What do you think of Tsukiko?

What do you think of Tsukiko?

A shit

she has a nice sister

For licking

Anoying slut, I dropped this series in ep 2 because of her.

>Kantoku art
She's cute.


I don't understand why there are regular threads about this character. The anime was so shit I dropped it midway through.
Is it the character designs? Just because the girls are cute?

The girls are hot

Kantoku art. Also because she's cute, and she has the same birthday as Aoba and Rem.

Shit taste detected. The anime was great even without the godly chara design.

My waifu

Oh, pardon me if I don't enjoy poorly-written romance with awkward kids as lead characters.

go watch Boruto and sleep, kiddo


Her eyes are quite hypnotic.

Boring. Azuki was more amusing.


why dont you just jump and die!

Reminder that Tsukiko has an official art where you can see her nipples.

I like Iron King goinf dere

MY wife Tsukiko is very cute.

>mfw I have that book without knowledge of the official nipple
Being a Kantoku fan helped

Well, somebody post the fucking nipple then.

It should be allowed, since it's official art.

man Kantoku is a God

What exactly is the target audience of Kantoku's drawings?

Is LN still ongoing?
Yes, Azusa is a shit.



Both Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko and Azuki Azusa are extreme cuties that need very 濃厚 anal sex.


ok LNspoilerfags who won dog or cat ?

Nigger lips.




That one is also official art. It should be allowed, if the mods don't suck.


She's pretty cute

How many times do you think she's been raped by her sister?

Not enough

What's all the fuss about? it's just a nipple on top of a very little fat, I don't see much different from a boy nipple. I totally don't have any desire to nibble it or anything

What other anons have said. Also, volume 12's out next month.

Fuck off, faggot.

It hasn't finished. Volume 12's out next month.


I want to fuck a dog & cat


W-waifu like this



She'll always be the cutest Kantoku girl

2013 was 5 years ago.



Cute tummy


I'm so glad that webm became a thing.

I want to tickle this belly

I want to push that leaf in deeper.

>The anime was so shit I dropped it midway through.

Yeah but the opening was memorable


Mou ikkai

Almost as cute as Azuki Azusa.

The cutest