It's that time again

It's that time again.

Pop Team Epic.

I only watch 1 show and it's terrible.

No contest

Darling in the FranXX.

there isnt one. i literally have all shows on hold, am behind or wait for 2-3 weeks to watch multiple episodes at once. and i do that with like 13, 7 or so ive already dropped. i dont get what people mean when they say that this is the best sesaon in years. nothing is able to even hold my attention. there are quite a few shows that are decent, but nothing that is actually very good, let alone great or excellent.


Shift key motherfucker, do you use it?

You probably watch so much garbage you've burned yourself out on anime and wouldn't enjoy something even if it was quality.

I really want them to animate her and violet together. They're such a great duo. If not that, then at least have specials with them together as friends

>hes a shift pleb
>not capslock master race



ive actually watched ~30 shows each season last year, and almost every single one had at least 2 that were able to hold my attention. i watched the new episode the second it got release. so no, i am pretty sure its releated to the airing shows, not me being burned out.

Fair, but I look to 2 shows equally. What do I do?

Hakumei to Mikochi but Crybaby is AotS if we're going to count it.

Elephant in the room is Overlord desu

Has it moved on from lizards then?

>still watching seasonal anime

But it is boring. One of the shows only a fan can like.

I will never forget your mistake, retard-kun.


Mitsuboshi Colors

It's just so pleasant

There are three, in this order:
>Darling in the Franxx
>Toji no miko