Dungeon Meshi

This is a cat.

No, that's a boy.

I'm really tired of shitty people.

It's a shitty kitty.

>a cat is fine too



She's pretty dense. I get the feeling she's going to fuck up a lot of things for the team.

This is a penis.

Alright, I'll fuck it.

>I can kill you at any moment!
>gets grappled by a fucking no-dex dwarf
Looks like she seriously overestimate her ninjutsu.
Although we shouldn't forget Laius' party aren't just some newbies, but actually veteran adventurers.


>No dex dwarf
Senshi survived alone in the dungeon for years, He's a force to be feared.

admit it, even for the briefest second, you thought they were gonna eat the cat


I'd "eat" the cat, if you know what I mean.

I did not think that at any point.

Nah, after they didn't eat the doppelgangers/shapeshifters I realized they were going to avoid eating anything too human.

They cooked the harpy eggs though.
Also there were no doppelgangers, they were just an illusion.

i wanted the orc to join the party, not this cat, they kinda need a decent melee damage dealer since Laius is more of a tank and Senshi's weapons are shit.

One of the best catgirls design-wise too. I am glad that she joined the party.

But a ninja is a total glass cannon DPS

Cat will probably be useful so long as she follows orders because of her sneaking skills.

>They actually managed to uncute a neko
>They actually managed to fuck up a Kunoichi
>They actually managed to fuck up tomboy
>They actually managed to fuck up short hair
The madmen did it!

Why do you think she wants rid of the beast-blood?

She's cute as a button, though?

>No tablemanners
>Greasy hair
"No", Holo is a great example of cute

How popular is this in moonland? Any chance of an anime?

Don't know, but hopefully not.
Just read the fucking manga.

She's the cutest though.

You wanna die, punk?

>not wishing success upon such a great mangaka


I wonder if Kui actually browse tu,blr, her characters become uglier as the time goes and she Dwarf bitch looks like something you would see on tu,blr.

The manga sales is the success. Anime adaptations basically only work as ads for the manga in Japan.

Dude, in Wizardry ninjas are characters that have the highest chance to roll critical hits to instantaneously kill a monster.

Anime won't change in the slightest the success of mangaka, most of money would be received by fat man in suits.

Anime always boosts manga sales, retard. That's why most of them are made in the first place, funded by publishers.

Yeah most anime are glorified commercials for manga and light novels.

Anime boosts the fuck out of manga sales, and tells distributors in no uncertain terms that you can make them some fat dosh, ensuring more work further down the line.

Nekonobi is pure DPS though. Whether you go by D&D or Wizardry, the assassin types are always the kings of crits.

Currently the party is solid. Two tanks, one artillery/support, one skillmonkey, one DPS.

Agreed, I have no idea why Cred Forums likes him


I-i dont see the connection why you compared kitty to holo

Shouldnt you AT LEAST compare it to another cat girl, like Hanekawa?

Proofs. pls.

Danmachi oratoria flopped but it still managed to get boosted ln sales, and now we are getting danmachi S2.


All I see is a plumber.


So Cred Forums.
It's a she or a he?

>Poor manners
>Shitty hair and facial structure
Its a girly man

hate to kill your fun but its a she


>acts like a boy
>looks like a pretty boy
>wears the clothes of a boy
It's a boy alright.

Bad kitty needs to get some serious punishment from that big dwarf cock. The kitty needs to know its place, as a cum dumpster cat.

>It's a boy alright.
That usually means it's a girl, user.

Traps a shit.

fucking newfag

Reverse traps included, friend.

What's it like having terminally shit taste?

If having shit taste is preferring bishies to traps, I don't want to have good taste.

I like this cat


Kind of get the feeling he was one of the early dwarves that discovered the dungeon while digging.

So, is she actually gonna be here for the rest of the story?

She was a party member in chapter 0, so it's likely.

Marcille was a mistake

cat seems like the type of girl who acts tough until she gets molested

she is probably a half breed

As expected of an elf.

she's not for molesting

Tell me this isnt a twink, I fucking dare you

she's going to get her belly rubbed and she's going to love it

and then Laius is going to kill and eat her.


It's a girl m8.

I wanna get licked by this cat.

>male name

does it really matter whether or not it's a boy or girl?
As long as they're cute its fine.


If she were actually male there'd be endless jokes about a barbed penis and whether he likes to be petted by old women.


he a male catgirl race tho

indeed it is

Would cat be a good wife and mother to our cute half-cat daughters?? How would impregnating sex be like?

Painful, she has a barbed penis after all.



Stroke your dick with wet sandpaper. That's what getting a blowjob from her would be like.

>Would cat be a good wife and mother to our cute half-cat daughters??
she would teach them to eat like slobs

yeah, all manga should have the exact same generic artstyle

laius a furfag

Why are faggots so insufferable?

They want people to accept their mental illness.

I'm a honest homosexual, don't lump me together with those shitposting faggots. Asebi is a cute girl.


t fags

Look at this, fucking look at this flat piece of cardboard ITS A MAN YOU RAGING HOMOSEXUALS

As everyone knows, a powerful Wizardry game ninja walks around without any equipment.
So, if she were naked, she would have the highest Armor Class.

currently at chapter 14 and i absolutely love it. Marcille a cute

fuck off

Laius dies

That's actually the dynamic the party has probably been missing. They got everything besides a fucking idiot.

i thought this was the dungeon meshi thread.

It is, pay no mind to mind the occasional shitposters.

it is, fuck off

Not any more. These threads used to be comfy as fuck.

So every flat girl is a man? Oh my, I'm... No...

>liking fat elf ears

>elf ears
*Marcille ears. She's an elf like no other.

but they're cute.

no bully cat




breddy gud

Every other member of Sureau's party was a woman.

The elf knows a lot about rape.


it’s a girl, other cocks aren’t tolerated in a weaboos warrior’s quest to save to save his dissolved waifu

Everyone already knows Izutsumi's a cute girl. Some people just want to pretend to be faggots and pretend erroneously that she's a boy.

Its unreliable narration like in the painting episode''

she’s an elf.
of course she has experience with rape

Learn how to read

>ywn gangrape a rude catgirl with your bros
it hurts

there's always fake cat ears

Stop feeding bait, its pretty obvious at this point.

>hating on cat
she's trying her best you guys.

Just like the elf is an (((male)))

depends on the next chapter. I bet she'll fall into some monster trap while the gang tries to save her.

Why would she want to undo this "curse"? She's cute. CUTE.

10 holes

>body covered in fur that gets dirty real quick
>annoying tail
>strong sense of smell
>goes crazy when she gets in heat
sounds like a curse to me

>that look of hope on her face when she actually thinks she can talk her way out of getting molested

It's a girl, she's crazy all the time.

she’s literally sub-human and regarded as such in “Not Japan”

Holo is shitty.

Fuck off.

>you can shitpost that it's a guy but you can't shitpost that it isn't one


>managed to uncute a neko
Please, this is how you make a great catgirl
You get them rough and then domisticate

I don't like your shit opinion user

Laius is going to marry this cat

This user knows.

It is great
Among my top 3 ongoing mangos

This is pure evil

>the look of desolation on Marcille's face, as she knows nothing will stop them from doing it

That's a fucking man dude

>throwing away food
it’s wrong but she knows it’s the only way she’ll learn

she was a girl in the one shot

The quality declined ever since they beat the dragon and it turned into whatever this is.

Huh? Is writing "tumblr" verboten on Cred Forums now? Or are you being a faggot?

look at your keyboard very closely

So, not only a faggot, but incapable of not typing like a retard. Got it.

Or maybe you've been a phoneposting shithead for so long you've forgotten that the comma key is right next to the m key.

That's a pretty pathetic brush-off, jumping to conclusions because you want to act superior is worse than hitting one wrong key.

No, I see it. I'm just not a bumbling retard that, not only hits the comma key once, but FUCKING TWICE. And didn't look at what you've typed and thought, "Oh sit! i'm a bumbling fucking retard and hit the comma key instead of m, not once, but twice. I should fix that posthaste!"

So, image related.

>Oh sit!
Oh look at that, a typo. What kind of retard completely misses a key? You should probably kill yourself, I couldn't fathom living with the shame.

More like she's getting PTSD flashbacks to getting cured of her picky eating ways, when she tried to clearly and reasonably explain that she just didn't want to eat the young of sapient monsters.

Well, I was getting into your mindset. Of COURSE I would make a typo. Remember: Wear it proudly!

Another pathetic brush-off.