>rapist goblins
>slave beast girls
>beast girls being just human girls with animal ears
>demon lord
>RPG mechanics

>tfw all of these have become tropes
Where were you when isekai died?

quality thread

I especially hate stats and its associated cancer. Im fine with the guild and quest stuff but stats are the one thing that puts me off.
Especially if the MC is the usual "i have 999 stats but im not even trying"

great thread OP

Mc has unusual ability that is first thought to be underpowered but turns out to break the game used properly


Not even the half of isekai bingo

Someone please translate the rest of Hakugou Play

There's nothing wrong with RPG mechanics/stats, the problem is when you take it too far or don't go far enough. A lot of times, the author will get lazy and stop doing stat dumps at some point in the story, leaving you wondering what the fuck the MC's stats are at any given time. Other times, they will overload you with stat dumps constantly. It's really all about the balance. If you're showing stat sheets maybe once every several chapters, it's OK. If you're doing it every chapter or every other chapter, it's too much (well it's fine right at the start during that rapid early growth period, but afterwards it gets fucking annoying). When you've gone 50 chapters with no stat sheet, that's when you should know you fucked it up.

Honestly, the Chinese handle it better than the Japanese at this point. At least the MCs are not spineless beta males and/or completely retarded when it comes to women.

It's like we're posting in an isekai

>mc getting laid
cannot insert self/10

While everything in isekai is bad in its own way, the real thing that turns me off (or on) with isekai is the quality of the protagonist.

The more 'self insert' he is, the more BORING he is. I'd much rather someone with at least some distinctive attitude like Kazuma, rather than some empty nice guy faggot like in Death March's MC who I can't even remember his name he's so boring.

It doesn't even have to be a well written character, just give him some FUCKING CHARACTER.

>the chinese handle Isekai better

I disagree

Videogame stats are a crutch for lazy and incompetent authors who can't think of ways of actually showing the character improving without relying on numbers getting bigger and directly telling the reader a character's powerlevel and comparing it to other characters.

Also they allow the MC to instantly and effortlessly become stronger. The MC kills some tough monster, levels up and assigns some skill points and now he has mastered basket weaving or foreign languages with absolutely no effort or training. I guess it's so that the reader can self-insert and imagine himself having god-like power with absolutely no effort. The whole concept is shit.

>collecting item properties/powers by eating them
fucking bullshit
>affinity for any and every kind of magic
fuck off

>I especially hate stats and its associated cancer.

This, holy shit. This is the one thing I can only stand if it's played off comedically. All the other things are usually shit, but can, theoretically, be written well. RPG stat systems are pure garbage.


Plus if you're going to the effort of showing stats, at least be a turboautist about it and have built an entire rpg system in the background and follow the rules so you know exactly what the MC's stats can and can't do. I've never seen them do anything but list really big numbers. I can imagine any /tg/ crossboarders don't like isekai because you can't actually figure out what's going on with the numbers and random shit the hack authors throw in.

Who cares who lands second place?

As usual, west is best.

i'm sick of the whole "hurr i killed some monsters and it's already recorded in my stat card"

You are mostly correct.

We like Konosuba and Grimgar though.

>There's nothing wrong with RPG mechanics/stats

If the author is brain-dead, sure. LNs/manga shouldn't have a need to ape interactive fiction because it's actually possible to show a character abilities and growth through their actions and interactions with the world around them. The fact that these isekai authors tend to discard these primitive story-telling techniques in favor of just telling the reader how good someone is at something just shows how bottom-of-the-barrel their works truly are.

Honestly you picked one of the worst examples possible. It's just fucking terrible.

On the other hand, the one about the guy reincarnated into the Dragonball universe as a Saiyan is fucking amazing.


I didn't realize we had the Cred Forums spokesman here.

>/tg/ crossboarders
They're not called crossboarders if they're wanted. Or has /tg/ declined in quality to a great extent too?

Stats are important. How are you going to show that the monster has 9999 str otherwise?

Yeah, most isekai authors are too creatively bankrupt to be able to convey a character's strength to the reader through prose, so they just slap a big number on them.

user, are you sure that isn't just fanfiction?
Also post sauce.

Well, we have threads for them. Probably the most regular Cred Forums threads of /tg/ are for Dungeon Meshi, though.

Having regular threads does not mean that everyone likes them.

>being this autstic

Wew lad. Of course not everyone likes the same stuff on a board with thousands of posters.

The point is, those things get threads there where people enjoy them and they aren't deleted for being off-topic, because a very large proportion of the usebase likes them and considers them basically /tg/-related.


>why don't you try writing your ideal guy as the protagonist?
He'd be better than 95% male protags for sure.

I just remembered that most beloved makeshift RPG we used to play with my friends during school was fucking ISEKAI.
>isekai'd as a "demon"
>special powers
>guilds with ranks (patches)
Holy shit.

well newfags brought over from the_donald via Cred Forums are trying their very hardest to turn it into nu/pol/ while claiming it was always that way
rejecting established board culture and whining that lewd is evil degeneracy, turning the history/culture threads into shitposting about politics and le minority menace, getting triggered by storytimes, disregarding any non-human characters as furry, generally sperging out over people having fun the wrong way

>life itself, is an isekai
Holy fuck this is trash

That happens on every board though.

>I guess it's so that the reader can self-insert and imagine himself having god-like power with absolutely no effort

Preach it. I have no idea how this is so damn common, considering it's seen as a franchise sin for almost every franchise with a damn title everywhere else in the world. It's like someone realized work took work and wanted to make it all neat and tidy where it shouldn't be.

>show most basic kindness
>acquire harem girl

>"please don't remove my slave collar, protagonist-sama!"
>"protagonist-sama is so kind and authentically Nipponjin, he'd never take advantage of me!"
>"please make a slave contract with me, protagonist-sama, it's the only way for me to live and get stronger!"

Konosuba works mostly because it's a comedy and doesn't go overly serious. Grimgar doesn't strictly use stats.

Seems like exact situation with Daenerys Targarien and Unsul

re:zero is the best isekai!

The hilarious moment when fanfiction is taken seriously.

stats are a crutch for poor writing . There is no need for them in an actual story.

Most isekai stories are written by complete amateurs and are fanfiction-tier.

if you understand context he's probably saying he's /tg/

>"protagonist-sama is so kind and authentically Nipponjin, he'd never take advantage of me!"

Well, you can't expect a slave from a random parallel dimension to know Japanese history.

/tg/ is never too bad. it's had bad moments like every board but there's so much good content because there's so many good board games and /tg/ media it's hard to be a bad board

maybe it just stands out more on /tg/ since it used to be so chill with all sorts of "off-topic" stuff coexisting and contributing to the greater whole

Ah is nice to see people hating on Goblin Slayer already
Bring me more salt you filthy gob

Kinda funny when you realize their popularity is similar to the one 50 shades of gay had.

It's so popular because hard work doesn't cut it in today's world anymore, and people can't change their genetics through sheer will. It's no wonder then that they like to escape to fantasy worlds where any attribute can be improved to infinity.

>slave contract


Say whatever you want but I guess it requires some talent to make every woman on Earth squirting with joy by reading your work of fiction.

>making contract with slave
This is not how slavery works.

That's basically every isekai. I especially enjoy the ones where goblins aren't relevant or necessary at all but the author brings some out just so that he can tell everything about how much they rape and about their rape caves.

Oh. The third greentext is clearly a different harem girl. What kind of isekai protagonist only has one?

Women have terrible standards for romance and are more prone to self insert.

Well, actually it kind of did in the real world. In first generations of slaves, at least. Rome had debt slavery, entire mediterranean had this kind of thing in fact, in China, India, Japan, debt slavery existed everywhere.
Also, contract doesn't mean both parties agree to the contract, forcing someone to sign something isn't unheard of.

Goblins are a race of peace. You should let them into your villages

>Women have terrible standards for romance
I wouldn't say that. 50 shades of gray was pretty fun watch actually, it's not smart or anything but it's pretty consistent and straightforward (so it's actually smart, but we are talking about different kind of "smart" here aren't we). You get exactly what you want from it and it all develops in a proper way at a pretty good pace. And it's first arc ends at a point that actually makes sense to be end of arc. See? It's better than 90% of isekais just by those virtues.

>Women have terrible standards for romance

Considering all the shitty stories about spineless plain boys surrounded by 10/10 girls desperate for their cocks that often pass for shonen romance, I'd suggest not throwing stones in glass houses.

>Everyone in the world is disgusted because a girl has horns or animal ears or some stupid shit
>Only MC recognizes how cute she is

50 shades of gray is so far above this trash it's not even worth mentioning
it has better writing than half the garbage airing every season, let alone chink web novels

Chink Isekai insert on an existing IP property is the lowest of lows.

Im just saying there is a precedent to it on the west and found it humorous it is now a legitimate genre companies actually invest in despite the lack of quality control.

If my memory serves the original 50SoG was changed a lot in the printed version wich improved the quality, I could be wrong though.

Nothing recent is worthy of even looking at since its all shit riddled with SJW garbage now a days. The old stuff is good though, so i can agree with that.

>the chinese handle it better
No, they really dont. They really really really dont. Its literally the same shit except they crank the smug faggot mc up to 11 instead of having them be a dense passive fuck, the chink MC is literally a hyper agressive shit stain

yeah I never figured that one out
sometimes they try to justify it "she belongs to the fearsome demon tribe so people are afraid of her" or whatever but most of the time the MC is the only one who thinks catgirls are cute

Elves are the best race, they're practically better than humans in every way, in fact they were probably made that way, to be better than human, to be smarter than the human, live longer than the human, etc. The only thing wrong with them is that they're hippies

Goblins are scum of the earth, never trust a goblin or a half goblin. Goblin Slayer did nothing wrong.

>If my memory serves the original 50SoG was changed a lot in the printed version wich improved the quality, I could be wrong though.
You are correct.
Let's not forget that 50 shades was literally a fanfic on Twilight where the girl was the writer's self-insert.
Post.upgrade it was still terribly written.

It was kinda funny in konosuba

I think part of it though was they made a nod to it like once then never brought it up again


Blame dragon quest

>Where were you when isekai died?
I was here. I'm always here.

t. filthy knife ears

As I said I am not bold enough to read the original, but the printed version is still bad. It's funny if you make it a drinking game as and force a "fan" of it to read it out loud in a party.

Unironically this no franchise has caused more damage to creativity as a whole than this.

i think rpg stats work if whether is just some wierd static thing that exists in the world but no one ever thinks about or if the entire society is based around it. if i wrote a story with rpg stats the entire society of the world would be built around trying to increase those stats. would implement something like nobles actively stopping peasants from level growth and other shit. where the rpg world is aware of the system and trying to exploit it

Unless you make a satire of it and mock it the RPG system sucks ass, it is a terrible writing crutch.

It's one of those things that only work when you mock it and the people that took it seriously.

i dunno i think it still be interesting i thinks its only a writing crutch when nothing done with it and exists just to exist. the quality of writing really depends on the author and not what they decide to write about.

Eh, Poul Anderson is alright but Three Hearts is overrated imo, nice lead character aside.
His norse-alikes like the Broken Sword is amazing though.
>elves raping trolls because they can

/tg/ more or less died with the nazimod. It's a pretty shitty board overall nowadays.

It would have been a nice political satire. Maybe even ttoo nice to be published.

Chink Isekai into standard Xianxia can be pretty decent tho.
Probably because they're almost never really Isekais and they're really just latching onto isekai/reincarnation popularity to get people to read their Xianxia stories.

>tfw Seo hasn't done that before

I don't. I'm mega average and try my best anyway. If I thought like you did, I'd just go to /r9k/ and complain why the world isn't at my feet.

>Cred Forums - > Isekai > rapist goblins > elves > slave beast girls - Anime & Manga - Cred Forums
Seems about right

o i am laffing

Was it ever alive?

There seem to be waves.
They go for the pop culture boards first, then they went for /his/ for the sake of revisionism, now they're aiming for the more obscure ones or going for a second attack at the more resistant boards that they don't have any actual interest in the content of.