Holyshit, KyoAni are geniuses!

Holyshit, KyoAni are geniuses!

more like penuses

>guy hate girls because they bitches and whores
>meet Violet
>she leave
>B-But I may meet her again one day!

Fucking retard

They've found a way to consistently make trash anime while being lauded as great?


There's more to it, with Violet mirroring the kind of job his dad had and the decision she'd hypothetically made being similar to what his mom did. But yeah the end result of him becoming such a fanboy at the end was kinda dumb and over the top.

Absolute genius.

It's the little details that make this anime great.

This episode was probably the best example of visual storytelling ever since Hyouka.

Don't you fucking dare compare this turd with Hyouka.

This episode literally mirrors the same techniques they use in ep 1 of Hyouka though?

Episode 1 has the worst mystery in the entire show, even worse than the one where Chitanda forgot what got her mad.


>Fucking retard
How else are the viewers gonna self insert?

t. freshman film school student

So the light and dark contrast is what you're calling genius? Have you watched more than 2 anime in your life? That shit is everywhere.


Of course it does have some differences though. In Hyouka, Chitanda was more active in her role in changing Oreki. So, she is seen more aggressively putting Oreki into the light. Unlike Violet who had a more passive role, and it was shown by Leon chasing Violet into the light here.

Another difference would be the sunset vs sunrise. In Leon's case it was a sunrise because it's a start of a new life. He has a clear goal of what he wants to be. He wants to follow his father's footsteps. Oreki on the other hand, at the end of the first episode had 0 idea what he wants to be. All you are told was that he is going to change because of Chitanda. So, a sunset was more appropriate since it symbolizes the death of his energy conservationist lifestyle.

You're embarrassing yourself my friend, none of these are impressive in the least and Kyoani's visual direction game is so bad I wouldn't be surprised if none of these were intentional.

Forgot the picture.

It's the little things like this that makes rewatching episodes of this an absolute must.

Wow so deep.

I'm OK with this.
Hyouka was something that I believe everyone on the studio collaborated on, it's only after that that the each director's personal style emerged. Yeah not exactly worked together, but only after that show is it's obvious Yamada is interested in adolescent/growing up things and Ishihara likes to put one crossdressing boy scene in.

emmm user, this is not what kyoani always does? I don't think it has merit. Don't get me wrong it's nice but not surprising. Anyway violet show is souless, the worst job that kyoani has done recently. Hyoka was much better and a lot more attention to detail. Hibike was more similar to Hyouka than Violet in every aspect.

I actually think the visual quality and animation of Hibike was much better than Violet so far.

Hyoka, half of it nothing much happens.

Too bad it focused on lesbian shit. Tamako Love Story remains the last time I enjoyed a KyoAni work.

How many kyoani animes have you seen? Just Hyouka, right?

I wish Kyoani shows had some speculation and complex symbolism like in Franxx, they make the threads more fun. The only discussion Violet gets is about the appalling worldbuilding

What the fuck he's flying.

I bet that guys fucking Leon boypussy everday.


Kyoani used to be so fun back in the day. It's same with most studios. they stop doing crazy stuff after things settle down and brand recognition is gained(same happened for ufotable and shaft) . They lose focus from what actually made them well loved in first place. I fucking hate post hyouka kyoani and their trashy LN adaptations. I don’t know who they are pandering their stuff to these days but they sure changed too much for worse during all these years. Whose fucking idea was it to make KAesuma for getting content for anime? It's not plausible at all to get good stuff. They should've just hired some top writers like romeo tanaka or bought the adaptation rights for some good stuff like they did for hibike. This whole LN contest is not working at all.

Of course, by far. Hibike is rich in details with really good direction, on the other hand Violet is empty and souless with pretty animation and dream-like atmosphere but empty to the inside. Direction is not poor but nothing unique, just accomplish the kyoani standards. Not to mention that Hibike had very much better sound direction.

So much claims. Such little proof. But I guess when you are baiting you don't need to back anything up.

>complex symbolism like in Franxx
They have, Hibike for example have a lot. Violet is not the case thought.


KyoAnus was never good you niwaka.

>But yeah the end result of him becoming such a fanboy at the end was kinda dumb and over the top.
He fell in love on first sight. It is simple as that. (though anime omited the confession part).

He hates and despises women, because "mother" and looks down on "love" itself considering it illness. However, he is still just a teen and thus regardless of his will affected by same things all people do - seeing Violet for first time, he is struck.

He realizes that he feel for her, but feels conflicted and finds his feelings irrational and tries to fight them thinking he'll not get lured as other teenage idiots.

What makes him change is seeing how hard working Violet is, and scene in Library revealing she is an orphan too, only learned how to write recently and overall very similar to him - including incompetence expressing himself.

So he, while still denying the feeling of love, warms up to her seeing her not as enemy, but comrade with similar circumstances.

Later, at Night scene she helps him talk about his past and push him slightly to overcome it, making him realize he does not hate, but care about his mother.

Thus in the end he realizes he cares about Violet too, admits his feelings, makes dedication to move on and start a new life and confesses to Violet in the end (to be rejected, but getting a promise to watch the stars again someday later.and he does)

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

>little proof
Watch the show user. It's too obvious. I said Hibike because direction subject but even Maid Dragon with a less audacious direction is better than Violet and have much more charm. I'm talking only about recent series but for example Keion was by far more impressive in almost every aspect than Violet too.

>F-Find it yourself!
What an absolutely expected response.

Please, don't insult Hyouka

Ishidate please leave kyoani

This fucking fanbase

>Gets called out
>This fucking fanbase!

I have a feeling youre a falseflagger making the already small and hated veg fanbase look even worse.

If you say so. I just find it amusing that you make claims you literally can't back up without saying "F-Find the proof yourself!"

It's pretty cute.

Why is it cute? And if youre OP i dont see you explaining whats so genius about the screenshots you have been posting

but its already well-established that kyoani are the masters of visual direction

It's cute because it shows how underaged you are. btw, you need to be 18 to post here you know

Well established by whom?

I'm a VEGfan but I seriously don't think VEG is better than Hyouka in any account. It's KyoAni stepping outside their comfort zone.

SoraYori actually has the best visual direction of the season

That nose just looks ugly, no wonder they stuck with dot noses

Yep, I think so too.

More like HyoukaZZZ.

Comparing this turd to another turd? Why not?

is this a reference to the black narcissus

has anyone noticed that all the good episodes are directed by men

i mean relatively good btw

We have yamada on episode 5 but you're pretty much on the money

i hated all the characters in it, it was shit

Oh so you haven't seen episode 5 or any of the episodes. Nice to know.

If you say it. This is bait, right? This thread can't be sustained on its own so... shitposting is the way....

episode 5 was the one with the princess right

i hated all the characters in it, it was shit
i said relatively good, i don't think any VEG episodes are actually good

>score: 8.39

i absolutely LOVE kumi

Isn't this basic visual storytelling? What part of that is genius?

I swear you people have to be falseflagging, either that or kyoanifags are genuinely mentally retarded. Nothing about these are a cut beyond sub par, it's all super generic, static boring shit and doesn't emote anything that isn't explicitly shown/stated, if you think this is good then you're genuinely incompetent..

>complex symbolism

Funny joke.


benedict is supposedly only a bit taller than violet, yet in the show he towers her

I blame the heels.


Factually incorrect.
You faggots need to stop being so pathetic and get off that hate train. It's like none of you were around when muh hyouzzzzz was airing.

Not this user but incorrect my ass. Is this video supposed to be your acclaimed spectacular visual quality? This scene was good and one of the few that had strength even so it this is not enough to compete. But not only with Hibike but with the vast majority of their works. Are you new? I'm a kyoanifag and I can't defend Violet. Not a bad show but Violet is average, just a bit above than Kyokai.

We're talking animation and visual quality here bud. If you can't see the big gap between VEG and their previous works you're beyond saving.
And I'm a kyoanifag that is in love with this show and its story just as I was in love with Hibike and its story by episode 5.

Holyshit, KyoAnus are geniies!

I wouldn't say it's complex in franxx, but it's far better and more well done, the point of good symbolism is to imply/tell the audience things not already explicitly conveyed through dialogue or facial expressions.
It tells us things about the world and characters that isn't so obvious, it makes us think.

Pic related is a great example of just solid visual symbolism, and violet really has non of that.

It's because Hibike backgrounds were based on real photos of real places, so the detail was great. I liked it more too, but Violet is still very nice.

Jesus Christ, I hope this is bait.

I'm starting to believe Franxx fans are legit intellectually impaired. You people spent an entire week obsessing over simple spider symbolism only to have the obvious plot armor outcome happen instead.

>tries to make a point about FranXX
>picks shit from the absolute weakest FranXX episode in terms of visual storytelling
You fucking dolt.

Why does the outermost wave not disturb the cloud reflection on the left?

It does.

>animation and visual quality here bud
Me too user, me too... If you don't know about visual quality please, calm yourself.
Wet clothes =/= quality.
1. Detail on the characters but blurry backgrounds (it's a constant, less episode 5).
2. Detail on the characters aren't impressive
after all. Just slight more detailed than Hibike.
3. Nothing happens on the backgrounds. Always blurry (the bokeh use is excessive. I like bokeh but I'm starting to hate it).The characters that sometimes come out of the background, are static background.

At the end of the day all the detail they put in goes in the characters and this is not so unusual for them.

I don't know who you want to fool. I'm a kyoanifag but I'm in love with their good works. Violet (for the time being) is average.

I don't like the premise in franxx and I dropped this anime but yes, you're right, Darling is better in direction and visual storytelling. By far more powerful than Violet. For me this is sad because I had good expectations in Violet.

I really don't understand why you have to lie like this.
Hibike was also filled with DoF, Boke, static backgrounds and the Orton Effect when backgrounds were important to convey a feeling or idea.

And no, the detail is not just slightly above Hibike. It's far ahead above it.
Again, why tell such blatant lies?

> based on real photos of real places
This is not an excuse. Backgrounds aren't the only problem with Violet. I don't hate the show or anything, but let's be fair, Kyoani did a better job on Hibike, they put more love and sore dake.

Whats with all the ugly filters

And with this, I feel that my point has been made.

Why do they have mecha girls but still use type writers?

Yeah, kindly go fuck yourself.

The characters in VEG are more detailed at the expense of less movement. That's not a trade-off I appreciate.

The difference is that all that is put to better use in Hibike compared to VEG. You can do something well, or you can do something poorly. Using the same technique in different works doesn't always have the same effect. People aren't complaining about the fact that VEG uses certain photography techniques, but that VEG is using them poorly.

Welcome to Cred Forums 2018 where Kyoani's lastest works are considered better than their older ones by newfags and crossboarders, studio wars are allowed and discussed and generals are flooding the board.

There's not much movement during simple conversations. Thankfully the facial expressions the characters make are just as good if not better than what is found on previous works.

Nope. The fact that this post is not bait says a lot about the people judging VEG's visual direction.
It's so biased it hurts.

They've honestly mastered the art at doing this.

First you get carried over by people hyping an episodic drama as something that is not an episodic drama, then you get carried over by the inevitable hate train caused by it being an episodic drama.
You people are truly something else, I wonder if there's a word for this kind of behavior in the dementia section of psychiatry books.

> Thankfully the facial expressions the characters make are just as good if not better than what is found on previous works.

Again, Hibike was above in body expression, Hyouka, Keion, Tamako love story too. In Violet sometimes it feels forced, not in your example, thought. And as you say, it's nothing new for kyoani.

I really don't know what you are trying to justify, but we are more than 2 people here thinking alike and discussing this theme with you. I don't care if you don't want to see it, but I think more or less the same than this user I don't know if I would describe it as poor rather than empty.

Violet evergarden is souless.

VEG has the same level of body expression, from the subtle during conversations, to the more obvious during emotionally stressing moments.
It also uses the same techniques to convey a character's mindset, like not showing a character's face when he/she is nervous and is avoiding eye contact with another character. This is standard kyoto animation, it gets the message across perfectly if you're paying attention.

Calling it souless, empty and poor without explaining what exactly is mismatched is just a cheap cop out.

Franxx animation un episode 6 was actually movie quality. The sakuga in this show so far is very tame

See This user explained this before.
For me, Violet not convey the emotions in the same way destipe using the same technique. Direction, storytelling, writing, voice acting can be the fault or maybe the technique here not work well. Or just they not put in the same love or the same talent.
And anyway Violet is far from being rich. Only rich in details such hairstyle, clothes and objects and nothing more. From I can see you're being tricked for this. I'm glad that you can enjoy the same Violet as other previous best works from them. I'm not.

Neither of you can describe the problem, you're being awfully vague for something as simple as the standard kyoani direction.
If your problem are the episodic characters then say it, don't pin it on the visuals because clearly neither of you know what the hell you're talking about.

I don't get what's so impressive about VEG animation and detail, aside from the hair everything seen so far is standard Kyoani.

Fell asleep watching Hyouka and it was still better than Violet Evershit.

Clothes and surprisingly, shadows. VEG has more than one tone of shadow and uses colored shadows in a similar fashion to that of Garden of Words.

You're posting genga from the CM, which had way more detail and sakuga than the anime itself.

Right, I just couldn't find genga for her regular dress for the anime besides this one. Anyway, even the eyes got a big upgrade. More lines, more shades and a detailed eyelash to boot.

And this is without going into those super close shots of the eyes where you get to see the autistically detailed iris, something that not even Koe no Katachi beats.

Sorry m8, I won't be watching this anime until they clean the projectors or the acetates for the final production.

Fucking cataracts.

That Iris detail during close ups seems to be digitally made to be honest. But judging by that screenshot alone, Hibike eyes seem to have more highlights and the lower shade looks more interesting than Violet's, Violet eyes look similar to Chuu2's. I personally don't see that much difference in technical detail aside from the eyelashes.

Hibike eyes are rather unique because they have that jelly look to them and a light green reflection at the top. What I really enjoy about VEG eyes is the lighter shade that surrounds the pupil, it really brings it into focus.
And I think the eyes are more similar to KnK.

I don't know either. OP being autistic at the point of no return.

this shit is pretty boring.
should have hired okada mari.

is she ok?

Kyoani directors tend to look like amateurs whenever a show with good direction and cinematography airs, this season we have Franxx and SoraYori, there's also KoiAme but to a less extent. Franxx and SoraYori are just on another level.

>The eyes got a big upgrade. More lines, more shades and a detailed eyelash to boot.

Aha... showing the two captures you are saying everything. I don't think you need to explain anything more.
>More lines
You mean the 10 lines that are inside the eye? This is called style, not more detailed ... The eyes are equally detailed. Actually now that I see it, I did not think that the eyes were so similar. Only a couple of details have been changed

At this point I do not know if you're trying to tease us or what. This is as if I show you a blue frame and I tell you it's green.

>Kyoani directors tend to look like amateurs whenever a show with good direction and cinematography airs

>Franxx and SoraYori are just on another level.

So, you've never seen a genga huh. Some styles are also more detailed than others, it's that simple you brainlet.

If only the writing was better

The only Kyoani director with any semblance of style is Yamada and it's honestly very shallow. Let me rephrase this, Anime directors tend to look like amateurs whenever a show with good direction and cinematography airs.

Ishihara is great. Better than Yamada.

>t. impressionable

I've been noticing how more and more talented directors and animators come out in the industry as Kyoani remains stagnant. Being so isolated from the rest of the industry doesn't help them grow. Every year productions that rival or even surpass Kyoani's staple consistency come out.

I'm flipping with you.

>Has more than one tone of shadow
As opposed to the color you have below. Shadows always work like that, only here they have color. This is just a style matter no detail. The style is cool thought but this doesn't make a show have a soul.

>similar fashion to that of Garden of Word
As you say, the same style used in kotonoha no niwa, so that't can be surprising when it has been done before. This is pretty but not surprising.

>get impressed by impressive things is bad

The absolute state of VEGfags, go get your eyes checked.

>it's impressive
There's your problem.

Franxx legitimately has better visual direction. How Kyoani managed to drop the ball this hard is beyond me.

>says the one getting impressed by instagram filters

WEW lad.

Has VEG even shown this level of sakuga?

Most Trigger shows have better visual direction than pretty much any Kyoani show. Franxx not only looks pretty, which is something Kyoani used to be better at, but the cinematography is as always top notch.

Saying this is stupid because they are a small animation studio and the rest, well, it's the whole rest. It's like saying 10 people against the whole world and the world has a hard time fighting those 10 people.

Stating this you only bring up how really good they are.

Anyone have webm of this, it was short, but look really nice.

My point is that Kyoani keeps using the same directors, the same animation directors and the same art directors in their shows, these same people teach their new hires so in turn they develop the same old Kyoani style. Being a junior in a company that hires the best freelancers in the industry means you'll be able to learn from different perspectives and styles. Trigger is a much smaller studio than Kyoani but through their connections in the industry they manage to get amazing directors and animators for their projects.

Pretty much every shot of her moving metal hands is more sakuga.

No they aren't. They aren't even good.

>Most Trigger shows have better visual direction
It's not.
And Darling being mostly made by A1.

We already have here the franxxfags to say stupid things. Can you go to your container thread to comment your beloved serie, or is that you have nothing more to comment in?


Except "10 vs. 10 billion" is an absolutely retarded comparison when talking about anime studios.

Sadly those cuts last like 2 seconds each and half of them have no animation, like in the first episode when she first takes her bandages off and there's a solid 3 seconds shot of her static hand in the middle of the frame.

As short as they might be, they require far more skill and time to make. Doing her metal parts by hand, reflections included, is so stupidly difficult that I honestly don't understand why they didn't go with CG like the typewriters.
Regardless, once you know what's required to make them they become far more impressive than a few seconds of flashy blocks.

But yes, it's sad that they are short.

My point is that Kyoani keeps using the same directors, the same animation directors and the same art directors in their shows, these same people teach their new hires so in turn they develop the same old Kyoani style.
>Nothing wrong with this. They are a small studio with their own style.

>Trigger is a much smaller studio than Kyoani but through their connections in the industry they manage to get amazing directors and animators for their projects.
Pardon? Don't mix or say things that aren't true. Trigger is the same, small studio with their own style. Franxx is just a collaboration with A1 and a lot of producers. More companies = more money = more people = more everything.
Saying that Franxx is from Trigger is like saying that the iPhone screens are made by Apple.

And ask yourself why Trigger has had to enter into such a collaboration in the first place.

>My point is that Kyoani keeps using the same directors, the same animation directors and the same art directors in their shows, these same people teach their new hires so in turn they develop the same old Kyoani style.
Nothing wrong with this. They are a small studio with their own style.

>Trigger is a much smaller studio than Kyoani but through their connections in the industry they manage to get amazing directors and animators for their projects.
Pardon? Don't mix or say things that aren't true. Trigger is the same, small studio with their own style. Franxx is just a collaboration with A1 and a lot of producers. More companies = more money = more people = more everything.
Saying that Franxx is from Trigger is like saying that the iPhone screens are made by Apple.

And ask yourself why Trigger has had to enter into such a collaboration in the first place.

Return to your container decreased subsider.

>48 posters in this thread.
I really pity Veg fans. Shitposters damaged your threads beyond repair. At least they attack Franxx now

Will there be any major twist in the show? Most episodes are just OK but I feel there's nothing to look forward to. From what I've heard from novelfags they're really playing down the whole Violet being some kind of deity and all the chuuni and rape shit. We already know Gilbert is alive even without the need for spoilers since he appears in one of the trailers with an eye-patch, and even if that was the twist I don't think they've earned it since we've only seen like 4 scenes with him and Violet together and they weren't particularly emotional or anything.

There's plenty of movement you fucking retard. See and stop making up shitty lies you pathetic individual.

That's episode one my man, this last episode barely had anything going on

Really, it was necessary to spoil? Certainly the VEG threads are the WORST.

OP please stop embarrassing yourself already.
Not this user but this is true. VEG are more detailed in hair, clothes and hand at the expense of less movement and less background characters.

Spoil what? Gilbert? he's in the fucking trailer

>tfw a 5 second post-credit fight in Violet Evergarden episode 1 is better directed, choreographed, and animated than a climax fight scene from FranXX.
Feelsbad to be a triggernigger senpai.

user I love this show but overall it does have less movement.

That's not the climax fight scene, and that scene in Violet was pretty bland, with the first part being shot in a static wide angle and the rest just being close ups, now look at this, the camera rotating and zooming with the action. Kyoani just doesn't compare to Trigger when it comes to fight scenes.

I'm not the op you dumbass. Here you go just look at the detail in this image, its not just in the characters. So stop being a lying piece of shit

>Franxx and SoraYori are just on another level
How are you this fucking delusional? Franxx is a disaster and sora yori is just plain trash.
>there's also KoiAme but to a less extent
Piss off you stupid bastard koiame is far better than franxx and yori in terms of direction and cinematography. Where do you come up with this bullshit?

Shitty CG is shitty CG. Trigger seems to have a poor sense of direction when the Klaxosaur is supposed to be a hoard but you see them defeating them one by one. Not only that, but outside of the Strelizia, every fight is just mech on skates fighting something that looks like it came out of TTGL. Darling is the literal definition of generic. It's got nothing to make it unique.

stop lying

What's this shot supposed to be telling me?

Look, I'm not saying it's bad. As previously pointed out ITT, there's no need for excessive movement during conversations.

That these girls are actually human and have bonds and they are about to go out there and probably die.

You got all that from an ass shot huh? How about this one?

Shh, just make a slideshow of the scene, I am half mast now.

So it's just a way to turn on weebs then? Glad we are on the same page. Now, tell me what this scene in the conversation between Ichigo and Goro accomplishes?

Are you new to Trigger/Gainax shows? They hide their complexity and themes behind fanservice and rule of cool

To be fair, I've also masturbated to and .

>people actually falling for the 1080p meme

FanXXfags and VEGfaggs should off themselves.

Replace Hiro with the 1000 other dense harem protags and you probably wouldn't even notice the difference.

>he doesn't know kyoani is native 1080p

Put Rei in the place of Vioretto and tell me how it changes EVERYTHING.

Hyouka is fucking garbage and has a retarded plot

Man, this show, it is like I'm watching it inside a bar. Or rather, like there is a pack of smokers following Violet everywhere she goes.

Violet is more human than Rei. But I wouldn't be surprised if you don't know the difference since you haven't seen either EVA or Violet Evergarden.

He might be somewhat generic. But he is nothing like dense harem protagonist.

They are bot as autistic, stop pretending you pretentious anime is not pretentious.

I can't tell if you're literally this stupid and have discovered babby's first symbolism and are trying way too fucking hard, or if this is another false flag.

is it boy or girl on the left?

Sorry m8, I can only see vioretto in there. Fucken cataracts.

>Girl A is the childhood friend
>Girl B is the new, quirky transfer student
>Harem protag is too dense to realize childhood friend has been in love with him the whole time.
Dunno about that one. FranXX is just your generic harem trash with a mecha backdrop.

Vioretto is just an Aria wannabe, but hey, it also has MACHA porn in it. Take it for what it is.

You know, you should really try and watch the shows you compare Violet Evergarden to before you make yourself look even stupider.

How many generals are even left?

I'm currently re-watching Hibike S1, man the characterization and natural flow of the narrative as well as the character development is top notch, makes not only Violet but any other show this season their bitch. I really hope we get more Yamada/Ishihara combo sometime in the future.

Stop using buzzwords.

Yeah, suppose veg is a golden child story never done before, like, sprung out of the ether or some shit. Looking rather autistic by the minute user, don't forget to take your pills.

Also, remember I'm doing you a favor replaying to this dead thread (like any other veg thread).

One of the points of the show is that none of the characters get romance. Ichigo herself isn't really aware of what it is she is feeling towards Hiro. Since they are raised to do nothing but sacrifice their life to pilot the mechs and protect their society.
It's also not a harem since there is only 2 girls that like him. It's a love triangle.

>none of the characters get romance
They don't convey that that well then because the last episode was solved through "muh pure love."

Also, just because the characters themselves don't know it's happening, doesn't make it false. Just because Violet doesn't know what love is, doesn't mean we ignore the fact she is in love with the Major. Likewise, just because Ichigo doesn't know what love is, we can't say she loves Hiro when she clearly does.

and thus, we have gone full circle
Congratulations, VEGfags.

Just because they don't know what they're feeling doesn't mean that those feelings aren't romantic. It's the same with Violet, she says she doesn't understand emotions but we see her getting angry, sad, lonely, etc. With Franxx makes more sense since apparently the higher ups don't want these kids to know what love and romance is, but in Violet's case it's kind of retarded, just as Leon explained to Violet what loneliness is, someone could've already told Violet what love is as well, it makes even less sense when Violet told the princess that she's been reading tons of novels so she must already know what most emotions represent.

the fuck are you even on about?

There was movement in ep6

Vioretto blinked, like 4 times, that shit's expensive jo!

I wonder how long until Ishitdate is fired.

>It's not.
Figures that VEGfags are spics.

But he is right though?

>*is he

Nice try, ESLkun.

Ishidate is a fan of Hollywood, actually.

You should probably work on your english yourself before you call anybody a spic senpai

Makes sense, his direction is so uninspired.

ESL != spic

The absolute state of spic posters.

You don't know anything about Ishidate

I know he likes hollywood trash, that's one of the reasons he's such a bad director.

Completely different shows. The natural flow and the narrative for VEG are mighty fine, except for fucking episode 2. Seriously fuck that second half holy shit.

>no need for excessive movement during conversations
what the fuck ere you talking about you stupid bastard? That's just proper animation. First you complain about there not being movement then you complain about "excessive movement" Do you have autism?

What's so wrong in the second episode? Just finished the first one, I'm alright with it.

I think most people complain about the second episode for the plothole.

Erika is grating and stupid as hell. Her insecurity prevented her from proofreading a stupid letter that led to more problems.
Fuck she's useless.

That I'm fine with since it made sense for her character to not read the letter, my complain is with the client not reading the letter after Violet is finished writing it.

I doubt the thot is smart enough to think about proofreading it.

>so stupidly difficult
Only if you are a talentless autistic braindead monkey.
>I honestly don't understand why they didn't go with CG like the typewriters
Because this is Anime you bastard, & anime is hand drawn. They hand drew her metal parts because they could & because they know that it looks way better hand drawn. The hand drawn animation is so fucking beautiful & i love and appreciate every bit of it. Its because of ungrateful bastards like you that we don't get more of it. They only reason they used ugly cgi for the typewriter is because they didn't have the manpower to hand drawn it.

Calm down timmy

VEGfag? spic? who are you trying to fool? Fuck right off with that stupid shit. I haven't forgotten about your pausa you disgusting spic.

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I was praising the animation you twat.

No you fucking weren't. You were complaining about the fact that they did her arms in 2D when its the best possible thing they could have done. Thank god they didn't use ugly cancerous cgi.

No I fucking wasn't.

>I honestly don't understand why they didn't go with CG like the typewriters
really? then wtf is this? what don't you understand? It's standard procedure to hand draw everything in anime unless you can't afford to or there isn't anyone with the skills to.

Me praising the animation and wondering why they made the typewriter CG but not the hands.

Make yourself clear then, your comments are very misleading. The mechanical animation for the typewriter is a lot harder to draw than violets hands & as a result takes too long to do. If KyotoAnimation were a larger company, if they could employ & train more animators than they currently do it would be possible to hand draw the typewriter for the anime.(twice as many animators means half the time if you follow)

They were accepting new students recently, they tend to grow a bit after they graduate.
Regardless, they have the people to do it but for some reason VEG has very few animators working on it.

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So when are we getting the axe? Does anyone think it will be episode 7? what will happen in ep7?

Seems like kyoani is removing most of the chuuni shit entirely. There hasn't been any mention of the gods and religion of the universe, and I think it would be too rushed to start now.

Episode 7 is Oscar, after that we have no way of knowing because that's as far as the PVs go. The chuuni stuff might be gone though.

Ok so if thats the case the question becomes will Kana Akatsuki ever get a faithful adaptation of her novels??

Not in this plane of existence.

ok thanks

will this show get a reboot 10yrs down the line thats faithful...


I still don't get the point of these made up letters, it's not like they add any meaningful texture to the worldbuilding since the language is still english. And they can be a hindrance when it comes to more subtle ways of visual storytelling, like for example the letter Violet was writing to Gilbert at the begging of episode 1, having Violet monologue about the contents of the letter to the audience because obviously the gibberish is meaningless to anyone who doesn't pause the video and deciphers what's in there.


The point is Violet growing by having to meet clients.

The name Evergarden doesn't make sense for Violet in the anime, does Kyoani really not think the stupid changes to the adaptation through?

Remember how we see Violet depressed as fuck with all those letters for Gilbert that she never sent? Yeah, I think they'll show something similar and bring back the Evergardens for a while.

The spider symbolism, was just a direct reference to hiro at that moment, not something to come that needed foreshadowing.
Anons where arguing about who it was referring to, not what it meant for the future.