What is this archetype called?

What is this archetype called?

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Best Girl archetype.

Big titted slut

They're all different archetypes.


Best Girl


Dangerously sexual.



KyoAni should make a harem anime with all these three different archetypes lusting for MC dick.

They just have a similar design, their characters are very different.

The figurines sell archetype

scientifically perfect JK archetype

It's pure waifu engineering


But only Shinka is actually best girl.


they did, it's Phantom World

Breeding material archetype.

But that would this 17 year old piece of perfection be.





Mother of my children archetype

which kyoani director likes big tits the most?

Kyoani Trash

Sento > Shinka > Mai

The one that can beat your ass character.


JK Onee-san.

sexy type

KyoAnus wasted Sento but at least we have some good doujins of her (lots of NTR too if you're into that but the vanillas are good)

This except unironically

It's been said that Sento is the most sexual (sexual being distinct from sexy) character ever to appear in anime.

Kyoani made thiccly good Sento and the artists exploited them including the later LN illustrator

Why they didn't even bother to explore the relationship between Kunie and Sento when the latter clearly likes him? KyoAni half assed a show with good potential

LN didnt covered to that extent back then. And Sento is clearly smitten when Kanie tried to cheer her up after confronting her uptight management



I know that the studios are fully booked until 2020 but is there a chance for season 2?

I want to squeeze their faces.


Kyoanus sameface sindromy

But they're not even remotely alike each other in terms of personality

Shinka is Shinka
Sento is kuudere
Mai is mostly just dere with a bit of tsun I guess

I will lie to you and myself, yes and hentai OVA too

Very minuscule chance. It all depends on Kadokawa, Gatoh and Takemoto.

Daymn son.

They are hotties of Kyoani

Sento = Mai > Shinka


Best girl.




Damn, those breasts could kill a man if swung correctly.


>that thiccness


Nobody can touch Sento. It's almost unfair to other characters.

Clearly someone at Kyoani has a thing for ponytails and sidetails

You can never go wrong with Sento

Original Sento best Sento. Sleeveless looks good on her

Shinka clones.

Is this a Sento thread now? Can't get enough of this sexy and cute kappa.

>tfw you are not Kanie, having job security as high schooler, has waifu secretary

Well she's the coolest KyoAni girl after all

>eyebrows and eyelashes over the hair
why the fuck is this a thing

Living the dream.

Every her eyelashes are thicc and cannot be constrained by her hair.


Can't argue with this

you are gay for noticing that

Pirate Sento begs to differ

Forgotten prototype

too revealing

Anything for chad Kanie-kun she says

Upgrade your shit.

Haven't had a chance to use this one in a good while.

That third beauty mark.

>he almost fucked Sento
He's truly living the dream

Well, actually having soft, tender sex with Sento would have been better.

She's so fucking thirsty.

>best girl
>not a virgin
the absolute state of Cred Forums

Checked, also

go away

When will Sento walk Kunie's plank?

>the absolute x of y
Hmmm, you don't sound like an Cred Forumsnon. Go back to the containment board you came from.

that's in every anime.

sento what r u doin

so, which of those had sex before?

All of them, with me.

Welcome to Anime.

I know and I hate this.

listen you little pissant. mai would never even get let you close to her.

so upset i had a stroke

Shinka beating you up isn't sex.

True, it's better.


Sento's English dub VA is pretty good

>Sento only considered best girl because of MC self insert
>not one single mention of Salama

what happened to this board

>watching the dub
What the hell is wrong with you?

>twitter whore best girl
shes probably the worst of the earth wind and fire squad

Losing girls

who would win in a Territory battle, this 3 shinka squad or 3 Shiburins?

Sorry but

I don't know about everybody else here, but Kanie is far too successful of a human being for me to self-insert as.

Also, Salama is great. Best of the fairies.

It's dual audio and I'm curious


One Shinka is worth 10 Shiburins

Great doujins


Sento doujins are god-tier.

Thanks to its premise, Amagi is a heaven for NTR doujinshi

How so?

I find it a bit annoying that she gets left out of this supposed archetype even though she came before these nukyoanis

i am hurt too and i self insert as every faceless men


The NTR in Amagi is pretty crushing and I've read NTR stuffs sometimes


Still missing fifth section called "Best" with Kumiko

I can't stand the MC so I'm fine with this

That OVA was pretty great.


Kanie is good boy
link please


Just google Amagi Brilliant Park doujin and you'll get it

But Kanie is great.

I usually prefer Sento for faps, but damn if I didn't cum buckets to this one.

Kanie-kun work his hardest why are you being so disrespectul? All I want is him to see me

i read all of them and some were unremarkable



Can't spoonfeed you more than that user

>best girl
In what fucking dimension

Sento please, I know you like him but he's a stubborn one

He has a cool sister though.

Kyoanus sameface.


Sento is perfect for breeding and making love with.

Plus she could crush a watermelon with her thighs.

You're not wrong, but if you just left it at
>Sento is perfect
You'd have been even more correct.

She also secretly likes being gossiped with him by her peers

Why is Sento so perfect? I still haven't solved this mystery

It's not just her looks, it's her personality. Combine the two, and you've got a dangerous entity.

Would've been perfect if we get a closure between Kunie and Sento, or at least a kiss between them. The closest that we can get with those is when Sento ate the truth bean.


Kunie-kun is so perfect, why can't they use him in the pv making ova episode instead of the lucha libres and the securities?

because Kanie is not a manwhore showing his body and such

Isuzu-san, please behave

Oh god now i can't stop seeing it

Is he really that attractive to you, Sento?



First post best post.

>big, healthy bodies
>combative personalities
>interactive, not dumb carpets
>slowly likes/tolerates the MC as time goes on
>the few moments of feminity highlights them even more
>shitloads of doujins

I self-insert as Sento whenever I watch Amaburi, but I don't do that with Shinka or Mai.


They all look the same.

>not a manwhore
Yeah, sure.

Those dubs don't lie

Everyone wants Kanie-kun for themselves

Game Over.

Best doujin material archetype

>pulls out guns straight outta skirt

The frequent in and out action must've made her thirsty for Kanie's gun. Just like training

Sento is fucking dangerous. She already took over this thread. This board isn't ready for a Season 2.

Why doesn't she just do it like this girl?

I don't know, must be a thing from Maple Land. Wait a minute isn't that Canada?


>Canon pure girls

Kill yourself.

I feel sorry for them to have such a low libido

Titfuck the Kappa

So what do you think of Sento, from a man's perspective Cred Forums?

A waifu for life

Shinkabros, where we at?

I want to shoot my seed in this 50 Cent nine times!


Breeding material who would make a fine wife if she stopped swinging her rifle around.



Wasn't it 30 cent?

Ruru was clearly best girl though


She needs the rifle to protect the homestead for when she becomes a housewife

Damn she's thiccccc. No other KyoAni girls come close to her


Aren't you forgetting someone?


ruru a cute



Why does Cred Forums lose its composure over huge tits?


Mai has a bigger butt.

Ah, I nearly forgot it's almost time for my weekly fap to Sento. Thanks for coming through, Cred Forums

I always forget Maidragon was KyoAni.

50 Cent is a rapper and the characters have rapper names. Like Kanye-kun.

this character is delicious
too bad the anime was shit


>the characters have rapper names
Why though?


kinda funny this is the version people post despite being an edit

For some reason I prefer her covered.

Highly awkward and low-self esteem beta female with a 10/10 body and the slightest hint of tsun

Such an amazing studio. Look at all that detail, no other studio would animate characters like that.

It's just too beautiful. It deserves to be posted instead of the other one.

Because despite all the trap and loli threads, most of us are still healthy men.

Post the original then.

That QuesQ Mai figure is going to bin hard though.

Titty type

Girls sell themselves out to get more time/pay debt or something

>Sento by asanagi
I am come

Well there it is

All of them

>I self-insert as Sento whenever I watch Amaburi
How does that work?

I wanna marry and impregnate Mai

Man, even the side characters in Amaburi were great.

To be fair, if you listen to dubs it's easier to follow the animation and not read the subtitles. You probably miss out a lot reading text all the time.

>literally walking her home gently

Onee-chan archetype. At least the body type. Only Mai has onee-chan personality though.

I get where you're coming from, but it's still no defense for watching dubs (bar the few exceptions where the dub is as good as if not better than the original). And if you've been watching anime for long, reading subs out of the corner of your eye becomes second nature.

m a t i n g p r e s s
a t i n g p r e s s m
t i n g p r e s s m a
i n g p r e s s m a t
n g p r e s s m a t i
g p r e s s m a t i n
p r e s s m a t i n g
r e s s m a t i n g p
e s s m a t i n g p r
s s m a t i n g p r e
s m a t i n g p r e s

>tfw Koreanon never returned to tell us more about the chapters that were never translated

>reading subs out of the corner of your eye becomes second nature
that's what you think, but it's not true. watch a episode of something with subs and then watch it again with dubs. you'll notice that there's a lot you're missing when you're reading. i watch subs because i'm to used to the seiyuus and I can't take the dubs seriously, but I know that there's a lot I miss. When I watch movies I usually watch without text because I know I miss a lot because of subs.

They still haven't released new volume though.
And probably any stuff before that isn't worth telling.

But he said that there was more content available at the time. Or maybe I'm just misremembering.

Mai will never look after Shota you.





In my country we call them rochas.


Stop being a delusional brainlet.

The heck, Azunyan and Latifa are literal sex.

>I'm a brainlet so everyone else must be as well
>watch it again with dubs. you'll notice that there's a lot you're missing
Or you might be watching a version that's been altered by people with no relation to the original. Subs are already bad enough, there's no need to take it to the next level.

Welp nothing left to do here




Business suit Sento is best.

One of the few accurately drawn boobs.

What is that spell doing?


downloading phantom right fucking now.

She is channeling the water element from her kidney.


at least align it properly dammit


Don't look at her fingers.

I'm lazy, phoneposter.

Sento & betas.

There should be another kind of chart though that's more about their personalities/behaviour rather than just looks. I'd put her in the same plane as this girl.

Boring KyoAnus turd.

Oh, that's the ABC archetype Arrogant Bitch Cunt




There's a reason why faceless old men exist in doujin - they're completely unbeatable.
And that's why I wouldn't read this doujin, Mai would've trashed those kiddos.

I think they used a stand on her.


you motherfucker

>I know that the studios are fully booked until 2020 but is there a chance for season 2?
It is just a fact that Gatoh is busy with FMP season 4, and it being delayed meant he had no time for anything else.

>they're completely unbeatable.
Can't beat the cock.


look at all that health



why are kyoani girls so fucking hot

Isn't the studio staffed by cakes?

Company is filled with old maids who now know what men want but they don't have it anymore.



FPBP+dubs confirm


vaioretto isn't sexy, she just has a pretty face.

Jesus, dude why

What do you expect from the epitome of a perfect body

Are you gay? How did you-
Normally people will just look at the important bits.


Normal people look at every part of the art and don't tunnel vision on one thing

>don't tunnel vision
But we do that everyday.

You're probably a pretentious modern art critic.

Not him but I also think a woman's hands are part of her beauty. Slender but small girly fingers are plain beautiful. Don't tell me you wouldn't be aroused by them.
They shouldn't be a point of neglect.

Because Gatoh

Here's the real one

The Kyoani no bounce technology

delicious armpits though.

The bitch archetype. Prove me wrong.
Alternatively the KNOTTED archetype in honour of Shinka.


Sento isn't a bitch in the slightest. She didn't even care when Kanie saw her naked.

Shinka is version 1.0
Then they made Shinka thiccer and called her Sento (v2.0)
Then they made her flexible and bouncier and called her Mai (v3.0)

I wonder what features version 4 would have.

Mai is a kind friendly girl. She is just a bit on-edge towards Haruhiko due to his perverted antics.

Being autistic isn't the same as not caring.

Beast Motion: Off

Well if we're being serious for a minute. In Japan it's called 'nee-san'

Muse and Salama have the best figures, everyone who prefers Sento over them have shit taste.

She is shy. That's cute.

Sylphy is far better.

Bad writing

Prime Cuts of MEAT


Crazy how this design does nothing to me

>tfw was in the thread when we found that out
That was a good day. Based Koreanon.


haruhiko is underrated as a best boy MC
he works hard, cares about his friends and isn't a pussy, he even frenched his mom

>That was a good day. Based Koreanon.
He will return to us some day.

This scene needed to actually be animated dammit, not just a slide show.

>leglocked him

>not wanting a /k/ gf
for shame

This happened in the LN?
Where's my season 2?

>This happened in the LN?
That and this:

Whoreani MC



This show needs another season. A serious season this time. It feels like they only choose to animate the 14 fan service episodes.

I hardly known the characters. The only thing that would probably stay in my mind is Mai Thiccness.