A 24 episode action series has had better character development and plot progression than a 1 cour character driven one

>A 24 episode action series has had better character development and plot progression than a 1 cour character driven one

How does this happen?

Shut up falseflagger


>muh falseflag

This is the result of one of two things:

1. Nip spies have been lurking Cred Forums for the past couple weeks and are aware of this forced fanbase war, and as a result are drawing ironic crossover fanart
2. There is a forced fanbase war within Japan we don't know about, and fanartists are just trying to make light out of a retarded situation

Most of the fanart is one dominating the other, symbolizing Franxx dominance over VEG in every regard, storytelling, characterization, structure, symbolism, animation, sales, popularity, etc.

are you talkan about toji no miko? because i agree Sayaka is basically berubetto except written competently by showing instead of telling me >NOW SHE KNOWS HOW TO SMILE

Might have something to do with the two being completely different genres, and you comparing them for no reason whatsoever


that's you answer right there

It's the new age of marketing. Expect more russian hackers

>Violet - Modesty; calms tempers; induces sleep
>induces sleep
What did KyoAni mean by this?

I just can't believe how little development Violet has had in 6 episodes, basically half the show. The only things she's learned are literally the definitions of the emotions she's been feeling. Who in oblivion finds that compelling at all?

But what anime do the Russians want to perform better?

Yuri on Ice

A-1 hires actual writers

nope it's exist to stop studio wars.

This isn't even bait.

When did Violet told people that she knew how to smile?

>Russians want faggot shit to win
I don't think so, not with those camps in Chechnya.

Not really.

He's actually false flagging the false flag.

>A 24 episode action series has had better character development and plot progression than a 1 cour character driven one
Because FranXX reminds me a lot of Gurren Lagann.
>If you can't believe in yourself Darling, believe in me who believes in you.
>Don't believe in me who believes in you, Darling. But believe in yourself.

Darlifra is 25 episodes iirc

But yes Toji no Miko is pretty good and no one knows why

>VEG is supposed to be all about Violet's personal growth
>it's actually gets offscreen'd into oblivion
>decided to look into the spoilers
>it's actually a chuunishit about her fighting with a giant axe called Witchcraft
Jesus fuck, how this thing won anything? Violet's biography reads like Madara Uchiha copypasta.

>berubetto knows how to smile
thanks to laphicet

It's actually worse than that. Most of her actual personal growth hasn't happened yet and probably never will, what went on offscreen was her reading lots of books, getting more jobs and becoming a better ghostwriter, she knows how to write pretty letters but doesn't understand the feelings behind them, except when she does. When you actually think about it she knows what love and many other emotions are, as she has felt them herself, she just doesn't know their dictionary definition for some reason. Leon started describing how someone felt when they were lonely and she told him that that was how she felt which lead to hear learning what loneliness, the actual word, meant. She's not fucking learning emotions, she's just learning what they literally (actual use of the world literally) mean, you can't make this shit up, her character is so badly written I can't believe this isn't a horrible joke by Kyoani just to see how far they can push polished turds like these.

oh fuck me, you mean theres gonna be SIX MONTHS of franx threads?

Four months. May or may not be any more threads after that time.

That's right VEGfag. Get used to it. DiTF is the real AOTY.

Trigger shows always get a steady number of generals after their shows air. LWA had daily threads for like 2 months after the show finished aired. If Darling manages to be as popular as Kill la Kill we won't get rid of their threads until next year minimum.

I could see that happen.

Do you see any more KLKfags on Cred Forums? It was so popular when it was airing in Nipland that there were stickies for episode premieres. Wouldn't be surprised if Darling got to that point.

KLKfags are triggerfags, and triggerfags are pretty much the biggest fanbase on Cred Forums.

I wasn't here for this particular season: Was Kiznaiver huge on Cred Forums? Didn't seem like it got much hype after it aired.

It was slow for a triggershow, I'd say it was as active as current Yurucamp threads.

This but unironicaly