Skilled artist makes detailed foreground and characters

>Skilled artist makes detailed foreground and characters
>Backgrounds are half-assed

I'm looking at you Tsugumomo

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Tsugumomo is digitally drawn and made by a single man.

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Yeah, those backgrounds are just shit tier.

Backgrounds most of the time are obviously 3D models painted over with filters

>Skilled artist makes detailed background characters
>They're blurred out post-processing

Yep, like I said, shit tier.

complete and utter cgi shit

You very well know you are cherrypicking

If you open a random issue there is a chance that 1- there is no background or 2- uses CG as a crotch

Go ahead:

very few pages have actual effort put in the background

Oh, I see. You're allowed to cherry pick ones without a background but I can't cherry pick ones with a background unless they have CGI models.

Also, who still reads mangapark?

Nigga count the ones without a background

there is overwhelmingly more panels with very few details and white nothingness than with an actual background


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I cant even fault him, its literally just one guy doing everything.

Most mangaka are, and yet he can still accomplish more than most.

That's how you are supposed to do it, pleb.

Then draw something better retard lol

>no effort

yeah that's because of deadlines at work, something you will never experience

of course. i would never submit to wage slaving

That legit is

There's literally nothing wrong with using 3D to aid you with the backgrounds, especially if they're still hand drawn.