I mean we just got a Devilman adaptation. There's still hope, r-right?

>tfw they confirmed that clare is virgin

You really want further adaptation? I was reading manga but I dropped it near the end. It was such a mess everyone was killing each other some super mutations.

I would love a game, desu
maybe start with a young clare and follow her all the way to her final meeting prisilla.

would be nice to adapt from the manga, but that's easily a 500hr journey.

>Devilman adaptation
More like a bastardization.

Manga was always shit, the anime was fun for the fights and violence.

But there is already a Claymore adaptation, it's even decent.
All the events after anime ended are pretty much just endless fights with barely any exposition.

untrue. the abyssal ones are far more interesting than anything shown in the anime. even the manga shows Rigardo's true strength, which the anime did a poor job of since he got bodied by a half awakened clare.

The monsters are interesting to a degree. But the problem with manga, at least as I saw it, was that there were just fights after fights after fights. It got tedious and drawn out.
Maybe if there was more content between fights, more character interaction outside of combat, it would be more interesting.

fair criticism. I actually came back to it after taking a few months break.


The abyssal ones are all tossed aside like unimportant fodder though.

This. It feels like he just ran out of ideas and kept trying to outdo the previous threat.


yeah 'cause the organization n shit.

Ophelia was a lot of fun.

the very best

she was the best

>we never got to see the new continent



one of the few that was great in both the anime and the manga. she was too good to die.

All the unchristian things that I'd do to her.

yeah... ^___^

Very unchristian things.

what is this, a picture for midgets?

all playing aside tho, it's obvious that Teresa is best.

>tfw not allowed to claymore because cumming feels too good and it would be hard for me to hold back and not bust
unless I completely misunderstood the reason why


I'm surprised this actually had a happy ending. Raki grew into a man and lives happily ever after with Clare.

i always thought that raki was gonna become the first male claymore in forever and fight with clare.... and thathe'd be able to keep himself from prematurely ejaculating all over her... was disappointed when they didn't do that in the manga. thought it was an obvious and good idea.

Isley is such a cuck.


>that scene when teresa realized why clare hugged her back then
fuckin' hell, I cried hard. I was legit mad when teresa died, I'm still not really over it.

I was actually expecting this, and very disappointed that he never did.

damn. same here, no joke. that's cool to know someone else had that experience. i always feel like claymore doesn't get its due.

i've read through the entire manga twice... it's not perfect. dun give a fuck tho. it's literally the first manga i read.

I like how I expected it to be girls fighting off zombie like monster in a medieval setting and it turned out to be an elitist shit fest about being the strongest and how much you can shit on Yomas at least until Priscilla shat on everyone

>i always feel like claymore doesn't get its due.
It went off the rails. Honestly nothing post timeskip captures the greatness that came before it.

it's not perfect. that's fine. still in my top 5 of all time, manga and anime.

Is that new manga the author is working on any good? I read the first chapter or two when it came out, thought it was quite retarded.


its like fer kids it seems.

I loved Claymore but I get the critiques about the later half of the book. On that note, the Claymore anime made changes here and there to make certain events flow better, so im sure Yagi wont mind another adaption doing the same for the many battles we see later on

I rate the series an okay out of a possible superb in terms of adaptation. Not enough to get me in a car even if it is a lion.

its comedy/adventure

my favorite character

It was fun until the power creep kicked in.

i remembner hella long ago when i discovered the anime. i watched that shit in two days. it was like crack. it's the only reason i got into reading manga.

From what I remember the power scaling was pretty consistent and established beforehand in the first half


MADhouse animation holds up so well that even after a literal decade, it still looks better than 90% of the soulless trash being peddled by the industry today.


Jean best girl. Willpower of STEEL

Pure maiden waiting for Raki's dick.

>inb4 maga rock I own physical book

Cred Forums, which is your favorite former #1?
I'll just go ahead and post the best ever

>your favorite former #1?
But you've already beaten me to it.

>hated her at first
>fast forward to her crying without her muscles
>learn why she dual wields
>instantly feel bad
this series has a ton of great characters.

>mfw it's actually Claire talking about Raki taking her own chastity

I've always like to think of this as a Berserk prequel

PS:Ophelia is best girl

>Devilman adaptation
>War between Dragons and tech advanced humans.
>Claymore looks like a side story from what happens on continent.

It's gonna be shit because Priscillia is one of the worst final villains ever made. I have no idea why the author had such a hardon for her.

She wants it bad.

I loved reading this manga because the early chapters were amateurish but as it progress you notice the art improving until reaching high end art style.

I actually liked Claire back when she was drawn with a big forehead

The final boss should be one of the Dragonkin which skin they use to create Yoma. Or just a being from the other continent in general.

this. yuasa is a massive hack

Claymore: Sisterhood full manga adaptation when?

first we need Claymore 2003

I was heavily into it back in the day. Rewatched a couple of episodes recently - it's really fucking cheap. Animation shortcuts everywhere. Rather than adapting the shitty parts of the manga I'd rather see a good new version

Is Teresa allowed