Now that the dust has cleared, expLAIN how you felt about this anime

now that the dust has cleared, expLAIN how you felt about this anime

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Confused and angry, after that I've watched Elfen Lied and thought it was a masterpiece.
I wish I could be underage again.



I think that the animation of the computer software and in general really was really cool, the designs are very stylish.

>Hullo Navi.

Yeah it felt like I was wasting time a lot of the time while viewing.

Ergo Proxy was better

I don't understand people who are confused by SEL. There are some things that don't mean anything that are spiced in just for flavour, but it's generally pretty straightforward and it has an incredible atmosphere.


The biggest pile of bullshit ever compiled into 13 animated episodes.
>muh deep
There's nothing deep about Lain, as much as it tries to make you think it is.

the anime I should have never watched
because of it i developed "standards", and because of them now i dont like anime anymore

You don't seem to understand.

I still use the bear suit

7 episodes and I dont still understand why people hype this shit up. It seems boring and uninteresting to watch

>Lain is omnipresent
>Lain can affect reality
>Lain is hurt
Why should I give a fuck? I dont care about Lain, bitch can go get fucked for all I care. Im really close to dropping this show

lain? more like lame

Sad. All these people here just can't seem to understand.

It was funnier than it should be

Not an argument

expected it to be at least an 8/10 and was disappointed

Stellar animation, crushingly heavy ambiance and excellent daughteru
what is there not to love about this show ?

>muh raison d'etre
literally the only theme

Regardless of any particular sticking plot points or personal preferences with the animation, I think that Lain is something whose commentary on certain subjects will only become more important as time goes on. As far as I'm aware it at the time was the first to fairly accurate predict the rise of imageboard culture and looks heavily at the development of interconnecting communications and implications for how the truth and memetic information gets warped and passed on through a developed medium like the internet. Not only that but how things like identity and the ego can also be warped through online projections of ourselves and how the individual and notion of individuality itself becomes something entirely different in the context of how we are connected and how it will only change as this continues.

While not necessarily viewing it all as negative or a cautionary tale, it does bring up some very important points about how certain fundamental notions of our understanding the truth will need to be reevaluated in the context of our evolving communication. I know there is much more it goes into not directly related to this, but I feel these points are the most relevant to us today and as I said will only become more pertinent.

I loved it.

Lain is less a commentary on info and communication through the internet and more of a comment on being human that's been overshadowed by the unintentionally accurate use of the internet in its setting

Yes that was certainly one of the lesser directly explored topics in Lain and more something pulled out vicariously though like I said I feel one of the most important and relevant ones. Also:
>more of a comment on being human that's been overshadowed by the unintentionally accurate use of the internet in its setting
Not exactly sure what you mean here. Mind expanding on that a bit?

Ueda, who I've come to believe was the primary brain behind the concept of Lain, has said that he did not intend for Lain to be a reaction or a prediction about the internet, and that the wired was used to apply real world elements to the story. If you put the following URL into the WayBack Machine, you can see the interview for yourself.

When you then look back at the series without thinking so much about the internet and technology, you see much more about being human and feeling things. Lain wants you to understand her because she wants to feel human. The game is quite a bit more explicit with this sort of material, and based on what I've read (where the game was the original intent before they decided to make an anime that they would release as they finished the game), I feel like the change in direction to emphasize the wired and blurring of information was probably more detrimental to getting its thematic material across. I believe I remember that Ueda has also said that the anime is for understanding what's going on, and the game is for understanding Lain as a girl.

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