Anime for "children"

>Anime for "children"

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Children aren't the target audience, they're the audience's target.


Nice to see some good taste

yeah, what about it

>no pantsu
Somehow this little shot got cut in the west.

>it's a "Cred Forums discovers anime" episode


Reminder that Lan impregnated her. Though I don't think the anime ever got to that point.

>ywn be a kid again and want to fuck lolis, but it would be ok since your also a kid

>I don't think the anime ever got to that point
It happened in the games?

>It happened in the games?

Ending of the final game. They got married and have a son.

Yes, his kid is named Patch

>Anime for "children"
>No "Lyrical Nanoha"


That's cheating, it started as part of the setting of a porn game.

no way this isn't photoshopped right?

>The anime stopped being dubbed.

I guess she wear g-string.

what episode is this so I can download and watch it for scientific purposes?

That's the fabric of the skirt baka hentai

>Watch morning kids show
>Mom is tited

Kids should be exposed to nice legs, midriff, flat chests, and sexy armpits, as early as possible.

Then sorry, I was just trying to stay on the subject, not go off-board.