She's mugging you, user

She's mugging you, user...
What are you gonna do?

give her my dick instead



yea i put my sauce on her every night



Fuck off and learn how to use reverse image search

WHAT PHONE never had a damm mobile in my life!

LMAO, normies gtfo
Relife your life dude...


Your next line is "I was only pretending to be retarded"

>follow series religiously when it came out
>blonde guy develops crush on redhead
>they become couple
>stopped reading when the drama hit
>fast forward to now
>read last 5 chapters
>liking it

really contemplating whether to read the chapters I skipped or not.


Secondarie couple drama is boring and adds nothing to the plot
Feel free to skip them

They started the secondary couple thing and cracked friendship between Hishiron/redhead/girlwith 2 guy friends subplots at ch 75 or so, correct? Meaning I skipped 100 chapters at most. Are those 100 chapters substantial?

i think you can go from the fireworks scene onward

yandex ru

I was on.. Nani!?

Am I?

What? Is she a lesbian?

Adult Hishiro is ugly


you take that back faggot

How does one live with such shit taste?