Tokyo Ghoul Re:161 spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul Re:161 spoilers
Kaneki is fucking DEAD again

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It's just his shell.

Plot Twist: Kaneki is now Rize.

>Juuzou’s face
Yeah you fucking murdered him asshole.

And what of your body, what is that to you?

Looking forward to part 3, anons?

plot twist
Kaneki lives on inside of rize like how rize lived inside Kaneki, proving a connection between humans and ghouls.

>People think Kaneki is dead

All of Dragon seems to be gone. Unless he fucking burst’s through Rize’s womb like an alien babby he’s currently dead.
He’s obviously coming back some fucking how through

Tokyo Ghoul is fucking a mess of a manga.

Everything after he lost to Arima has felt like pointless filler.

Despite all the bullshit I still unironically enjoy this.


That isn't Rize you retard. That was his illustration for Lady Vengeance.

>Everything after he lost to Arima has felt like pointless filler.

So the entirety of :Re you mean? Eh at least we got that chapter long touka sex scene. Intimacy is based

Me too, my brother from Africa.

Nobody said it was Rize

Well if you think about, if there is a chance that somehow Kaneki is still alive (By cloning himself a new body or something), this could be the perfect opportunity for him to finally be from the CCG and V. Since everybody would think he is dead.

>Kaneki dies
>Leaves his books behind for Ben to read
>Touka becomes an abusive mother

Not really, everything has been on line on the tarot and the twisted humor/reality ishida is going for. Execution wise is really meh.

>yfw when nu-Rize is literally Kaneki just gender-swapped
>Entirety of Chapter 169 is Rize and Talker kinky tentacle action

You know what'll probably happen I just thought about this:

Kaneki is actually dead, we get a few pages of a funeral & then...

>Time skip

Fast forward something stupid like 14 years. This is the perfect hack writing technique that allows the world to change with very little explanation.

>...after the regulations put in place the tenuous pact between ghouls & humans remains, but it wavers...

We'll see some dumb ass posters that say shit like, "long live the one-eyed-king!" and so on.

There is going to be some rogue faction of the CCG that still kills ghouls despite the pact & there is also some secret ghoul faction as well.

>Then we cut to an adult Touka...
>"Not-Kaneki, it's time to get up..."

Then we get a panel of a grey-haired kid who looks suspiciously like Kaneki.

Cut to the title, Tokyo Ghoul:Re-Birth

Dun dun dun, another 100 chapter of shit.


RizexKaneki end in dreamworld please

So is this confirmed to end in 8 chapters?

I really enjoyed the first part. The second one is a huge mistake.

And yet I still want to know how this shit's going to end. I bet the next chapter' going to start with 'TIME SKIP'.

And I still want to see Rize/Kaneki. Is it selfcest?

Yuri wins again

Can someone dump the chapter please?

>Rize was dead all along

She's alive now. Isn't that great user? Kaneki isn't though.

Just like prophet said it shall happen.

>And I still want to see Rize/Kaneki.
You won’t see it, but you can live knowing their having a beautiful relationship in the dreamworld.

I don't give a fuck she's ugly now and is going to die again

Give her a few minutes to get dolled up first and you'll have a beautiful white haired Rize.

>Kaneki is dead
>Touka miscarried
>Rize lives


I hope they live together there at the end

Fuck this thread is so fun.
Ishida is seriously going with the third part.

>beautiful white haired Rize.

Press S to spit on his grave

Let’s hope Rize repairs the damage that’s been done

To be honest, Rize is a best girl I've ever witnessed. She's so perfect, beautiful and smart. I wish I was her sex-slave.

>3 months later, Rize appears before Touka.
>Holding her big tummy and say
>'Hey, it's your husband'


Baby lives. Look forward to the Kaneki twins who use lightning kagune and have literal plot armor. Trained by the best of the best. Ayato the TWO EYED KING, Uncle Yomo the kung fu hobo, Auntie Mutsuki the quinque battle specialist and hooded cat-ears the mysterious lady who comes to save them every time they get in over their heads.



>rize gets revived
>she actually died somewhere offscreen
Fucking kek. Ishida a hack.

What about Hide?


But what about femtoneki?


Is it still not translated

Hide is the main point i think Kaneki will be reborn. Bringing him back and not having a gay reunion between them doesn't seem like Ishida


Coming in part 3.

we saw it for a split second before juuzou and fuckboi shredded him



kept you waiting

Oh How have the mighty have fallen

everytime i put my faith in ishida he spits on me, sasuga ishida

We have a successor

>Kaneki dies like a cuck
>Rize is the real femto

It's actually a very early spoiler for part 3.
See this armor? It's actually Arata armor, but natural. TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST

RizexTouka confirmed lmao

You kinda got one desu

>she actually died somewhere offscreen
I'm so fuckin angry shit

Rize getting revived kinda opens up a way for kaneki to be revived as well.

What’s not to say the real one isn’t still in some fucking tube? With how fucking off things have been I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaneki got a fucking sex change

What if it's just Kaneki who looks like rise

Leave that pathetic cuck dead and buried. Ishida's hacking has ruined him enough.

so Furuta created all this mass... cause he wanted to fuck kaneki but rather kaneki who has a pussy and not a dick?

8 chapters till the end.

>Baby lives
user i......

Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth

Sounds sufficiently retarted for Furuta.

Yes user, ignore the scratches on her legs.

Are you retarded?

>Furuta wanted to fuck damaged goods

I miss Eto.

You do know that when woman loses baby that blood comes out of her vagina right? You also do know that her vagina is located inside her pants and not outside?


those holes in his chest are for... inserting things. once you insert 6 different kakuhou, kaneki is revived as THE tokyo god super saiyan.

Furuta went too far.

>Good morning, Rize.

>All according to Keikaku

This is why I love TG. No other manga can keep me on edge like that.

These are same retards who sang songs of Femtoneko and got btfo over and over again until this chapter gave them final nail to their coffins.

So let them and laugh your ass once their hc once again (unsurprisingly) fails.

>6 holes
>only 6 quinx remain

Although its a shitpost, you might be on to something.

So white hair Rize is real afterall.

She looks nothing like Rize. More like a hybrid from RizexKaneki.

She even doesn't look like Rize
Fuck this shit

> kaneki dies like a slug
> waifu revived using his organs
did the madman actually win?

I miss Bleach


But how the fuck Rize died?
This shitty writing makes me sick

>Hybrid RizexKaneki is born.
>Kaneki Ben's fate is unknown.

I guess she was killed making the oggai.

As if everything isn't retarded is with Mutsuki there? Who the fuck walks like that??

those holes ugh

She told you 2 chapters ago, she was torn into little bits and put inside the Oggai.

she was dead from the beginning

>Walk like an Egyptian music in 3...2...1..

Maybe she's crying and doesn't want the others to see or some shit who knows.

Why does Rize need to get resurrected when she's being used as a oggai farm?

>kaneki is actually fucking dead
>nobody cares


Who is this?

Because muh waifu

the reader

me rn

He’s “died” like three times now, the punch has worn off. Plus most people on here are pissed with him now.


Good, fuck kaneki

oh good Furuta is back that's what we were all hoping for

>That pic
What the fuck happened to this manga?

>Fuka: Hey Kaneki, Furutard is trouble. How about we do something about it?
>Cuckneki: Nah. Having him in power is convenient for me desu.
>Kaneki gets branded as terrorist.
>Kaneki gets forced underground.
>Kaneki's organization gets fucked.
>Shio and Rikai also get fucked.
>Kaneki himself gets fucked.
>Goes on autistic rampage/
Can you feel sorry for someone who cucked himself over this bad due being RETARDED?


Arima after they brought him back and his head became moosh

Isn´t this Kaneki with long hair?


If Kaneki isn't dead: waste of time

If Kaneki is dead: still waste of time

Who cares about betaneki anyway? either bring back the Black Raper or just get away with your trash

kaneki's body being shown dead for a while is a convenient way to get him out of being branded a genocidal monster
fuck this shit so much



>bring back Black Reaper
Part 3 for Reaper jr.

It's all here.

Ishida trying to make Kaneki dead when in fact he's just asleep and will regain consciousness after he accepts that he killed thousands of people.

>final arc is ghouls, Q's and CCG vs Dragon Rize and V

Who would've guessed. So Furuta was lying again and Kaneki was just another step in his ebin master plan?

At least he didn't gain any tactical and strategic knowledge out of nowhere.

Anyone who thinks for even one second that Kaneki is dead is absolutely retarded

Is it really Rize?
Looks like Kaneki

>Hi Rize, my cute "dragon "

Anyone else feel like the world got a whole lot smaller feeling after Cochlea? I was really looking forward to them going to the 24th ward, but it was all over taken by Goat and we never got to see how fucked up it apparently was.

>This cancer will go on for one more arc

Someone put me out of misery please.....

>Ishida resolved the 24th ward expedition in the omakes
How do people forgive this shit?

Wouldn't Touka and Urie checked for a pulse?

is something written on her face?

8 chapters* well 7 now

Has it been confirmed?
God I'm not looking forward to a part 3.

So where does this "new" Rize come from?

From the dead remains of the old Rize after Furuta was done dismantling her and stuffing her inside the Oggai.


New Rize is literally Kaneki's internal organs + Rize's breast tissues (from Oggai) + Furuta's core (for extra edge). The brain is probably Kanekis as well (turning into a STRONK female must have been his wish all along).

Let me try to guess how this shall go.
In next chapters it shall be Rize eating Furuta then jobbing to V who shall put her in tank again or something like it. There shall be funeral chapter and then we get to see Clowns kek again. Uta is gonna be completely naked with his infamous back tattoo finally being shown and he shall have just one eye. Then we get Talker in end holding cuckneki's mask. End.

Part 3 Ben and Bouka.

V killed her mom, her dad and her foster parent Noro. If those jobbers are the final boss, she'll definitely come back to settle the score.

"kaneki died on his way back to his home "

>her dad
no, she did that


What's the opposite of suicide?

Haven't you read the last chapters? Furuta let Kaneki eat the Oggai who had Rize's body parts as their Kakuho. Then he also fed him his "core" (left breast/body part, it's the reason he still has scars) for him to turn into a "life bearing" monster. Furuta wished for a good pussy (female) and Daruma delivered.


So RizexKaneki would still happen?

Poor Touka

But do we even know where this V stuff is happening?

No, since Touka's already his endgame and Rize is now Lovecraftian horror.

If you look really closely you can see Kaneki's ribs and his spine through his drained husk of a corpse.

man this manga went full fucking retard. you faggots will keep denying it with MUH DEEP MUH REFERENCE MUH LORE

It looks like the underground part of the Kaneki monster. Maybe the place where it started.

So are we sure Dragon is completely gone?

>Get comfortable together with me
>Kaneki realized he’s dead
>Goes back to Dream Rize
>They spend the rest of time fucking in the dreamworld

Dragon? No. Kaneki? Yes, he's super dead.

>keep denying it
Nah this shit sucks and honestly hasn't been good from the beginning

Tokyo Ghoul: gender REassignment

>all these fags who complain every week but can't simply drop the manga and move on

To be fair you need a very high IQ to understand Tokyo Ghoul.

>8 chapters till the end.

Why do you think that?


All of you keep saying that Kaneki is dead when you know that he'll be back in no time.

So a new Kaneki soon?

It's so dropped I can't even find it


Yeah, just like Eto right?

No one actually believes this, just 2 retards.

So I guess this time Kaneki was the hallucination in Rize’s mind.

well yeah he's dead, but he's either going to be a tulpa for zombie rize or he'll continue his journey through tulpaland and be resurrected

Well since cuckneki hit the bucket...

It will be amazing if he regains consciousness after they buried him.

Adventures of Eto and Little-Eto coming soon

So much autistic screeching. See you retards this time next week.


>this many chapters later and Rize is finally getting her chance at becoming a character

This why I don't come the threads every week anymore. Just retards crying all thread long. We know that the story took some weird turns and it's subpar but you don't have to point out the obvious.

>Rize finally getting her chance when there are just a few more chapters left of the story.

>retards actually think that the manga is ending any soon
>retards think that Kaneki is actually dead forever

you guys don't learn shit do you?

Is that a tarot card on his ear?

But it is confirmed that at least :re is ending.


So what does our guy Aurima have in plan?

Like jesus, he will emerge after 3 days.

>you don't have to point out the obvious.

What else is there to talk about? Should we start fooling ourselves how good this is? It's a train-wreck and Ishida only keeps it going by sheer (clinical) insanity.

>Behold, my masterfully orchestrated plan to kill Rize and make Kaneki a ghoul only to kill Kaneki and bring back Rize. I'm so fucking crazy

It is shit, faggot. Go choke on a dick and pray that Ishida, the ulitmate hacker does the same.

Lmao u know nothin for weeks?

There is actually a strong pattern on Ishida's "absurd" recent storytelling, not cryptic but certainly hidden. The construction of concepts such as the chosen one, the collective mind etc. It's there but everything here is a echo chamber that it sucks.

i'll ask again, source?

>Happy Black Reaper

Wow, it really looks weird

that's all fine and well but the story just isn't interesting

Rize is Kaneki now
>that title

Kaneki is Rize’s tupla now*

Then again, it's a valid point and I agree, the story just downstairs flow way the way he planned, but you don't have just to cry rivers all day of how it is to cohesive a stage strong part 1, we know that. It's just :re isn't compelling to you, must of us.

>Kaneki is Rize now.

Bull shit manga

Streamnigga is fast.

>tfw urie killed kaneki

Your ass: The source

All good villains this series had/still potentially has and what is being done with them?
>Eto gets cucked for Mr.Self Insert to take over
>Washuu, after being built for years all got fucked in just an arc.
>V got reduced to meme.
>Clowns get thrown into forgotten void, get only brought back for panel or two, giving couple of "you need IQ 200 to understand this" deep quotes.
>Akihiro Kanou, fucker who started everything, fucker who was involved in everything....kills himself. (can't blame him)

Instead we get some faggy Joker self-insert Mary Sue as main antagonist and team autists who completely came back to their senses in just a chapter because Quinx told them to stop being cunts....

Can we already say that Ishida has surpassed Mashima in hacking? Since he for sure has surpassed Kubo long ago. Bleach looks as masterpiece in comparison to :re now.

I think pulling Furuta back is just the cherry on top. I am actually disgusted that I was a fan of this piece of shit for long and defended the writing. Absolutely depressing.

What in the fuck is happening?

Kaneki died. Rize revived.

So what is NuRize now? Is she the ultimate human/ghoul being? Will Furuta farm her again to create a society of human/ghoul or will she break free and go nuclear to revive her King Kaneki and they grow wings to finally fuck off into space

i dont think ishida has any idea either

Too bad it wasn't Eto in the pod at the end, I was looking forward to seeing TG get a 2000 reply sticky.

>Kaneki is dead
>Rise is Alive
>Furutra returns
>Hide is probably going to depressed next chap

Well Played Ishida


So I assume that ghoul at the end was a human who was resurrected and turned into a full ghoul?

just checked, he actually has 7 holes. Touka is fisting one of them. What does this mean?

New ghouls? Born from dragon like the 24th ward ghouls

> must of us.
GTFO and take your ESL friends with you.

Let's appreciate rize's THICCNESS

>People still think people actually die in TG


>Tupla Kaneki gets to enjoy all that thiccness

Death of Best Boi was a fucking mistake. Everything went to shit after that

>Looking forward to part 3, anons?
why are you fucks still reading this?
it got shit beyond repair after the clownparty
you're like the naruto fags who somehow powered throught all 700+ chapters
or the bleach readers who continued reading after straw lost his powers

Kaneki was gender swapped into Rize.

You need a life


Kimi last we saw her:
>I only care for us Nishiki. Don't care for Kaneki. He brought this on himself.
Kimi now:
>I-I'm too sad to celebrate because Kaneki is dead.

Furuta last we saw him:
>I admit this wasn't part of my original plan. I kinda fucked up.
Furuta now:

Isn't that the random dude in bed with someone way back when Dragon began to fuck shit up?


Goodness, Kaneki is a fucking abomination. Just look at his body

Mutsuki defends Aura, while Dragon does something to Saiko's kagune.

So Furata farmed Rize to get Oggais to feed Kaneki to get Dragon and then from Dragon get another Rize? Is this the ultimate masterplan?

good catch

>He still obsesses with the story to the point where he sperges out
Apparently your still reading it as well. I don't know some of you people sit around whining like anyone cares. If you think the story is ded then go read something else until it gets better.

>Kaneki is now together with the girl he originally liked
>Became one both body and mind

So first girl wins again?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that random ghoul didn't realize that he was a ghoul until he saw his own face.

although you are indeed correct I dont see how my comment would have taken you to such a conclusion

Why are the CCG even sad? As if they wouldn't have executed Kaneki anyway

>rize is back
>still no eto
two nukes weren't enough, after all

>yfw it's actually Arima and the girl was Hairu

Dragon took over her kagune. Dragon is capable of using parasitic possession.

I don't think it's another Rize b/c the first one was fed to the Oggais but yeah. Kaneki with tits is the masterplan.

God it's only getting worse. Next they bring Eto back to spit in her face.

Now Saiko will give birth to a new Kaneki. She always called him Maman, and everyone always says how motherly Saiko is.

What are the chances they swapped out the body with some unrecognizable kagune clone of his, so that the CCG doesn't take him prisoner and experiment on him? They did say they want to retrieve the target for further analysis.

>Saiko with two kakugans
Ex-fucking-cuse me?

>you are still
its "you were" - dropped forever
and i just come here to see if any of you still actually care about the story, but it seems that you're just being taken along by inertia
if its neither pls do exemplain your why do you still follow this series

Eto raises Ben and Little Eto with Touka.

Dragon can turn people into full ghouls.

just more confirmation that saiko had a kagune that was rize based

MUH Haise feelings

I think his plan was to create a Dragon that had no imperfections, and we still don't know if Dragon requires being fed with human flesh for sustenance. So his ultimate plan was maybe to create the first ghoul/human that didn't need to eat human flesh so that he can break the cycle?


Well at least Kaneki is not fucking dead!

Part 3 Ren Kaneki raised by Eto and Touka

Holy shit, I missed that.

It all returns to nothing, it just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

Dragon turns humans into ghouls

I wonder if she can't eat normal food now.

God, this is a complete shitshow

I have long suspected Ishida just phones it in and experiments on how far down the retardation hole one can go before being called out on his hack bullshit. Somehow nobody stops him.

>Rize was Dragon all along
>Humans got ghoulified
>Kaneki is dead
>V is entering the spotlight again
>Furuta back to his meme ways
Well shit that was unexpected. I guess Kaneki will be getting thrown in a tank now until Kimi overloads him with ghoul medicine or whatever.

>face is covered
>we never see his body being wrapped by the cloth
Laughing at the retards thinking Kaneki is dead. Nobody would write the death scene of a MC like this, at the very least you would see his face for that sick reference.

Who /Chibro/ here?

Saiko's Kagune is kaneki based thats why dragon can control it now

>Chibi tier delusions
Jesus these threads are dead, and people still moan. It's like, has there been an original complaint since Rue ended?

You've never seen how they wrap the bodies of the dead after a disaster of any sort, for moving them around?

user ken is now Rize Blanco hes tranende and became his tfirs

Clowns to the right of me!

Jokers to the left!

It's been tooooo long!

This isn't good Ishida, I used to love this series but when you write the death of a maon character and all I feel is apathy you've fucked up.

Goddamn. What happened in this series?

Even still, he's not dead though. People have to be literal idiots to think the MC would bite the dust.

I need party version of resurrected RIze.

I expect Rize's dragon ability to be the opposite of Kaneki's. I think she'll be able to turn ghouls into humans, then eat them.


Why is Furuta ALWAYS one step ahead of everyone?

No I mean you never saw a panel where Touka wraps the cloth around his body with tears in her eyes. Combined with the fact that his face is covered I am highly suspicious that it's really Kaneki in there.

The circle of life

You can't bring the MC back from the dead and have him be in any sort of fighting condition with these few chapters left. Face it, Kaneki died and Part 2 is over. He will be remembered as a martyr who was used in a nefarious plot by the dark underground organization V to throw Tokyo into chaos and sacrifice thousands of humans in a bizarre ritual to bring back the dead.

What is happening?
I just understood that somehow Dragon made some people ghouls and Furuta managed to birth another Rize from Dragon...

Because Ishida wants him to be.

>This much denial

First time I saw it I thought she was blushing because she got turned on over his dead body.

All according to Furuta's kek-kaku.

But like when did Rize die and why did master planner Furuta had to resurrect her. It just doesn't make any sense.

Your welcome.

But how

I'm too far in this shitshow to drop it

wtf is page 17 and 18

RC cells fuckery

The Joker
Clown Prince of Crime
Cousin Joker
Harlequin of Hate
Jester of Genocide
Grand Mogul of Mountebanks
King of Tokyo
Emperor Joker
Eric Border
Dr. Jay Reko
Joseph Kerr
Joe Kerr
Jack White
John Doe
Oberon Sexton
Ace of Knaves
Domino Killer
The Thin White Duke
The Pale Man
Red Hood
Red Hood One
Mr. J
Jack Napier


You guys know this is Furutafag and he always says retarded shit like "Why is Furuta ALWAYS blahblahblah?" or "What were the results of your wiretapping experiment?"

What were the results of your wiretapping experiment?"

Could Ling Tosite Sigure - EneMe from the new album "#5" be the intro song of the Tokyo Ghoul 3rd season? I mean, it sounds somewhat fitting with the overall narrative of the story. Maybe not as fitting as "unravel" was, but still not dismissible as irrelevant, imho

That's about it. And Kaneki may or may not be dead. He's pretty fucked up even though he should be overflowing with rc cells and that idiot Ishida isn't gonna explain shit as usual

Stopped reading this shit after red-haired guy with shark teeth died. What the fuck happened in the manga since then?

This is hilarious.

Someone post that picture of new TG volumes taking a huge drop in sales.

What the fuck are you still doing here special snowflake?

Neat, didnt know they have a new album

Doesn't exist. They did take a huge drop in ratings however. And that's all thanks to 2-3 autists who are angry that Eto isn't back, or that Touka is getting time.

is that blood...?

Etofags rule the world, obviously.

Kaneki goes full edge mode
Full edge mode was actually suicide pussy mode
Arima stabs him until Kaneki goes king mode
Meanwhile Furuta reveals himself as the best character of the series and kills Eto
Shit happens on a random island, with Amon coming back and Aogiri tree gets destroyed, Washuu (rulers of CCG) are revealed as ghouls
Kaneki impregnates Touka
Kaneki's King Mode was actually still weak pussy mode and he gets defeated and then forced by Kanou/Furuta to become Godzilla.
CCG and Ghouls come together to stop Godzilla Kaneki.
Kanou offs himself from the manga.
Kaneki is extracted from Godzilla (maybe dead) and Rize is reborn.
Humans got turned into ghouls by Godzilla.

>He will be remembered as a martyr

He will be remembered as a limp-dicked, spineless retard who single-handedly fucked his own life, species and manga after "waking up". Fuck Ishida.

Okay, could that beeping counter mean anything?
What if it relevates RC cell count in the air and they are spreding all over Tokyo the same way the spores would?
Take in mind the huge number.

If you were to forget all plot points would you want to read this manga all over again?

Fuck, forgot the pic.

>Turn ghouls into humans
Probably a little too early in the series to do that, Kimi hasn't even whipped out the master scholar ghoul medicine shit that Kanou gave her.

Completely fucking forgot about new album despite watching preview video 2 weeks ago.
I would say that using the song from already released album as an opening is unlikely but not impossible. Also maybe TK will make a solo single for it.

seeing as the kagune exploded and saiko was affected, you're probably right about spores
I would, the only arc that I strongly disliked was the current one, otherwise it was a hell of a ride.

You wouldnt believe me even if i told you

shitposter-kun still exists? jesus. Also what the duck is this manga?

So dragon dying and the eyes exploding is having the same effect as those mushrooms from The Last of Us?

You lads have to stop theorizing, I bet half the people who thought Kaneki is dead now believed in muh Femtoneki. Do you even see the religious themes here?
>Kaneki = Jesus
>Consumed by Dragon underground
>Slept for 3 days
Wrapped in a blanket
>Urie carrying his lifeless body in the Pieta pose
He's coming back from the dead. Ishida would be an even bigger hack if Kaneki somehow did die for good here.

>Furutafags straight out of the woodwork
Good, please destroy these threads.

Only up until the eye lick scene with Eto and Kaneki throwing Tsukiyama down the tower (chapter 57). With the very next chapter (fungus pussy saint Touka coming to the rescue and killing investigators) the manga turned to shit. This manga died with Shiraizu in chapter 57.

Thanks, I'll try to read it again sometime then.

He's shown himself after like at least a few months.And this manga is pretentious as fuck.

This is a good comedy manga.

>Ishida literally pulled a Parasyte Maxim
The RC cells or whatever being an air chemical that infect everyone and mutate them

Yeah, even though it kinda sucks I still have no regrets.

I don't know why people keep trying to prove the sales are dropping, it's hilarious because the sales just increasing each time and they'll only increase with the :re anime happening. The only reason the nips whined about V13 of :re is because the Suzuya vs. Kaneki fight was skipped.

Poor Furuta was depressed because his waifu was dead

That's Arima.

So no part 3 and instead quick conclusion?

that's not Furuta, it's a random guy that probably ate his son/wife

>Citation needed

Lewd offering. Happy late V-day hellhole, have some best girls. sorry for the mess no bully

>Everyone turns into a ghoul


the rides over
Devilman> TokyoGhoul:re

Well that's odd. I'm never on that board so I have no idea whats with the link

Kaneki isn't death. He became Uta 2.0.




Brainlet here explain

>those holes

Where is this Furuta/V/Rize shit even happening? Are they inside dragon? Did Kaneki shit out a copy of Rize because he had a fuckton of her kagune or something?

Father became a ghoul, killed and ate his own son.

This is how ghouls were created in the first place. Either alien spores, or something that mutated on earth infected humans and turned them into ghouls.

By whatever Kanou and Furuta did to Rize/Kaneki, they recreated that phenomen.

Tokyo Ghoul was never just one person, it was all of Tokyo by the end of the manga.
Literally Tokyo is Ghoul.

>Kaneki will have holes or eyes all over his body instead of solely on his Kagune
>Everyone literally became the Black Goat's Egg
Jesus Christ

Well one thing is certain and that is whatever fuck up he had 100 yrs ago to make him go Naga can't be worse then Cuckneki's own.

Why do ghouls look like Korean actors?

>19th ward
>Next tarot is The Sun #19 in the Major Arcana


The ghoul origin story will either be extremely convoluted and weird, or precise and boring. The alien route is probably going to be weird though so no.

>the worse the series got, the worse the threads got


You don't get it, Rize was inside of each of her clone kagune and Kenaki ate a lot of them forming a perfect Rize rep instead of the mindbroken one they have in a tube somewhere. Two Rize, one perfect in mind but in remade body and the original organ donator one that no one gives a shit about.

>Kaneki literally dindu nuffin
W-Woah.. Actually wait what? If Rize was the Dragon all along, why did it self destruct when Kaneki was pulled out? Shouldn't half of it have stayed around at least?

But Itori's name doesn't end with a(utism).




Kaneki is Dragon, Rize is just the new Dragon made to replace Kaneki. That way she'll be the last boss with V and Kaneki literally dindu nuffin.

Ghouls aren't monsters, they're just humans that are infected with a disease! CCG was killing sick people.

Feels good to not care about Kaneki's fate or Tokyo Ghoul anymore.

Everyone here that will continue reading this shitshow: have a good one.

That's one of my main gripes with this series. Why does kaneki get so many "aha moments" and then goes through a transformation and then changes his hairstyle. Someone look me in the face and tell me that this shit isn't dragonball tier at this point. I get that he's supposed to be sorta crazy but his transformations aren't even written as a mistake or a bad thing. They're written as a broken guy finally changing who he Is, until he doesn't.

"Damn dude now I really get it, this is the person I really am."
*gets shit on*
"No wait I'm actually trash"
Repeat ad infinitum.

This entire thread.

Furuta's return is only saving this series idiots.

If Dragons eyes exploding and spores turn people into ghouls then...

>Uta turned into Dragon
>somehow got extracted or freed himself
>Dragon eyes exploded and turned Tokyo into ghouls
>V stepped in and covered the whole thing up >Tokyo was somehow burried and a new Tokyo was built on top of it (Ayato found a whole city with skyscrapers and the Nagaraj dragon underground in the deepest parts of the 24th ward)
>yfw V only pretended to be a bunch of jobbers

>Kaneki's consciousness went into the new Rize body
>Furuta takes her back to another lab to use as his own cumdump for months on end
>Makes her have another 101 children
>Turns Baneki into the Tokyo Dragon again
>Revives Arima as the ultimate one eyed savior
>Kaneki's original body is harvested in the lab for SSS rate Dragon armors
How far can we go?

The reason ghouls don't like the taste of other ghouls is that they're also infected with the disease. A kakuja is likely a mutation to the disease by getting diseased cells from multiple infected people.

Give me more, lad.

Fuck it I'll risk it hopefully just the clit will be enough. We got Eto


Whoops wrong one

Hinami and her hinamis


>Kill Ryze only to revive her again

those are fucking terrible user

>Have MC finally hurt human, Aurima's aunt.
>Nay he dindu nuffin, it was Hirako.
>Have MC kill thousands of humans, Tokyo.
>Nay he dindu nuffin again since he is unconscious and got no control of his kaiju monster.
>Nay he dindu nuffin completely as with this whole Rize nanomachines Rize most likely takes credit for it while Jesusneki dindu nuffin wrong.

Now resurrection part and Kaneki being treated as lord and savior is next.

Could he save this Manga?

God I'm too tired for this I keep fucking up. Almost over here's Tomoe

>Throw shit on Rize so she can become a kakuhou donor, create a half-ghoul in Kaneki, and lose her mind
>Tear Rize apart to put her into edgy Kaneki-clone squad
>Make Kaneki turn into dragon to bring back Rize again
Is Furuta fucking high?


inb4 Rize was pulling the strings all along

>Have MC finally hurt human, Aurima's aunt.
This is probably an ebin pasta anyway but it was confirmed in the V14 omake that Hirako was the one who fucked up Aurima's aunt.

That's called recycling sweety.

Finally naked-apron Eto for the holidays. Special thanks to the Rize doujin drawer, I hope you like them. I'll fuck off now

> rize

>Consecutive trips
What does it mean lads? AAAAAA I'm so fucked up!

This scene looks like the Femto birth in Berserk. The background kinda resembles the Hand.

it means femtoneki soon

>This is probably an ebin pasta anyway but it was confirmed in the V14 omake that Hirako was the one who fucked up Aurima's aunt.
You do know that one can check whatever or no some post is some 'ebin pasta' or no? That being said, try reading more first sentence only next time.

>Literally Tokyo is Ghoul.

>5 V agents
>Rize is the Behelit aka Egg
>Kaneki is the demon child, brutally fucked up and hideous currently.
>Kagune pillars in the background look like a Crown
Berserk symbolism is lowkey apparent.

It's called fucking retarded, Furuta.

Best girl.

She got a rework

Dunno how autistic his own fuck up was in comparison to Cuckneki's but thing that we can indeed say is that one actually had accomplishments as OEK before his infamous fuck up, while second one only achieved knocking up his waifu and

>Kaneki is the demon child, brutally fucked up and hideous currently.
I don't know why but that sounded funny.


Why does Ishida keep using Furuta for fucks sake?

killed off all other antagonists aside from the clowns

don't fucking insult berserk

even with miura having become an idolm@ster faggot, he deserves more respect than hackshida.

I don't really care because it was still meant to be an ebin shitpost that fell flat but, meh alright

Furuta told Ui that dragon didnt work. Now he suddenly appears and is saying that this was his plan all along. Umm what? also pic related

he said this was what he was hoping for, meaning he didn't know for certain (like he told Ui but he could've told him anything). He wants to have Rize but the original left him behind and had her mind and body shattered, so that's as good as it gets.

Furuta is fucking retarded, and so is Ishida.

Not really, at least Ishita wants to complete his manga. Miura only drops barely 3 chapters a year and the art and story has been declining for awhile. Both series are boring me, guess I'll read Dorohedoro again.

He's coming back in the next 2-3 chapters, i'm not buying this fake drama from you Ishida, 10yo plebbitors may eat this, not me.
overall garbage writing.

>Furuta is Ishida's self-insert

Maybe Miura has enough respect for his work to let it die, whereas Ishida is happy to keep running it into the ground.

Okay, obviously Miura doesn't. He just isn't interested in it anymore.

>Believing Furuta
He probably only said that shit so Ui's desperate ass didn't follow him. Zombie Hairu soon anyway though

No F
It wasn't supposed to be this way, he was just another victim of Nishida Ui's hack writing after ishida died.

Kaneki is dead and the final boss is Rize confirmed by Kenkamishiro herself.

>Ishida died
Chibi is that you?

I mean Kaneki is literally a symbolic Jesus at this point and Rize was the Dragon who tore apart Tokyo. Rize might be the final boss of :re or whatever but V still exists.

I hate the negativity in these threads, but I wouldn't have gotten that people were turning into full ghouls otherwise. A necessary evil I guess

Should have stuck with Haise. All of this could have been avoided. His "death" and everything after it was fucking mistake. Thanks a lot Hackshita.

No, fuck off. Not everything is hurr christian symbolism. Christian symbolism is symbolism for brainlets.


This is a single Toukaa and her ToukKens after this chapter. As you can tell, the father is nowhere to be seen. He is likely dead.


>N-No you!
Yea.. no, you'd be the brainlet if you didn't see the apparent christian symbolism taking place. If Kaneki being slumped underground for 3 days didn't make it obvious enough I can't help you.

should've read "burning to the last"

Even that chibi faggot thought that TG turned to shit.

Kaneki is Vader.

Rize is with Touka's uncle, how the fuck did they get her?


How many times does Kaneki have to die before the manga ends, if it ever does?

femtoparty soon

Kaneki is Vader, Rize is Griffith, everyone is inspired from something, might as well call the story Tokyo Berserk Vader Ghoul

Wait what chapter is this?

>How many times does Kaneki have to die before the manga ends, if it ever does?
Kaneki clearly never fucking dies though. If it's a fake death it's not even considered a real death. In V14 when he got clowned by Arima, he just got fatally wounded and developed another tulpa. This is the first real time he's actually in a coma/ death state until he recovers.

So humans are really turning into ghouls and he ate the girl beside him. I guess the question is how. Was it mere exposure to the dragon? Saiko's kagune also seemed to go crazy for a bit this chapter when they struggled to get Kaneki out.

>Kaneki clearly never fucking dies though
No shit sherlock.

wait where is darh neki? what happened? why saiko has two kakugans then one? who are those ghouls at the end and the dude at the bed??? why is V still allied with furuta when furuta literally wanted to create dragon and V wanted to kill kaneki??

im in shock right now

Remember when Dragon exploded like a mushroom when Mutsukek stabbed it and it released all the gremlin spawns? That's when shit hit the fan and the RC cells spread through the air like spores all over the city. It probably didn't hit the outskirts of Tokyo, but every ward in direct contact with Dragon or very close to it anyway are fucked. If the CCG agents don't become ghouls I'm going to be surprised as fuck really.


>people unironically think Kaneki is dead
I'll bet you that the Qs and Touka don't even think he's dead they just wrapped him up for autistic hack writing reasons.

Why didn't furuta just not kill rize?

>wait where is darh neki
>what happened
a bad manga
>why saiko has two kakugans then one
dragon turns people into full ghouls
>why is V still allied with furuta when furuta literally wanted to create dragon and V wanted to kill kaneki
fuck knows

What if Kaneki wakes up from his coma as a human because he shit out his kagune or something and now has to fight with a quinque again and put Arima's training to use for once?

Sorry Furuta but those hips belong to Tupla Kaneki now.


>wait where is darth neki
Ded until Kimi pumps him up in the lab and he becomes the Nameless King, probably during the Judgement card since it mentions the fool being reborn and he's dead as shit rn
>why saiko has two kakugans then one
Nigga Quinx do it all the time. Urie did it, Hajime did it, I guess the Dragon spores just made her body react to the explosion
>who are those ghouls at the end
Blah blah, humans became ghouls because Dragons or RC cells in general are parasites
>why is V still allied with Furuta
Nigga Furuta doesn't tell V shit, he just does things. If anything they probably wanted this too happen as well for some ebin reason.

He's on a long swim.

i see you are a prime brainlet..

This is also supported by how the deep ghouls think that they are humans. They really were human, at one point.

Did you also know that water was wet user? Nice discovery!

Finally we get pleasure kaneki guys ! LOL


how about you make a post explaining why that is

I'm calling it fake news as that would be the end of world but against my better judgement, lets see his latest vid on TG shall we....
>INTENSE DIALOGUE & Digging For Kaneki Ken
Wow! Title already looks promising.Let me regret my life and hit play button...
>1 sec and I already wanna neck myself
>5 secs and I want to neck (you) then myself
>Survived 2 whole minutes of watching his video? HOLY SHIT... please neck me!
>HOOORAAAAY 2:20 mins and here is Ishida cocksucking I was looking for!

>>Even that chibi faggot thought that TG turned to shit.
Neck yourself user for making me watch this crap for 2:20 mins.

>getting this ass blasted for no reason

Who hurt you, user?

Who said I was hurt though, I'm just tired of all the negativity and whining so I'm shitposting.

The only people who really moan about the story are us anons. Everywhere else the series is still selling really well to the point where it's in the top 5 most sold mango in Japan or some shit in 2017 and people are positive. I guess everyone is just mad here, I don't know why though. Must be brainlets.


Sorry there was supposed a question mark at the end.
I sincerely apologize for subjecting you to watching one of his video.


>Blood can not flow through the fabric.

He already had his fill.



Reminder that Kaneki has done LITERALLY nothing wrong and if he's alive will be welcomed back as a hero. Eto is still an evil witch. V is too much of a secret hat tipping society to be caught and will just dissapear back into the shadow. Everyone alive will also hold a big party celebrating how they are back together and talk about how all their worries are over.


I can’t believe Kaneki is fucking dead.

tfw dragon was a plague and is converting every ghoul into human and every human into ghoul

What is even the message of the manga at this point

>Furuta gets away with everything again
>now has Femto Rize

Women are evil?

Does this mean since Graverobber was hanging out alone and didn't join up with GOAT that she got turned into a human?


Why are people so anal about Kaneki dindu nuffin, who literally cares. 100% of this shit was Furuta's fault, Kaneki just slayed the Oggai and ate them to survive. The Oggai were shitters regardless but still. Everything is Furuta & Rize's fault, Ui literally told the CCG that Furuta only took over to make Dragon anyway.

>le all according to keikaku face

I miss Eto so much. Eto please save this manga.
just kidding it's long since doomed


>Rize is Femto
>Kaneki is Jesus
>Eto is still missing and Furuta is still a meme man
All things aside, I have no issues

This current Kaneki should just stay dead and Ishida should make multiple Kaneki in his place. A haise, black reaper, don, and a clown kaneki as an antagonist.

When will you retards accept it?

Exactly, notice here is is a human with black hair saying sorry for eating a person, the first one turned into a ghoul

And then there is this white haired ghoul who was on the streets throwing up because he ate human flesh and it didn't tasted the same because he is now a human

and the guy on the bed is the human who we saw couple chapters ago who aparently ate the women that was with him, because hes now a ghoul

Seems like freshly minted ghouls can't control their need to eat flesh. Same as early series Kaneki.

Graverobber better watch out if she's human now. She's a fresh teenage girl.

When are you going to realize that Eto was surrounded with the bodies of V agents, was cannibalizing since she was a child, and has juice for days? If Hide can fuck off for over 100 chapters until his official return then I'm sure Eto will be back whenever the narrative needs it.

>aparently ate the women that was with him, because hes now a ghoul
That makes it sound like only certain people get turned.

>Couple chapters ago
>"Hide" appears again, ishida even writes "A person that claims to be Nagachika Hideyoshi"
>he tricks both ghoul and humans to work together so they can "dig sum Kaneki"
>it turns out that when you get Kaneki out of the kagune monster this shit explodes and expand a plague that turn everyone into ghouls
>Kaneki even turns out to be dead

What if this isn't fucking hide but a clone Kage bunshi of the clowns

>Kaneki dies
>Furuta is back and working with V
>Rize is also back and looks like she got a facial
>Humans are turning into Ghouls
They're just throwing shit at the wall at this point aren't they.

>a plague that turn everyone into ghouls
As shown in , it just flips what a person is. Ghouls into humans and humans into ghouls. Great way to create chaos.

Or more like he was the first one who got hungry or was just simply stronger because hes a man and ate her

>this is what kaneki wanted all along

Or maybe the guy just turned faster and ate the first human he came across

If they were turned at the same time he wouldn't have eaten her, since ghouls are only attracted to human meat.

what the fuck just happened?

At least we have Rizekane in dreamworld

Graverobber even as a human will survive because she carries around her katana all the time, so she can kill these rookie ghouls. Her stealing CCG weapons from investigators she killed will most likely come in handy.

How does this prove that ghouls are turning human?

White haired guy tried to eat human flesh like normal, but puked, since he's not a ghoul any more.

Kaneki died
Ghouls are turning to humans
Humans are turning to ghouls
Furuta is a back and it all went according to his plan (this part is fucking stupid)
Rize is back and she is a jizz monster

Ghouls eat both ghoul and human flesh, the only reason you don't see ghouls eating eachother is because they don't want to have an innecesary fight that could end up killing them, this is why every ghoul just hunt human


Shouldn't the lack of kagune tell him that he's not a ghoul anymore? The other way around, a human who turned into a ghoul and tries to eat regular food and then puking would make more sense, no?

>Kaneki dies
>Furuta is back and working with V
>Rize is also back and looks like she got a facial
>Humans are turning into Ghouls
I'm just the Tokyo Ghoul at this point aren't I.

Did you miss the fact that ghouls and humans smell inherently different and that ghoul meat tastes disgusting to most ghouls?

>titless rize
fucking dropped

I mean his name is one giant spoiler alert, Nagachika itself already raises questions, but whatever. If he's a clone or the Underground King's son at this point I don't care, we just need that Hide spotlight.

What food is there to find in an car garage? There are however, corpses everywhere.


Because hes making sure that he isn't a ghoul anymore by eating human?

why would a human puke blood in the middle of the streets?

Just because Kaneki said that ghoul flesh tastes bad doesn't mean that it had to taste the same for everyone, for example, Takizawa and Kurona both were shown eating ghoul flesh and they said that it tastes good

>Kaneki is fucking dead again

How many times is Ishida going to do this?

They aren't really ghouls. They're both hybrids.

Same for Kaneki, and he said ghoul flesh tastes bad


>People whining about Kaneki """"dying"""" again
>People unironically think the MC will die or remain in coma
The brainlet audience, everyone.


>Rize is the MC of part 3
>she has Kaneki tulpa conversations in her head
>post yfw

>Next chapter is the eclipse paralel
>Rize kills all V members and rapes Furuta at the spot
>Kaneki is still dead
>Hide has panels without any text and him staring to make it seem like he does any shit at all
>mutsuki is still garbage

>Rize was Femto all along


>Vaguely remember seeing the chapter title (Come, Sweet Hour of Death) somewhere before
>Its only use is as a chapter title for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair


I unironically agree. Haise was a pussy in the beginning but he became a much better character later.

Maybe you're thinking of this


they only stated that it "tastes bad" for ghouls because of Kaneki eating yamori






I'm alright with this ending.

Unless Rize revives Haise, this whole manga can go fuck itself.