Let's rank the top 100 most powerful characters in anime

Let's rank the top 100 most powerful characters in anime.

I'll start with number 1.

*blocks your path*

Get erased ya bitch

Fuck powerlevel threads

Altair is the strongest

Reminder that only manchildren and kids give a shit about power levels.

She has all the powers and abilities of all fanfiction written about her.

But her one weakness, in no fanfiction ever written in any universe, in any fantasy, in any concievable way, shape or form can she..

Beat the dick, can't do it.

So at best, she is maybe top 20.

>Beat the dick, can't do it.
Well, that's whre you're wrong! Futa exists.


Altair is literally cheating since she’s in a world above other creations

How cute.

Altair and everything in this thread lose to gag characters.

and every gag character loses to MY gag character

Do we have the most updated version of this?

>powerlevel threads

My wife Altair is so perfect.

>Beat the dick, can't do it.
She beat the dick though, she went full /u/

Who the fuck thought these autistic non aligned charts were a good idea?


Okay. Does anyone have -1?

My husband Altair is so perfect


here will be no follow-up strike, because I shall slay you in one blow!

>short hair
Kill yourself.

Wow that's a flimsy reason to get me killed

It just means she is inexperienced with the dick, making her twice as vulnerable.




Long time since I posted this.

>ctrl+f God
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