That's a big sandwich

That's a big sandwich.

Yeah, she should share some of it with her friends.

I believe it is just a loaf of bread.

For you

It's just bread


its literally just a loaf of bread, not even sliced, with no trace of fillings


Cute face, please no sexualize

If she doesn't chew it properly she could choke and that would be extremely painful!

What an interesting diagram, I have never given this any thought.

Now THIS is a sandwich

Me on the left

But it's just a big loaf.

But that's just a loaf of bread.

Why do they love sandwhiches so much?

Can she finish the whole loaf?

For you


If I take away that bread would you die?

That's a big fish.

It would be extremely PAIN-ful

It would be extremely painful.

Been ages since we had one of these, this and the bird faces are somethings that I miss these days in neo/a/.