Boku no Arbeit??

Just finished Boku Girl and enjoyed it and i saw there is a LN of it?

Can't seem to find anything about it online in regards to what it's about or anything.

Can anyone help me out?







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Unfortunately I think Boku Girl isn't getting much attention in the west. It was a merical the manga got scanned and translated at all. Strange considering the current climate around gender in the west.

I feel your pain thought. Gender bending anime/manga has been my favorite from the moment I watched Ranma 15 years ago.

Yea it's a shame, it was a good story with amazing art. I'm surprised how scarce things are, especially with this LN spin off.

I really don't have a good explanation. Maybe west publishers don't think it will sale at all.

That's too bad. Maybe in some alternate timeline it will get an anime adaptation by Kyoani and be loved everywhere.

>author hasn't done anything else since other than a oneshot

never mind the west, did the gooks not like the series as well?

Yea, it's too bad as he's a really talented mangaka and his art is amazing.

>it was a good story
A give you the art but the story go really bad after the kiss, that they just ignore

Which one lol?

Also it wasn't revolutionary but i thought it was sweet and liked the inner struggle with the characters.

>inner struggle with the characters.
the problem is that the author was going against the struggle of the character to do whatever he wants(i always dislike that)

You don't think it should have ended the way it did? or are you talking about another choice

>You don't think it should have ended the way it did?
I think if the author would have focus in the relationship it would make more senses

Yea, some more development between the MC's while he was a girl would have been nice. Though i think all things considered i'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

Does someone remember what chapters had the childhood flashbacks?

The mc had that adorable bunny that needed to be fixed.

Also how on earth does the author manage to make everything look so soft? Its phenomenally good!

oh well is okay. I just feel like they only end together, because the author wanted that and no the characters

Only thing bad about the end was that I atleast would have wanted to see how their life together worked....

>Does someone remember what chapters had the childhood flashbacks?

There were a handful of them so idk, sorry.

I guess everyone has their own interpretations/view on it.

Yea a flash forward 10 years or something would have been cute (just a chapter or two seeing how things ended up)

>Also how on earth does the author manage to make everything look so soft? Its phenomenally good!

Right? especially the lips, they look so soft. This authors art style is a mix of 2 mangaka i really like :

Horikoshi (MHA Author) With the faces and eyes; especially the females.

As well as Oikawa, Tooru (Author of Shinseki Yori and Infection) In regards to making the bodies look so soft/proper proportions.

I actually has the single column ln ripped but never got around to translating it.

It takes places during the summer break when mizuki took on a summer job at a pet store or something. I haven't even read it.

I actually have the single volumn LN*

So it doesn't take place after the events of the manga and is just side stuff that happened in the story? That's all i want to know really as i'd feel bad knowing there is content that continues after the end that i don't know about.

Side story in the story during summer vacation. Not after.

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