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>tfw no Bakarina gf

Yeah, where would you find a clueless, self-centered dumb woman in this world.

>Reading FILWTV
>Getting really interesting
>Hit next chapter
>Fanfiction dot net
wut? Even going back to the previous chapter it redirects. Even in other browsers.

Literally go out and grab the first stupid woman you see.

They're being silly about not getting it ripped due to author's wishes.

Cute cat

Yeah but I was on like chapter 34.

Is the Tsuki ga MC going to score anytime soon? This shit is getting old

I got to chapter 230 and gave up. I've been told multiple times that "MC is now considering them more" whatever that means, still doesn't sound like any semblance of scoring or romance at all.





Why weren't there more cute situations with grown-up Eris in MT?
Roxy and especially Sylphy (best girl) got lots of em, but outside of battles and ending Eris got fuck all besides saying "Sasuga, Rudeus"

Cute lingerie, would fuck/10


Fran is for headpats.

eew so many animals in itt

elf is superior

He's not going to touch either of them until the end if he's going to touch them at all.

I prefer Liza

One of the few cases where the manga art surpsass the one wform the novel. Mosuko tensei is another of those examples.

why do people like bakarina? Characters are not interesting, the novel just repeats the same formula from beginning to end and the novel itself is only good enough to not be called shit

>why do people like jokes

most jokes are not entertaining and unliked

Not really.

I'll give you not entertaining but unliked? That's pretty unambiguously false.

meh, wrong choice of word

>implying 3d bitches are as cute as bakarina.

No, your hatred for WNs and LNs is amusing to see though.

Why are there no good succubus stories

Because it would have to be R-18, and most novelists can't write lewd stuff.

The dude that reincarnates as the son of a succubus


The succubus is not even there for most of the story.

I'd forgotten about daydreamer entirely desu. Tried to look it up but looks like the translator died like 6 months ago or something - his wordpress has a farewell message that links to a website that is dead as shit and covered with garbage spam to boot.
He still has 3 patreons though.
No great loss, the succubus was only in the first 5 minutes of the story anyway wasn't she? Plus there was a weird mother/son vibe there too.

dude that sound dope maaaan

First book of Bakatarina LNs was solid. It ended in a good place.

It was repetitive enough that I'm not interested in more books after the first, but I'm very interested in an anime covering that first book.

Will there ever be something as good as Lazy King again?

volume 3 never ;_;

I've been reading Average Abilities and so far only halfway through it's already managed to hit
>OP MC hiding her powerlevel
>A single copper coin was worth roughly 10 yen. A half-silver was worth 100, a silver worth 1,000, a half-gold worth 10,000, and a full gold worth 100,000 yen.
>Superior Japanese katana materials
>Transnational Adventurer Guild (called the "Hunter's Guild") with ranks F to S
the story also kind of doesn't seem to know where it wants to go as it starts off as a "go to school, learn and meet friends" plot but suddenly halfway through shifts gears into a "I'll join the adventurer's guild and raise my rank" plot as if the writer had no idea where else to go.

On the other hand it does get props for the "Hunter's Guild" having a proper apprenticeship system

I wanna see the demon god cult flail around and do stupid shit for the whole volume while Leigie is just trying to go back to sleep.

I really enjoyed Average Abilities until it swapped over to the hunter guild arc. Just completely discarding all the (pretty good) character build up in the school arc seemed kind of dumb to me.
Plus after you get out of the hunter training arc a new translator picks it up and they're really bad at Japanese, English, or both.
The strength of the first 20~ chapters kept me reading way longer than I should have I think.

I like the art and premise of A wizard printing office but so far only chapter one is translated. And look, certain onee san makes a cameo

The fire girl was a mistake. Everything becomes shit with her appearance.

Word the "party" she is after is so annoying I was hoping something would happen and she would ditch them, but nope.
Their tsukkomi is atrocious from all the other party members comes off as just being a bitch.

>beat invading Japanese pope and isekaid general with super strength gift using mines, machine guns and finally purchasing 10 tanks when he unlocked the modern setting
>hype rival Kingdom that's slowly gathering isekaid Japanese on their ranks while slowly advancing their research on gunpowder and cannons
>tease the other salaryman who get to choose his cheat other than our MC who chose the ability to create a town as his cheat
>series have a 1 year hiatus
>timeskip epilogue was posted last month


I wonder why the author decided to abruptly throw away all the setting and character establishment from the school and shove her over to become an adventurer (they may be called hunters but let's be honest they are adventurers) instead. It might be something they could pull off if they had made volume 1 the school with a proper plot arc and conclusion followed by making volume 2 about the hunter guild, but the shift happens not even halfway into volume 1. Were they not confident in their ability to write a good school plot?

This is a chance.

Holy Knight Lv14, Knight Lv50, Warrior Lv30, Villager Lv6, Wizard Lv1, Explorer Lv1, Swordsman Lv1, Forest Ranger Lv1, Herbalist Lv1.

I used [Party job settings].
I look at the duke’s job.
I’m not familiar with it yet, because I’ve never seen anyone use it.

If I guess, the order is Warrior Lv30 –> Knight Lv50 –> Holy Knight?
Forest Ranger, probably the elves racial job.
Even the other elves have it.

Did he pick up a leaf to get Herbalist?
He’s always being hasty.
I can picture him grabbing items before even getting a chance to see them.

The duke follows the adventurer into the wall.
Next, is Cassia.
I entered last.

By the way, since I can use [Party job settings], it’s also possible for me to change the duke’s job.
To Herbalist Lv1.

The duke might enter the labyrinth after this.
It won’t be the first floor.
What would it be like to be a Herbalist Lv1 against the stronger demons on the upper floors?

Cassia would become a widow.

No, I won’t do it.
I won’t do it.
I probably won’t do it.

I binged like two hundred chapters of that shit over the course of a week like six months ago and since then like two more chapters have come out. Feels pretty bad.

I did something similar, with the repetition in each chapter it feels even slower.

Read Growth Cheat if you want more descriptions about job changes

The author is releasing new chapters so slow.
I'm on my second read through.

Looking at NU ratings, the trend that I can see in most isekai is while they have many voters who vote for 5/5, they have also many voters who vote for 1/5. This makes me thing that isekai is really "either you love it or you hate it" kind of tropes.

makes me think*

I'd just like to say that WN Fermenia is infinitely superior to LN Felmenia.

Nah, I like my cute Tim Taylor from the LN better.

I like more my self-insert desu.

WN translations never. Well, technically it was suppose to end at volume 2. Hopefully mango scanlations will last longer.
A woman who can feed me and bring me candy? I would call her MOM! But my IRL mom is kinda bitchy(not slut, you motherfuggers).

I actually prefer LN version of her. Well I ship Suimei with Mizuki but I don't really care if they don't end up together.

But why does it keep redirecting to fanfiction dope net? Isn't it a wordpress website?

He scored in a parallel world. He would have at least fugged Mio. But mio chickened out and washed rice.

Ehhhh. Most surveys look like that, on a scale of one to ten most people will put either one or ten - it's why a lot of platforms just have like/dislike buttons.
imo isekai is just whats "trendy" right now. Most of the time the isekai aspect isn't brought up at all except as a way for the author to lazily make the MC as relatable as possible to the audience. Even "isekai" as a category is kind of disingenuous - I mean Youjo Senki, Knights and Magic, Overlord all fall under isekai - but one is about alternate history WWI, one is about mechs, one is about high fantasy bullshit.
Isekai is just a tag authors lazily slap on top of the story they were already planning to write because its trendy and simplifies the creation of the reader proxy. And the readers are the same way - I doubt many people have strong feelings one way or the other on isekai, especially since it's so universally irrelevant to the stories being told.

Would would win, Miyuverse Sheeeeero or Advanced Magician?

>universally irrelevant to the stories being told.
It's very relevent is it's reverse isekai like Prisma Illya. Also if the other world already has a history of "hero summoning" and said heroes influencing that world.

>Well I ship Suimei with Mizuki
Curious as to why?

Most WN writers can't even afford to hire someone to draw the artwork. Mangos will usually have superior artwork if they want it to sell. Unless it's one of those 4-koma stuff that's full of buttjokes.


I mean... I don't really think so? Very rarely does isekai come up in a context that couldn't just as easily be handwaved away with a "oh this guy was a genius of his age".
That was how fantasy worked before isekai was popularized - there was no explanation for why the heroes and villains were such larger than life caricatures of human beings - the reader was just expected to accept that people much stronger/smarter/more worthy than their contemporaries are born from time to time.

They have a good chemistry, I guess? I feel like the author tried somehow shows that Suimei unconsciously likes her too, like the shoes one (this was before I shipped them anyway, so it shouldn't be a bias, I think).
The twist plot about Suimei chanted magic on her so she could forget that she loved her was the one who make me decide to ship them. Something like "ah so this is the weird vibe that I get since the early arc" kind of thing.

>like the shoes one
I mean the scene where Suimei fixed Mizuki's shoes.

Hmm I guess I can see that she is the only who liked him before knowing he had magic.

>So stupid she doesn't even realize her newly seduced manslut was about to give her the D
Retardation of this scale is almost admirable

She also seems knowing Suimei's weird habits more than anyone despite getting influenced by his magic. I also can see that Reiji thinks that Suimei likes Mizuki so he never lays his hands on her.

>fantasy currency being comparable to real life currency
Literally why

Currencies are inherently comparable to each other.

Nanomachines son

This pops up so much and my eyes just instantly glaze past it because it's so fucking dumb. I sort of understand the desire of the author to impart on the reader the 'value' of the money characters are or exchanging but it seems like the kind of thing that really does not need to be spelled out. And should not be attempted to be spelled out by some moron whose only experience with economics is buying food at the supermarket.

Not without a common basket of goods, which is basically impossible to assemble because the relative values of everything from bread to meat to purple dye to fresh fruit to textiles has changed so much from medieval times to the modern day that it's pointless. No sane historian will attempt to tell you how much a Roman denarius was in modern US dollars, they'll instead attempt to give you an idea of what it would have been worth by telling you a soldier's pay, the price of a loaf of bread, the price of olive oil, the price of the soldier's equipment, and so on.


every thread until you like it

isekai authors aren't going into that much detail. it's just to separate gold coins as pocket change from gold coins as something only the rich see.
still retarded when the protagonist deals exclusively in platinum gemstones 5 chapters in

Was that in one of those removed alternate futures? Mio did have a reason at the time that was more understandable, she isn't purely acting on hunger like she used to.
>「I! … Rather than because of my own feelings. I just realized that I wanted to join our bodies with him being the one to desire me. Things like “well done” or “thank you”. It occurred to me that those are the wrong reasons.」

Hope the manga catches up to the school arc at least

>tfw you don't like any of the male love interests
I am not giving my daughter's hand in marriage to idiots, she's dumb enough as is, no point in compounding the issue.

Slave harem has no right being as good as it is, specially with that writting.

Shieldbros anyone? How you liking the story so far? Have you read vol 10 yet?

It needs to have faster updates, and the MC needs to start trusting people more.

where was this page from. i cant remember

Truly peak Isekai

post some more.

i swear the top and middle face are straight from some asanagi shit

How much more?

Death by Snu Snu?

>read the title name
>this sounds retarded
>don't even read the description
>see this
The fuck?
Why is he using commieshit guns too?

all of it

Overlord Vol. 13 comes out April 27

I'm in volume 10, the pic is this related with the actual story?

Llo just draws cute things really well and has some sort of string fetish thing going on in their art. There isnt really a problem with the illustrations it just focuses mostly on the cute side of sword. I wouldnt say the manga art is better, just handles frans darker side better. Its just very two distinct styles and llo doesn't do dark well.

It's Ore To Kawazu go read it yourself. Legendary human wizard summons the person with the most magic potential from earth to be his successor as he dies of old age and instead of being slightly stronger the MC is basically a god. So they go on fun fantasy adventures making friends and pretty much ignoring humanity to do high fantasy things like living in the Fairy Queen's forest and hanging out with dragons.

Yes, Ainz dies at the end of volume 11.

Oh shit.

> and the MC needs to start trusting people more.
I hope not his paranoid personality is what makes me like it so much.

Should i read the WL or the LN? Also, if you have a link please post it

Here, have this shitty cleaned up version of her that I made.

Yeah his paranoid personality is whats kept him from getting pulled into a lot of the Elven lord political BS.

Still its going to be harder now that the King has his eyes on him.

He will come back to life dude


as a succubus

They will use a phoenix down on him or something, its kind of ubvious, the main character of that type of story can't stay dead forever

Being paranoid of people like that makes sense, but he should start to trust his slaves a bit more.

This is easily my favourite Isekai at the moment. Glad it gets more steady chapters since the artist got over his Japanese cold.

Comfy, fun, all the characters are likeable and it generally pokes fun at isekai and fantasy . The blog side chapter really charming.

The giantess chief is great, fun loving tomboy.

Read the LN, since that's a thing. Though there's stuff in the WN that's removed or cut from the LN, and you'll need to read it if you wish to understand what's happening in the spear hero novels too. You can find both epubs for the LN and pdfs of the WN at the goddess. or favorite nyaa clone.

This being monthly but with a weekly shounen page count is killing me

He does trust them, hes told them everything about his skills, and has formed a lovey dovey relationship with all of them.
Hell he even promised to set the dorf free and give her reign of the surviving slaves should he die.

This not getting Translations for the LN or the Manga is killing me.

It's kind of weird how the original group is more entertaining than the current one. I don't hate her current party of anything like that but her original classmates absolutely stomp on her new teammates.
I don't think authors understand that certain substances became more/less valuable over time. Whatever person figures out that her soup cans are made of aluminum in the something million gold isekai is going to be a rich man.

Why momma isekai is crying?

Thinking of picking up Shield Hero, but I don't know if I wanna pick up the LN or the Manga. Any thoughts?

Her Maa-kun doesnt want "Skinship" with her.

I wish I could stand to read it but there's so much shit surrounding this novel completely unrelated to the story itself that I hate.
The LN publisher is notoriously the worst in the industry, and make their authors take their series off of Narou. Sure as all don't want to support them as a company.
The available manga's scan quality looks like eye cancer and the scanlator's typesetter has awful choice in font to not help at all.
The story itself seems fun but it's hard to enjoy it when the manga pages are distractingly bad.

Oh man, that Maa-kun is just a bad son.

Read the first 8 chapters of the manga, which adapt the first volume of the LN. If you like it then continue. However, the manga has vols 1-4 adapted, and soon 5 will be finished. At that point i would suggest you switch to the LNs if you want to know what's next.

Quick question but how many volumes are there right now for the LN?

10, latest volume came out in digital format a few weeks ago. Oppai!

Premise of the series is that the government set up a fully immersive MMO with the intent of using it to repair broken relationships between Mother and child. Son (who hates how clingy his mother is, much to her distress) gets excited at being in a fantasy world and getting a chance to adventure, then he realizes his mother got transported with him.

They're given a choice of powerful starter weapons, mother ends up getting completely broken, bugged out weapons that basically hit every enemy nearby twice everytime she attacks, meaning she can curbstomp pretty much everything. Son wants to have fun adventuring but his mother's broken weapons trivialize everything.

Basically mum wants to be with her son and go on an isekai adventure together. Son doesn't want anything to do with her as she's embarassing and ruins any sense of adventure with her OP'ed abilities.

I liked it more after it shifted to ADVENTURE
what happened to the translations tho

>Tanaka land is completed
>A rich handsome merchant comes to visit with his hot wife.
>Tanaka negotiates a deal for the merchant to open a shop and trade goods.
>later on Sophie shows up.
>Esther confronts Sophie with Tanaka
>Sophie wants a place where she can have a singing show.
>Tanaka says its ok
>Esther notices Sophie making eyes at Tanaka
>She gets pissed off and asks her if she is trying to steal Tanaka from her like she did Allen.

This is getting good.


>Maa-kun wants to be a adventurer, but his mom won't let him.

Sadina is way hotter than I imagined.

Its k. Manga will catch up in no time


There's nothing interesting in Bakarina anyways so no real loss, enjoy the idiot moe and call it a day.

>video game mechanics



>post actual good side plotlines

I know, she really is hot. But i think osto aka the spirit tortoise is better.

I don’t read the source material so I can’t say for sure but this couple feels hastily thrown together with no substance. It’s good that side characters get focus and development but I haven’t seen such a forced relationship since Ikki and Stella.

>Ikki and Stella.
2 very sexy characters of ripe age full with horny hormones.
only forced thing is that they didnt break every item in their room from fucking each other silly.

I was reading somewhere it sold 2.6 million copies, so it could be getting an anime down the line. It is surprisingly very popular in Japan.

>Blew through 3/4ths of a volume in 6 chapters

Next chapter should be grown up Katerina celebrating her 15th B-day. So more more kids chapters.

The source material is super popular, plus the manga publisher is ichijinha. They have super low standards for good sales.

It will end only when the manga-ka is tired of drawing because it takes a lot to bomb in anything published by them

Manga is caught up with monthly publication and the LN's are getting translated pretty quick.

where can i read those LNs

The LN hasn't gotten an update since september I thought.

Is there a good place for me to put the rips for Nirvana?

At the rate they are going, school arc is going to be chapter 8 or 9. So wait 2-3 months for the manga adaptation.

They did a little manga chapter to celebrate the release of volume 5. Don't worry, you will see grown up Katarina very soon, then you will miss her loli version.

>how fantasy worked before isekai was popularized
Popular isekai is OLD. Are you born yesterday? Narnia and Alice in Wonderland being the most well known in /lit/. And Narnia heroes were Mary Stus and Gary Stus before those tropes were even named.

>no explanation for why the heroes and villains were such larger than life
Having no explanation makes the fiction worse and lazier. You must be young or ONLY PRETENDING to be retarded. And just about every popular shonen gives reason why the MC is stronk. b8/10.

i was never looking forward to highschool. i want more elementary school shenanigans.

I love how retarded the "reasons" behind their power are in shonen be old or new ones. They might as well lack reasons if they are going to asspull a new one everytime they need a convenient new power.

>Goku is strong because he lived in the wilderness with his grandpa!
>No, he's strong because he trains hard!
>No, he's strong because he's an alien!
>No, he's strong because space monkeys have ZENKAI!
>No, he's strong because he's the legendary super saiyan!
>No, he's strong because he is the even more legendary super saiyan god!
>No, he's strong because he can empty his mind!

And etc.

Could Arc swing a threesome with Ariane and her mother? I think they both want him and elves probably don't give a shit about things like this


Arc is too pure to do something so lewd.

He at least needs to kiss Ariane already. And in skeleton form, it's important to me that their first kiss be while he's a skeleton.

Ariane's mom clearly wants to jump her husband, so no.

And he's never home anymore, and Arc will need mentoring in lovemaking just as he needed her to train him in swordsmanship

Why does every isekai spend so much time describing the food?

They don't.

>Esther BTFO again, this time by her exs other woman
This is just getting sad

New Dungeon Nursery ch when?

>entire volume kicked off because a skeleton went to the ends of the earth to buy tomatoes and then gets involved in world-changing global conflicts because he wanted red peppers
No idea

>Oppai Drill Hair Ojou overhears Esther and Tanaka in the Mixed Bath.
>Hears Esther confessing her love for Tanaka
>Jumps right in to say "are you also going to tell him about your sexual experiences with your EX?"

>Unlike you, Ive kept my self pure for marriage.
>Tanaka is now slowly falling for the Ojou
>Esther BTFO again in the same Vol

There was this isekai or fantasy some user mentioned where the MC gets some shitty support magic and trains it to the point of crushing a mountain with a giant shield, anyone know what this is?

Finally fully read all the translations of Tilea. Ortissio is such a fucking retard. I feel so terrible for Edim for having to work with him.

Is the twist here going to be that there's no fountain, it's about learning empathy by protecting horde of tiny children? Because I would honestly be really shocked if that wasn't the thing.

Well, we haven't seen any other people doing the trial yet surprisingly.

>"I'm sorry, Mr. Ester, Sensei is special to me"
are Estherfags on suicide watch yet?

>See a mention for 29yr old Bachelor
>Decide to check it out
>Gets raped by FeMC
>Marries her

>Gets raped by FeMC

>why does food pornagraphy spends so much time on food porn

No translation ever.

When do you think chapter 99 of my death flags show no sign of ending will come out? I would say in 3 Months

What are you talking about?

She wasn't in the WN right?

Why is no one discussing the motherlode of Maou chapters we just got?

Whole thing feels like purgatory, I would guess that other people would be given different kinds of trials and the point is not to reach the fountain but the become the kind of person who deserves to ascend to heaven.
But maybe it will have different kind of twist, idk. And it's looking like a good series so far even if that turns out to be the reveal.

They are adorable. I am reading it just to cheer them on.

Nope, she isn't in the WN, She has a brief appearance in vol 6 before that vol's spirit turtle fight, and then becomes a major character in vol 7. You /could/ say that she exists in the WN, but we don't see her, and when the spirit turtle was killed, she dies with it.

Which Maou are we talking about?


Do you think there's any money in shitty western isekai? How about western isekai written with a bare minimum respect for quality?

Potato, banking, muskets, and star fortress one of course. And boobs. And female knight.


Did they already fugg? I am anime only tho

I wish there was more reverse isekai.

Could work if you tune more towards CN novels. Casual readers of this stuff seem to prefer more sex and violence.

What, like getting reincarnated as a cowboy's horse and beating bandits to death with your colossal, weaponized meat piston?

Huh, I'll catch up with the LN then.

Yep. It is near the end now.

Quite an interesting update too, if you like moving on from Renaissance to Age of Exploration / Protestant Reformation / Thirty Years War / Napoleonic Warfare.

So they fugged? If so did he fugg the others?

Yep was for the update.

He is staying loyal to the Maou but he may die before he gets to win the cup.

being an Estherfag must be suffering

She flat out says she's going to have his kid when he becomes "strong enough" in the letter she leaves him before he goes off on his journey.

Anything new out there to keep track of?
I Like "She was called God, as well as Satan"
> You will never make Satan shiver with pure bliss from attempting to have your amrada of magic missiles annihilate her
Isn't watching idols eat and say yummy at least 50% of Japanese daytime programming?

Edim's suffering will continue.

>first girl roofies and rapes the MC to make him take responsibility on his first day after he rejected letting her join his party because she sucked
>second girl is an assassin that tries to kill them, MC rapes her and then later buys her after seeing she'd become a slave after he'd turned her in
>first girl gets mad and jealous because he's never aggressively ravished her like he did assassin girl
It's pretty funny so far.

I cheer for her just because of the butthurt it would cause on boards.

Forgot pic.

Sounds like you're just being a whiny bitch

I like that they actually had a long talk about that. Nothing was pushed to the side or ignored. They actually talked about his complete shift and emotional instability. It was refreshing.

Allen will take her front virginity

Maine is cute!

How will she fail this time?

I am liking "Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin" so far.

Anime when?

Volume 6 soon.

Since you asked I peeked at what the top 10 authors on RRL are making on patreon
The other four didn't have patreon's listed. So maybe? Those are all huge multiyear projects though so it's sort of skewed. That guy pulling 2.5k has his own website and a bigger online presence in general - which is more work I imagine.
In short if you put a lot of work and effort into it you might make enough to feed yourself.

Its delicious and since it's mostly escapism with these stories its a reflection of the authors deep desire to have such plentiful meals instead of his normal wageslave food.

MT is shit.

Isn't this just about a stupid girl ruining her new family's life for the sake of reading books?

Do you know how many episodes they would need?


>ruining her new family's life
>Gave them 2yrs worth of wages for simple crafting work they wanted to do

All I've heard about this is something about her bankrupting the family by having tantrums over books.

The only knock I have on Slave Harem is the Catgirl and the Elf girl has literally zero personality beyond "I WANT FISH"/"PETRIFY ACTIVATED" and "OH BOY LORDS CONFERENCE". Should have just kept to Vesta, Roxanne and Sherry.

If you don't want your threads populated by garbage idiots, may I suggest some other board?

She's a selfish shit. Family should have sold her to a coal mine or something.

I don't remember Vesta having much personality either, and Roxanne seemed a bit boring as well.

Gondola isekai when

I thought it was cute when she was being a pit jealous when Sherry joined.

>Sadina could have pushed Naofumi down at ANY point in the story and had her way with him if she so desired and let Raphtalia know it too

> Family should have sold her to a coal mine or something.
Benno or guild master will gladly buy her

I want to fuck You.

You can't bankrupt people who have no money. They're broke as fuck and books are expensive so she tries to make them and keeps failing. The stupid brat

They aren't getting bankrupted by that. They're getting bankrupted because they're medieval peasants with a chronically ill child that (literally) should already be dead. She wasn't as appreciative as she should have been at the start but she's easily paid them back if you consider the monetary value of the things she's thought up that she gives or teaches them about. It's not like she can actually do any manual labour around the house otherwise so it's not like her being selfish at the start actually changed anything negatively for them.

All the cooking shows in the media so its one of the thing most authors can add to theirs MC´s modern knowledge, also in a similar vein most isekai being in medieval settings even niche Japanese food can be set as the most delicious as MC´s would make sure the ingredients would be fresh and without dirt,stones or worse mixed in, an absolute luxury

I really love Skeleton Knight. I was skeptical going in, as an Overlord fan, but I'm hooked. It's a damn shame the translator isn't touching volume 8 until it's finished.

she's done nothing of the sort, in fact introducing a primitive shampoo formula has enriched her dirt farmer peasant family more than they ever could have hoped

even if she had her family actually loves her and she basically sells herself later to their benefit

stop with the maine is a cunt meme, she gets better i swear

I've been reading aConnecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

It's surprising how many cliches it hits despite the fact that it was written 119 years ago.

Finally finished reading, 100 year timeskip's basically this

>there's a religious war that took 30 million(?) lives
>Fujiwara explored the world and proved that earth is round(also named the planet they live on earth)
>there's an epidemic, Fujiwara secretly gave Mirielle the cure and thus, Mirielle became a hero
>Fujiwara colonized kingdoms and there's rebellions?
>technology progressed so much that some dumbass tried making Atom Bombs
>Fujiwara launched an Atom bomb somewhere and it took the lives of 100,000
>"Atom bombs are destructive, sign this treaty that we won't develop one ever again"
>Everyone pretended that Town or Kingdom of Edo doesn't exist, traces of it was erased from history books
>current timeline is around cold war era where launching rockets into space is hot shit
>suddenly alien invasion! Fujiwara stops it
>it's then revealed that Fujiwara and co are voyaging the stars after unlocking the future era setting a long time ago
>also science advanced so much that they no longer age
>Fujiwara and Mirielle fucked and had kids, but Mirielle choosed to grow old and die as a human in Sandra kingdom instead of living together with Fujiwara

Nihil novi sub sol

>After some initial confusion and his capture by one of Arthur's knights, Hank realizes that he is actually in the past, and he uses his knowledge of an impending eclipse to avoid execution by making his captors believe that he is a powerful magician.
This is the exact opposite of how you avoid execution in the middle ages.

She earned them more money in a couple months than they managed to make in 20+ years of their life.

Because she had plot armor.

that's not what "plot armor" is

if you wanna something without many cliches go read john carter

I'm biased to Vesta because for once the fucking MC bought a Dragongirl. Honestly only Sherry is fleshed out, and that is only because she calls the MC out on his bullshit all the time.

>keep fucking up and giving away 'her' ideas for cheap
>plot armor

It's probably part of why I like Sherry the most.

>still ends up rich a powerful
>not plot armor

whatever happened to the anime

I thought she bankrupted her family?

Maine? Ending up rich and powerful? That's a good joke.

She need all that money to keep herself alive


I want to rub big fat loli thighs

Pretty good stuff, pretty much avoids making isekai in this instance a gimmick by making the world and characters acknowledge it. Bonus to the cult that pretty much sends people to marry the isekai'd characters to prevent them from thinking about returning to their own world.


loli dragon (ancient (baka))

More girls need shit eating grins

Why would getting married prevent you from coming back? The standard of living in Earth/Japan is so much higher than most isekai that if they stopped to think about it they should be incentivised to go back. Preferably this would be with their massive mountain of wealth they obtained from being an isekai protag. Even the honeytrap would be turned when it's pointed out just how much better even our garbage tier food/education is.

Dark Elf girls with a mean streak are the best

saved. I've been wanting to read this for her but the whole power fantasy aspect puts me off.

At least it's a realistic power fantasy. Instead of being some domineering edgelord or beta that hides his power he just does wizard shit and isn't above getting into an entirely mundane fistfight with his teacher.

I'll defend that series since it gave me Eris, the most perfect and adorable cave woman.

A historian tried to estimate the GDP of nations throughout the history. Dunno how he did that.

Any translations of Last Embryo or where I can pick up last few of Mondaiji? I remember baka-tsuki was missing last 2 or 3 forever.

Healing makes you a hentai villain huh?

You establish some common measure that's prevalent through the cultures. Could be basic foodstuff or some other commodity. A sheep is a sheep no matter the century and a lot of cultures kept records of trades as far back as Babylonian times.

>Reading Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru
>Peerless mage with unknown magic is supposed to be the strongest
>Every fight he has up to what I've read (volume 4) is him jobbing in some fashion so he almost loses

I can't tell if he's actually supposed to be OP or it's because he knows more. Sure he ends up winning but like with the reveal of some of these people like Tia why the fuck do they even need to summon heroes. Only thing I can spitball since I haven't progressed that far is something like heroes help to stop the decay of the world so it only dies slower

aww, that's sweet user, but I'm seeing other people

Are we ever going to see this archangel BTFOing
a 100k army in front of an atheist cardinal animated?

Hell, how many years until the manga gets there? 4?

SK probably can't get an anime because of Overlord, unfortunately. It really does look like a big ripoff on the surface. It's not even popular enough for the LN to have fan translations yet, just the WN, either.

Forgot pic

her having modern day high school education not only makes her able to recreate modern convenience items, just being exposed to a learning environment compared to the life is work mentality of commoners make her mind massively more expansive and capable of solving issues others just take for granted.

When i read these sort of stories, I always keep in mind a research journal i read that stated that the average 17th hundreds peasant would be exposed to external information (shit happening outside their village) equivalent of a weeks worth of the New York Times subscription over their lifetime. There's a limit to how capable your mind is to identify and solve tasks when it is deprived of what we consider modern education.

Could the Pope be defeated so easily by divine powers, also? Is he "Undead" where Arc isn't? He came from a different game and his avatar was always an undead human. But he still sleeps, like Arc, and can probably eat, too.

in vol 10 she guides naofumi to a dark alley and has him feel up her chest. Naofumi notes it's the first time he ever felt someone's breasts, and was kind of enjoying it! Too bad she kinda ruined the moment by exclaiming "Boobies!"[
I tell you, sadina is a fucking blast.

Forget all this isekai for a moment, would you this mother Cred Forums? Keep in mind she intends for you to marry her 10 year old daughter and take up arms in defense of her kingdom.

It's not completely explained yet, but the heroes seem to have more to do with increasing the faith in the goddess among the general population than actual combat value.

All the irregulars are just that, irregulars, heroes are literally just pawns of the goddess in her yearly pissing match with the god of chaos, and then there's all these weirdos like Gottfried and Best Dragonewt.

Nah. I think the pope simply has a skeleton skin like Arc but his class was necromancer because he wanted to look like a cool skeleton necromancer but liches weren't an option for a PC race.


She also offers you to bone her in the mean time while her daughter grows up, because crazy elf lady gonna crazy elf lady.

Arc is going to kill him with the spring water

Because everytime they pull that shit in an isekai the offending party seems to think - if he dicks a girl here he NEVER want to go back to his family/friends in his world. It's like they never imagined they'd just go back to their world with their lover with them. Moreso in that novel because that MC has people who depend on him back on earth.

>but liches weren't an option for a PC race.
They never are. There is no end to my suffering.

Will the village boy win the Maine cup?

Yeah I was thinking something like that too since I got reminded of Death Mage shenanigans where gods powers are directly related to their fame and amount of followers

Still don't know if he's OP but I miss loli Leffi already

Would he turn into a human, then? I still can't figure out why Arc dreamed one of Thanatos's memories. I don't believe they're somehow the same person in some contrived way, but what else was that nightmare meant to imply?

The Goddess and Evil god are playing an RTS and the Humans + Heros vs Demons + Demon Generals are the units.

He's like the only one in the running.

It's great, but sadly no harem. I'm not complaining much, though. Dark elf knight is top tier.

Most shounen authors probably make up stories as it goes.

>PETAfags in my isekai don't understand the greatest good

>still no gate Volume 6 translation


>it looks like a huge ripoff
>now it will NEVER do well in the anime industry
H-have you ever seen an anime user?

Maybe it just unlocks his emotions

Nobleman NTR soon

He's pretty high up the totem pole, there's just a huge gap between "can nuke the whole country in a week" and "everything in the direction I'm looking at dies".

Which gate?

>this is the end of the first arc
Not for long
I bet she attracted a lot of noble boners with that new dress of hers

I just realized that, when Nirvana eventually gets an anime adaption, being able to hear the voice here will spoil way ahead of time that MC is not actually the reincarnation of the goddess like everybody thinks she is, and that her mother was the real reincarnation.


Fear the fucking lichman. Gottfried's Nietzsche powered golem was pretty cool too as far as modern wizard stuff goes.

Is it bad I want a three way fight between Kudrack, Gottfried and Suimei? I feel like they'd need a different world or space to fight at though. Knowing the author Reiji would ruin it all with the fucking Sacrament though.


Suimei isn't on the level of the other two yet though, at the current point in the story he'd just get destroyed instantly.

Loli leffi periodically comes back.
Hoping we get to see loli leffi antics back on earth, that would really be hilarious.

Sumei is mostly OP, but there's other OP/more OP people too. He's also nerfed somewhat in the isekai world because his speciality is astrological magic and the stars and such are different.

Just googled it. It was Angus Maddison. Too lazy to check out his book. I don't even understand much about economics anyway.

Is overlord good/worth reading ?

What happened to her mom back at earth?


Everytime i get deeper into the story, the poor girl gets BTFO again and again.

The Oppai Loli just offered Tanaka a Political Marriage cause:
1.- It will give her the land she was trying to claim
2.- Will give her lots of status for creating a bond between the kingdom of Penis and the Republic of Pussy
3.- Will give her access to Tanakas OP powers and Resort that is now pulling in shit tons of cash.
4.- She gets NTR Esther
5,- Tanaka is an M while shes an S

She is now my favorite character

it's okay until the 8th volume. then you're stuck with useless side characters and goblins until the 9th volume. It's so boring that reading it is painful.

Did you completely miss the second half of volume 8 that's about comfy Nazarick SoL?

Maybe they're all monster virgins that overestimate their seduction prowess?

I guess it might make sense if no isekai person ever bothered to explain just how much better everything is because they're playing around with cheats before they settle down enough to start telling stories.(and probably die first since fighting dragons is not a career path with a long life expectancy.)

Leffi's hat is the best part of her design honestly.

You sound like a man who's not too swole to control.

You don't put your dick in crazy

I can't fucking wait. I'm vol. 3 chapter 8 right now.

the first half is too boring for me to slug through

Isn't this the LN where the MC gets cucked?

Oh I know, I meant when he comes back from Earth. The scary thing is that Suimei is at ~30% power and he shits on just about everyone barring Gottfried and Kudrack and Best Dragonnewt(which is more due to his trauma but w.e).

Well in the Vet Isekai it does seem like just that - all the summoned let the power and status go to their heads and never want to go back.

>re:monster chapters only up to day 93 according to NU
>wants to reread it in a compiled format, go to the goddess
>it got up to day 340
I don't understand.

You don't have to read the first half to read the second half of this one, the stories are unrelated. Holy fuck you're stupid.

She died three years ago and gave her magical artifact to the MC.

Yes, Esther gets cucked several times for chasing the same guy she treated like shit.

I stopped reading MT when I heard that the MCs legitimate sister was being shipped with the demon guy. Did this turn out to be true?

I was enjoying that WN too. Pretty sure I was already near the ending.

Suimei is more OP than a jobber. The only thing that he seriously get jobbed at is from the girls. Then again, even the smoothest motherfucker is going to have problem maintaining Lefi, Menia, and Lilianna.

>Friends and acquaintances

Up to 93 is TL
Anything past that is summary of chapters and events.

That is a bit behind, the most recent raw is vol 12.

Yes, she ends up marrying him and having kids.
Also the bastard sister fucks her nephew.

yes, don't read it

Why aren't there more good isekais with mecha?

>Also the bastard sister fucks her nephew.
Didn't he delete that?

What if I enjoy it

Its ripped from the wiki is why.

Makoto needs to learn from Lime and just start fucking everything in Asora already. Also, I love how the author basically wrote the Demon girl who made the blood contract with Makoto out of the story.

Knights and Magic is alright.


The internet never forgets.

>Up to 93 is TL
>Anything past that is summary of chapters and events.
What? So someone took their time to read then summarized each chapter, then upload them to the site? It reads like a regular chapter, it's somewhat impressive.


>Best guess for this image: 吸血姫(プリンセス)は薔薇色の夢をみる 4: ラグナロク・ワールド

I wasn't talking to you so shh

>he didnt enjoy Papa Bones Scolding the dumb doggo.

It was one of the best parts of the series, along with Enri blowing her horn.

Fuck that, what a waste. The story was really good too.

He already married the three girls and stopped the shipping wars, should have went full harem and include the two sisters.

Yes, but at newer chapters it's implied that it still happen

did she deserve it?


She's not rich at all. None of the money she's made can directly be spent on improving her livelihood because she needs every bit of it to figure out the next step in Not Dying.

Can't wait for the Sumei isekai harem vs Sumei Earth harem war.

Makoto is such a weird MC to me. Dude's like basically a sociopath.

>Makoto needs to learn from Lime and just start fucking everything in Asora already. Also, I love how the author basically wrote the Demon girl who made the blood contract with Makoto out of the story.

Yep, Lime is going to get that hero pussy while fucking the gorgons on the side

is that gif from something official? Did I miss another OVA somehow?



its fan art.

Most isekai MCs are if you take a second to think about it.

Fuck phone posting
I meant to say, its fan art of vol 8.

That is implied so far. He will make a good god.
Makoto doesn't want to have her leave Asora, and when so little of the plot has been involving that she got forgotten. I hope she gets more relevance once Makoto follows Lime's example.

I wonder if fucking Mio wouldnt just end up destroying his mind even more

>She also offers you to bone her in the mean time while her daughter grows up
and then nothing happens what a original idea never see that before

So weird to see the translation for that semi-active again after being more or less dropped for two fucking years..

>had a litteral yandere spider turned woman that would probably only share with tomoe.
Yeah its kinda weird, but to be fair makoto just wants to be left the fuck alone, to figure out his own shit. From what Ive heard im skeptical to think its going to mio or mio tomoe end although I got bored after 90 chapters since the tls are pretty crap.

Once the Iroha arc is over I want there to be some sort of progress with the Demon/Human war. Also I want Tomoki bullying again. Getting tired of his shit.

alright, I'll try to muck through the dumb goblin side story for awoo


IIRC, in at least one of those alternate futures he married/romanced both Tomoe and Mio. Then the trash goddess killed them both and he went Evil God route. I actually kind of wanted to read that whole timeline.

At this point that's the main thing keeping him interesting.

by most yandere standards and power level standards makoto doesn't need to worry about dicking either of them. The only repercussions would be some sorta god level/demigod children at worst.

Yea I recognize the scene. rip Lupa her only screen time is getting randomly scolded.
That whole sequence was sort of weird wasn't it? Ainz is usually suuuper passive and pussy foots around everything - but one day he randomly grows balls and wants to put his foot down on some innocuous bullshit one of the maids is doing? Then he's back to normal in the next scene.

>At this point that's the main thing keeping him interesting.

For me its to see what is he going to with the Empire hero and the princess after this arc.

Considering the fucked up smile he gets when in a real fight I'd say he is a sociopath trying to hide in a human merchant's skin. What he did to that girl from Rose Garden was absolutely fucked up even if it was the "easiest" way to stop the fighting before people died. At least he gets called out for that shit now.

He still harbors suspicions she is a spy for the Demons, like Zef is fucking stupid enough to incur the wrath of Makoto or his followers. I also love how he won't let Tamaki out of Asora because he got a glimpse of her bloodthirst, when everyone outside of the Asora group and Tsige look at him the very same way.

Keeping him tied to normal life instead of killing things is the only hope the world has. I thought one of the gods told him something about that, they know he is dangerous.
Tomoki needs more punishment, but the goddess restricts some of what can be done, as well as Makoto's promise to Tsukuyomi.

Too bad it's basically dead again.
Here's the rest I managed to grab for those interested:

He may also question Tamaki's loyalties and intentions, not just how dangerous she is. I think she is among the least likely to join any harem.

>Tomoki needs more punishment, but the goddess restricts some of what can be done, as well as Makoto's promise to Tsukuyomi.

Maybe he just kills the princess

I hope it somehow becomes the next trend in isekai once the harem/slave master cheat skill craze ends.

>tfw he can't be with the only girl he actually likes

Enjoy then.
>Ojou: Ohohohohoho
>Esther: What?
>Tanaka: I feel like I came a little
>Esther seems to be very wary
>E: What do you mean?
>O: As soon as you encounter him you speak words of love, but really what even happened tot he words that you spoke to your first boyfriend? Or do you really expect him to enjoy the used words and experiences of someones Ex Girlfriend?
>E: Whaa......
>Esthers face stiffened as she tried to let out a reply.
>The Oppai loli seems to be enjoying herself on her bath seat, oh how I wish i was her chair, on the other hand Esther seems to have turned to stone from the Tension.
>E: Well isnt that the same for you?!
>O: You would be mistaken
>O: I do not give up my body so easily, it is natural for a maiden to keep her purity until marriage, my self control is not as lacking as a used lady like you that sold herself cheap.
>Wait a minute
>The Oppai Loli is a Virgin!?
>Immediatly her cuteness seems to trancend the heavens now.
>I mean what is the cutest type of girl in the world?
>The anwser is simple of course, a girl that can keep her Hymen until marriage.