Studios produce the same thing over and over again

>studios produce the same thing over and over again
>the community complains about the same shit over and over again
>some brave studio makes something different
>gets shit on, maybe gains a cult following long after sales matter
>studios have slim margins and can't risk a flop
>studios make the same shit over and over because at least they'll sell 1000 copies

How do we fix animu?

you don't

>Implying anime industry will cater to your needs
By buying merch of good shows.

It's like everything else- music, movies, art, etc. A river of shit has to flow to fund the industry so they can send a few gems down the stream. It's how it always goes.

Everything is a rip off of something. It's called evolution.

*tips fedora*

>studios choose what to make
>novelty is the only thing that matters
Are you retarded?

It's not enough to make something different. You have to make something different that is actually GOOD. If I make a spoon out of bread it will be different but completely useless.


Ain't nothin new

Studios get paid a flat fee to make an anime you numbnut, whether an anime fails or not doesn't directly concern them.

>People cannot enjoy the same thing over and over again.

Let's go shoot and burn down bakeries and pizza stores tomorrow user-chan.
You will start with all that is in your locality and I will start with mine.

>you're trying to spread jam on a toast with a hammer
>it doesn't work very well
>you switch to doing the same thing with an icepick
>it doesn't work either

bad analogy
it's more like :
>anime fans like eating shit

Being unique and original is almost always garbage anyway. This is why I stick to my shounen.

Japs don't give a shit about what we can think. They make mangas and animes for japs, not for us.

>studios produce the same thing over and over again
>the community complains about the same shit over and over again
>some brave studio makes something different
>it becomes popular, everyone loves it
>all the studios see that different thing is popular
>all the studios start copying the popular different thing
>studios produce the same thing over and over again

We need a second renaissance to un-pleb modern societies

>a spoon out of bread
Nice idea! It will be different, and delicious!
They make bread-bowls though, Senpai.

Why did anime become as bad as hollywood now?

No one was claiming otherwise

By going back to Cred Forums. Once the studios see you protesting Cred Forums they'll start making good anime again. Now fuck off.

Because it’s the exact same type of industry

Anime director and writer Yasuhiro Imagawa sees a dead end looming in front of the world of anime. Echoing critics of a lot of popular television in America, he sees too much of the same thing being repeated in different shows. Once a show or genre becomes popular, it gets copied to the point that it becomes difficult to tell one show from another; only the names seem different. In terms of technique this has improved things, as each show learns from the previous ones. But Mr. Imagawa sees this as only superficial growth, not the internal growth of stories and themes needed to sustain the art form. A flashy character design and good drawings can't make up for a bad story. As a result, he no longer watches much TV anime.

He spends much more of his time watching American and European dramas cinema which he feels has depth and substance. He agrees that this repetition in anime is leading to a narrowing of Japanese TV audiences' tastes. And like a food bias, this leads to a vicious cycle. Without exposure to other types of shows, audiences are less likely to "brave them" and give them a fair shot. Without confidence in a potential audience, producers are unlikely to make these "risky" shows. So audiences are not exposed to them, and and the cycle continues.

Q) The animation industry in Japan seems to be stagnant while in China and Korea, there looks to be a comparative amount of growth. What are your thoughts regarding the situation?
A) I concur. The biggest reason I feel so far is the Japanese industry has stopped nurturing their own talents.

"My great teacher, Tomino, the creator of Gundam, taught me something very important. if you continue to make a copy of a copy of a copy, eventually the image degrades to nothing. Anime has become almost disposable, like a seasonal product. It can hurt seeing something you created selling used for a few yen on Amazon. Us creators should strive to make anime that people will hold onto and love for years."

Quality post, no irony

>some brave studio makes something different
Doing something different does not mean you get unconditional approval. It actually has to be good/worthy.

>studios have slim margins and can't risk a flop
This is not true. Gonzo and Manglobe went bankrupt after countless flops. Any studio can manage flopping one or two shows just fine.

Then how was the writing of anime so much better 15 years ago?

Unironically not an argument.

None of the people talking there say anime is dying tomorrow, so none of them have been proven wrong. Only individual organisms die overnight. Cultures instead stagnate for a long time (sometimes a hundred years) until at some point people simply notice it's dead. This

Attach sales numbers to your post.

It’s like you retards will take anything that looks different as masterpiece. Just because it's different from all other derivative works doesn't make it criticism proof

It wasn't.

just get rid of capitalism. wedding the arts to capitalism is how you get shitty arts. arts should be funded by tax at least.

Why do you freakotards watch anime when you don’t like it? You could just fuck off from here leaving us who actually like anime.

So what the fuck do they mean other than, "I don't like thing"?

You'd get art only a government could love. That's even worse.

Even in japan back then, anime was more of a cult thing and got more popular now, which is why there are so much more now. Normalfags get infested in the industry just like how hollywood is full of normalfags and write like normalfags. Intelligent writing is actually not very popular with the commonfolk. Also, back then, they focused more on adapting manga, while now, it's more about light novels, which have an inferior community to find inspiration from.

>arts should be funded by tax at least.
Unironically would massacre people arguing for this for the capitalist overlords or jews or whoever. I have seen and heard these people and they just can't live. Their entitlement is out of this world.

They're just saying they're noticing stagnation in the anime industry. Things aren't deep and profound just because someone quotes them here.

Fuck off i won't allow taxes for useless art stuff. I'd be glad if my money went for scientific development but fuck useless art. Art world itself is so fucking up its own ass. People fight over standards and whether something should be considered low art or high art. It's all fucking stupid unlike science world.

So "I'm bored of thing". Pretty much exactly like OP.

Yes, I agree they're similar opinions.

I'm enjoying a lot of currently airing shows, anime looks fine.

By killing yourself, solves every problem

There's nothing to be fixed.

Now go watch some netflix shit and leave us our anime.

Buy quality stuff, avoid shit shows. So simple.

Studios are often on production committees, so it matters for them how financially successful a show is.

>It can hurt seeing something you created selling used for a few yen on Amazon.
I bet. But such is the way things go. It's the same for book authors, photographers, filmmakers etc.

Gonzo is still alive though.

Who decides what is quality and what is low quality? We are talking about something that changes based on perspective. People don't go out of their way to support works that they see as trash. They support what they see something as worth supporting. You may not like works that try to be derivative. You may not get the appeal but that doesn't make them inherently trashy. Your line of thinking is so stupid that it encourages the crowd to fight among themselves to officially classify something as high art(high quality) or low art(low quality) which is what the entire art history is about. People buy the stuff they like and support the creators they deem worthy and creators in turn validate the fans of their works. If there's any saving required then it's to improve the working conditions and pay check of animators, not the content that is coming out of the industry. This feedback loop between Fans and creators will take of the content. If you don't like the content then there's nothing you can do but to either create what you like or fuck off from this industry. It's totally pathetic to lash out on fans and creators for lack of any content that you acknowledge as quality.

It's not like you can use taste to deflect blame. There's a difference between "bah I don't get this" and "these fuckers couldn't write their way out of a paper bag and everyone still loves it."

>There's nothing to be fixed
Anime is in same state as hollywood so don't go telling people to go watch netflix shit

By making deals with bigger companies for bigger audiences. Netflix for example.

It's just a coincidence that things look the same. Sometimes to the level of identical first episodes.

>stupid weeb thinks his opinion matters

It doesn't matter. The solution is still the same: don't buy things you don't like. Bitching about how much you hate things other people like is a waste of everyone's time. More so than the rest of Cred Forums, I mean.

>some brave studio makes something different
>gets shit on, maybe gains a cult following long after sales matter
Yep. Hand Shakers was the tits. It revolutionized anime by managing to give you motion sickness while standing completely still: an original, unprecedented move. The closest thing that comes to mind is Pokemon giving thousands of kids seizures.

how do you make a show like flip flappers successful?

Isekai idols.

I wish the mods would always ban the samey troll and shitposting threads.

>How do we fix animu?
Step 1.
Get good writers
Step 2.
Get good artists
Step 3. This is the most important
sexualize pubescent lolis.
they don't even need to be the main character

user 90% of this shit is licensed IPs, Studios don't "make" much of anything nowadays.

What the fuck? This was totally uncalled for.

This is sadly pretty much how it is. Just pick the stuff that is genuinely good and ignore the ocean of shit that was produced as a byproduct.

Anime like Flip Flappers and Hand Shakers flopped terribly because they were merely tools to show off good animation; the plot, yeah, there was a plot, but it was secondary.
I think that's actually a thing. In some trashier isekai light novels, I've seen the MC create idol groups with female slaves - elves, orcs, beastmen, etc. for his own profit down the line. He buys them, teaches them how to act moe in great detail, and causes them to charm the men of the land. Oh, and they're doing all that while wearing anachronistic bikini.

>Hand Shakers
>good animation

Oh fuck, nicely spotted.
These two are more like advertisement pieces that allows one to show off their skill.
>Look at our great backgrounds!
>Look at our great CGI!
>Look at our intricate camera movements!

Hand Shakers looked terrible, yet it had something strangely appealing.
I also liked this old hag mahou shoujo.

>Oy Veeyyy!!!
Or just get rid of the cause of the problem, but that would mean killing yourself.

It looks like you are ready to spam Pink Floyd - Animals on repeat and go through your commie phase, kiddo

>The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

Just let anime die so it can come back stronger.

>let's fund art with tax. this totally will improve art and not cause controversies over what the government chooses to fund.
I think you meant to say you should kys instead, faggot. Get out.

The Renaissance only caused enlightenment of the elites and middle class people who actually had skills. The public was largely unaffected and kept listening to the same boring folk songs etc.
Unfortunately, our Western elites have grown totally retarded and hell bent on suicide, so another Renaissance is needed, although it won't help anime.

you fix it by reading manga instead


we need an anime renaissance but what show could be the catalyst the starts it?
oh wait

It's rare. And even then, their rights may vary. Most of them gets overseas rights, so they don't see a single cent of Japanese BD.
TMS is part of the Akira committee, but they don't have neither Japanese rights (those belong to Bandai Visual) and American/European rights (those belongs to Kodansha).

At best, it's only useful in order to get another season (and even then there is the ocassionaly studio hop).

Kill yourself.

Leave anime to me

>How do we fix animu?
The one thing Cred Forums wont accept.

Let non-japanese cartoons use the tag/term "anime"

Then the term becomes meaningless.

>>some brave studio makes something different
>>gets shit on, maybe gains a cult following long after sales matter

That already happened last year with Kemono Friends, only instead of a cult following and few sales it got a massive following and huge sales. And yet that didn't stop the suits from fucking ruining everything by removing the director/studio from S2.

Blame voice actresses. They admitted to something about being their fault and apologized for it, so they did it.

>Muh meaning.

At this point the difference between Japanese cartoons and non-Japanese cartoons, is the language.

Japanese anime doesn't describe cartoons with a specific art style, nor any specific themes or tropes, it is just the language.

Say no to chinese animation.

The point is if everything can be called anime the term has no point, just call everything cartoon instead.

by taking a break from anime and coming back after a year or so

You mean use the term like the Japanese themselves use it?

I am saying this is how you save anime

Afro Samurai is anime?

this board talked about fate apocrypha for literally a year and it's the most pandering dogshit anime i've seen in several years
you are the demons

Fate is a big franchise that we've all followed for years, of course we would discuss it when a new series is released.
Just like the faggots on Cred Forums will be talking about star wars a lot given recent events.

New shit gets made all the time and frequently do well. Yuru Camp and Sora Yori are new. Heck Darling in the FranXX while aren't completely new has its own style and is different from your typical Robot anime. Every season there's guaranteed to be at least 1 show that's unique which is well received. Some like Kemono Friends and Osomatsu-san become blockbuster successes out of nowhere.

Just because it is unique however doesn't necessarily mean it has to be good. Violet Evergarden is unique but is also shit boring.

>This was totally uncalled for.

Ah, i see, go back to r*ddit and watch some netflix tv series instead of being an annoying dickhead here, nobody cares about your trite blabbering about the same shit argument we had for 10000000 times already and changes nothing.

You wanna support your so-called "good and innovative shows" and have more of them?

Support them financially instead of wasting your time on an anonymous board doing nothing.

Stopped reading there. OP is a retarded newfag that doesn't know how the industry works.