pink haired girl, Rin and Rani has shown too many things that shouldn't be possible for Tamamo.

>they mention Rin's sudden disappearance
Both her and Rani are Tamamo in disguise, calling it now.

So what exactly happened to Velber? Wasn't it supposed to come crashing at this point?

Either they came and were taken care of, or they haven't come back yet, as Velber 02 is still intact in Moon Cell, so they decided to move on to some other civilization first.

Not that guy but I agree with him.
>For one, Code Cast.
Tamamo's Witchcraft is strange, could as well bullshit it to copy Code Cast or at least something similar.
>And their CS.
Tamamo has high ranking Morph. I can see her creating tattoo looking as CS to improve her disguise.
>Not to mention Rani's cloning ability.
Yeah, that one is tricky for me. I don't have any plausible explanation other than it is part of her Witchcraft.
>Tamamo has to appearing is with that pink haired girl
What if her, Rin, Rani and Tamamo are one person?

Didn't shit hit the fan when Hakuno get his hands on Regalia? Before that Titan Altera was in slumber and Velber needed her help to stop Moon Cell's jamming signal.

Do you guys lancer and true assasin cam rip i really want to see

You can't just "magic lol" your way out of everything. That's not theory, that's just blowing gas out of your ass. I can say that's Merlin in disguise, using "magic lol" to make you think he's Rin and Rani. Makes MORE sense than your theory, at least. Code Cast and cloning, these are abilities Tamamo has never used. They have NOTHING to do with her. A Grand Caster using magic like that is more plausible.

That's the problem with fan theorists. They'll ignore logic and still force their wittle theory. If the two are doing things Tamamo can't, the logical thing to assume is that they aren't Tamamo. But a retarded fan theorist will use bullshit excuse like "magic lol" rather than act like a sensible person.

>You can't just "magic lol" your way out of everything.
Actually, you can. That's the whole point of magic.

I told you her Witchcraft is strange and it was shown breaking more laws. Elizabeth has high ranking Magic Ressistance and Witchcraft bypassed it without a sweat, for example. It is not Magecraft nor Code Cast.
Moreover, we have seen Rin drinking the potion which was supposedly made for Servants, the same she gave to Nero.
And she was able to not only fend off three corrupted Servants, but even kick their asses.
The last but not least, Rin dissapeared and now we have Rani, with same conditions as in lower floor. One Master without a Servant, opposing a different Master, then helps Hakuno with dealing with them.
Something is fishy and it was purposely written that way, so the fans would speculate if Tamamo is in the show or not.

If Tamamo were in it she'd be on the leaked character list.

That was a nice episode.

Have we ever seen Misao, Rin and Rani together? Checkmate.

Nah, it's canon that Umu is only interested in men.

It was just Mathman's bullshit, Velber won't ever find Earth as long as the jammer is still up.

Don't start this shit again, you've already ruined a thread today.

>her Witchcraft is strange
Not exactly. Curses are just as normal as any other form of magic.

>it was shown breaking more laws
It wasn't. As explained, Curses are a little different from magic. The game literally explains that to you. That's like saying Noble Phantasms that fire magical energy like Excalibur should be blocked by Magic Resistance. They won't be.

Oh, and to add to the ever growing list of things Tamamo shouldn't be able to do, Rani's star readings. Rani knew they're coming, because of her readings. Tamamo's curses don't allow that.

>Rin drinking the potion which was supposedly made for Servants
Yes, "supposedly". Never said to be made for Servants. One was for Master, for all we know, the other was all purpose health potion.

>she was able to not only fend off three corrupted Servants, but even kick their asses.
By glowing Red. Not exactly a Tamamo ability.

In fact, EVERYTHING both Rin and Rani have done to this point, they're things Tamamo doesn't do. Literally ALL OF THEM. From Code Cast, to having CS, from glowing red to cloning, they've done nothing but do things that Tamamo CANNOT.
There's something weird going on, literally everyone knows that. None of that weird points to Tamamo. That's just you inserting something completely unrelated into the mix. Unless you've got ANYTHING backing up your claims, stop spreading bullshit.

Why even bother responding to these retarded shitposts? Just ask "why would Tamamo do that" and that'll be the end of discussion. Because there's no point in changing forms to do the same thing, help Hakuno.
And stop calling them theories. Theories having some basis. These shitposts don't. They're guesses and wishful thinking. It's another instance of "all masters are dead" bullshit we had before LE came out. For some reason, LE in particular has had a lot of bullshit surrounding it.

>do things that Tamamo CANNOT
We don't know that. Tamamo doesn't use most of her skills.
And it's not unheard of for servants to be masters.

Honestly it's not hard to see why LE would be a dud sales wise. The plot is slow as fuck and the fighting scenes have been serviceable at best. While I don't mind because I'm interested in where it's going, that interest is something I have trouble imagining someone who hasn't played or disliked Extra sharing. Someone new probably isn't going to give as much a shit about things like SE.RA.PH getting fucked or the changes in Dan's character or the 1000 year jump.

>We don't know that
We do. We haven't seen Tamamo do any of this shit, thus she cannot do this. That's how logic works, you dimwit.

Don't call your delusions "logic".

This, something crazy needs to happen soon if they want to keep people's interest.

Actually, Rin and Rani are Hakuno's farts coming out to help him. We haven't seen his farts yet, so we don't know if they can do this. Prove me wrong, or fuck yourself and end yourself.

If they are anything like last week's I'm going to wait for Chyuu instead

when will you shitters finally be banned on sight outside of your containment thread?

>no best servants
what's the point

He made them himself

With shaft you just never know.

Gil is for Ozzy.

Go back to /vg/ with your Ozyshit fanfictions.

Will Aoko and her jeans and/or sweater make it into the show?

There is a rule stopping multiple people with the sane ability?

That's not really what I'm saying. I just think that an "everything gone wrong" sort of plot isn't going to appeal to people who don't know how it's supposed to go. You can't betray the expectations of an audience who doesn't have any.

Very likely, considering both Rani and Rin made it in, maybe they'll be the ones to reveal Hakuno's nature as an NPC to him.

But Rani and Rin were always mains in Extra. Only Extellashit decided to not have any Masters because they were pandering to the GO audience that only wants Servants.
I'm not holding out hope for Aozakis, Shiki, and Arcade, but it would still be really cool. Hell, during the commercial break they advertised that Extra art book that has Arc on the cover.

HAKUNO (true) when?

He already went to his true form, Avenger Deadface

What is Zabiko-chan holding there?
Why doesn't she like Yakisoba pan like everyone else?

Now i want Hakuno x Hakunon. Screw those garbage servants, selfcest is the best.


But everyone knows that the pseudo-servant form of the Hakunos is Ruler Francisco Xavier

What the fuck is wrong with her skirt? It's like her lower half is a fucking balloon, hiding her legs.

It's cake

Why would someone stronger than almost all Servants COMBINED become a Pseudo-Servant?

>FMF is better.
le epic umu counter lmao so funny xD!

I'm kinda sad robin hood will get killed love his voice and personality

If it's 24 episodes, then he is probably come later ina boss rush or something.


>Nero will never suck your dick


>Nero will never urinate in your mouth

It's AU in which velber doesn't exist.

jesus christ

>She will never use you as her chair

She doesn't have a lower half of her body anymore.

>Nero will never let you lick her feet

Why does a Roman emperor happen to look just like the legendary English King Arthur? Who also happens to look like the holy French Jeanne D'arc? Who also bears a striking resemblance to the historical Japanese swordsman Okita Souji?

because saberfaces are mascot characters

Plot twist: they are the same person.

Nero's bloodline impregnated all french and english girls during roman european conquests, some of them later sailed to japan and eventually gave birth to Okita.

Nero is the saberface progenitor, the alpha saberface of them all.

Artoria is Roman-British

Her bloodline ended with her.

>Nero will never order you to lick her feet or to be her chair

France and England were conquered before Nero's reign. His ancestors shared the genes before, duh.


I'm disappointed Caligula and Julius Caesar aren't Saberfaces either.

Basically, nasu is fucking stupid and clearly not cut out to write an anime


>Why does a Roman emperor happen to look just like the legendary English King Arthur?
Because Nero's foreign policies in Britain were exceptionally good, and she basically laid the foundation for Arthur's legend. That's why Artoria looks like her.
>Who also happens to look like the holy French Jeanne D'arc?
Ask Higashide.
> Who also bears a striking resemblance to the historical Japanese swordsman Okita Souji?
Okita is a joke character.

Why? Are you one of those retards who believe all anime must be able to be appreciated without going into other mediums?
Wouldn't expect that in a Fate thread, where you can't truly enjoy the anime if you don't read the VN first
The show is good. Unless you're one of those retarded salesfag monkeys parrotting that "sales=quality"

Actually. It's Urobuchi who is to blame for Jeanne.
He's the one who had Caster Gilles think Arturia was Jeanne because they look similar

>Okita is a joke character.
WAS a joke character, in Koha Ace. Ironically she was intended to parody Saber clone bullshit.
FGO shit treats her and Nobu as the fully canon, serious versions of their historical counterparts.


It's still the only explanation for her saberface.

what are the various groups using for nero addressing hakuno?
apex = ?
fm = either
chyuu = ?
any using sousha?

>fully canon, serious versions of their historical counterparts
Doesn't make her less of a joke.

It is. They just stopped caring about the original meaning and became a parody of themselves, like most things in modern TM.

Don't be so jealous, Onee-san. It's alright, some guys prefer smaller chests.


Nobu specifically is not treated as a joke at all in GudaGuda 2 event, they go into serious historical shit. Okita is assumed to be the same.
I agree that I still see them as joke Servants though, FGO was a mistake.

Based Sakura poster.

Apex = Ludius.

I'm so fucking confused. Why does Rani know about the outside world despite being stuck inside Moon Cell? How does she know about multiple HGWs and its participants? So apparently everyone except Hakuno knows that there had been thousands of HGWs taking place and has full memories of it? What's the timeline of the anime like even?

>Why does Rani know about the outside world despite being stuck inside Moon Cell?
this is the biggest mystery

chocolate homunculus knows too much


My nigga

The problem with LE is that it's writen as a wordy VN and rammed into an anime format, because that's all Nasu knows how to write (you can see that with Extra and CCC as well, which are full of verbose internal monologue for an RPG). That's why we get so much boring exposition and shitty fights. You need to be able to take advantage of the characteristics of the medium.
Also, Nasu specifically said he wanted to write something that people could enjoy even if they hadn't played the games, so in that regard he has failed spectacularly.

>Why does Rani know about the outside world despite being stuck inside Moon Cell?
Why wouldn't she? Nothing really stops information from going in and outside of Moon Cell and HGW. If Shinji can build a city, building a news channel isn't going to be hard.

>How does she know about multiple HGWs and its participants?
She does?

>So apparently everyone except Hakuno knows that there had been thousands of HGWs taking place and has full memories of it?
They do? And thousands of HGW took place?

>What's the timeline of the anime like even?
A relatively normal one. We don't know what's up with Hakuno, but this particular Grail War started in 2030, Chakravartin appeared, HGW's rules changed, and it has been stuck every since. This war has not progressed since those 1000 years.

No. He said he wanted something people could enjoy without the games and at the same time get them interested in checking out the games.
A "gone wrong" anime like this can get people interested in how the situation should be
And if you're implying all anime should be fights and talky stuff has no place in anime, I'll disagree with you forever.

So how does this compare to Apocrypha?

Tamamofags need to stop sucking off to FGO for "EVERYONE IS TAMAMO" theories.

There is only one character that could fit the bill of being a Tamamo Tail and their name implies shes actually Kiara instead.

Sorry Tamamokeks but she isn't part of some deep intricate role.

Like comparing Cow Shit with Dog Shit

>Fai screeching about LE

Better but this has only just started and still has plenty of time to shit the bed like Apocrypha.

This. If anything I appreciate that it's an anime more dialogue driven than usual, this episode worked very well for example.

Infinitely better if you aren't a shonentard.

No, i mean whats the point of wearing clothes anymore if she only wears that transparent thing.

2deep4 apo shitters and Cred Forums TM "fans"
Read thread. Same autists who crying about FGO and old Nasuverse got completely dumbfounded by real Nasu. Same would happen with DDD anime

Why hasn't he advanced?

Some people just like wearing fancy clothes and how they make them look. You wouldnt know about that sitting in the basement though.

Because it's basically sexy lingerie, are you autistic.


Sniping cowards don't deserve to ascend.

The Chakravartin probably rewrote the rules to prevent people from advancing to the next floor.

This could explain Dan's 180 and going full sniper.

He hasn't sniped anyone since becoming a floor Master, perhaps? Rin did say that all Masters ran back to first floor as soon as Grail War changed.

>Why? Are you one of those retards who believe all anime must be able to be appreciated without going into other mediums?
Nasu literally said on his blog he wrote it so that people who never played the game would be able to enjoy it, yet he's been failing miserably at it so far judging by reactions

I'm talking about the actual response from mainstream viewers in Japan. It's failed to 'get people interested' in the anime itself, let alone the games as you say.
As for dialogue, there needs to be more actual dialogue, and less exposition. Most of the 'dialogue' so far has just been a character giving an infodump to Hakuno while he stares blankly and repeats back a word every now and then.

Not even him, but those are two completely unrelated matters from any possible point of view.

Extra's setting and premise is way more interesting than any other Fate series.

He's already 'dead'

How is it Nasu's fault that people are brainlets?

Wouldn't that just be naturally true, as it is the only one that takes place in a unique setting?

>I'm talking about the actual response from mainstream viewers in Japan
You mean retards?
>is this Persona 5 anieme????


>Fate/Apoc (9 days after listing): 60th and 260th
>Fate/LE (9 days after listing): 335th and 362th

Apoc >>>>> LE, nips agree too.

Is Cred Forums grateful to their parents?

Agree. I'm fond of Extra still, but it could've been so much more.

>muh sales
Salesfags are truly scum

Don't take their logic fallacy like that. Their posts don't make any sense because "he wrote it so that people who never played the game would be able to enjoy it" is clearly related to the story contents and a narrative structure, while those 2 idiots are using that to talk about the writing style and how the series has been received, a literal non sequitur.

Is it really a surprise? Nero is a slut while Jeanne is a pure waifu. Nips hate used goods.

>She does?
>They do?
From APEX's version
>I know well how your HGW will end, Saber.
>I used to see Heroic Spirits like him in the previous HGW, including their Masters
>Even if it was a desperate battle, I still have this dazzling memories about it.

> If Shinji can build a city, building a news channel isn't going to be hard.
Creating data inside SERAPH is completely different from communicating with the outside, not to mention she doesn't even have Floor Master right.
>And thousands of HGW took place?
That's an assumption on my part since thousand years have passed so there must have been that many HGWs going on during that time.

>could've been so much more
CCC was good enough actually. Don't really know about extella since I'm not interested in Sakurai's fanfics.

The opinions of FGO-only fags in JP don't matter.

>(9 days after listing)
>based on estimates
>lower estimates for Extra because of how bad Apoc was
Why don't you post their current stalker rating Apocshitter?

ignore stalker retards

>You need a high IQ to enjoy Fate

>nips don't have shitty taste as long as they agree with me!
Another example of why salefags should be banned.

>Even if it was a desperate battle, I still have this dazzling memories about it.
What Nero means by this, is that every Heroic Spirit gets knowledge about the Holy Grail War after being summoned. This is how they cope with cultural shock.

Nero knows how the HGW should be, but she found something completely different.

Well. Yeah. From what I gather, people are bitching because they want to understand EVERYTHING from the start They don't like having to think and speculate

Not even that guy and that's not what was said at all. There is a difference between using your brain a little and watching mindless junk like SAO and yuri panding content

That is the current rating, compared to the Apoc rating after the same time had passed, retard.

why do people call EMIYA Nameless/Mumei? Is this an Extra thing?



There's a big difference.
EMIYA is a counter guardian
Mumei/Nameless is a proper heroic spirit of unsung heroes. He just have the memories and appearance of EMIYA. And that his NP fits the type.

is there anything else besides sousha being an alternate for an established nasuverse term?
or other "problematic" terms that can be/have been lost in translation etc

Almost fucking everything. Fate was written in Japanese by a huge japanophile, all names and titles there are in Japanese and almost all of them are puns and double entendres.

But Nero is a girl and you're dumb.

Well explain why after 10 years (english translation) people still arguing over trivial things? Hell right now ask anything about Solomon and his deal with Goetia. Out of 10 posters 7 will post incorrect bullshit. Hell pretentious walls of text about med shit in DDD can melt your brain.


what's DDD?

>or other "problematic" terms that can be/have been lost in translation etc
True Magic.
Everything TM related has shit incorrect translation.

What's the correct translation.


Bullshit translation.
>I know well how your HGW will end, Saber.
She said something more akin to "I know you in a Grail War, but I have not met you, unfortunately". She outright tells Nero they haven't met. If they had, Shinji, too, would've recognized her.

What likely happened is that Rani remembers Nero from 1000 years ago. Do you remember how Hakuno didn't just summon Nero? How he found her sword lying around, inside Nero's theater? How he claimed someone had fought and died there? My guess is that Nero was initially some Master's Servant in the Grail War, and she died before the Chakravartin changed the rules. Rani knew about this opponent Servant, but never met her. That's just my guess, don't take it as anything more. There's nothing supporting this theory.

>Creating data inside SERAPH is completely different from communicating with the outside, not to mention she doesn't even have Floor Master right
Yeah, but it's never really been forbidden. We have seen only two instances of this, as far as I recall. First is in the Extra ending, where Hakuno sends a message to Rin. You can call that a Grail thing, but the second instance is not. The second is one of the CCC endings, where the Harwey family somehow knows Hakuno killed Leo and they know he left Moon Cell, so they're chasing him. That's just normal people getting information from Moon Cell.

Not to mention Jinako somehow connected to the internet, but I don't know if she was connected to Earth or not, so take that as you will. Finally, new Masters come in all the time. Maybe they can bring news with them.

>wake up
>tamamo is Rin/Rani theories
Wtf tamabros? We aren't that desesperate, yet.

>Hell right now ask anything about Solomon and his deal with Goetia
Yeah, ask about information on things that aren't available in English, on an English board. How can anyone get that wrong?


Maybe he needed a number of kills or maybe the masters he killed didn't have servants

Her magic is mysterious, and she enjoys mindlessly LARPing. She is Rin and Rani, deny it all you want.

Solomon temple is translated as I know

Yeah you are right she definitely enjoys changing forms and larping

So the fox pleases old men for money now eh?

How many years it takes to all Tamamo tails fuse again ?


1000 years...oh shit

What would be the "Middle ages feminized equivalent" of the name Arthur?

Holy shit what? Is this real?
Is Amaterasu gonna show up?

Buddha vs Nine Tails vs Dead Face.

Drake is Tamamo.

Alice is Tamamo

What can slutfox do to a cosmic being?

Is this AOTS?

I am angry. Angry about moon cells.


She's far superior to Buddha in her Nine Tails form. Breaking space-time with a kick is a joke to her, and Moon Cell is her bitch that does her bidding.

It's a cosmic slutfox.

mark my word tamano will be beast v

She can suck them to death.

Dead Face wins because he is a godkiller


she's a god

Nero is Tamamo
Prove me wrong
You can't

My mom is Tamamo
I wish
I fucking wish

Hakuno is Tamomo's evil tail.

You sick motherfucker.

Hakuno is tamamo and dead face is Amaterasu power


I'll just leave this here. I wonder if we'll still have civil wars assuming you guys start moving there.

Nigger this is an anime, it shouldn't be on /jp/.

I'm not trying to say that you should post anime there, just know that it exists. Maybe talk about Tsukihime there rather than here since we all talk about the VN in here rather than the manga.

If FGO posting is forbidden, or at least frowned upon (and redirected to /vg/), I'd be all up for posting there.
I just don't wanna suffer through gameplay shit and the kind of shitposting that /fgog/ brings.

Why is this flopping so badly? For such a huge franchise, people sure don't care about Fate spin-offs. First Apo and now Extra. Seems like they should have pulled a GBF and add exclusive gacha.

Although with that said, it seems like that general is already off to a terrible start.

>muh FGO
secondaries are not welcome to /jp/

No tamamo

That's fair. Maybe consider redirecting gameplay stuff to /fgog/, but allow discussion about the story and lore. If /fgog/ wasn't as bad as it was I wouldn't have tried to support the new general.

Because FGO fans only care about FGO and maybe staynight, people were asking about Mash FGO nips players don't know shit about extra.

poll about best wife of course she will dummy tamamofag

Cute af.

>Why is this flopping so badly?
Oh fuck off. "Flopping" is getting like 2000th or lower place on that shit list you all obsess over.

It's ceiling is 5k. For Fate, that's flopping.

I play FGO and follow the story, as much as I hate the game.
I just won't take part in a shithole that would be /fgog/ 2.0.

Good idea. I'll try to contribute. Maybe the dedicated shitposters will forget it exists and stick to /vg/ trash after a day or two.

That's not the one about best wife tho dumb nerokek

Fuck off with these non-arguments and go back to your containment thread. Mods should start banning you fags.

So is Hakuno acting as the Moon Cell's clean up method right now? Seems like he's just there to fuck everyone up, considering how everything seems to have already been screwed up by the time he arrived.

That poll is about the faction as a whole and it was taken before the game was even released.

>clean up method right now
>gives him an okay servant instead of a killing machine


And after they said fuck we wanked the wrong person

British royalty and the Roman Empire both claim that they are descendants of Aeneas from Troy. So most likely Aeneas is the ur-Saberface. Jeanne is kind of a Saberface but she looks distinct enough where I think she doesn't count. Okita's character design was originally a joke. Koha-Ace made a big deal that Takeuchi designed a brand new servant for them then revealed that it was just another Saberface. Okita can't even shoot a beam though. youtu.be/hMkHs3J_iiI?t=326

what kind of slight alterations will be made for the usual shaft bd?

>And after they said fuck we wanked the wrong person

Last encore is Nero anime dumb tamamofag and Nero still win most individual polls against Tamamo

>Seems like he's just there to fuck everyone up
He's the only one acting normal. He's the only one who wants to continue the war, instead of doing nothing for all eternity.

Show.me one that isn't the anniversary one from 2012

Can oomoragers fuck off back to /fgog/?
If you don't like her anime, don't watch it.

In Shinji's flashback in ep 3, the Chakravartin circle only had a few arrows inside, right?

He came in quite late. He's pretty much just cleaning everything up floor by floor. Pretty much cleansing the last of humanity.

And Nero's faction has the two other popular characters who were there since FSN, and a character who has mild popularity among fujos (for some reason, I don't get Gawain's appeal)

>only GOtards hate Whore of Babylon
This delusion.

Yeah and tamamo fags who should just off themselves

He's right. Literally only /fgog/ posters talk shit about Nero, I haven't seen it anywhere else. Extella threads on Cred Forums were extremely comfy for example.

Yeah, I don't really how that worked either, all the redmanfags keep bragging how popular he is but that result was quite funny, maybe fujos don't play video games.

dumb fujos don't know how to play games

I agree, there is nothing wrong with a writer writing a flawed character into one that is wanked by everyone.

>GOfags reee
fucking hell

I play FGO but it's true retards from /vg/ are fucking cancer they just know how to shitpost

Reminder that Nerowank never existed

Fuck off

That's exactly why only /fgog/tards shitpost about it. Only they read that shitty Septem retelling and took it to heart. All of their Nero shitposting was based on that. And when the proper translation was released, it was too late - Nero hate was a meme at that point.
Also they were told that Sakurai was "forced to apologize" and that "Japanese players HATED Septem so much it's impossible to explain" even though both statements are lies.
Their hate of Nero is based on incorrect information, that's why their presence is always so easy to detect. They're the only ones who believed all the bullshit that was fed to them.

I disagree with your opinion immensely, what you want is another King Arthur from Fate Stay Night.

Nero is not King Arthur, if I wanted to watch the way you described the events you want right here then watch F/SN. Nero is an Emperor who acts like royalty, she doesn't give a shit she almost died, she just counts she's lucky cause she's royalty.

>she just counts she's lucky cause she's royalty.
>not taking it for granted that you were born above others

Truly a secondary of a king.

This is why you job to dumb teen mages gilgamesh

No, that's why he takes down Beasts and wins every Grail War he's summoned in


And jobs to sword autists.

At least Gilgamesh does not rely on ass pulls like Drake's gun missfiring or Robin's finishing blow being deflected by a third person. Nero x Hakuno should have lost both of those fights already.


>At least Gilgamesh does not rely on ass pulls
Yes. He gets fucked by them.

There aren't many official polls since them, just one with "creators", you know that


Isn't Last Encore kind of a dead end timeline?

Nero confirmed a fuck up in life.

Bless Nasu.

Do you think the future will make it possible for people to get themselves perfect foxwives?

She says stuff like that all the time in Extra

We wont survive until that moment.

New official poll to put an end to this shit when.

Do you guys have assasin vs lancer camrip for heavens feel novie i really want to see it again

Even in FGO, if you could just read beyond Septem, everyone including Nero herself said she fucked up hard.

Damn it all! What's in store for people like us?

My brother.

I guess Nerofags and Foxfags are like the characters, they can't get along. Come on anons.

What is Septem?

Extella link we will see I have nothing against Foxkek being more popular and taking some focus out of nero but tamamofags are too annoying sometimes, they're both great.
(I can Astolfo winnings the polls sadly)

Her interlude pretty much shows that, she tells a history of a dumb ruler who died without anyone loving her and you kill her shadow

Yeah and tamamo 10 while nero 11, I like both tbqh but you can't deny she is more popular in japan. Even the day the anime aired a tamamo image aimed at LE got more likes than the official account one that still is pinned down.

They can do one with the anime characters once it's finished

I don't hate the characters, I hate people that claim something wrong.

I like both.

Hey, if science comes along and we don't end up all dead in 20ish years we might have some life extending tech.
Then we'll never get off this ride.

I think their popularity are pretty much the same, they're always pretty close like I said Tamamo is cool and one of my favorite characters in Fate, I just find annoying people hating Nero for being main servant in LE.

We don't even know if fox will not appear since it's probably 2 core.

A really bad chapter in FGO

>Nero is an Emperor who acts like royalty, she doesn't give a shit she almost died, she just counts she's lucky cause she's royalty.
That's a roundabout way of saying she's a delusional, retarded autist.

It will take year until it won't be crap or ridiculous expensive, we will probably never touch our waifu unless some alien bring us immortality

Well, start saving up now.

Would you bring immortality to ants?

>wanting to live forever
I will never understand this. Do you enjoy life that much?

Japan thinks she's BB.


So do you think Robin pleases his old man master during the down time?

Of course I wish turning it off is a possibility, but being to do what I want without thinking about wasting time would be pretty nice.

>Be grateful
>But also kill them if they try anything funny.

I am pretty sure you can just fly yourself into the sun eventually once you are tired of existing. Once the brain melts away, you are free.

That was a do-or-die situation, Agrippina would have ordered an assassination on Nero if she hadn't done it first herself. And what kind of parents fed poison to her child daily anyway?

Yeah both are the best in the world but sometimes is sad to see tamamo not being featured in official things as much as Nero. They seem to have learned the lesson in extella link tho where the focus will be put in Charlemagne instead and the two will fight as allies.

Anyways now I'm planning to grail both of them in fgo at the same time to avoid a lovers quarrel.

The ones they make legends about.

That's not a lesson, extella link is just a filler until their second game. So it wasn't intentionally.

Not him, but I just want to keep my youth until something worthwhile happens.

Yes but Sakurai is a retard I was worried he would force his stupid onto Nasu.

>That's not a lesson, extella link is just a filler until their second game. So it wasn't intentionally.
Oh well, let's enjoy the new characters interactions then while we wait for the 2nd game

>Her interlude pretty much shows that, she tells a history of a dumb ruler who died without anyone loving her and you kill her shadow
Would they make up their fucking mind already? They simultaneously tell she was super popular and loved, a great ruler, a genius at her task, AND then claim she was never loved, she was a fuck up and dumb? God fucking damn it. I tried of these faggots wanting to have their cake and eat it too with Nero every fucking time.

This is the worst MC i've seen in a while
he's barely even a character

I still think putting both Tamamo and Nero together in the same route was a mistake but I stil have hope for Extella 2 it will be even better if they remove the musou gameplay.

It was kinda like that in real life too user, Nero was a populist he did everything to please commoners but stuff like Great fire of rome and other stuff he was used as scapegoat and people started hating him.

Sakurai is girl

>They simultaneously tell she was super popular and loved, a great ruler, a genius at her task

This is Nero talking about herself.

>then claim she was never loved, she was a fuck up and dumb?

This is Tacitus and the rest of the world talking about Nero. What a surprise that there is a disagreement!

I'd agree if I didn't play the game

He made more progress in 4 episodes than Sieg did for all of apocrypha, have some patience user

Nero had some successes in her early ruling years and was really popular , mostly thanks to the support of her two great advisors and her mother. A few years later her relationship with her mother went south so she had to kill her, her advisors quitted and the new ones were incompetent, she openly opposed the Senate and made a series of stupid decisions, even the people also got tired of her antics. It's both.

>it will be even better if they remove the musou gameplay.
Now that I call being completely retarded

He's a decent kuder-ish character and works really well together with Nero, also .

Fuck off retard musoufag, rock,paper,scissor>>>>musoushit

I'm not even a musoufag but if you think they will change genre mid series because you don't like it then you are a retard

>mostly thanks to the support of her two great advisors and her mother
Fuck no. Seneca - sure, but not Agrippina. She hated Nero, and if it wasn't for her Nero's rule would've been perfect.

Yeah the musou gameplay was shit and musou in general I think, is always the same thing go here defeat the same enemies repeat... but they seem to have been improved I wonder how the PvP will work i want to main tamamo even if she was bad gameplaywise in the first one

>not wanting to live forever
This ride is pretty great.

They could also make something like a good action game.

And what's wrong with that? They wanted both a great, competent ruler, to make Nero look good, and they wanted people to feel bad for her, so they made her fail. Yes, it's cheap, but it serves a purpose.

They don't need to completely change everything like user said It looks way better yes, they're learning a lot

>Lots of playable servants
>Good action game
pick one

Or a fighting game

Just give platinum a budget

fuck, this looks cool as hell



Tamamo is the bunrei (divided spirit or spiritual clone) to Amaterasu; chief deity of the shinto pantheon. She's a sun goddess in her own right and insanely powerful at full strength.



Not exactly. In Archer's CCC ending, the digital Hakuno doesn't get saved from deletion the way he does in the other three endings.

The Hakuno you see is actually the physical Hakuno having woken up. The Shirou he meets is from before his death and becoming a servant. They have a sense of each other, but neither had met prior to that moment.


stop posting this image
I keep wanting to like it but the atrocious fucking chest anatomy kills my will to save it every time

Yeah. That's Amaterasu herself. She yanked Hakuno back in time out of curiosity.

There's actually a translated version of that SG if you'd like to see it.


I just finished the VNs why did they make all this weird alternate reality shit i dont understand any of it

Extra and Grand Order any good?

Keep posting it and ignore the autistic user, that pic is hot as hell.

Gonna watch it sounds interesting

What you don't understand user ?

It is, but there's something to keep in mind when you do. The way Amaterasu and Tamamo refer to each other as "Past" and "Future" selves.

There's no real words for the relationship between the two. Tamamo is neither her daughter nor sister, after all.

It's like if you were cloned from someone. What word would you use to describe the original you?

So that explains the way you'll see them speak of each other.

>unironic memesubs

Yeah, but WHY did he meet Shirou? Because Leo's family is out for revenge. They don't know that Earth Hakuno and Moon Hakuno were different. They just know that Hakuno killed Leo. That's why they even made wanted posters about Hakuno. He had to flee to the middle east, that's where he meets Shirou.

Yes, but you said Hakuno left the moon cell. That's not the case. I was simply clarifying the ending.

It's possible they assumed they were the same person, though.

unironically who has the best subs for this?

>Extella threads on Cred Forums
That place full of the stupidest people with the worst taste?

This is Cred Forums. A place for quality individuals with refined tastes. You Anons are gentlemen and scholars.

how does one being an umufag convert back to being a saberfag?

Stop browsing Cred Forums.


Literally impossible.

Chyuu or Apex

Her nine-tails forms is exactly how imagined, pretty cool and makes me want to play ccc more

Why would you want something like that ?

real best girl when?

Watch Nero, hear Nero, see Nero. After watching her bratty behavior, hearing her annoyingly high voice, seeing her retarded design and face, you'll automatically hate Nero more than anything in the world. If you hate Nero more than Artoria, you're more of an Artoriafag than an umufag.

Fair warning, though. This method only works if you don't have shit taste.

why would you want that, user?



Don't respond.


GO is getting something similar isn't it
Though Extella can only get better, at least they won't fuck up like DW9.

Some people just have terminally shit taste, nothing you can do.

>he actually hurt umufags feelings


You mean Agustus, he's the one who traveled to Britain.

>Extella can only get better

Roll for Mordred

As a fan of TM who's never managed to get into F/E (the game), is there any point in doing it if CCC won't ever get translated? Is CCC even that good? What's it even about that could make it so different and many praise it to be better than FSN?

I mean if the base game is shit, it's not that hard to improve it.

Do you have any servants that do a lot of super succs to you? Carmilla gave me thrice in a row

It's kind of been pushed aside but it remains relevant somehow.

What happened to dw9? when I was playing extella people told.me it was the best musou franchise out there

Fuck off back to /fgo/.

Roman calls her a moron and implies she's a bad ruler. People take his passive-aggressive teasing about her sailing skills at face value.

But what is it that makes CCC so beloved? Is it the lore? The characters? The plot? The themes? I just can't see it, it seems to get attention from even the most pretentious VN fans.

best saber

>lucklet SEETHING

Actually Cred Forums good VN threads with people who know Japanese.

It's getting translated by some guy who translated Persona 2, who knows we might get it

The base gameplay is the same as F/E, but the story is completely different, and explores characters like Gilgamesh and the main Extra servants in depth.
It's just a good story, though of course everyone hyping it up as the best thing since sliced bread leads to it being severely overrated.

Isn't that the guy that's been translating like 10 games on his own at the same time, and for over 5 years? Is there any real credibility to him being able to properly translate it?

>explores characters like Gilgamesh and the main Extra servants in depth.
I haven't played Extra, but does this mean that you'd have to play the game 4 times to get to see them all? It seems like a really shitty design choice, are their stories dense enough so that they couldn't be fit into one story?

And is it closer to a Fate to UBW change, or UBW to HF?

You gotta earn her user.

Fate to HA.


Wow, that seems like quite a big jump. And you just reminded me I should get around to finishing HA now that the voice patch is out, is it fully functioning, or does it still have bugs and shit?

Stop being a retarded faggot first

he says his persona 2 translation is close to finishing this year, I guess we will know how credible he is soon

They just fucked it up hard.

Holy shit i was looking forward to another empires but damn if that doesn't look like a good start.

Where do I get my own shortstack Umu?

Wait for VR like the rest of us

It's open world. This was mistake according to fans


Post Rin drinking semen

Dinasty warriors, they have the better Lu Bu design

Really that doesn't sound that bad or was it just poorly implemented?

Dynasty Chinks.


DW Lu Bu is fun, but he's awful as an accurate depiction, at least Fate doesn't try to be remotely accurate.

>saved up a lot of quartz for Nero Bride and Tamamo day

At least I still have vanilla Nero, but there's only been one servant worth grailing so far for me imo.


Go back to your limp noodle homunculus.


Basically, CCC has everything good you can expect from Nasu's writing. His characters and conflicts, his humor, his detailed lore, set on top of a decent plot.

The setting about escaping from the Far Side and uncovering how and why you ended up there is pretty nice, though your mileage may vary on that. Personally, I liked it. A goal besides "beat everyone until you're the last man standing" was refreshing. It was like HA, but more detailed and the situation was a bit more dire.

What sets CCC apart is the cast. You have a decent sized cast of Masters and Servant, almost all with really lovable personalities and good chemistry as a group. Everyone that joins Hakuno, they're all great. What sets this group apart from the rest is how thoroughly they're explored, and how the screentime and roles are distributed. By the end of it, I got so attached to them that I felt sad when the game ended, despite being released from the shit gameplay and Nasu's writing hell.

Bare-hands handholding when?

Has the worst villain Nasu came up with and a lot of stupid tasteless shit. People meme it because it's basically fanservice and has MUH GIL.

t. brainlet

Oh hey, it's you.

As someone who has a rudimentary understanding of some of the events of CCC, what exactly is going on during the Punishment segments when this shit is play apart from the fanservice aspect of it?

Fuck off CCCfag

Hakuno's revealing the character's deepest secrets, which leads to them losing their clothes and ending up in embarrassing positions.
It's kind of like Persona 4 shadow business except with more tiddies.

No, it doesn’t, you retard.

I figured it was something like that, appreciate the clarification.

I'm also kind of impressed how Liz's design improved tenfold in my opinion from CCC to FGO just from fixing up her eyes.

And then they improved even more with Liz Blanco



t. secondary hasn't read Guda Guda 2

From what I've seen, that's not Amaterasu. It's Konjiki Hakumen. That's past Tamamo. The reason she refers to past and future selves is because she views her past self as a completley different person than the way she acts now. That's also why she refers to Daji the way she does in Extra, even though she was Daji in the past.

The simplest way to describe bunrei is like this: imagine Amaterasu is the flame of a candle. That flame is then used to light another candle. The second candle is what Tamamo is. It's basically what Shinto or Buddhism used to enshrine one god at multiple temples. Tamamo's past is somewhat confusing because there's things that almost feel like retcons and pieces missing because CCC isn't translated. Hopefully it'll come to light in Foxtail, but until then I think I have a decent theory on what happened.

>serious versions
That's how I know you dont know what you are talking about

That's how I know you're a secondary NAfag who has yet to read Guda Guda 2.
They are intended fully serious, historical versions of the characters. Not mere joke characters anymore.

Hey guys, isn't Type Moon shit now? God I hate Type Moon. Did I mention I hate neo Type Moon guys? I mean, ugh!


Wew lad.
Someone let you out of /fgog/, did they?

We seem to disagree on the first part, but you have the Bunrei part down.

The way I've understood it is that what you meet in that SG is Amaterasu herself; who proceeds to shit-test Hakuno over their relationship with Tamamo.

Tamamo, as a divided spirit, has Amaterasu's memories up until a point.

In fact, the series has been relatively cagey over events, but between what I've seen in Extra and Extella, it seems to me that Amaterasu was DaJi; not Tamamo, but Tamamo remembers it.

If Tamamo had actually behaved in such a way, the backstory she gave you in Extra would be complete horseshit.

The biggest problem in all this is Extella; where her characterization changed drastically between Extra (and CCC) and that game. It's hard to tell what's what anymore.

Are ED arts drawn by Mieko Hosoi?


So what happened to Rani's servant?

Probably killed by robin and oldman

But why haven't she disappeared then?

Tamamo having any relation to amaterasu is so retarded

I'm pretty sure she says she's his dear Caster in that secret garden.

Yeah, I was confused by it too. I was going through my Extella collector's edition book- and either under her profile or in the glossary, it says that Tamamo was Daji once upon a time. This got me to think that something might have been retconned, but it wouldn't make sense to do so and then repeatedly bring up the point like it's something major (it's repeated a few times in FGO by some character even.) So from CCC we know that Tamamo destroyed many countries and empires. The figure you meet in your dream says as much. What Tamamo says in her story in Extra is that she became a human and lost her memories in Japan, during the Heian era (794?-1100s AD) However, Daji tormented the last king of the Shang Dynasty, which ended in 1,000 BC. That's almost 2000 years earlier. The shrine she was enshrined in (Izumo) existed before Japan even had written records, although that was also a lot after Daji's time, maybe it existed thousands of years before then. That along with a few other things made it hard to get a grasp on where she appears in history and when. It meant that she would have to go back in time after her story as Tamamo no Mae takes place to be Daji.

You can break the contract with your servant I guess, remember last episode when Drake said to Shinji break his contract with her ?

It's a good question. The best guess is that she broke contract with her servant before that happened to evade deletion. We only saw Shinji die because he refused to abandon Drake after she lost. Drake pretty much said Shinji could have gotten away with doing that.

With the Moon Cell in disarray and SE.RA.PH. not functioning properly, the rules are largely null and void.

So my theory is that Konjiki Hakumen/9-tailed Tamamo stays as a goddess for a while. In times where humans wish for peace, she provides it. In other times, she gives them war. This is her nature as shown in SG3. The thing with Daji is one of the latter. What happens is that a nine-tailed spirit, guardian of the Yellow Emperor's tomb (or palance, not sure) Hulijing is called to punish King Zhou for disrespecting the goddess Nuwa's statue, or some other transgression, and she's sent to enact retribution. Perhaps in the Nasuverse, its as simple as people praying for his dynasty to end. This actually fits with the story of the Dakini-Ten which she is, or at least is often confused for en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakini#In_Japanese_Buddhism. At this point she still has nine tails. Take a few more countries and kingdoms demolished in this fashion, and her perspective starts to change, she becomes curious and wishes to serve humans, out of a sense of justice. I think she's telling the truth in her E rank Matrix, but she doesn't tell the whole truth. She omits the destruction, (although she hints at it during the week with Arcueid) and how the sense of justice she mentioned was regretting her actions and wishing to make amends. So what she does is cuts off her other tails to repent, and incarnates into Mizukume. From there her story is obvious, and it even explains why she has only one in the CG during that matrix. Although I havent gotten around to playing Extella, I've read that her personality is supposed to be reflective of how she might act in power, how she acted as Hulijing (the fox that possessed Daji). You can also just blame Sakurai, I have no idea for that last one honestly. Anyways my theory is still a work in progress but I think this iteration of it satisfies everything I can remember at least.

No idea yet, but I have a theory that Rin and Rani still fought each other like in the game, and just like in the game both of their Servants died and it ended in a draw, but for some unknown fuckery neither of them died.

I think it's brilliant. It gives buddhism's spread through the east and several countries a cool parallel of how so many Asian countries have the legend of a femme fatale kitsune and that they may all actually be the same thing. It really lends itself to Buddhist beliefs in Japan, such as connecting Dakini and kitsune in Shingon Buddhism (which happens to be the main system in which lies Kiara's sect.)

I'll copy the third secret garden for her here. While it's definitely an artistic liberty Nasu took, it's really creative and well thought out.

>Originally, the fox is a Divine Spirit that protects burial mounds, whose true identity is the Yin dragon of the leylines.

>In Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy) only the dragon of Yang (positive energy for the living) is mentioned, but in the original Feng Shui the fox is the dragon of Yin (energy for the dead) whose importance is equal or even greater than the dragon of Yang.

>The figure of the white fox glowing while dashing under the moonlight in a moonlit night left behind an afterimage in the shape of a long line (leyline) seems to be where it came from.

>Since ancient times, the way of which the light from the rising sun at dawn created within the sea surface and the morning mist has been identified with snakes, dragons, foxes, etc.

>This "sunlight being reflected by water", in other words, the avatar of the sun on earth, is considered to be another essence of her (The weightstone of Tamamo is also a stone mirror reflecting sunlight under the river’s water).

>In this aspect as well, what of the most importance is the mirror, and then the circle which is the sun’s motif.

The "Dear Caster" part was sarcasm. It's worth noting she was talking like an old Yakuza boss the whole way through.

As for the Extella book, it HINTED that might have been the case; saying that might be true. It doesn't flat out say that it is.

As for Extra's backstory, I'm not talking about losing her memories when she incarnated as Mizukume. I'm talking about the very beginning when she was talking about wanting to experience happiness the way humans do.

The way she explained herself in Extra made her out to be hopelessly naive about life to the point where she did things that went against her nature as a divine spirit.

She felt genuine remorse after getting her memories back because everything going on was a complete misunderstanding.

DaJi was a monster, though. Complete disrespect for life in any way shape or form. And while Tamamo would have no problems killing individual humans, she has a fascination with humanity that DaJi lacked; the point that Tamamo took intense offense when Li Shuwen compared them.

Again, Extella is making everything harder than it has to be. Ugh. Had they stuck to Extra and CCC's characterization, I'd feel a lot more confident saying these things.

I don't know what Nasu is up to; writing her the way he is now.

As for what you said, that's because Nasu was taking a lot of different concepts (especially nine tailed fox legends) and slamming them all together. Thus, Amaterasu is connected to the mainland through the Daikini Ten - it's worth noting that Tamamo's origin outfit are identical to the image of Daikini riding a fox. In addition, the nine tailed fox is a legendary creature that is one of the guards of the tomb of the yellow emperor and is the creature that became DaJi. Tamamo says in Extella that guarding that tomb is one of her jobs. But like the other poster said, DaJi would have happened long before Tamamo's birth. But if her origin were the one who did those things...

Agreed. Tamamo is easily Fate's most complex character. I remember reading the translation team for Fate/Extella saying they had to be very careful with her because even native Japanese speakers were having a hard time understanding what she was saying.

It's just puns

Not just puns! Multiple puns mashed together in ways that made little to no sense. I thought that was hilarious.

I honestly don't understand how Nameless fit extra theme of having "bad" guys as main servants, if umu is mother harlot and tamamo is amaterasu, how nameless fit in that ?

Just a Nameless Hero that does what he does

Shirou pursued justice to the point where even his own allies were terrified of him. They ended up turning him in to the law and he was executed as a murderer.

Besides, that wasn't even Extra's theme. They weren't "bad" people. History remembered them as bad people, but could be understood if you got to know them. They weren't innocent of wrong-doing, by any stretch of the imagination, but they weren't complete monsters either.

I don't think that it wasn't sarcasm, but I don't think the Caster part was. The "dear" part makes sense because there is nothing endearing about her actions to him and it's not the dear Caster he knows, but its Caster nonetheless, if that makes sense. I don't think it matters as much for my theory so if it turns out to be Amaterasu it could still make sense that Konjiki Hakumen did those things. The point at which Amaterasu and Konjiki Hakumen's memories diverge is probably important in defining that, or just important in its own right.

I don't have it on hand but I think it's a concrete statement of the fact.

The wanting to experience happiness may be part of the decision to incarnate, after all she says that it first started out as a sense of justice.

The thing is that Tamamo often talks about how she hates her past self. It's a point that's also on her profile in the guidebook. If I find an English version I'll post it. I think she considers herself different enough now that it's a different person. I agree that CCC and Extra both mesh and compliment each other beautifully- at least from what I know- in terms of her characterization. If Fox Tail is anything to go off of then I'd say CCC was great for her. No comment on Extella really, since all I have to go off of is hearsay.


The past self seems to be "dislikes" from her CCC profile, and it was translated as her other side for this material book. Anyway as you can see it's a concrete reference to the fact. She also earnestly hates what she did.

Fuck off Waifuhunter/Mizukume go back to BL to be an autistic retard

I have the english version of the Extella Material, if that's what you mean. Someone posted the whole thing on Facebook. Trust me, it doesn't help. Let me post an image or two.

Note how very, VERY careful they are to be ambiguous about whether or not Tamamo is Da Ji.

As for Extella, trust me. Once you get over the fact that she's behaving the way she is during her route because she's having a nervous breakdown, there's still a lot in her characterization that will seem very out of place.

At any rate, it was a good conversation. Gonna have to let it go here, but its nice to have the odd intellectual chat on Cred Forums.

>some guy who translated Persona 2

Hopefully the fan translation; the "official" one played WAY too fast and loose for my liking.

What did it say originally?

Well, this IS Cred Forums. So.....I guess I call you a faggot and that's that.

Yeah. The problem there is, again, the backstory she gave in Extra. Her past behavior that she hates is:

1. Unintentionally deceiving everyone.
2. Killing the initial group of soldiers who came after her.
3. Poisoning pretty much the entire countryside as the killing stone.

It's possible her backstory was hugely expanded after Extra; which would explain some of these contradictions.

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I'm not him, but I've seen his posts on reddit trying to uncover and piece together Tamamo's backstory.

Ah damn, I overlooked that. My bad. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure Tamamo makes references to the tomb of the yellow emperor and other characters refer to her as Daji. Interestingly Hokusai makes a reference to Tamamo in one of her lines. I'm not good enough to read CCC yet, although its what sparked me to start learning Japanese, but I gave a go at translating the line.
>"Oh, that's the Celestial Maiden[Amaterasu-sama]. How impolite to mistake her for someone else. Indeed, my father did paint the Dakini-ten and China's Daji but, after all weren't they tracings of illustrations from China? Even so it is still a painter's vision. Man, Chaldea is weirder than a Yomihon huh?"
It's interesting how it brings doubt to their claims that she may be Daji.

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>This is Nero talking about herself.
Unless I misread this, you're the one's who's wrong. Nero dissed herself as a delusional failure in Extra who ended up loved by none.

She was an extremely flawed character and an admitant one at that. Which is why I was surprised to see later on that she was hated by the fanbase because characters kept parading her as perfect. That's the opposite of her depiction Extra.

But then again, this is the series that touts "the king is wrong because he's too perfect!"


So from the way I see it, the anime is set in a purged timeline and Buddha/Twice is trying desperately together with the Chakravartin, because there's only less than 100 people in the real world and thus there's not enough Human Foundation Value to support the timeline. Plausible?