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Nice desu ne

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How does Japan do it? They just give all the characters a shitstain on national television. Ginko my ass. You know this to be true.

So are we all in agreement that this was the best episode so far?

Okay. Why the fuck did the other thread get deleted? Fucking hot pockets.

Anybody got a link to the main thread from the weekend? I missed it and can't find it in the archive.




Savage mode: on.


Use desuarchive and search file names too

you clearly never saw


I want to shave her bush.

Thanks user. The lack of "Mitsuboshi Colors" in the post itself threw me.

>So are we all in agreement that this was the best episode so far?

it was fantastic

Yeah you can't search filenames in the internal archive

now do one for Nonoka

Shit taste


I liked the banana episode better. But yeah, the episodes where they get the entire town in on their shenanigans are fucking glorious.

Why do they bully Saitou so much?

Why would anyone want to see Nonoka's panties?

Because he's evil.

How strong is this guy's midlife crisis?

But is he really?

If he wasn't, he would've sexually pleased the colors a long time ago.
Denying lolis their happiness is the evilest act possible.

He's just providing entertainment for his three daughters.

He's just vicarious.

>implying you wouldn't dedicate the rest of your old man days to making sure that the cute kids in your neighborhood have the most fun they've ever had during childhood
Pops dying is going to hit those three little shits hard later on in life.

I like to imagine they have a crush on him. And I like to imagine I'm him.

I-I don't like where this is going.

Saito is almost as bad as Yanda, why would you imagine yourself as him?

I think only Sacchan might have a crush on him.

Kotoha is actually just an evil autistic dork while Yui pleases old men in her free time.

Imagine how heart broken Sacchan will be when she catches her mother and Saito fucking in the middle of the night.

So this chapter is the one missing from the last volume? Was that ever translated?

what are you, extremely gay?

I just don't like dorky old hags who suck at doing the thing they like the most.


>this entire episode

Not national television, just a small regional station. Tokyo MX. Barely 40 million viewers range. And the show runs in the middle of the night, half two on Monday morning. No one watches it.


They are clearly saving budget for the Bocchi anime, which will air on prime time and on national television.

Welp. Time to terrorize the neighborhood now.



None of them have a crush on him yet but I can guarantee you that Yellow is going to develop a crush on the guy when she >grows up.

Why does everyone think that Sacchan has/will have a crush on Saito?

It's the same fucks who said Yotsuba is going to have a crush on Yanda when she gets older.

Hilariously enough, even the nips keep joking that Sacchan is going to crush on the guy as well.

>Yotsuba is going to have a crush on Yanda
>when she gets older.
I don't know which one of these is more absurd.

The Colors playing a D&D campaign or any TRPG would probably be the greatest shit of all time.

I can't believe blue is actually bad at videogames,
I thought the others were just making fun of her.
how can a kid be that bad at videogames though? being stuck on level one for threee days is rediculous, even in kid standards.


I'm more baffled by the fact that she's not only dexterous and athletic but has the eye-hand coordination to be able to strike down two paper airplanes in the sky with only two strikes from the kendama.

Yet for some reason she can't play for shit.

I bet she's illiterate and has no idea what the buttons do.

Unlike you speed gamers she knows how to pace herself to get into the atmosphere of the game!

I mean honestly do you think someone as smart and wicked funny would have such a huge weakness as not being able to play games!?

Different set of skills.
Put her on a dexterity-based arcade game and she would cream fucking everybody. Maybe a bit of Time Crisis or even DDR? Easy. Give her a joy stick and some buttons to work with? She's fucked.

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post.

I'd let Kotoha work my joystick desu.



why is this slightly yellow? piss stains?

yes, she would and shes just bad at videogames, but probably not all of tehm like says..
I bet she could never clear the first stage of alladin for the SNES even if she was given a whole year to do it.

Kotoha makes up for her terrible gaming skills with her god tier fashion-sense.


Kotoha can do a fucking one-handed cart wheel and she has a godly hat collection.

Besides, people good at vidya are fucking losers anyway.

I agree, Kotoha only plays games so she can understand and stay connected to the unwashed peasants.
If she didn't do something pathetic like playing video games from time to time her supreme intellect would develop out of bounds and she wouldn't be able to integrate into society ever again.

Those outfits really display their personalities well.
Left: Edgy tryhard autist.
Right: Well mannered adorable cute girl who is also very popular.

Samefagging isn't going to make you any better at videogames, Koto-chan.

Geez. We've had Kotoha samefagging and now Yui is posting as well.

Be more like Sacchan you brats and funpost more instead.


>Give her a joy stick and some buttons to work with? She's fucked.
Yeah, that's the plan.

What did he mean by this?


I kinda wish the show can be more overtly lewd, like the good ol days.

Yep. I was smiling like an idiot the entire time.

Too bad they're stuck in the park all the time. No time for bath scenes or beach/pool episodes.

Now i'm imagining her playing DDR, swaying left and right with her long hair, while her hand holding her hat. Also
>Cream fucking everybody
>Give her a joystick
>She's fucked

Yui is going to end up becoming an exhibitionist when she gets older isn't she?

I swear I didn't mean any of that to sound lewd when I first typed it.

What am I looking at?

A lolicon and a brat.

> SEGA Alladin
Why are you giving me these feels?
Great, now I'm having flashbacks of my childhood.

What other shows captures this "it takes a village" feel as well? I never realized how comfy and healing that concept is.


Tell it to the judge, punk.

Lolis belongs to onii-chans only, not to that disgusting drunken pervert.


Anybody else get extremely hard when they finally showed them wearing their randsels?

>Pops dying
Fucking delete this

You know it's going to happen. And that's when the Colors truly become the super villains they were meant to be.

I have a weapon, ya know.


You miss living in a monoethnic society. Shhh... only niggers now.

So you're going to hit yourself with it?

Sacchan is the best boke I've seen in years. You can see through various small hints that she is actually the smartest of the trio and you can even presume that this is the case because her family is supposedly poor.

Kotoha was my favorite Boshi but now I'm leaning towards the best girl.

I've never seen a series do gap moe this well honestly. I agree with your assessment of Sacchan but at the same time the way they built-up Kotoha only to slowly reveal that she was the most insecure and fragile of the cast just shot me in the heart hard so she's still my favorite.

Too bad even with the tactless cunt reveal Yui's gap moe is still the least interesting of the three

I wish I had an awesome hideout like this when I was young. All I got was a shitty rundown chicken coop

Fuck. I didn't think about it.
Well, I'm a zombie after all.


>you can even presume that this is the case because her family is supposedly poor.
What? How does being poor relate to (supposedly) being the smartest little girl?

Time to eat.

Zoo ep is still my favorite.

At least you had something. I had to make do with pillow fortresses and hiding behind the couch/under the bed.

>doujin based on this episode
>faceless man gets the zombie paper through a JK
>reads the line to how not turn into a zombie
>is weak and usually falls for "your mom will die" bullshit
>goes to the woods to do it and finds the Colors hideout
>inside it's Yui in her underwear

Didn't you hear her button mashing at fucking MARIO the last ep? Kotoha is a lost cause.

In the sense that she learned things due to having to deal with hardships. Kinda like "street smart". I get the feeling that she can easily read people, for example.

Of course if that's relevant or not is just my assumption, but I think it's a bit telling that she is the only character that has any family background at all.

I-I couldn't beat Mario when I was a kid.

Don't bully. ;_;

At least she would be great at fighting games.

>he couldn't beat Mario

My thoughts exactly. These girls are delicious.

I agree that Sacchan is smarter than she lets on, but I think we always carry this too far, meaning she isn't hiding her cleverness - she's also a fun loving girl and clearly enjoys herself in everything she does. The two aspects aren't in opposition.

Kotoha may be the truly vulnerable one. I'm oddly reminded of myself at that age (edgy tryhard) but the same thing happened to me what seems to happen to her - her friends don't care about her edginess at all.

Yui is clearly emotional and wants to be a good girl. But she's quite perceptive and clever herself.

In other words this show has a good character dynamic.

If we're talking about the first Mario game, then you guys aren't giving it enough credit when it comes to its difficulty. It's also not very good but whatever

Don't you think Kotoha owns way too many hats? What is she? A 2hu game?

>it takes a village feel
That's a pretty good way of describing it.

Maybe she just wants to give ZUN some inspiration in case he sees her.

She should be carrying around beer in that case.

Welp. Time to make the age old classic ZUN edits for Kotoha.

But if Saito caught her with beer, how would she explain that she totally isn't using it to kidnap older men?

The Colors have already conquered Gensokyo.

Luna-chan a best.


When you have a viable business premise in downtown tokyo selling apples at 20 bucks a pop, you're not gonna be poor

That phone that she's using? It's a child's cell phone. Sometimes parents would hold out on giving their kids smartphones until they're in high school

That's not Sunny.

No living witnesses, no need to explain shit.

>2hu hijack lol

Star is the cutest though.

/jp/ pls stay

Is Kotoha an oujo-sama? Is that why she acts the way she does?

>you'll never be a little girl, use beer to kidnap ZUN and force him to make your 2hu waifu the protagonist of the next game

I wish Sat-chan was my girlfriend.

>Is Kotoha an oujo-sama?
She doesn't end her sentences with desu wa


This so much. Sacchan getting better but Kotoha also shoot her adorable factor every episode. Also you can't beat those hats.

I already got Raisins as an MC. Useless bunny finally graduating from stage five syndrome is good enough for me.

Why is this allowed?

And people said the adaptation was ruined because they pushed back the weakness meeting and Yui beating Kotoha at videogames. Fools.

When are the secondary and tertiary Colors going to show up?

Th-they need to mix first

Hi, Cred Forums.
Bye, Cred Forums.

I still felt it was unnecessary. I mean, at the end of the day they adapted the change just fine, but the simple conversation was better off in the manga. As I said in those threads, it previously came across as Kotoha being slightly socially awkward while now she kept pushing the conversation, making her feel a bit more cuntish.

Point is that I'm not sure why this order re-arrangement was needed at all. I'm seeing some posts claiming the pace is better now and I'd like to know why you think that.

Man the adaptation has been great. Too bad about the lack of budget, especially the slideshow festival in episode four, but aside from that everything from the way the jokes are delivered to the overall direction of each chapter is fantastic. It feels fresh despite the fact that I've already read the manga.

But yeah. Too bad about the animation though it has its own charms as well. It feels like the show is drawn by a loli.

Prove me wrong.

>making her feel a bit more cuntish
That's the best part also makes Yui's retaliation less cuntish as well.

That cunny looks delicious.

The manga makes Yui the cuntish one for going that far after the little comment Kotoha made. In the anime it's more justified because of Kotoha rubbing it in further.

Whether they were necessary or not, I don't feel the order changes have affected things negatively, so I don't mind it at all.

Every part of Kotoha looks delicious.

Mario 1-3 and, to a lesser extent, World actually had some challenge. The more recent ones like whichever Kotoha is playing on her DS are piss easy in comparison.

I wish these threads weren't so pedo.


It's the Colors' fault for being such sexy little girls.

Cred Forums finally gets to be completely honest to its feelings and you find such a thing bad?

He wants the lolis all to himself like the selfish faggot he is.

I love lolis.


Prove yourself right first. You all seem to believe that ethnic segregation is a panacea for society. Every problem will go away, just deport all blacks. Because whites never shoot anyone, because all whites have an IQ above 100, because whites never molest children, because whites never rob banks.
> muh black crime rate
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Holy shit she's ugly!

>Too bad about the animation though it has its own charms as well. It feels like the show is drawn by a loli.

It's strange because the lack of polish somehow captures the feel of the manga, which is something very few anime adaptations accomplish.

Fuck off, this is a thread about little girls. You have your own board, take it there.

Is this how Kotoha collects money for new games?

unko taste

What, you can't even 1cc on normal?

> draw a white kid
> bucket-fill her skin brown

Don't you know that little brown girls are the best?

Could Yui 1cc LoLK Legacy Lunatic?

Sacchan pls

Her brown skin still looks like a saddle on a cat.
Race is not skin-deep, they have different facial features and skull shapes. Japs were too lazy to draw that, and as a result this character's dark skin looks unnatural.

My lolicon brother

Welcome to anime, Cred Forums.

>Japs were too lazy to draw that
I feel like they might've had different reasons, but let's have that discussion on Cred Forums.

Easy. No hits no bombs 1cc lunatic.

Holy shit, how did she do it?

Do what?

I wanna visit the Colors HQ at 3 AM and knock it down.

I wanna visit the colors at 3 am and knock them down.

I wanna visit the colors at 3 am and knock them up.


They're 9.

Amazing! Yui is amazing! How in the world does she sparkle like that?

I can still try.

is this a dead meme? i honestly rare see it mentioned and when it does you get Cred Forumstards

Now I need the classic doujin crop of the guy entering through the bedroom window with a camera.

9 year olds give birth all the time now in this day and age


Yes, and?

>"I've sucked this many dicks!"

Why does she glow like that?

Maybe her butt hurts.


She's an alien

Wait what?

>"I've pooped on this many dicks before"


Kotoha is trash.


>tfw mine was among them

>typical female gamer

"The wrath of a woman scorned"

Loli* scorned
Lolis are fearsome creatures.


I want to score a loli.

>girl with blue hair it's ok
>girl with brown skin is unnatural
The fucking state of you

One day the Colors will disband and go their own way with their boyfriends.

I want a loli to look at me like that.

What if they sometimes meet and have a sixsome?

>their boyfriends.
So me, myself and my penis?

They'll have the same boyfriend.

Saito, Saito. You are hopeless.

>Yui all alone in the hideout, away from civilization
>Saachan and Kotoha will forever roam the park as zombies for as long as the zombie boss stands
Yui and I are going to have a long fun time.

Anyone have the Chu-Chu Cabriels behind Saitos door gif?

I want to chu-chu the colors' cunniels.

>Mitsuboshi Colors 07 20:34/24:00

>they never showed up to the police box to trick Saito so he couldn't give them a treat

poor guy


Kotoha on top, blondey bringing the poop

I want to tickle Kotoha's feet.

She's not ticklish

All lolis are ticklish.

How could Saito do such a thing!

prove it

from what?

It's location time again!


episode 3

Sieg Heil!

Is that the Kofun they talked about?

the opening of this episode really solidified Yui's place as best color

It's a Shocker solute, nothing to do with Nazis.


Also this one.

Kofun? Man I totally don't remember then mentioning it.

Hmm let's try and see if I can make a map on where they walked...

Nope, Yui is actually a Nazi there's absolutely no debating this.

Shes obviously a nazi.

I want to touch Yui inappropriately.

By the power of Autism....

The whole route of the colors in Episode Seven.

I have no fucking idea where their hideout even after 7 episodes... I think it might be near the Metropolitcan Art Museum but no idea...

I want to visit them at 5 am.

This is some advanced autism user good work

That's some museum cluster

It's inside the zoo.

poor yui can't even dab right

What is?

You gotta pick one

She's not a nigger


>Awaken my Masters

I really like the opening.



But it's catchy!

>I have no fucking idea where their hideout even after 7 episodes

It wouldn't be a hide out if everyone could find it.


Ueno Diamondo(上野ダイヤモンド) is also pretty good.

If you found out then they would have to kill you.


I'm still waiting, user.

No, but I have something even better.


Which color is each one

The hideout, it's probably the only place that looks even remotely similar. No idea how they have managed to build their base there without getting scolded by zoo guards though.

They bribe the guards, with their bodies.

Got any pictures.

I walked throuhg the zoo in real life and in google maps.

I can't find anything similar.

Well it's true.

Is that cat really dead?

Tough question time

Did they make One Coin Sacchan already?

Kawaiso na neko ;_;

The elephants deserved it.

Man, I laughed at this at first, then it hit me pretty hard.

I want a loli to call me a disgusting lolicon.

This was a good doujin.

I don't want Yui-chan to think of me as a pervert, I want her to think of me as her manly boyfriend and a reliable guy.

I wanted to see Red strip down to her pantsu.

That ain't happening, bro. If you want to talk to my lgf, you'll have to get through me first.

She also wants you to see.

I want to undress in front of Red just to see her cute reaction. I wonder what it would be like.


Same desu

It's the correct term. What would you call them?

semen demon

If you still haven't married your loli, you're a failure as a man and she would be better off with someone else.

Since when was Yui /fa/?

Jumping into marriage too quickly isn't a good idea. You should keep dating for a year at least and let your relationship develop. Learn more about her and let her learn more about you. Explore your bodies. And if all goes well, marriage is the next step.

What made this six year old brat become obsessed with such morbid topics?

>Explore your bodies.

>six year old
*nine year old

she's not 6


Well I'm not gonna wait till after marriage for that.


>she would be better off with someone else.
Yeah, when she grows up. And then I will be with another loli. Marriage is for hags.

>Letting her become a hag instead of not letting her drink milk nor eat her vegetables so she stays a loli forever
You are a horrible person and deserves no loli.

Right, because she's 5 - 3


Why would you ever think she's 2?

TL note: Gomi means trash

Would you wait? I doubt she'd be okay with that.

No, I would impregnate her and then leave in the next morning and never come back, letting her raise the child all by herself.


Yui=Saitos left
Kotoha=Saitos right

That's cruel and not how you treat a lgf.

It can't be helped. I have an impregnation fetish, but I don't want to spend my life with a girl who will eventually grow old and stop being cute and sexy.

Respect little girls.

They only deserve respect while they're actually ''little''.