One Piece

This is how the fight will end and Katakuri executed for treason

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Katakuri doesn't eat like that.

>katakuri killed by his own family
Delete this thread right now.

despite everything One Piece can be pretty fun at times

>Some Charlotte children grow several metres during puberty
pretty sure the admirals were normal sized children too

It's crazy to think someone like Doflamingo was once the size of a human child

Daily reminder about Oda's way to not include in the story romance between crew.

1. He will defeat Luffy and help him escape/insist on letting him go in the name of honor or something like that

2. Luffy will beat him, and this will be his first major power up since Water 7/Ennies Lobby

I wonder if Toei will put some SaNa reunion filler in next episode.

What's Katakuri's favorite donut?

Did Oda name the place Spider Miles because it's similar to SMILEs?

Twitter Nips sees far ahead.

So when Luffy awakens his DF he is going to be able to do Katakuri's peerless donuts move right? Probably calling it peerless rubber.

cringe galore

>Nami: Ah!
>Luffy is talking to Vito, who is going “Rerorero”
>Carrot: Ahhh, it’s Sanji! Nami!! Hey, it’s Sanji!!
>Nami (thinking): Awkward
>Carrot: Nami–? Your face is completely red?! Look, Sanji is behind you?
>Sanji (thinking): Awkward
>Luffy: Oh!!! Nami–!! Sanji was talking all about you! He was lonely!!

no he isn't, he'll make surfaces bouncy

You don't belong here. Fuck off

fuck off, hackposter

One Piece is the most serious manga afterall

My favorite characters are :

Law, Katakuri, Linlin, Luffy, Sanji, Crocodile, Teach, Corazon, Brook, Bepo, Robin and Pudding.

What do you think about my taste, anons? Also, show us your favs.

>yummy yummy donuts :3

Luffy's anus

Seeing how Sugita always says some english expressions I hope he says the YUMMY YUMMY part in the anime

When's the SBS coming out?

He'll just follow the script. Which is "oishi donatsu~, ana made oishi~ donatsu~"

Why would that happen if Nami dodged his hug? There is no reason for awkwardness to exist. Nothing for them to be shy about.


Total Bounty:
At least 5,513,500,000

its alright, bit niggerish but alright

mine is Crocodile, Doflamingo, Jinbei, Gin (From Don Kreigs crew), Kuma & Blackbeard

>Toei doesn't extend or repeat every single scene

Next week. Volume coming on March 2nd in Japan, we may get SBS leaked a bit earlier.


Literally Kata is the most kawaii in the manga

1,057,000,000 - Katakuri
932,000,000 - Smoothie
860,000,000 - Cracker
700,000,000 - Perospero
600,000,000 - Snack
(500,000,000 - Linlin as a kid)
429,000,000 - Tamago
330,000,000 - Pekoms
105,500,000 - Bobbin

If a bounty hunter was capable of defeating and capturing in Linlin, would they be able to buy a nation and retire as a king or be constantly hounded by the WG to catch the other 3?

The last time they physically saw each other was Sanji beating up Luffy while Nami was scared to death and smacked him.

Shit would be awkward for at least a minute.


>Shit would be awkward for at least a minute.
Well Toei needs filler so there is that

I wonder what Daifuku, Oven, Compote, and Struesen have for bounties. If they're Big Mom's monsters, they must have prices on them.

That's just 9 person in their crew(Linlin as a kid too), to put it into perspective the Straw Hats 9 person crew right now has a total bounty of 1,570,000,100.


Oda, where's my friend Bobbin?

Clearly not as they already had that interaction when Sanji returned. In fact, I found it strange all 3 (Nami, Brook, Chopper) cried and hugged Sanji even though Sanji really joined them when they met Bege. That was their true reunion.

If Big Mom decided to send the triplets to Dressrosa for whatever reason, before Luffy's arrival, what would happen?

Daifuku - 620,000,000
Oven - 595,000,000
Compote - 562,000,000
Amande - 510,000,000
Streusen - 500,000,000
Brulee - 270,000,000
Randolph - 145,000,000
Diesel - 98,000,000
Pudding - 86,000,000

LuKa but earlier

Sanji wasn't completely back yet when they joined Bege, Luffy flat out said they need to crash the wedding before he could rejoin.

I wonder if even the youngest of Linlin's kids are assigned a bounty just for the fact that they're relateted to her.

Good outcome.

The real OTP.
LuKafags BTFO.

Oh come on man. He rejoined as soon as they went to Bege's. At that point it was ride or die for all of the members, not just Sanji. Luffy wouldn't abandon Sanji's hope to rescue the family so how would it be possible for Sanji to be separated from the crew? And you can't bring up "oh well what if he actually got shot?" Reason being that Sanji wasn't the only one in danger, the whole crew was once they set foot outside the mirror.

So yeah they were reunited. They reunited in the seducing woods as well. Makes no sense for all 3 to have that reaction. And technically they're not officially reunited if we're trying to count it's the first time on the Sunny together because Luffy isn't there either. Fuck, Sanji left with Pudding again.

Add this bitch to his harem. What's her name so I can keep track of that list.

Is Bobbin dead?
Did Bobbin have a Devil Fruit?
Does Vito have Bobbin's Devil Fruit?
Could Vito have been planning to sneak the fruit into the wedding cake?

>all the OP singers lost the Luffybowl to Namie

The real bounty should be on Linlin's womb. Because all it does is produce criminals who can destroy countries on their own.

Were her big kids born big or did they have growth spurts?

Best girl won.

Is Katakuri the best boy since crocodile?

>going against Luffy's decision

Luffy wouldn't fall for a girl whose forehead is so big it glistens

Even if he didn't get shot, Pudding or Katakuri would still try to kill him.

The cake was Sanji's final job in all this and it saved their lives, the reaction they all had after seeing Pedro die is fair.

look guys, i'm not a fujo, i'm not gay
but what is it about fanart of masculine men that looks so damn cool

>Arguing with shippers
Who are you trying to fool?
>soon some one start crying about derailed thread.

Not really

They joined the crew before her though.

OP just has so many best boys, you don't have to be a fujo to appreciate this. In fact it's actually gayer if you don't admit this.

1. Katakuri
2. Crocodile
3. Eneru
4. Doffy
5. Lucci
6. Ace

Twitter nips know whats up unlike western weebs.

Ever since his introduction (Chapter 860)

she's so cute

>I want go back to Sunny!
>Group hug was happen on Sunny
>hurr durr officially/technicallythey reunited right in middle of creating alliance to crush wedding
>Sanji left with Pudding is act of separation again, because reasons
Can you stop with non stop headcanons?
Is that hard read Oda's plot piece by piece, follow the narrative?

Zanahoria humana??

La mejor zanahoria



>the triplets

Good question.

Smoothie, Citron and Cinnamon obviously.


Katakuri, Daifuku, and Oven.

Never heard of them

Brainlet here. Someone explain to me Black Mamba?

Bobbin, Pekoms, and Tamago

delet this

The absolute best triplets, obviously.

Daily reminder that LuKa is CANON

>Not having a leisurely meal lying down

Katakuri has better boobs than that trash

Do you, uh, have a source for that picture?

Imagine if luffy had Robin's fruit.

So "go back to the Sunny" was meant literally? That's kind of dumb. I thought it was implying that he wants to go back to that way of life with the whole crew going on adventure, hence why he also thought about Usopp, Robin, Franky, and even Zoro. And seeing as they're not free from Big Mom Pirates I can't just assume they've accomplished their goal of getting Sanji back if we're following that logic. The condition was to crash Big Mom Pirates so that Sanji could save his family. Germa being saved was accomplished before they escaped in the Seducing Woods as their status has been the same since that Tametabako explosion. So all the conditions have technically been met.

And you're twisting my argument around. I don't consider it a separation because I've considered Sanji back as soon as they met with Bege. That was when Sanji was truly back because he was part of the SH's plans to coordinate attacks or rescue missions right? Unlike before where he was completely separated from the rest of the crew with no plan to get Sanji back and with none of Sanji's conditions for him to return to the crew (saving Germa, being in the crew's good graces, Zeff hostage situation).

imagine if luffy had wapol's fruit

Someone edit this picture and replace the sake kanji with black tea kanji 紅茶. Sake is so unlike Katakuri.

Do you need an epithet to join the strawhats? Chopper was simply "cotton-candy lover" so it doesn't seem like you need a particularly creative one. What would Carrot's be?

is this goatse

BTW, user I'm not doubting that Sanji literally meant physically being on the Sunny is canon. It has to be canon based on the crew's reaction. However, am I the only one that thinks that's kind of stupid or initially thought Sanji wanted to rejoin the crew to go back on adventures and to return to that chill lifestyle?

"Rabbit Mink," since that's all her character really consists of

carrot lover carrot

You demon.

"Better as a human" Carrot

Which would you rather be, a Longarm or a Longleg?

imagine if robin had haki

"never ever joining"

I'm reminded of "300 million jackpot" and how far things have escalated

I'd go with
"Furry bait" Carrot
"Overall lacking" Carrot


Longarm. You can easily scratch your back then.

This thread is thick with fujoshi

With the Big Mom Pirates invigorating them currently I wonder if the rough and gruff Beasts Pirates can thin their numbers

Kaido is prime bara.

Kaido's crew is probably gonna have much less women so I think they'll just be encouraged.

Are you kidding? The Beast Pirates going to be filled with bara men you dolt.

Well technically Luffy ate Katakuri's fluid- I mean mochi so yeah

Oh come on? No one, really? Fine, I'll say it.

The "Spring" rabbit

>thin their numbers
Oh my sweet summer child

Fujoshi don't like bara you double dolt, and the kinds of people into that aren't nearly as prominent as fujoshi

Kaidou and Jack don't get many peoples mojo's revvin' if you didn't notice

Reminder that it took Luffy 5 days to remember Hancucks name. While remembering Katakuri's in only a few hours

>Fujoshi don't like bara
Fujos could like anything from twinks to bara you triple dolt

Well if he had fought her then I think he'd have remembered, but she would've just turned him to stone due to him being an idiot, so really I guess their relationship was doomed from the start.

Katakuri is prime bara material

Baras are the fucking best, dude.

But Katakuri is bara

>tfw 9 days away from spoilers at the earliest

Will Katakuri shoot somebody with a jellybean on like March 11th? They're skipping next week after all.

How does Katakuri eat donuts with those disgusting eel teeth?

>nami nursing zoro back to health
Zoro x Nami confirmed

Law is still the best boy.


Law is best boy, Katakuri is best man

Have you thanked based CHADrospero recently?

Why yes I have user

Law VS Katakuri. Who wins?

Katakuri easily.

why is snack even a commander?

Law's fruit is unnecessary bullshit

I'm still confused by it. He can manipulate anything within his room, but only against weak opponents? And against strong opponents he can only use his room against them if he physically cuts them too?

OP Editors stream. They often don't give much news apart from some souvineer shit.

His fruit was nerfed in Dressrosa.

Punk Hazard too. He couldn't just instantly dismember Vergo either.

Oda, where's Luffy's queen Vivi?

Filling out her application to be Luffy's 2nd queen as the 1st queen is already taken by Hancock.

What's the best fruit and why is it kizaru's fruit?

He did once he got his heart back.

>positions mean Luffy's queen


I'm glad Jinbe's ranked so high up

M3's vote counts could also work as their powerlevels

I never said the ranks counted for positions. That was just to show Hancock > Vivi despite Vivi being on the show for longer and being in more chapters than Hancock.

BTW, what are people's next top 20 should the poll be taken place right as Wano starts?

Sani's going to be the first person in the series to wear an eyepatch, he's going to gouge it out as repentance

Law design is so good but you can see Oda didn't plan well his DF

You think they don't think like that, but Lunafags actually think like that.

Yeah. It's probably the strongest fruit if it's used to its full potential.

I don't know but Katakuri is definitely topping the polls over Sanji or Zoro. Seeing no fight and character has been this hyped for so long. And Law topped Sanji before. Zoro might go down and not Sanji because its Sanji's arc and Zoro hasn't appeared for a while. Pudding and Perospero might also go up.

Hey, let's not turn the thread into another Luna vs Sana. I don't mind Sana shitposting but this'll just provoke them and mess up the thread.

No, that is Enel's.

Next Top 20 popularity rankings

1. Luffy
2. Zoro
3. Sanji
4. Katakuri
5. Law
6. Nami
7. Ace
8. Chopper
9. Sabo
10. Hancock
11. Reiju
12. Shanks
13. Marco
14. Robin
15. Cavendish
16. Usopp
17. Pudding
18. Cracker
19. Cavendish
20. Brook

Book it. The nips will vote this way.

His gonna be like Law before, top 2-3 easy.

I feel like Fujoshis love Katakuri so much that some votes will be split between him, Law, Sabo, and Ace where as before it was between 3 (law, sabo, ace). The edge fans will love Katakuri too, but seeing as it will take place in Wano I think Marco and Zoro will take back some votes.

>Usopp out of the top 10

>exceeding law with those teeth
lol no

Watch your mouth you cunt

Flashback with the older brothers when

>shitty predictions
Remove Law, Ace, Sabo, and Hancock from top 10.
>mfw Sanji the only member of Mugiwara Crew who never got Crew Joining Kanpai, because he join right in middle of Nami rescue arc
>Jinbei joining this arc will override Sanji's second chance for Kanpai again.

Katakuri is incredibly popular with girls. He protects his siblings so it's easy for them to pair him up with Cracker or Perospero. He has that cool factor with his outfit and face when it's covered it up. Prepare to be surprised if you think teeth are going to make people not vote for him. Pic related some art they've been dishing out.

>this nigga doesn't know what the nips like
Are you kidding me. Just look at these two polls.

Holy shit imagine if we get a scene of Daifuku, Peros, Oven giving a cold eye to someone making fun of Katakuri's teeth similiar to Donquixote family when someone made fun of pica.

Perospero is a bully so he wouldn't care. Remember he made fun of Katakuri's future seeing ability.

He said it in a more teasing manner rather than straight up mocking or bullying. Remember he was pissed when he saw Luffy manhandling Brulee

>he was pissed when he saw Luffy manhandling Brulee
They will forgive Luffy if he marries Brulee

Sanji is a pathetic mess!

Brulee is next in line if his marriage with Katakuri falls apart.

It won't

Remind me when those two polls were taken again?
Hancock will be top 20 not 10. Same for the others.

I just want Katakuri and his bros to get along.

I like LuKa but I would laugh if Big Mom's condition to forgive Luffy was to force him to marry Brulee.

They were taken during Dressrosa and WCI. Meaning Hancock had nothing to do with either arc and still was top 10. Law has not been present in WCI and is still very much in the top 10. Again, you don't understand the Japanese taste. They have a lot of fujos who love Ace, Sabo, Law, and now Katakuri. So those characters will rank high regardless. This poll will largely take place in Wano so that's enough time for people to calm down on the WCI characters (apart from Katakuri).

Is Wan Piss good again?

Completely lost track since mermaid island arc, I thought the new super powers were boring and it still felt like the same repetetion of the same arc over and over.

Seems pretty hyped right now, though. Mochiman looks cute as hell

No, still trash. You can go back now.

It's one of my favourite arcs, but everybody has a different opinion. You can only judge for yourself.

>good again
>implying it wasn't ever good
No need to come back, I can tell you have shit taste and we already have enough faggots like you

To be fair,dressrosa was bad at times

I agree.Pacing wasn't that good either so those bad moments lingered

I guess I could give it a try again.

I may be biased, you must be fucking delusional if you think Wanpiss didnt use the exact same story achetecture over and over since the start of the serialization series

Individually they were great, but it is only "good" when it is overused so much.
The one real thing that kept me going was the sense of adventure and seeing all sort of retarded shit Luffy do.

When will they learn

It's bad. Don't read it. Now, go back.

Straw Hats as the Big Mom pirates.

How interesting would a Gomu Gomu no Mi Katakuri be?

My favourite character is pre ts chopper by far. Judge me and say yours


As I said, One Piece was never not good. An exception wouuld be FI, as it only existed to show how powerful base forms of the strawhats were, and set up Biggu Mommu

Pelican eel beats flamingo every time.



>getting solod by the Manlet
>Manlet needed his bull law to beat doffy
Yeah okay keep telling yourself that faggot

More Zanahoria Blanco when

Katakuri won't lose, Doffyfag.


He got a big dong

You underestimate Lawfag fujos. Oda made a big mistake by not giving him more flaws. He’s not leaving top three for a while.

I SAID post comfy cover pages you fucks
oda wtf

I'd be "Sulong" Carrot, clearly.

Normally it is his staff posting stuff, but this is weird enough that it could be Oda posting it himself

There's some great potential for reaction images in there



That's her reaction after hearing about sanpu

>My favorite characters are : Robin
>What do you think about my taste, anons?

your taste is shit, if you like this disgusting slut

why would he tell the chefs to bring donuts if he was in the closet about eating donuts?

With how many ugly and weird people there are in the Charlotte family, why did they decide to bully Katakuri and Pudding for their looks? By One Piece standards they're not weird at all.

Sluts like Robin and Nami need some love too.


Robin should just die

Because Tottoland might be a paradise of diversity on the surface but none of it is actually sincere. The Charlottes being terrible to each other despite being blood relatives is just another thing that shows just how twisted Big Mom's empire is.


Where the fuck is this from? An OP or an ED?

Kekked desu

They changed the current opening to include the Katakuri fight.
One Piece hasn't had endings since 2007 or something.

>Speedreading all 2 reunions after the fight

Who the fuck is this

>jobbinfags thought he was second in command after big mama

It's going to be something super edgy to contrast Chopper's ridiculously cute epithet.

One Piece opening 20, right? Been looking for that version on YT and still can't find it

Katakuri is only 1-3 years younger than Perospero.

You know what the most amazing thing in One Piece is? How a hat made of straw managed to survive decades of exposure to the elements and life or death battles.


Katakuri hasn't hit his growth spurt yet

Nvm, found it. Jesus Toei, did you really need four different versions?

If Jinbe beats Smoothie does that mean he is the strongest Strawhat besides Luffy?

It's ok,pudding is overrated though

God, I hate this intro so much.

Best post-ts opening without a doubt
In both music and visuals

Nami is constantly fixing it.
Ship of Theseus and all that.

Somebody is wrong here.

name 1 better post-ts op
you can't

Definitely. Why did they choose the part with the most romantic lyrics to go with Luffy and Katakuri though?

You must love rap.

You know why

Of course I do, you're completely right.

WG isn’t honorable. If you actually managed it they’d realize they owe you too much cash and it has too many geopolitical issues so they’d rip you off and defame you like they did Norland.

Only a retard would even try to collect after the WG was already shown violating a deal with Blackbeard.

4kids all day every day.

No she isn’t. The hat self healed during the timeskip on panel as well.

Nami has been around this 400+ year old hat for like a total of one year.

... ?

What panel?

(In color by Oda as well)

The very last panel before the timeskip.
The very first panel after the timeskip.
Colored by Oda.

>tfw diente de perro will lose

Weaving straw is not a difficult skill. I am sure the previous owners were just as capable of having it repaired.

Just type One Piece opening in youtube and filter the stuff that wasn't released today you normie.

It’s technically possible user but this is a magical fantasy land’s story, so it’s more likely there’s an unknown reason the hat avoided Akainu’s Magma and landed at Shanks feet, and avoided that quicksand pit and landed at Robin’s feet, and flew off Luffy’s head to safety before he and Buggy got struck by lightning at Logeutown.

In the post-TS coloured-in section the top of the hat is always covered either by snow, or Luffy's hand.

This is intentional ambiguation which proves my point.

>insanely long fight between luffy and katakuri
>luffy finally reveals his next gear four
>it's just slightly faster and weaker.

We Mario Odyssey noaw

>It's "just" slightly faster
>slightly faster
>implying being fast is the only thing it offers

Yes, definitely. The straw hat self-heals.

It’s really really rare for Oda to color in chapter canon pages.

I wonder how much he thought about what he was showing the reader.

It seems really likely that ending the skip on a scarred SH, and then showing it again in color with no scar and a fucking speech bubble was probably on purpose.

Luffyfag please. You know it won't happen, deep down.

And infinitely more useful than Bounceman, which landed all of 3 hits before being BTFO

can't post at the usual time, so dropping in earlier

Since it was left alone on a rock for the entire period between those panels, and the island was undisturbed, and the scar has never been shown on the SH again to this day, yes.



Thanks, viz user.

It also hadn't been shown pretty much at any point between east blue and the TS.



The Strawhat probably has scars but Oda just doesn't care to show it anymore. Similar to how he doesn't show Nami's scar from arlong park anymore.


nami's scar self-healed

>No katakuri figure announced during wonfes



Buzz Cut Mochi Sounds sick. Are viz translated attack names canon over jaiminis?


True but Oda did decide to show it distinctively in the last panel pre skip, and didn’t have to, and didn’t show the scar in the first panel post skip or any point since.

>Are viz translated attack names canon over jaiminis?

thanks vizanon

Thanks vizanon

No. Nothing english is canon.

>Buzz cut mochi
>Buzz cut
I always knew Katakuri was effay

Yeah, better assume a miracle then.

Much appreciated, Viz user.

The choice of words here from Luffy in response to Katakuri's question are rather interesting. I do wonder if Katakuri will take them to heart once the battle is over, regardless of who wins.

>I'll ease your pain for you
What did he mean by this? Will Katakuri mend Luffy's helpless heart?

Their wounds don't look that serious anymore.

I cant help but to feel that Oda wanted to make something with this character but instead just decided to kill him off.

We didn’t know Gol D. Roger passed the hat to Shanks until Saboady.

more in the sense of "I'll put you to rest"

And the kid wearing the hat is also the one on the left.

Moon Rabbit

if Katakuri is able to form spikes, ehy didn't he do it earlier and smash Luffy with spiked power mochi?

This panel shows indisputably that rubber > Mochi in sheer durability, as Luffy has repeatedly destroyed Katakuri’s Mochi body parts, but Katakuri can’t obliterate Luffy’s rubber in a similar way.

>debuts in this arc
>makes it into top 10
Can Barto get any more based?

Well unless they defect they're technically part of the BM pirates.

Katakuri was the one who "destroyed" his mochi, he fired a grilled mochi at Luffy

He didn’t underestimate Luffy’s potential but he did underestimate how fast Luffy could realize it.

Look at the CoA disc Katakuri makes yo protect his face.
Now look at how Luffy just takes the hits.

And Luffy is fine, and Katakuri is still shown wounded through his CoA.

Thank you though for correcting me

>Shirahoshi's name is written in hiragana instead of katakana, like almost all if not all other characters by given name instead of epithets like "Akainu" or "Shirohige"
Never noticed that. before. I wonder why that is.



Because her epithet is Mermaid Princess and it's too generic?

user? They both use CoA and neither of them are damaged. What the fuck are you talking about?

It's the other way around user.



Peerospeerofag is actually a gypsy slut from Romania,i would jave thought the landwhale was german or at least czech desu.

should make one of king kong gun, manga vs anime

Holy shit it is the guy. Well spotted user.
Andrea can be both a guy and a girl's name though.

>Big Meme will go do-

Runky D. Luffy in action.

Only romanians use 2 e's in the spelling of the name Andrea and it's only a female's masculine being Andrei.

>bringing other sites in
for what purpose? not perosperofag, i could care less about that loser.

Did people seriously expect Bobbin to be a big deal?

someone post the one with Buggy, the only Pirate King

I love this picture so much.

Here's more literary genius from Miss Andreea Popa.

Amongst the first named Big Mom pirates. Of course you are going to assume any Big Mom pirates shown is a big deal. At least at first. People also assumed Pekoms and Tamago were very high ranked which was not the case.

does katakuris schlong taste like mochi?

The cringe is too high for me
I understand asking this kind of shit here because of being anonymous, but using the same username for multiple websites to spam your shit is beyond stupid

From her obsession with Katze i assume that's the same landwhale.

>not a perosperofag
How does one screw up this badly? Perospero is a miracle. Appreciate him.

Katakuri’s hits don’t hurt Luffy much, they are like scuff marks on a boot.

You didn’t refute my point that Luffy doesn’t need haki to tank Katakuri’s attacks, but Katakuri needs it to survive Luffy’s.

Maybe because Shirahoshi isn't her real name, Poseidon is.

Be patient user. There will be one for sure. It's only a matter of time.

Am I the only one not obsessed with Katakuri?

>you didn’t refute my point that Luffy doesn’t need haki to tank Katakuri’s attacks, but Katakuri needs it to survive Luffy’s
That's probably becuse I'm not the guy you were answering to, but fine, I'll refute it. See pic related.

I was more looking forward to a Smoothie or Galette desu. Sadly the dream is dead.

How come? Is there something wrong with you?

Katakuri spin-off when

Speaking of spin offs. What are the likeliest one's besides a Roger or a Garp spinoff? Imo a Law one would make quite some sense


>Are the official, legal English names canon over the unofficial, illegal fan translation names?
Gee user I don't fucking know.

I want to fuck the shit out of Smoothie here.

I think I was misinformed then. Some user told me Viz translations aren't always accurate. Sorry.

they aren't

>End of WCI arc finally
>Oda revealed 84 of 85 Charlotte children
>Morgans' article about Luffy and co. fucking with Big Mom goes worldwide
>Usual world reacts chapter about it
>Ends with Bonney reacting on a double page
>Includes a full introduction box, telling us she's the last-to-be-revealed Charlotte child
r8 my headcanon

But her surname is Jewelry.

Father's name.

SILVERS rayleigh
S'COPPER' gaban
GOLD roger

JEWELRY bonney? A random theory but does this old any special meaning?

Whats so special about her there?

bonney is ace's twin sister though

I hate Smoothie

well yeah she's roger's child after all

No translation from one language to another is totally perfect. however, in this case we have to accept that Viz is more accurate solely based on the fact that they are the ones officially bringing One Piece to the market in English. Mangastream and Jamini's are just both fan translations and have no staying power outside of the internet. They don't have the license for OP, they don't sell official OP merch in the West.


Honestly they are usually worse than the fan translations, but they are "official" because Viz owns the rights to One Piece.

thank you user

>however, in this case we have to accept that Viz is more accurate solely based on the fact that they are the ones officially bringing One Piece to the market in Englis
what the fuck kind of logic is that? officiality doesn't affect how good their translations actually are

Does Nico Robin have the devil fruit with the most wasted potential?

You either have shit taste in women or are one of those fags who want her to do something. I only care about her looking cute desu. I hope Oda doesnt fuck this up with her right eye.

She has the best doujin potential.

She can spawn her limbs on the surfaces that she actually see, so the first scene is bullshit.

Also going to waste

>She can spawn her limbs on the surfaces that she actually see
nope, that's a myth

Don't post reaction images of that nigger spic fucking newfag

If i'm not mistaken she sayed something like that in skypia.

>She can spawn her limbs on the surfaces that she actually see

And it's covered by the tattoo

Ok, let it be. The best Robin's figure for you

>You either have shit taste in women
I don't have shit taste in women though.
>i only care about her looking cute
She never does

Then who is your waifu? I swear to god if you say Perona... She is awful!

No, Foxy does.

>saying ouch
So did Blackbeard before he defeated Ace, Luffy, sand Whitebeard.

>waifu from OP

Luffy was attacking not defending.

Yes, actually.

cavendish is best girl

BB's fight against Ace has nothing to do with the argument, we don't even know if Haki was used or even relevant in this fight between two logias. Please kindly fuck off if all you care about is muddying the waters with unrelated shit just so your frail argument won't be exposed for the bullshit that it is. It's not working.
Here's another proof, pic related.


What the fuck are you talking about? Where is it said that the armament used for attacking is weaker than the armament used for defending?
You're full of shit. I'll stop answering yours posts from now on.

SanVio is the only ship that matters. Nami < Viola in every way, I bet Sanji agrees.

I didn’t say Luffy had stronger CoA, I said he didn’t need to to tank Katakuri’s attacks because other than cause pain they don’t do anything to Luffy,

>Other than cause pain they don’t do anything to Luffy
If they cause pain that means he's not tanking it, retard.

> because other than cause pain they don’t do anything to Luffy,
what did he mean by this

So Blackbeard didn’t tank Ace’s fire spears because they caused pain?

wtf stop posting

>Implying that making fun of your little siblings is the same as letting others bully them

It means that Katakuri’s blows can’t incapacitate Luffy, like Whitebeard’s couldnt incapacitateBlackbeard.

Luffy isn't a Darkness logia last I checked, luffyfag.

He is a D though.

I wish I could report you for that answer.

Darkness logia isn’t what provided Blackbeard’s resilience, in fact it’s clearly stated to halve it.

Learn the basic canon.

You misunderstood me.

I don't want wait 10 days again. It's like january/golden week hiatus all over again. Reee.

Blackbeard tanked Whitebeard. He tanked Ace. He tanked Sengoku.

All three of them made him say ouch.

I refuted you, and you wish you could report me for that.

>korean scans

Damn he looks even more terrifying when you can actually see his teeth.

I hate this nepotistic bastard.
If his daddy wasn't Dragon, he would have died 20 times by now.
Starting with Sabaody Archipelago. Acting like hot shit there and getting rect by Admiral only to be saved by the buddies of his dad.
Then in Impel Down he was saved again by buddy of his dad.
I won't even talk about Marineford.

And now he is the only one getting fights out of all the Strawhats.

Some other Supernova or Katakuri should Pirate King. Say no to nepotism

t. abandoned child with ptsd

>Starting with Sabaody Archipelago
Starting with Loguetown

Thinking about this, you could probably say this about the rest of the Big Three main characters.

Buggy, Usopp, Blackbeard, Luffy, Croc, Doffy, Bon Clay, Whitebeard, Kizaru.
Fuck it, Katakuri makes the list too.

I hate all this waiting.

Dude looks like an orc.

I hate you.

I was merely referring to my wanting to report you for bringing yet again more unrelated shit, namely BB being a D, into the argument to try and muddy the waters.

Wait, what's the actual difference between all the Snakeman attacks? Don't they all pretty much do the same thing except for the Gatling attack? Is King Cobra just, I dunno, more piercing or some shit?

I forgot about daddy himself saving him way back in East Blue.

Luffy is as privileged as Celestial Dragon. He shouldn't be a Pirate King, it's a bad lesson for kids.

Make the edgelord Kidd into a Pirate King.

How do you know Kuma saved him because of the relationship he had with his dad, or even that he knew Luffy was Dragon's son? For all you know Kuma just fell in love with Zoro during battle and decided to let Luffy and his crew go as a favor.
It makes more sense if anything. If Kuma had decided to let them go since the start despite Sengoku's order because Luffy is his boss's son then he wouldn't even have bothered picking a fight and he would have left.

I would bet that at least daifuku has a higher bounty than cracker at least. You don't need to be a sweet commander to have a hight bounty.

Not that guy but Kuma knew exactly who Luffy was. He was well prepared to kill Luffy but Zoro earned his respect so he decided to let Luffy go.

Spee D. Reader


Good to know, thank you for the reminder user.


>you have a bounty hunter, the strength of a Yonku, who is neutral/friendly toward WG, and they decide: Well, fuck that guy. We won't pay him.
They are not honorable, but they are not completely retarded either.

But I love you, so why can't we all be happy?

Lyffy is a Mary Sue faggot. He even have a shit cliche character like Hancock to annoy us.
Franky for Pirate King.

Good thing Hancuck gets no panel time

Childhood is your favorite character being the main Luffy.

Adolescence is loving edgelords like Zoro or Law.

Adulthood is understanding why hardboiled weird men like Franky, Senior and Katakuri are the best.

Zoro is the real gary stu faggot. There's zero annoying things about him. Luffy and Sanji have a lot, in comparison.

Zoro's only flaw is getting fucking lost. Sanji's is womanizing. Luffy's is immaturity. The latter two are much more debilitating flaws than being lost habitually. Fucking oda.

Zoro was perfectly fine pre-skip. But now he's a total faggot.
There is nothing more annoying than a cocky "nice" guy that one shots everything.
It's fine for a bad guy, but you can't do that shit with your main characters.

But Robin is my favorite character.

he'll get knocked down a peg in wano

Because you are a waifufag

Not really. Your favorites are 'hardboiled' men because you're a fujo.

I'm not even the guy you were replying to.

You mean after you brought up his logia as an explanation for his resilience, it’s unrelated to bring up that being a D might be a reason?

>Not loving shiny foreheads


I'm the guy you're replying to.
Robin was also my favorite, but she is total blank state bore now. She can't even fight one on one.
Actually most of the Straw Hats are shittier and it's not even after the time-skip. The decline was starting way back in Thriller Bark.

Indeed it is. But maybe that's just me because I'm assuming we are both trying to reach the truth, not troll the fuck out of one another. I'm also assuming we both have more than 3 functional brain cells, but I could be wrong about that too.

Show me the worst design people thought gear 4 Snakeman was gonna look like.

Amuro Namie,singer of several OPs including the latest and this

>Filler episode of Hancock finding out that Luffy loves Sanji's food, so she is grilling and kicking him to avoid his onslaught of perversion in finding out how he makes his food.
>Sets up a fight of Amazons vs Okamas in trying to get the recipies to appease Luffy with cooking like Sanji can


The fuck did Barto go?

>Vergo-san has changed a lot

Nips for joke make Katakuri first. Because he better Luffy at everything. EVERYTHING.

Big Mom is the best post TS arc.
Dressrosa is also fantastic but has a lot of flaws.

Lunafags are retarded

Mary Sues have no flaws. Luffy has pretty damn many. One of them is being stupid.

Imagine the horrors that we could have seen if the break had been last week

>That last panel


Was it rape?

I think that spinning donut mochi movement is necessary for buzz cut to happen
Maybe the sort of drippings that form rolling on the awakened affected mochi floor make it possible to create that spiked club on his arm?

He would be the best dad

>implying Katakuri didnt want this when he became a donut himself

Don't make fun of the mentally challenged

This is rape

Saddest moment in all of One Piece is?


Ace's death just kidding, it was hilarious, Kuma separating the Straw Hats and their reunion after 2 years.

The anime version of Owner Zeff.

Katakuri is craving some of that rubberdick.

This C looks just like Ace's chest.

Hard to choose between Corazon's death and Robin asking "are you my mommy?"

How did Brook manage to give Prometheus a wound before and then now literally cut Zeus in half? I'd have imagined a literal ball of fire would be receive no damage compared to a fucking cloud. I mean, Zeus still says "ow" but still. It doesn't seem right.

Brook's crew dying.

>Don't they all pretty much do the same thing except for the Gatling attack? Is King Cobra just, I dunno, more piercing or some shit?
Black Mamba is gatling and Jet Culverin is pistol, we'll have to wait for the next chapter to see what is King Cobra, piercing is the best guess since Luffy seems to have his hand open for this attack and he isn't twisting it like he does for rifle neither there is fire like in red hawk

its big moms thunder struck pose

it's to reflect mom's bear and wolf metaphor

you can force diversity but insticts always flow free

like how muslims need to run over people with buses

>next chapter
oh you poor innocent child

this confirms that haki makes shit like fire strong as well

it's why marigold and sanji only need a spark to create their fire attacks

in luffy's case it's just him making Gear 2's heat stronger

But Organ is gatling

Neptune sons trying to cheer up Shirahoshi right in front of their dying mother.

For Boundman. Not Snakeman. Come on, user.

But Gomu Gomu no Organ is Gatling. Black Mamba is Shotgun from the Crocodile fight.

No Harpy Monet in the crew.

It looks nothing like the Shotgun. It's just Gatling in a different form is all.

have faith, Cred Forumsnon-kun

>it looks nothing like shotgun
He does aim for the floor if you look close.

Is Oda gonna ruin the rest of one piece with his relatively terrible pacing?

Go ahead and mention what comes before we hit raftel and thus the end of out journey.

Well, yeah, he's obviously not going to just punch straight ahead. It's a barrage of punches. And if you look at his other side, you'll see that some punches just goes to the side and changes direction instead of going to the floor. The bottom punches bounce of the floor, the top punches do their own thing.

Think we're going to get the arrival of Compote and Oven in the coming episodes?

What makes you think Raftel is the end of the journey?

oven maybe, compote I doubt because we haven't even seen her do anything in the manga so the anime has nothing to go off of

Moon will be

I don't "identify as a gamer," I'm saying if playing a good game is more important to you than the game catering to its subject material, then DBFZ is in a league of its own. Games like Xenoverse or the DB MMO are fucking garbage, but if you love Dragon Ball, you'll probably like those games.

It's the same thing with CC2 games. Their games are God-awful. If you don't care about Naruto or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, those games serve zero purpose to you. But if you're a huge fan of those series then the games at least serve as a form of memorabilia. That doesn't make them "good games" - they aren't. Video games based on third-party material have a long, well-recognized history as being garbage, and anime/manga is not immune to that, in fact it's actually done worse than American comics since both Marvel and DC have gotten their properties into competent hands with MvC and Injustice. There are a couple games out there that are decent, like Naruto GNT4 was decent and the JoJo Capcom game was decent, but those are the best examples and they still pale in comparison to their first-party contemporaries. If you love Naruto, you might like GNT4 more than Melee; if Naruto is foreign to you, you would never bother touching that game. DBFZ is the first game that actually holds up to the standards of first-party games; even if it isn't really revolutionary or special from an outside perspective, from an inside perspective it's a fucking miracle. Maybe it's not as good as Guilty Gear, but it has a wider appeal than Guilty Gear and even people who dislike BlazBlue for being "too anime" or "too casual" like DBFZ.

That's all I meant and I'd love to actually play a One Piece game and enjoy it for something more than recognizing characters for the first time.

Brook, Robin and Law flashbacks are pretty sad.

Probably ASW will do OP next

Sure, that's why I brought it up in the first place. My original post was about how it'll be unfortunately full of boring characters, either fan favorites or characters who are important in-universe, even if we haven't seen them do jackshit. There's like 30 characters who'd be better off in a fighting game than Boa Hancock or Shanks, but you nerds would lose your goddamn mind if they didn't get in, and that's what I was lamenting.

What's her endgame?

This. Robin's flashback hit me really hard, this part being a big reason.


A charlotte with compote filling.

Doing fucking nothing like all of biggu mammu's daughters

Becomes the Smug Queen of OP.

Why would Hancock not be a good fit? She has more of a moveset than Shanks.

I have high hopes for her! She looks ready

If that was it then Oda would have just put her on Smoothie's ship or on Brownie's ship.

Joconde a cute.

It's explained in the manga, Brook has soul powers, so he's super effective against homies, which are powered by souls. The form they take doesn't matter.

This arc has some great female designs(better than all the fucking nami/robin clones) but they actually need to do something.

She has, but it was just wrecking mooks. We're talking about a 24 character roster and you're wasting a slot on someone who just one-shots and taunts people. She hasn't even done anything post-timeskip.

Teasing all the younger siblings with Peros.

I agree completely

The only Big Daughtersu who actually did something this arc are Praline, Chiffon and Pudding, and they are all non-loyal

Anana popped some ballons. And Flampe shot Luffy.

No shit, I'm asking why Brook cutting Zeus in two has no other significance other than Zeus going "ow". It should have done some actual fucking damage.


forgot the buttblaster.
Anana did the same like Galette and Brulee, winning our hearts

why do you do this

Dude King Baum was cut in two, twice, and he survived both times.
Even the antropomorphized food doesn't lose their personality right away after they're chewd on.


Galette stopped Nami. Amande destroyed King Baum and Smoothie is currently attacking the Sunny.
But yeah I agree.

Brulee. And Joscarpone.

Molesting Nami and stabbing the air Luffy was breathing two seconds ago doesn't qualify as doing something, sorry user.

Praline cleared the slug surveillance, Chiffon and Pudding helped to craft the cake wich will stop Big Moms rampage. They did big things with actual impact, while the others only acompished small feats at best, but nothing of lasting significance.
At the most I'd agree with counting Brulee, but she's (involuntarily) done more damage to the BM pirates than she actually was usefull for them so far.

It would look like condoms expanding and constricting

>Sanji and 3rd place
>God Usopp at 15th

shit poll

So with those standards, who out of the boys has accomplished feats with actual impact?
Katakuri and Peros, that's about it.


Fair enough.
Oven was most of the time just there and not doing actually anything despite killing Pound
Daifuku probably sank more of his ships than Sulong Carrot
Opera is just a mess
I'd say maybe Mont d'Or because he micromanages more or less anything and assambled the fleet at Cocoa, but this most likely wont hinder the Strawhats/Germa to pick up Luffy and bail


it's not eating donuts that he's embarrassed of, but rather the undignified way he makes a pig of himself when eating them

There's apparently been a new thread for a while

Ace's death for me. I had sort of used him as a template for how to be a good big brother to my little brother (I was literally 12 when I read the Alabasta arc, okay.) So when I ~7 years later read the marineford arc, it hit too close to home.