Sachiko was on Prime Time American TV last night

Sachiko was on Prime Time American TV last night.

Sure she's now associated with alt-right terrorists but I think she'll still be pleased.

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What's wrong with television these days?

Oy vey, that's anti-semitic.


oh yes, the sachiko


We still got it


Is that real ? Which tv show is that ?

TV was always wrong. Us plebs couldn't realize it until the internet got going and provided a forum for free and anonymous discussion.
Cultural awareness is slowly rising, which is why companies like twitter are going ape-shit with censorship (they know that preventing wrong-think is the only thing they have to sell atm--thank goodness the oligarchy will pay good money for online censorship).

It says Cred Forums but that QR window and that hyperlink with the >>my president is thicc and the lack of greentext in normal quotes are not from here. Even those post numbers don't match any board. If they are going to make a copycat imageboard for their show why use the Cred Forums front page, what's going on?

THE QUEEN OF Cred Forums!

My heart hurts.

I wish moot was here.


They’re essentially doxxing us, telling the self righteous among them where to go. It’ll probably go nowhere. Normalfags will get out bantered in 5 posts

If autistic shitposters are enough of a concern that they had to dedicate entire TV episodes and campaigns to them, the future is going to be really interesting in a few years.

>pic related

They literally had screenplay writers think up a scene where someone reads shitposts on Cred Forums. What a world.

Corner-chan a cute. CUTE!

Tv and theatrical cinema are both being killed by new media, this is the death spasm



It is made up, but I admire their effort to make shitposting look so real.

They even used pretty much the same meme-language.
Needs more pepe, tho.

>it's actually a pretty civil thread about erio
Still funny even years after

At least you know why they call Japan the land of the future.
Japanese have been making movies out of 2ch "greentexts" even before F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ended its run.

>Cred Forums

Why am I not surprised

The way it keeps cutting back to her face is hilarious

Can we just shut down pol at this point?

Why ruin the fun?

While the board's cancer, I like that it's pretty much all the general public knows about Cred Forums. Like Cred Forums before it, it keeps loads of normalfags away when they think the entire site is nothing but a hive of scum an villainy.

>it keeps loads of normalfags away when

No, it doesn't keep them away. Far from it.

Keeps them away from Cred Forums which is really all that matters.

Cred Forums has had a stable population and activity since around mid-2010. You can check the archive sites if you don't believe me.

Pretty sure this is fake.

No, I KNOW this is fake.

....It's fake, right?

The 1st time I heard someone speaking about this site in public were a couple of kids talking about Cred Forums. I'm not even joking. Was taking a bus ride home and 2 kids (13-14 yo probably) were sitting in front of me. One of them kept calling it 4chans. They talked how pepe is the mascot of this site and how this is a place for all the cool people and hackers where they expose corrupt politicians and whatnot.

Sachiko is cute!

No. It's from Homeland. Season 7 episode 2. You can google it and there'll be tons of articles mentioning how she went on Cred Forums.

>this is a place for all the cool people and hackers where they expose corrupt politicians and whatnot.

>read online recap of episode
>CIA agent goes to Cred Forums for information, downloads a JPEG which turns out to be ransomware

Also, this was the file and Cred Forums post featured in the episode. Try to spot what's wrong with it.

>28k ransomware

Replied to itself? I don't see anything else, apart from the ID.

Most of the trip they talked about Shia Labeouf and that "He will not divide us" shit because it was happening around that time. How 4chans were trying to foil Shia's plans. It just seems bizarre to me how kids are interested in all of this political bullshit.

Makes you wonder how many of those threads/replies are made by TV staff so they have something to film

For what purpose

>this is a place for all the cool people and hackers

So dark and edgy.

Well does anyone know who she is?

People shit talk Cred Forums but the general quality hasn't completely nosedived yet. Boards like /jp/ haven't really nosedived, it's just completely unrecognizable. Everyone basically decided their niche whatever needs a constant 24/7 general

>CIA hacked by a random citizen
i wonder if the writers understood how utterly backwards from reality this is.

Maybe that's just enough to execute code and then download a larger more complex payload?

Sachiko a cute. Not l-lewd!

/jp/ was ruined when they started forcing threads off of other boards and onto /jp/

Kids love being edgy and hardcore. Since Cred Forums is the newest boogeyman counterculture, kids flock to it because everything else is so inoffensive and preachy.

>Cred Forums has inline reply chains just like reddit
Do they know more than they're letting on?

That's because the shit we talk about is almost completely refreshed every three months without fail. No other board benefits from this so they stagnate over time.

It's a png not a jpg.


fucking kill me already.

Can't really blame them for using a fake Cred Forums. Doubt they can show blacked cuck porn posting to the public. And kekistanis or whatever the fuck is their new hip movement is just embarrassing for everybody if you're trying to make them look scary and chaotic neutral.

wow this post.

The other day, some bloke had his fun with the official NSA site which happened to contain the names of all the employees.
He simply added a note into it saying, "Do you really want to work here?"

Provided, this is still a stupid sript but idiots exist everywhere, even at CIA.

But boards like Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums constantly get new stuff. Can't talk about Cred Forums because I don't go there, but Cred Forums and Cred Forums are absolute shitholes.

I know Cred Forums is hardly a badass counterculture, but the hysteria it inspires in people makes it hip and cool.

>he doesn't 4chanx

4chanx inline replies don't look like that though, unless you mess with the CSS to make them look that way. Watch the video.

Is this how /r9k/ was formed?

>Every single image was just a picture of an actual person with the only variation being some were captioned or scribbled on in MSpaint

wtf sachiko is cute now

I don't understand, why did they deliberately change the mascot from Yotsuba to Sachiko?

Because she's the cutest.

new era

It's been made up of the same fucking people since it's creation.

hiro did it a while ago

>Do you really want to work here?
i meant that it's crazy to portray Cred Forums as insane hackers when federal agencies monitor everything and have backdoors built into everything.

Hiro is an idolfag

The kong

Kong is only for harapan.

>implying they would have been willing to put in the effort to make a Homeland-chan or risk tripping over that copyright wire

What better way to show Hiro is the new commander in chief other than change the mascot? moot was the one that banned people on sight whenever Yotsuba porn was posted.

Kong has seen some shit, yo.

Edgy piece of shits ruined Yotsuba by spamming 4leaf lover. Last time I saw someone dump that filth, people were eagerly awaiting the next pages and called everyone disgusted by it cucks and the usual shit. It's best to let her rest.

Someone on /qa/ whined for a few wheeks to hiro that the sachikong should be on the front page. He said okay and now she, instead of a space shuttle, is the frontpage mascot.

Best Law & Order SUV episode ever.

Have you seen how Cred Forums has changed since 2010? It’s gotten considerably worse especially when hotpockets started banning posters who were self moderating shitty threads. Now the entire board is full of shonenshit generals and lots of off topic and request shit.

Why are they usurping Yotsuba?

We have a new mascot? Who the FUCK uses the homepage anymore?

because hiro wanted a change
also I dont think it actually changed, he just added sachiko to the frontpage (and I dont think he actually replaced anything there, it was just the logo alone) - yotsuba is still in all the 404 images and such

Wow that's pretty cool ha ha

here, I just had to check because I thought somebody on the show shooped Sachiko in there. I don't know what to feel anymore.

Hiroshimoot should sue them for defamation.

Only because Cred Forums is seen as a "degenerate" board by them
Check out what happened to Cred Forums or /sci/, especially the latter is 80% pol garbage

>self moderating
Yeah, powertripping anons dumping gore and wiki spam in half the threads because it's not a show of the season or they don't like the show really upped the quality. Better burn down the house to make sure nobody is going to live there.

Yotsuba was never there. In fact, the one being replaced was the [s4s] girl.

keksandra on the frontpage

wait, I just noticed she also filled out a form to assign her own ID, what the fuck

Who the fuck is Sachiko?

>posting requests on Cred Forums of all places


>Now the entire board is full of shonenshit
moot himself allowed this mess, if you speak of 2010 as if you were here then surely you know the time moot fucked Cred Forums over by changing the board's theme to a Naruto's fucking annoying german intro song, "anonymous" in any post was scripted to be changed into "Naruto", "Kakashi", "Sakura". Narutards were pretty much scrutinized before but with moot's gigantic trolling he was laying down the ultimatum that shounenfags should be allowed to have their threads otherwise he would fuck over the board again.

>Better burn down the house to make sure nobody is going to live there.
That’s still better then current bullshit. Hell even manga threads are getting infected by Cred Forums and tumblr and nobody calls them out anymore.

It's for the best they used a fakechan. If kids decided to check out this scary 13 up content site, they'd be confused how to post since it's not like on tv

I don't think you understand the sheer amount of anime that flows through Cred Forums every season compared to vidya or even movie/netflixshit/etc. That's not even including manga, porn, and whatever hobby under the sun related to this board gets shit out in Japan.

Why the hell do you think you Cred Forums has the most branching boards in this whole site aside from the fact that moot originally did ripoff 2chan so it was obviously going to naturally gravitate towards nip stuff.

>begging to be spoonfed
What a dumb bitch. She should've lurked more before asking for source on that pic.

Cred Forums carries this site. We're just the side boards in comparison.



At this point you can write a pretty big list of boards which have heavily succumbed to the Cred Forums infection. Dunno if Cred Forums even counts since it was more like they were welcomed with open arms instead of infected.

Premium Sachiko.

It's only the front page.

Though it's best kept in mind he did actually try to replace the (error and ban) Yotsuba pictures at some point and only backpedalled on it after an outcry.

Credit where it's due, he also tried to get rid of (you)s at some point also.

When did keksandra get created? Not at the same time as Moetron, troll-tan, and the other Cred Forums personifications?

u'd b surprise

I went to /sci/ the day it was made and it was shit even back then. Mostly 0.999=1 threads, homework requests, and theological baiting.
I feel Cred Forums was ruined more by phoneposters and cryptocoin loons than Cred Forums.

Anonymous imageboard format was really ahead of its time. 20 years later and it feels like the most modern form of communication on the net. Whoever actually came up with it is a genius.

>Max (Maury Sterling) has no luck dealing with Carrie's laptop. While they talk about it, the hacker starts talking back to them, revealing he's been listening via the laptop's microphone. Max leaves and Carrie talks with the hacker, who threatens to go public with proof of her spying on Wellington. Not having the money to pay the ransom, Carrie improvises and tries to seduce the hacker by doing a striptease on her webcam. After going along with his requests briefly, she insists on a face-to-face meeting. When they meet, Carrie teases a sexual encounter, but when the hacker gets close, she headbutts him, and attacks him with anexpandable batonshe had concealed in her boot. Carrie forces the hacker to unlock her laptop and threatens to kill him if he tries anything with her again.


You honestly think kids these days get scared by gore and shit? Half of Cred Forums prior to 2010 got there from searching for gore to show everyone how hardcore they are. Cred Forumss extensive elitism is why this board has changed little in comparison to other boards. This board still is 90% on topic unlike the rest "big" boards thats lucky to hit 40% topical threads. True, there's more shitposters than ever. But the site as a whole tripled in users since that fappening shit. And you always notice shitposters more than you notice normal posts.

She's the hacker known as Cred Forums!

I knew Cred Forums was lost when there was constant anti-net-neutrality shilling.

/biz/ is actually bigger these days from December and out, believe it or not.

And I thought the 3rd season with Brody's magical adventures was ridiculous enough.

FAKE NEWS! (Ya fell for it!)

You're not allowed to display the word fuck on prime time TV

CNN and other MSM do it all the time. They even reply to themselves, then use it in articles they write. Been caught a handfull of times and its always funny, since the board has thread IDs.

memecoin is a fad.

I heard about Cred Forums from a 13 year old too. Except it was 2005 I was also 13. Underage cancer has always been a part of the site. It gets too bitter and sad when there's too many adults, need some kids shitposting stupid BS to keep the site lively.

Not really, only shit daytime soaps like this one

One that made a bunch of neckbeards rich from their basement by clicking buttons. And one that ripped every newfag conning to jump on the shop a new asshole until last week (now they're about to make money again thus inviting even more newfags)

Its a premium network. They can show tits if they want to.

We need more ロリ to purge the normalfag shitposters.

Cred Forums has a lot of content to discuss but there's not much to say about a piece of music once its been discussed a few times. They've been circlejerking ITAOTS by Neutral Milk Hotel over there for 10 years but I've never seen a post that really describes whats so good about it.

I still have no idea what the source material for Sachiko even is. I want Yotsuba back.

I still don't understand why /jp/ became the general dumping ground

Congratulations, Sachiko

fucking hell

Rational wiki wrote that article 5 years ago. Lot has changed faggot.


Based kong.

I don't think they're on Cred Forums at all, its like a copycat site they made themselves. Could even be 7chan or something.

It would be funny if the producers filled up /po/ or another slow board with shitposts just to take shots for their show.

Has Sachiko ever been the Cinderella Girl?

The space shuttle really was shit. Sachiko is forever

If they held an art campaign for the Sachiko 404s like they did with the banners I would be fine with them being changed.

>Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums are now secondary boards
>newfags go directly to what boards cater to their interests instead of graduating out of Cred Forums
>90% of threads on Cred Forums are social media screenshots and e-celeb orbitting
>newfagism and crossboarding are encouraged in Cred Forums and Cred Forums
>even bastion boards like /jp/ and /tg/ are now dead

No wonder.

Is this Homeland ? Based kong, shamefur dispray for r/the_donald

Cred Forums was ruined by Cred Forums, faggots and marketers shilling products 24/7.

Yeah they're obviously not on any real website, I just thought it was funny that they'd give Cred Forums the reddit style inline replies.

>do report on Cred Forums thread
>anons go and check said thread in the archive
>2 replies telling the OP to fuck off

Let's have a minute of silence in memory of /l/.

What anime is this? Paranoia Agent?

She debuted there m8.

Cred Forums has been a secondary board for quite a long time now, but Cred Forums and Cred Forums being replaced as the posting behemoths has definitely had an impact.

/biz/ these days is the new Cred Forums meme machine. Cred Forums has been replaced.

/biz/ is hilarious

Which year did she win?

Yeah I need my infographics so I can let them do my arguments for me

Its been shit since the newfags started losing money and freaking out. November-January was hilarious though, just high octane craziness.

>What are the shows "Taboo" and "Happy!"

dont remember the intelligence leaker getting told 'fake and gay' thing?

/biz/ had a golden age and now it's tumbling down just like their coin.

Going to Cred Forums was always a waste of time unless you were an underage fag posting for the novelty


If Cred Forums was ruined by Cred Forums I'd say Cred Forums was ruined by Cred Forums if not by itself. Every fucking thread there now has politics come up even though they claim they "don't want politics in video games."

Not like there's any difference in the user base anyway. Might as well even add upvotes there to troll them harder than the cuck stuff moot played for a week there.

Cred Forums is the only board where on topic discussion had to be "contained" to 3 different boards. That should tell you everything you need to know.

I sometimes need to remind myself that /biz/ is just anons shitposting and not actually people discussing their investments and losses, otherwise I would feel really bad for that board.

>Half of Cred Forums prior to 2010 got there from searching for gore to show everyone how hardcore they are.

Does Cred Forums even do stuff like this anymore? The handful of times I've gone there it seems like just another porn board now.

>"Remember when Cred Forums was good?"

Reminder: Cred Forums was never good.

>top 5

No, Cred Forums is long dead. Its a corpse that random people post on.

Shitposting and being smug when others lose money is just a way for them to cope with their own losses.

shameful stats

Sound like Cred Forums alright

end really got me.

/tg/ is fine. If you're complaining about every thread being a general it always was, it just didn't use subject fields.

The gap between Cred Forums and Cred Forums is bigger than number of posts on Cred Forums in total, we are secondary.

How old is this?
I find it hard to believe that people actually still use Cred Forums.

It says "live board statistics"

Mods still ban you for that

Why has no one edited this webm to have her upload pepe.jpg?

>It says "live board statistics"
But it is also a screenshot, so it was entirely possible for it to be old.

They ban lolis in general, they don't care about Yotsuba specifically.

Doesn't help that the generals have been up for so long they've formed their own sub culture. You rarely see people post dnd or 40k new outside of the generals now.
The 40k generals also started to attract "God Emperor Drumf" fags so they're pretty much unsalvageable shitholes.

>Cred Forums
>76.94 posts/min, 96 threads/h

>73.18 posts/min, NINE threads/h

I know it's in the name of the board but just imagining the amount of circle jerking in the latter makes me sick.

>the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood
>only a fool would take anything posted here as fact
Nobody on /biz/ actually invests their whole fortune into any of the extremely volatile crypto currencies of the week. It's all hypothetical.

is this reverse-meta stealth marketing by homeland?

I thought that show ended after Quinn was reduced to potato status?

Same cancer on both boards, you just get to learn their names on /vg/.

>Katawa Shoujo General #3427

And /vg/ would be way slower if they didn't make new threads right after they hit bump limit.

Hahahahaha what the fuck is this? Do murricunt watch this unironically?

Do you not remember what happened the last times we did that?
Be careful what you wish for.

DDLC is the new Katawa Shoujo, but that doesn't mean that the original disappeared.

a few years ago when i needed some Elder Scrolls modding guide the /vg/ thread was full of insane furry tripfags posting their fetish screenshots all day. it's probably worse now.

yotsuba a shit

The night that aired was one of the best nights on Cred Forums since Japan Time.
I was laughing for hours straight.


We should've just left /new/ dead, sure they were shitting up the site because their board got deleted and showed no sign of stopping but I'm sure they would've stopped by now.

Why is Sachiko so popular?

They all fucked off to 4-chon with their /r9k/ brethren?