What are your honest thoughts on studio Ufotable, Cred Forums?

What are your honest thoughts on studio Ufotable, Cred Forums?

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They're finally making a good show for once

One of the better studios out there. Very strong digital team and has enough staff to be able to do many key stages of production in-house.

they're the only thing keeping fate from being a bigger joke than it already is

They make few things that I have any interest in, so I'm not really familiar with their work.

Pretty good. Production values are good and they hold pretty true to their Fate adaptations while also being able to add their own direction without changing things too much.

For example: In the VN, Archer never used UBW in his fight with Shirou. Archer was like at 10-15% mana left already at that point (which was why Shirou kept up with him for so long). This made no sense in the anime, but UBW did serve well to physically show the metaphorical internal conflict between Shirou/Emiya. Also, not playing Emiya when Shirou rose again was bad, but UFO did very well in expressing many of the points without having the novel's time. youtube.com/watch?v=RzOAIe7Ai8Y

Another example: In the fate/zero finale when Kiri fought Koto, they were actually fighting within that underground room, but it was an storehouse full of stuff and burning down with fire everywhere already. However, I guess even UFO ran out of budget for the 3rd flame effects. It was great action, but could have been even better.

So this is what a real fate fan looks like.
Cheers mate.

Best Rin & Saber design

Sometimes they exaggerate their action scenes a little too much, but other than that I think they do a very good job fairly consistently. In an ideal world I would like them to do an adaptation of Rewrite, but that’s never going to happen.

i would think better of them if godeater had gotten a second season instead of ToZ.

I wish they animated Naruto Shippuden instead of Pierrot.
Just imagine

They're pretty good but all their ventures out of type-moon have been shit. They seem like bit of a one-trick pony.

If I had to say it in a single sentence, it's consistent attention to detail.
The backgrounds, at least in their Fate and Kara no Kyoukai projects are grounded in reality - both in detail, and in colour. They eschew photorealism and break out some expressionistic backgrounds for some scenes, but that's still not a big shift in artstyles. If I recall correctly, Ufotable did the backgrounds for Railgun S, too. I could go on and on about their backgrounds if you want me to, but they're doing really well in other areas, too - the CGI is really good. The effects, too. Although the thing that attracts the most attention are the effects used during the fights, that may go overboard sometimes, I've rarely seen people praise the effects OUTSIDE of the fights. The dust reflection and the smoke animation in particular. Don't let me get started on the reflections - they are particularly good. I remember reading about the meticulous detail that went into a knife's reflection (the knife itself was onscreen for no more than 3 seconds).
They are not perfect, though - I'd say that they suffer from favouritism: they go all-out on Type-Moon works, but with non Type-Moon material it feels like they have no passion for it. All that praise I did earlier, about the consistency and whatnot? You don't really see that same passion in Zestiria after a couple of episodes have passed.

they have good production team, but problem there choose wrong projects.
there last projects after UBW were utter trash like 4years of wasted hard work animating and production wasted on trash projects that nobody cares.

Decent studio, but too focused on action, especially in recent times. I want more Manabi Straight and Fate/Stay in the Kitchen.

I appreciate the craftmanship, but hate the look of their visuals and that applies not just to post processing and digital effects, but how they draw and color characters in general.


There is litterally zero Ufotable shows i genuinuly like. They should stick with making Video game intros/cutscenes. And it is not just about visuals - i for one respect and like Gohands as they have truly unique touch and things they excel at.

Ufotable on other hand.. flashy, proffessional, steril and dead.

I wish they stopped hiding mediocre animation under sparks and lighting but when they actually get their shit together they're good.

They cant blend 3DCG on Fate/Zero at first, but they learn the lesson and able to perfectly blend the 3DCG on UBW.

GoHands have similar approaches with Ufotable, but in a really fucked-up manner. Why do you prefer the former over the latter?

Mind elaborating on the GoHands thing? I like their modern urban backgrounds, and that's indeed something they excel at, but nothing else comes to mind. Well, their colours are also nice and they have a penchant for continuous shots, but their CGI team, while full of new, neat ideas, is flawed.

Best looking studio by a country mile

I have a lot of respect for the people who handle the digital effects at Ufotable. Contrary to popular belief it's not such an easy job and requires a different skill set than traditional animation. So props to them.

Because GoHands has personality and things only they do and excel over others easily, despite being nowhere near Ufotable overall production quality wise. Kind of like Shaft stands out. They also truly experiment with animation and art, while most others play it very boringly safe.

Ufotable on other hand - watch Zestria or God Eater and that pretty much describes it: high quality, high contrast, steril, mechanical, dead. I just personally dislike their animation in most aspects - i can't watch Ufotable show for long as the "safe" way they are made and overall style of character animation and poor choreography make them irritating. Some scenes might look great, but overall there is nothing that inspires interest.

Kara no Kyoukai is slightly better than their tv shows/other movies, but still far from being good visually.

If i had to describe Ufotable and why i dislike it - it would be Ufotable being another Gonzo, but with more budget and less personality and talent.

Not him but Gohands also has a particular style of camera movement. They REALLY like rotations.

vs GoHands

People act like Ufotable has insane animation when in reality they have really talented background artists and probably the second best Digiital Effects Team in the anime industry.
Their actual character animation is nothing more than average.

People also tend to forget than Ufotable isn't completly Type-moons bitch. And that nearly all of their non-TM stuff is pretty garbage

I want Fate to die and Ufo to make a good show

I don't see how vomiting rainbows all over makes for having more personality, but each to his own. I'd say GoHands was at its best during Noein's production, when it was a Satellight substudio. The studio has been going deeper into nonsensical visuals and presentation after Mardock Scramble, there is a lot of ambition but no finesse to their work. I hope the new K movies would dial things back, Handshakers was a new low for them.

It'd be nice to see them return to doing stuff like Manabi Straight again.

Ufo can do good character animation though, watch Minori Scramble and Majocco. Their in-house team may not be like Kyoani's but they're pretty good.

The issue lies in Ufotable itself, and not material they adapt. Something just feels wrong and lacking about them, that despite 10/10 efforts, the end results still feel 5/10: direction, choreography, storyboarding.

Thanks for pointing it out. Ufotable would never be able to make something liks Handshakers. They simply lack talent to do something out of the box - their attempt to truly showcase their worth, GodEater: was even more awful than their usual shows.

Sure, Handshakers went out of the box and straight into the dumpster.

It is AOTY 2017. Being trainwreck aside, if you could not appreciate the many things it did and execution, there is no point for further discussion as you are not qualified to give opinion on topic of animation and visual art.

>Being trainwreck aside
That's just not something you can put aside. Being a trainwreck was the reason it was shit.

We are discussing the studio's here though. Otherwise we would put every Ufotable show aside for being "fateshit". Handshakers, for how jarring and not bound by normal animation restrictions it was was a true breath of fresh air compared to all formulaic manufactured shows that are all exactly the same.


Oh, BD is out. Time for rewatch in proper quality.

Not that user.
GoHands don't deserve the background guys they have. I get what you're trying to say with the originality and breathing life thing, but if they just spent some more time polishing their productions things would look a lot better.
These cuts that gave everyone motion sickness? Maybe if the characters weren't as stiff they would be actually impressive. On the other hand, the overanimated characters in the continuous shots in the classroom? "LOOK, OUR CHARACTERS DON'T STAND STILL LIKE THESE IN OTHER ANIME, THEY MOVE!!!!1111one!!1oneeleven!!!". That just looks uncanny. It was tolerable in K, but in Hand Shakers it bothered me like nothing else.

What Ufotable does is Anime of 2010 with newest Graphics.

What GoHands does is Anime of 2020, but released too eaerly to be properly done and watched.

I understand your sentiment. But it just doesn't make sense to release a half-finished product. They have nice, ambitious ideas, but they can't pull them off. The shot in this could've been really nice, but is ruined by overanimation and weightless movements, both caused by shitty inbetweeners. It's an interesting case - characters can be both overanimated, and stiff at the same time.
They should just help out other studios and get enough experience already - they're trying hard but it's as if they've no experience.

I like the atmosphere of their anim, it's beautiful and comfy, i watched tales of zestiria, just for the backgrounds and dragons, story wasn't awful just not that great.

But they are unironically advancing the medium. If they would not, who would?

They are gaining experience exactly on focusing on things that make them unique, because they try things others feel risky - complex camera work, photorealistic and cgi backgrounds, different coloring/shading/even textureing, special effects, stylistic choices blending standing out artwork, cgi, animation that might look uncanny, but are genuinuly attributes of new style.

They can do really 11/10 animation, like some bit's of K - while the lot of other things they do is either lower quality, or the complexity of execution does not allow truly reach the idea of what they try to do: but in most sequences, it is still present: they experiement with everything, sometimes it works, sometimes does not and when it works it shows how anime could look even better than what people are used to - like seamless blend of camera work, cgi, stylized animation, use of texture instead of painting etc.

Handshakers is exactly the next step after already quite polished Return of Kings, to get more experience.

Even their "normal" shows, showcase what makes them different from everyone else


The character animation and the CGI bother me a lot. A LOT. I have no problem with the filters they add to their video, nor with most of their camera work (Hand Shakers suffered from this a shitton, my head was spinning each week after I finished an episode, however it was really well executed in K). And if it's uncanny animation we're talking about Shaft had that - a decade ago. Ignore that comparison that other user made about GoHands being similar to Ufotable - if anything, GoHands remind me of SHAFT (particularly under Shinbo) in the 00s - pioneering new techniques, direction, and being overall very experimental, even with a low budget. But just not as successful. Maybe some other studio needs to take GoHands under their wing and help bring their experimental, creative ideas to the screen - be it Brain's Base, Yondo C, or Gonzo. Or if they want to be alone, they've got to attract talented people - because at this rate they're going to go bankrupt.

right looks horrible

I've always wanted to try animating something in the same vain as Ufotable. Watching their demo reel videos is super interesting.

maybe to you, but the fact is it's shading is much closer to kishimoto's style than the garbage pierrot gives us.

>Pierrot's Naruto
It was, and it still is the best animated long-running shounen anime. The designs suffered a little, yes, but to call Pierrot shit because of that makes you look silly. Naruto was pretty fucking consistent in terms of animation, and had very little QUALITY.
Bleach, again animated by Pierrot is a close second in terms of animation. Yeah, it's a lot shittier than Naruto's, but it still beats any other long-running shounen anime. Seeing the movie-tier episodes at the end of Bleach was fucking orgasmic and the best way to send off an ending anime.

Gangsta as shit, my nigga

>is the best animated long-running shounen anime.
That title goes to Detective Conan.

>Detective Conan
i think youre confusing "best anime" with "best animated".

I didn't say it was best anime, it was just better animated than most ongoing long-running shounen right now.

then youre wrong.

They make me a bit gay.

My point still stands either way. And I'm a Conanfag.

damn, that is downright experimental.

Ufotable is my favorite studio

i don't care much for type-moon, but i love ufotable

I think that image was made specifically to piss me off. They had something good and shat ugly effects all over it.

e10 alone gave me enough reason to want another godeater season. fuck bandai for not ordering another season.

I mean HxH exists. Sure that's only 140 episodes instead of several hundreds, but Naruto wouldn't be that much longer without all the filler and padded episodes

KnK was great, but they seem to have lost their souls at some point during the production of F/Z, as evidenced by how horribly they executed the finale and then how they ruined UBW.

I like them. But they are kinda like Shaft, cool visuals but using the same style every time gets repetitive in the end. I wish they tried something new from time to time, like they did with Fate/Cooking .