Dragon Ball Super

2 weeks for the next episode

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With how different the manga is, it really makes you think how barebone the plot outline was when it was first given to Toei.

>Tournament starts!
>Have fun (laughs)
>Jiren and Goku fight at the end! Make it look cool!

>"Let's enjoy this together! (laughs)

Miss us yet?

Nope, ToP just started in the manga, so more CauliKale there

>oh boy im gonna watch DBS for those great nostalgia feels
>oh boy im gonna watch DBS to see which spic meme became cannon this time


No. But I do miss pic related.

el grande nazi?

What is this move called?

People on reddit trying to rationalize what's currently going on... it sickens me. Sometimes it's fine to theorize but this is honestly a pile of dogshit.
Jiren has no deep purpose or anything to be reading into, all that Buddha stuff went into the trash. But I see philosophical discussions about "Goku has what Jiren seeks and can't attain" and other shit and I'm mad they don't realize this is a fucking cartoon's show on par with Spongebob right now



Yes but I know you'll be back soon.

Yes, can't wait til you come back.

frieza platinum?


Guess the dialogue

Yes you are little girl now hurry up.

Less spic more Merifat

Holy shit the official release of this is so clean

>come into thread
>autistic spics roleplaying
>leave thread


Every single day and every second of those day. Thankfully the manga will give me more, but how long will that sate me?

Kale you're a loli, you're not fooling anyone.

Waifufags are worse than the cuckforce


>We're sorry daddy Goku, we'll be good!

Why does everyone want to fuck whis?

Have you seen him?

Despite all my misgivings about super, once the ka ka ka ka kachi daze kicks in all is forgiven.


Yeah he's a faggot and so are all of you for wanting to fuck him.

honestly, I wouldn't mind if Grande Padre had a form like this

t. Cellcuck

Shut up before you become a school shooter victim again.


Not even a (You).

You're not wrong, but I feel bad for you if you can't appreciate a good dicking from Whis-sama



Being Spanish make those spics memes so funny, do you guys even understand what the characters are saying or how it's said?

Kill yourself pathetic Gohancuck
You beat in delusion all the other character fags


Miss me yet?

Why was Vegeta winning or Goku and Vegeta
fusing into Vegetto and winning seen as an "interesting" alternative to Goku? One that isn't predictable?

>meme numbers made in MSpaint

What a nice source user!

It does seem like some specific events were in the outline, like half of the team leaving the defensive circle, but all minor match ups and such seem to be left to each team.

It actually makes me wonder about the U7 elimination order though. That's still up in the air at this point.

Vegetto winning something is a new and exciting thing. Weve seen him be smug during a fight but imagine how hed be if he won legitimately

Hercule took my fame.
I took his daughter's virginity.

>just kidding, I win


Whis is bae

Mangaleak when?

I wonder if character powers will also differ between the anime and the manga.
Who knows, maybe Aniraza will breathe fire or something in the manga

Best human. Always been my favorite human fighter.

I never understood why anyone would like the bald midget or bald triclops.

Then Goku comes back with no shirt

remember that one serious punch jiren threw? now goku's doing it

>Wanting Goku and Vegeta to win after fusing
Then you should have been rooting for Gogeta to begin with.

Very smart on Jiren's part. Jiren will probably be unable to land a single solid strike on UI Goku due to UI granting perfect defense so Jiren just threw an energy blast aiming everywhere that's stronger than Goku's blast. Jiren is still much much stronger than any of Goku's transformations.

Leave, now.

No one gives a shit about your character war Pedro. Gohan and your waifus are irrelevant and do nothing but create obnoxious fanbases

One hundred quintillion!

Goku haven't won any major fight since Namek. If anything all of you were saying that Jiren would win. Vegitto winning anything would be cheap as fuck and anticlimactic.

The full chapter is already out.

I feel so hard after seeing all these zeroes.

Leaks from next episode.

Really? Freeza's lipstick is what just gave me a boner.

Episode 130 isn't next episode.

Always have.

"Buddhist" shit or whatever else people theorize about is obvious nonsense. But Jiren realizing Goku is everything Jiren wants to attain iis obvious as fuck. And that's true because it's a kid's cartoon, not despite it.


The Kanzenshuu one has the best/official estimates.

Actual leaks coming through.

Anyone who likes the SS3 design should kill themselves.


>Vegito at his most powerful (SSJ2/Majin): 8 billion
>Gohan: 90 billion


Oh wow. Gohan could kill Vegeta just by sneezing.

Idunno, but watching the latest episode made me realize how badly I want Vegeta to win against a big bad while both are out of stamina and it's just a punching match like the Knife Edge Death Match in YuYu Hakusho

episode 131 leaked early

>Tien was only 400 stronger than Yamcha
Christ man, what happened.

It was part of a joke actually:
> "It was joked by Ryusei Nakao that because Frieza was a "nice guy" (ナイスガイ; naisu gai), Golden Frieza's power level in this form is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (垓; gai or one hundred quintillion)"

Fact. This is why I avoid other threads in this waifufag infested place like the plague. It's the same shit everywhere you go. Even Naruto/Boruto threads became like this, and all it took was for Sasuke to have a daughter and for her to receive lots of screentime in the sequel. Almost makes me miss the fujoshits.

Do you think that Toyotaro intentionally "forgot" to draw Master Roshi as revenge for Toei Animation forgetting to animate Tien, in the anime version scene?

No, are you retarded?

The 3 super humans have always been relatively close to eachother in terms of power.

Below Yamcha is a huge gap, then you have shit like Chiaotzu/Yajirobe/Roshi.

>wanting the main audience for Dragon Ball to leave

I think you're retarded.

>made by a nobody from shitzenshuu

hahahaha my god these threads

Delete this right now.




>the nobody managed to create better fan service than DBS ever could

>DBM fan-fic managed to be better than the DBS shitshow

>DBS is so bad it makes GT look good

Now he will tell you that list is legit because Kanzenshuu members are autists who study powerlevels.

he means vegeta obviously

Sasuga Gohanfags

Reminder that you can't criticize power level charts if you never tried making one yourself.

>Goku and Majin Vegeta square off
>Both smirking because they're just happy to fight again

At least until Super where Roshi is now SSJ2 level.

>the anti-PL fags are also Superfags and Cellfags

It all makes sense now.

I know the retard, he's been posting his meme levels here since 2016

Also reminder that power levels actually work on Dragon Ball Z and Super, but that doesn't make them good.

I don't think I will

episode 131
he's back

There fixed it so we can understand

Super is not canon, for exactly reasons like this.

Anyone who takes DBS seriously is mentally ill.

The mere existence of power level numbers automatically make DB better than any other shonen to ever exist and that doesn't make use of explicit power level numbers for themselves (which is the overwhelming majority of them, sadly).


SS3 is only transformation besides original SS that looks like actual higher level of power. Everything after that is shitty fanfiction tier.

>Piccolo in DB/Early DBZ
>Only barely edged out by base Goku
>Piccolo in late DBZ/DBS
>Enormous fucking gap between him and base Goku
Transformation multipliers are dumb


Sauce? I'm just asking for a friend.

Goku Blanco officially makes Online not canon
how in the fuck Vegeta manage to get Goku and himself killed in one battle?

Interesting he has silver eyes... ultra instinct perhaps?? Could cell have had it when he fought gohan im not sure... might make an r/dbz post and get some opinions on this subject

Are you guys ready for the biggest fight in Dragon Ball history?

Yes I can't wait for EL GP against GOHAN

That's not Goku vs Frieza, where an entire empire and billions of lifeforms are at stake.

I just grabbed it from Google, I'm afraid

>end of cell saga
>literally every Z warrior throwing themselves at Cell in an effort to help out gohan and save earth from total destruction

>end of ToP saga
>Z warriors patiently seated while waiting to see if goku loses and everyone is DELET

They are shit

>might make an r/dbz post
Definitely bait

>and billions of lifeforms are at stake

But there are a billions of lifeforms at stake, what are you talking about?

I want fujoshits to leave, NOW.

Mastered ultra instinct is probably the ugliest form in dragon ball

Goku has now literally become grandma goku

>ss4 goku jobs to a beatable villain even at base: the show
>better than super
good joke

How did Goku die to some low tier lazer in Super when he's literally god status, but he could deflect bullets with just his skin when he was a kid before he even learned about ki.

Piccolo had some bullshit boosts as well though.

>base Piccolo struggled against Nappa
>fuses with Nail (40,000) on Namek and can take on Frieza's 2nd form
>fuses with Kami (with a low DB tier power level) and he manages to get stronger than pre-HTC Super Saiyans and take on the Androids

>ugliest form in dragon ball
SSJ4 is worse

Vegeta obviously will get the form too once the series continues. No way they'll just leave him behind Buu Saga style.

It's a shame too, since this could be a chance to push some other character as Goku's new rival. Imagine the reactions if next series Tenshinhan comes out of nowhere with UI.

nooo, but muh pink monkey!

I wish they used SSG more instead of going Blue against literally everyone

You didn't make them. Liar.

DBS isn't canon, so no one cares about your fanfic DBM ripoff.

How can Sorrel survive being penetrated by a dick half her body size? It's a cartoon man don't think too much about it.

Every form that came after SS3 looks better.

>to some low tier lazer
Eh, even the laser guns by Freeza's grunts had power levels over 1000. There's no way sorbet's ring is bellow that.

People are talking a lot of crap but episode 130 is going to get over 3000 replies without a sticky.

V-Vados san..

But the guns hurt Goku when he was a kid. Stop speedwatching Dragon Ball of all things.



SJW-Blue, SJW-Red and Blue Kaioken are the shittiest and most fan-fic deviantart transformations ever conceived.

They're literally shitting out Blanco now and DBS fags unironically eat it up whereas a few weeks ago they would be laughing at Blanco.

>embraces white power
so you want to be the dirty black animal...

>this level of speedwatching


Is there a translation of that article somewhere?

>DBS isn't canon

Oh, I see, you are an idiot. Sorry.

It's okay, better than the previous two (SSG, SSB), although I like "Omen" better.

How do the guns hurting him have anything to do with what I said?
And either way he brushes off the gun shots like they're nothing.

>this level of blatant samefagging
Like, you literally waited exactly a minute to make another post.
How dumb are you?

>muh long hair

>Mastered ultra instinct is probably the ugliest form in dragon ball
Nope, SS4 is still a thing, canon or not

I like every human as skilled fighter to overcome stronger enemies.

Still don't like Yamcha moveset in dbz

Db Online have the goku death in lore.

>DBS is canon

Oh, you're baiting. 4/10 for making me reply.

so this is the power... of speedwatching... amazing

>muh SJW hair

do you realize how much shit taste you have?

superfags truly have zero self awareness

>watching the anime

Super is manga canon, GT is canon anime.

Could HAVE
Past tense.
Vegeta is many times more powerful than Gohan now because Gohan is a lazy shit.

The base Saiyans had not surpassed Freeza when Beerus came by. Piccolo had pretty much surpassed Freeza when the Androids came by, and, if not, he surely did later that day.

>muh long hair

I don't get it. Is the some super controversial topic?
Why does this guy keep samefagging tons of replies to the same post using the word "speed watching"?

And still better than SS3, says a lot about that shit form

>Vegeta is many times more powerful than Gohan now
Stop user, you're killing me.

Ultimate Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Goku or SSJ3 Gotenks, let alone fucking SSJ2 Vegeta.

>be me, shy and without confidence
>have a loving sister who's always been supportitive
>she struggles with depression every day
>one day suddenly commits suicide
>feel devastated and all alone
>years later our favourite childhood show returns
>introduces new characters with an unbreakable, sisterly bond
>whenever caulifla shows kale unconditional support, struggle to hold back tears
>despite its flaws, feel thankful to dbs for introducing them and helping me self-reflect

>How did Goku die to some low tier lazer in Super when he's literally god status
>but he could deflect bullets with just his skin when he was a kid before he even learned about ki.
>speedwatching this hard

man, take your time, watch it slowly

>SJW-Blue, SJW-Red and Blue Kaioken are the shittiest and most fan-fic deviantart transformations ever conceived.
Subjective. And Blue Kaioken is not a fucking form. Blue is. Kaioken has never been a form. SSG looks much better than SS3. He doesn't have ugly eyebrow ridges or hair that reaches his ankles for no reason. SSB is just a recolor of Super Saiyan.

>I have shit taste, lalalalala I have shit taste!
>SJW commie pinko deviantart hair is better than yellow/gold Super Saiyan hair!

I feel sorry for you man.

Why are you giving that retard (You)s?

>replying to yourself

Samefagging shows desperation, Super-mutt.

apologize to Nakatsuru RIGHT NOW

>>SJW commie pinko deviantart hair is better than yellow/gold Super Saiyan hair!
Nope, just better than super shit 3

>Better than anything
DBM fucking sucks, it's literally just constantly jerking off Vegito and terrible, poorly choreographed fanfiction-tier match ups that are all really fucking stupid.

I'm not the biggest fan of Super but literally ANYTHING is better than fucking DBM, they could literally screen 22 minutes of literal shit and it would be better than DBM.

>>SJW commie pinko
Should have known you were an Amerimutt.

No they fucking didn't

At the very most they stung him, no real damage was done

You're the fucking speedwatcher


>jerking off Vegito

But Vegito IS the strongest character in DBZ. It makes sense they explain more about him.

The fans fucking craved more smug Vegito, everyone was disappointed when they un-fused inside Buu's body.

What the fuck is wrong with you?
You've replied to the same post four times now.
You planning to keep doing it for the whole thread?

Why do that post make you so mad?
And your samefagging is even more obvious because you won't reply to any of the posts directed at you.

>biggest fight in DB history
>we know Goku can't lose because EoZ is a thing

There are no stakes. There's no tension. They will win in some way or another because of EoZ. This fight has absolutely 0 tension in comparison to Goku vs Frieza or Goku/Vegeta vs Kid Buu

Will everyone be happy with a Freiza winning ending?

Read the manga, then

Nope, European.

Try again for a zenii.

>How did Goku die to some low tier lazer in Super when he's literally god status
Watch the movie instead of just watching a random scene from youtube fucking retard

And don't forget that Bra is an actual Mary Sue.

I fucking hate Vegito. Those 'fans' you speak of are all powerlevel fags and mexicans.
Vegito was a good one time concept in the Buu arc but he never should have come back, he's literally just bait for the powerlevel faggots, angry black weebs and mexicans to drool over.

What are people so damn disappointed with Gohan's battle strategy, and calling it KEK CIRCLE in both anime and manga? It is pretty much the best action you can play during first half of tournament, but fighting inteligently is apparently not appealing for you guys.

>The fans fucking craved more smug Vegito
>DBM Vegetto

>It's okay if it's blatant fanservice

Ganbatte, user
Do your best to make your sis proud

What drugs did you take they lead to this much brain damage?

>The four guys that followed Gohan's plan were the first ones from U7 getting eliminated

That's why it's the cuck circle


Don't reply to blogfaggotry

But Piccolo loves babysitting Saiyan kids

>being this retarded

He needed to come back to explain why he wouldn't be appearing further. Asking why the heroes aren't using the strongest and easiest power available to them isn't just "powerlevel fag", it's basic logic.

People will complain if in some movie the hero carries a gun and shot people with it before, but then randomly stops using it for no reason even getting shot at.

So jiren is literally toguro right?

Makes more sense than Krillin or Roshi magically being as strong as a SSJ2, retconning all of DBZ. At least Bra was part Saiyan. DBS stole not only the Multiverse story, but also the "tough saiyan grill fighter, see women can fight too!1!!" that was Bra, in the form of Kefla/Caulifla which are fucking Mary Sues as well.

>Super-mutts are beta males who hate assertive Chads and badassery

DBS fanbase confirmed for literal soyboys and homosexuals.

I'm not the one samefagging dozens of replies to the same post.
You're the retard here.

Like, how did such an innocuous post set you off so badly?

Fair enough, I guess I'm just pissed about constantly hearing about people asking for more fucking Vegito.
It's been especially obnoxious in the ToP and it's pissing me off.

>it's not pretty so it's shit!
What a fucking homo. No wonder you link pink and cyan gay crap.

I thought this was a blue board. Do the mods allow rape in here?

Because the shit-taste DBS drones are getting absolutely destroyed by the Z force.

They were weak. You can't expect warriors as weak as they are to provide a challenge to beastly combatants.


>inb4 the dbs-cucks say "gt pedro" even though nobody likes gt and nobody itt is a spic

t. gtpedro

So the cuck circle didn't help at all
Your point?

That's not how you use a question mark.
Really, you should go to a doctor and get treated for your brain damage.

fuck off gtpedro

>Kefla/Caulifla which are fucking Mary Sues as well.
Caulifla isn't a mary sue though. Bra definitely is.

O my SS2 in one day

Whatever helps you sleep at night, retard

I would argue, but I refuse to defend Caulifla.

Ssj4 is cool though. It's a call back to them being a monkey race rather than just a hair color change.

Like clockwork.

So let's summarize. Super fags:
>Are homosexuals or soyboys
>Have never seen DBZ
>Have extremely shit taste
>Suffer from denial and cognitive dissonance

>yfw DBS is more of a laughing stock than GT is

>Yamcha masters UI
>Finds Tien and breaks his leg

>Mary Sue
>Erased like 15 episodes ago
>Mary Sue losing


>types "???"
>tries to call other people retards
How funny.

Don't bother.

DBS-drones are like atheists. You'll have better success talking to a wall.

>being this mad

So you are a GTPedro. Why did you deny it the first time?

>being this bootyblasted your fanfic is being cancelled

keep those tears flowing super-mutt

Watch RoF before asking stupid questions.

Careful user, he's going to sperg out and say you replied to him 20 times and that you're samefagging.

Movies aren't canon, and neither is GT or DBS.

DB,DBZ and the Bardock/Trunks specials are canonical. The rest of the franchise is what-ifs.

>Being a Toyochad

Nothing was cancelled for me, keep being mad tho lol

>Not knowing about triple interrogative statements

Wow, is English your THIRD language?

My country is better than whatever shithole breeds tards like you.

Maybe learn what the fuck mary sue means before commenting, retard. She was the complete opposite, a massive underdog who had no chance winning her fight because she fought the master of asspulls and protagonist of the biggest shounen series.

>Bardock/Trunks fanfics

>Goku never took all of his friends to get powers ups from old kai
Why is Gokek so retarded?

Sorry user but your bardock special belongs in the trash with GT and Super since DB Minus is a thing

Oh, it's just this baiting faggot again. At least switch it up sometimes.

Yes it is.

Sorry but facts don't care about your feelings.


>DB Minus
Literal fan-fiction that belongs in the garbage bin.

When people think Bardock, they think the first special.
Not the special snowflake retcon that came later.

First of all, that's not what being a mary sue stands for.
Second of all, nice bias, user.
You do understand that we can name many more asspulls about every saiyan from U7, right?

The fact this guy is back along with the "muh kanzenshuu powerlevels" is not a coincidence



>objectively the high-point of ToP and nearly all episodes in the entire show

>When people think Bardock, they think the first special.
Doesn't make it canon
Minus >>> Meme special

It's probably the same guy.
Fuck off, retard. Not everyone is the same person.

Haha, you're just samefagging harder and harder because of how mad you are. This is hilarious to watch you get so upset over a totally pointless throw away post.

>putting capital letters in your green text
Haha, so now it's even more obvious you're a newfag. Makes sense why you samefag so much, because you think you can hide in anonymity.




I want to hug kefura!

>unironically defending minus

please do the world a favor and kill yourself

>el joker
>not "Senor Sarcasmo"


So it's time huh


>hurr saiyans were peaceful and soft people
Literal fan-fiction.

>not el comodin


The tournament never hit 6.0, try harder next time.

But what if she gets excited and accidentally crushes your bones?
Would that still be worth it?

The answer is obviously yes

>you will never have as much shit taste as Superfags, Minusfags or anti-Gohanfags

Feels good man.



>come to post in db thread
>anons start spamming deviantart OCs

As long as she gives me a sensu bean I'll be fine.

She's the cutest

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
'Bardock Father of Goku' special
'History of Trunks' special

>fan-fiction / what-ifs
everything else

It's not that hard user.

So Goten inherited his irrelevance from Gine?

what disease is this?

Kefla is the best!

Z isn't canon. Z is the anime adaptation of the second half of the Dragon Ball manga.

That artist is the best

Nice try but DBS hasn't gotten a 6.0 since the ToP started


Like I said, non-canon fanfiction. The anime became the true canon long time ago, accept it and stop crying.


You're right, it was only 5.3

I know, he worked on super apparently.

Don't lewd the monkey please

I am so glad that Super is dying.

That he is.



>super-mutt is so buttdevastated he forgot to quote in his furious anger

delicious dbs tears

Proof? That isn't Takahashi right?

Really? When?

>when you hit peak spicness

No, I just didn't want to directly reply to your shitpost.

Here's the colored version.

partícula de luz grande

>The retarded Jap audience is why Gohan didn't become the MC in Buu saga

2 nukes weren't enough.


I want Kefla to marry me!

no, he's even better.

Still better than every other shounen out there. And yes, I've seen HxH and Boku no shit.

No. Toriyama is the reason.

I fucking tired of gohanfags

>This shit again


> Boku no shit.
boku no pico is the greatest shounen.
what are you talking about?!


Caulifla is a Mary Sue

Mad waifuscum incoming

Usually in a bait thread, the OP is baiting, but this entire thread is bait.

That's bullshit.

From Daizenshuu 2
>And then the Cell arc ended. Did you think that everyone felt you would put Gohan into the leading role?

>I intended to put Gohan into the leading role. It didn’t work out. I felt that compared to Goku, he was ultimately not suited for the part.

>How did Vegeta got hurt to some low tier ki lazer in Super when he's literally near Frieza status, but he could survive a x4 Kaio-ken Kamehameha
never fucking speedwatch

Why do I find future trunks cooler than goku

He's going to call you a samefag, he's going insane and paranoid

Because he is cooler.

*in Z
stupid autoreply

The buu saga is utter trash and db should have ended when cell died. Gohan being the MC couldnt have saved that dumpster fire.

She's made for hugs


>waiting for vjump leaks to come out
>goku clone #342 revealed
Why is this ok?

>DBZkids defend this

Not baiting. Boku no Hero Academia is absolute, overrated garbage that only complete normalfags eat up.

That image is dumb. Vegeta was powered down and Krillin fired a strong ki blast. It's well know that ki blasts raise the user's power level quite a bit. DBS is shit.

Please tell me this is some bad spic fan animation. Considering how bad Super was so far, I can't even tell what's real and what's meme at this point

Who here watching dragon ball for the first time and/or rewatching dragon ball z?
I'm ready to see some actual women again and not gross stick dykes

>Blast from a guy who isn't actually that much weaker than you while purposefully powering down as much as possible
>Arm Lazer to a LITERAL G O D

Are you fucking retarded? Of course it's fake, everyone hates SS3 and Toriyama would never use it seriously.

>frieza whispers: "ur mom gay"
>goku is visibly shaken but thinks of a decent reply
>goku: "NO U!"

there's an even older one from 2008
of evil goku


>Goku is Blue God x9000 infinity
>and gets hurt by a fucking LASER
supershits will defend anything

Enjoy your irrelevant women that don't amount to anything and end up forgotten.

>Vegeta was powered down
so was Gokek

So aren't there 4 universes which didn't compete in the ToP because they had the highest mortal power rankings? Isn't the next logical step to find a way for Goku to fight people from them?

>Super-mutts will defend this


goku absorbed the energy from god form even in his base state though beerus said it, and goku in base even without god energy would be in the fucking hundred millions

Base goku at this point was still incredibly powerful

Unless he was purposefully suppressing his power like vegeta, it makes no sense

I cant decide if those black things are malice (like what happened during the genkidama*) or his shirt.

*: goku is not supposed to use a transformation when he's casting the genkidama because then malice takes over his mind or something like that. the moment he went ss/blue during the genkidama we saw black sparks around him.

Stop with this retarded meme

Mortal level =/= power level and they established that back during the Zen Exhibition Match, and during the ToP, several of the Kais/Angels from those universes have made comment about how they are glad they didn't have to participate because they wouldn't have fared well

see still powered down, just as whis warned
don't speedwatch

>Base goku at this point was still incredibly powerful
still powered down

He powered down because he thought the fight was over

>Saiyan Beyond God

beerus literally said it in the movie

i personally think everything past buu is bad fanfiction but it fucking happened in BoG

Not him, but the movie isn't canon anymore

It used to be a thing

>i am the sun

desu i like it. it could definitely be used as if that dude was the original legendary sayian god or something.


>arguing with superfags
dont waste your time

>the movie
The manga doesn't follow that, base Goku never absorbed SSG powers.

Oh, thank God. You never know with this pile of shit that super is....

That's not real, but they unironically made Goku Blanco canon.


Blanco was canon before the spics started meming it.

The whole meme came from the fact Toriyama said he had plans for a white haired form for Goku quite awhile back

Not because of stupid memes though. Toriyama said a good while ago that he was saving white for later.

Remember when Gokuck tanked a rocket?


>beerus literally said it in the movie
just like God's Crimson Radiance right?

This was a thing

>Mr. Satan
This is horseshit and I'm not trying to meme here. Mr. Satan's power level should be around 100.

>thinking "God" means anything in Dragon Ball

Kami was a god.
King Yemma is a god.
King Kai is a god.
Supreme Kai is a god.
All those gods in the Buu saga.

gods (with a lower-case G) don't mean jack shit in DB. It's just a title, they're all magical beings in a pantheistic conception of reality.

God as in a real Creator God aka God of the Bible doesn't exist in Dragon Ball. In fact DB is very Satanic/Luciferian in the way it portrays deities, but that's another whole topic.

wtf I want Dragon Ball in U11 now!!!


Dragon Ball Heroes keeps on spoiling shit


but his guard was down

what happened dbs apologists?

Okay. With the end of Super coming, I decided it was time to take that plunge. Y'all know what I'm talking about. I subscribed to "World of Geekdom"! On this channel, I've found inspirational videos, movie reviews, life advice and so much more. I've only been subscribed for [variable=local!clock] and I'm having a blast. Just type in "World of Geekdom" on YouTube and you'll find it. I promise you guys will love the channel just as I have.

>Super-fags make fun of Blanco and spics
>Blanco is now real
>Super-fags gobble it up and pretend there's nothing wrong with it.

The state of the DBS fanbase, which consists of soyboys and cucks.


is this real? or some advanced level bait?

Nips don't give a fuck about spoilers`

the same applies to "ssb" and "ssg".

for years there were fan-fic garbage showing blue-haired super saiyans. no one took it seriously but if toriyama does it then it's A-OK apparently.

these people have no integrity

>be me
>saiyan prince/elite
>arrive on earth and manage to defeat kakarot
>job to his 4 year old son and manlet best friend
>strive to be the strongest warrior and surpass kakarot
>believe I'm a super saiyan and fight freeza
>kakarot becomes a super saiyan with just anger alone
>train my ass off in space and finally become a super saiyan
>manage to defeat one of the androids but job to a woman not soon after
>become super vegeta and manage to kick cells ass in his second form
>have a chance to kill him
>let him become perfect and proceed to get my ass kicked
>job to his autistic children
>kakarots 9 year old son surpasses you and defeats cell with a single punch and kamehameha wave
>7 years later
>finally unlock ssj2
>high on majin power
>have a rematch with kakarot
>find out he's been holding back the entire time
>decide to do the noble thing and sacrifice myself to protect my family
>blow myself up to kill buu
>does nothing
>attempt to fight kid buu
>job and admit kakarot was stronger
>a few years pass
>freeza returns with a new golden form
>get the justice i deserve and kick his ass
>just as I'm finally about to get my revenge kakarot steals the kill at the last minute
>time passes
>fighting zamasu with my son
>our combined galick gun is barely able to push back his attack
>kakarot does it by himself with ease
>fighting in the top
>kakarot gets his ass kicked by jiren
>kakarot somehow gains ultra instinct
>still can't hurt jiren
>there's still hope
>fighting jiren
>manage to see through his attacks
>get btfo by jiren
>eventually gain my own power up, who needs ultra instinct?!
>blow toppo the fuck out
>realize it amounted to nothing since he's the biggest jobber in u11
>fight jiren
>get my ass kicked without putting up a fight
>cry like a bitch
>give kakarot the little energy i have left
>kakarot manages to hurt jiren with a power up he got on a silver platter
>realize all your training amounted to nothing

He could just be behind Gohan. You wouldn't see anything but the top of Frieza's head if he wasn't jumping to fight the other people.

>advanced level
If you are retarded maybe.

What the fuck? Is this a bot script?

Is it Black, right?

>these people have no integrity
yet he's wowed when Heroes turns GT into Official AF

..So what you're saying is..

2 - 0?

You're right, Boku no Pico is the one true patrician shounen.


>tfw 0-2

Ohh please, Veegta has the highest enemy kill count of anyone in DBZ, and hes knocked out only one less person then Goku has, making him the second best overall fighter in the ToP.

He even got a form that can equal a god of destruction, making him one of the strongest beings in the entire MULTIVERSE

Look at me. Look at me. I am the Doctor now.


History of Trunks can't be canon, he goes Super Saiyan while training with Gohan in the manga.

By extension, the Super anime cannot be canon.

Super nailed the idea, the presentation and kind of power it represents

>Using the reddit tier list

>the worst possible failing in a story is the MC defeating the villain while using the WRONG haircut because MUH POWERLEVEL NUMBERS!!1
Really makes you think.

>yo its me plotku

Expectations for games and shows are different.

technically Goku is in the Gris form

Vegeta is a better character than Goku, Gokucks have to concede to this.

>2 - 0

how? because muh bulma?

>"it's okay when Heroes does it!"

If Gokuck wasn't the strongest, no one would give a fuck about him.

1 month until GeGeGe kino.

>when some ugly japanese doujinshi artist steals your blanco idea

This looks even worse becuase its like SS4(which always looked retarded) but white.

Thank god Toriyama stopped with all the hair/fur shit, and just made it their normal hair, but a different color

Because Vegeta has actually kissed his wife.

haha hilarous dude fuck super mayne



Not really the strongest, more like if he wasn't the MC

I watched Goku grow, from being a countryside kid to save the world from robowaifunazists, to meet God and several years later to fight in the biggest tournament Humanity will ever see and go Blanco

You Vegeta fags shouldn't be acting so smug when one of those "wins" against Goku was a loss against Gohan and krillin.

Yeah it needs updating

How did he lose to Gohan and Krillin? Vegeta got away after destroying everyone LEL

It literally is. I haven't played any DB game in ages, but I see fun in fighting SSJ4 Gohan with Goku Blanco, taht doesn't mean watching it in anime format would be good. As a general rule, the more possibilities the game offer the better, much different rule from the anime.

Chichi is still her lips virgin

more toei'd garbage, oh great

>got away
That's a nice way of saying he fled Earth.

Why is she so perfect

>flying away after you win = fleeing
>being THIS delusional

It took FOUR of you to beat me.


>doesn't destroy Earth or get the Dragon Balls
>didn't even kill anyone

inb4 nappa

>yamcha, tien, piccolo, chaotzu dead
>gohan knocked out, goku unable to move his body, yajiroube unable to move
>only krillin able to stand up
>whole city decimated

yeh vegeta "lost"

Wow, you are a psycho. Just because he didn't kill any of y'all doesn't mean he ain't the winner.

>People acting like Vegeta got shit on when he is this high in the rankings

How did he not lose after goku LITERALLY had to stop him being killed

>second fiddle

Vegeta a shit

>Krillin would have killed a main arc villain if only Goku didn't butt in

17 is actually kill, right?

Who injured Goku the most, Piccolo or Vegeta?

>Piccolo blasts a hole in his chest and stomps on it repeatedly
>laughs like a maniac while Goku screams, blood flying everywhere

>Vegeta crushes every bone in Goku's body
>Goku unable to move, half-dead on the ground, relying on a bald midget and his scared son

Cause she's made up of two of the best girls in super.

probably not even the super dragon balls can revive him

Piccolo + Nail*

That's his shirt

Krillin, Gohan and Bulma would've died very fast on Namek if it wasn't for Vegeta.

Cell probably did the most damage to Goku in the explosion.

Because she is a fusion, meaning she's never peed or masturbated, making her the tightest girl in the multiverse.

They wasted way too much time on Vegeta jobbing instead of starting Goku vs Jiren.

well piccolo killed him

>tfw Piccolo is the only Z Fighter that actually KILLED Goku.

Tien and Vegeta btfo

you tell me

fusing caused the hymen to fuse back together
>tighest girl confirmed

well duh.

Cell absorbed 17, Cell got GOHAN'D

except EoZ isnt a thing lol they backtracked on it in an interview a while ago and now they "don't know" how super will end because they hadn't written it at that point, a significant departure from previously having announced their intention to preserve EoZ

super is canon user...

Okay. With the end of Super coming, I decided it was time to take that plunge. Y'all know what I'm talking about. I subscribed to "World of Geekdom"! On this channel, I've found inspirational videos, movie reviews, life advice and so much more. I've only been subscribed for [variable=local!clock] and I'm having a blast. Just type in "World of Geekdom" on YouTube and you'll find it. I promise you guys will love the channel just as I have!

So is the Buu Arc, where 17 appeared.

Does that also count as Yajirobe's kill?
Also he got his revenge later

How have entire saiyan planets existed and perished without any of them understanding their own biology?

Daily reminder that GODku was HOLDING BACK both times

The ToP is nearly 5 years after Buu

Where the fuck did you get it? It doesn't come out until 28th and google gives me nothing.

No it's not. Stop baiting.



How did this motherfucker get his hands on the album when it isn't out yet. I mad.

Even if GODku's jobber friends gets a power up they'll still be fucking weak (excluding Vegeta).

>saiyan planets

Everytime Goku goes Ultra Instinct, I feel like a damn kid again. All the hype around it makes it so incredible. The fact that Goku can't simply transform into that everytime he wants makes all of this moments more special.

Especially the part when he transformed against Kefla, that came out of nowhere.

Here's to Migatte No Gokui, and to the final 3 episodes!

>still giving (You)s to the Ztard


DBZ > DB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GT > DBS

Sadala and Vegeta

I always love that moment in DB when the villain or antagonist begins to have their confidence shaken. They stay so sure of themselves for episode after episode until something happens that makes them begin to doubt and question. After Goku gut punched Jiren last night, I realized that we have arrived at that moment. Son Goku is fucking AMAZING!

DB >>> DBS = DBZ >>> DBGT

goku hadn't even begun to learn to control his power level and was constantly at maximum, like how vegeta was when he first arrived on earth and how freeza's army was throughout namek, because he was at maximum he was already prepared to deflect bullets while he had lowered his level against freeza thinking he'd won and thus wasn't ready

no, it was because your pic is a comedic gag scene just like all the scenes where bulma/chi chi hurt goku by slapping/hitting him and plot dictated goku get sniped to give freeza his turn

>this post
hahaha really nigga


I'm sorry I don't watch fan-fiction.

>Migatte no Blanco

this. UI is a zen mental state. The absolute focus on battle. No thoughts. and it's hard to achieve
DB(>)^5230.12536 DBZ>>DBS(>>)^1235658456125631284651327846517894651378946517894651798465189465 DBGT

Are you calling super fanfiction?

>tfw I'll never hear this soundtrack during an episode ever again


I definitely agree. It feels just like watching Goku go SSJ on Namek. Heck I think it's even more awesome. The calm, graceful nature of the form coupled with the finesse of it's movements gives off a truly awe-inspiring vibe that feels godlike. It's a nice parallel/contrast to SSJ on Namek, which embodied rage over tranquility and sheer, raw power over graceful, perfectly fluid movement.

I'm absolutely hyped for the next episode, as well as Mastered UI. I think the silver hair looks really good on him and the stills shown in the V-Jump reveal don't do it justice, because what little we see of it in the NEP (which is not even him fully transformed but during mid-transformation) looks incredible.

Also, the music is amazing. there seem to be three separate themes for the form: the Limit Breaker Orchestral (played during this week's episode as well actually) which played when he first transforms, the UI theme that plays during his second and third transformations (as well as against Jiren at the end of their first battle) and the awesome Ultimate Battle with the Ka Ka Ka Kachi Daze sung by the amazing Akira Kushida.

Yes, because it is?

It's canon buddy stay mad lol

Did reddit seriously jerk off this much after 128?
You guys are just making it up... right?

>the bootyblasted super-mutt is back again

Still alive Ginebro?

>doesnt like a tight pussy

>being positive/hyped for something is bad



I'll never die sweetheart

>You guys

If that something is absolute trash that shat on the entire series, then yes, it's pretty fucking bad. Ultra shitstinct is the absolute lowpoint of all dragon ball.

Reminder that all fun is reddit.

>doesn't know how a pussy works

Can I just say I've been watching this show since I was 6, watched the English dub weekly, I remember the excitement of watching goku go SSJ first time. Pure giddiness. Same with gohan ssj2 vs cell and ssj3 goku all scenes that gave me that feeling.

But the amount of butterflies I get watching the ultra instinct parts is beyond anything. Seeing the transformation happen (The Animation for UI might be the most beautiful piece of anime I've seen) and his all around demeanor. So much more calm and determined. Really sells the fact that goku is 100% zoned in.

DBGT is reddit

I literally opened my mouth wide open when the horns started playing against Kefla. I got chills all over me.

>2 - 0


Frieza is so good.



>1 - 0

xeno is god dumb speed watcher

>UI is stated to be achieved through intense training
>you have to train your body to react as fast as your brain/mind does
>Goku achieves this form by falling into a spirit bomb and almost dying
>goku now has auto dodge and the perfect attacks in the world because he slipped into a spirit bomb
Anyone who thinks UI isn't absolute trash that has ruined the future of the series is a mongoloid. UI's design is inherently broken in DB because there is nothing that can go beyond automatic dodging and perfect counterattacks

Caulifla needs to learn the true definition of pain. She's still broken and battered with cum leaking out of her asshole. Humiliated and defeated, it's time for more. She knows she can't fight so she tries to flee. It's reminiscent of a wounded bird trying desperately to fly out of a cage. She's immediately struck and sent hurtling back to the ground. The force of the impact causes her broken bones to further crack. Without medical attention, she risks permanent injury. She never gets it. The only thing she receives is more agonizing pain.
The blade cuts into her flesh. The sensation is tingly at first but soon she's screaming out all of the air in her lungs. Her cries fly higher than she ever could and still nobody comes to help her. She doesn't deserve help. She's losing a lot blood, some of it smearing on her skin and the rest pooling onto the ground beneath her. No vital organs are cut though. The goal is to maim, not to kill. Death would be too good for her.
She is gagged now and the only sound she can make is a muffled yelp. This time she feels it against her womanhood. She doesn't try to fight it. She knows it will only earn her more pain. Instead, she retreats inside herself and tries not to think about the unspeakable violation taking place between her legs. A violent blow to the side of her head snaps her back to reality. She will be given no respite.
She is told that this is her only use. There was a time when she would have fought that accusation with every fiber of her being but here and now, she was unable to ignore the reality of her situation. She feels the warmth flowing inside her once more, some of the fluids leaking out and mixing with her blood.
The gag is removed and she is finally able to breathe again. She hacks and splutters, weakened from the assault and loss of blood.

Shut the FUCK up, gocuck


All they can do now is do a Boruto v2 reboot of the series with a new main cast. There's nowhere else to go from here.

Is there anyone stronger than Calvo Gogeta?

This but unironically
UI saved DB

rooting for Freezer is the only sensible thing to do right now

Fuck off waifushitter. Who are you to tell people what to enjoy?

user are you ok? Listen whatever you do, don't rape that girl. It's not gonna make her like you and it's not worth going to jail.

inspired by pic related?

How did Gohan and Krillin become friends so fast?

Gohan was a baby/toddler when he first met Krillin on Kame house, so it's doubtful he can even remember that.

After training for the Saiyans, Gohan meets Krillin again but acts like he's an old buddy he's always known.

yeahhh no

Are you retarded? The pasta you replied to came before.

OG > GT > Z > Spicper

Superdro is still better than GT, Pablo.

>superfag calling others spics
Super is the spicier show now that it copied literal spic fanfiction in the internet.

Your superior.

how new are you?

>There's nowhere else to go from here.
Makaioshin arc

>spics invented white hair

Sorry I'm not autistic enough to remember when certain copypastas were posted.

Not him, but that would be retarded.

never underestimate the power of dabbing

More like you're too new to remember when the other one was first posted.

well they invented pink hair



>admits to only being in Cred Forums for shounen garbage
Good riddance. Feels good to know that this board somehow is in the right track and is getting rid of atleast SOME of your kind.

>doesn't remember some irrelevant copypasta
>y-you're n-new!


>"DBS = DBS"

kek, this explains everything


Fuck these threads have been a wild ride. I've been here since the ToP started so I'm a bit of an oldfag at this point but fuck me, I never thought the threads would become this hilarious. Let's hope the threads become insane in the next 3 eps. I'm gonna be sad when this is all over.


>manletfag is spic

You retard.

I knew I shouldn't have fapped before coming here.

DBZfags everybody

>Super dragon fist
Alright I laughed

>unironically calls himself stupid shit like "cute gang"
>thinks he's better than anyone

>since the ToP started


>bubblegum can't handle the banter

>Ztard can't fucking read

>still assuming I'm a waifufag for absolutely no fucking reason
The insecurity of gocucks, everyone.

Thought something seemed off

>Bolivia and Nicaragua surpassed Peru

>power it represents

You mean nothing?

why does Toyo likes to draw Jiren's ass so much?

>some mexican dude in his mom's basement in tijuana running a toaster can almost match the quality of a work that takes toei's team of professional animators months to complete

i mean, i know it's a saturday morning cartoon, but it's really disappointing

The worst part about this arc was no yamcha