Cute shotas in manga and anime


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the lack of translations is disturbing

O yea what happen to the author

Hopefully the mods don't purge this thread like the last one.

did the sequel ever got translate?

They're doing hentai.

Only the first 6 chapters.

>They're doing hentai.
again, didn't see anything new about it?

They've released new stuff in the last few months.

The new chapters of CHICHI CHICHI were great

he is something like 26 years old

Shinobu a cute! A C U T E !

This guy has terrible luck when it comes to non-h works. Everything he does gets axed after a couple volumes. I'm still mad about Haru-nee getting axed.

>fake shota
Even worse than fake loli.

>he is something like 26 years old
Legal shota is still shota

This shotas a slut who pleases old men for money.

>This guy has terrible luck when it comes to non-h works.
I really like how unique his stuff is, that fucking ending


>Legal shota is still shota
Fuck off. Legal "shotas" are just manlets.

>Legal "shotas" are just manlets.
This is a manlet learn the difference, it could save your live

a manlet with a dark past
was this rape?

This. There is no such thing as legal shota. There are shotas and then there are midgets.

>a manlet with a dark past
no translations for dark past

>was this rape?

whats the catch?

>whats the catch?
What do you mean?

>volume 2
oh shit

The girl said "I know your previous life" and he had seemed scared

Anime with shota soon

there are three volumes out already
it was a joke

>there are three volumes out already
SHIT now i fell sad

that's great
I picked it up this summer and I didn't expect it to publish at this rate

3 volumes and a drama CD.

Lolicon threads del'd, shotacon thread isn't. I wonder what this means.

it means mods = fags
who knew

Have their time, now is SHOTA TIME

which chinese forum do I need to infiltrate to get this

this could mean that there are hopes for an anime?

means superior taste is reinforced while shit taste is discouraged

>voiced by Mutsumi Tamura (Jonathan from Jormugandr and a dozen other cute boys)
please let it happen

The last shota thread was deleted, so it's only a matter of time until this one does too.

It''s not like i like shota, i just self insert as shouta


Otaku shota to Yankee onee san

Here is the entire cast and some samples.

>his voice

I just realized, does that mean Panpanman is singing the Utapri karaoke?

you keep posting this


>Genre: Tragedy

the voice make it happen

Anywhere I can read that that isn't infested with malware?

Anime when?


And how do I know you're not trolling me?

>Aikawa's voice
my heart!

So is this actually any good?

No! Don't touch the 3d shota!

>So is this actually any good?
I don't know user?

That's also cute.
I just like pure hearted delinquents in general.

Nigga, why are you even replying to me, then?


Wait, what?

Koutarou episodes were my favorite episodes too

>only one chapter translated
Why do they have to tease me?

Didn't mean to reply.


I hope so.

>This shotas a slut who pleases old men for money.
Shinobu was forced in that situation because his oneechan is dumb

I'd read this if it was it's own thing. Sukebans are underrated

I don't know it doesn't go further

I feel like there is a divide with shota that loli doesnt have.
There's the people that focus on the older girl who is usually kind and big breasted and then there are people who focus on the shota like in this thread.

the lewdest you go in this kind of shota is headpatting, in loli it's kodomo no jikan tier level of lewd

it's like 80% or more focused on the stacked older girl unless you get an outlier like Ryou

does that say anything about the type of audience sexually attracted to pre-pubertal girls...?

Shota ototos belong to us onee-chans.

no, that's a difference I noticed

>was a one time character
>will never show up again

Still the best tsundere shota.

Ichika was made for Oneeshota,

Why do you read LHT's garbage scanlations?

It wasn't on purpose, I wasn't paying attention

She really is

New chapters when?


I can make a collage of all the manga out there if anyone's interested in someone doing that the translated ones and untranslated

Did any more translated chapter comes out with this? I only found like up to chapter 41.
What are the names of these? I don't understand nip.

>Did any more translated chapter comes out with this? I only found like up to chapter 41.
translations never

so precious

>Did any more translated chapter comes out with this? I only found like up to chapter 41.
No. It got licensed, so I doubt anyone will pick it up now.

Retard. All but one of those pics has what you need to know to find it.

Is that like Yankee-kun to Megane-chan? Except ss?

Shaoran a cute!

What are shotas for?

Shotas are for onee-chans.

not tsundere anymore in the new season though



It's not wholly dissimilar in that the odd pair's fundamental differences are what drive both the funny and heartwarming moments but the specific dynamic between the two is a bit different, though I think Onee-san is the Daichi here since Shota is the less reasonable of the two

remove the bitch on the left and we have a good image

What do you think the reason is for the sudden increase in /ss/ manga?

I feel like a lot of lolicon manga, or even just anything with one or more lolis in it, sexualize the lolis whereas shotas are rarely sexualized outside of shota porn. Thus, shota have been able to preserve their purity much better than lolis have, and thus attract a purer audience.

Isn't the blond a boy?

>What do you think the reason is for the sudden increase in /ss/ manga?
people are actually translating some

Is that really all it is? I feel like I've seen way more /ss/ manga in the last year than I have before. Even untranslated one.

>tfw i'll never be kidnapped and raped by my teacher

their sisters (male)

translations for the sequel?

Shota Otuto belong to loli onee-chans!

I miss shota raep series. They all seemed to dry up.

No! cakei onee-chans!

Cakei loli onee-chans!

>anime in the summer

please don't be half length episodes...

>please don't be half length episodes...
It will likely be 5-7 minute episodes.

what happen at the end of the light novel?

Occasionally 4-koma series get full length episodes so there's hope.

Silverlink tend to have moderate budgets and I don't think they've ever done anything other than full length episodes.

Don't know about the LN but in the manga he marries her then fucks her like a boss (onscreen too).

She then has a kid that in the space of a few weeks becomes a toddler (9 tailed foxes apparently skip through infant stage before their aging grinds almost to a halt as they get to around 4-5 physically)

What's this from, again?

It's a shame only one chapter of this was translated.

mangadex badly needs to directly upload the archives at least to anything with no chapters already

Really liking the anime design

cute chad shota

Never forget.


Her thirst levels are reaching critical mass, how much longer until she just pounces on him in the town square?

>he marries her then fucks her like a boss (onscreen too).
translations when?

need more brown shotas

Never, it's been quite a few years.

why is there not enough Gyaru/delinquents and shota?

There is never enough delinquent anything.

>why are girls with glasses so crazy?

I kept watching the show for him.

What was the name of this One?

gyarus and shotas are made for each other

when would Central Asian dictators realize funding a shota manga adaptation is the best way to promote their countries?


Reverse search failure, may I has a sauce?

Same here

>straight shota

Fuck off. You can find it in 10 seconds.

I dispute your claims of failure
>Creator(s): dr.p

Greatest lovestory ever told?

>>straight shota

h is cheating

Purely for educational purposes though.

I know it's dr p but can't find the right one


He's not a shota anymore.

>cute shota ruined by a huge cock
Why would you do this. 72 user.....

>He's not a shota anymore.
he is pretty shota to me

shotas are pure you degenerate piece of shit

Does this look like a shota to you?

another timeskip?

It is "Don't Call me "Ane-san"" and it is in the takoubon "Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi - Aggressive Love Ism"

Fuck these arrogant pieces of shit.

he claimed reverse search failed yet when we checked using the reverse search tools we found it, we were disputing this blatant discord, how is that arrogant?

Actually it was a social experiment to test the helpfulness of strangers on internet communities

>i'm not a retard who can't use the tools provided to me
>i'm actually a scientist doing important research
Kill yourself retard.

we are so close to the shota era user

What a time to be alive.

>social science
>important research
smug anime girl.jpg

It's only a matter of time until onee-chan can't take it anymore and breaks


the timeskip was just so that she could legally fuck him