Should gotenks and Gohan been the ones to defeat buy together...

Should gotenks and Gohan been the ones to defeat buy together? If you were in charge of the plot progression of Dbz Majin buy arc how would you do it differently?
>also was this an asspull?

Buu absorbs Gotenks and Gohan defeating him, sort of? Make sure Gohan is the top gun to end the series. But alas, editorials.

I would've kept everything the same, but Gohan takes the place of SSJ3 Goku in the final fight against Buu, showing up after Vegeta and Good Buu get beaten up, being more or less equal in strength but outclassed by Buu in terms of regeneration. Then Goku bombs Buu, the day is saved, and the series ends with Gohan being a hero.

Kill yourself underage, fuck off with your Narutoforums tier garbage thread.

>kill yourself underage
As soon as you into English.

>was this an asspull?
It's DBZ, I thought it be obvious.

I think it's fine as it is. In any case it would have been better beating kid Buu through cooperation and not just pumping energy into Goku as usual, but well, not too bad.
>Making Gohan the top gun
My sides. Gohan stopped being cool after Namek.

>screaming literally tears dimensions
>was this an asspull
Do you even need to ask?

Reminder that Cell arc was the perfect place to end the series with a villain combining all of the previous villains with the Z-Fighters and Goku passing the torch to his son.

Another bitter "too cool and smart for this" faggot. There is something call suspension of disbelief. In this particular case, considering the universe and the characters involved, the suspension of disbelief is not broken.

>beating kid Buu through cooperation
That's exactly how they did beat kid Buu though, and it was the best cooperative effort the series could have ever ended on.

>In this particular case, considering the universe and the characters involved, the suspension of disbelief is not broken.
It's not faggot. Don't try to sound smart by bringing suspension of disbelief when you clearly have no clue on what it means. Tearing dimensions by just screaming like a bitch is possibly THE biggest feat anyone has ever achieved in the whole franchise. It goes even beyond destroying a whole universe, because they're literally tearing the fabric of space and time with no effort whatsoever.

It clearly does no go beyond destroying a whole universe this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
It's just making a small hole in a area where the barrier between earth and the hyperbolic time chamber is already thing, since they're at the entrance.

The Vegeta Goku teamwork on the kai planet was pretty sweet, though.

>Gohan gets slapped by Buutenks
>Goku saves him in the last moment
>Buu defuses but learns IT after seeing Goku use it
>Escapes to the realm of the dead and starts absorbing legendary warriors
>Goku and Gohan get teleported there, join up with Vegeta, fight Buu together
>Gohan finally gets angry, lands the finishing hit
There, fixed. Gotenks was a mistake and belongs in the trash.

Ive thought a bit about it and here is what I would change about DBZ's plot with an eye towards making the series make more sense narratively and fixing the power scaling issue.

>SS Goku beats Freiza but dies when Namek explodes.
>no more super sayians, Goku was THE legendary Super sayian.
>Dragonballs are gone since Namek no longer exist, this fixes a ton of issues.
>Trunks still shows up to warn everyone about the androids, but without super sayians the androids can be much weaker while still being a threat and not causing the human z fighters to get left behind by power creep.
>all of goku's former rivals see that Gohan is earths next best hope and train him.
>Gohan becomes the MC the series playing out as normal without power levels escalating by orders of magnitudes every arc for no reason.

>That gif

Still can't understand why Gero was so mad over the RR Army being wiped out. With his tech, he could've become a millionaire. He could've been Capsule Corp's only serious rival. But instead it was all muh revenge.

And the whole cyborg stuff (yes, cyborg since the english dub screwed it by calling 17 and 18 androids, as well as Gero) he did to himself? Should've used the body type 17 and 18 had used on himself instead.

In all honesty why is Gero a big fail?

Its cause Toriama wrote DBZ on a week to week basis after Namek, so he had not even thought of 17 and 18 when he wrote Gero.

>also was this an asspull?
It's DBZ

Can you even defeat capitalism?

Sadly, Gotenks is a lost cause since day one due the shit personality Toriyama gave them, he would fuck up a battle he could've won no matter what unless he somehow matured spontaneously or if we rewrite their personality

Now, Gohan should've been the hero, he had things controlled until suddenly out of character retardedness kicked in and he lost in the most stupid way.

Hmmm. That would be justified.

Really? Let's look at OP's post.

>no capital letter for Gotenks
>no have between Gohan and been
>No capital letter for Buu twice AND completely wrong spelling for it both times
>No captial B or Z for the DBZ abbreviation

Buu is the best DB villain. Prove me wrong. You can't.