Sora yori mo tooi basho

Epizode 8 leaked preview.

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>leaked preview
What? How is it leaked when it's officially uploaded?


A couple minutes ago the video and page weren't there, but I was able to get the images by modifying the URL from previous episodes. I thought it might be as much as a few hours until they make it official, but alas, I was too late.


My Antarctic expedition member Shirase is so beautiful.

You can really tell which ones are the supposed to be the beautiful girls. Thanks user!

Why isn't it Tuesday yet?

Mari looks really cute here.

>Sora yori mo tooi basho
Tell me about Hinata. Why does she hold the dildo?

Because she's planning on shoving it up Shirase's bum.

>wrong hole

Wouldn't a standing shower be more efficient?


I've watched enough JAV to know where this is going

Hinata > Yuzuki > Shirase > Mari

Yuzuki > Shirase > Hinata > Pengi > Kimari

Wet lesbian fun?

Wet lesbian butt fun.

not pictured: im under the water

I'm leaking indeed.

Their legs must be REALLY cramped together when you look at it. It's hot.

Just think of all the sexual tension between them,.

Anyone have the picture where the girls are wearing their masks and the background was edited to look like Mother Base from MGS 5?


Fuck long black haired shy girls, it's the most boring archetype.

Yuzuki is not shy and Shirase is a dork.


It's an unusually good CGDCT show that actually has a plot and nice visuals.

I want to impregnate Hinata and take responsibility.

How is Yorimoi doing in terms of sales? I hope it does well but something tells me it's probably not doing good.

dorks vs the seastorm.

Japan loves it as well. It's doing fine.

Nice. Might get the BD since I love it so much.

Watersports lesbian fun

If I got all the BDs I wanted this season I wouldnt eat for months.

The lack of fanart says it might be liked but it's not loved.


sirase is my wife ok?


No non-sense-leaked-preview:

I only buy BDs for shows I absolutely adore. I'd rather buy figures and other merch rather than discs that collect dust on my shelf.

Fuck, it almost looks like they are getting to Antarctica in episode 9. I mean the end of this preview. Also, why is Kimari wearing goggles?

looks great

What are you guys' favourite and worst episodes so far?

if you can't go to Antartica, just buy an official ship mission jacket.

2, even though it doesn't have Yurzuki.
I can't say, the quality has been pretty consistent so far. Maybe episode 4. It's just the least remarkable one.

>them leaving the port

>the last shot
>all 4 of them in their antartica outfits
>them reaching antartica

We are there boys, it took 8 episodes but we got there.

So far I consider this anime pretty much flawless.

A lot of people do love it but the show doesn't have a lot of material that can inspire fanartists. Hopefully this will change next episode, Shirase with her hair up looks gorgeous.

If I sleep beside Hinata and because of the rough sea, Hinata got pushed to my face.
Is it counted as an indirect kiss legally ?

Episode 5 is objectively the worst episode.

I love all of them but I think I like the first episode the most. The scene where the uncertainty-filled Kimari found Shirase then immediately looks relieved and then received one of Shirase's brightest smile is etched in my heart. That simple happiness of finding someone, to know that you're not alone is one of the happiest moment in the show and I just can't get enough of it.
None. Maybe the 13th, but only because it's the last episode.

what's the age of consent in Antarctica?

No laws. All is permitted.


Not if you're in the British Antarctica Territory.


Finally! Antarctica here we go!

So far, there isn't such thing as a worst episode.

>first episode
My nigga. I must've rewatched that episode at least 5 times now.

God my wife is so cute

Yuzuki's bun.

Will there be cake?

I think I'd also go with the first episode. The sheer quality hooked me immediately, there's something very cinematic about it.

Do you dislike it because of the drama?

The cakes are filming the girls.

Could a kind user better at Japanese than me make a transcript?
All I could gather is that the most popular report they uploaded was one of nothing but Yuzuki eating strawberry ice cream (would watch).

>nothing but Yuzuki eating strawberry ice cream
Jesus fuck tuesday can't come fast enough.

You do realize that's not going to be in the episode, right? The voice-over for the previews is always just some random banter.
Last time they were planning a fruit revolution against the durian (regarded as the king of fruits by people in SEA).

The rough southern waves bit looks fucking amazing
Cant wait as usual

>going on deck in a storm like that
I guess we're getting our first death this week.

The drama was awful but it also dragged out the time in Japan for no real reason. Her friend being a cunt wasn't at all worthwhile to the story or Mari.

Right now it's the 3rd best selling show of the season according to stalker (devilman and PTE not taken into account) behind Idolish and Yuru Camp

I think it was, they set all of that up. You got to see Shirase get vindicated with the biggest "I told you so," and it's a nice bit of self-realization from Kimari. It resolves the plot line of Megu feeling like Kimari's moving on from her, and like the ending narration says, it hammers home that things are going to be changing in Kimari's life. The biggest fixture isn't going to be there anymore.

It felt real to me because I've known people who are envious backstabbing shrews.

This episode's title is approximately "Shouting, going mad, screaming at the top of our lungs".

A common thing for females to do

It's a reference to

So it'd be roaring, furious and shrieking.

Nobody's dying.

Someone died before, someone could die again.

Gangbang by Elder Things when?

Despite all that, they should have just left Megu as a background character who is forgotten about. We don't have much time as is to actually interact with the interesting part of the setting.

Mari is always really cute.

They're not gonna skip character development in a show about character development. This isn't actually going to be a show about happy fun times in Antarctica.

Literally no one wanted to see an episode wasted on a background character, just stop arguing.

That's just you.

It's not like the entire episode was about her.

Something has to go wrong... we're already in the second half and they still have to travel all the way to Antarctica. Will an iceberg-kun show up?

megane bitch was a big part of the early story and big part of kimari's development. stop being retarded

you're gonna go far with that attitude

This is a show about genuine smiles.
Is this blog create by Cred Forumsnon for japanese audience, or a japanese peeking on Cred Forums ?

Rub a dub dub, four dorks in a tub

>While they are staying in the Antarctic, nuclear warfare takes place, humanity is extinct leaving the South Pole.
>They decided to establish the Antarctic >Republic and to live,
>Food runs out and it is a big pinch.
>At that time the ruins of the old one are found across the Madness Mountains and at the same time discover the spaceship under the ice.
>It would be nice if it ended like ...
I like the way they think

Offscreen deaths for the purpose of the story don't count.

So, this is Lord of the Flies, Antartica edition?

To me, Megu's arc is more about the inevitable cost of going on a journey, the other side of the bright and cheerful seishun. This show never shy away from showing the ugliness of youth, making it feels more humane and grounded.

>Not getting the Nagasaki meme
The latter. Definitely the latter.

>waaah all I ever wanted was some friends
>gets some friends
>superiority complex, talks down to them like she's their mother, acts like it's no big deal that she's a famous model, makes them eat durian fruit over a simple mistake
>will consider herself the victim when they fly back to japan and Kimari, Hinata, and Shirase stop talking to her

Worst fucking girl. Well, besides that traitorous bitch friend of Kimari's, but she doesn't count.

Is she a model? I thought she was an idol. Or actress. Or something.

They roast each other constantly user, that's what makes them all great.

I don't know what she is, it was the first word that came to mind. Entertainer then. Or something.

I do enjoy that aspect of the show a lot, it just seems like Yuzuki is condescending.

Well the other girls are dorks so they deserve it.

Because they're normal high school girls (well I guess Hinata technically isn't). Something Yuzuki is desperate to be, so she should be less of a cunt.

I'm sure she'll get her character development episode.

idols are a combination of all that
actress, singer, dancer, model, high-end prostitute, etc

Mari didn't need extra development to leave, she was resolved within 2 episodes after she fell in love. Meanwhile we got plenty of rumors and scolding purely because the bitch was jealous, and if they get back to Japan chances are we have to deal with her again.
>I'm the villain! It was me!
Choose 1

Please no slander.

Saying she fucked her manager isn't slander, it's just the truth.

The 2d world is pure until proven otherwise.

Why would she fuck her mother?

Provide photographic evidence.

She's no stranger to her mother's vagina.

Because she's her manager.

What do you think Hinata's home life is like?

The weak should fear the strong


What's with girls getting choked this season? Not that I'm complaining.

Hinata edits are a thing the world needs more of.

Can't wait till tomorrow.

We need more Yorimoi edits in general


I keep rewatching this show. I'm addicted to the emotions.

I think she did. It really rounds out the decision to make a move and change something about her life. Like someone else said, you need that bitterness to complete the experience. That whole episode is about driving home the fact that she's leaving, and leaving a friend behind is a part of that.

Also I think that it makes complete sense for Megu to come clean. She's not going to see Kimari for another three months. Imagine the guilt that'd build up, especially after the late night talk they have. Everyone's parting with a clean conscience.

Not just that she had to leave a friend behind, but the whole thing was that her friend was actively trying to hold her back.

Yeah, that's a better way to put it.

>That's just you.
I kinda see where user is coming from though. I think if Megu was this conflicted, it would have been better if she was a main character and the show actually dedicated some effort into her development. Otherwise I think the show would have been better off without it.



>leaving a friend behind
Except that the friend was no longer her friend, and the friend was leaving as well.
>needs to come clean
That's only if you insist she's necessary to the show though.

Mari has somewhere she wants to go and she has friends to do it with, while Megu is alone and has nowhere she wants to go, she just wants to run away. Wow, real compelling shit.
The entire episode framed how the two were good friends in the past, but they just did nothing now, with only their past tying them together. Compared to Mari coming back with real friends and having done something, Megu is just traveling and will come back as empty as she left, with no friends and no identity.

Tsukkomi != superiority complex and talking down.

>Except that the friend was no longer her friend
>Megu just wants to run away
>The entire episode framed how the two were good friends in the past, but they just did nothing now, with only their past tying them together
>Megu is just traveling and will come back as empty as she left, with no friends and no identity.

Not sure what you don't get.

I want to have tender loving sex with Hinata, Shirase, and Kimari. Yuzuki is for femdom and being called worthless by her

This wouldn't be the first time that I like the girl that for some reason attracts disgusting femdomfags while I just want to headpat and hug said girl.

You're weird.

Let's start with how you got that from watching episode 5. I'm not even saying that you're watching it wrong, your post is just so bizarre and removed from my experience from watching the same episode that I can't even begin to parse it.

>and the friend was leaving as well
>Megu is just traveling and will come back as empty as she left
please elaborate

>Calling femdom disgusting
Well I suppose we can’t all have good taste

I want to cum on idol's face.

Megumi = Me
Mari = Also Me

Not that user, but think about it this way. Megu just confessed all this shit to Mari, but now what? This should be the starting point for her character development but the show won't cover it because she's a side character. So what's the point of making Megu so messed up if we're not gonna see how she puts herself together and overcome this shit?

Honestly, in the same way there's a show dedicated to how Mari stop depending on Megu and gets out there and do shit on her own, there should be a show about how Megu stop needing Mari to cling on her and learns to do her own shit too.

It feels Megu's journey is incomplete. She's messed up in the head but we'll never see how she gets better and that's a shame. At best it might happen off-screen during these three month but that's not good enough.

Are you getting treatment for your brain problems?


That I definitely understand. I don't agree, but at least I know more or less where you're coming from. Though that doesn't really help me understand that user's post.

Are the girls still alright?

No, they're not legal. They'll surely be arrested soon.

No, they're dork soup now.

Looks good

>Translated "These girls are alright" as "うん、問題ないね。"

How can they not get that joke?

Shirase looks fat.

What fetish would this be? Loose evening clothes? I don't know what to call it.



It actually translates to roughly the same thing.

It does, but the OP song title joke is lost in translation.

>Hinata’s smug
Little femlet know’s she’s irresistible.

Incredible. Keep it up.

>Hinata's shirt doesn't have food on it.
Unrealistic, immersion lost, 0/10.

That's great.

I wanted to post a positive reaction image, since I really enjoyed but I found out that all of them portray negative emotions.

Still, good job, gave me a giggle.


>It feels Megu's journey is incomplete. She's messed up in the head but we'll never see how she gets better and that's a shame
how do you know? did you write the show? do you not know that story-telling can be done without dedicating entire episodes to something, and a simple text message appearing on screen for a few seconds could convey any change having occurred in Megumi since the last time we saw her?

>a simple text message appearing on screen for a few seconds could convey any change having occurred in Megumi since the last time we saw her?
It's not about telling she changed but showing the development process.

>It's not about telling she changed but showing the development process.
which they still could easily do at any time in the 6 remaining episodes?
I get the feeling that you're basing your criticisms on the assumption that the people who write this show are as creatively bankrupt as you are, which, pro-tip, they're most likely not

>which they still could easily do at any time in the 6 remaining episodes?
You mean 4 episodes. I don't think there's enough time to go back to Megu.

that's 6, user
and again, even half a minute in the last episode would be enough to convey all that needs to be conveyed, you're not giving nearly enough credit to people who make up stories for a living


8 is about the girls in the boat.

>ven half a minute in the last episode would be enough to convey
You're missing the point. I'm not talking about telling that she changed but showing how she develops. You can't do that in two minutes.

>You can't do that in two minutes.
go watch some short films
of course you can

Episode 3. I literally cried along with Yuzuki
Episode 5, the betrayal was weak and I couldn't sympathize with megane

less than one day boys and girls

I watch anime and I'm pretty sure they can't. Heck, they needed a whole episode to go from Mari not having the courage to make a little trip to Tokyo to developing the spine to go to Hiroshima with Shirase at the end. There's no way they can show how Megu goes from needing Mari to cling onto her so desperately she literally tried to sabotage her adventure to someone who at least is starting to come into her own. Maybe if they dedicate a whole episode to it but I'm not sure they had the time to spare. We'll see.

So a thought occurs. Is Yuzu's mom not going with them? Is she really just sending her kid to a desolate frozen wasteland by herself?

She's moving on to fresh prey.

she's gonna spend 5 months hosting crazy parties with male prostitutes and cocaine thanks to all the money her hard-working daughter has earned

>TFW Mom keeps having orgies and cocaine parties while you are trying to sleep.

The alternative is her molesting Yuzu every night.

I could see this being a thing in my base.

I want to die

The only girl we've seen a father for is Kimari. Where are these ladies' Dads?

the cakes are such semen demons


I just catched up, and I see many didn't like the fifth episode.
I could relate to Megumi though, it made me realize that I too need to help others for personal gratification and dislike when they get indipendent or better than me.

>Shirase's mom
>semen demon
Are you into necrophilia?

>not into necrophilia


I know.


I hope this smile is now frozen, preserved for eternity.


This smile is illegal.

I fucking love this character and her shit-eating grins.

Will Shirase ever smile like this?

this review has got me really excited, and not just for bathtub yoris


Look at that mad bastard.

Finally this is starting to look like an adventure.


I want to cum on idol's face.

Megu makes a pretty clear decision that she wants to go somewhere else. Not purely metaphorically, since Mari even invited her to come with, but that defeats the purpose.

Despite Megu's claims about having nothing without Mari relying on her, the two of them don't get along that great to begin with. Megu repeatedly asks to hang out but ends up on her own, and her free time consists of either sitting alone at a cafe or playing video games at home. When Mari did swing by with the video game, Mari spent the entire time talking about other friends. Hell, Mari twice has the same flashback that Megu had, but Mari mentally removed Megu from it.
It's a comfortable friendship in the sense that they're two people with a shared history, but with that resentment that episode 5 brought to the surface, Megu returning without succeeding will basically kill whatever friendship they could have.

The reason I say that the traveling is different is a big part of Mari's motivation. Mari originally just wanted to get out and go somewhere, but by the end of episode 4 she didn't just want to go somewhere, she wanted specifically to go to Antarctica. Megu though doesn't have anything to spark her interest; her best bet is to travel somewhere at random, and then what?
Truthfully, I'm not sure she can go anywhere at all. She talks about how weird it is just putting in the effort to go to work and save up for travel, she's more likely to quit partway into a plan if she doesn't have money from her parents to use.

But say despite all that she goes somewhere. She's all by herself, willingly cut off from her only friend. Her only desire, to do something without Mari, is fulfilled the moment she sets out on her journey. And simply going somewhere doesn't mean she finds something that she likes or that she's passionate about, that stops her from being worthless. There's really no way for her to succeed.

Didn't the show's synopsis have a similar line?

>acts like it's no big deal that she's a famous model
Uh, would it be better if she was acting like it was a big deal?

She doesn't have to travel at all. What she needs is to make friends other than Mari. It would be cool if the show gives her an episode to make some friends. They could even have an adventure of their own. Not a big adventure, just a local minor thing, an excuse to make Megu do something she can be happy about that doesn't revolve around Mari.

>I take responsibility for Kimari.


She's talking figuratively, user. It's pretty obvious.

Pretty hype desu.

Aside from the talk about Megu needing to do what Mari is doing and Mari inviting Megu to come with them, that sidesteps basically the entire little monologue at the end.

Point is Megu doesn't want to make any trip. She just believes she's got to part ways with Mari because she's ashamed and feels guilty.

Megu does need to make friends other than Mari though, in order to experience what is like to have true friends, not the twisted relationship she had with Mari in which Mari wanted to run away while Megu wanted to force her to stay.

You're ignoring the entire scene for your interpretation. If all Megu wanted to do was metaphorically move on, then Mari trapped her from doing anything by rejecting their breakup.

Just stop. No one is buying into your bullshit

From Left to Right:
Yuzuki: Pretty, but flat
Shirase: Beautiful but temper on her face
Hinata: Sexy, but unattractive
Mari: Girl-Next-Door type, Ordinary but Satisfying

It's a shitty episode, get over it.

>Mari trapped her from doing anything by rejecting their breakup.
In a way, she did. Which is why I think the show wouldn't do Megu any favors if they don't show how she moves on. It's not that she has to part ways with Mari for good, but she does need to learn not to depend on her. The show still has 5 episodes. I hope the writers won't just forget about this.

That is still no reason for us to believe your retarded alternate interpretation of what actually happened

Post the Star Wars edit.

You guys are making this more complicated than it is. Megu just needs to expand her friendship circle and stop depending on Mari so much. That's it.

>Megu just needs to expand her friendship circle and stop depending on Mari so much
I agree with this 100%. But I want to see how she makes those friends.

I'm taking it straight from the show. But then when people interpret "I need to go somewhere" and an invite to go somewhere as metaphors, I'm not surprised you don't understand.


Why are Westerners allowed on Pixiv? Christ

I guess we will find her hanging soon...