Was this shot really necessary?

Was this shot really necessary?

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Well why else would anyone watch this show

Was your thread really necessary?

every shot in this show is mathematically calculated to make me cum shot

It was vital

>oh no my loli fanservice anime has loli fanservice

It was fated


Those butts look horrible, what the fuck is going on with those buttocks

I think it was random chance.

No because that's easily the worst ass shot in the series. They look like half-full water balloons.


they look like traps with all that bulge

It was necessary.

Forced and pointless fanservice is an honored anime tradition.

nothing after HF was "necessary"

But those were the worst looking butts in the show. And the show has some really good looking butts.

It’s pointless if you’re a faggot

No it doesn't. There's literally no butt scenes in Prisma Illya

You're among friends here user, you can just ask.

Sometimes I can't believe these are from the same series

Man, I love Katou Tatsuya, what a great remix. They didn't get him for 3rei and the quality of the show immediately dropped.

Of course

>Was it chance? Was it Fate Stay/Night?

FSN & FHA are the only "necessary" Fate series
Everything else is just a Fanservice shit to appeal Pedophiles & Teenagers.

Kaleido was supposed to be a Joke to make fun against Maho Shojo series anyway.

>Kaleido was supposed to be a Joke
A very sexy joke.

>Kaleido was supposed to be a Joke to make fun against Maho Shojo series anyway.
Was THIS really necessary? Madoka had already deconstructed Mahou Shoujo years prior and it's not even a big genre anymore.

Carnival Phantasm is the only necessary Fate product. The rest is garbage.

The Rin joke and Prisma manga predates Madoka though?

Dont forget the Emiya

who cares

>male MC
Into the trash. There is only one canon Fate MC.

Get back to your containment thread on your containment board.

Who ?

Based comment is based.

Nothing can contain the Orange Rapist.

necessary? buttshots should be mandatory ever 2-3 minutes.

Actually, it's the best spin-off I've ever watched and I really enjoyed it. Its loli fanbase makes this show great.

Hahaha, Nice user :)
Can we meet up this week ? I love Prisma Illya too btw.

>Its loli fanbase
Prisma's fanbase is comprised of lolis?


we're all little girls here

That is the worst ass shot of all time. What were they thinking

This is actually the best fate anime of all time.

Episode 3 when?

Was this necessary?

I can understand that some people don't like shows with lolis, but Fate/Kaleid is very good. Most people don't like this show that much, because of loli fanbase and the way the story was presented in this anime. I just wasn't presented like Ufotable always does. I can say without a doubt that Fate/Kaleid and the main idea about Ainsworth Holy Grail War is great, without loli fanbase it would probably be the best Fate. The idea behind summoning Servants' power using Class Cards is in my opinion one of the best.

Next Month

Pretty much everyone on Cred Forums that actively watched Prisma already read the manga. The manga is also infinitely better than the shitty adaption.

They're both fantastic you knob.

Does the manga shows the Pedobait fanservice all the time ?

Haha, fated. Get it?

It's kind of funny how the fanservice in S1 was ironic tongue-in-cheek nonsense, but they realized it was the main selling point and went full retard going forward.


How can you not know what that is from. But even if you don't, it takes 5 sec to find the source.


I just tried to fap to her for a good hour and then some. It didn't work at all.

Mewyu best kitten.



>it's the best spin-off I've ever watched


I like this one

Loli and bloomers go perfect together, almost as well as swimsuit and stockings.

Post the puffy as fuck bloomer cover for the first OVA.





Was this letter really necessary?



You can even say it was an essential, it's what makes it.



I usually like ass in burumas but why are those ass so flabby?

It's a single frame of a scene where they are dancing so not exactly great quality, check the other butts in this thread instead.

They still on Elementary School you pedos

I wish this guy would draw some more normal stuff as his art is great pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=66757481

How do you even come up with putting a lobster in her butt.

JS are the best.


>Kohaku's VA saying you shouldn't do lewd things to maids

Every time.

Watching the sex scenes in Tampopo too many times.



Kill yourself.


Don't use emoticons on Cred Forums.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And don't reply to shitposters.


You have a point but I reply to them because I don't want newfags to consider this kind of behavior acceptable.

>Pandering to newfags


It's less pandering and more about not letting Cred Forums become even worse, do you want this place to be filled with retards?

I miss when they were small and cute instead of borderline JC like they are now.


>Was it random chance? Was it Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya?
Was this really necessary?

This place is already filled with retards.

(You) included.

I didn't expect to enjoy this spinoff so much. The first season is a pretty good mahou shoujo but I'm liking every season after it more and more. About to start 3rei soon.

I asked my dick and it say that that scene was very necessary.


Miyu such a slut

I LOVE Prisma Illya and HATE shitty template threads made by people who, in the best case scenario, are only pretending to be bothered by fanservice/loli. How is my taste?

God tier

The OP for these threads are obviously not serious, while it may not be the best way to start them prisma threads are always nice to have.

Since I love anything bloomers, yes it was absolutely necessary

I still can't believe how many prisma doujins have not been scanned yet, we still haven't even gotten the 40010 Kuro one.

>About to start 3rei soon.
It's literally bad, 3rei is bad.

But well you enjoyed Herz, so maybe you'll like 3rei. Make sure to watch the Blue-Rays through, TV was offensively bad.

After that, you get to watch one of the best Fate movies ever.

I know isn't it great?

the hate for 3rei is way overblown, it may not be the strongest point of the prisma anime but unless you were watching it for nothing but Shirou it's still a solid season. last episode alone is pretty much enough reason to watch it but you get a lot of other good points, especially if you like to see the relationship between the cups.

>The idea behind summoning Servants' power using Class Cards is in my opinion one of the best

Its one of the fucking worst.

The sequel? It's only in Chinese and Korean right now.

You're saying you don't like seeing all the servants as cute little girls? It's a brilliant idea.

Oh it got uploaded as translated but not the raw? That's really the worst when they do that, if you have scanned the raw to translate and upload the least you can do is also upload that.

At least I have a physical copy of it myself and I'll try and find a way to scan it as well as some other prisma doujins I got if they haven't been uploaded in a couple of months.

How much "was is really necessary" threads did you made since your fist visit here? 20? 40? 100? more?

I don't just mean Prisma threads. A good chunk of threads now are just
>was this necessary?
>why was this allowed?
>is this legal?


Its a lot more practical then summoning actual servant, fucker could refuse to work with you, attack or sabotage you/join other master.
not using spirits means there also no need for that 3but its actually 2 command spells bullshit, you are lost when you are dead, plain and simple.
Magi will always seek the most efficient way to deal with the problems, and cards fit it pretty well, it is efficient compared to regular method, you kill the master, you get his card, now you have more tools at your disposal against people who left to be killed, so its encouraged to fight others instead of that vague bullshit that you usually have but you still can do it in emiya way sparing/bargain everyone

the only downside is you have to be on battlefield and actually do all stuff/killing other masters by yourself instead of throwing orders from some distance, but i dont think everyone who participate in HGW aren't prepared to face danger

>not using servants*

do you think these characters were sexualized on purpose?

>not the whore that wants to bang her own brother



What happened to the
>a complete insult to the Fate franchise
pasta guy?
He's late today.


you're joking right?

What a faggot.

maybe doing something in extra threads

Your life isnt really necessary and you dont see me complaining


Anyone made webms of all the transformations yet?


Someone explain please. They BD can't be out yet, can it?

It’s because we get banned for being pedophiles if we’re not coy about it.

>spank loli butt
>no bounce

This one has the butt of a little boy.

What do little boy butts look like, user, and how do they differ from little girl butts?

Extremely flat like you sat on a pancake.

Are you from the past?

I don't know.

Those butts don't look good. They're shaped like Hank's from King of the Hill.

We're all from the past and we'll all end up in the future, user. That's just how time works.





That's a good stretch if you have problems with your lower back

Was this really necessary?

What's your favorite Illya install?

Considering Kuro will die if she doesn't get enough prana, yes.

Rider, very easily

Was this thread really necessary?

Can you repeat the question?


>Was [whatever] really necessary?
Is this the hot template for shitthreading?

assassin, and probably because of that scene alone

Archer and Assassin. Rider is up there as well. All of my wife is great, actually.

Welp gonna need some time with this one jebus.


Whose chocolate would you eat?

Oh im not here to eat chocolate.

More Angelica when?

When someone does Doujins of her.

That would be never then, she barely has any fanart.

Prisma is literally the only good thing to come out of fate. Everything else is nonsensical shonen shit.


Good timing, it was just about time for me to fap anyways.

Saber, I love the shade of pink used and the detached sleeves

That really saddens me too. Angelica really should get more art.



Activating impregnation protocols

Why did you choose literally the worst fanservice shot in the entire series, OP? You trying to stain the good name of Prisma?

I want to fill these cups.

This scene would have entered history alongside Kuro/Miyu, Illiya/kurox2 kiss scenes had the butt bounced if only a little.

Is there a webm of the OP scene?

>the fanservice in S1 was ironic
It's funny to me that you think that

>only has eyes for Illya
>has only ever done lewd things with Illya

How can you not know that dance. Watch the OVA or just go to loli.dance for the best part of it

The only full retard here is you, if you think the fanservice was """ironic""" at any point.

>She was ready to kiss back

I want my loli makeout sessions

She does the same thing when Kuro pins her down and mounts her in the second "beast" special and it's probably the lewdest scene they've ever animated. I wish I had a webm of it.

I know the dance, I'm asking if there's a webm of it.

Anything Illya is always necessary


But then people would jerk off to it instead of feeling sorry for the loli.

One of those had better be Miyu with her hair down

Why do they keep whoring out the cups? We just had the Valentines event.

They can always jerk it to the manga

Lewder than Kuro and Illya's naked, nipple-to-nipple, grinding-crotch-on-knee make out?


Assassin is the cutest, Gorgon is the lewdest
As for Miyu's, her Assassin is lewd as hell but I still prefer her Saber.

I want the assassin card to get separated and Miyu gets her own Kuro as well.

That's not how this works, user.

When the fuck are we going to get an 18+ prisma VN? I want to fug the cups.

Stop posting this disgusting hag in every single thread.

>When the fuck are we going to get an 18+ prisma VN?
Just give me Illya's route already.

No. Angelica is beautiful.

just made for you if its the right one, not sure if its lewder then nip-to-nip, its just good cute scene

As shamelessly lewd as that was in concept, I feel like the animation quality wasn't great so it's hard to appreciate as much.
I'll still take Miyu dressed like this being held down by an even sluttier Kuro, trembling with anticipation and desire while Kuro slowly brings their faces closer, her chest shuddering with hot and heavy breaths until she can't hold back any more and closes the gap


It's good because of how unprecedented the lewdness was. Even Hiroyama hasn't put out a scene that absurdly sexual about the cups.

>be a fa/tg/uy
>can't find any non-autists to be lewd cups with

why even bother?

>"If you like me, I'll give yo something precious to me. I'll make you think about nothing, not even Saber, not even anyone."
What did she mean by this?

Why would you want a VN if you're just interested in fugging?

Keep in mind she was saying this to Shirou while she had him tied up on a chair in her room while straddling him and sitting on his lap.

Because I also want to feel an emotional connection with them.


God this art is fucking bad. Go back to posting Prisma, please.

Imagine the timeline where Prisma is drawn by Takeuchi

Illya is cute no matter what.

I'd really rather not.

I wish I had this clock.

I wish I was that clock





>tfw no full-size good quality scan of this anywhere



>Illya's Lancer Install is the worst by far
Hopefully Miyu's can redeem it


You don't like loli back and tummy? Illya's lancer is great.

Cool clock, Ahmed


See, just a few subtle improvements can make all the difference

Unfortunately no Illya's tummy game is a match for Miyu's




user... If you legit watch the series for the action and not the yuri/loli fanservice you might be autistic.
>source: Everyone! If you are not autistic and watch for the loli/yuri, put up your hands, plz! Even if you are, we still love you, though.


All the tummys are great.
Kuro has the most unsexy, but her tattoo made up for it.


If Kuro's tattoo was right above her womb, she'd be the ultimate semen demon.

Guess that's why so many people like to give her tattoo's there.


What idiot designed all this armor? Leaves the most vital areas open.