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I miss Kubo so much

>I miss Kubo so much
Kubo or Bleach?
Do you want a new series from him?

not that user but yes

I miss Kubo's stylish as fuck designs
I miss the rollercoaster of retardness that was Bleach

Seeing his health problems I doubt he does something new in along time.
Perhaps if he gets better with time and stop having those severe colds.

I would prefer some single volumes with more explanations about the Bleach world than a new series, and like this he can work more relaxed

I'd prefer a new series, his art is actually really good despite what the shitposters say

>Bleach's art is good because I say so

Bleach's character art IS objectively good.
A shame about almost everything else being third degree retarded.

No. The art is bland.

>Bleach's art is bland because I say so
ok retard

You don't understand art.


I want more Bleach and more Kubo I general

I've gone so far as reading bad fanfics just to get my Bleach fix. Lately I've even been considering WRITING my own fanfic just because I want more Bleach. What the fuck is wrong with me?

What do you exactly miss of Bleach? its characters? its battles? Kubo's style of writing?
Aren't there other series where you can find the same?

>Bleach's character art IS objectively good.
No, it WAS objectively good, before everyone got potato faces

Has he done anything since?

Take your bets on the new oneshot. Will it be something related to the live action, something with Kazui/Ichika, or a brand new work?

Just some artwork, interviews, ect.

I miss Bleach in general. I'm sure I'm wearing my nostalgia glasses, but Bleach was the first real anime that I felt like I really invested myself into. I liked that there were so many characters, and that the series really took the time to show of each of their individual personalities and back stories. There were many characters that felt like they were just thrown in for the sake of it. There were some, sure, but compared to how many characters there were in total, not that many. I liked how the arcs flowed together so well. It wasn't just "we killed this badguy, and the very next day this new badguy showed up". And I really liked the overall plot itself. I really like the supernatural ghosts, spirits, monsters, and people fighting them without the rest of the world knowing. I dunno. I just really liked Bleach. The ending felt rushed, and made me sad. I'm definitely one of the "I hope it comes back again later" crowd.

I liked the early style of Bleach over the later style too, but I liked Kubos style in general. But the earlier style felt a lot more original and I liked the kinda goofy looking vibe, all the stares and expressions the characters made and stuff.

My exposure to anime was limited to what they aired on cartoon Network and techTV, and what few manga they had at my little local bookstore. So I was a normie dbz/Naruto/Gundam/yuyu/one piece fag, but none of those series really grabbed my attention like bleach. Now that I'm older and have the internet (my childhood sucked), I've watched and read a lot of different shit. But I can still always go back and read watch/read Bleach and enjoy it.

I doubt he do something about Kazui and Ichika, and if it's related to the like action, then that at least fits in the Bleach stoyline, like a flashback before the start of the manga, and not an alternate start to Bleach, something not canon

>Live action

Wait what? Someone fill me in please.


Literally seconds in Google


So Warner Bros new trend is taking good anime and making horrible live action adaptations?

That's Warner Bros America.

This is Warner Bros Japan. Plus they got the guy who directed the Gantz movie and the Light up the New World Death Note Movie to direct it.

Also, Kubo is heavily involved and overseeing it to make sure they don't pull an anime adaptation and start blindly changing things.

Same here, in addition there's no other series that prompts such fun threads as the ones on Bleach back then, specially those way back when we got the spoilers from manga here and Onha on tuesdays.

I thought there were two oneshots, like one special chapter for the movie and a oneshot that is still unknown.

Rukia wasn't first real anime crush. While all my friends were circle jerking to titty monsters like Orihime and Rangiku, I was quietly saving pics of my tiny waifu.

*Was my

Fuck Google's stupid autocorrect

Ok, I understand