Minamoto-kun 287

The Taming of the Shrew

This is still ongoing? Jesus

Has aunt lost her virginity yet?

man, that bully is so hot. can't wait to see when she fallls...

He still hasn't fucked his aunt?


I know he hasn't fucked the aunt yet, but what shits me is we haven't seen the aunt's tits in FOREVER.

clothed tits best tits

Not what I go to ecchi manga for.

Are they going to hate fuck?

everything is imagination, you fap to imagination which developed from material. Peoples are different i guess


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Just get onto Tsukiko and the aunt already for fucks sake.

When will he fuck his cute cousin?

Is she the girl who bullied him?


Is this the bully? Noice

Translation? ?

Call me when he fuck his aunt.

When is he going to fuck her or his cousin

He's finally gonna hatefuck the bully? Thank the gods, years of keeping this on a backburner in the hope he fucked her, or his aunt/cousin are finally gonna pay off in about another year or so.

>I know he hasn't fucked the aunt yet
why would he fuck a brocon?

Wait, is she one of the bitches that bullied the fuck out of him for looking like a girl when he was younger?

i want to be bully by hot girl!

I just want him to fuck his cousin already and his virgin aunt too so that I can stop following this manga

Didn't he already fuck her once?

Yes I guess, but not winning her yet

has the story been the same?
dropped it when he broke up with his gym gf

believe it or not, the story is just about the same but his gym gf is coming back i believe, or at least from what i've interpreted from the raws i could be wrong

did he fuck his cousin ?

nope and it's fucking frustrating, seems like the author wants to keep his cousin and aunt for last

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