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>Yes, I can spend today with you.
>Just turn into Pero.

Best boy
Best guardian
Best character
Best fashion

Does anyone have the dark version of volume 7? I have all the others, but can’t seem to find this one.

After reading volume 7 I swear by god
Im detecting a pattern

Introduce a couple characters
Said characters get fleshed out
Then they get btfo effotlessly by Ainz and family in the end
If this keeps up I will just skip any chapter that does not feature Ainz
Holy shit volume 7 felt like filler if not for the ending

Except Arche deserved to die like a gutted pig.

It's not a pattern.

You are just a speedreader who doesn't understand the subtleties of the story.

>Resub to WoW
>See this
Fuck off

How did they make a robot this cute?

Ainz calling out Remedios' moral faggotry was pretty satisfying.

>It isnt repetition!
>Blue Rose getting thrashed by demiurge , eight fingers getting flash fucked
>Everyone in the tomb dieing

Sure user
Im looking forward to the next volume of Ainz and co. wiping unaware people that didnt know what shit they were getting into without any effor
Onward to volume 8 I guess


It's easy to make artificial body super lewd and face super cute, this is why age of robowaifus can't come soon enough: 3D meatbags cannot ever compete.

>mfw just finished reading volume 9

What's the connection between Narberal and bunny costumes?

>said character is a master of specific skill or martial art
>spent lifetime worth of training and experience
>h o w e v e r
>btfo by ainz or said nazarick member in sec

chapters with ainz as the blacked swordsman fucking around were the ones I've enjoyed the most

Their fault for picking a fight with superior foe.

Read the LN

Nishiki Enrai is a man of fine taste.

Expressionless moe.

Narberal is for ______

PA is broken build.
>Nabe X PA doujin when?

PA looks so uncomfortable beside Nabe. Her autism is greater than his so he hangs his head in defeat.

So I heard from the LNfags that he can mimic anyone strongest attack at 80%, is he one of the most powerful Guardians in Nazarick or the NW?

I wonder what they do together while PA has to pose as Momon.
Also, for someone whose race is based on mimicking others, Narberal is pretty bad at acting.

It's not just the strongest attacks, the special ability they wield as well.
>tfw doppelganger are german folklore

its like batling the 41 supremes one after another if not at the same time when pandora goes " fuck you "

Yep, PA is pretty broken with his insane utility + high intellect. I bet its highly likely that with proper coaching he can easily outmatch any of the other Guardians without breaking a sweat.
He is probably one of the few NPCs Ainz would need to be very wary of betrayal. But there's no issue at all since he's best son.

>the entirety of Nazaric rebels against Ainz because they become convinced that he betrayed the other SB
>the only ones that stay loyal are Albedo and PA
>Albedo dies defending Ainz so he can escape
>Ainz goes into hiding
>Nazaric rampages through the world unchecked
>Ainz decides to take back the world
>adventures of Ainz and PA travelling through the world slowly turning the various NPCs back to their side

first put a rabbit, then a mole, an and then a meerkat in a seal-tight steel cage against a starving tiger, tell me if the outcome will be any different.


He clearly has much more knowledge on being an adventurer than on being a ruler. In fact, he constantly says how were it not for Nazarick, he would have just become a normal adventurer in the NW. It also helps that it's something he finds way more fun and interesting, which is why he knows way more about Yggdrasil than other, more important matters.

It's because he is a maxed out guy in a world where other than a few dragons he could beat up pretty much everybody not working for him with relative ease

Adventuring isn't really that fun that way

>Adventuring isn't really that fun that way
Sure it is, so long as you're in it for the exploration and collecting rare stuff (like Ainz is) and not exciting fights.

>Nobody wants to join Ainz's new and improved Adventurers Guild

Why was Neia assigned to attend to the Sorcerer King? I don't really get the stated reasoning that it had to be a woman representing the paladins. I understand why they wanted a paladin rather than a priest, but why did it have to be a woman?

Why do you keep posting this?

He's unable to copy super-tier spells though which reduces his usefulness quite a bit.

>Nobody wants to join Ainz's Conquistador Guild

I posted it once when the thread was on page 10 and it died minutes later with no other reply.

Why is Satan such a frequent poster in OL threads?

Remedios is alright eyecandy, a decent combatant, a bad commander, and an awful diplomat.
But would she be any good as a wife and mother?


He identifies with Ainz

And a doppel.

If you want your children to grow up into religious fanatics then yes

If you can't help your gf liberate herself from religion you suck.

Are you sure it's not this guy instead?

depends what you want from a wife, she'd be faithful but sex would be limited to missionary for the sole purpose of procreation, she'd suck at housework and you'd have to do all the thinking

she could be good so long as the husband is around and has a decent head on his shoulders

just know your kids will either end up as true blue moralfags or rebellious edgelords, no middle ground

If you convinced Remedios that gods don't exist she would have a crisis and probably kill herself

They assumed he's heterosexual.

So is anyone getting this retard?

I have a whole bag of potatoes.

Ainz needs to tell the paladins about Touch Me.

PA needs to pose as him and reform the paladin orders of the world

I think its more likely that no paladin wanted to stay close to the spooky skeleton so they sent Neia

You're a lucky man

Gonna get her for sure, looks fantastic. Albedo figs have been huge disappointments so far.

Well that's Alter so expect top quality and top price

>some of my best friends are paladins
>you need to be this strong to ride the Justice Rollercoaster
>btw the greatest paladin is heteromorphic


And top delays

Good pose (Unlike all the Albedo ones) and good outfit choice, worth it imo. Benefits of being a wagecuck like Satoru.

>Narb taking a big wet bite out of valentine's day chocolate before offering it to you

Didn't expect this to arouse me this much.


By not giving it their love and passion.

CZ's bits were funny but the best part of that cover is best dog mumbling through her English lines, particularly the "fucking".

>tfw no overlord game



This. What the fuck is Ainz waiting for to use PA's abilities to take the form of other SBs and spread Nazarick's influence all over the world? Also any potential enemy would be scared shitless at the prospect of there being 40 other godly beings with power on par with him.

Aura is the weakest guardia-

No, she's second weakest. The weakest is Demi

user, it's bare-minimum effort, self-insertion otaku powerfantasy isekai.

It's okay to enjoy it, but let's not pretend it's high art.

He's compensating by having high intelligence, Aura is compensating by...

Being the most fuckable

It most likely would be utter shit, so whatever.

That's Aura we're talking about, user. Not her sister(male).

You don't fuck Mare, (s)he fucks you

>most fuckable
That would be PA.

Getting headpats.

Not a guardian

Auta has a second level 100 NPC at her beck and call.

>Area Guardian
>Not a guardian


having an army of pets

I thought demi was CC.

Area guardians don's count

>tfw when no YGGDRASIL to spend all your money on

>If Remedios is the Doppelganger
Some reason thought up by Demiurge or the Doppel that will be revealed in Volume 13. Probably.
>If Remedios isn't the Doppelganger
A combination of and Remedios taking her anger and depression on Neia and assigning her what she thinks are dangerous, unpleasant task (and undue blame, punishing way beyond what is reasonable for minor errors, etc).

What would Ulbert's attack stat be?

You are retarded user.


Aura's a commander/support type that specializes in group battles while Demiurge is a jack of all trades. He could beat her one-on-one but in a large scale engagement she's much more useful.

i can't wait for Ainz to fake his own death so he can usurp his own position as Momon, become a tyrant to make Momon the worst possible ruler ever, then have PA pretend to be Momon, so Ainz can make a comeback and overthrow the evil Momon and bring back the peaceful and prosperous rule of the Sorceror King.

That's the most retarded plan ever. I'd rather Ainz just pretend he dies, then goes off exploring the NW in his Momon persona.

He's Guardian of the vault...

Exactly my point, it's something you'd expect Ainz to do, and somehow bullshit his way out of later.

No, not even he's that stupid. That plan makes his idea to make everyone like him by giving away cool weapons look brilliant in comparison.

That would be awesome!

What the fuck that's retarded

to be fair, if it wasn't a bunch of fanatics posing as paladins it would've worked.

>Threads have practically died since epi.6
Second season was a mistake. It'll take some amazing directing, editing and visuals to save this mess. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's a tall order.

Nobody cares about the anime though.

Because S2 had the misfortune to cover the worst vol that are 4-6 and a bunch of secondaries dropped it right there.
Also is right, we only discuss the LN anyway.

Take of the glasses you pathetic excuse for a maid. You don't just suddenly get a functioning brain if you wear a pair.

>caring about the speed of threads and not quality
I'm surprised we even have threads outside of airing day. There's absolutely nothing left to discuss until 13 comes out.

>I'm surprised we even have threads outside of airing day.
How new are you? The cancer never stopped with its spawning of general threads.
wew lad

But Lupu is honest and hard working girl.

Bad dog! Bad!

Building a bunch of characters like the lizardmen feels gross and pointless when we know that they don't stand a chance against the skeleton god. Does this shit ever get better? Are we still supposed to identify with this guy when he's killing people just to amuse himself? Are there ever any plausible conflicts?


Nice forced question to bump the general!

>Are we still supposed to
You deserve to be on a farm sheep.

You are supposed to read for the cute girls and for the funny moments where Ainz has no idea what is going on

what if Demi wasn't lying and he was farming Baafolk all along?

That doesn't justify all the torture though.

What a cesspit this thread is.

You'll fit right in trash.

Welcome to overlord. Threads are full with actual reddit cancer and newfaggotry.

>volume 10
>jirchniv sees bone man in the arena.
>emissaries think they've been compromised.
>jirchniv panics
>bone man is clueless

I wanna see this animated

Her pets are a part of her build, it's like handicapping shalltear by taking away her lance.
Being twins, the ultimate formation is mare transformed into some beast while aura constantly pumps him with buffs and skills.

>Mare transforms into a beast
>Aura does all the pumping
I think you got it wrong user.

But the dude is actually killing people just to roleplay as great leader and amuse himself. And there are no plausible conflicts right now, even with the mind control thing from last season.

Which implication do you take issue with?

I think you misunderstood that statement. I don't identify with the main character at the moment. I was asking what the fuck is going through the writers' heads.

You were asking user what are you supposed to do, sheep. Suggesting you're an underage who can't form his own opinions on things. Don't backpedal now.

Stop formatting your post like a cancerous faggot.
Did you receive any kind of education at all?

He's just one of those dumb fags who need to double-space three sentences post, otherwise he gets hopelessly lost in it.

Stop posting like a faggot.
Lurk more

Its an isekai monster girl harem with dark comedy, not sure what you expect.

I want to make Laius unable to wear her armor.

>Are there ever any plausible conflicts?
Yes. CD has already been confirmed stronger than Shalltear despite being a lower level. NW talents and gear are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla.

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

E-Rantel was an inside job. Jaldaboath was an secretly an agent of the Sorcerer King hired to do a false flag attack as part of a plan to weaken the kingdom and justify his invasion. Ever wonder why Momon switched sides so easily? Because he was in on it. You are all falling right into the Sorcerer King's trap.

Wake up, sheeple.

I think the joke is that Nazarick could seriously conquer the world fast but Momonga is too much of a pussy.

Ovelord has subtleties, but these dumb sidestories about irrelevant NW-ers aren't one of them. This is Maruyama thinking he's the next Tolkien and wanting to show us this "brilliant" world and setting he created. That's literally it.

If I solved the cube what would happen?

They'd fuck it up. The anime is terrible at conveying the emotions of the characters (lizardbros don't give a shit that they're facing a world-ending force etc.)

It would be extremely impressive

When should I start re-reading the whole thing?
A month prior to release would do right?

>Building a bunch of characters like the lizardmen feels gross and pointless when we know that they don't stand a chance against the skeleton god.
It developed the world more, put in context how strong Nazarick is as an organization in the New World, introduced the idea that they will be governing other people and there was character development for Cocytus, Demiurge and Ainz.

>Does this shit ever get better?
Yes. I liked all the volumes that came after the one of the lizards (Vol. 4). Volume 9 is specially great - if there is a season 3, it will probably be there.

>Are we still supposed to identify with this guy
I don't think you should. He's slowly losing his humanity, even though he plays both villain and hero in this New World.

>when he's killing people just to amuse himself?
Technically, it is for a reason: to protect/benefit Nazarick and those who inhabit it. It's not justification, but motive. Also, he derives no pleasure in it, but still will do so if in his emotion-less logic it helps his "family".

>Are there ever any plausible conflicts?
Yes, but they're far ahead and most haven't even been encountered, only teased, in the novels. That said, a lot of things happen besides high-level conflict...

>Building a bunch of characters like the lizardmen feels gross and pointless when we know that they don't stand a chance against the skeleton god
Also, we see how much the Lizard's people life have changed under Ainz later on. One of them even goes adventuring with Ainz, Aura and Shalltear.

Counting in the average reading speed and putting in an 8 hour work time monday to friday you should be finishing about a week or so earlier to the release, then rewatch anime and recaps I guess.

>WoW rogues vs Ainz
That doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

I'm going to take a vacation obviously.b

Are you saying that because people don't consistently tell others to fuck off for double spacing, or do you have a valid reason?

What does bode well for Nazerick?

PA's acting skills

Entoma's cuteness

I want her to eat my head and then lay her eggs inside me.






Post more lewdness

If Ainz left PA as the ruler of Nazarick would Shalltear lust after him because of hypergamy and all that?

He's not dead and everyone finds him "uwaah"

>PA turns into everyone's creator in private to get their loyalty
>Shalltear's alone with PA transformed into Peroronchino
What's her reaction?

These reminded me of this

Birkcockalypse. Although I doubt she wouldn't see through him, Albedo did almost instantly


Why wouldn't you just post the link without the quotes?

Because he's nu like half of this thread.

Where does meme come from? Which volume does he say this?

>see through him
Would she even care though? Its not like she's loyal to Ainz the way Albedo is, and this is the closest she'll ever be to getting Pero's dick


Old habits.
The whole premise of her being a submissive slave for a single man and her sole job is to please him sexually while other women are her submissive slaves and for him are nothing more than her sex toys to aid her in satisfying the man sexually, is very erotic.
I believe this is what Peroroncino intended for shalltear to be.

Why do some drawfags forget that her skin is pale? She’s a fucking vampire.

>tfw wondering how skeleton can satisfy women sexually
>tfw I stumble upon baculum

>fleshless fingers are good 10 inches long
I bet Shalltear can take a fist up to a shoulder, a knee or a skill too.


>Shalltear: P-Peroronchino-sama are you sure you don't want to join us? You never do...
>Peroronchino (looking in a corner): no, just keep going *lubes spiral bow* alright I can still shoot

Sexual excitation can turn skin as red as beet.

Sounds like your standard MMO.

more like nearsight

That's because of blood. If her skin is so pale before it's not turning red

But she has blood and all other bodily fluids though.

>skin is so pale before it's not turning red
It is especially the case for pale people: the contrast is striking when blood rushes to their white skin. You don't see blushing arabs or negroes.

Vampires main diet is blood.

>10,000 years later Peroronchino comes back
>Ainz already found a way to impregnate anyone in Nazarick
>His handcrafted creation is bulging with his best friends spawn
Would that be NTR? How would he take it

Dark Version?
What do you mean?

I can actually see this if they found of about Albedos hit squad

Why would you ever need to worry about loyalty with PA?
He's most likely the second one you WOULDN'T need to worry about besides albedo because of her insane love.
Ainz being the guild leader that 'stayed behind' is HUGE. Even Aura said that she would have a hard time listening to what her creator says if it ran parallel to what Ainz said(but we can all infer that she'd betray him and choose her own creator)
PA on the other hand is created by Ainz and would without a doubt stick by Ainz.During the book you can get little snippets of how he sees Ainz especially during the Father Son scene in the LN.
What I want to know is how come the Guardians and NPCs don't see him as the De Facto Heir to Ainz Ooal Gown.

He refer to ainz as mein Gott.

Is that PA?

If you're asking why they hate PA so much it's probably because he's a just goddamn dork but also maybe because they're jealous of him. I mean, he is Ainz's own creation.

I think the in LN Albedo was pissed at the fact that he was handcrafted by Ainz.
Wonder why

Because his job is in charge of the treasury and nothing more. Any heir to Nazarick need to be appointed by Ainz himself for the guardian and monster to truly recognize it.

Is that why him and fifth got all emotional when Ainz called him his son? Did they take it as him being recognized as an heir to the throne?

Literally Ainz's child, she should actually be more accepting of him but then again raising someone's child that isn't your own is pretty beta. Pic related. Pretty Beta.

I would worry about albedo BECAUSE of her insane love.

Most of the subject in Nazarick just think of themself as object for Ainz to use, when Ainz give them the honor of being more then a object, they all gonna get emotional (being Ainz punching bag, kill by Ainz etc....)

I doubt they go as far as thinking they got recognize as heir to Nazarick.


overlord2 DOT net

Not likely. Vol.12 reveals that they were skinning the prisoner in the prison camp. Ainz was dumbfounded by why Demi needed human skins.


>2 more ep until the action begins

>trusting a crazy yandere
>at all
Wew lad.

Because it means PA's body was thoroughly touched by Ainz's hands. Albedo can not accept this as a woman.

Abso-fucking-lutely, and he's reverse NTR him in return because that's his fetish too.

Learn to reverse colors in a document: Adobe Acrobat and Foxit PDF Reader both support this.

I mean the epub file for volume 7 with white text and black background.

Or its that the NPC´s mimic the relations their creators had with themselves, and nobody in the guild really liked Ainz as a person, just like no NPC likes PA.

Ok but when do we get to see Lupusregina's panties?

I must be retarded. I didn’t even think of that.

I kind of understand that. I mean, he maintained the guild just by himself and kept it at a decent ranking again just by himself. It's clear that he took the game way too seriously, his obsession could come across as annoying but I wouldn't go that far to say that no one in the guild liked him.

Stupid vampire, they quit because of Ainz.

You got fashion sense, best son.

That's actually not a joke. Momonga has pretty much stated he doesn't care for it.

>vol 13 will have 548 pages

His dad picked his clothes for him

>goes murderhobo on the world without a care
>gets surrounded an all sides by players and godkins that have hundreds of years head start building their forces
Great plan.


Wasn't it confirmed it would take the entire NW to keep Ainz confined in the tomb? He's already out and has allies now. Shit's over now.

Calling it now
> 436 pages of Literally Whos
> 45 pages torture porn
> 35 pages Guardian stuff
> 20 pages cute Ainz doing cute Ainz things
> 8 pages sweet arts
> 3 pages sausages

>> 45 pages torture porn
>> 20 pages cute Ainz doing cute Ainz things
I can't decide which is hotter.

>we're getting Volume 9-tier greatness again

Scorching pear Clem ate.

What the heck is are you two talking about?
If it weren't for Momonga the guild would never be there in the first place.

The other guild members quit the game cause it already an old tittle and nobody playing it anymore

There's probably like 10 godkin in the world and most of them are probably around the same strength as KC, who was estimated to be around lv60. As for players, the 6GG haven't been seen in centuries, the 8GK's are dead, I don't remember if both or just one of the two that were with the 13 heroes died and that one guy got killed by DDDL. There were most likely others but I doubt there would be more than 5. And of course the like 4 DLs that are worth mentioning. Everyone else is just cannonfodder. And Nazaric has survived an assault of 1500 players before. And they have Demi and Albedo to do the planing for them now. So no, they wouldn't have lost. And before someone mentions Renner remember that while she is smarter than Demi and Albedo, she's not smarter by much and no matter how smart you are you can't overcome such a massive difference in power

>> 45 pages torture porn
Who's getting tortured?

Do you really need to ask?

Not same user, but if i wabt to read the LN should i start from volume 1 or could i just jump to another volume (i just finished the lizard thing, hadnt wached the new episode yet)

Rigrit and the elf king are players too.

>not the whipped ass version

Either Evileye or Neia. More likely the latter.

If the elf king is a player, why did he need to rape a godkin to produce his own godkin? Shouldn't all of his children been godkin if he was a player? And I'm pretty sure Rigrit actually talks about players as being other people so no, she's not a player

>we will inevitably get a doujin about Ainz getting angry that Blue Rose almost killed Entoma and having them get brutally raped by demons
Can't wait

Godkin genes are not dominant. The only way to have 100% godkin offspring is to have two players fuck. Otherwise it's up to chance.

I guess that would explain why CD is stronger than other godkin

Is that actually a guarantee, though? Clearly some of their power didn't come from genetics.

What if her talent is getting stronger kids?

To the happy farm!

>reverse NTR Ainz
So Peroronchino goes after Pandoras actor?

That sounds like it should be Albedo's "talent"

Yeah, but instead of fucking PA himself he makes PA fuck Albedo.

Pretty sure godkin can learn new talents.

Yeah, but as evidenced in the LN, just because they can doesn't mean they have the time to do so.

Good example, bad picture.

Aren't you born with talents? Where do they mention that they can change them

That would be like taking out the worst troubles out of Ainz back, he would thank Pero, not like Albedo would do it though.

Pretty sure user didn't mean talents in the sense of those inborn traits. But he might have. Who knows the mind of user?

>tfw you will never be Field Marshal in Ainz's Conquistador Guild

That's the best part. Pero wouldn't know and it'd become a huge humiliation.

>Nabe X PA
my nigga

> 436 pages of Literally Whos

Is it to ask too much for Maruyama to NOT do this EVERY FUCKING VOLUME?

He is getting too predictable and never gave a single fucking reason to make us care about the side characters

>Spend 90% of the volume fleshing out characters and the world
>just for Ainz and co to execute a unmentioned keikaku and kill them all, sometimes with torture, sometimes without

I mean, Ainz is like that one kid who always fucked up your puzzle by having an autistic fit of rage all over the pieces once you were almost finishing it at this point

>Tamed Shalltear

This does not bode well for my nazadick.

It's still not certain that he will kill off Neia unless he wants to piss off even more people. Everyone else from vol.12 is dead meat though.

I really enjoyed that, Zenberu didn't end up being a throwaway character, Ainz actually brought him along and went out of his way to protect him even though his memory of directions to dwarf kingdom were sketchy. Ainz upholds his agreements and he was attentive to Zenberu, he didn't treat him like meat or a decoy or something. And he even tried to get an appropriate gift for Zaryusu celebrating his babby. I also enjoyed the feeling of the unknown, exploring a new territory which is what Ainz was trying to rekindle the feeling of from his guild days. Fun stuff man. And of course his caring for Shalltear was heartwarming.

12 hours to go

God I want to fuck this dog.


you guys ever hire an escort to wear stuff for waifu fetishes?

It's gonna be Calca and Remedios, did you actually believe the claims that Calca's dead? They don't know where the carcass is. She's(was) the pretty Queen of the Holy Kingdom, no way Demiurge is gonna miss that kind of opportunity to torment the self-righteous.

I wonder what is the end-game for Overlord really

I mean, part of me wants to see Ainz defeated by some player or whatever, it would be kinda poetic.

Other part of me wants to see another member of AOG but that is impossible

In any scenario, either I want to see Ainz controlling everything or everyone or getting defeated by some yet-unknown Ubermensch Hero or Player

Overlord is just a prologue for the main series. It's just documenting the BBEG's rise to power.

That would be quite neat actually

that is literally what the author has stated. hes hoping to make overlord around 18-20 volumes, probably more considering the rising popularity of the LN, manga, and anime. and thats all gona be PREquel. buckle up for papa
bones' wild ride.

I want to see a prequel showing Suzuki Satoru's chuuni adventures in Yggdrasil.

there already was the prologue that shows how the old players forming the guild and conquering the tomb of nazarick only to discover its a guildbase and be awarded with ownership for having found/beaten the dungeon.

likely going to be more flashbacks and such side stories in the future.

He could also just grab a floor guardian at random put them on a knee and go "Let me tell you a story about this one time Peroronico and I found an instanced dungeon populated by female centaurs...."

*Peroroncino, fuck.

I'm re-reading vol. 2 and it looks like Nfirea knows that Ainz is Momon. Does this bode well for Nazerick?

He's their top NW chemist so why worry? If he heard the later news about Momon he'd probably have a right giggle.

Does Shalltear make her vampire brides dress up like Albedo while she beats them?
Does she regularly nab skeletons from her floor, dress them up like Ainz and grinds them while she Bursts into tears about how she'll never get the real bone?

Before vol. 9 it wouldn't be a problem but now that Ainz splatted the kingdom I feel like humans might not look to favorably on him. It wouldn't be good if word got out that Ainz=Momon.