ITT: anime girls cooking

ITT: anime girls cooking.

eating is acceptable too

basically post anime food



What's with those eyes?

she hates italy

>That edit

>break the pasta in half
>this triggers /ck/


Two nukes weren't enough.


Why the fuck would you break it in half? Just stick it in the pot and stir it when it starts to go limp. Do Japs not know how to cook spaghetti of all things?

>Do Japs not know how to cook
they like curry

that should tell you everything

spaghetti doesnt go limp at high altitude

I could not go limp in front of Shima Rin

Spaghetti goes limp because it's put in hot water, where did altitude of all things become a factor?
Likewise but I've never wanted to ryona a girl until now, not even Italian.

I like Japanese curry.

>Spaghetti goes limp because it's put in hot water, where did altitude of all things become a factor?

not him but in mountain water boils at 90 C

>hambaga with chopsticks

does this trigger the american?

If breaking spaghetti is wrong, why does this exist?

That's not a hamburger. That's a beef patty. A hamburger is literally that in bread and maybe other shit. Also, hamburgers are German.

it's for soups.

This is the first I've heard of that. Interesting.

there are many unethical companies out there willing to make a buck in spite of any human decency

you haven't studied pressure/temperature laws (thermodynamic laws) in school?

that's not even high-school level science m8


Even a little bit of time in youtube can tell you this, how come this is news to you?


Science classes in the UK are absolute shit.

That's a real life man.




Maybe in your school, my school was literally one of the worst in the country and even we learnt this.

I mean, nobody purposefully cooks eggs like that. But you also forget the scene where she eats pickled shit and wakes up Beato.

the british don't actually pickle their shit


>Those fucking burnt eggs
>Half-cooked black pudding
Made me gag, that's fucking attrocius. THIS is british food.
I'd argue mine was worse but I do feel like an idiot for not learning about something like that sooner.

anyone has this copypasta?

it had a navy soldier giving a burger to a girl

What? I was talking about the character in the image. She's Japanese and she was eating some pickled stuff, like radishes or fish or some crap and it stinks so bad that it wakes up the sleeping people.

Eh. Most French cuisine is actually English but they stole from us when we lost all our clay on the mainland.

>THIS is british food.


but seriously though

where's the goddamn harshbrowns, m8???

Is this the legendary "Full English"?

>ketchup on egg

No. That isn't a Full English. There's no potatoes.

I like it.

>not liking ketchup on eggs
what the fuck?

the full english is when they put up a swine head and tell you that you ain't going home until you come in it

it still looks like shit.

Excuse me?


She is making soup.

Don't knock it until you try it, hell, make one someday, it's fucking delicious. Can't find a proper picture with hash browns on the plate though, those are a kicker.
Cameron did nothing wrong.


That's Omurice, it's pretty good.


I know


Does the Full English have the highest power level out of all other foods?


>That's Omurice, it's pretty good.

no it's not, see

>Don't knock it until you try it,

that's what they told dave

Only real good foods in britain are fish and chips, indian and kebab.

>Don't knock it until you try it
I'm just not normally interested in eating 2000 calories at 8AM.

>Can't find a proper picture with hash browns on the plate though, those are a kicker.

they're the best thing

full english is the food equivalent of full retard

It's one of the heartiest breakfasts out there, I'd say so.
>2000 calories
Mate this isn't an American breakfast

>I'm just not normally interested in eating 2000 calories at 8AM.
* eats 12 pancakes with butter and syrup *

Poptarts aren't a breakfast you damn American.
Hash browns and black pudding are what make a full English for me, absolutely delicious.

2000 calories? Fucking what? That plate is about 900 tops.

Reminder : Don't take their ramen

Sorry, I meant 8 BTU


>That plate is about 900 tops.

oh "only" 900

time to get rid of americans and italians in this thread.

You little shit
For a breakfast that'll fill you up and get you through the day while also tasting fucking delicious, that's pretty good.



It is. Omurice is basically omelette wrapped around fried rice.
That webm is just a different version.

What a fucking legend this guy is.

...what even is this

Holy fuck now I want pancakes


I have no idea.

>Holy fuck now I want pancakes
what do you want to do to those pancakes, user?

Which 2D food would you fuck?

Strangely,I don't recall any scene like this in LN.

David pls


I would say stick my dick between them but instead I'm getting hungry as hell, so I'd eat them.

>anime girls cooking
Did you mean kookingu?

You're supposed to fuck them and pump multiple loads deep into their cake wombs, then when you're fully satisfied you eat them and enjoy the cream filling.

>cake womb
You can't just put womb into anything.

Shut up before I impregnate your post womb.



Oh man, that just makes me think of saliva bridges which is the hottest shit ever

Great taste user. I'd bridge saliva with you.

>You will never feed Holo apples until she's ready to burst

Only if you're a qt animu
Like I am

Hell yeah user

Of course I am. Only cute 2D girls are allowed to post here.

Thank you!

I wasn't aware of that. Why is it not acceptable to break pasta?

>Why is it not acceptable to break pasta?
same reason you don't eat hamburgers with fork and knife

not eating burger with fork and knife always gets my mouth messy

>always gets my mouth messy
then you're eating it right

Nothing wrong with getting your mouth messy.

>american education

That just means you can't handle the freedom packed into that burger. Sounds like you need to stop being a pinko somewhere in your life.

But he's from the UK.

he can't get any better at it

If you don't need a napkin to eat a burger, it's a shitty burger.



>Not having curry spicy enough to detonate

I'm white.

I love Cred Forums /ck/ cross threads because those are the only boards I visit

If someone can actually get the burger into their mouth successfully, Americans don't give a shit about how they do it.

>He cannae appreciate a good madras or a vindaloo that's spicy enough to blow yer fucking trousers off.

The burning is the best part of it

Because Lawrence buys only cheap as fuck, long lasting food for when he's on the road. Every time they get into town, the LNs mention how happy they are to not eat stale bread or some shit.

/cock/ was the best combo board fite me irl

>going innawoods
>bringing ingredients and your entire fucking kitches with you
Why not just stay at home then?

I thought that was a Rusty Venture?

>hamburgers are German

Hatred of humanity.

That black circle thing and that orange circle thing look gross.

The beans getting all over the toast and the runny egg everywhere is really triggering me. It's just like the person plopped it together.


hamburg is a city in germany
where do you think the name comes


Cured meat is one of life's great joys.

Are there any anime about Charcuterie, or something similar?

FINALLY someone posted it

High school chemistry.


Gotta admit, english breakfast is pretty nice. I'll never have the courage to make that much shit in the morning though.

Get a fucking can of white beans with sauce
Toast some bread
Get some butter
Fry some eggs and sausage (with bacon, it makes for too much protein in my opinion)
Get some veggies and orange juice

There it's done in 20 minutes if you manage time well. Stop being lazy.

germans brought the hamburg steak not the hamburger

You think I'm gonna cook for 20 minutes while half asleep and hungry? Fuck that, let me be lazy.