Citrus vs Sakura Trick

Which is the better anime?


Mei is shit but Yuzu makes up for it a tenfold

Sakura Trick
I like light and fluffy yuri. Citrus is lewd and the drama is silly.

Citrus has a better grasp of the laws of physics.

They're both terrible for different reasons

Citrus has more plot. ST was girls making out and little more.

Honest love vs sexual assault? I'm not an edgelord so the answer is easy.

rape is more fun tho

Citrus is trashy teenage drama.

Citrus is edgy.

What was the trick in the sakura?


Are you telling me this isn't realistic?

Get the mythbusters on that.

The really unrealistic thing is that we didn't get to see Haruka's pantsu

Sakura trick because it was cute and fun

Slow Start

Citrus is shit at least ST was comfy and I liked the cousins

fpbp Yuzu is a miracle of the universe

Sakura Trick.

Sakura trick ofcourse.

I prefer shitty old school melodrama over soulless fanservice.

Valkyrie Drive

Trips confirm

I would say Sakura Trick. As Citrus is more serious it has so much forced bullshit drama one time after another it's ridiculous and stupid


Sakura Trick saved Cred Forums

This was

Do they ever kiss?
Or touch boob?

>Do they ever kiss


Only yuri anime where I wanted the lesbian antics to stop and something else happen for a chance.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is better than either of them.

Why is Yuu so shit?
She ruined the whole series!

I used to think that but at least Yuu wasn't dense about their relationship like Haruka. They're both dorks in their own way.

Yes, Haruka should've landed on top of Yuu.

Sakura Trick.

We already checked ourselves, though

>best couple gets fucking nothing

Sakura trick was good and all but the contrived love triangle was just bizarre and pointless as hell

They're the only ones that aren't flaming lesbos