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Most did. Kubo is a hack.

i really wanted to see BG9s vollstandig kubo fucking gook

Shippers are the worst kind of people, and they deserve to be disappointed.

also that execution for losing, what a retarded idea to destroy the character holy shit

THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. If only he doesn't have to rush the arc. BG9 has a cool design.

Kubo didn't.

All ichirukifags had to do was not troll him to death on Twitter. That's it! A little self control is all you needed, but that's something you hamplanets could never understand. You get what you fucking deserve!

like how did it not happen don't really care who "won" but from a story point how did rukia not "win"

>All ichirukifags had to do was not troll him to death on Twitter
Someone didn't read the pilot chapter or interview where he states there are no romantic ties between Ichigo and Rukia.

Then he should stop doing panels like in OP? No friends would look at each other like that. Adding bishonen or shoujo glitter doesn't really help too.

>No friends would look at each other like that.
Damn, Uryu x Ichigo should have been canon then.

Unironically Cred Forums would've minded that less than the garbage ending that happened.

Plenty of anons in the last chapter threads were making fun of IRfags.

Wasn't much else to do. There was no great twist to connect it all, no master stroke, nothing making 15 years of hoping and kubo meming worth the effort. There as fucking nothing. a rushed ending an an asspull arrow to the manga's heart. In more ways than one.

You go ahead and have fun with the shippers but I'm gonna call it what it is.

Sure, but I still enjoyed the pairings. Nothing wrong with finding the good in an underwhelming situation. I also wish Kubo did more, but oh well.

Well yeah. If Ichurki won I'd have said it was a shit manga that did at least one thing right, but the only thing that would have really saved it was some kind of a grand twist at the end . But then you enter a Bleach thread and read posts like >168724017 and get reminded that no, no it was pretty much going to be shit all along. There's no fixing of that.

"It was Aizen's illusion all along" is probably the only ending that would've worked, just because it would've been so over the top that it gets a pass.

Based Japan, the best girls always win

Do people seriously follow a non romance manga for 15 years just for an established platonic relationship to go full fanfiction?


Dunno why people are getting pissed with artists creative freedom...

What makes me even more mad than Rukia not winning is that Ichigo only actually started looking at Orihime as a love interest after he started noticing her tits.

>retard creates headcanon
>gets mad because it doesn't happen
>was even stated that it would't happen

The silly thing about that is that her tits were not her only redeeming quality, in other words Kubo was either a literal retard automatic-writing the entirety of Bleach though some higher-mind channeling method, or he deliberately left all her established backstory and characterization in favor of "lol tits," in short, an insult either to the readers, or the manga, or both.

Never before have I read a manga where so much competence and so much incompetence were both implied at the same time.

Kinda surprised nobody has tried to stab Kubo on the street yet for insulting 3/4ths of his fanbase.

And we will laugh eternally at you for your delusion

Nah, Orihime already got Ichigo interested since early stages of the manga, it's just he didn't realize.

>3/4ths of his fanbase
you really believe that!

t. salty ichirukifag

what, like 23 people is his fanbase?
rest are just people angry about Bleach sucking

Hollywood has planted in western people's heads that the main guy can only be with the main girl. It went the same with Narusaku, went the same with Ichiruki, and will never learn when it ends the same with Luna.

Everybody knew what was going to happen except Ichirukifags:



>"But, you know, Ichigo and Rukia will never be together"
She was so sure in her response. Of course, she was right.

I'm not talking about Rukiafags retards. I'm talking about the entire story. Chad saying he wouldn't pick up boxing and Ushida becoming a doctor. Open endings for literally all the characters. Cliffhanger ending and boss death not explained.

Himefaggots have a serious victim complex jesus christ.

This was what, 6 seconds of interaction total?

>Ichigo and Orihime
>A total 30 seconds of interaction until the HM arc, then kubo realized that "oh shit I gotta do a ichihime ending, thats it!" after snorting 30 pounds of cocaine one night
>Then more 30 seconds of interaction until the last arc where kubo went "oh yeah, the ichihime ending" after more cocaine

Where as rukia have been at the side of ichigo like fucking batman and robin and they exchanged these passionate stares and analogies every now and then

And then faggots ask why IchiRuki was a thing

You watch too much western media, Ichirukifag.

>he thinks Ichigo got into Orihime one day because tits

Retarded speedreader spent too much time jerking to side material to pay attention to the main manga.


>shitpost for 15 years
>get BTFO until the end of the times

Karma is a bitch.

That was his last troll.

You answered to the OP post, that it's about ichiruki, not about the story, so your answer was implied about ichiruki

Goku and Bulma didnt have entire chapters dedicated to staring at one another in an intense manner
retarded example

That is the start of the reasons because of which people with sense understood that Ichigo felt something else for Orihime. Already since chapter 3

It's time to move on

Literally worst girl of the manga

What an annoying bitch.

Ichigo and Rukia barely had 2 months of interaction

How can you call such a sweet and caring girl a bitch?

ignore him, he's one of those pedos

To see this bitterness is so satisfying


>people legit thought he'd pick an ancient hag over his big-tittied same-age classmate

Rukia will always have a firm, tight body
Orihime will get old, those huge tits will be saggy

If ichigo was playing the long term game he would see that

>Orihime will get old, those huge tits will be saggy

Orihime has fix everything magic.

Japanese can eat shit all they want
I will never read anything Kubo writes ever again in my life

Not even just because of orihime , he cant stop himself from bloating the cast then not ending plotlines

chestlettes aren't people

>Implying there isnt implants in SS

I've always found the relationship between Rukia and Ichigo was more of a broishs rather than romantic. IchiHime and RukiRenji endings were forced though, literally going from friends to married. Should have left an open ending where every shipper is mad.

>there isnt
Who the fuck taught you such awful English?


>literally going from friends to married
It's heavily implied through body language that renruki was already a thing in the last arc.

>we didn't win so nobody should win

Your mom while in my bed

That was their last hope whe they realized ichiruki wasn't going to happen

Why do people draw a parallel between naruto's ending and bleach's ending?
Rukia has nothing in common with sakura, she actually should have won.

Because Ichihime fags wants to justify their complete forced pairing using a pairing that wasnt actually forced

See >main guy can only be with the main girl

I don't understand shippers. What the fuck is wrong with you? Bleach wasn't even a romance manga, and it stopped being worthwhile reading after SS anyway.

I can understand thinking the Orihime thing is retarded, because it was. She never had a fleshed out relationship with Ichigo and her feelings for him did nothing but drag the manga down and make previously interesting characters dull and depressing. But you can't really say that after Mexico began ANYONE in Bleach had meaningful relationships with anyone. Characters lost all their dimension and nuance beyond that point. Who got with who was meaningless because there were no real characters left in the story anymore, or even a coherent story for that matter. There is literally no reason to ship anything in Bleach.

At which point did you realize that ichiruki was definitely not happening?

For me it was the cleavage outfit joke.

Yes,Orihime had a way better developed relationship with Ichigo than Hinata with Naruto

>we didn't win so let's shit on the whole series
>"i don't understand shippers" says the shipper
salty ass ichirukifags

The entire series did become shit though. I don't know how anyone could claim otherwise. Judging from this thread, the only people who take it remotely seriously anymore are cancerous shippers, which says all that needs to be said of how fully Bleach shat the bed.

From the start. They were totally no romantic with each other.
I had though there would be romance because taey were the main characters, but I soon realized there wasn't going to be anything.

For me it was when she almost kissed him while he was sleeping.

What happened with this chapter? It felt like a completely different manga. Also it was kind of a powerful confession.

Renji vs Ichigo.

>naruto and hinata
>alibaba and morgiana
>ichigo and orihime
All three of these shonen pairings I was rooting for, and they all happened. Feels good man.

I thought the same, I had to stop for a moment and check if I was really reading Bleach and not some Shoujo manga. And yeah, I have to agree that her confession was pretty powerful.

anybody who was bragging about foreseeing ichixhime ship is full of shit and just trolling salt people. they had zero chemistry and interactions (the most she had was with tastuki).
anyway anime also didn't really help with episodes like this - if you think this is atmosphere between just 2 friends you have never been with woman before...

Eh, if it's any consolation, you weren't tricked like Sakurafags were. Kubo is just such a shit writer that he forgot to give Ichigo and Orihime any kind of relationship, and gave the best friend a more compelling one instead.

I feel like people would like Ichihime a lot more if Orihime's awakening to her feelings and subsequent arc hadn't been such a drain on both her and Ichigo's character. Kubo should have gone for a slowly developing cute relationship rather than the mess that was Hueco Mundo. There's a reason leekspin was a meme back in the day, Orihime was fun back then.


Don't blame other people for your own stupidity.

Chad is Ichigo's best friend

These kinds of things always warm my heart.

Orihime and Ichigo already had a working friendship before he met Rukia.

If you check the Bleach one shot manga, It was pretty obvious that Orihime was going to end up with Ichigo.


If you check the Pierrot anime, It was pretty obvious that Rukia was going to end up with Ichigo.

>Friends don't do this, friends don't do that
What poor, warped and sad vision of friendship you have

Although it's obvious that shippers say that when they want a relationship to be romantic. Fujoshi fans say the same exact things about their imaginary same sex pairings.

>Fujoshi fans say the same exact things about their imaginary same sex pairings

Ichirukists literally proved that there's no substantial difference between fujo and hetero shippers and the intensity of their insanity is pretty much the same.

Pierrot made Ichiruki original moments just for the heck of it.

They knew each other, but Orihime didn't really speak to him or anything, just found his face funny. When Ichigo walked home with her once it was just awkward. If Kubo intended for us to get the impression that they were good friends already he should have written it that way.

Really though, early Orihime was great. I think I'd have been fine with any romantic ending but what we got for Bleach. Orihime or Rukia, it doesn't matter. Hell, Tatsuki would have been fine too. What wasn't fine was how it was written. Kubo never got around to making Ichigo and Orihime feel like more than acquaintances, so when the high drama kicked in for Hueco Mundo, it felt forced and lifeless. It didn't help that this was the draggiest, sloggiest, worst part of the manga and all the characters became significantly less interesting to read, especially Ichigo and Orihime. I see a lot of people whit knighting for the arc now, trying to pretend it as deep, but anyone who was around then knows that the entire fandom was just frustrated by how slow and boring it was, and how Ichigo and Orihime got less likable with every chapter (and how everyone somehow became even more irrelevant. I think HM was where Ishida and Renji became the same dumb joke).

Why ? Rukia is a ghost, a midget with the body of a brat and unable to be a proper wife let alone bear children.
Inoue is the obvious best choice.

What are you talking about? Ichigo and Orihime had lots of on panel interaction, and Ichigo never walked her home. What manga have you been reading?

>unable to be a proper wife let alone bear children

On-panel interaction doesn't mean meaningful interaction. They talked to each other a lot across the entire manga, but Kubo never made it feel like they were all that close. Especially when later their relationship became so vague and weird and lacking in the cuteness that early Orihime brought.

There's a short sequence very early on where Ichigo bumps into her and walks with her for a bit. It's awkward, but cute. You don't remember it? It's from back when Bleach was actually good, so within the first twenty chapters.

The fights, monotony, asspulls, and pacing of the story was the reason Hueco Mundo was shit, not Ichigo and Orihime's love story, ichirukifag.

Ichigo and Orihime's love story was part of the monotony. There's nothing wrong with the pairing, just how it was written. It dragged down both characters, and by extension the entire story, as it was the basis for the worst arc.

That said, I get the impression that any romance would have been badly written. Kubo just lost the touch. Maybe everything before that was a fluke, or maybe it was editorial bollocks, or maybe he was just tired. I dunno, either way Bleach became super poorly written during HM and never recovered.

>There's a short sequence very early on where Ichigo bumps into her and walks with her for a bit
That is anime filler. So I suppose you watched, not read, the manga.

Meaningful interaction? Of course they had it, both, meaningful and cute interactions, during all manga. Read the manga please.

And Yuji picks Shana and it was Bleach done right. What do you think?


>Should have left an open ending where every shipper is mad.
Or have everyone dies. This is possible in shounen manga but not in popular ones sadly.

>just how it was written
I wonder what you're doing here then. Everybody knows how shitty Kubo's writing became.

SnS is seinen.

>SnS is seinen.
LNs are usually the Japanese equivalent of Young Adult fiction novels so it counts as shounen. Even the manga adaptation is serialized in a shounen manga magazine.

>If you check the Pierrot anime
You shouldn't really trust anime studios when it comes to endgame couples. They tend to be biased towards a particular pairing. A-1 did the same thing with Magi anime. They seemed to really want Morgiana to end up with Hakuryuu and even put out a bunch of official art with them interacting despite the fact that the manga made it pretty clear that she's not interested in him. And in the end she ended up with Alibaba in the end.

Just because that's how it works in the west doesn't mean it works like that in Japan too. Bring another shounen series as comparison.

Ok, you want to say this scene, but Ichigo didn't walk her home, they were standing, talking, and Rukia was also there.

They were classmates at the time,not really friends, but they talked as classmates, and Ichigo had knowed her 2 years ago when her brother's accident.

>Bring another shounen series as comparison.
I already liked the MU one to see the full list of manga where the younger male ends up with the older female anyway.

What made me wonder is, is there's a WSJ manga that had the MC ends up with a older female?

>I wonder what you're doing here then.

Just saying how I feel about the endgame. As in, either ship would have been fine, people only dislike Ichihime because it was poorly written, and it's a shame that something that seemed to have such potential fell from grace so disastrously.

>Ichigo had knowed her 2 years ago
3 years ago

Yeah, there we go, it's been a long ass time since I read it. Two decades ago, probably. Either way, yeah, they certainly knew each other as classmates, but they weren't really friends by that point, and it never feels like they crossed over into proper friendship.

It's a shame. I'd have liked to have seen more of this, with them getting gradually closer, rather than what we go.


>What made me wonder is, can you name WSJ manga that have the MC ends up with a older female age-wise?

Bumping that question since no one cares.

But we did see the development of their friendship, they having more interactions, getting closer , and becoming nakama.

Dragon Ball. Chichi is older than Goku.

>people only dislike Ichihime because it was poorly written
Wrong. People dislike Ichihime because they're Ichiruki. This isn't One Piece where the author himself flat out states there won't be romance. There's no point in hating shippers here.

>poorly written
Is not a valid reason. Everything was poorly written, even Ichiruki

Really matters? Do you think is not allowed because readers don't like it or something?

Yeah but I'm just telling yo that successful age gap romance do happen in battle shounen, even Jump. But, a lot of those titles aren't as popular usually, regardless of quality.

When they married she was only one year older than him. I think user was asking of a significant age gap.

>I think user was asking of a significant age gap.
That's what I'm talking about.

The flashback when Reiji and Rukia were kids. I felt that their bond is much stronger than that of Ichigo

If the only issues with those last chapters Ichigo and Orihime we'd count ourselves lucky.
The thing is having it end with Ichigo without Orihime would generate far more butthurt since by far the majority of fujoshits self inserted as Orihime. Same shit as Naruto with Sakura.
You still got some butthurt, but you'd have gotten a lot more otherwise.

Perhaps will happen with Luffy and Boa hancock (at least I'd like to see Luna shippers mad)

Why? Either way they were both severely underdeveloped in terms of actual reciprocated romantic content anyway.

Maybe but I have a feeling Boa will use some magic to reduce her age to Luffy's so they can be together and live longer according to one user. That's just my guess.

Battle shounen manga with significiant age gap involving younger male/older female romance between the main characters aren't very popular generally, even less so if he ends up with the poster heroine.

>even Ichiruki

But... that never happened? Ichiruki wasn't a thing. Do you mean interactions between Ichigo and Rukia beyond SS were bad? Because yeah, they were, like you said everything was bad after that point.

What I'm saying is that Ichihime never got its day in the sun (which is funny, because it ended canon, despite never having a real presence). Its appearance as a valid ship coincided with the manga going downhill at a rapid pace, and Ichigo and Orihime's relationship was never really fleshed out and explored in early Bleach when the writing was good (or ever - from HM onward there was no depth to anything).

Personally, any half-reasonable romantic end for Ichigo would be fine for me. The reason Ichihime ended up bad had nothing to do with competing ships, or like/dislike for the characters, it was just yet another poorly written aspect of a series that became poorly written overall. The reason many people probably prefer Ichiruki is because they associate it with the early days of Bleach when the writing was pretty good and Rockin' Future Seven was being teased, and associate Ichihime with the depressing decline of the series into asspulls, random character motivations, and THE HEART.

>What I'm saying is that Ichihime never got its day in the sun
You mean because Kubo never put the time in for meaningful stares, it wasn't obvious?
Not every romance has to be written like you want, even if it was badly written.

She is just 12 years older, she still looked not much older than Luffy without needing magic or something, and even a similar age if Luffy gets a more robust body when he gets older.

Zoro and Robin have a 7 year gap. Very popular ship.

when i was like 12 i thought orohime was better, but now i am an adult i can realise that rukia the best

Meaningful states are pretty much the most we got though.

Ichihime lacked genuine, likable character exchanges that showed a deepening of their relationship. All it had was generic oaths to protect/heal and lots of staring. Their best interactions were early on, before Orihime became actively interested in him, and they were never properly developed further.

Orihime wasn't interested in him from the start?
Those generic things are to spell it out for the little boys reading that they are having something special.
This isn't western YA fiction.

>Ichihime lacked genuine, likable character exchanges that showed a deepening of their relationship
That is not true.

>Orihime wasn't interested in him from the start?

I said 'actively' interested in him. As in, after she realized her feelings.

>Those generic things are to spell it out for the little boys reading that they are having something special.

Well, they accomplish dick all. Without any actual meat to their relationship in the form of interactions that build chemistry, their relationship comes off as hollow and inhuman. It's literally exactly like western YA fiction, where the main characters just stare wistfully at one another and make grand sweeping statements. Shit's Twilight level.

It's entirely true. Character moments became more dumbed down, vague, and superficial as Bleach went on, and Ichigo and Orihime's relationship suffered massively for it.

Kubo should have gone back to meat and potatoes for a while after SS, giving Ichihime time to grow. Then when her teary confession and sacrifice happened it would have had weight, and Ichigo's determination to go get her would have been more believable and tense.

The same anime Kubo criticized In the recent radio interview, saying he would get sick whenever the anime team made changes so much so he eventually demanded they send him the script.

>there are people that would deprive mah boi renji of his childhood pussi

Shame on all of y'all.

>I said 'actively' interested in him. As in, after she realized her feelings.
That doesn't invalidate everything that happened before

>their relationship comes off as hollow and inhuman
Ichigo had less interactions with Chad. Does that mean they're not bestfriends?
The bad writing is a dead beaten horse. It was already obvious to everyone with a brain.

>That doesn't invalidate everything that happened before

Yes. Those were good moments. They were never properly developed, though.

>Ichigo had less interactions with Chad. Does that mean they're not bestfriends?

No. It means the narrative doesn't properly convey this. Though, Chad's friendship was far better handled than Orihime's love.

>The bad writing is a dead beaten horse.

It's the only thing worth criticizing in this matter. The relationships, the story, the pacing - that's all writing. The reasons for Ichihime getting such a vitriolic response are in the writing, because the writing is the fucking backbone of the story. Saying you can't talk about the writing for a comic is insane.

>giving Ichihime time to grow
Their relationship have already grown since the start, all those moments in the first chapters you were saying were good were there for that, to show the development of their relationship. Next thing, after the SS arc, it was the continuation, not the beginning, of their development, so it didn't need many more interactions, but they had interactions too, because Ichigo already considered her a friend,a nakama, with some romantic hints. And, as Kubo wasn't going to resolve the romance until the last chapter, the next step, state clear romantic feelings from Ichigo's side and start a romantic relationship, wasn't going to happen

Rukia and Renji was the most obvious choice. Many find that they end up together with someone they knew in their childhood.

Renji and Rukia were childhood friends before enrolling as shinigami, even when Rukia was in deep shit he srill cared, and after Rukia was saved those two bonded even more.

Ichigo and Rukia never had something like that. She was just living with him while she regained some power, Ichigo saved Rukia because she saved him, after that there was nothing

What the fuck is wrong with Ichiruki fags?

>The reasons for Ichihime getting such a vitriolic response are in the writing
And I'm saying you're wrong. Stop forcing this. The hate for Ichihime is not from the bad writing because everything else is. By the time Orihime got the cleavage joke late in the manga everyone understood it was endgame.

You're literally the only one saying this. I'd even say you're a covert Ichirukifag at this point.

>What the fuck is wrong with Ichiruki fags?

They deluded themselves into thinking that a fucking shounen hero would be the replacement goldfish for his love interest.

>muh interactions
thats it

>The reasons for Ichihime getting such a vitriolic response are in the writing,
Those response are from Ichiruki shippers. Nobody is that angry because of pairings in a battle manga with barely romance if they don't ship anything.
Most people, not shippers, are ok with Ichihime

why is he one of the only artists to draw an asian character in anime

>And I'm saying you're wrong.

I literally can't be. The writing is basically the product.

>The hate for Ichihime is not from the bad writing because everything else is.

The hate comes from the decline in how well Orihime was written, and how it happened to coincide with her realizing her feelings. It made people associate the ship with the general drop in quality of the manga. It's bad in general for the ship that Ichigo and Rukia got their relationship building writing back when the manga was good, whereas Ichigo and Orihime as a couple was moved to the forefront of things when everything went downhill. People associate Ichiruki with good early Bleach and Ichihime with shit later Bleach. I've even met people who think the moment Orihime confessed was the moment the downfall began, because it kicked off Hueco Mundo (for me, I'd say the moment I realized something was wrong was Grimmjow's introduction and how it managed to trivialize everything so far in the least interesting way possible).

Shit, I'm not okay with it, and I don't ship anything. I don't care who ends up with who, but the relationship was terribly executed.


it could have been the only thing that got me to finish bleach, but at least i saved myself 200+ chapters of catching up

Now, I remember an Ichiruki blog on Tumblr, and mostly Ichihime hater, that it was renamed "Bleach my vitriol" after the ending. Priceless name, and totally accurate of the state of the Ichiruki fandom

>I literally can't be. The writing is basically the product.
Several people have been telling you you're wrong.

>It made people associate the ship with the general drop in quality of the manga
No. What made people associate the drop in quality was the fights. Nobody but you saw the almost kiss scene and said "shit Bleach is now bad" after the high that was Soul Society.

Ichihime is not terribly executed. If was a non shipper of another pairing you would say poorly executed.

>Nobody but you saw

Strawmanning now? That said, I don't recall people hating the Orihime confession back when it was released, either. People just decided it was the moment things started to go sour in hindsight. The truth is it started to go wrong earlier than that, but the impression people have looking back just shows how much people associate Ichihime with the decline of Bleach.

It was poorly executed because there was nothing to it. Like I said, there was now real development for Ichigo and Orihime's relationship after SS, just YA tier stares.

There should have been a slower burn before the confession, building upon the earlier stuff, because it felt like it came out of nowhere at the time and Ichigo barely seemed to have a connection to her. Ichigo and Orihime slowly getting to know one another better, culminating in the confession and sacrifice, would have made the Hueco Mundo arc feel like something more that a pointless drag that got overshadowed by Fake Karakura in the end.

There are more reasons to dislike something than retarded shipping wars. Sometimes bad writing is just bad writing.

You know what fucking made me hate the character?
That goddamn Urukiora (or whatever the translation is these days) fight. Goddamn kill that fucking "Kurosaki-kun" scene.

>I'm not okay with it, and I don't ship anything.

You are not most people. The fact of the matter is that most people are okay with Ichihime because they're not shipperfags and/or saw the pairing coming.

It's only the filthy gaijin Ichirukifags that truly hate the pairing, and even Ichirukifags in nipland are a completely different story, judging from 2ch boards, most of them knew IR was never going to happen, that's why there was barely any outrage from them when the pairings were confirmed. They even started drawing fanart of the kids and congratulated the pairs on their marriage (which triggered the landwhales on deathberry.)

>Strawmanning now?
I'd argue that saying the Ichihime hate coming from the bad writing instead of salty Ichiruki shippers is strawmanning.

>People just decided it was the moment things started to go sour in hindsight.
Because it was the start of the Hueco Mundo arc proper. Not Aizen's treachery. Nobody else is looking at the farewell and isolating it saying the things you are.

At this point I'm convinced it's just an Ichirukifag trying so hard to convince people that it's not salt.

Yeah, that was pretty terrible. It's a fucking shame because she was great up until the end of SS. One of the few airhead characters that I've actually liked. Then that whole segment absolutely gutted her character and dragged Ichigo down with her, making him an emotionless protectbot.

Why couldn't Kubo have just taken his time?

I'm laughing at you.

>I'd argue that saying the Ichihime hate coming from the bad writing instead of salty Ichiruki shippers is strawmanning.

Then you'd be misusing the term completely. If you think he's wrong, then you think he's wrong, but that's not what strawmanning is.

I'm 99% sure the user your responding to is inferno that cuck who lurks the Bleach sub plebbit.


I guess you don't know what a strawman is? Whatever.

>Because it was the start of the Hueco Mundo arc proper. Not Aizen's treachery. Nobody else is looking at the farewell and isolating it saying the things you are.

I'm sorry, you seem to be saying exactly what I was saying, then telling me I'm wrong? Not sure what you're getting at here.

>At this point I'm convinced it's just an Ichirukifag trying so hard to convince people that it's not salt.

Of course. Everyone must be the enemy. It can't be that Ichihime was dissatisfying as fuck because it was poorly written. I don't even get what you're even trying to argue, you freely admit that Bleach went to shit, but you can't seem to accept that the writing was bad in this one instance, when it clearly was.

>Ichigo and Orihime slowly getting to know one another better
And they did.

You talks as if they continued to be just classmates, when we saw their development to friends.

And, besides, it looks like this is now like a main requirement in manga to be able to have feelings for someone, but most couples in real life simply like one another and then start dating, they didn't need to be nor close friends, nor even friends. Because romanceis simply liking someone in a romantic way

When I thought about how a 400 year old ghost and a teenager hooking up makes no sense

These threads are always so pathetic.

It isn't even IchiRuki fans vs. IchiHime or Renji/Rukia fans, it's literally just ichiRuki guys vs. retarded, attention-depraved trolls who don't care one iota about the latter two pairings, coming in here to get their cheap laughs.

When Bleach still ran, all across the internet it was widely accepted that Orihime was a completely shit character, and that Renji was a fucking loser. The vast majority of people who watched Bleach thought that Ichigo and Rukia hooking up made sense, even if they didn't ship them.

Kubo, being the retard that he is, not only fucked up the pairings, but the entire ending and turned Bleach from a potential masterpiece in the SS and HM arcs into a terrible meme-infested manga that will never be remembered for anything aside from a couple quality characters like Aizen and Ulquiorra. And of course, the usual weebs on here are picking at the bones of its corpse like starving vultures.

Really? I thought it was a classic case of strawmanning.
>hate for ichihime
>clearly coming from ichiruki western fans
>try to legitimize the hate by stating the reason being kubo's writing and attacking it

See, your problem was that you believed the bullshit that Pierrot puts out in their anime

No, strawmanning is creating a false argument/position for your opponent and attacking that instead of their actual argument. Basically, it's what you're doing right now.

I don't really hate the idea of Ichihime. I just hate how it was done. It fucked up Orihime's character beyond repair and it felt hollow as hell.

Also, that's not what a strawman is.



>"But, you know, Ichigo and Rukia will never be together"

Bro my whole point is that the Ichihime ship hate was coming from Ichiruki shippers. It being badly written had nothing to do with it. Everybody expected it to happen except the delusional shippers. Why am I strawmanning here when I'm telling it like it is?

There's no point in blaming the shitty writing because the writing was shit to begin with. That's strawmanning to me, because you're attacking something that applies to everything, not just the Ichihime ship.

>shit bait from hack manga
>unlimited replies

The anime staff were shipperfags themselves. Hell they shipped pic related.

So you are one of those special Orihime "fans" who want the best for her and she stopping loving Ichigo was the best for her.

Ichihime won fag.

>Why am I strawmanning here when I'm telling it like it is?

Because you're now resorting to mischaracterising the other guy's argument and inventing the position of [guy from ichiruki fansite]. That's bad form, you're not actually arguing properly anymore, you're just trying to denigrate the opponent's position by pretending it's something it's not.

>That's strawmanning to me, because you're attacking something that applies to everything, not just the Ichihime ship.

Welp, that's simply not what a strawman argument is. It's also a bit of a weird argument, because just because everything went to shit doesn't mean a specific piece of the shit is any less noxious.

>a quality character

Ad hominem, now?

She could have had a great romantic arc with Ichigo, if it was just done well.

>across the internet
Oh you mean on solely Cred Forums where any mention of Orihime set off at least 5 Ichirukicucks? Fuck off. Orihime, and Renji were liked outside of this site and the hate for Orihime gradually died down after the HM arc. Was it still there? Yes, but never on the level of the HM arc hate especially during the last arc. The only ones still viciously and ridiculously hating her were IR fans by this point.

>mischaracterising the other guy's argument
At this point I don't know which is which. I don't care about what the argument of the other dude is, all I ask is that he validate the hate coming from the IRfags. He can have all the reasons that he wants about IH being badly written, and everybody knows that even IHfags themselves. Just that when it comes to the ship hate, nobody else hates it except other shipfags.

I love her voice. Probably a top 5 English VA.

>wahhh kubos a shitty writer because he didn’t make my meme pairing happen wahhhhhh
Hilarious coming from the fanbase that was sucking his dick up until the final chapter.

You retard, for shipping and for being still buthurt.

You know what would have prevented Bleach from falling into the Shonen Jump Hall of Anal Destruction saga?
An ending where everyone dies. Problem solved.

Sure you'd like that to happen ichiruki fan.

I think you're not quite understanding. I know there are obviously hardcore shippers who would hate the ship no matter what, but they don't comprise everyone who felt like it was garbage.

Maybe saying this is vitriol aimed at the ship is wrong, seeing as the 'ship' can also be just the idea of two characters getting together. It's more the way the actually did get together and how their relationship was handled, than the 'ship' itself. I know a lot of people who simply aren't the shipping type but find how Ichihime progressed incredibly cringeworthy and baffling. It's a common sentiment among people who dropped the manga either after HM or Fullbringers, who could no longer tolerate how shit Bleach had become and recall Orihime's confession and the ensuing arc as the start of the downward progression.

I don't like most pairings in most series that I've read or watched, developed or not, there are really very few pairings that I find compelling or charming, but I'm indifferent to them at most.

It would have to be a really disgusting pairing, to provoke hate on me, or some strong emotion, not a pairing I just consider poorly developed

That's the thing user. I've never seen the people who you claim hate the ship for the reasons you stated. I've seen people hate on the samefaces, the "nothin personnel" fight trope Kubo loves using, Ulquiorra, Aizen keikaku, HM being barren, asspulls, etc. But never Orihime for the reasons you stated.

Maybe the Kurosaki-kun spam but the almost kiss? Never encountered it.

Not him, but people called Orihime a rapist for the almost kiss.

>"But, you know, Ichigo and Rukia will never be together"

I love how the IRfags in that room went silent.

To be fair, I don't go on anime sites except Cred Forums. My impression is gleaned from Cred Forums and people I've actually met. I would imagine if you go on fucking, I dunno, MAL or whatever you're going to mostly run into hardcore shipfags.

I think none of them hated the actual almost kiss, by the way. They just saw that as the start of things going wrong because it lead to HM. A lot of people definitely hated what Orihime and Ichigo were like during HM, though, holy shit. Threads back then were nothing but bile, and I recall early on I was part of the defense force, because I didn't realize just how bad things were going to become.

Fuck off. Literally a worse ending than what we got. Go to amazon.jp and read the reviews for the last volume. You’ll hardly find any complaining about the pairings like Western fans did. There’s a review that states they would have liked different pairings, but that its okay. It was literally the IR fans outside of Japan that bitched to ridiculous proportions about the endgames, creating petitions/making up lies how IR got engaged in the musical/hoping the release of the final volume would bring a different ending. Same thing happened with Narusaku fans.

>It was literally the IR fans outside of Japan that bitched to ridiculous proportions about the endgames, creating petitions/making up lies how IR got engaged in the musical/hoping the release of the final volume would bring a different ending. Same thing happened with Narusaku fans.
Any more of those lies? I need a good laugh.

>fans outside of Japan that bitched to ridiculous proportions
Isn't this what always happens? Japanese ship too, but they aren't as fucking insane about it as western fans.

Last time I went on MAL was 2006 so idk how they reacted there.

You mean ichiruki shippers. It's only them who say that bullshit

The ending I proposed is actually more fitting to the overall direction of the story than the forced "happily ever after" one. I heard even the one-shot ended on a dark note as well.

It would be nice to see another WSJ manga ends with a "Kill them all" bang rather than having the MC end up with yet another submissive doormat. If Kubo wanted a happy ending realistically he would have left Ichigo end up with no one.

Or he could have just not had Orihime become a doormat. That would have been nice.

I'm not usually a shippingfag but I do always love to see the losing ships fanbase implode.

I also would have liked to see Ichigo end up with Rukia, if only because Kubo had the balls to handle age gap romance à la Kenshin, but better. But that would be too much to ask.

Yup. Not just with shipping either. A character death or twist is also blown way out of proportions these days. The Western fanbase is 1000x more obnoxious than the Japanese.

The only shippers that are insane back in Japan or at least seen as insane are fujos and Ichiruki fans were actually called fujos back in nipland.

How is Orihime either of those things? Seriously there’s nothing submissive about her and she’s not a doormat either. What the fuck did you even read to get to this conclusion?

>English VAs opinion
>mattering ever

shilling shit dubs to get your garbage point across? sad

Japanese VAs thought the same thing as well.

One thing I find really odd about these threads, irregardless of all the shipping shit, is that people often try to pretend they believe Kubo's statements that everything was as planned.

It's incredibly clear that Kubo had writing-specific ADD, and he introduced/dropped shit on a whim with no regard for coherence. I doubt he planned anything beyond the first few arcs, and his battles after that point were so dull and uncreative that you can tell no forethought went into them.

Shit, at the start of the manga, Kubo was very clearly pushing several characters as relevant in the future... and then dropped them on a whim because he'd thought up some new designs and could only fit so many characters in one arc, and one always had to be Ice Prodigy due to Japan's obsession with him. You can like what you like and dislike what you dislike, but don't pretend Bleach's plot didn't flip around incoherently like a fish on dry land. Nothing was ever planned, and it's abundantly clear.

Go read a girls' manga

Yes, that's the entire IchiRuki NaruSaku fandom. Retards that can't read a story and misunderstand the characters.


I was drawing a comparison to other WSJ manga that had the MC end up with another girl, like with Chichi or Hinata. You know the usual nice/shy/quiet big-titted side characters who doesn't do much throughout the manga. Although Orihime is much more important than either of those characters but my point still stands.

>end series how I want it, not because of how author wants it
That's what destroyed Korra btw

Renji x Rukia was shit
Ichigo x Orihime was bad
Ulquiorra x Orihime was okay
Ishida x Orihime was good
Ichigo x Rukia was great

>Kubo's statements that everything was as planned.
Of course he's probably bullshitted a lot, but in terms of pairings? Nah. Take one look at the pilot chapter. Orihime likes Ichigo, and you have Rukia teasing Ichigo about being in love with her. It's pretty fucking crystal clear what pairing Kubo set his heart on.

He had the balls to make a close relationship between a male and a female without romantic feelings, what it's better.

May I introduce you to Lunafaggots Ever since Luffy gave Nami his hat, they've been shipping it ever since.


In what world is Chichi quiet and shy? Did you even read the series?

My point was backed up, so it's perfectly ok. Stop negating the obvious

Ichigo and Orihime could have been good.

I never considered it, but Ishida and Orihime could have been fine too. Huh.

Ulquiorra was a plank.

I'm not a Lunafagggot at all, though. I'm not a shipper faggot, at all. Go read a girls' manga.

So when was the last time WSJ published a non-harem battle manga where an active-minded (tsundere or genki), flatchested heroine end up with the MC?

SaNafaggots, everyone. Even though Oda's gone on record more than once to say that there will be no romance in his manga, they continue to grasp at straws.

Twin Star Exorcists

This moment, when Orihime left for mexico I knew that was endgame

He said WSJ.

>I'm not a shipper faggot, at all.
>gets in shipping thread of another manga
Typical lunafag tactic just like their lord Artur

>triggered lunafag
The post I quoted said shipped for more than 15 years. You certainly qualify. Most sanafags just started shipping last year.

Rurouni Kenshin

>Ulquiorra x Orihime was okay
>Ishida x Orihime was good
yes, suuuuuuuure, they are "good" for you because they get Orihime out of the way, and obviously the one that you really like is ichiruki

It's SJ at the very least even if it's SQ


>flat chested

Go read a girls' manga

>he didn't read RK at all
Not him but Kaoru was always teased by Megumi when Megumi was still after Kenshin. She together with Misao agonized over their chest alot.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

At least Sanji has a romantic interest in Nami. Instead, Luffy and Nami are just nakama, and Luna fans are like ichiruki fans 2.0, they are incredibly similar in their arguments and in their bitterness

I did actually, but saying shes flatchested is a reach. She just has small breasts.

Pierrot tricked me into shipping IchiRuki at the very first OP. Smelled it not happening during the last arc though, people who still thought it would happen after the second to last chapter where Renji thanks Ichigo for bringing Rukia back to him were delusional. Like RenjiRuki too, just can't stand IchiHime.

Not sure, but looking at popular titles then never. Sure Chichi/Keiko/Kaoru had smaller chests than both Hinata/Orihime, but they weren't flatchested like Rukia. Ochako could count as genki, but she isn't flatchested either. Even shounen pairings outside of WSJ like Ed/Winry have the girl with a little something. If you wanted an absolute an absolute flatchested tsundere to win then some ecchi light novel might be more up your alley. Though the girl will look like some middle schooler most likely.

Looking at it like that then Rukia isn't flatchested either. She just has small breasts.

>Luna fans are like ichiruki fans 2.0
Narusakufags 2.0 basically.

>Even shounen pairings outside of WSJ like Ed/Winry have the girl with a little something.
Not always. There's ton of battle manga (original creations, not adaptations) from publishers like Kadokawa and to an extent Kodansha that had flatchested heroines winning the MCbowl as well.

>Rukia isn't flatchested either
Two beestings don't count as small breasts. Rukia was drawn with a flat chest 99.9% of the time. It was one of the reasons her rabid fans loved her so much, because it made her stand out.

Sanji has romantic interest in anything with a vagina and tits.

How exactly did anyone take this pairing seriously after a while? I'm genuinely curious.

Eyeshield 21 then. Suzuna was a Rukia expy.

But Naruto at least had a crush on Sakura.

Luna fans, like Ichiruki fans, analyze exhaustively all the manga, especially colorspreads, and assure Oda give them hints, Oda prefers Luna, it's Luna or nothing, etc, it's so similar to what ichiruki fans did

Never said I love you to Robin.

That user said battle manga though. Eyeshield 21 was sports.

You ichiruki fags had the golden age of Bleach. Isn't that enough for you? Ichihime shippers had to put up with chapter after chapter of terrible shit and a relationship as hollow as Ulquiorra. You guys can read the first twenty-something chapters of Bleach and get a legitimately good story about Ichigo and Rukia.

I don't know why you care who got together in the end, Bleach was beyond saving by its finale and the only good part of the series was the part that focused on your ship.

>I don't know why you care who got together in the end
Fortunaly this is important for most people, so they will be bitter forever and we will laugh forever

>Ichihime shippers had to put up with chapter after chapter of terrible shit and a relationship as hollow as Ulquiorra.
I'm good, thanks.

One piece Is really not about shipping, everyone with a brain that reads it knows that. but after Bleach and Naruto we got the full force of LuNafags (IchiRuki 2.0/ MainguyxMaingirl) and SaNafags (NaruSaku 2.0 muh guy likes girl and deserves to be loved back). They existed before but now It Is really fucking terrible.

With how physical ES21 and american football is as a sport, it might as well be.

>I don't know why you care who got together in the end, Bleach was beyond saving by its finale and the only good part of the series was the part that focused on your ship.
>I'm not a shipper
>Best part was the ship

It's a known lunafag tactic. Say you're not a shipper but ship anyway.

If Oda actually goes full madman and does have Luffy "with" someone, it'll be Boa. By that I mean, she will be the one to carry his child and that's it. This prophecy user called it.

I didn't say the best part was the ship. I said the best part of the series was the part where the ship got the most focus.

Reading comprehension, m8.

>You guys can read the first twenty-something chapters of Bleach and get a legitimately good story about Ichigo and Rukia
That is not imortant, because they wanted it to be romantic.

In fact, they didn't like the relationship as it was, they had in their heads a romatic fanfic, that they liked each other. They only liked their relationship if it was romantic.

When Kubo showed them the truth, their fantasized romantic relationship went to shit

>SaNafags (NaruSaku 2.0 muh guy likes girl and deserves to be loved back
Given this similarity, would you say that Kishi baiting the shippers with the love triangle between Sakura, Naruto, and Hinata is the same thing as Nami, Sanji, and Pudding?

Oda seems like Toriyama when it comes to romance in that he tends to stay away from it. Though in Toriyama's case, he legitimately dislikes writing romance. At the beginning of DB, his editor told him to have Goku and Bulma end up together and he essentially said fuck off.

Luffy will end up with Shirahoshi you fool.
Giant autist best girl.

>I said the best part of the series was the part
So only the first twenty something chapters are good to you?

They are the best part of the manga by far. I don't think anyone would dispute this.

Romantic interactions in OP are played off as comedic relief, there's no baiting or anything here.

>I don't think anyone would dispute this.
I dispute it. First twenty chapters barely cover anything. We don't even get to Uryus character at this point.

Imagine if something like Bulma and Vegeta happened today? These days it's considered a top tier OTP, but when it first happened it literally came out of nowhere.

The whole arc is about romantic relationship.

So, can we all agree Ruia was the worst thing that could have happened to Ichigo? I mean, when his incredibly harmful tough guy facade started breaking in arrancar arc, she literally forced it back on him, ensuring his crippling depression would continue to grow in power, then she did it the second time during FB arc. The guy really needed someone he could rely on and not person who'd scold him for not being like he should be in that person's mind and who'd make his complexes even worse. If shinigami sent to Karakura was closer to Rangiku in personality, Ichigo's life would be way happier.

Nurarihyon no Mago. MC ended up with Yuki Onna

*Rukia obviously.

I bet you Toriyama's mindset at this point was that by pairing Bulma with Vegeta, it was a giant fuck you to his editor since he was pairing a beloved character with a villain.

I figured Ichigo would hook up with Orihime when they started showing Ichigos mom. Since they had the same look and all.

What the fuck ever happened to Ichigos dad, anyways? He wasn't in the "ending" at all, was he?

Ichigo and Rukia were at the center stage of the plot for a lot longer than that. The manga was pretty much about them until Byakuya and Renji turned up, and even up until the end of SS their relationship was the driving force for the story.

He needed Trunks, so he paired them

No. She gave him the power to protect which is something Ichigo is immensely grateful for, and she actually plays a good mentor when she wants to. Her whole tough love act was taken too far at times though, like when she scolds him and hits him for breaking down in the FB arc. It really didn't fit with the whole dark tone of that arc.

>The whole arc
Are you serious?
The only romantic aspect of this arc is between Pudding and Sanji, and even then, their interactions are still comedic in natural.
Chiffon and Bege don't count because they are not part of the main cast.

Nami and Sanji had their moments too. Pudding reacted when he caught Nami, and the hug.
It's been romance themed since Dressrosa.

>The manga was pretty much about them
Not really. Early Bleach focused on introducing the main cast, and the story in general as well. If anything early Bleach had the most interactions between them due to them living together which is true.

worst thing that ever happened to ichigo was his dumbass trying to play hero as a kid

>She gave him the power to protect which is something Ichigo is immensely grateful for
Well, I meant that Rukia was the worst shinigami he could met on that day. And "protecting people" is basically a drug to him that made him even more miserable either way.
>she actually plays a good mentor when she wants to
That one moment after Grand Fisher, otherwise, no.
>Her whole tough love act was taken too far at times though
The thing is, it was never needed in the first place. He already had Isshin for it, and with his own problems after Masaki died, no counterbalance for it. Another "fatherly" mentor like Rukia could only make his situation worse. I'm not saying she should play a mother/big sis to him. but at least she could try not to make things worse. I mean, it's hard to blame her since she simply doesn't know any better, but it ended up being pretty toxic.

Early Bleach was almost entirely Ichigo and Rukia dealing with hollow of the week situations. Often these arcs served as introductions to other characters, but Ichigo and Rukia were the main characters at that point.

Then why was Bkeach's popularity average during those parts? It only shot up in popularity during the SS arc as soon as the Shinigami were introduced to the plot.

Should have known this was coming.

I really miss that artstyle.

>Another "fatherly" mentor like Rukia could only make his situation worse. I'm not saying she should play a mother/big sis to him. but at least she could try not to make things worse. I mean, it's hard to blame her since she simply doesn't know any better, but it ended up being pretty toxic.
I see what you mean. Someone like Rangiku would have been good as well. Just like she listened to Orihime and her troubles, she would have done the same with Ichigo. She wouldn't just tell him to man up, and deal with it. She would actually hear him out. I think that's what Ichigo needed. Someone older than him that would actually listen, but then again, Ichigo was never one to let his guard down so easily. I do think the whole hitting/kicking him bit was unnecessary on her part though.

Rukihime should have happen instead.

Say the yurifag. WSJ doesn't allow yuri romance endings.

The rare Kubo Tite backgrounds.

Back when Bleach had an interesting artstyle, not relegated to cover pages.

I know, rite? I really loved his older style.

>only romantic aspect of this arc is between Pudding and Sanji
If Puddings one sided love for Sanji counts, so should Sanji's one sided love for Nami. It's also unlike Narusaku in the sense that Nami doesn't have a sasuke and Pudding was a complete bitch. Hinata is the sweet and kind girl who gets the guy in the end, same with Orihime. Only idiots didnt see it coming.

Beats being a Lunafag/Ichirukifag/Narusakufag.

This can't be real. There's no way someone can have this much shit taste.

The lack of backgrounds was mainly in hueco mundo, when the action was in karakura or the soul society (when the buildings were still standing) he drew more.

>The lack of backgrounds
Kubo actually started pretty early on with the lack of backgrounds. The panel where we first see Masaki is completely white for example.

In other words you're massively butthurt and it won't get better anytime soon.

How much time did Ichigo actually spend with orihime in total at the end? What, 40 minutes total?

Didn't end up with MC. Didn't do anything in the end.


Cute. Giantess is best fetish.


Rather clear they were meant to be together. Sena's just a late bloomer.

I thought he just made cool throwaway characters but his publisher forced him to make up storylines for them.

Ichigo and Orihime barely had any scenes that wasn't Orihime screaming his name whenever a foe makes him eat shit.


What happened to literally 95% of the characters after the end?

You don't need screentime to have baby making sex offscreen.

Relive the memories.


>Ichigo and Orihime barely had any scenes
You have to be kidding or you haven't read the manga

>a thing o wanted to happen didn't happen, and now I'm mad!

Why do people get like this?

Fuck I wish I was around for this delusion. Holy shit


Developing a headcanon can get so out of hand, that you don't like to admit that you were completely wrong.

Holy fuck, these are gold. Definitely brightened my day up.

Fuck, this was hilarious. Especially since IRcucks were shitting earlier threads with MUH JUMP STICKER.

That must be how Hillary supporters felt. Ooooh.

Good one.

Good lord, if you're going to insist on using VA's as proof as a ship never happening at least post ones that include the jp VAs:

BLEACH MY ANUS is forever my favorite rage post


>I hope our sacrifice pleases you
How can someone get so worked up about a shounen, it wasn't even that good

>Ichigo facing the Rukia

Don't read if you're an ichiruki fan.

He poured his love milk into her wet, sopping, ghostly tight vagina, multiple times, so that she can bear his child as she cling to him, wrapping her legs around him, as he kissed her pouty lips pretending she is hurt by his continuous heated thrusts into her maidenhood, sometimes biting on her supple breasts,

Rukia calls out to Renji's name as he cums into her petite body multiple times, forgetting anyone else at that moment.

TITE KUBOoooooooooooooooooooo'S




>BLEACH MY ANUS is forever my favorite rage post
Thanks for reminding me

how would ichigo fuck a ghost girl? is his sperm ghostly?



Luffy x Nami.

I know.

And who will be the winning side in One Piece? Or not pairings? There is needed a final pairing for the maximum rage

Luffy doesn't have a definitive final pairing yet. But Nami already has. Lunafags are just in denial about it so they take whatever they can get like Ichirukifags did in the past.

I'll be honest, when all of the big 3 were new I picked up Bleach and Naruto but never read One Piece so I don't have any horse in that race but if Oda hooks Luffy up with some random or rarely seen character and we get a third meltdown, I'd laugh.

Boa. Romance among the strawhats wont happen. Robin x Franky is the only exception to this.

Honestly, with all the weird as stuff he's powers and body have been through...yes. Otherwise how did Renji get Rukia peggers?

Will the Cake Onee-san finally win?!

>won't happen
Robin is 50% of the rule. It's a big percent. She's not an exception.

SaNafags come first.

SanPu is almost dead after 889, LuNafag.

There's also imgur.com/gallery/XcMWY and HoAD: Deathberry edition imgur.com/a/FseWz

90 percent of the japanese fandom were disappointed. They literally didn't even see Orihime as a possibility because of how Kubo portrayed her relationship with Ichigo.

Maybe he should have thought about developing ichihime relationship before making it canon on of no where.

90% of the Japanese fandom saw Ichihime coming.

This shits almost as good as the NaruHina shit

>90 percent of the japanese fandom were disappointed
Were the fuck are you getting this from?

Orihime wasn't popular in Japan though. So she's not considered best girl but worse girl. It also doesn't help that she was voted in the "I'd rather die than marry" category.

One thing we never got to see was Ichigo look at Orihime like she was the only person in the room.

Didn't mean they wanted it.

Nips have pretty shit taste.

You people make me laugh. You are not as ass blasted as naruto fans were, but still plenty fun. Please, explain how much it made no sense that your head canon didn't come to be, or how much "those interactions" on "such and such chapter" had a clear deeper meaning of

>t. sucks kubo's cock

It's Kubo's fault that you're disappointed. He literally romanticized the whole IchiRuki ship just to bait more readers because he knew that shit was popular. Saying things like Rukia means light because she is Ichigo's Ray of light, or questionable colorspreads, and how he said he couldn't draw Ichigo without Rukia? Lol yeah he baited you guys til the end.

I remember she won a poll about shonen jump girls you would marry

Nice come back.

>she was voted in the "I'd rather die than marry" category.
Oh you mean those shitty fan polls that barely have any votes?

Thanks, I tried to dumb it down for you to the equivalent of what you post all day.

What poll? It certainly wasn't an official one from JUMP.

>He literally romanticized the whole IchiRuki ship j
Nah, you wanted to see all related to Ichigo and Rukia with your shipping googles. You fooled yourselves to keep some hope

[citation needed]

>says the ichirukicuck that had kubos cock down their throat until the very last chapter because MUH BETRAYAL

Cry me a river, dude.

I would had payed money to see the reaction of those guys. Hope they are on this thread.

>says the himefaggot that hasn't gotten off the ride yet and still lapping up semen

>So she's not considered best girl but worse gir
Orihime was never considered worse girl back in nipland. Every time WSJ held those valentine polls foe which top three Bleach girls readers would want to receive chocolate from, Orihime was always second to Rukia.

Wasn't ichihime dead last on that official pairing poll in 2007? I know it's way back but that says a lot if that ship couldn't even make it in the top 10.

That was back when she was popular wasn't it?

There was never an official pairing poll. That was fan made, and a bunch of rabid IRfags took over the poll which is why you had "pairings" like Orihime x Numb chandelier higher than Ichihime.

>When Kubo takes his hackery to SSGSS levels.
Now that's powerful.

Kubo did a shit ton of mistakes with the series, and I was able to admit that long before the ending unlike you fags that constantly made excuses for him.

I literally love this. Some people are so obsessed with their own view of the world that when it would seem that, to all evidence, it is wrong, then they blame the whole world.

Are you really so self centred you are ready to assume the author is lying to spite you and those who thought like you? Does the concept of "not having seen it from the right perspective" or " getting tunnel vision" eludes you?

Not you on particular, mind you, but that hilarious statement:

>anybody who was bragging about foreseeing ichixhime ship is full of shit and just trolling salt people.

That's the whole reason why I love the human race. You make your world and then trap yourself inside it, but at least you are not the only fucker on the invisible cage.

And now you himefaggots are starting to defend kubo while it was the last straw for rukiafags


>official pairing poll
There have never been an official pairing poll, what you are talking is fan poll
The only one more orless official was in 2008 by a Bleach videogame to chose the couple of characters on the cover of the videogame, but you could vote many times so the results was so so, and ichihime was 5th or 6th, and komamura x rukia 9th, lol


>He literally romanticized
You mean he baited Ichiruki. I never cared for anything that you listed since the actual manga didn't follow his words. Like how "he couldn't draw Ichigo without Rukia" despite having them barely interact after the SS arc was finished. Kubo baited IRfags, and they fell for it like a bunch of idiots. Same thing happened with NSfags whenever Kishi would throw them a bone.

>while it was the last straw for rukiafags
Because you lost.

Why can't IchiRukicucks move on?

>His smile and optimism, gone

What happened, lads? Where did the ambition go?

Anime only shipperfags.

All of these are bait threads made by the only people that still care about this manga, user. Who are the only people that weren't betrayed, user?

I swear, right now, if IchiRuki happened this fanbase would be more active.

>They literally didn't even see Orihime as a possiblity
Bullshit once again. Even nips over on 2ch started calling Orihime the heroine once the HM arc started, and the heroine is basically another word for love interest over there.

>90 percent of the japanese fandom
Where the fuck are you even pulling these numbers? Do you even bother to actually go on nip sites and read their comments or do you simply listen to your clueless fanbase?

He said that in an interview where he was asked to draw Ichigo then ended up drawing both.

I guess the right answer is either; Kubo should had made Rukia a dude, because people can't accept male / female friendship or; People need to stop getting so assblasted so easily.

Yes, I know where the statement is from. It's just that despite saying that he drew plenty of Ichigo sketches without Rukia after this, and they interacted less and less in the actual manga. Why exactly did people ever cling onto this as proof?

There's an entire gay ice skating anime that made like so many rewards and shit. There's shonen like black butter that's literally yaoi. HxH is literally Gon-Killua yaoi. The fuck are you on about?

>HxH is literally Gon-Killua yaoi.

I am on about how two guys on a shonen manga, on jump, wouldn't end up as the main pairing, and at worst would just make a few fujos sad, which is barely a challenge.

The fuck are YOU on about?

Even before IR was put six feet under, the Bleach threads weren't so active.

>HxH is literally Gon-Killua yaoi
You don't really know what "literally" means, right? Either that or Yaoi.

I agree user, but it's time to let it go.

>filler iceskating and firework episode
Not even once.

But he did develop Orihime and Ichigo relationship, far more than Rukia and Ichigo. You need to re-read. At the end, Renji felt closer to Ichigo than Rukia.


>tfw ichiruki was lacking romantic content in the actual manga that SP had to make filler shit for them


It's more then IchiHime ever had.

>tfw ichihime had no romantic content at all

Makes me laugh every time.

Ichihime doesn't need filler for Ichigo to look borderline lovey-dovey.

Yaoi pairings are generally a lot more popular than hetero pairings, although most of their fans are aware they aren't going to be canon and just want an open ending with not pairings so the pairing they like is still "possible"

Thank god, because it wasn't a romantic manga. You dumb ass shippers inserted that shit like ichiruki.

fujoshits dont count in populaity shit.

>although most of their fans are aware they aren't going to be canon
Hide x Kaneki fans say hi.


>because it wasn't a romantic manga
Yes, but Kubo still added romance; Orihime's canon love, Masaki x Isshin, Byakuya x Hisana etc.

Renji > Ichigo

Rukia> Orihime

I don't see the problem here.

Please, spare me the straw grasping there. This is as tangential as it gets.



>you'll never tag team the final boss with your waifu

How can other OTPs even compete?

They simply can't.

And you give bad head. No wonder he left your ass for me.

>IchiHimefags are still defending the deserted ruins called Bleach caused by their ship.

>Ichirukifags still care about their dead meme pairing enough to still bitch and moan almost two years later.


>assuming any of these actual faggots will ever have kids, let alone grandkids
>assuming they'll even get to age 98, let alone 40, due to their junk food diets
>assuming even if they beat the odds of the previous two points, that alzheimer's doesn't wipe their memories of the ending to that one ancient Taiwanese Glove Puppetry series that they got butthurt about

*a brain

In shounen, the childhood friend usually seems to win. Probably because it's the easiest way to establish romance and get it out of the way.
(it's also not uncommon for the fan girl character to end up winning too) .

Then how come Goku didn't get with Bulma?

>In shounen, the childhood friend usually seems to win
Kaoru/Orihime/Hinata weren't childhood friends. Neither are Erina/Ochako.

Appreciate it because this is the only way you can still create a discussion about Bleach. And it's not even as big of a discussion as it used to be.

Says a lot.

They used a retarded brain, it seems

>And it's not even as big of a discussion as it used to be.
Bleach threads were dying before the final chapter.

Wow it's like you don't know what you're talking about IRfag

Enjoy the creampies then.

If the world ends one day there will be at least one apocalyptic death cult saying that they called it, and how smart that makes them compared to everyone else, regardless of how many other such events they called before and how none of those happened. It's called Hindsight Bias.

Shipping provoke strong emotions in people they need to share

You seem to be confused about the difference of a blowjob and a creampie are. Maybe that's why you were bad at fellatio. sasuga Ichiruki

Rukia wasn't even playing the bleachbowl seriously, meanwhile Orihime was giving her all 100% of the time. It is only right she won.

you literally said kubo traded my ass for yours

>Rukia wasn't even in the Ichigobowl in the first place

And we were talking about blowjobs. Which you suck at, and not in good sense.

That's why it was a shitty disney message because that's not how it really works, more like the harder you try the more of an emotional parasite you come off as.

It's shonen, virgins wanna hear the harder you try the more likely you succeed. That plus fangirls wanting your cock.

Not him but that doesn't make you any less wrong.

Pretty sure my post was supposed to make everyone wrong. I don't like it when idiots think they were smart just becasue a something happened. This is not real life we're talking about where an event implies a scientific law and someone found out that law, it's the chaos of a human mind put onto paper, fiction. you odn't build a theory and formulate a projection of events. you have a general idea about where the characters might be going depending on an assumed consciousness of the writer's part and tropes in the genre, and either of those assumptions can end up being wrong; which is usually where theorizing stops for a series. In bleach's case, somehow it didn't stop, probably because of investment rather than perceived professionalism on Kubo's part.

But how THE FUCK do ghosts have kids? This always confused me about Bleach. They go to lengths in the beginning to make it clear that soul society is the afterlife where you go after you die (unless you go to hell). Yet somehow these people that died and went to the afterlife grow older and can have kids. What even are those kids at this point? Spirits? Aliens from another dimension?

It's a shit cobbled-together lore, that's how.

Orihime didn't even try to gain his affections though. She never once pushed his feelings onto him, unless you count the confession while he was sleeping which still doesn't help you since he didn't hear it.

Why did people start bitching about this only after Ichika appeared? Why didn't people bitch when it was revealed Nanao had parents for example?

No user you're wrong and Ichihimefags were right. It's that simple.

Why can't Spirits have kids? Tell me that?

Because the energy that you see floating in SS (and where shinigami take their fuel for powering them up) is essentially normal souls

I think that the people in SS that we see are actually old enough souls (or powerful enough) that they materialized a new imortal body in the afterlife

tl;dr its bullshit unexplained lore

The pilot chapter literally has Ichihime.

There are spirits that have spiritual power and they grow and need to eat and others not and they stay with the same aspect and don't feel hungry

Even if the ghosts have kids

>No one at SS gets older
>somehow kids are gonna get older and stop growing at an arbitrary point (see rukia)
>And there are old people in SS

Its very very contrived and I doubt kubo had the gray matter to even notice this incosistency

My theory is that the Shinigami and co. aren't actually immortal, they just have really fucking long lifespans but their growth period is short

I don't think Kupo actually know what love is. He would not have called the relationship of Ichigo and Rukia friendship otherwise, and he would not have portrayed orihime's infatuation as love. That shit was infatuation. The reason for infatuation is a persona envy, she looked up to him like a hero; that's respect, even a desire to become like that, which ended up being supported by her decision to go to HM, to be a hero that saves everyone, even though she didn't really know how to do it, and in the end it failed. What a beautiful moment it was when Ichigo hurt Ishida in hollow form and then Orihime suddenly realized that she depended on his help again, while she went there to accomplish the opposite. Orihime wanted to become like Ichigo, instead she ws reduced to this fucknig rubble of a fanservixe characge,r and *I* am the orihime hater.

This is the same meaningless fucking argument we had for 15 year straight. Ichihime fags didn't fucking comprehend Orihime as anything but a self-insert, and they didn't fucking comprehend Icihgo as anything but a knight in shining armor. Fucknig disney-level reading comprehension. It was obvious from fanart. Everything is always obvious from fanart, in what context the characters are drawn. If it's not in the context of the setting of the series but mostly parental images of playing with kids, or ooc dates, you can pretty much know it's shit. Simple rule, never been wrong.

>kubo can't write romances

No fucking way

>kubo can't write

More accurate

Pretty sure pilot chapters don't usually end up meaning anything except when they do any then everyone pretend that they knew it all along. human beings are profoundly full-of-shit when it comes to predicting things.

Are Shinigami just dead or a subspecies of humans? They literally look no different from them.

Yeah well no shit. Gerlat Valkyre, BG9, Yoruichi literally as shrodinger's cat (fixed in novel but who the fuck cares), magical quincy arrow of bullshit, the entire Vizard plotline.

The only explanation is that they are post-soul dead people that have materialized in their human body after some time being dead and such human body have a much longer life-span but the same maturity rate as a normal human (in short, kids grow normally, but once they reach adulthood they stay that way for a really fucking long time)

Like elves with rapid child growth

That's the thing isn't it? They have to perform humanoid functions like eating and training and sleeping even though they're supposedly the spirits of the dead. They even have children. What are those children? Are they dead or alive?

It's fucking bullshit. They talk about shinigami-type reiatsu and shinigami powers and all, even though that's fucking bullshit in the context of how all zanpakuto are just technology. Ooetsu's inventions. There is actually no such thing as shinigami powers. But yet the series treats it as an existing thing, it only handwaved Ichigo's case with his zanpakuto being a hollow and not an asauchi.

Bleach lore is asspulled. It's treated as a species when the plot needs it, and it's treated as just powerful souls with training and asauchi when the plot needs that.

When will ichiruki fans stop being mad?

You are the one that confuse friendsip with love and romantic love with infatuation, because you like ichiruki and don't like ichihime, it's vey simply

The novel pretty much states that Soul Society is artificial. Only Earth, Hell, and Hueco Mundo are genuine.

Because some spirits, just a few, have spirit power and others no, there is the difference

It is bullshit and kubo probably didn't care
But I have to find some logic behind it

Ichiruki have the most ooc, cringeworthy fanarts, it's like they have to distort Ichigo and Rukia to make them show some romantic feeling

>Ichihime fags denying that Rukia and Ichigo had a shitload of chemistry towards the series

You are literally rewriting facts and history
How does it feel to be like a dictator?

>being this delusional
Sad desu ne

You're not baiting people into posting fanart.

>Rukia thinking of ichigo while being imprisoned
>Ichigo desperately trying to save rukia (more than orihime in HM, also it was the best arc because everyone was riding the ichiruki ship hard at the time)
>Rukia and Ichigo stares while they depart

Nigger I swear orihime fags never have been with a woman before because if they really think those are "friends only" things, they must be retarded pr virgins

They mixed bleach and sulfuric acid, their chemistry was powerful

I miss the days when Orihime and IchiHime fans were laughed out of Cred Forums.

>You are literally rewriting facts and history

They still were to the very end

This shitposting is just years and years of pent-up frustration

>Rukia thinking of ichigo while being imprisoned
She also thought about Kaien as well. She believes that she ruined his life the way she thinks she did with Kaien. She feels guilty. This is literally told to you in the manga during the convo Renji has with Rukia.

>Ichigo desperately trying to save rukia
Same with Orihime, and actually Ichigo is more affected by the kidnapping of Orihime than Rukias since the next day at school he has bags under his sleep indicating his lack of sleep and his whole emo presence in general.

>Rukia and Ichigo stares while they depart
Shipper goggles.

No shit he was sad. He genuinely thought he would never see Rukia again. Their goodbye was akin to death basically.

>"friends only" things
In ichiruki world friends can't do anything without someone thinking you want to fuck you friend

Kubo writing is testament that he didn't have anything planned very far away when he started bleach
Hell, I still think that he never planned more than 2 months of chapters ahead

You only miss it because you're now being put in your place and all your IR arguments are being debunked with actual CANON facts.

Ichihime won, they will always make fun of ichiruki fags

>actual canon facts
>distorted views of how ichigo saw rukia despite ichigo having only a handful of interactions with orihime

Just because something is canon doesn't mean it isn't crap.

We are living a time of people wanting to win only out of an intense hatred of continuously loosing.

I don't know, maybe just let it run its course?

So happy that no one will remember bleach in 5 years because of how shitty the ending was not even taking the shipping into consideration

Kinda like claymore but worse

>only a handful of interactions with orihime
Oh, you can't be this much of a silly little bitch. Hate IH all you want, but to say they had only a handful of interactions completely goes against canon.

There have been almost 2 years since it ended, even without an anime, and Bleach is still here. You suffering will be very long

I guess Ichigo didn't have any other friends then, considering that being "just friends" with Ichigo was enough for people to ship them and yet only them.

And this is where the argument sort of falls apart.

>cardboard Ichigo
>deserving Rukia

They can't win with canon facts, lies is their other recourse

History will avenge us
In the end, Rukia and Ichigo will be the most iconic characters of Bleach while Orihime is a literally who

>Rukia and Ichigo had a shitload of chemistry
What chemistry again? I could understand liking them in the beginning, but after that what exactly do they have? Even Kubo got bored with their relationship seeing as he literally recycled their interactions in both the HM/FB arc since they're the same with Rukia once again kicking him Ichigo in the face, and having to play mentor for a few seconds. Then in the HM arc you have the usual interactions; Ichigo being annoyed with Rukia most of the time, and barely having any type of real conversation with her. Same in the FB, they don't even talk after she returns his powers. Instead Kubo has Ichigo run into fucking Renji before leaving SS. Arrive at the last arc, and they have a total of two interactions.

This would be true only if anyone remembered bleach 10 years from now. This isn't HxH where shit's so good they'll make a re-adaptation anime for the new generations.

Funny since out of all the sketches Kubo posted on his twitter Ichigo/Grimmjow/Toshiro/Gin have the most likes and retweets leaving Rukia in the dust.

Fucking fujos

>Rukia and Ichigo will be the most iconic characters of Bleach
Okay mate, keep repeating this like a mantra the way I'm sure you did with MUH BLACK SUN WHITE MOON.

Tha't not true. Could just call you some equivalent of a Russian bot too. Wouldn't even be unlikely, shipping shit is a fertile ground for independent trolls.

Nice to know she's getting her back blown out every night by Renji.


>only reason I read bleach was to see if rukia would end up with Ichigo

I mean, why else would I read this shit?

The story was shit, the cast bloated as fuck.

Tbh I stopped reading when yammy died and only heard about the ending through Cred Forums

Renji is alright

This, basically.

>only them
Ichigo is shipped with Urahara (it has way more doujinshi than with Rukia), Ishida (very popular too), Renji (pretty popular), Grimmjow (really popular), Chad, Hitsugaya (their movie is more popular tha the Rukia one), Orihime, Tatsuki, Yoruichi, Nel, and even more

>last interaction between ichigo and rukia was them fighting
>people still think they should have gotten together
Kubo made it clear with that panel that those two just wouldn't work as a couple. It's sad how its shippers genuinely think arguing and being annoyed with someone is some godtier romance/chemistry.

If we cut down the fujos (because fujos aren't people)

Its Orihime, Tatsuki, Yoruichi and Nel

Ichigo was only friends with orihime and tatsuki really

Yoruichi was more of a comrade and nel literally stopped existing after HM

>fujo shit is pupular, more news at 11
>implying tatsuki, neliel, yoruichi is as shipped as rukia


>fujos are the primary source of shipping
That really caught me by surprise

Narusaku fags aren't this salty right?

You know you are lying or you are really delusional

Because Naruto stopped chasing Sakura very early on
Then Shippuden came and the shipping had a weak resurgence

Then came the famous chapter and killed the grassroot shipping for good

It was not as intense as IchiRuki since that one exists since bleach started and never died

>Narusaku fags aren't this salty right?
They were just as salty actually. Some of them were so pissed by canon NH that they actually wrote bad reviews for The Last film on nip yahoo to try and pass it off as the nip fanbase hating the film, but you were able to tell because the accounts were so new and Japanese was google translation level. Even to this day they still bitch about NH and Hinata.

Another retard

There's also the fact that Naruto and Sakura never seemed to really have much chemistry and the crush was pretty obviously one sided from the beginning. Ichigo and Rukia had no explicitly romantic exchanges but they had a fairly intimate relationship for a lot of the series, so it's no wonder people kept thinking they'd end up together.

Personally I stopped giving a shit years ago but the Orihime thing did surprise me when I heard about it.

Even with Boruto still ongoing?

Wasn't it confirmed months ago that Kubo wrote the ending that way because he just couldn't figure out the logistics of ghost blowjobs?


He wanted to end his series with the new generation taking over. Kazui and Ichika just happen to apart of said generation.

You want say the main guy is most shipped with the main girl, shocking

>people wouldn't take the opportunity to shitpost an easy target
>because I want to be seen as genuine

You know, you're not much different than them, even if you are genuine. That is the joke. Ultimately I don't really have to care.

I just wanna know who grown up Yuzu hooked up with..

Wasn't his point that Rukia is "main girl"?

>grown up Yuzu
No one. She is pure.

I want to know why Kubo abandoned my favourite character so early on

Rukia was seen more as the deuteragonist actually.

Unironically, since every Bleach reader except me seem to have left and this is all just shitposters baiting each other, I can tell you that WSJ pushed the introduction of SS arc because salves were not that good. Kubo originally planned more chapters of developing powers for Tatsuki and the rest of the crew too. So Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro were left out of the SS invasion team due to time constraints.

His point was that Rukia and Ichigo's friendship is not friendship, it's romantic love because friends don't do what Ichigo and Rukia do, or something like that

The deuteragonist if you mean the protagonist of the Shinigami/SS side was actually Hitsugaya. He was in SS and he was in the winter war, and he was even in the time skip,.Rukia never really existed outside of the context of Ichigo, she didn't really have her own separate scenes and her own consistently separate plot line.

How adorable drawing

What might've been. Although knowing where the series went I doubt Tatsuki would've had any kind of interesting development anyway.

More along the lines of Ichigo's interactions with all of her other friends not generating even remotely similar shipping, in other words his interactions with Rukia were unique, and unique in the way that it generated shipping.

Simple mathematical facts that himefags have always been bad at. If X+1 is 7 then X+3 is 8. They always changed X between the equations to be able to keep a solid bullshit theory. Kind of miserable in the end Kubo ended up having the same kind of mindset.

>she didn't really have her own separate scenes and her own consistently separate plot
She had her relationships and past with Renji and Byakuya, and the same with Kaien too. And most of her important fights hadn't anything to do with Ichigo.

>The deuteragonist if you mean the protagonist of the Shinigami/SS side was actually Hitsugaya.
No. It was Rukia. Kubo even stated this himself.

>her own consistently separate plot line.
She did actually. Her relationships with Byakuya and Renji along with the whole Kaien past.

>he was even in the time skip
So was Rukia. The entire chapter of 685 is basically dedicated to her making captain.

Implied relationships that happened in side scenes, like Byakuya telling her about Hisana in the aftermath of the battle of Sokyouku Hill. Her only real individual scene that came out of nowhere and only for her sake was the battle against Arroniero.

They were just as salty. It's just that they were butt-blasted to oblivion with movies and LNs, to the point they were unable to fight back.

>in other words his interactions with Rukia were unique

I dunno. I liked Tatsuki, and I actually wanted HER and Ichigo to hook up, but all that seems like a bunch of after the fact type rumors. Although I had an old black man friend who predicted early on that "all the people close to Ichigo will get powers because Ichigo has so much power that is just pours off of him onto the people closest to him", which is kinda how they explained most everyone else having powers early on, right?

I think it got a little too crazy with "everyone has a power!" later on, especially since most of it either didn't get explained of got half-assed. It should be just been the shinigami/Quincy/hollow trifecto. But then they added bounts, whatever Chad was, and what the fuck even was orihomes powers? Not every character in the series needed a gimmick or a power. I liked that Ichigo still had some normie human friends by the end of things.

Very adorable.

Main characters, a lot of interaction in the first volumes, Ichigo rescuing Rukia, anime adding fuel, rabid shippers similar to fujosi seeing romance in friendship, but as they are a male and a female they think they aren't delusional. That is all

>Implied relationships that happened in side scenes
You have to be joking.

>It was obvious from fanart.
You do realize that majority of IR fanart is the absolute peak of delusion, right? I can't even begin to count how many IR fanarts have Ichigo as some suave Chad that teases the shit out of Rukia leaving her all flustered, or Ichigo as some huge soyboy that gets flustered at every little thing Rukia does.

>No. It was Rukia. Kubo even stated this himself.
Yea, Kubo also said that the FB arc was Chad's arc.
>She did actually. Her relationships with Byakuya and Renji along with the whole Kaien past.
All of it happened in side scenes in relation to other shit happening. Renji holding back Ichigo from protecting Rukia when they agreed to split up in the hallways in Las Noches, in relation to Ichigo's perception on Rukia. Her talk with Renji as he is running down with her from Sokyouku hill in relation to Renji's character since he effectively joined the group at this point and had her own Bankai training scene and fight with Byakuya. Even the Kaien's flashback happened a few chapters before Ganju arrived to her cell, and the concept was introduced at Ganju's introduction when they fired themselves from Kuukaku's cannon. It was just kept as a secret and planned as a drama for when Ganju arrives and sees who she is. Rukia's only self-contained character scenes were
>inner monologues about her body malfunctioning in pre-SS arc
>being asked what her relationship with Ichigo is then consequently trying to run away and getting caught by SS
>apologizing to Kuukaku
>pondering about the powers of Arrancars and how fucked everything is while next to Ichigo's bed as he was comatose
>an implied scene of her and Renji being allowed by Byakuya to go go HM and help out the group
>the Aarnoiero fight and the subsequent monologue about her understanding Orihime's pain as she knows what it's like to be kidnapped and waiting for your friends to get you
>the As Nodt fight
The end.

She was an additional character or a plot device in every other scene, or hand meaningless fights with fodder. Di-Roy. The leader of the Exequias. Riruka.

>the As Nodt fight
this was connected to byakuya actually. she wanted to defeat the enemy that almost killed him. she wanted to avenge niisama

You're going to piss off the Rukiafags user.

So Usopp and Kaya isnt happening?

You are forgetting a lot of scenes

I'm the biggest Rukiafag. I'm just telling the truth. She progressively cased to be a character. If you want me to piss of the other side too, Orihime, as a polar opposite, only ever had scenes in relation to herself, even her shipping scenes with Ichigo were in the contest of her own feelings; which is why she's the penultimate limited-minded shipper insert. Her literally one and only scene in which she had shown any actual human behavior was when she told Riruka to fuck off becasue she'll heal Ichigo no matter what, which was a culmination of her resolve to be a friend no matter whether she wins the bowl or not. Which was her one respectable scene as a human being before she fell back into being a fan service character with zero personality. She had a good arc at in HM but then that arc ceased to exist.

I knew you were a ichiruki fag

Probably not. Unless he meant no romance within the crew. In which case, here's Franky's potential waifu

Congratulations. Any other great discovery you'd like to share? Man's inhumanity to man, does objective reality exist?


Fucking Oda, man.

>Kubo, the guy who got married and settled down with his wife doesn't know what love is

My sides are out of orbit. The crazy has not died down in the slightest I see.

He said no romance at all but UsoKa will happen since it was probably decided since day one.

Glad to see it confirmed.

Also, there's MilkyXChopper

>got divorced and depressed so hard he crashed Zombie Powder and then started writing Bleach out of that mindset
>hooked up with his new wife basically at the very end of the last arc of Bleach
I wish all the best for every person in terms of love but I don't think what you said had any influence on 15 years of Bleach.

>got divorced

Yes, user. That is how far the story goes back.

Bros, how would you fix Bleach?

That's like asking how you fix an amalgam of 3 broken vases a broken washing machine and a broken bicycle melded into one object.

The restoration of which object is your preferred end result?

Kubo has only married one time, in 2012, and he is still married