Hate dealing with shitty english dubs

>hate dealing with shitty english dubs
>also hate reading subtitles and can barely keep up without missing either words or animation the whole time
what the fuck do I do
I honestly try but my ability to not have to stare at the bottom of the screen the whole time doesn't get any better and it really takes me out of it

SHows don't have enough animation to justify it being a problem, the only things you're missing out on is seeing mouths flap

learn japanese

How did you even get into anime in the first place?

THIS learn gook you mongoloid

Learn Japanese.

try to watch on tv, you see the entire screen from far away so you dont have to focus on the bottom to read the subtitles because you can read them anyways
at least thats how it is in my case

learn dragon

watch more anime

just rewatch it and then you dont need to read the subs because you know what happens already

this isn't true and you know it
there's plenty of small visual gags that I'll end up missing entirely sometimes cause I was trying to catch up on a certain line and it's really upsetting
I will fully admit I'm too stupid and unmotivated to learn a second language so this isn't an option
I used to be a dubfag until I realized that I was justifying shitty voices and scripts a lot of the time and that my autism over judging the VA/translation quality distracted me from the show itself and was severely hindering my enjoyment, so I dropped dubs almost entirely


I already do this though and it makes it worse, I'm constantly rewinding clips and pausing to try and catch everything and ruining the flow of whatever I'm watching severely
rewatching the whole thing over again would just make me depressed that I'm so incapable of paying attention that there's no difference between me watching something once or not at all

Tohru has a cute EN voice though, that dub being bad was 100% on the radfem scriptwriter.

>I will fully admit I'm too stupid and unmotivated to learn a second language so this isn't an option

>too stupid
No one is too stupid to learn things.
Don't expect to be fluent in 3 years.

You also can't learn nip only from reading subs. Sure it's useful for brushing up on vocabulary, but to actually learn the language you'll have to take actual classes.

learn basic moon
thats what all animus talk in anyways
its really simple

>waah i can't deal with dubs
>waah i can't deal with subs

Stop watching anime.

I am absolutely too stupid, my memory is awful and I have no drive to learn or put effort into something
you saying don't expect to be fluent in 3 years makes me even less motivated, I can't even hold my attention properly for a 24 minute anime episode
classes of any kind are the last thing I want to deal with too, I swear I'm being as genuine as I can here
and do what instead?

Read a book nigger

Catch up

why aim to fluency if you aren't going to speak in Japanese?

Talk to women? I don't know.

you can't separate the good from the bad, you have to take it all
that whole incident was actually what pushed me away from dubs entirely


It's weird. Funi has made both some of the worst and some of the best dubs there are. You got Prison School and Dragon Maid and HajiGal, sure, but on the other hand you got FMAB and Space Dandy and Kekkai Sensen. Maybe I just have trouble letting go of the past? I don't know but I still "taste test" them sometimes.

I'm filthy ESL and I have no trouble keeping up with english subtitles and watching screen.
Get on my level scrub.

that's my whole problem though, the "taste testing" type of shit consumes me to the point where my genuine enjoyment of the actual show and it's material almost always gets snuffed out
when I realized I was trying to justify blatant feminist agenda pushing cause I loved dragon maid and wanted to like the dub I just gave up

there's no situation where I start watching a show in japanese and autistically worry about the quality of the voice acting or feel disconnected from other people discussing it

I'm not going to bother watching a dub of anything new ever again

>literally too dumb to watch anime

Everyone, say it with me!


english is my native language you shitposting faggot
fuck off

dont make me call the anti-bully ranger

Kill yourself immediately. We don't need more seasonal-only ironic weebs who are legitimately too slow for subtitles running around this board.

how does genuinely liking something make me ironic
quit spouting that stupid fucking word every time you don't like something

I don't understand complaints like OP's.
English isn't my native language and I have no issue with subtitles.

>not knowing Japanese
Will you fucking 出来ない ever learn...

I explained it very clearly, I don't see what's so hard to understand about different people being different

You said you're too stupid to follow a story.

this, or read manga instead

that's not what I said, I said I have trouble keeping up with subtitles and not missing things
that's also true but the point remains it's very simple so I don't know what you're having trouble understanding
I don't like reading, I want to watch stuff

gosh you're like a baby, i wanna this, i want that but i don't want to give anything in return, are you 12 or something

>I'm a baby cause I want to watch anime
what the fuck does that make you then?

>I don't know what you're having trouble understanding
How pausing for a literal second doesn't void both these issues.

This is not a board for giving advice. Leave.

>and do what instead?
Read manga. You can go at your own pace and there's more variety.

I already addressed that here

Read faster or at least try and have an IQ above 70.

you're a baby because all you do is whine and wait for someone to give you perfect solution, we already gave you plenty of advice you fucking mongoloid waste of oxygen now leave, also
>i don't like reading
maybe you should start because your reading comprehension is below fucking second grade of elementary school

I know. That's why I said

speak for yourself you shitposting cunt

obviously i am not speaking on behalf of retards like you since you are incapable of actually giving decent advice

well can't you understand how being forced to pause a show constantly to read subtitles would sabotage the flow severely and be upsetting to me? or feeling like I have to watch something twice over?

>well can't you understand how not understanding the story either way would sabotage the flow severely and be upsetting to me? or feeling like I have to watch something twice over?