What's the point of this costume?

She could just walk naked

You have to learn the concept of eroticism.

Bare nudism is shit.

It's a sash

You could also kill yourself

Actually I have more issues with the viability more than with the design. I mean, how is possble that it doesn't fall? Its sticked to her body or something?

Is the fate/extra just Nero being a whore the whole time



ITs fate, every single character is a whore the whole time

Some of Fate character dont show their sluttines though. Pic related.


It's so ultra light that it is hanging off her shoulders and nipples by friction.

looks like something the designer Fatima Lopes would come up with in my view!

Fuck it. I'm watching this show.
Is it good? I generally dislike most Fate outside Stay/Night and Zero

Better than Apoc.

Pleasing the audience.

That's a very low bar but I'll take it.

it's held up by UMU

This is the power of Rome

She isn't called the Whore of Babylon for nothing

Asking Shaft to animate a bunch of fights is going about as well as you would expect. However, they're doing a good job of selling the emotions of the events and I haven't seen any other version handle Nasu infodumps so well.

Nice try anime only.

She is strong and brave beautiful Fate girl.

Man, I must lick every inch of her body.

She's only letting you see what she wants you to see

Go FMF subs.

You do realise one of those girls is in the image of the very post you are responding to?

Can I watch without knowledge of Extra/CCC/Extella? Have played both VN's and watched Zero

Wait for the BD. It is Shaft after all.

It really isn't like the game at all in terms of story.

Like they share the same characters & setting but the format and how things are being done are very different. And Hakuno (the MC) personality is very different than the game.

So yeah I guess you can watch it without an issue.