Ojou-sama demands respect

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I respect Kongou.

Slutty elf queen! Rachel a cute.


>“(Yes, and if waiting until Via has grown is too much for you, her mother can play that role in the meantime. Yes, as a mother-in-law who is generally perfect but just can’t leave some things alone)”
>“If you say so, Miss Friendly. But I don’t care. I’m taking Onii-chan to some dark place where you and mom can’t see us. And then I’ll make sure to gain an insurmountable lead. I can get as close to Onii-chan as I want there.”
>“Oh, going with them sounds like a lot more fun. I’ll let Via handle all the pure parts of the relationship, but as her mother, I will make up for the parts she can’t do yet.”
Anime never
Oyakodon doujins never

I unironically hope Kamikoto happens never/soon
Index a shit
Kakine a cuck/number one
I want to fuck Mobileposter
Othinus a cute/shit
White Queen a White Shit
Accelerator should pay for his sins
Touma did everything wrong
PV soon/never
Battle Royale got skipped

There, we can have a thread without shitposting

Kongou and Junko Virtual-On DLC as members of Misaki's Hive Eaters when?

New anime series when? I expect it to be at least 52 episodes.

Let's believe in that possibility, shall we?


Index threads are buzzing in my skull
Will they let me be? I cannot tell. There are so many things I cannot grasp. When I think I've got it, and then at last. Through my bony fingers it does slip. Like Mikoto in Kami’s grip. Something's here I'm not quite getting. Though I try, I keep forgetting, like a memory long since lost. Here in an instant, gone in a flash. What does it mean? What does it mean!

In this little science city a secret's waiting to be cracked. The dragons and theories confuse me so confound it all, I love it though. Simple memes, nothing more but something's hidden through a door, though I do not have the key. Something's there I cannot see. What does it mean? What does it mean!......What does it mean? Hmm...

Vote Kamikuro!

I've read the wiki so many times. I know the girls and I know the rhymes. I know the Index music all by heart. My skull's so full, it's tearing me apart. As often as I hear them, something's wrong. So hard to put my bony finger on... Or perhaps it's really not as deep as I've been led to think. Am I trying much too hard? Of course I've been too close to see the answer's right in front of me! Right in front of me...

It's simple really, very clear. Like music drifting in the air, Invisible, but everywhere. Just because I didn’t read it doesn’t mean I can't believe it! You know, I think this Index thing is not as tricky as it seems and why should they have all the fun? It should belong to anyone. Not anyone, in fact, but me why I could discuss Index themes and there's no reason can find I couldn’t discuss theories too I could craft my own as well and that's exactly what I'll do!

This year Index will be (ours)

>png (3.78 MB, 2208x1242
This is why I vote Hillary

The Kamikuro ticket will provide better internet connections globally so that Australians and other foreign freaks will stop whining about images!

Is there a bigger heresy?

Reminder that in an interview Kamachi admits that he lusts after Index the most out of all the girls in this series.

He also said out of all of them he’d be best friends with Mikoto.

And he also said that he'd get tired of her eventually. Just like most of us here.

The heresy is what makes it so hot.

She needs more doujins!

He loves her. Even the guy he pays to draw her says he tries the hardest when drawing Index.

I looked through all of Kamachi's interviews and it turns out that the Silent Party arc is actually not canon. My bad. Atleast (You) can be happy about winning an argument for once.

Is this Heavy Object thread?
Posting Heaviest Object!

It's a real shame that Febri isn't canon. She's actually a good character.

I'll give her my respect if she gives me her virginity.

What the fuck? I just got on the Janie #6 train and now you pull this on me? Goddammit.

I read a bit of the wiki and I admit that Kamijou might actually be able to beat Kurozuma in a fist fight.

Nice meme but just because you’re angry about what Kamachi factually thinks about Index doesn’t mean you need to make things up. Febri and Jan are 100% canon.

Leave Froleytia to me.

Can't wait for her to get beat up in Railgun 3!

Sure. You can have that piece of shit.

Kamachi doesn't know how to write a proper story. If Febri and Janie were canon it would have been so much better, but no. It has to be about (You) after all.

I read him factually saying he'd get tired of the little turd and it seems like he has with her current screentime.

Danke Himefriend.

It honestly would have made more sense to have Janie be the number 6. Shame we'll never see that happen now. He'll probably never even mention them again.

Ahh, great I missed an Accel thread. Being fucking lazy I didn't check if you dumb shits made one. And on top of that, you retards decide to actively post bringing it closer to it's end.
Now I feel more a Toumafag than an Accelfag.


Telugu (google it) > MP

Why did I ever think Kurozuma was any good at fighting? With the things I've read Kamijou do from the wiki, Kurozuma's achievements pale in comparison. I might actually be starting to like (You).

Stop pretending to be me. Just because I sort of started liking Kamijou as of late, doesn't mean I think he's better than Kurozuma at fighting.

The symbol never managed to crash her phone you dumb Accelposter

>reading comprehension
I've never stated that it'll crash her phone, disgusting dykeposter.

Then why even bother mentioning Telugu? The last time I saw it some autist was spamming it to try to make MP leave.

I know. I was disappointed when I found out too. It just goes to show that everything is supposed to be about Kamijou and nobody else is important. Kamachi will regret not making Janie, Febri, Kurozuma and the others from Railgun canon.

Kongou is fair game for death. She doesn't do anything.

Who is the smuggest Raildex?

It'd probably have to be either the Delta Force or maybe Lessar. Kakine might also be a contender, seeing as he was always pretty smug up until the moment he became paste on the asphalt.

If it triggers people's autism - why not mention it?


> Who is the smuggest Raildex?

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On SS (Dengeki Bunko Magazine N°60) Illustrations

Yuck, a Kongou thread.

>image res is 2208x1242
What the hell are you doing user?

Thanks to our contributor in japan.

Full album: imgur.com/a/PKEvA

Do you have a copy of the game and the extras therein?

Not for now, maybe in a month.

Flatter than a pancake.

Only a few autists would screech if battle royale were skipped or changed, mostly edgelords.

If there were ever a child I'd feel no remorse for murdering, its this little bitch.

If there were ever a child I'd feel no remorse for raising to become a loving, caring woman, its this little angel.

Best duo dynamic.
I wonder if Misaki will care when she realizes she drove Mikoto to her doom and possibly death by telling her to keep using the AAA and underestimating the danger of magic.

The remaining illustrations.

I want to break Touma's smile.


>reading OT 15
>Accelerator gets hit by metal pipe again
It's like it's his greatest weakness. He truly is number two


Certain people are a lost cause no matter their upbringing. Which is why we have prisons and mental institutions.

Two friends founded the world. A powerful friendship formed from the weak never to be again. Two cheerful masks with scared hearts and a place to be. It was too good to be true. A zero in more ways than one she thought as the rain came down. She’d never know how flooded the other half of their word was on that warm summer night. A friendship meant the world but the world never played fair.

pls go


Ojous deserve punches to the face

When will someone get revenge for Frenda? Something needs to happen to Mugino be it death or torture.

No thanks.

Who's that black haired Tokiwadai girl under Junko?

Maybe it will be Saten.

Rakko will come back from the dead and kill Mugino to get indirect revenge against Frenda.

Look how fucking lazy a hack artist Haimura is. He didn't even give those two in the background faces.

>Thanks, much appreciated
When will you have the whole goddamn scans?

No one gives a shit about Frenda. Mugino's a cunt but so was Frenda. Mugino killed Frenda, sure, but Frenda would have done the exact same

No one gives a shit about Mugino. Frenda did some bad things but so did Mugino. Frenda betrayed Mugino sure, but Mugino would have done the exact same.

I'm not defending what Mugino did but I'm getting really tired Frendafags raging. Its painfully obvious the reason these people care so much id they wank to her (boring) design. If Frenda was a boy with a rat like face but had the same exact personality minus the girl dolls (regular ones I guess) no one would give a shit

You were the one who started it by acting like an asshole. You get the replies you deserve

I feel like someone is going to have to tell Fremea at some point and shit is going to get weird.


No you were whining and crying about some shitty girl dying at the hands of another shitty girl while both were doing shitty things with their life.

Should have run and hid like Measure Heart did.

I hope more shit like this exists.

I don't remember whining about anything, just making the suggestion that maybe Mugino deserves some sort of punishment for the things she's done to her own "friends". Gosh, what an unreasonable thing for me to say.

Frenda is not Mugino's friend. She wouldn't have even needed to be betrayed to turn on Mugino. Dangle enough money in front of her and Mugino would have had her mouth stuffed with bombs like Rakko

>Kakine emerges from the warehouse unharmed by a large explosion he made point blank and then proceeds to kill formula fetishist
MY MIGEN BUSSHITSU is uncontainable right now

Why is Angelene the only pure one?

He’s definitely a number.

what volume you on kakinefag?

only if snekcunny produces daughterus too

Hamazura is really making me laugh man. Why do you guys hate him again?
"you don't need a card to drive, you need the skills"
I'm tempted to make a comic out of this quote

Come on man, by formula fetishist I was talking about The Professor. I'm on OT 15

Nice fanfiction, faggot.

>It was true that School was made up of horrible people, but they still had enough
humanity to let those of lower rank go. Even when Takitsubo used up all her strength
before their very eyes, they didn’t finish her off.

>He didn’t think that someone like Mugino Shizuri, who bared her fangs towards her own
comrades just because she didn’t like something, was “stronger” than Kakine and the
rest of School. No matter how overwhelming her power seemed, that impression was not
shaken from him.

Anime Kongou is a trash fire.
Manga Kongou is a miracle of the universe.

I don't think anyone hates him, he's just very underwhelming as a character and gets into situations he shouldn't. He's like an OC who steals the real MC's screentime.

Anime Kongou is 2deep4u

Mugino did nothing wrong. It's Touma's fault for not being there to save Frenda.

I agree.

Kamikoto is good for the heart!

That doesn't imply Frenda wouldn't also kill Mugino if given a benefit greater than staying on her team

She is a nun.
Not sure what is up with Lucia though.

>Kamikoto spammer was Misuzu the entire time
This changes everything you know.

These days (when times right, and TouMan get lucky!)

The Unexplored Summon Blood-Sign Vol.8 (Completed) Illustrations (15.9Mb)

Please summarize the stories in story mode.

>Mugino leaves Frenda behind twice
>Frenda betrays mugino when her life is on the line
>Mugino only saves Rikou because her power is useful
>I can't really remember saiai's parts but I'm pretty sure she just waited out to see who won
They simply didn't have that kind of loyaltyin ITEM.

Man, Hamazura had a lot of loyalty for a hired gun.

> filename.jpg is not mine,
Accel Idol Mangaka

shipments do not arrive yet, (few months?) and local store doesn't have those limited editions.
but probably our companion has better luck than me.


Coronzon taking over the Misakas when?

>After crouching down on the wharf and giving a glass pellet to a small sea anemone while pushing on the bottom of Kyousuke’s Repliglass Blood-Sign, the double blonde braid girl turned around. The Blood-Sign had apparently won the fight over the “bait”.

What exactly is happening here? I'm having trouble picturing it.

I don't respect anyone who writes Raildex.


It doesn’t need a question mark to be a question. Use punctuation next time though.

I love Saten! I FUCKING LOVE HER!!!

Girls are fucking awful.

LO is the most influential clone in the series so far. I respect that.

Yeah so much he ditches the whole team when it's convenient only to try to patch things up later. His motives are terribly written and its like he doesn't know what he really wants.

Trips check out

Girls are fucking lawful.

There's some rumors going around that there are going to be quite a lot of Raildex doujins this year

Good for you.

Who in his right mind would give the authority to arrest people to middle school girls?

It sure is

>Retard overestimates how much attachment an expendable pawn has to his psychotic bitch leader
>only tries to patch things up because trying to kill her hasn't worked out the past two times
>waaaah his motives are terribly written
neck yourself

It’s not a sure is. It’s a promise.

English please.

More like CRAPkine

I’m already trained.


Since KamiKuro has dibs on the first doujin ala digits, what should be the next one?

Crapkine Shittoku

Yuriko doujins!

What retard risks getting himself killed to save some whore he barely knows? If you wants to be selfish, then be selfish and save your own skin. Don't try to make some lame justification for your actions and act like a hypocrite.


Yuriko in the mobage soon

If they're off the clock they're too old for the cock

Pretty decent fan art actually

>What retard risks getting himself killed to save some whore he barely knows?
She risked her own life to save him and he decided to man up and do the same. It's almost as if you're just reading shit off the wiki and not reading the actual volume itself.

Why are Tokiwadai girls so fuckable?

Never takes long for this accusation to start flying, does it? It's usually a sign that someone has no valid points to make.

I made a valid point AND accused you in the sam post. It seems like you're the one who has come to a dead end since you failed to address the part of my post talking about the actual argument.

Mikoto's probably the only esper who has a chance at understanding magic explicitly because she refuses to handwave it as magic and chooses to analyze it. People love to self insert as Touma these days, but for some reason don't have the same utmost respect for her that he does. Pathetic.

>Mikoto has the best chance at understanding magic because she refuses to try to understand magic or ask anyone about it and autistically clings to the fact that it's all esper powers
>Y-You're just self inserting as Touma if you think I'm retarded!

Why are people still responding to immobileposter?

And it's hypocritical of him to to try to act like the good guy who just wants everyone in Item to get along when it's partly his fault Mugino lost her mind in the first place. Either he cares about them, or he doesn't. So he should have simply run away instead of trying to play the hero if he truly wanted to be selfish.

Aleister is fake and gay. This is the true 666

Delicious bait

What was the best twist Kamachi has pulled so far?


St. Germain just being totally full of shit was cool, even if the volume itself was mediocre.

Dumb humans.

Oh man, Touma's gonna beat up Stiyl AGAIN when they go to England isn't he?

You have the mind of an adolescent if you think that "what an epic tweest" style of writing is good storytelling.

All he's asking for is what you thought was the best twist you fucking autist.

>Since when where you under the impression that the lvl 5s where ranked from 7-1 ?
>Aleis-tan you can't possibly mean ?
>Yes, you are the 0th lvl5 or at least the you before you became your current you.

I want to slap Himegami and tell her that nobody loves her but me.

And there's no such thing as a good twist if it's just done for shock value, simpleton.

I'm sorry that Raildex was somehow too smart for you/

Literally all the question asked for was your opinion on what the best twist was, where do you keep pulling these statements from? It's like you're talking to people who aren't here.

I'm not the simple-minded monkey who believes Kamachi's "twists" are anything more than the predictable, cheesy tripe they are. Go enjoy your low-IQ entertainment, mindless knave.

Did she take the knot?

And how does that keep you from answering the question? Just pick one that has more than shock value to it.
If what you're trying to say is that all the twists in the series are shit because all of them are just for shock value, then state that like a normal fucking person instead of jumping three steps ahead in some imaginary argument just so you can get to the part where you lob insults at people.

Why are you assuming it's purely for shock value? Do you think all twists are inherently bad throughout all forms of literature, or just the ones that you don't particularly like? If you don't like the series and think it's plot twists are shallow, why are you even in the thread? Why are you making a big deal out of a simple question? Why are you being so hostile for no reason? Do you have an ulterior motive that may or may not include trying to derail the thread, and you feel threatened that people are ignoring you and attempting to discuss a series they like?

Then what do you like from Kamachi's writing style, if you don't like his twists?

Why are you even here if you don't like Kamachi's style of writing? Go talk about something you like instead of starting to start a fight?

What a truly long and well thought-out blogpost.

Coronzon being Lola instead of IT. So much shit pointed to it that I could only be surprised that's not how it worked out.

God, I'd LOVE to sniff Mikoto's butt!

>asking basic questions is a blogpost
Touched a nerve, huh?

Misaki is a fucking roastie whore.

I accept your concession.

Mikoto is a thot with a terrible personality to match her ugliness.


Congratulations, you just ratted out yourself.

It is a blogpost because it's an entire rambling fucking paragraph

Concession accepted


The first doujin of the year came out like 2 weeks ago already.

>It's a blog post because someone called me out with a few simple questions and I can't actually defend myself against it

Was she mentally ill or was she evil?

She's just a bad loser.

There havent been any new Raildex doujins made this year. Old ones were scanned, but none were made.

She's a female, so that means both.

Those are old ones

What makes silver hair so terrible

It's always worst girls who have it.

They reflect light really well, and they act as mirrors, so they reflect you every time you look at them making you feel terrible at yourself.

Kakine Blanco

>White Queen a White Shit
Kyousuke pls

Nothing wrong with a mother wanting her child to be happy.

She should be locked away or killed either way. There's no guarantee someone crazy won't turn around and kill you even if you think they can be trusted. She'll probably become a villain again.

Why doesn't Touma just bite Index back?

Magic gods are kind
lola = laura

Rape Misaki

quality post

>Biting a headcrab
That's disgusting.

Brown = Color of shit
Blonde = Color of gold

SInce Saiai is a turboslut at only 12 and her personality comes from Accelerator does that mean Accel is repressing his sexuality?

Ded. Someone dump something.

Dump your OC's

Forced posting won't save it.

Dump porn

"nyaaaaaa" says Misaka as she meows softly

>Accelerator was approaching the clone. Just another day he though as he got himself ready to exterminate her.
> I'm going to make this quick so prepare yourself said the boy as the girl in front of him raised her gun in anticipation.
>W.. what's that, music? As this thought crossed his mind a bullet was sent flying towards him grazing his arm and causing him to bleed.
>Damn! He yelled as he ran towards an abandoned van for cover.
>Why wasn't his power working he thought as he ran but before he'd made it half way he felt a sharp pain in his leg.
> Fuck! He yelled as he fell to the floor. He could already tell it was completely shattered.

Fucking shit! I-I meant nyaaaa~

Misaka will carry season 3, says misaka reassuring investors in season 3 success with valid and accurate method to save it

So when will we have the rewatch this year ?
When's the exact day for the the fes ?

Is this supposed to be entertaining?
I see. More latent Accelfags.

>Something invisible was seeping from Knight Leader’s body.
>Knight Leader disappeared from Kanzaki Kaori’s sight.
>It took her an instant to realize that he had moved out of her vision at tremendous speed.
>When she did, she heard the sound of slicing wind coming from directly behind her.
>She immediately turned around while bringing up her scabbard for defense.
>Knight Leader had merely kicked.
>Even so, Kanzaki’s body of a Saint was blown away along with the guarding scabbard.
>While she was knocked back and lost her balance, Knight Leader sent his clenched fist
>into her gut.
>A tremendous sound rang out.
>Kanzaki’s body was blown back ten meters without landing and she struck one of the
>guard carriages. The carriage was protected by a number of spiritual items, but it was
>still smashed to pieces from the impact and Kanzaki’s body slid along the ground after
>passing through it. The horses tied to the carriage panicked.

We don't have to be posting 24/7. Just post when you have a question or a good discussion topic.

>(I thought this was going to be an issue that normal methods weren’t going to work on,
but what’s with this tremendous power…!?)
>Including Saints, there was a maximum amount of power that a flesh-and-blood human
could control, but he had clearly surpassed that.
>(Don’t tell me he’s using the high-speed stability line like Acqua of the Back…!!)
>Kanzaki was having trouble breathing as doubt entered her mind, but she didn’t have
time to think over it calmly.
>Knight Leader had already jumped up five meters in the air and the soles of his shoes
were approaching in order to crush her.

Who would you like Kongou to team up with?

>What the hell was that he screamed and looked up to see what had done the damage.
>It was a girl wielding some kinda blunt weapon. A baseball bat?

Sasuga worst saint.

We should organize a watching party at rabbit or something

Touma. I want her added to his harem

>Kanzaki immediately rolled to the side.
>But even with her physical abilities as a Saint, she couldn’t get to safety in time.
>She avoided a direct hit, but the destroyed asphalt scattered around the area and struck
>her. Knight Leader looked silently down at Kanzaki as she rolled to the side with blood
>gushing from her. He was not watching her cautiously. His expression said that he saw
>no need to hurriedly pursue her.
>“Why do you look so surprised?”
>Knight Leader gently spread his arms wide towards Kanzaki who was completely on
>guard. He did not seem worried at all. He almost seemed disappointed.
>“I am the head of the Knights, one of the three factions. Even if you are a Saint, you are
>still just one member of the Church. Did you really think you could fight on my level?”
>Without responding, Kanzaki fired off seven wires.
>“…Long ago, an old friend of mine hit me with a dreadful surprise attack.”
>Knight Leader did not seem worried. He held a hand up in the air, grabbed all of the
>wires fired towards him, and forcefully ripped them apart. He hadn’t used a weapon. In
>fact, he hadn’t even used both hands.

Do you think Gunha would make for a good protagonist for a spin off?

>“Ever since, I have always been on the lookout for surprise attacks.”
>While he spoke, Knight Leader “threw” the destroyed wires. Even if they were sharp,
>they were still basically just strings. They shouldn’t have had any power to them, but
>Kanzaki’s body flew back like a fired shell when they hit her.
>This time, Kanzaki finally stopped moving when she struck a tree in the forest.
>The destroyed wires were no longer wires. They had been gripped with such strength
>that the metal wires had been compressed into a single mass and fired like a bullet from
>a handgun.
>“The one to stand before me should be, at the very least, the head of the Anglican
>Church,” Knight Leader said quietly as he cracked his knuckles. “No, the Church simply

Isn’t it nice to know that no matter how much shitposter screech and try to derail threads, they can’t stop Season 3 from happening?

Please go on. Laughing at Shitzaki makes me feel better.

>The names Saten she said comely as Accel got started crawling towards a steel post he figured he could use to defend himself, but It was no use.
>The girl was much faster walking towards him twirling the bat around like a child. I'll kill you Accel yelled but was soon silenced as she stepped on his knee she'd shattered earlier. >ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! he yelled in shear agonizing pain.
>We're just getting started the girl said as she pulled something from a bag she was carting and began strapping it to her waste.

He'd be the best out of them all. Basically a strong Touma with even more bullshit talking. I'd read it

>What are you going to.. Accel stopped it's.. it's big... Get away from me you freak he screamed as he realized what was taking place and tried to desperately crawl away.
> He didn't know where but anywhere would be better than this. He'd only made it a couple feet before Saten had jumped onto his back.
>Don't you want to play with me she said as she licked his cheek. Accel could feel the solid object pressing against his pants and felt sick. P..Please. I'll do anything he said as he started crying.
>He'd wished he hadn't because as soon as he did Saten slammed his head into the ground with grabbed his balls with the force of a lion and whispered in his ear.
>"Listen up fagget, if you cry you're only going to piss me off and you wouldn't want that now would you?". He could only nod in acceptance.

Let me guess how everything started?

>literal embodiment of omnipotence
>Has the power to obliterate her own goddamn universe in just a flick of a fucking finger
>throw all gods,deities and Unexplored classes that are the same level as her and she can wreck them all without even giving a shit
>killing her doesn't even do jackshit, she has a perfect counter created for her and yet she still doesn't get completely destroyed
>slightest of presence on Earth rips the space and time
Literally how in the name of absolute fuck could Shiroyama hope to win this battle?

Becoming himself the strongest unexplored class and be at the top of the chain,
just to repeat the cicle all over.

does not have enough strength. I respect the Royal Family, but I stand above them when
it comes to violence. Frankly speaking, you simply aren’t up to the task.”
A tremendous sound rang out.
When Knight Leader’s body disappeared, he was already directly in front of Kanzaki.
Immediately after she jumped to the side, his leg blew away the trunk of a large tree with
a single strike. It didn’t break, it flew. As Kanzaki trembled at that destructive power,
her hands subconsciously moved. They reached for the hilt of her sword.
(Oh, no…!!)
The reason a chill ran down her back was not due to a danger to her own life.
Her hands had already moved.
By the time she realized that, her right hand had already forcefully drawn her sword.
She had used the true Yuisen. That ultimate attack that could cut down even a
monotheistic angel flew straight for Knight Leader’s neck.
He was unarmed. He had nothing that even resembled a weapon and his suit was not a
spiritual item.
And yet, with a tremendous noise, he grabbed Kanzaki’s sword with a single hand.
This time, it was bewilderment, not fear, that wrapped around Kanzaki’s entire body.
Having stopped her movement, Knight Leader spoke.

“Do you know why the longtime members of Necessarius did not begin a large-scale
systematic resistance when we conquered the United Kingdom and instead quickly
slipped into the darkness to wait for a better chance?”
Still grabbing the blade of her sword, he lifted one foot from the ground.
“It was because they knew that it was absolutely impossible for them to win in a straight
fight against the Knights while inside the United Kingdom.”
A loud explosive noise rang out.
It was the sound of Knight Leader kicking Kanzaki. The tremendous force caused
Kanzaki to lose her grip on Shichiten Shichitou and her body was knocked a great
“Our country was constructed around Curtana and the four cultures and so the entire
United Kingdom itself is bound by a special Christian rule. When in this land, the
monarch is the leader of the angels and the knights are angels. …As long as we are in the

country, there is just a sheer difference in the amount of power. If you want to kill me,
you should first drag me outside of the United Kingdom.”
Kanzaki’s consciousness was wavering as she watched Knight Leader toss Shichiten
Shichitou aside.
“Also, we of the Knights do not believe in the Anglican Church that Henry VIII created
for political reasons. We see it as no more than something to use. Our essence is a single
ideology created from a synthesis of Norse, Celtic, Charlemagnic, Germanic, and all
other paths of knighthood. …That attack just now seems to have been a strike that
circumvents numerous spells in order to injure angels, but that kind of detour isn’t
enough to circumvent my defenses.”
Kanzaki attempted to stand up, but no strength would enter her legs.
There were special circumstances in that situation, but even so, that was the most
ridiculous enemy she had ever faced. She had previously fought an imperfectly
manifested version of the Archangel Gabriel and Acqua of the Back who used that angel
as a symbol, but she had at least been able to “fight” against them.

But with Knight Leader she couldn’t even do that.
And he did not even take pride in his strength.
“So you haven’t given up yet,” said Knight Leader narrowing his eyes out of disinterest.
“In any case, a mere Saint cannot kill me with their special strength.”
As Kanzaki attempted to muster some more strength, Knight Leader casually
approached her directly from the front.
As he did, he spoke.
“And I haven’t even drawn my sword yet.”
He kicked Kanzaki.
It was not the kick of a martial artist. It was much like he was kicking a soccer ball.
Kanzaki’s body flew through the air and then rolled along the ground.
Knight Leader didn’t even look over in her direction and instead gestured at his
subordinates. They all boarded carriages or mounted horses and headed in the direction
the second princess had disappeared in.
Atop his horse, Knight Leader looked in Kanzaki’s direction for just an instant.

That would seem to be a reasonable choice, but even the Purple Lady didn't stand a chance against Queen. Would it even guarantee him to acquire power, probably enough to withstand Queen going all out? The closest i could think of who could face her is Madam Professor

Seeing that she had completely lost consciousness, he spoke disinterestedly.
>“So that’s all a Saint can do.”

>“And I haven’t even drawn my sword yet.”

And this is the story of Uselesszaki

Misaki a pile of shit

When will people realize that even though Mikoto looks great in everything, she looks the most best in a suit?

Every time I feel even a little frustrated, I remember all the shit we are getting and feel instantly better. Shitposters can’t take away my happiness no matter how hard they try, and it must make them crazy.


How much meme energy would we need to meme a Kakine prequel into existence within the next 2-3 years?

Lame irrelevant character.

No one wants it so it won't happen.

I wonder if Silvia could beat him.
He and and Carissa did mention she'd have caused them problems if she had been in Britain during the Coup.

Considering the amount of gets needed for the Idol Accel shitpost, probably about 1000+.

>Mikoto wants to dress cute and frilly
>but looks the best in handsome boy clothes
Such is the fate of hotblooded tomboys

Alright r/a/ildex since I've been starved of a new Index Light Novel for too long (I'm not touching Railgun SS's because Misaka bores me) I'm gonna pick up the rest of Kamachi's novels starting with Bloodsign.
Anything I should expect from it? Aside from wanting to kill White Queen or something.

Kyousuke fucks up harder than Aleister does, on a consistent basis. The first two volumes aren't that good though, you can make it user.

New Light guzzles cum when they're not doing magic shit

Is there ever given a price range for how much dark side jobs give?
I'm curious how much money ITEM and the Scavengers burn through.

What would happen if you used a Bust Downer on Mikoto?

I can’t believe Season 3 is fucking happening

Of course. Denialfags know as much as we do that we've won. We have multiple games, multiple spin offs, and an entire To Aru project. With each day, Season 3 draws even closer. And this is only what we know about already, just imagine what the future has in store for us next.

Yes, this is the reason why shitposters are trying so hard lately. They know that they've lost. They know that their power is slipping. They know that they can't contain the hype that grows with each day, that we have broken the cycle of despair that plagued our hearts through sheer force of will. We've won so absolutely, that it's impossible to bring us down at this point. And it scares them. They only know how to be miserable, after all. Of course they are frightened when confronted with unrelenting positivity. Try as they might, they just can't stamp out the optimism that lies at the very core of each and every Raildexfag.

We are Raildexfags. We don't give up. We don't quit. We don't shy away from failure. No, we embrace it, learn from it, and turn it into strength. We will fail a million times to obtain a single success. Look around you. Where is Sarulock? Where is THK, Pig Spammer, or any of the other notorious shitposters of the past? They are gone. Broken. Defeated. Because in the end, they couldn't keep up. They couldn't persevere. Slowly and steadily, our unwavering resolved crushed them underfoot, to the point that they are treated as laughing stocks. They allowed failure to consume them, rather then empower as we have learned to do. The shitposters and denialfags of today will be no different.

With each post, we carve a path to a better tomorrow. With each thread, we evolve into something greater than we were before. With our hands, we mold the future. Let the shitposters try to stop us. Let them experience the bitter taste of failure. We will destroy them as we always have, marching on to victory. Because that is the Raildex way.

Believe it

Pig spammer lurks still though. Although I like to think that he grew up

Ah yes. In the end, we are all Aleister Crowley.

By the end of this year, we’re all going to be watching Season 3. Shitposters can only make a dent during off hours, no way they’ll be able to do anything when it finally airs

It's funny, shitposting used to piss me off before and now it is only a minor annoyance at best. It's so obvious that half the "outrage" is samefaggotry. As if we would seriously be concerned about not having a PV for a few months when we've waited for years just to get an announcement.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to fags like Saru Lock

>Too easy, Shitposters

Aliens are the solution.

She'd be inverted

Kongou is the cutest ojou

They get more obvious as time goes on. I think it's really getting to them that like 90% of the regulars ignore them.

Can you guys imagine the live stream of the first episode? It’s going to be fucking unreal.

If it doesn't air on the weekends, I'll end up missing the streams.

Have consensual, loving sex with Misaki in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation with the lights on while holding hands

Why? Work? Take the one day off user, you don't want to miss such a glorious moment. That's what I'm doing.

I'll already be taking time off for KH3

There’s an announcement date for that shit?

Take 2 days off then

E3 is when they said they'll announce the date, but they said it's coming this year.

>taking just one day off for it

Enshuu soon lads!

I’ll believe it when I see it. They pushed that shit back a million times already

They didn't push it back once. They just didn't start making it until a few years ago

Do you think we can meme HL3 into existence if we shitpost about the headcrab hard enough?

How the fuck do you beat her?

Someone would need to buy the rights at this point to make that happen

Kyousuke Blanco soon

>wanting to have anything white
It’s gonna be Kyousuke Negro



Kongou in Astral Buddy when?

Mikoto is a cute lady of purple lightning

Mikoto is neither cute nor purple.

>the town's unexplored class
Well if you say it suits her then you must be right Misakafag.

t. Divine class pleb

She's a pure maiden compared to the White Slut

Everyone is a pure maiden compared to the White Queen.

Why is she so punchable?

Except Himegami.

Harder on the knights but I don't see how she could beat knight leader or cariss

Why would anyone want to kill someone so perfect?

>silver hair

Anyone got more of these?

What's wrong with Silver hair?

>White Queen
Pick one.

It's always a sign of worst girls. Pic very related.

Or this.

Enough to buy male sex slaves like Hamazura

I want Misaki's eyes in a bottle of formaldehyde.

Will the anime give her her purple lightning back when she goes bonkers or is purple too evil of a color?

When's Bloodsign anime?

After Railgun D.

What do you mean?

Her lightning is described as purple on multiple occasions in the LN

It's mentioned that cyborgs cost alot in terms of maintenance. So Mugino probably burns through alot of money due to her cybernetics.

This is probably why most cyborgs we see are part of the Dark Side, that's the only way to make enough money to afford the upkeep.

Yeah, but it's been consistently white-blue in the anime so I doubt they'll change it now.

Thats why I think it'd be cool if they made it purple for special occasions like her level 6 shift or when she uses the AAA

Should we make more of these to off set potential shitposting in Season 3?

No because shitposters don't care.

I am curious if they'll keep the terrorist scene in OT17 or cut it though. It doesn't really add all that much to the plot so they may cut it to save time. Would be unfortunate though because it's a cool scene of Touma fighting normal dudes.

Judging by JC Staff artwork for 5.1 they’re already doing this

Shitposters will shitpost anyway, but for they would be good for those that are actually curious.

I am ready for all the "can Nuitsaka beat Accelerator" powerlevel threads when Railgun 3 rolls around

Just post Unlucky's chart fifty billion times

She doesn't do shit but sit at home and bake now

The whole point of his chart isn't to say who beats who though, just rough power levels. Kamachi actively shits on power levels whenever he can, so it's more of just a metric

I imagine she's got savings though

Plus isn't it mentioned that Level Fives get huge stipends from the city?

Yeah but the chart lists her as about equal to Base Accel, which seems about right. Her final ball attack thing overpowers IB just like Accelerator's wings do, but Black Wing Accelerator is almost certainly stronger than her overall, so I feel like it's pretty fair. Maybe she should be listed alongside Awakened Kakine, I dunno.

I wonder how fat her ass has gotten from those cakes.

>79 posters
This is such a sad and tiny fanbase

>we'll never know

>caring about IPs

Depending on time of day that means there's a total of about 80-100 people in the West who actually care about this series.

Go ahead and point me to another series that gets as many IPs on a daily basis and also hasn't had an anime in 5 years.

That's pretty average for Cred Forums though. How new?

>Cred Forums is the entire west
>people have to post, they can't lurk
And even if there is only a small western following on here, literally who cares regardless? We trended world wide twice. The series is very obviously popular, no matter how badly you want it not to be.

Man, denialshitters are trying real hard

I was literally just citing statistics, I don't care one way or the other.

I'm surprised they haven't moved on to another series to troll at this point. They have to know that the longer this drags on, the more they are going to get overwhelmed, right?

And I'm saying that your "statistics" are dumb because you are using Cred Forums IPs as a metric for popularity for the entire western world.

Why cite the statistic in here? There's far more dead generals than this one.

Himegi a cute

Why would anyone bother trolling such an insignificant corner of anime fans? If anyone wanted to troll they'd go to a massive fanbase like DB or Fate.

I normally wouldn't carry over a conversation from a previous thread. But this is fucking important.

Accel's wings didn't literally rip off Touma's arm though, he could still pull on them to take Accel off balance. I think it's pretty impossible to accurately judge the power of that black sphere since it was explicitly not Mikoto's power but something from another world that supposedly would destroy more than Academy City.

Too bad Shiagecuck didn't have the balls to finish the job.

Lola a fat.

Do you guys think Noukan will come back somehow this arc? Yuiitsu probably is alive still, and it's pretty obvious the AAA and IT are connected now

I don't pretend to understand the motivations of autists. Regardless, we've been dealing with dedicated spammers and shit posters of multiple varieties for years.

>Tsuchimikado's explanation of an AIM Jammer
These things aren't that powerful. Kakine could manage through them no problem, and his DM body wouldn't be effected, at best he would have difficulty controlling his body and powers but it wouldn't completely negate it.

>Somone's paranoid

>gun control is quite tight

I don't know who you're responding to, but considering what happened with Rikou messed with his AIM field, the most likely scenario is probably a similar occurrence and having whatever Kakine enters the field cut off from the rest of the network. So it'd just create a new Beetle-like situation.

In Japan it is.

I think the whole Kihara family will be resolved at some point. Like, Crowley will use Archetype Controller to free them from their compulsions or something, since it's his fault to begin with. Which won't make them better people, but will let them make their own choices.

What you all need to consider is that Kuroko is setting up to win the tomato

I don't think that's true for academy city.

There are quite a lot of thugs and very little amounts of guns that show up comparatively.

How are you supposed to get a gun in AC? Smuggle it from outside Japan? You still need to abide Japan's customs. Buying one in Japan is pretty much out of question too. And why would AC's restrictions be lower than the rest of Japan in this matter? Literally no one needs a gun in AC. The only ones equipped with weapons are anti-skill and some scientists like Kiharas

Also dark side groups, though most of them work for the city in one form or another, so presumably they can requisition weapons from the same source as Anti-Skill.

Even then, Kakine would just have an army of Beetles bombard the entire area from outside the Jammer's range

Dindu nuffin!

>She doesn't do shit but sit at home and bake now
If I were a family member or a close friend, I'd be pretty worried about such a behavior.

White Queen a best

She wore that shitty yellow outfit. That's already a capital offense, punishable by public execution.

>The whole point of his chart isn't to say who beats who though, just rough power levels.
Rough power levels = who beats who. Just stop trying to make excuses and admit that it's just not very accurate.

Good thing she has neither of those. She could die and Saiai wouldn't give two shits, Rikou would forget she existed and Shiage would cry for all of two seconds.

Not really. Different characters have different affinities against eachother. Umidori would lose against Worst or probably any Sister for example because she's a cyborg.

I'm still wondering if it was because he shoved his entire arm into the thing like a jackass, negated the outer layer, it burst, and then the reforming energy cleaved his arm.

Or maybe you're just retarded and can't understand something a little more nuanced then this person >>>> that person. Where would you put Vento? Do you know exactly how many people have immunity to her power? Or how about Shiage, should we put him above Mugino? I mean he beat her, so obviously that must mean he can easily beat anyone in her relative power scope, amirite?

The chart works like a fighting game match up list. People slightly above have better matchups as a whole over the rest of the cast below, and worse match ups with ones above. This isn't hard set. A low tier in a fighting game can beat a high tier depending on the skill level, interactions, and circumstances, just like To Aru operates.

I don't understand why they stick together when they really should hate one another. And Saiai doesn't give a shit about any of them, so what's in it for her?

They are all friends, they are just too autistic to realize it.

The Power of Hate >>>>>>> Love

Friendshipcucks like you should stick to their shonen series. Now shoo.

Ow the edge

Imagine being so retarded that you think Touma and Hamazura being near the bottom isn't accurate despite their feats

Saiai is gonna catch a cold. Wear some pants girl!

You're totally missing the point. All powerlevels are who beats who, since obviously you are judging their powers when they are trying to win in combat. It doesn't matter that the "who" that you are comparing them to is the lumpsum of all the other characters in the verse, it's still a who beats who chart. The issue is that you are trying to explain away inconsistencies using "it's not a who beats who chart" as an excuse. If Character A is below Character B in the chart, but not only does A beat B 100% of the time, but also does better than B in almost every possible conceivable situation, then your chart is incorrect. Period.

The whole chart is literally some retard's fanfiction

>I've never played rock, paper, scissors in my life

Following this highly flawed logic, what does one do with the 3 MCs? Does the chart suddenly become circular because they all beat the opposite one?

>If Character A is below Character B in the chart, but not only does A beat B 100% of the time, but also does better than B in almost every possible conceivable situation, then your chart is incorrect. Period.
Good thing that never happens then, huh? This isn’t DBS you dumb faggot. Circumstance and match up plays a heavy role in fights.

Nah, you’re just too dumb to think past dragonball level powerscaling

Says the idiot who takes a non-canon powerchart seriously

Touma beats Accel but loses to a dirty hobo with a knife. Where do you put him, retard?

>powerlevelfags once again seething
It never ceases to amaze me how much Kamachi's antics fuck with these guys

That sort of logic doesn't work when everyone has very different sorts of powers. Like, Kuroko for instance could hypothetically beat alot of people above her. It'd be hard as shit and would take specific circumstances but she could do it. It's not like the majority of shonen where stronger characters always get increased durability and shit. Hell, Tsuchi shot Crowley in the back of the head. Anything can happen.

>Thread becomes power-level posting
But why?

I’m not the one that thinks every fight is in a vacuum with equal circumstance and no type match up. Fox is the best in Melee by match up list, go try playing as him against a pro using Kirby and tell me what happens

I find it amusing that deciding the outcome of a fight based on the circumstances of that specific fight and how the abilities involved interact is considered "antics".

>say a bunch of dumb ass shit and assume that there aren’t a million factors in a fight in Index
>”you’re retarded, here is why”

Great, no go back to Cred Forumseddit.

The chart is literally based around the fact that half of the abilities shit on the typical brand of powerlevels where x > y > z so therefore x is always better than z. That’s why it says it’s not a who beats who chart. Stop trying to make this into something it isn’t.

>playing the sucky party game that is Melee at all
You're already the real loser here.

>redditors thinking their cringe matters here

Skill Outs had guns, not shit tier guns either

That's exactly the point I'm getting at. People who try to go in with the shounen manga power mindset can't seem to follow Kamachi or that the chart only exists as a metric

Go ahead and name another fighting game then. The idea is the same. Just because you're playing a high tier character does not mean you will automatically win against anyone that plays a character in a lower tier.

>Yes, this is the reason why shitposters are trying so hard lately. They know that they've lost.

Skill Out had a weird mix of super advanced tech like Komaba's smart gun and then also used shit like slingshots and bats. My assumption is they've managed to steal some stuff from Anti-Skill over time.

I don't care, I was never part of the power-level posting in the first place if you're assuming I'm the same as the other guy who posted before me.

We should make a shitposter power chart

>rock, paper, scissors excuse
Back to this again, huh. Okay, let's see you fabricate a situation where
Pendex > Black Wing Accel
Mugino > Mikoto
Terra is not a joke
Accel > 5.3 Mikoto

Pendex uses a curse
Mugino goes nuclear and one shots Mikoto at the expense of her own life
"Body higher, _____ power lower"
Accel goes white wings and shits on her

Anything else?

...You didn't even really pick any hard ones.

Is one guy the true number one?

Accel Spammer would be the highest

>Black Wing Accel gets punched, Pendex attacks while he's reeling, and gets fucked
>Mikoto is lusting for Touma and Mugino explodes like a nuke right behind her
>Accelerator reflects an attack back at Mikoto after Gunha bum rushes her and distracts her
You're still tackling this with the wrong mindset.

"one guy" should be at the very bottom
he's tried a dozen different forms of shitposting, half of which were spam and none of them really stuck
he makes mikotofags look bad

Well there’s different groups but iirc komaba’s group(or was it the filler one) had guns smuggled in

One guy is literally a self purported meme. It was a joke in a thread, some sperg ran with it, and the "original" one got the glory for some other user forcing it.

Pendex uses a curse, tricks Accel into using magic, or just uses some esoteric bullshit he can't deal with that doesn't have a vector (like maybe that sword that always hits the target perhaps).

Mugino takes body crystal and kills herself to kill Mikoto (which may or may not actually work but it's a shot at least). Or Mikoto is weakened for whatever reason (like she was when they actually fought) and can't attack back effectively.

Terra fights someone who only has one form of attack. Like Mugino, Umidori, Stiyl.

White Wing Accelerator is almost certainly stronger than her anyway so I don't get your point.

I understand the analogy perfectly, and what's more I agree, but still
Why do that to yourself?

>Pendex is too dumb to do any attacks besides shooting a beam at people and gets speedblitzed through her pisspoor reactions, ala NT 19
>Not even a win for Mugino, and has about a 1% chance of getting it off
>Gets wrecked by anyone competent with 2 attacks
>White wing Accel isn't guaranteed a win and besides this is base Accel
Try harder.

I was into melee like 15 years ago because I liked nintendo characters, sue me.

Stacking fights to be 2v1 isn't what this is about, and it doesn't help your case

This one guy was the "doctor chad" tripfag right?

I'm offering scenarios. I'm not Kamachi, I don't know what he plans to do, what all characters can do, or how they clash. That's exactly why the "I beat this character so I'm stronger" can't possibly work here. Otherwise Hamazura would be the strongest MC now, despite the fact that he couldn't even beat Accelerator in the Processor Suit.

You guys are absolutely beyond salvation latent Accelfags.

Would Hamazura actually be genius if he bothered to go to school?

Only in construction and motor cycle school

Man, i'd really love you to explain where Aleister should be ranked. Mr. "I can channel ten times the power of the big bang and tangle with Magic Gods and also got punked by a guy with a pistol."

There's different kind of smarts. He's street smart and good with operating tech but he's evidently not book smart

>Pendex is too dumb
Pendex literally goes for optimal results
>Not even a win for Mugino
It is. You asked for a situation where she could win and I gave it to you.
>Gets wrecked by anyone competent with 2 attacks
Most espers cant into more than one attack
>White wing Accel isn't guaranteed a win
His feat is much more substantial.
>besides this is base Accel
Never specified, but ok. He kicks a rock at her head at mach 50.

I'm sorry you were shut down on an anonymous imageboard. I know you're really trying hard to be right, but you aren't. It's ok, we all do dumb shit every now and then.

That guy was really fucking bad. Probably the Mikoto spammer dude judging by how ineffectual he is.

>it's a delusional Mikotofag that can't follow rock paper scissors
Words can't express how not surprised I am

Or Kamisato. The guy who can take out gods with literally no effort but get fucked up by an old dog. This series is practically built by circumstantial shit.

Yeah, I'm thinking that too.

Well Kamisato's got a special border for a reason. Since his power is all or nothing.

Vento might deserve a special border as well, though she's got some attack capabilities beyond Divine Punishment.

Let's not attach "____"fag to the retard. I think that's what he wants so that he can spin a giant shitfest.

Moving along, do you think Gunha will unlock his full potential soon in the novels? Or atleast partially see whatever Ollerus was alluding to?

I am going to equip this on Kakine when he comes out.

>It's a delusional redditor trying to stir things up again

I've convinced myself that half the people who hate him actually just hate that he Mcguvyer'd the magic gods so quickly




>it's a literal discordfag calling other people redditors

We sort of need a whole volume focused on Gunha. The rest of the Level Fives have gotten alot of focus (aside from the number 6 obviously). We don't necessarily need more backstory, though that would be nice, but he needs more characterization than what he's got.



I think it's mainly the harem. I feel like I'd really like the guy now that his revenge autism calmed down based on his back and forth with Touma.



>all pendex does is shoot beams
Excuse me?

Would actually be pretty good on him all jokes aside

My nen has the properties of both WAVES and PARTICLES

I actually thought that was really cool when he showed up and then began hating him every moment after that. Mostly because he's such a nothing character.

Also this. I hated the whole harem aspect. Sure Touma has one too in a way, but it rarely actually manifests. With Kamisato it's his entire character. Maybe i'd like him more now, I dunno.

>Satania tripfag
I hope you have a long and painful death

>Kakine has a full link with Uiharu

I wish he would get some screentime, but after 40 volumes of basically nothing, I'm not that optimistic anymore

>Pendex does dragon's breath beam
>Stiyl blocks it with Innocentius
>Pendex spends 10 seconds analyzing, then shoots a stronger beam that still gets blocked for a while
>Instead of shooting an attack AROUND Innocentius that can't be blocked
>Instead of using a supposedly super OP curse
"Optimal results"

>Mugino dies = win

>Most espers cant into more than one attack
So you're saying that Terra is equivalent to a level 4 at most, then?

>He kicks a rock at her head at mach 50
Does literally nothing. You do know that 5.3 Mikoto has boatloads of more computational power than base Accel and can teleport, right?

>Being this mad

>You do know that 5.3 Mikoto has boatloads of more computational power than base Accel
Source on this please

I'm assuming his reasoning is

>Mikoto 5.1 has all the Sister's brains
>Base Accel's computational power comes from taking only a bit of power from each individual Sister
>Therefore Mikoto 5.1 has more computational power because she has all of it

So there's that. I don't think that factors into whether or not she'd be able to react to an attack that fast, but Accelerator also I don't think has ever been confirmed to actually fire an attack that fast. Aside from the earth's rotation thing, but I don't think Kamachi understands the relationship between speed and power at all.

The guy is full of shit regardless because the chart lists Mikoto 5.1 and Base Accel as roughly equal anyways.

Relationship diagram from Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On.

>scientific defense
It's shit.

>You do know that 5.3 Mikoto has boatloads of more computational power than base Accel and can teleport, right?
What the hell are you smoking

To add into this, I don't think computational power will help when you have a hole through the back of your head. Not to mention the only attack 5.3 has going for her is the death-ball against Accel, which Accel could probably redirect elsewhere if he tried hard enough depending on if this is present Accel, considering he's added unknown-laws on Aiwass's level and magic into his vector formula's.

And 5.3 Mikoto also seems more like they attack out of a defense-system measure rather than actually fully calculating the battle itself, so Accelerator would have the upper-hand in battle tactics. But it's because we have so little to go off of with 5.3 in the first place so it's not the easiest match-up to discuss.

Man, I wish we get more of casual Index. I'm fucking fed up with her nun outfit

All of Kamachi's science is shit. I wish he'd do more than skim Wikipedia when he tries to come up with sci-fi shit.

They're really going all out today, huh?

Not really, but we also don’t know what it will be like when he releases, that being said right now the top dogs is 5.1 and Miyabi

I think TsuchiAnon's post might have triggered them, since he basically said that they were insignificant and would only be remembered as a joke.

>Accelerator also I don't think has ever been confirmed to actually fire an attack that fast
I don't know know if it was mach 50, but he did kick rocks at Kakine so hard that they melted to nothing after moving a couple millimeters.

Well it's a weird match-up because A. Base Accelerator probably can't have his powers active at the same time as Mikoto 5.3 existing anyways and B. If he could Mikoto could probably jam it. Base Mikoto may actually hypothetically be able to beat base Accel because she could jam his signal (similar to what happened to 10777 when Mikoto jammed the missiles). This ties into how the chart works, since base Accel is obviously far stronger than base Mikoto but it could be a bad match-up for him.

Accelerator may not have done it in the series, but if we factor in how his vector manipulation works, he should easily be able to pull off a feat like that without much effort if we're to go out-of-bounds of the series feats.

Would Kakine enjoy this ?
If you count them as sacrifices

Didn't Accelerator install an anti-jammer in his modified crutch after OT15? I can't remember the specifics of how he modified his crutch but I seem to remember him installing a fail-safe for jammers. I could be wrong though.



Defense stickers are a waste, full damage or nothing.

Good point.

He did, but i’m not sure it can handle that level of output. Plus he needs a moment to adjust it so it’s not a perfect system.


>He called us desparate?
>Better act desperate, that will show him!
I'm still not convinced this isn't all an elaborate comedy act.

>he doesn't self insert as kamijou

I really can't figure who'd I'll fantasize killing with a baseball bat

Poor glasscannonfag

How does that even work? You can't un-jam wide scale EMP

I self insert as Othinus' hat

IIRC, it sends out counteracting waves along the same frequency to cancel them out. It’s a real concept in ECM, though I doubt the cane can keep up with Mikoto.

>can teleport
Am I a speed reader? When did she do that?

The guy is critically retarded

This event. Some have called it teleportation because it looks similar to how Fuyukawa draws Kuroko teleporting. Could also just be her moving through magnetism though. Hard to tell in a drawn format.

He's right though, she has some sort of ride the lightning ability

I figured she quite literally rode the lightning. Not quite as fast as teleporting and little easier to react to, but still fast as hell.

Judging from the game, it’s not true teleportation just moving through electricity

Like I said, hard to tell. It certainly looks like the same effect (here's an image of teleportation from the same chapter), but it could also just be a way of drawing very fast movement. Doesn't help she never does it again, so there's little way to tell.

Inspirational, but also correct.
We were plagued by THK before? Who the fuck is Sarulock?

Electrical effect when she’s does it

I don't know about your autistic argument, but why are Misaki and Mitori so pretty R/a/ildex?

Because Fuyukawa drew porn

Figures. Tosh literally carries SnS by himself.

Begrudgingly, I'll admit its Impressive, that ability puts her speed magnitudes above any esper.
She had become the fastest esper in her few moments as something beyond level 5

Isn't this the first official one we've ever gotten? Hoping for a HQ scan one of these days

Pendex used a bunch of spells in the touma and stiyl fights. How would accel get around that barrier from OT 1?

The guy who started the
Is this a newfag thing?Shitposting

>Accelerator ignored Kakine’s words and stomped on the gravel road, and then kicked the rocks that were sent flying up using a karate kick.

>A loud explosion rang out. The vectors of the pebbles were changed and fired off faster than a Railgun, but vanished after a few millimeters. However, the pressure waves did not vanish, and the
attack felt as if it would tear the very air apart. But, Kakine also put strength into his wings and scattered the attack. The waves of attacks between the two clashes against one another, sent a tsunami of air throughout their surroundings and blew streetlights
and advertisement signs into the air.

All it said was that the pebble attack was 'faster than a Railgun', meaning at least more than Mach 3. Side note, would ANY of base Accel's ranged attacks work against Kakine? It seems like Kakine would either tank, dodge or counter any of them. Maybe the plasma bomb or the 5 minutes of the earth's rotational energy might be too much for Kakine, but I still have my doubts.

There's nothing indicating Kakine could handle either of those. They just both have too much set-up time for Accel to use against an opponent who can hurt him.

Overall Base Kakine was honestly pretty underwhelming as far as his powers went. DM Kakine is awesome, but he didn't do much that was all that impressive as a human. He beat Mugino, but that was off-screen so there's not much to say about it.

>He beat Mugino
So, like everyone that has ever fought her? Mugino has zero wins against named opponent, holy shit.

4 is the worst number after all

Not true

She has won against Frenda.

She beat Yobou. Granted he only got a name way later, but still.

Honestly i'd rather have his power than hers, seems way more useful.

>her only victory over a named opponent was a level 0
>that was also her teammate
>wasn't even detailed in text
You cannot make this shit up.

Yeah, Yobou was named only until much later. I don't even remember if he's supposed to be alive right now.

He’s long dead, I don’t know what you mean by that

Ideally, its supposed to be even moreso in academy City. But I think a lot of crime is left to run rampant deliberately.
Skill Out seems to struggle to get anything better than handguns in this city. Komaba had good shit, but even that was probably stolen or scrapped from AC's equipment illegally.

>level 0

Rakko's a level 0. Her tracking skill is supposed to be natural. I guess like the ninjas?

Or I dunno, maybe she's like Tsuchi and her Level 0 power actually does something.

I thought Rakko's ability was her sense of smell? Like, she can track you down like a bloodhound.

That’s just her being a long lost cousin of Touma and Saten

Didn't he easily blow up a facility the size of a warehouse and in turn, have all the glass windows in the vicinity break apart? Not only that but he survived the explosion he created at point blank. There are also multiple instances of him surviving attacks that would normally tear, injure and blow apart a normal human being. It's hard to place him on a scale cause he doesn't do much, but the forces he could potentially produce (since he's often pitted against Accel) go way beyond city level, perhaps even island level. His wings can casually flap with the force to uproot trees as well.
Dark Matter is dangerously versatile, with new applications being revealed for it when Kakine makes appearances (creation of organic materials, conversion of regular materials to Dark Matter, Networking, Residual thought reading). It's super surprising that Accelerator with his Vector control surpasses him, when Dark Matter in many instances proves itself to be an inherently superior power in nearly all forms

Touma taking revenge for Rakko death, when?

Yeah, but she's listed as a Level 0.

What if you plugged the AAA into a Rensa?

Where was it ever stated that Frenda had any esper ability in canon? Her living in AC means she probably underwent power curriculum, but if she never displayed or was stated to have any special power, then that means she was a level 0.

Plug it where user?

Imagine Accelerator using an AAA, Kakine using an AAA, just read the story for Misaka, and Imagine Mugino using an AAA. Now imagine all of them riding into one thing

Level 5 GATTAI?

I always found it suspicious that Frenda could carry so many bombs with her without attracting attention. I believe her esper power is a form of hammerspace

Is there evidence that Frenda is an esper at all?

How does Touma handle revenge anyway? His thing seems to be punching someone because they are threatening to kill someone. If someone kills someone, succeeds, and then stops, he'll let it go, as weird as that is.

I want to see Last Order get cucked!

I'm not sure he's ever been in that sort of situation. I think he'd still try and beat them up.

>How does Touma handle revenge anyway?
Pretty aggressively in virtual on, but you push the biri button at your own peril. Who knows if it was some random fag.

Misaki would form the head? Should that be Accelerator? Gattai mechas always have the most aggressive pilots forming the arms though.

Then 'Kamijou Touma' would truly be best girl
Though it might act like a wild animal at first and try to rape Misaka


Reminder that it's only a matter of sooner or later.

I want to see Kuroko get cucked...Oh wait! Never mind, I want to see her get cucked again.

Misaki is the head, Mikoto is the right arm, Mugino is the left arm, Accelerator and Kakine are the legs and Gunha is the heart.

I guess this is what they mean by Karma. Trying to screw over you onee-sama's chance at love and get cucked yourself.