One Punch Man

new chapter in approximately 2 hours guys

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What killed the hype?

What went wrong?

because more Garou instead of Saitama as MC and Garou is a bad and boring character.

Too much filler

Finally a Do-S Cosplay.

ONE said only release on Thursday

Garou is an awesome character and should take over fron Saitama as MC of the series, but the whole get punched by Saitama till he gets memory loss is getting old fast.

The massive shift in focus. It's just another battle manga now.

Well this week we celebrate the Anniversary of this.

>3 days and 2 hours

Chapter is out, going to dump it here.


wrong image, am I stupid?

Are you okay, user?

no, I give up ._.

Psykos' room is interesting. Other than that poor Garou at the end.

>comfy Psykos

Pfffhahaha that ending.

Many readers were very dissapointed by the fake Mosquito Girl hype. Seriously, what was that faggot streamer thinking?

Ripper pretty much overkilled Garou, if that scene ever is animated, it will be a big black screen ala Terra Formars.

It looks like Bug God prevented Ripper from finishing Garou in this version.

That was so anticlimactic, I'm actually amazed. Jellyfish appearing as a distraction was predictable, but the fact that he gets to LIVE is strange as hell.

Are you telling me Garou is gonna get up with two bloodshot eyes next and gain on them?

Because if Garou kills him before slaughtering Ripper afterwards it ruins the entire suspense of him actually going to the MA base to save the kid.


"My Japanese is very bad rn but I could read what GyoroGyoro says:

I made Orochi

Am I right there or not? this is huge"

>Are you telling me Garou is gonna get up with two bloodshot eyes next and gain on them?
No, because he lost and is currently unconscious.

The biggest surprise of the chapter is the confirmation of Orochi being a puppet.

If Sludge's entire purpose is the same as Ripper's (kidnapping children) it's likely he'll be there when Garou gets to the place where the kid is kept. So he'll be killed by Garou together with Ripper in a swift surprise attack.

Karmic shits and giggles.

Not sure I'd call that a surprise.

That's right.

People have called that since the moment Orochi was introduced.

Remember those Anons believing Orochi was a real thing and that he was Boros level of threat?

Only too well.

Number of people who are surprised about this: 0

Retarded filler. For the past half year we've had close to zero story progression

With this I guess Tatsumaki gonna be the one getting rid of him.

wishing, user. wishing.

They were right, though. Orochi is an ascended human according to Gyoro

I guess I could see that but Garou brutally beheading Ripper alone was kind of the highlight of that scene.

Shit's so fucking weird now. On the one hand Jellyfish is a faggot that should definitely be killed by Garou and most people expected him to die here. On the other hand, he'd make the following scene with Garou killing Ripper unnecessarily crowded or less suspenseful.

>he still doesn't realize Orochi is just controlled by Psykos. They don't even show Orochi talking to Psykos when they are both alone because it's stupid to talk to yourself.

Fillers, and ONE focusing on ending Mob, neglecting OPM in the meantime.

Let Garou kill the whole Phoenixman group(maybe even Phoenix Man himself) and give Child Emperor another opponent.

Will the threads become tolerable again if all the babbies drop OPM because they realised they never liked the series to begin with?

Bug God didnt lose a fang to Garou unlike the fight in the webcomic.

Where's the faggot that kept pushing the monster horde shit? Anything to say about Bug God and Ripper being the only two demons present?

OPM is already dead years ago.

Seems he's been buffed up a bit. Definitely the more impressive of the two.

Isn't it still one of the top 10 sellers?

Garou called Tareo by his name

Seeing that cliffhanger, you already named the best solution: Garou gets up, kills Sludge, fights Ripper and Bug God, something actually happens at MA and Psykos has to intervene.

Fuck off saitamatards.
Garou is the new MC

>Garou remembers the kid's name
>that fat nigga is still calling him ojisan

I swear to God

It is, just ignore all this retards. I think they are bnha refugees that are too bored with their filler and have nothing better to do with their lives.

But they will never drop it because S2 is on the horizon

the whole Saitama character was finished in the Dark Matter Thieves arc. now he's just a walking plot device, the secondary characters are what keep me from dropping the manga.

how exactly is orochi a puppet?

Told you faggts

>bnha refugees
Funny way to write hiatusfags.

There's no direct evidence of that thus far. Gyoro said he helped create Orochi in this chapter. Nothing more nothing less.

Ever read the WC?

so Psykos now has 2 puppets?

Anyone who read the webcomic should have known Psykos have 2 puppets and the Gyoro gyoro puppet there is empty in the webcomic and she was hiding in another puppet.

yes and i know that, my question is what did gyoro say this chapter that pointed to orochi being a puppet, i dont speak moon

thanks senpai

She have 2 puppets in the webcomic.

Did Murata ever finished that Back to the Future sketch?

Dunno, have to wait for the translation

> chapter out
> had the time to read it
> nobody posted anything yet

The hell are you fags doing.

That ending though.

It's a new series, not just a sketch

Why do Bug God wasn't able to punch Garou through the electric wires? I thought these monsters are supposed to be strong?

He's not going to do the manga because they canceled the contract (appearantly his schedule was hellish)

It would be ideal if none of you fags posted anything until one restarted webcomic.

Most are asleep or don't even know that the chapter is out

so fucking hot

who is the second one besides gyoro-gyoro?

Not gonna wait those 5 minutes.

It's probably the first time that a chapter get released on Monday so nobody knows that it's out

I did not know there was going to be manga.
The sketch was great regardless
They should respect him however.
Good thing he didn't agree to bad terms then

go read it again. the 2nd one looks like Orochi too. When Orochi was introduced everyone who read the webcomic already knew it was the 2nd puppet where Psykos is hiding.

will he even keep working on the wc? it's been like an entire year since the last update

The garoufags must be on suicide watch after reading it.

Call me when we get a new chapter from ONE.

>start a fight normally
>set it up with Garou spitting out his tooth like Saitama and all that jazz
>he gets distracted by the most obvious thing ever
>they literally just leave so he can fuck them in the ass

Wow, so funny. Haha.

I noticed it a while ago as well, but the second face on Psykos' cyclop in the webcomic isn't necessarily Orochi at all.

From what it looked like, it was a puppet similar to Psykos' real body that is hiding in the cyclop.

oh I see, I read it again sometime, there's a lot of stuff i've forgotten already

> Garou is playing with them they said

>the kid won't be used in the fight they said

Don't lie
It's going to get released on March

It's not a lie. He said it in one of the last streams

It's not supposed to be funny

Graoufags avoiding this thread like the plague.

It's really fucking dumb all-around. Garou makes a stupid mistake and the monsters also leave because they're retarded apparently.


Anyone dumping the chapter?

I was a bit surprised Ripper attack Garou repealed didnt destroy BG fang. This is another change from the webcomic besides Bomb not getting his leg pierced.

He should because if he had something else in mind. the plot in redraw wouldve moved forward ages ago.


that's theft, you monster

Do it, I have a shitty net

Over a year.

Considering how thick the wires are and how little Garou weights it's understandable. Not to mention that Bug God wasn't going all out he was just playing with Garou.

Poor Ripper is going to die because Bug God wouldn't leave him alone at the end there.

Tell me how lol other than screenshots with low quality I don't know how

This chapter is a goldmine for reaction pics

>OPM has bad writing
In other news, water is wet.

sharing is caring

>Garou makes a stupid mistake and the monsters also leave because they're retarded apparently.
B-but user, it's impossible. How could Garou be alive?!

He lost his tooth!

>those pants
Actually completely accurate as of Do-S' apparent current design.

> Psykos said Orochi was originally a human that she turned into a monster, and she's trying to do the same to Garou.

Then post the screenshots, no one of these faggots care about pic quality

Oh my, that will backfire.
Also Sperm is still stronger than Orochi.

Your mom is wet

I know Centipede is dead but I'm very disappointed that we didn't have this

Interesting, so he's not a total puppet

no one cares about that scene in particular, t b h
I think it's better that way

Psykos/Gyoro got one hell of a room.

Smirking garou is the best garou


Scratch that, I'm frankly bewildered that the third BAITO monster didn't die yet. He looks like he was literally made to die here.

The chapter was great, I know some people expcted a bigger fight, but I really like that the beginning was so close to the webcomic, when it makes sense to keep the scenes I'm glad they go for it. Still it's kind of a bit too short, in the webcomic I always got the impression of a big long battle leading Garou to that state, but it seems ONE changed it (or it's always intended to be this way, and the fanbase misinterpreted the Centipede panel). But at least how it was handled it felt more like a warm up than a full fight (maybe Garou will stand up next chapter? I doubt it though). It seems the monsters think he's dead in the end, instead of being called by Psykos.

I also feel Garou's scaling makes a whole lot of sense more now. He was handling himself pretty well against two pretty strong demons, and by the end he says he's confident he won't get hit anymore. No one's gone all out, but seeing Garou's manga feats it makes sense. I'm also loving more and more Phoenix Man, it seems so weird if he's going to end up the same.

The most confused I am is that Bug God has his two fangs intact. And we didn't see his power, it's weird that Murata and ONE would give him a power if his next appearance is him getting one shot.

He's gonna just die just before Garou kills RR.

We got basically the same, except it was Ripper.

It's clearly shounen tropes

That would completely spoil the anticipation of Garou going to murder Ripper.

>(maybe Garou will stand up next chapter? I doubt it though)

Well, that's how it goes in the webcomic.

Maybe it will be rewritten in the manga, and ONE won't show that to keep the surprise when he does his dynamic entry and wrecks RR.


>And we didn't see his power
Murata and ONE haven't decided if they want to use it yet last we heard. It's possible it was just scrapped.

Shounen manga would still have a reason why the villain stopped the finishing blow. This is just dumb shit where Bug God just stopped Ripper from killing.

He could be killed near offscreen, he turns around, sees Garou (but the reader doesn't), and next panel he's dead.

I mean Garou standing up and continuing the fight. We didn't get pic related in this fight, for example.

Think about it this way, Garou pretending he doesn't care about the kid like in the webcomic would never create suspense after all the inspirational speeches he's given to him.

It's obvious he's going to head straight to MA now and this time kill everything he sees without a word. Jelly will probably get bodied off-screen and shown only briefly after Garou finds the kid and kills Ripper.

Do you even know what Bug God says when he stops ripper?

yeah, was rereading the scene, and in the webcomic it's about two things.
> Garou wonders how he survived
> says he doesn't care about the kid

The scene could very likely be totally skipped.

>Shounen manga would still have a reason why the villain stopped the finishing blow
You can't into moon, aren't ya?

Orochi got brainwashed by Psykos and she wants to do the same to Garou, thats explains why she wanted him to be her right hand.

I think is
>Our orders were more or less not to kill him
And RR replies
>Even if you say so, he's already dead. You were too slow, Bug God-chan~

>>they literally just leave so he can fuck them in the ass
They slaughtered him

Next chapter we should get to see Garou one step closer to his monster form. First it was the bloody hair and bloody eye, now he'll be full of scars, particularly the one on his face. I really wish this face had been for the face scar instead.

t. Brainlets who still can't read the superior language

No, they left because they're retarded. Same kind of mistake that Shicchi made when he thought HA wouldn't have to be mindful of Garou now because of his injuries.

But Garou is literally Okay.

>Next chapter
It will be about the HA planning/finding the MA base and maybe the raid will start

>No, they left because they're retarded
Again, they slaughtered him.
It's not their fault they didn't know that garou is on "breaking the limit" stage and could survive these injuries

Personally I think even if RR didn't stop there Garou should be able to pull a boost like versus Bang & Bomb but that wouldn't be as satisfying.

But user, losing your tooth is a very serious wound.

Surely Garou would take his time to go to the dentist before he comes after Ripper's ass.

I doubt it.

In webcomic, Psykos stopped them from finishing off Garou. In this version, why Bug God stopped Ripper from transforming Garou into ribbons? They were in hurry or something?

They just fought a guy who came out fine from a fight with three S classes on the same morning. They're retarded whether they think he's dead or that he's not going to seek revenge.

That makes more sense with how the manga has handled things. Create a cliffhanger on Garou's state, show how the HA actually finds the MA hideout, show the remaining heroes arrive (Flash, Zombieman, PPP). I really hope they do an overhaul to the raid's start, in the webcomic it's all very messy and this is the perfect time to clean it up.

There's also the new excuse for why Saitama's gang didn't go to the initial call. And maybe scenes setting up the Dragons. But Garou woke up before all of that in the webcomic, and he's got lots to do. I really wonder how the Rover fight will flow, no one but Saitama has defeated Dragons by this point in the manga.

Gyoro told Bug God to try stopping Ripper from completely killing Garou

They were under orders not to kill him, Psykos wants to raise him into a second Orochi.

Fuck off with your garbage-tier meme

Thanks, anons

Are we ever going to get a smart villain?

And here she also did that you fucktard

How is that not smart? If Saitama hadn't come, Garou would have become just what Psykos wanted.

In the webcomic Psykos had to rush them back to the base because they were being invaded right then.

Here they're just being retards under orders of another retard who thinks she can have Garou as her new fuckbuddy after everything that's happened.

>Garou would have become just what Psykos wanted.

Genus is a smart villain

How exactly? Even if Garou is a softie, he needed someone to beat that into him. Without that, he'd most likely have ended up killing someone and truly becoming a monster. And even if you disagree with this, how can you say it's stupid when she already did it once and it worked?

Genus is a colossal fuck up as was discussed in the previous thread. He could never have achieved his goal even if Saitama didn't get involved.

What? Garou is adamantly against her and her association.

If Saitama hadn't come, Garou would've gotten to Psykos himself or left her there to rot. And she sure as fuck didn't want to die.

>And she sure as fuck didn't want to die.
Didn't she go nuts and just want everything to end basically?

>Garou is adamantly against her and her association.

>came out fine from a fight with three S classes
Bang and Bomb were holding back a lot so it's irrelevant, and anyways BG and Ripper know nothing about it, they met Garou in the MA base. For them Garou is a simple human and even Garou wonders how he's still alive later. You are trying way too hard to make it seem "retarded".

>came out fine
Garou was passed out no long after the fight, and after that he had plenty to eat to recover. This is a battle manga, time heals everything.

That was Psykos' ironic demise. She gradually went apeshit, all the way into a coma-like state.

Initially she obviously wanted to win and rule the world. It's just that even a literal kid could understand that Garou was going to act against her faction. Even if she showed him titties.

Dunno, but surrending and open up a shop is pretty genius after facing saitama

So +50 page every 2/3 weeks?
Murata is on a roll this year

Being smart enough to realize you're a failure and surrendering to that is genius? Funny in the context of the story yes but it only says Genus was smart enough to give up.

how is he so consistent?

On a roll into an early grave.

>constant threads that reach bump limit

Bang and Bomb hit much harder than them regardless and they survived a fight with one of their strongest dragons, which is what all MA "executives" should know about at that point. Psykos even talked about it. If Ripper can look at a guy who fought in that mess literally the same morning and think he's dead, he's undoubtedly retarded.

That's the only way to explain why these characters only stir Garou further up.

I want this, so bad. And then we see a unfocused Garou’s hand, dripping in blood/goo, and the monster parts scattered on the floor. Cuts to something else and then Garou meeting RR


I'm not sure I got the Psykos scene. Why exactly did >he tell PhoenixMan the whole story? Or at least I believe that was the case, since I saw nothing but speech bubbles there.

I'm guessing the closed eye means Psykos was doing something like sleeptalking? Otherwise I don't see the logic in revealing your trump card's secret to one of your many demon executives.

Phoenixman found her in the throne room so she fessed up.

>Psykos STILL thinks Garou is going to work with her
What a moron. Didn't she originally give up on the idea because Garou directly opposed the monsters? Did she not get the memo?

Also why the fuck does she just spill the beans to PM?


Probably because she was able to brainwash Orochi and because of that she is feeling confident.

So is the fight over or will Garou stand up and continue fighting next chapter?

This is how the fight concluded in the webcomic, though. Garou is KO'd in a puddle of blood and the monsters got away with the kid.

Orochi is Blast.
You heard it here first

Well, in her defense, Garou was about to execute their demands and bring them a head of a hero. But he decided to do so on Saitama, so...

Bang and Bomb holding back couldn't out Garou down. RR and BG did it rather swiftly. I guess they hit harder.

It will be even more glorious if you haven't read the WC yet

Basically both Psykos and her men fucked up. They didn't really care for her orders (just following Garou). They remembered them too late and essentially left because they're stupid.

At the moment Psykos is probably thinking that her plan might work but when she finds out that the three faggots got into a fight and kidnapped an extra kid, she'll give them an earful and probably rethink the idea. She wanted Garou for the showdown with HA and since she's also not so bright she wouldn't know that he's fine and out to destroy the entire MA too because his adoptive son was taken.


Jelly still being alive with that cliffhanger shot of them walking not so far away implies it could continue.

Does anyone care about garous monster design

I'm sure a lot of people do.

Wheres the english translation?

Considering the piled up damage on the day and the fact that Garou doesn't even need a breather or a dinner to continue fighting MA, no. Well, grats to Ripper for being a retard. He'll die like one now.

It was posted here in the thread. Look it up.

Ghetto translation within 48 hours.


are teeth the limiters in the OPM universe

>Basically both Psykos and her men fucked up. They didn't really care for her orders (just following Garou). They remembered them too late and essentially left because they're stupid.
Now this kind of miscommunication makes sense - Psykos can't control a bunch of wackos perfectly.


tfw Suiryu surpasses Saitama

>Shooting a tooth with enough force to crack solid concrete

People here actually happy that it took 1 month for a quarter of a chapter progression. They think it's fast lmao

I really like Royal Ripper and Bug God, they are cool monsters.

As if Murata would replicate a two-pages fight, only retards want that

No, the limiter is more like your pain and growth threshold. Even after quite a bit of training to Saitama tooth ache felt like he was actually dying because he was born a shitter with a very low natural potential.

Garou just takes his tooth out himself and cracks concrete spitting it out.

enjoy MA arc in 2050

>he doesn't know
You need to reread the entire manga again. It was hinted that tooth is the limiter for all human beings.


Began learning Unreal Engine recently, imported my Elder Centipede model on it.

What’s wrong with waiting? I will make the chapters even more satisfying.

Darkshine trained every and harder than Saitama yet he's still weaker because he hasn't lost a tooth yet.

I prefer this to 2 pages fights, you retard

That's a big bug

The centipede was fucking killed ages ago, I still don’t understand people who thought he would appear in this chapter.
Those fucking «sadly no centipede» comments irritates me.

That's neat though probably won't be viable in a game

That's surprising is that Garou didn't killed the slime monster before jobbing
Well, he'll probably kill it later

Hi Smurf, haven't seen you around in a while.

Quit with this meme. Darkshine is on the page with people who were born with potential. He reached what his body is capable of and now he's scared of people stronger than him. Taking out his teeth won't help him.

I don't really care, it's not intended for an actual game, it's just that Unreal is pretty damn powerful for renders even though it's real time, so it's much more interesting than other softwares I was using that either weren't real time, or were smaller softwares only made to setup some standalone models.

you're constant shitposting

Darkshine have even lower potential than Saitama. He was very weak and sickly. Garou was a genius at birth.

Who's talking about the centipede? We saw it die.

What's actually anticlimactic is how the fight is resolved with a downright idiotic distraction and the Jellyfish living.

Actually, that's wrong. He began very low compared to the usual human, but his potential was massive.

Garou too wasn't particularly strong as a kid.

Nah, he did. Saitama even actually pushed him into wanting to kill someone. But that didn't work and he reverted after.

You don't understand how that shit works. Just because Darkshine struggled at first doesn't mean he was born without potential. Darkshine was born with potential to become a strongman. Saitama was born with no talents whatsoever. At least according to Genus. I.e. his limit was being your average salaryman.

goes to show the difference between demon threats and Gatling's group, even with Garou very weakened, they in the end couldn't do much.

They are great. They are both based on silly concepts (a guy with swords for arms and a big burly bug with a nose), but executed in a serious way and making them really intimidating. To me they showcase what the MA is really about, whereas the Dragons are all strong wildcards.

I really hate how Demons are so underrated by everyone, I feel like most of the fanbase acts like anything below Dragon and high S Class isn't worth anything.

Look at Garou's perfect body though


I really wonder how Garou will go from his strength this chapter, to one shotting RR and defeating Overgrown Rover in his next appearance. I hope we get new introspective stuff on him to better showcase his transformation before he stops being the focus for a while.

I still don't fully get how Garou could defeat Rover, and then lose against Darkshine. Rover could tank Bang, Bomb, Genos and Fubuki at the same time.

>I feel like most of the fanbase acts like anything below Dragon and high S Class isn't worth anything.
That's because they do for the most part. Ignore powerlevelfags.

>could defeat Rover
He didn't, he punched him and told him to sit, we don't know what happens after that other than garou survived and rover is fine
No one really defeated him in combat actually, not even saitama

and Garou have the most potential of all the characters yet he still almost broke his limiter.
Nice system they got there.

Idiotic distraction?

Lmao it isn’t the first time Garou gets distracted in a fight and it isn’t going to be the last time. I also don’t see how the kidnapping of the kid was idiotic.

ONE-approved sloggy filler

It's probably all because of the couple of chapters with the S classes obliterating the Demons in the raid. I really love that part, but I wouldn't mind if ONE rewrote them to an actual one sided fight instead of two short pages. The message is the same, and we get to see more of the characters that have received much more build up in the manga, like the Hotrod Brothers, Phoenix Man, Do-S (if she's the one to fight Amaimask) and Bug God.

Will the tournament and boros arc ever be topped? Those were the best parts of the story. This garou guy is a regular shonen shit and only one piss fags like shonen.

What? All the difference there is, Garou actually goes in for the kill without fucking around with Ripper or getting distracted by some dumb shit. Not like this guy was ever a remotely difficult matchup.

In the fight with Rover he's also completely focused on his opponent, so he avoids all of his attacks and punches the dog so hard he goes straight through the floor, which backfires a bit because he's separated from the kid. Rover doesn't take a lot of damage in any of his fights, even the one with Saitama.

You are missing the point, Rover reacted to Bang saying sit down, implying that Garou and Saitama trained him to react that way through the two fights. But anyways, the thing is that he fought toe to toe with a Dragon and deliver a punch strong enough to send him through the floor, I don't think we've seen many feats like those from the S class heroes.

>new chapter and thread doesn't even move without shitposting.

This arc starts like you usual shonen but it will have a crazy turning point in the middle and be a wild ride from that point till the end.

>doesn't read the webcomic
>thinks his opinion means anything

The MA raid is by far the best content in the webcomic.

Nah, it's Jobrou

Every OPM thread ever.

If they were smart they wouldn't be a villain.

It is an idiotic distraction, even worse than Psykos telling him about the kid. Garou just turns around and stands there yelling and having flashbacks. But the thing is, this fight initially had Garou treat his opponents seriously and KILL for the first time.

As a webcomicfag myself I can say a lot of people who read it are retarded, they don’t understand the source material, blantently forget major plot points and force their headcanons every time.

> Garou will fight against an army of demons monsters

Yes he will lmao

They're not villains, they're just misunderstood!

When Rover hears "sit" he stops fighting, that's the only thing Garou did. Rover probably didn't even take damage considering he was as good as new the next time he appeared.

It's really good as a character moment for Garou. He's very childish and naive, he's playing the villain and he's really into it as a game. He expects his opponents to fight nobly instead of using tricks and that makes sense having come from martial arts. It fits with how RR is the turning point in his arc from Hero Hunter to Monster.

Has Garou's speech to Tareo been translated?

>When Rover hears "sit" he stops fighting
You are completely overlooking the joke. The only reason that happened when Bang said it is that Garou and Saitama had beat him in while saying the same, the joke being that its a dog and it was conditionated from the past two fights like Pavlov's dog.

I don’t get the killing bit, he will do it eventually so who cares?
He gets surprised that the Jelly is still alive and got the kid, RR directly gets him during that split second of inattention what’s idiotic about that?

This. Shitposting literally saves OPM.

He's basically saying him that he shouldn't be waiting for someone like a hero to come save him, and that he should be strong on his own, because there won't be someone to save him all the time.

I hadn't seen it like that, you are probably right. Still, I don't think Garou did significant damage to Rover.

Probably because webcomic Garou killed a monster who should be a pain in the ass for a martial artist to handle. In response to monsters questioning his ability to kill because he's "just a human yadda yadda".

In this case the tone of the fight is changed completely and he's reeeally distracted by another dude showing up with the kid when he was able to counter Ripper's suprise attack minutes ago.

I don't think so either, Rover seems pretty durable. Maybe him getting smaller is the reflection of the damage he accumulated. But there's still a long way between Garou hurting his hand from punching Bug God, to him being able to punch a huge Dragon level monster through the floor, that's just a ridiculously strong feat, especially since Garou hasn't delivered any particularly strong punches.

>tournament arc
>ever be topped

Hence why it's quite likely this will be partially rewritten.

Shitposting is saving literally every thread on Cred Forums

I've the same vibes as from Blast's, Tatsumaki's and Saitama's speeches.

If there's any part that really needed to be rewritten it's the next couple of chapters. I can't wait to see how the new numbers of the MA affect the fights and plot, there's a lot of fodder and I doubt they'll just remain hidden.

Chapter link?

Garou "hurting" his hand is irrelevant. His hands were nearly mangled previously, that did not hinder his ability to TTM smash and swing trees around.

In this fight he can even use WSRS normally because his hands were barely scratched.

Unironeclly, the tournament arc is yet to be topped in the manga.
But after this arc finishs it will be another deal

Still doesn't change the fact that Bug God didn't budge. Breaking rocks and moving trees aren't big feats, innanimate objects cause no resistance, punching a Dragon through the floor is far from it.

>1 month for a quarter of a chapter progression
it took 17 days you underage webcomicfag, now go back waiting for your Bible to be updated


If the manga won't be fleshing things out there is no point. And this chapter adapted literally one webcomic chapter.

It's interesting how murata simulated blur here.


Doesn't change the fact that Garou can punch harder, with scuffed and even completely fucked up hands.

He punches Rover much harder because at that point he must understand that fucking around with a huge dragon monster is not a good idea.


What's amazing is that he did it on paper

You really misunderstood my point about him injuring his hands, I'm not saying he won't be able to punch Rover because he hurt his hand now, I'm saying that Garou is far from being able to punch things very hard, one example from this chapter being that he punched Bug God and didn't do anything to him, even getting hurt back. And Rover is supposed to be far stronger than that, with durability also being one of its strengths.

I also really don't think he's fucking around in these fights, it's just that his limiter started breaking so he got a zenkai boost between fights, and that's what would be helped with a better explaination in between.

Check out Blender 2.8
It has a new live renderer similar to Unity / UE4 called "Eevee"

The MA arc of OPM is basically the Golden age arc of berserk, it will take a long time to end but the finished product will be glorious

>comparing this shonen shit to a masterpiece seinen like Berserk.

Could you just fuck off, nothing you do is derailing the thread like you hoped, and you're just wasting posts at this point

It will be golden

Why is it blurry though?
>tfw getting fucking tired of captcha

Heard about it. Maybe someday when I'll learn Blender.

New ONE chapter when?


Do an underwater shot.

This looks good
Basically never

I want to see how will murata handle all THESE great moments, specially pic related

Underwater? Haven't tested water yet, maybe later.

No, I just said that he CAN punch things very hard and provided an example. Your rebuttal is nonsense, as if Garou hurting his hand a bit here somehow means he can't punch shit harder. If Garou can destroy environment with fucked up hands, he sure can do the same with a giant dog standing on that surface. Especially considering the fact that he fully acknowledges the threat of monsters at that time and Rover is a dragon.

Garou can also unceremoniously break Ripper's "arm" and strike him in the head instead of gracefully holding his bladed hand and kicking him in the gut.

>monsters left unscathed
What the fuck, I'm not even a garoufag and that was disappointing, is he going to stand up or is that it for the fight?
Even if he stands up, it ruined the whole "limit breaking path" theme of the scene

If anything, that's good like this. The calm before the sword.

Wait, you need to be gallowfag to be disappointed in this chapter?


wats dis??

At this point ONE has to show him explicitly committing to killing every single monster he meets. Because "Garou is a softie who gets distracted" has gotten old.

Sludge Jellyfish should've died at this moment by all means.

I wonder, is the usual out of focus blur done with post-processing software

Why is Gun Gun translated as Blam Blam in the official translations?

There was no need of the pussy zipper with a camel toe that big.

Not him but you are completely ignoring that Garou's strength evolves between the park fight and his return to the MA (at least in the webcomic). You are the one with no proof that Garou could have punched BG hard enough to damage him. Garou isn't like Genos with different kinds of attacks of different levels of power. If punching doesn't work he is fucked.

>this bitch is literally waiting for Garou to join her on that bed

>nipples pierced

I love her room.

hi tsgsmurf, your fubuki a trash

Fucking brutal ;_;

A poor cosplay.

>Garou is an awesome character

It's already translated in leddit

I can't believe Garou is dead. ONE is a master bait and switcher. You thought he would be an important character and no named character will ever die in this series then bam he's gone just like that.

>camel toe

No, Garou's strength "growing" is stated by the characters involved. For example when he fights Bang and Darkshine. The effort put into attacks is also visualized appropriately. A simple punch he throws here is not comparable to him going balls to the wall on Rover or Bang previously.


Psykos planned all of this according to the translations. She wants to create another Orochi(Blast as human)

One else for now.

Makes sense. Otherwise it would really feel like a massive waste of time and ressources to save Garou earlier just to kill him there.

fuck off back to discord you massive butthurt retard

Rough translation, WIP

Cover Page

Those who are beyond the comprehension of human intelligence

Page 1


Page 2

Royal Ripper: Garou kun, we have been ordered by Gyoro Gyoro to watch your every move

RR: so we can decide whether you deserve to be our comrade

Garou: …

RR: Hero Hunter…

RR: are you just a human weirdo who’s obsessed with the role play of “I’m a monster!”

RR: or are you really a monster?

Page 3

Garou: ha…what’s with that arrogant speech

G: I’m the one who’s disappointed by how merciful you are

Royal Ripper: would you like to try killing that kid?

Tareo: Ah?

(Not sure who, Garou maybe): what are you getting at

Page 4

Bug God: monsters are beings who have abandoned their human identity

BG: we are an existence that’s been cut off from the human world

BG: Garou, we saw you rescue that kid, that will not do

BG: you must kill him

BG: if you want to be a member of the Monster Association, if you want to earn our trust, you must put in the effort

BG: you have yet to abandon your human identity

Page 5

Royal Ripper: we don’t need someone who’s half-assing it

RR: our organization will destroy and dominate human society, kids like that should all be eliminated

RR: plus, you just lost to that unassuming hero

RR: even though you were careless, for a battle asset, that doesn’t look very good Garou: I said it earlier

Garou: kids should go home already


>notices bulge

Page 6

Tareo: m….my feet are shaking too much, I can’t move…

T: sobbing…I can’t move~…!!!

Garou: IDIOT

Page 7

Garou: If you can’t stand by yourself, don’t expect others to lend you a helping hand

G: nobody is gonna save you!!

G: get rid of this crap

G: you need to protect yourself

G: it’s situations like this that you have to be strong for

Page 8

Garou: “all you have to do is be strong”

Page 9

Garou: GET UP!!!

Page 10

Garou: TAREO!!!!

Page 11


Page 12

Garou: Tsk!!!

Page 13


Page 14

Royal Ripper: he…

Page 15

Garou: GET MOVING!!!

Royal Ripper: it’s over

RR: you’ve made the choice to be our enemy

Page 16

Bug God: the self-proclaimed hero hunter, who’s never killed a single human

BG: as I expected, you’re just a feeble human after all!!

Garou: it’s that very attitude that pisses me off

Psykos is actually a BIG BRAIN. She's trying to turn Garou into a killer because right now he lacks killing intent.

PM: why did you send Royal Ripper and Bug God to tail him?
PM: there’s no need to dispatch two combat types if you just wanted to observe
G: why? They might have surprisingly great rapport
G: who knows, maybe they’ll like him enough and show him how to kill a hero step-by-step
PM: enough silly stuff
Phoenix Man: you can’t expect those two to follow orders
PM: they could kill Garou on a whim
PM: especially Royal Ripper…that’s a once-ever psycho who kills for pleasure
PM: even other monsters here don’t want to be anywhere near him
Gyoro: right, the encounter with Royal Ripper will stimulate him and facilitate further growth
PM: growth…?
G: for someone as indecisive as he is, this is also a test…
G: first he needs to be much more…ravaged, both physically and mentally…

Page 17


Page 18

Phoenix Man: Excuse me

Page 19

Phoenix Man: I have a question

Gyoro: I don’t want to be disturbed while I’m mediating

Gyoro: what is it?

PM: why did you send Royal Ripper and Bug God to tail him?

PM: there’s no need to dispatch two combat types if you just wanted to observe G: why? They might have surprisingly great rapport

G: who knows, maybe they’ll like him enough and show him how to kill a hero step-by-step

PM: enough silly stuff

Page 20

Phoenix Man: you can’t expect those two to follow orders

PM: they could kill Garou on a whim

PM: especially Royal Ripper…that’s a once-ever psycho who kills for pleasure

PM: even other monsters here don’t want to be anywhere near him

Gyoro: right, the encounter with Royal Ripper will stimulate him and facilitate further growth

PM: growth…?

G: for someone as indecisive as he is, this is also a test…

G: first he needs to be much more…ravaged, both physically and mentally…

The "Orochi is fake, Psykos is the real villain theory" existed half a year ago. :

>Gallow sacrificed himself and still couldn't even take down one monster
What a shitter.

> linking reddit

Are you retarded. The possibility of Orochi being a fake has been here ever since he first appeared.

Are you retarded? It existed the moment Orochi was introduced. There's this thing called the webcomic.

>Psykos is actually a BIG BRAIN. She's trying to turn Garou into a killer because right now he lacks killing intent.
>it works

Brilliant desu

samefag mad because I posted the theory first

Well yeah it works, but Garou is going to kill her own forces.

So not such a big brain.

Page 21

Gyoro: what changes will we see in Garou kun after he experiences a monster first-hand? I’m really looking forward to it

Phoenix Man: Gyoro…what exactly are you after?

PM: what are you using Garou for?

G: what for, you ask?

G: nothing in particular….I’m just curious

G: …Hey Phoenix Man

G: where do you think Orochi sama came from?

Page 22

Phoenix Man: dunno…some kind of ancient being, maybe

Gyoro: hehe…actually, Orochi sama was once a human, just like Garou kun

G: he is the ultimate being created after countless failures and sacrifices

G: perfectly befitting the “Monster King” moniker

Page 23

Gyoro: I created Orochi sama

Phoenix Man: created…

PM: how dare you!!?

Page 24

Gyoro: …if Garou kun is nurtured successfully, there’s a good chance he becomes a second Orochi sama

G: only I know the secret trick…

G: even though I’ve instructed Bug God to stop Royal Ripper if he’s gone overboard with beating up Garou kun

G: if he dies, he dies. It means he was never good enough…

G: I’ll just wait for better material to show up


>how dare you!!?
wierd translation. i would say it's just
>you made that?!

>posting 3dpd
Bannable offense.

Psykos ordered Bug God to stop Ripper if he went overboard, there is the reason why BG looked "out of character/stupid".

best translation is probably

>You did what!!?

Thank, that was fast

Seems like Orochi isnt just a meat puppet. He might be another "perfect monster" awakened human.

No, the best translation would be


>> linking reddit
What's wrong with linking to the superior site?

If you ever wondered how Garou knew Tareos name.

True. But hey, at least we can thank Psykos for making Garou finally realize he should start killing monsters.

>G: first he needs to be much more…ravaged, both physically and mentally…
Based psychos

where can you read the untranslated one?

>Gyoro: what changes will we see in Garou kun after he experiences a monster first-hand? I’m really looking forward to it
I already know what's going to happen but fuck me I'm hyped

>Gyoro: what changes will we see in Garou kun after he experiences a monster first-hand? I’m really looking forward to it

He'll begin killing the monsters serving you, genius.

Is he, dare I say, best dad?

Poor Psykos doesn't know

About the kid


Yeah Psykos is a real smart one all right. Bitch deserved to lose.


Nah, that's just part and parcel to the whole, "I'm powerful and in control" gimmick, with a character inexplicably surpassing all reasonable logic. Row, row, fight the power and all that.

I think the point is to turn him into another meat puppet, user, which Orochi probably is. "Mind over matter"?

>to a masterpiece seinen like Berserk.
If only you knew

Wake me up when there's a one update

All According to k-

So you're asking to not wake you up?

The thing that bothers me is that Bug God didn't get his fang broken. Will he break it in a further fight, or was that scrapped because it didn't fit with Murata's design?

It's a very naive idea. All she's doing is making the guy feel definitevely antagonistic towards her faction. She must be at least a little bit aware that people with egos aside from her exist.

She's literally crazy. Not really worth following.

I'm saying she's going to psychically control him, user. Whether he likes them or not would be irrelevant. There's nothing "naive" about it; arrogant is the word you're looking for, but she's a Dragon level and likely one of the stronger ones in this setting so that confidence is well-earned. Only "monsters beyond monsters" like Tatsumaki are beyond her.

Love your art.

Are you trolling or not very smart? I need to know for perosnal reasons.

He got stronger obviously. He didn’t show his second form against Garou.

So? In the webcomic he broke his fang in this fight.

It's not that simple. The whole thing with the person having the right mindset aside, which Garou doesn't, they need to have little to no personality to be "manipulated".

Garou does not just have ridiculous potential, he cares about babysitting a fat ugly kid more than he cares about whatever Psykos is trying to plot.

Psykos is just a crazy, cocky bitch. She went apeshit in a fight with fucking Fubuki.

And this time he didn’t, what’s your fucking problem?!

Gonna be more hype if it happens next fight since BG and RR seem super strong after this fight

It's just a weird change. In the webcomic the fight was close, Bug God got damage, Senior Centipede died, Garou lost in the end. Now in the manga the fight is supposedly more one sided to Garou's side, but he doesn't damage either of his opponents, at least visibly.
But then what's the point, Darkshine obliterates Bug God in one punch. It's a very minor detail, but I think it's kind of odd.

Page 25

Zombieman: I have investigated the surroundings and blocked the rear exit

Z: besides Gorilla, on one has entered or existed the premise in the past few hours…

Z: are the other members out at this moment? That means this is the opportunity

Z: the command center should be in an observation room inside

Z: strange people with questionable backgrounds who moved here recently…frequent transportation of large quantities of equipments and mysterious powder…crates filled with substances that reek…

Z: the information I gathered match my predictions perfectly. There’s no mistake, it’s “them”.

Page 26

Zombieman: it’s almost time, to charge in…!!!

Z: finally…I’ve finally found them. Those with deep ties to my past, I’ve been chasing them for years.

Z: the most evil organization in history that tried to get rid of humans and rebuild the world…!!

Z: I was starting to sense their true colors based on recent events…

Z: but I haven’t been able to catch them by their tail and peel off their mask…

Page 27

Zombieman: Shibabawa’s prediction that “The Earth is in trouble”; and the brains behind the self-proclaimed “Monster Association”

Z: they’re the culprit behind everything…there’s no mistake!!!!

Z: your run ends today!

Z: House of Evolution!

>All these idiots not seeing the top meta of Psychos trying to create an ultimate being to prevent the future disaster she saw
She's trying to create another Saitama to save the world. It doesn't matter if the MA dies, so long as a super being exists (monster or human) to fight the real issue.

*Page 28

Armored Gorilla: ah? A customer? Are you a customer? Please wait a few moment, we are still getting ready.

Zombieman: hmph, you have moved your base several times before, now you’re disguised as a Takoyaki shop…I’m really being underestimated. I know all about your plans, you’re not fooling me.

Z: I now go by Zombieman…the hero who cannot be killed

Z: if I said subject 66, would that ring a bell?

Page 29

Armored Gorilla: ah, are you a hero here to defeat the House of Evolution?

AG: I’m sorry, the House of Evolution has already been destroyed

Genus: oh you scared me for a second there

G: I didn’t expect the famous S-class hero Zombieman to be a former test subject of the House of Evolution

Sweet irony desu.

They are dumb garyfags, what did u expect?

This, psykos is /ourgirl/

There were 2 pages in the webcomic we barely saw the fight and most of it was off-paneled.

>She's trying to create another Saitama to save the world.
She wants humans to burn with her at the top nigga.

Of course she ends up in mental asylum.

I had a fanfic about that. MA arc would end with King, tats and other S class right in headquarters.
Saitama is half-assed strolling in the area of action.

Orochi is spreading mass-attack all at once to the S-class, sorta like end of S1 with Melzagard.
Tats senses Psykos, and tries to move him. He doesnt budge, just like when she tried to move Saitama in the webcomic. She considers him powerful. Tats screams taunts, and throws shit at him, and he uses orochi to block the heavy rubble shielding him.

King walks, and tells Psykos to stop. Psykos knows king, and Psykos is busy fighting via Orochi with the S class, and rubble, so he is open to incoming King. With Tats unable to move Psykos, and King the only one left. King moves forward and pretends to fight.

Kings thoughts are, S class is busy, Tatsumaki cannot seem to defeat this villain, so he has to fake bullshit and carry on.
He walks forward, and Psykos himself decides to throw a punch at King. King deflects. He is stunned, he shouldve been flung. He punches Psykos, and Psykos grunts with the force.

Its funny because Psykos is actually weak af. So when only his body is left, he's King level. Tats is stunned as King fights this monstrously strong Psykos, he levels King in power.
King is struggling to fight Psykos, he punches, dodges, takes blows..its amazing...because its his first actual fight.

King finally takes all his strength, and kills the monster, as Psykos breathes his last breath, with King damages, and ruffled, breathing heavily. Orochi dies, and King "actually" saved the day.

i thought it'd be a great end to the MA arc, because the King joke peaked.

And? What exactly is your point? How does that change anything I said? There's dialogue and consequences from the fight, you know.

>I’m sorry, the House of Evolution has already been destroyed
Cracked me up in th webcomic, still did in the manga

Yeah, Psykos is all "the world can't be saved, so I'm just gonna destroy it".

>king joke peaked
>apple that doesn't know its been cut
>"somebody save me!"


It was funnier in the webcomic because Armored Gorilla return was unexpected(before he returned in the manga and anime).

My point is that your interpretation of the fight was wrong from the beginning, and this time ONE showed how the fight was supposed to be. If you can’t figure out by yourself that the fight of BG against Darkshine is going to be extended/modified I can do nothing for you.

This is one of the (very) few things damaged in the redraw.

No. Best bro

For Bug God's fang, what if Garou simply breaks it before or after killing RR? Then they somehow get separated/BG survives. Could be used to showcase Garou's PU, who couldn't hurt him in the first fight.

It wasn't unexpected at all since he survived.

That wasnt the reason, it was because no one expected him to return and become a takoyaki cook

I still don't believe you understand what I'm saying. Let's see my original post:
>In the webcomic the fight was close
we can see this, RR and Bug God comment it.
>Bug God got damage, Senior Centipede died, Garou lost in the end
> in the manga the fight is supposedly more one sided to Garou's side
RR and Bug God comment this in the chapter
>but he doesn't damage either of his opponents, at least visibly.
is this it?

How was my interpretation wrong? The fight was clearly not the same, as the panel where Garou is killing Senior Centipede shows that his shirt was already partly ripped, meaning it wasn't just RR catching him off guard that dealt him real damage. Garou also doesn't remember that he lost.

And I never even said that the Darkshine fight will be the same, I'd be extatic if it got extended, but it'd defeat the point to break his fang and then die in the same fight, which is why I'm saying it's a weird thing to remove, especially since it's a detail. Is it really that hard to understand?

Are you implying Violet Evergarden is a bad series?

The fight was simply ended earlier because of a distraction in this case. Garou did not even go berserk and Bug God's fang is irrelevant.

Next Garou is going to just get up and start actually killing monsters "like Psykos wanted". So no, either Bug God dies to him along with Ripper, or he dies to Darkshine.

That's actually a great idea, and it'd show his progress as something more believable.

nips feel madhouse neglecting S2 means they are recieving an inferior product, and their pride doesnt accept it.

It has been so long, I honestly don't remember at all what was my initial reaction to his "return".

You aren't considering that Murata said they were planning to give Bug God an ability which could factor in him escaping from Garou. There's also no evidence to Garou going berserk in the webcomic fight, that's just speculation.

The webcomics not moving fast enouth. The hype isn't 100% dead tho

I think that the encounter between Marshall Gorilla and Armored Gorilla makes up for it.

I understand what you are saying.
I just don’t see how the fight this time is one sided to Garou’s side, he didn’t hurt them and received more damage. It was removed to showcase BG durability that and the shot of Garou hands after he punched him.

age 30

Genus: speaking of, you left quite the impression, subject 66

G: the only successful case in my undead series, who destroyed the research facility before disappearing. You were an excellent test subject

G: it’s been at least ten years, I thought you might come back for revenge

G: so you’re a hero…

G: …you did it, you transformed yourself

Page 31

Genus: heh

G: you want to kill me…

G: that’s just fine by me. After the facility was destroyed, I lost my purpose, and the desire to live forever.

Zombieman: why is the House of Evolution gone

Z: you’re still alive, and you should be able to rebuild it as many times as you wanted to. Why haven’t you done it

Page 32

Zombieman: answer me, Dr. Genus

Genus: ……

G: …it’s because he showed up all of a sudden. We witnessed power beyond artificial evolution

G: my research. Had lost. That was my thought at the time.

G: that guy

G: broke his limiter

Page 33

Zombieman: limiter?

Genus: …no matter how much effort you put in…

G: all beings have a limit set to their growth

Page 34

Genus: overwhelming power becomes unbearable and cause problems for the host

Genus: and turn them into mindless, rampaging monsters

Page 35-37


I'm more interested in the fucking Jellyfish.

Psykos' monologue about Garou's indecisiveness explains why Jellyfish survives this encounter at all but he should definitely be killed by Garou after this. At the same time it feels like that would detract from the moment Garou murders Ripper, who also must be killed by Garou.

Yeah, that part was great.

Agreed. Armored is best Gorilla.

More one sided isn't saying fully one sided. RR and Bug God say that they are getting pushed even if it's 2v1 and Garou truly is strong, while Garou says that he's already learned their moves and won't get hit again. The fight is leaning more towards Garou winning.

That makes sense as a reason why it was removed. I'm just bummed because I thought that Garou breaking it was a memorable part of the fight, it's like the only details we knew from the fight weren't shown to us. In the end it'll most likely be for the better though.

murata draws a great gorilla

They were merely discussing a possibility to include it and still haven't decided. IMO the ability is too similar to Cockroach's and doesn't even fit this character.

As for Garou going berserk, you just have to compare his lax display here to every other instance where he's actually pushing his limiter. Asura happened just a couple of chapters ago.

i want tatsumaki to choke on armored gorila stinky leadpipe dick!!

Definitely, it also ties the MA arc with whatever Zombieman was doing.

The premonition thing was one possibility, and it'd make sense that two insect monsters shared an ability. The possibility of him getting a new ability is still up in the air, just because it isn't confirmed it doesn't mean it won't happen. I don't understand your second line, we are talking about the RR/BG fight right? Because we didn't see what you are talking about in the webcomic version of this fight, only on the RR rematch.

Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

I was thinking the HoE joke might end ruined, but it worked perfectly. ZM's faces when she shouted HoE's name and when he reacted to what AG said were great.

It's the same as it was in the webcomic isn't it? Except this time people should have seen it coming.

The "only" thing that made it clear something was wrong was, well, Armored Gorilla. Asdie from that, the manga had more buildup and details, and ZM was even sure they were behind the MA.

But the joke and punchline were exactly the same is what i'm saying, only we knew Gorilla was wherever Zombieman was going. The joke wasn't ruined but it wasn't salvaged by what was added either.

Why are you fixated on a nonexistent ability for BG? It doesn't matter anyway because the fight is ended with a distraction.

The difference in the overall presentation is extremely obvious, comparing both webcomic and manga only scenes. In the webcomic it's framed like Garou is not only ready to kill, he's surpassing limits in a bloody fight. So he kills one monster and batters the other two badly (there goes BG's fang too).

In the manga he simply spits a tooth out after analyzing his opponents as usual and falls because he's fucking distracted by someone else. It's not even similar to the fight he just had in the manga either, where he struggled in the face of truly insurmountable odds and went berserk, pushing the limiter.

It's just that Murata did well with Zombieman's faces, that's it.

I also like how he looked way more determined and angry when asking about why the HoE ended.

> couldn't even injure BG

That was some rather unimpressive feats for Garou in this fight.

BG and RR were both humanoid too, so I'm guessing the important difference between them and Metal bat is that they were together? Garou would be like a Dark Souls player, easy to avoid in 1v1, but once you fight at least two strong enemies, the problems begins.

Was more text added to the limiter explanation monologue (that became 5 pages) or were there THAT much dialogue in the original webcomic page?

I'm not fixated on it, it's just the topic of discussion, of course I'd mention it. It isn't needed, but it would be a fine addition to a monster that's pretty much TTM if he were a bug. And it was about a potential future fight, not this one.

Your reading of the webcomic fight is fueled by your own conclusions, Garou is just as cocky as he is in the manga, he starts with a smile and flipping them off, then we see the panel where he kills Centipede which was pretty much copied for the manga, it never looked like he was taking it any more seriously, if anything we saw panels where he'd gotten white eyes in the manga. He also doesn't batter BG or RR badly, BG's wound is but a flesh wound, and they say that Centipede was killed by surprise and because they didn't coordinate. They only say that one on one would have been bad.

I know it's easy to think that just because of the limiter talk Garou is breaking his limiter at that moment by going all out, but that's not true, it's just a headcanon. If it really was what ONE intended, how come he "changed" it for the manga? Reread the fight as it is and compare it to the manga version, trying to ignore your previous thoughts about them, and they are quite close in execution if you ignore SC's disappearance.

The difference is spelled out for you in this chapter. Garou is indecisive and he's not used to killing.

He approaches the fight as he usually would, methodically studying his opponents and focusing on defense, and falls because of a dirty trick.

Jesus Bug God looked really strong in this fight. Garou couldn't even hurt him, neither could Ripper's blades.

Metal Bat was already banged up and tired. Besides he's very straightforward.

Garou parried all of Ripper's attacks just like he did with MB, he could even redirect them towards Bug God.
So the difference here is that's it's a 2v1 and Bug God couldn't even be injured by Garou.

I loved to see Bug God buling up for this fight. With Murata pretty much confirming the covers for volumes 16 and 17 are Bomb and Zombieman, I hope that Bug God and Royal Ripper get 18, that'd be dope. At the very least I know they'd be on the backcover.

My point is that he's seemingly doing terrible against them compared to against MB, who is definitely much stronger than them. And just the fact that they're monsters doesn't really add up, they're both humanoid. The only unexpected thing would be Ripper's way to deform his members, but BG's style was clearly straightforward fisting.

Page 38

Genus: to ensure we don’t enter the realm where we lose our purpose of existence and ability to reason, God has set limits to the growth of all beings

G: that mechanism with which growth is controlled is called limiter

Page 39

Genus: but that guy

G: by forcing himself beyond the brink has successfully broke his limiter!

Page 40

Zombieman: the power demonstrated by the one who broke his limiter, it was enough to completely overturn your beliefs and your life’s work?

Z: you’re saying there exists someone who acquired supreme power without paying any price at all

Genus: no, he did pay the price

Genus: in exchange for his power, he became bald

Genus: and as a result of his strength, he is tormented by an overwhelming sense of detachment…that was his expression after destroying the strongest being in the entire history of my research with one punch…

Page 41

Zombieman: you’re boring me. This is what happens when you’re too fixated on strange research, I think you ought to get your head examined

Z: to think the one who created me has turned into such an insignificant existence…I am disappointed. Genus

Z: I too know a few who completely ignore ability limits

Z: humans who didn’t become monsters but have powers beyond monsters, commonly known as heroes

Genus: I’m afraid…what I’m talking about is in a completely different dimension compared to what you’re imagining

I highly doubt BG and RR will make it on a cover because they aren't heroes or major antagonists. But it would be great.

Also was Bug God this buff in the webcomic? I thought I remembered him being more skinny than that.

How is he doing terribly? By the end of the chapter he says he's already read them and won't get hit anymore, this was pretty much a warm up. Fighting 2 opponents is very different from fighting 1, that's the whole point.

Aw yeah, BG's last updated design fits him much better.

>Fighting 2 opponents is very different from fighting 1

Well, that's pretty much what I said in my first post too.

Just because it hasn't happened it doesn't mean it never will. If you'd told me Sneck would be on a cover before that was revealed I'd never have believed you.

user, the tone is completely, entirely different from both the webcomic fight and the fight he had in the manga previously.

Instead of the limiter, this one puts the kid in focus right away and the fight unsurprisngly ends because the kid becomes a distraction. It was never even a point in the wc, where Garou was so immersed in the fight itself he did kill a monster and took off Bug God's fang that you're so obsessed with. The kid was literally an afterthought there.

Oh wait I totally forgot the Max + Snek cover. Nevermind user, that's a perfect example of minor characters being on the cover.
You're right actually.

He's doing fine against them.

He makes the same mistake though. Should finish the opponent off before LOOKING AWAY. Even if they use a hostage to drive his attention.

Thinking back, that mostly confirms MB would have ko'd him with that hit, if RR and BG can beat him up that easily.

I guess people got overhyped by his last fight and thought he got a massive powerup.

You're forgetting that Garou is still healing from the clusterfuck of a fight with heroes that he literally just had. Back then he didn't have to pressure himself nearly as much.

MB would've most likely knocked him out though, he definitely hits harder than both of these, even if Ripper can do cutting damage.

The tone is different because there is no fight in the webcomic, this is literally all we see, even the dialogue is the same. Most of what you are calling the tone is likely your own perception of what little we saw. The dialogue is even the same, and Garou is much more cocky here. And if it's about the limiter talk over Garou killing Senior Centipede, it was still there while Garou fought in the middle of the chapter.

We don't even know the circumstances of Garou killing SC, why do you just assume that he was immersed in the fight, he has the exact same pose in one of the pages for the manga chapter. We also don't know the circumstances of the fang being broken, or how Garou ended up so hurt. For all we know he could've been beaten in the exact same way.

Forgot picture.

Garou himself said he doesn't know how it would have ended if MB's hit had connected.
And these two demon monsters are no push overs.

That little pointy bit that broke off from Bug God's face made him seem not so tough. But here he's like a juggernaut.

> And these two demon monsters are no push overs.

They aren't, but they're still on a tier where MB should one shot them.

So doesn't that actually confirm monster cells doesn't come from Orochi?

Ripper maybe, Bug God should have the benefit of the doubt.

No, user, we SEE that Ripper does not go after the kid in the webcomic. We SEE that the kid is just finger-blasted away by Garou and forgotten completely as he proceeds to literally obliterate a monster. Garou does not focus on the kid at all, let alone dedicate a speech just for him, probably because in the webcomic they did not have a relationship to begin with. In the manga the kid is caught and used against him. There was no input from Psykos' side either, which explains that Garou is not a cold-blooded killer yet. He's not even showing them his middle finger, he's literally cosplaying his old man.

Are you being obtuse on purpose or are you really so blind that you can't see the differences in tone?

Agreed. When Garou broke his fang, and then he went to fight Super Alloy Blackluster, it was obvious for me he was gonna be one shotted.

Garou one shotted Senior Centipede who's also a Demon and that was before fighting Elder Centipede and Garou. I think that by the second half of the fight with Garou he was strong enough to one shot even Bug God.

Absolutely retarded. MB couldn't even one shot Senior Centipede before actually getting serious, and Garou didn't get serious for this fight.

Is that really a fang? I'm an ESL. I thought fangs where the pointy teeth.

This. I honestly don't think he could one shot Bug God. Bat isn't Darkshine.

>Garou one shotted Senior Centipede

Are you blind? The webcomic page litterally showed he had to spam hits until killing him, he was full of holes.

It's called a pincer.

Nvm I just remembered fang as in "boar fang".

MB has lots of "getting serious phases" though. He's not able to one shot demons at the very start, but it doesn't last long until he can.

Bug God telling it like it is, later confirmed by Saitama himself.

Sorry I meant MB. MB one shotted him. Therefore I believe he could one shot the other two, even if he needed to be more pumped up for Bug God.

This user got it right since it's an insect, is called pincer.

>we SEE that Ripper does not go after the kid in the webcomic
That's not how it works. Just because Senior attacked first and we didn't see RR going for Tareo it doesn't mean he never did. We don't know that Garou obliterates Senior, just that he killed him, the fight could have been close, or Garou could've received damage like MB did in the manga.

I really don't understand your point about Garou giving the middle finger, he's already done that when he fought Blue Flame and those other A classes, if anything it shows he's less mature in the webcomic, and he isn't taking the fight seriously. About Psykos, in the end it's the same with them leaving Garou thinking he would die because of Psykos' orders. You are also assuming a lot of stuff for a fight we saw like three pages worth of actual fight, like I posted here And I'm not even saying the tone is the same, that can't be because they are drawn completely different, but that's because with the webcomic you have to fill the blanks on your own, and that's what makes it different. Based on what we see and what we are told in the webcomic, the only real objective differences are SC's participation, BG's fang getting cut and Psykos directly interfering.

I could agree that Garou's relationship with Tareo changes things up a bit for the chapter, but not so much for the fight itself, especially since Tareo still could've been a hostage in the webcomic. I'm mostly arguing against the fight in the original being about Garou immersing in the fight to break his limits, because I'm tired of how everyone spouted that based on nothing but headcanon.

>Bat isn't Darkshine.

And? Being able to one shot BG doesn't means he's DS tier anyway. Child Emperor and Pig God also one shots demon threats, and they're clearly on a lower level than DS.

Is it really one shotting them if he has to fight them before? If a monster is fast enough he could defeat MB before he gets serious, and that's a serious weakness. RR could've done the same with him that he did with Garou this chapter.

>Just because Senior attacked first and we didn't see RR going for Tareo it doesn't mean he never did.

I definitely would say that didn't happen. That would have been given focus then, and Garou wouldn't act like a tsundere about caring about him, when he quite clearly does in the manga, and doesn't hide it.

BG isn't a low tier Demon, and his biggest strength is durability. I doubt CE could deal with him.

Bug God is supposed to be durable as fuck, it's his gimmick. If he can be one shot by the lower S-Class he's nothing special.

Where's the rest of the translation user? Don't you die on me. I was actually following the raws with your translation

>If a monster is fast enough he could defeat MB before he gets serious

demon levels wouldn't be able to do that. MB is a tank, so that's not even a matter.

Also, the fight of MB against the demons wasn't really clear. He was shown to have trouble because of the gaz that made him sleepy. We don't really know how fast he would have beaten them without it.

That's a fair assumption, but it's not something you can state as an objective fact like in the manga. I'm not going to argue that it did happen, because that's much more ridiculous than arguing that it didn't. My point is that we don't know.

>BG isn't a low tier Demon

Who said Phoenix man was?

CE isn't impressive, but that doesn't make him weak. I think you underestimate him and his bag. The manga should show better his feats.

Why did Murata put spoilers in the first panel of the chapter?

MB isn't a tank, Asura Kabuto got him done quickly in the simulation. Sure, that's a Dragon so it's different, but his endurance isn't as high as say Darkshine or Zombieman, and a rogue hit like the one RR used on Garou would mean the end for him.

Don't underestimate Demon levels, and don't overestimate MB. Just because MB can get very strong while fighting doesn't mean he can't lose along the way to getting there. And your point about the gas is just stupid, the gas is part of why that monster was a Demon level, fights aren't arm wrestling, there's several factors that contribute.

>G: …Hey Phoenix Man
>G: where do you think Orochi sama came from?
>Gyoro: I created Orochi sama

...Why is he telling him? I mean, Phoenix didn't even bring up the topic and Psykos just spilled the beans. I mean I guess birdface is probably better conversation than the rest of the bloodthirsty loonies in there, but no monster is trustworthy.

I assume you mean the cover? It's not spoilers everyone knew as soon as Gorilla appeared in an earlier chapter.

>Don't underestimate Demon levels, and don't overestimate MB.

>MB isn't a tank, Asura Kabuto got him done quickly in the simulation.

You said it yourself. Kabuto is hella strong, that's a totally different matter. MB can be a tank without being DS or ZM tier.

Page 42

Genus: the transformation of humans into monsters are caused by the sudden explosion of negative emotions - the desire to change into someone else or unsatisfied needs, particularly in those with an inferiority complex and prone to vices. There are those whose cell mutations are triggered by their environments and transform into monsters that way; and those like my research creations, who become monsters through the power of science

G: as well as many cases where non-human life forms are transformed into monsters as a result of pollution and other factors. These are transformations into a different life form, not breaking one’s limiter

Page 43

Genus: in the broader sense, the seafolks that attacked J city and aliens that appeared in A city can also be considered monsters

Genus: but they were born that way, sentient beings who are our natural enemies

Page 44

Genus: like them, the powerful heroes who are able to stand against these beings were also born with potentials to become powerful, and they eventually obtained those powers though hard work or natural talent

G: some of them have mechanized body parts, and there’re also those who obtained special powers through human experimentation like you

G: there might also be those who were born brilliant like I am, or born with superpowers

CE isn't about firepower, I didn't ever say Phoenix Man was a low level, don't put words in my mouth. But even considering CE beat PM, he couldn't beat Eyesight, and he definitely hasn't shown the firepower that could damage BG. Sure, one could say that CE is a high S rank hero, and that he surely has something up his sleeve, but I'm basing this on what we've seen.

>the gas is part of why that monster was a Demon level

That's true, but I'm saying MB is better against raw power monsters. Why do you think Garou gave him so much trouble?

Alright, so you're being deliberately obtuse. I'll repeat for the last time: we're comparing the material that WE HAVE, not your headcanons of what might've happened or not behind the scenes. The scenes have been changed and developed to a point of characters behaving completely differently.

The tone of this fight is also completely fucking different because of the things I mentioned: focus on the kid from start to finish with him becoming a distraction, Garou merely spitting a tooth out after the big limiter reveal, and Garou still acting naive instead of treating it as a fight to the death, which is further highlighted by Psykos' monologue about his indecisiveness.

> CE isn't about firepower

Can you really confirm that? He massacred PM in seconds.

>he couldn't beat Eyesigh

Totally different matter. He just was in a situation where his bag, that holds all his Powerlevel, wasn't available.

Thanks based user

>MB can be a tank without being DS or ZM tier.
Based on what? We know he could tank Senior and Rafflesidon (barely) and get stronger, then he didn't even get a lot of hits from Garou or EC, but he was exhausted enough to faint. I don't think RR or BG have the firepower to do him in a straightforward fight, but not every fight is clean.
There's no reason to think MB is better against raw power monsters compared to gimmicky monsters, only that he isn't used to fighting martial artists. He showed that he can get over things like gas, and the only durable enemy we've seen him fight is EC, and he didn't do anything to him compared to Bang or Genos. Senior Centipede isn't as durable as Bug God based on the webcomic fight.

>G: there might also be those who were born brilliant like I am

Genus please

I wonder if Kuseno, Genus, Bofoy and Child Emperor are around the same level of intelligence.

>my research creations, who become monsters through the power of science
>heroes who obtained special powers through human experimentation like you

So what exactly is the difference between Genus' mutants and Zombieman then?

>we're comparing the material that WE HAVE, not your headcanons of what might've happened or not behind the scenes
You don't seem to understand that what you are saying is exactly my point. All the hypothetical cases I'm saying are there to show that we don't know jackshit about the fight, only the beginning, one thing in the middle and the end. I'm not trying to impose any event, unlike you who is arguing against one of them not happening.

And like I said, I agreed on the kid changing the scene, but I don't think it changed the fight at all. In a way it added something, but it didn't change something already there, because all of those scenes in the webcomic without SC were adapted in the manga.
> Garou still acting naive instead of treating it as a fight to the death
This is what I'm talking about, "instead"? In the webcomic we don't know much, but he was shown laughing and flipping the monsters off. It fits with RR that he could've tricked Garou with or without the kid. But that's the thing, for the hundredth time, we don't know!

I feel like I'm not making myself clear so I'll try to sum it up. The webcomic fight is short as shit, and shows nothing. This gives it a base tone, and the reader fills the blanks for a full story. The manga, took this base, and added stuff making it something more developed. The tone has changed because of the new scenes overall, but when you see the fight on its own, it's not all that different from the webcomic. Call me obtuse or whatever, but I feel like this discussion has at least let me think more about the fight's adaptation and the manga as an adaptation in general.

Page 45

Genus: but “he” was different

Page 46

Genus: ordinary background, ordinary life, just a normal person with no talent or potential

G: but through only his efforts, he was able to open the door at the edge of the limit, and break his limiter

Page 47

Genus: those who are able to break their limiters and evolve on their own, their strength defy common sense. If I have to guess how strong they’ve become…

G: it makes me want to laugh just thinking about it. I realize now just how comical my ambitions were

G: I’m sure you’ll meet him someday. I think he’s also a hero

G: anything else you want to ask?

Zombieman: ……

Z: why Takoyaki

G: in my research into human body regeneration outside of cloning, I figured out a way to regrow octopus tentacles, infinitely

Page 48


Page 49

Garou: I can beat them…

G: they’re nothing compared to the old man…!

Bug God: can’t believe a human could be this durable…

Royal Ripper: it’s 2 on 1…? You against us…

RR: you’re pretty strong

RR: pfft…I was only gonna play with him…

RR: forget it, let’s kill him

BG: now we’re officially getting started

Page 50

Garou: I don’t mind continuing

G: but I’ve already figured out all your moves

G: Ptui

Page 51

Garou: you’ll never land another hit on me

Bug God: huh?

Royal Ripper: ah

Garou: ?

Tareo: uncle…

Page 52

Tareo: un…cle…

T: so…rry…

Bug God: Sludge Jellyfish

BG: what are you doing here?

Page 53

Sludge: oh~…I’ve got personal beef with that guy

S: been waiting for my opportunity to mess with him~

Garou: that guy…when I fought Metal Bat…!!!

G: damn it

G: the kid has nothing to do with it…

Page 54


Page 55

Sludge: Woo-hoo

Page 56

Bug God: hey

BG: the instruction we received was to not kill him

Royal Ripper: so you say, but he’s already dead. You didn’t stop me in time, Bug God chan~…

Page 57

Royal Ripper: phew~~…

Royal Ripper: …let us go home together like good friends do


He's making the difference between science-created monsters and science-created heroes. They're essentially the same but Zombieman brought up the topic.

>born with ridiculous talent
>goes through something like a transformation because of his desire to become a monster
>pushes his body to the point of breaking the limiter by fighting suicidally




But he didn't set out to make a hero with Zombieman. It implies there is choice involved. Could Armored Gorilla be considered a monster? If not I feel bad for all the poor fucks that Saitama killed just because they did as they were told.

PM has no feats to speak of, but he seems more of a thinking monster than a fighting one based on how he's spoken so much but never fought, and he rescued Garou without fighting, whereas BG incapacitated Bang to rescue him. I don't think it's crazy to think of PM as a low to mid tier Demon in terms of physical capabilities alone.

CE has a Power stat of 6, and all that he's really managed to do is kill PM. His fighting effectiveness is high, but we didn't see him do anything really impressive even against ENW.
Yeah, I'd forgotten about him not having the bag. It's kind of hard to tell with CE.

>pushes his body to the point of breaking the limiter by fighting suicidally

Nah, in the end his talent and potential was just too damn high. Even with the completely bullshit odds against him his potential carried him forward until the point he started transforming. The only proof you need is that he still got stomped by the baldie.

Doubt much explanation will ever be given. ONE didn't even care enough to give the HoE creatures any space on the page.

Wasn't he close to breaking his limiter during the fight with Darkshine? I mean yeah he didn't do it, but he was close.

>G: damn it
>G: the kid has nothing to do with it…

I want Jellyfaggot to fucking DIE

There isn't much to worry about that.

The narrator strongly implies it at least.


He got close to breaking it. Also the limiter is supposed to be a cap. Removing it lets you grow stronger than what God had in mind for you from birth. So technically even if you remove it, it doesn't mean you're gonna just beat Saitama right away.

Royal Ripper a CUTE

How did Saitama even make money pre-HA? He got like 1 bounty in an OVA and that was it.

Oh shit was Bug God about to go nuts?
It's a shame that in the manga version of this fight nobody was giving it all. I wonder who would end up alive in that scenario.

Tgsmurf a best.

Doing odd jobs for people i assume.



He used to work in a convenient store.

It's really frustrating that ONE played Garou's naive softy card here and Jellyfaggot survived though

Guess that's the intention, but these monsters' deaths better be gruesome

Yeah well, now Garou won't be in the mood for talking with monsters at all. Sludge and Ripper both will be deleted without a word.

Nothing, this is currently the only manga that I'm still hyped about. People crying about filler have an obvious case of "gusto defecatum", or in other words, shit taste.

not the GQ cover?

The good version or the Murata version?

>It is an idiotic distraction, even worse than Psykos telling him about the kid.

It's a lame shtick but you can't tell me that actually using the kid hostage is more idiotic than Psykos casually mentioning that the kid might be caught.

I'd rather have a more face to face end to the fight but it was still pretty entertaining, short but sweet.

It makes more sense that his first kill is when saving the kid after loosing because he fails to kill.

The version where we all gangbang your mom