Darling in the Franxx

Absolutely fantastic episode.

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Background megane and background bowing girl a qt.

I really liked it overall, but I was a bit disappointed that the fight against 100s of Conrad klaxos largely went for the "there are 100s but they attack 5 at a time" cliche. I wanted to see the P26 and P13 deal with them at least outnumbered 5:1 in the immediate engagement or something.

They were all attacking one at the same time. How did they even reduce the numbers from 100 to 0?

AOTY desu

I was starting to hate 02 after the last episode. This episode kind of made her the best girl this season.

Absolutely garbage episode. Zero payoff for previous episodes, zero hype in a moment that's supposed to be hype, zero stakes in anything because no one's in any danger. Strelicia mary sues everything just because, Team fuck up becomes Team competent just because, Ichigo is suddenly good pilot and overcomes mental issues just because, Hiro is a magical chosen one just because. Shitty animation and generic music everywhere.

Can we remove Trigger and have A1 make show about teenagers angsting in robots? At least it has character drama.

>Hachi mentioned that Kissing could take a couple more days
>mfw they will die in the next battle

The coolest

When that blue shit disappeared, did it actually go inside him?
Is 02 slowly turning hiro into a monster like her when he rides with her?
Like when they were talking about those yellow blood cells and stuff

They prob have to reach understanding for it to recede. If they fight I bet that blue shit will come spilling out

Hi, is this the bully-free thread?

02 is slowly turning hiro into a monster and I can't wait to see ichigo's face when it happens

Take a guess...


>nothing happens to Suetrelizia: the Episode

Really good episode but why is Goro such a cuck?!
It makes me absolutely fucking angry.

Do you even defeat in detail, user?

Consider that the fight went for longer than showed.
The Gutenberg-level didn't react until attacked, so they took their time taking care of the Conrad ones.


Though the fact of the matter is they basically aggroed and picked them apart like mobs in a game.
Not exactly the high point of giant robot badassery, but it's probably as such to set up the ridiculous power level of Strelitzia as it sweeps in and starts ravaging the small ones by the dozens.

Nah, Amamiya ruined it with his garbage storyboarding.

This so much.

>Repsonding to a post an hour old by now.
>No increase in IP count.


I like how the 26ers seem more lifelike now that they're mingled with the main cast. The power of Hiro's naming magic spreads.

I think I missed the part where team fuck-up did anything but lose to low level monsters again.

Because that's my second post in the thread, while this is my first post in the thread.
You're now reading my third post in this thread.


I wish their fight scenes weren't so lame.

>Progressive condition just magically disappears due to Ai Yo with no side effects
Well that was fucking pointless

>downgrade whatever you teased so far to litteraly One Piece tier episode
>children are excited

It might not have done, what if that was her blue monster blood tainting him and his body was rejecting it so it was hurting him.
But once he accepted her, he accepted the monster side of her too, so now he's going to turn into a monster as well and they'll have monster babies

I know you are trying your hardest to make this particular shitposting line stick but its pretty retarded. Nothing about Hiro's condition or what casused it or apparently cured it is known. This may be explained in the next episode for all you know.

If it is never explained only then will shitposting about it be valid

>unlike you brainlets i have refined tastes in japanese childrens cartoons

I think it was kind of important for them to be lame, they showed real annoyance towards working with 02 when they knew she was there as she was a loose cannon. So it would make sense that there team works solely on being as precise as possible.

Reflecting on its actually personally quite good character building as a group and while they didn't take down the big one, they still came out strong by pretty much cleaning house.

Yes, and?

>so lame
They're common grunts who have nothing but standard gear and own skill and coordination to win, and they were dealing with enemies just fine. Certainly looks better than jobber squad who job despite their low numbers and blingy custom mechas.

Anime fucking kino, I just wish i could watch it all in one go.

I don't even think they were lame. The mass produced franxx were cute and it was interesting to see how effective standard military procedure could be. Their spear/lasso thing was really neat and effortlessly took down almost every threat. The experimental team has totally unique franxx like Strelizia and the other legendary soldiers but they were barely able to handle the few guys who broke through the first defensive line.

Physical symptoms disappeared in a matter of seconds due to Ai

it's done shit

it's not retarded at all. Why not make the cancer recede slowly while he is hugging 002 for example? It would have made the effect more believable than the instant recovery.

1. Hiro comes to his senses.
2. He realises 002 needs help and a reaction starts in his body.
3. He gets up and hugs 002.
4. As she calms down, his cancer also recedes.

There, I just fixed the scene.

What a dumb post. First of all, making the grunts lame just so your hero looks cool is shit storytelling. Secondly, in universe these guys are supposed to be good at what they do, not lame. Even 002 remarks how they are much better than the P13 squad, yet this is something we're only told is the case, as what we actually see says something else entirely about them.

The fight scenes were extremely convenient and poorly choreographed. That they were doing "just fine" was by the staff's edict only.

Yeah, so effective the staff had the klax attack them in waves. This is contrived as shit.

You dont have a single fact to back that up though.

The part where you look retarded is that what you are both saying would be valid if this series does not go on to explain what happened. You are just so keen and overly entheusiastic to blow your amature shitposting load that you have jumped the gun on this particular shitposting line.

Please just wait a few weeks and keep your autism in check. If it turns out to be as you say then by all means crack on.

Love is very powerful.

Eh, we clearly don't see them killing 100s so we didn't see the entire fight, so I'm fine with them not showing 150+ identical klaxos killed on-screen, I just wanted to see how they handle large numbers of shit enemies, instead we got shit enemies which apparently run in like 5 at a time. It's really a tired old cliche and I was hoping they'd avoid it. Strelizia was pretty cool though, went straight in the thick of it at least and gave an impression of actually fighting a horde.

I'm not shitposting you stupid tosspot.

I have several ideas but at this point I have no idea which could be the most plausible. Probably 1st or 3rd
>it went inside and changed Hiro as he accepted 02 as his long-term partner, he's something different now
>it just healed as suddenly as it appeared, no idea how or why
>it's related to the excess of yellow blood cells, so perhaps Hiro's count actually went down; maybe YBCs are related to magma energy and Hiro pumped the power into Strelizia and it was then used it to kill Beta

>Fantastic episode.
Never ceased to amaze me of the collective IQ of the bored widdling away.
POWER OF LOVE fixes a broken robot and a disease and your mentally deficient self says thats entirely fine and ok

>zero payoff
What? At the end we see that Hiro's worldview has almost totally changed. We see that 02 and Hiro's development has reached a turning point. I have no clue why this complaint keeps surfacing.

Then you are unironically making such blatantly retarded statements? literal brainlet desu


>power of love is literally the theme
>wwaaaahhh why is there power of love???
We got everything advertised if you don't like it, drop it.

What do you even mean? P26 cleaned house fighting Conrads, they worked well together and used safe, effective tactics while being much more efficient than P13 who are so green they couldn't even avoid literally running into each other. P26 did fine. They couldn't handle a Gutenberg class, but they're just regular soldiers, their equipment just wasn't appropriate for that fight. Even Strelizia couldn't take it out in the first blow.

Kill yourself.

>P26 cleaned house fighting Conrads
Yeah, off-screen. What we're shown of their battle is very slow paced and overly convenient, with Conrad class Klaxosaurs never ganging up on them.

> they worked well together and used safe, effective tactics while being much more efficient than P13 who are so green
This is what we're _told_ about them, but it does not mesh well with what we're shown at all. Just watch your webm ffs. They take forever to kill single units, in that one specifically having to group up to take down one tiny dino. Because for some dumb reason, the dinos never swarm them like they did in episode 3 for example. They sit on the side and let P26 have at the guys they're engaging.

>They couldn't handle a Gutenberg class, but they're just regular soldiers, their equipment just wasn't appropriate for that fight.
No one said anything about them being lame because they couldn't take down Target Beta, user.

Also, in the first "wave" the P26 guys kill 3 Klaxosaurs and let 4 go through for P13 to deal with. And then they call the P13 guys dead weight. Another instance of the script being at odds with the storyboarding. That line would not have been so out of place were the P26 guys shown killing more than 3 dinos, and taking forever to do it too.

>They take forever to kill single units
It takes them like 10s to kill one, then we later see them bunching up several and killing them all at once. Even if they kill at a rate of 10s/Conrad klaxo that's 1500s to kill 150 of them, not even half an hour to wipe out a horde of the estimated size. They're probably significantly faster since they started bunching them up, so you can hardly bitch about them being slow.

>Because for some dumb reason, the dinos never swarm them like they did in episode 3 for example
Yes, I do have a problem with this too, though to be fair a FranXX seems to be vastly faster and more maneuverable, not to mention being able to fly (or at least jump very high). So if they're smart about it they would not end up fighting 50 at once at close range or some shit because they are the ones with engagement control and not the klaxos.

Episode 3 takes place in cramped as fuck mines with the 100% green, 0% experience P13 squad. Maneuverability can't be employed there even if they had the skill for it, which they absolutely to not.


>The reason 02 loved Hiro was his genetics

The power of wanting to ride a franco cured him durrrrt

You already said that!

>Robots literally powered by the relationship of the pilots
>Robot gets powerboost the moment the pilots deepen their relationship
>Nonsense, this doesn't make any sense! ASSPULL
You're the mentally deficient here.

Zero Two!

He sure is the chosen one

They're going to explain his klaxo-tumor disappearing, right? They're not just going to carry on without telling us how he asspulled, are they?


He trained the most and he is a prodigy and he has special blood so of course he can will the tumor back into himself

Strelizia, Zero Two and Hiro!

Cute image

No basic rules of media directing demands that every new plot point that appears in a episode must be thoroughly explained during the same episode no exceptions. Considering that the tumor wasn't explained one can conclude that the explanation will never come. We should just shitpost as much as possible without waiting for the next episode.

They foreshadowed it

I want to titfuck this robot

Can't blame Doc for fanboying Strelizia. She's is the best.

chigo will have bed-breaking sex with Hiro according to her V/A

Maybe they'll do it right after they explain how it spread over the rest of his body at a similar rate 5 minutes earlier. Or did you miss that part in your rush to shitpost?

Are you up for the challenge?

Ichigo will watch 02 and Hiro have bed-breaking sex according to Tomato.

It's the last episode of the first arc. It was supposed to be a climatic episode, they even did the titledrop. The audience was supposed to be blown away with emotions after 5 fucking episodes of set up, not learn some facts about MC 's development. Execution was fucking horrible.

Well aside for the obvious height differences I would still want to motorboat her.

>The origins of "darling" can be found in the very heart of the English language; its earliest known uses can be traced back to Old English writings from the 9th century. Old English "deorling" was formed by attaching the Old English suffix -ling ("one associated with or marked by a specified quality") with the adjective "dēore," the ancestor of our adjective "dear" ("regarded very affectionately or fondly," "highly valued or esteemed," "beloved")

>associated with or marked by a specified quality
part interests me. Is it possible that she learned the word to mean something like this?
Look at the way she uses it, stuff like
>Yeah, this guy really isn't cut out to be my Darling

I think it also makes sense because Hiro only matters to her if he doesn't die after the third time riding with her. Is that the special quality she's marked?

thoughts on this?

She will eventually snap and murder somebody, right?

I love Ichigo!

Sorry Goro, she is not interested in you

Nah, darling will calm her. He is like the rain.

>Jobs eternally


Sorry, posted wrong image.

The best part of the episode is by far the last quarter.

it's possible but everything is possible until they show us something from 02's point of view and we see her thoughts when she's not around anyone else.
Until then there is like 5 different interpretations for everything

This episode was alright but I really, really don’t see the TTGL-tier hype it seems to get around these parts.

There is no competition around so the triggerfags are clinging to it as hard as possible

It was ok. The battle scenes were pretty lackluster.

>He is like the rain.
Nishigori: I was raping Anno-sensei, raping, like this! But with love, with love.

It's a good anime original with a story that's looking up and Gainax crew behind it.

The fact rest of the internet prefers their stripped down, low budget adaptations of 5 year old manga and LNs only makes it better.

>This screenshot
>People expect grimdark shit to happen

>First of all, making the grunts lame just so your hero looks cool is shit storytelling
This is pretty interesting, but like what if the other team is actually just good

A quarter doesn't make a good climatic episode and that quarter would have a lot more impact if it was handled by the staff that did episode 5 anyway. Trigger was a mistake.

hey user I love you I just wanted you to know that

The battle scenes were amazingly animated, what they were lacking was a great BGM to go with it.

>I'm so special because I can tell the eva references and that's gainax

>The battle scenes were amazingly animated
They looked blurry and were boring. Only thing one was Hiro last attack


>"Our love will prevail!"
>autistic yelling
>evil boss is defeated

well get on with it

Weakest episode so far but still ok


People keep saying episode 7 will be a Miku+Zorome ep, is there any proof of that?

Genista! Sitting on my face!

That documentary is better than the real movie, or heck, even Jodorovsky's visions.

>POWER OF LOVE fixes a broken robot and a disease and your mentally deficient self says thats entirely fine and ok
I think your autism is keeping form understanding the point of fiction

They also used to say that 4 will be Goro episode.

I believe it's from an interview with some of the VAs.

some va interview.

>ichigo starts trying to be less bossy and more casual
>Oni just brushes her off or makes jabs at her
I want this.

>NOTHING happened to Strelizia but that's okay

>these two will be EVEN MORE lovey dovey on Saturday
>02 will start blatantly ignoring Ichigo's instructions and sneak off to Hiro's room at night

In the context of the scene, the lack of an immediate and obvious damage to Strelizia is completely ok.
Maybe of it was established previously of Franxx being physically and visibly, by like arms being ripped off, damaged and still being able to fight, it wouldn't be ok, though.

I don't think the oni cancer is gone.
He can probably control it for now.

Would you protect this smile?

Repeating my request for translation, I'll typeset it when someone does.



Absolutely not.

Onifags are the worst.

His body will continue to adapt to it and it will only make him stronger.

Is 02 fertile?

Actually, most of Strelitzia's fight during the episode was done great, but the others were lackluster.

Did they literally spend one hour on the design of the enemies? Christ!

She lays eggs.

All the "women" are freemartins.

Are you going to kill yourself, or are you just going to complain about the show every day without actually dropping it?

The same interviews strawberry posters keep quoting claiming that Hiro and Ichigo are gonna fug?


I want to defend her but that sibling shit doesnt do her any favors.

No bully. Promise.

02 is not a monster you asshole

Yeah i agree

This, they use the same BGMs every time

Incredibly so.

He’s ageing rapidly.

They tried something with the rock? music during the other team's battle but it just felt so out of place and inconsistent.

They also said Khara would do one episode

No. This one isn't totally delusional. Honestly I've never seen this interview that started that rumor though. There was one that Tomato and Hiro's VA did that alluded to some of the other support characters getting development soon after Hiro and 02's opening arc finished.

The "blue shit" was the symptom of some bodily change that 02 has precipitated on Hiro.

It hasn't "vanished", all that's gone away is the Hiro's bodily response to whatever 02 was doing to him. The scene looks more like instead of Hiro's body fighting the infection, it has instead accepted and internalized it, which in turn kind of follows Hiro's frame of thought in the scene.

We'll probably get Dr. Franxx discussing Hiro's changes next episode, I think he was avoiding interacting with Hiro up until this point because he considered Hiro dead meat up until now.


OP a shit

New and improved version for all you're shitposting needs

Her VA actually said she was sterile because she is a hybrid.

Wtf is wrong with her right arm?

>has discussions on breeding 02 and whether she can be impregnated

Tomato is too lewd.

>source: my ass

Why would I. She's cuter when she's devastated.

Imagine the shitposting if this were true.

>Power of love


My theory is that because they're totally clueless on anything to do with relationships that she doesn't have any concept of love. Her highest term for infatuation would be sibling, although she probably knows she thinks more than that about him, but she can't articulate it. She probably also knew that when he said "yeah, same" that he doesn't think of her the same way she thinks of him, hence her getting all sad.



Nishigori is a hack

>mecha has a mahou shoujo transformation sequence

This is how I used to react when I was ten. "Love, ewww"

Whose stamen do you want to become, and why?

I'm a strawberryfag, but she really spilled her spaghetti there.


>Power of love
>In a show about the power of love

Pacific Rim did it better

I want to be Goro's pistil

>Кокоро делает правильный слав экспириенс
My heartboner.

Literally built for sex.

Why does everyone look so tired

If we go by episode 1 and what 02 says, that blue shit has always been there.
So it didn't came from 02 or vanished.

Or maybe should I say: it could always have been there.

Why does so much art focus on Hiro suffocating in 02's tits? That never happened in the show.

We honestly need more shows with power of love GAR moments to be honest.

Anyone speak Communist?

I'm not Chad Hiro enough for 02 so I'll go with Miku.


God, imagine what it would be like if Kokoro just spread her legs in front of you and let you press your mouth on her pussy and she'd just pee straight in. Literally divine nectar.

Well it should happen.

Loli oni 02 actually looked at the blue shit on her finger as something strange and her blood is red.

It’s hot

Kokoro to heal my kokoro

Is this TTGL with eva references?

02 > Miku > Kokoro > Cocona > whatshername

>Episode eight or nine's title
Return of the Milkman

How do I acquire a girl like zero two irl?

>modern day Яussia

02. I will be the man to make wishes come true.

But there were Eva references in TTGL.

By not being fat and gross and pathetic enough to ask how to pick up chicks on an anime board.

user you don't want the irl equivalent, sure the sex is great and you get to oogle a hottie for a year or two, but eventually her mental issues destroy the relationship by force.

Zero Two or Kokoro


>smuggy smug smug

Reminder that Kokoro is actually evil and will probably called out by Zero Two.

Sorry, 002 is sterile

You're the most retarded person in this thread.

In that pic, should Hiro have blue horns too, or no?

>makes right slav experience
That's probably google translation.

>not virgin
>make enough money
>autistic but not so autistic i can't function in daily life
>can protect myself
>stand at 1,96 meters tall
Wat do?

>Trigger episode shots up pre orders and saves it from being a flop

Kokoro is an angel, and you should feel ashamed of yourself user.

Kokoro as final boss would be hype

Is it possible for such an alpha girl to be a virgin?

Onifags have some real problems


Is it really happening?

Kokoro is the most down with Zero Two aside from Hiro

>Can protect myself


>Cocona being super cute episode shots up pre orders and saves it from being a flop

Yes. Just make sure no kid in the world ever learns about sex.

Deepfags are still looking too much into this show?

Another anime where the girl only loves you for your genes.

Haven't seen this one before. Anyone translated it?

Screencap me then.


t. autistic virgin manlet mutt

Anyone has the new 4komas? Been busy at work so I haven't been on the threads



Just like real life?

I want to kill cocona

>Source: My ass

My boy hiro trains when none of the fucking retards with a deathwish done

Look who's talking.

I haven't followed these threads at all because they look pretty bad but it was a decent episode if a bit cheesy and cliche but I think that describes this show in general too. Last weeks episode was still the best so far though.


>watch show about love
>wtf love saved the day

Science. Most hybrids tend to be sterile.

lol you 02fags give each other upvotes for being pathetic

>Watch hotblooded mecha
>It's loveshit

Lets find out!
Kokoro for the record, can’t resist that wifey softness


wow did they trace EVA for this? that's an incredible find


Is watching this show a good replacement for evangelion?
I don't want to watch old shit.

>4koma makes fun of the asspull
I like the artist is making fun of the show too

This is why Cred Forums is dead.

They wanted a big tweest like 02 getting killed on the 3rd ride instead or something.
Hell, if anyone had died, there would've been less shitposting.

He's always had YBCs, yes, all the parasites have them. They didn't spike until after piloting with 02 though.

God I need episode 7, hopefully they explain what just happened these last two episodes.

Kokoro's pussy is for kissing tenderly as she holds you gently between her thighs and strokes your hair.

Watch the rebuild movies then, they are new

Is this the new retarded theory of the week like the spider or Charlemagne?

If it didn't blindly follow the shonen clichés we wouldn't be here

>Science. Most hybrids tend to be sterile.
Power of love motherfucker.

>Hell, if anyone had died, there would've been less shitposting.
Nice headcanon.

>She can read his mind.

>what's a breeder
my sides

A+ shitpost right there.
I'm going to use this.

>02 can read Hiro's thoughts

I wish they would explain how exactly the mindmeld stuff works.

fuck off shitposter

>tfw the edgefags have been here since before the show even aired.

the explanation is the 4koma isn't canon

>he doesn't know

>user dies

They will spam it until you like it

Too bad they cant capture any of the magic.

>Not turbo edgefags


>Red Oni
>Always alone
Her being sterile is really high.

Watch Xenoglossia

Will the other crews get their power-ups thanks to LOVE?

you can't dismiss something just because you don't agree with it.
Charlemagne make sense.
Spider make sense.
and Sterile Hybrids make sense.

How come 02 hates glasses?

What if 002 doesn't know about the birds and the bees and neither does Hiro. So when they succumb to their urges, will 002 keep the baby?

They are just cherrypicked shit, just shut up about it

>set in a post-apocalyptic earth
>children brainwashed to think piloting is the only reason to live
>send them into the wasteland if they can't do so
>wtf why the fanbase wants it to be edgy?
who thinks like this

also user was right about a death in the first episode

But Alpha Hiro tamed the evil wild Oni

He's just that deep inside her.


Maybe in your fantasy user, but not in mine.


it means the 4koma isn't canon

As a person that needs glasses, this pisses me off but arouses me at the same time.

Dr Franxx will give them the talk in the next episode.



Dude it is less about that but more about the fact the show has done nothing other than proving us a plot point we already knew and throw a few sprinkles of world building here and there
I really hope after ep6 we get more than just scraps because it really needs it

>Unit 01 just magically goes crazy every time Shinji's in a jam
Well that was fucking pointless

The show just seems so fucking bland and bad. Only reason why I even follow these threads is that I get to know if anyone actually dies

Fuck this shit if they dont pull a kamina

you can stop trying to use buzzwords to disprove things anytime

Who is this very likely evil fuccboi.

FranXX keeps aping off of other anime. Pathetic

It's beauty taming the beast in reverse. Hiro is still the "girl" in the relationship.

Hiro's gay boyfriend

how was it horribly executed? just because it isn't what you expected doesn't mean it's bad

There's nothing to disprove. It's just speculah and every time it's reposted it reduces the lifespan of the other anons

that's literally just a frontal shot. ttgl didn't invent frontal shots.

>Homages lmao, member?
Jesus christ its a disgrace

If it was good it would be good. The moment 26 ran out of fuel I saw the shonenshit coming


nice headcanon waifufag

>stop speculating it's hurting me
literally to stupid to think


reminder that eva didn't invent cores and ttgl didn't invent frontal shots

T. Assblasted Kyoanusfag

He's more interested in Hiro :^)

>pull a kamina
they won't and even if they did or would have done it would had been piss poor
My fit with darling is that they spent 6 episodes on some plot point (albeit important) and trying to prove it instead of evenly distributing it and having something happen in between those episodes. Something that GL did with kamina.

He is the new Hiro's love interest.

Stop the staleshit. If it becomes in any way true the anons will pick up on it. Otherwise it's just a forced meme

>You will never have a 02 in your life that would give you a purpose to live your life

Why even live Cred Forums?


But FranXX gladly took them from both shows because they worked

This is the most limp "it's copying X" I've seen yet. Literally just front shots of "determined" faces that are the most common of expressions.

no one is forcing you to live

If it wasn't blatant enough to compare I would go with you

Episode 7 preview

>wanting some std filled whore who has rode with hundreds of other men

She quite clearly bleeds red blood in every fight episode

he would probably fuck the ugliest woman in the world if she asked him

Jesus stop taking shots from other anime

>forced meme
you really like using buzzwords huh?
yesh sir I will now stop using my brain and looking at this anime at a deeper level because you called it shitposting. you saved us all

Don't give up, user!

>another media where femdom slowly turns into maledom
Anime was a mistake.

I can't believe no one has even done this yet for this anime.


Self improve for a bit and then kill your self so you can spend the next life in peak condition with your 02 gf

it's episode 6 and 80% of the show is teenage romance melodrama

Look, spamming it won't get you anywhere. If people are taking issue with it it's about a good time to stop the pasta. A lot of people read it, and it in any form becomes true it will stop being a forced meme.

This is a vanilla anime

How did her blood go from blue to red I wonder?


Please delete this image.

>blue monster blood
stop talking

This is a falsified frame

Get a room faggots

Doesn't really work, TTGL and KLK worked with this because they very much were stylish turn your brain off action shows. FranXX is a bit different with a bit of drama in place of the goofiness (Hell im pretty sure Nishigori had to tell Imaishi to keep the goofy stuff to a minimum for the action scenes).

nice headcanon.

Only if it's with you too

The same reason her skin is white. We no know.

>nice headcanon waifufag
It's literally what it is. Role reversed common trope of the girl calming her man down.

Show is only 6 episodes in and none of them besides 5 have been that exciting

Hiro is petting your pet

Ok but I’m saving myself for my waifu

she clearly bleeds red.

Sup Pedro

post strong and thick hiro dick


>episode 6

I just want to see whether the oni-aids is going to mean anything past this episode and what the actual explanation for it is

Because it does a backpedal for the sake of plot and that backpedal comes out as generic shamefully
I was ready to drop out the show when hiro just ''teehee I was useful :) my friends will be aight'' when all the past episodes have proven the opposite. True Hiro did indeed wanted to be useful but I am talking about that confession to Zero Two or him just being satisfied to do enough. If it wasn't (again) for 02 I would have dropped this show. Seeing her out of her usual ''darling and weaklings die bie deal'' character and show her true nature was nice and gave an actual insight of her real character. That being said that is also a problem by itself. When a show rides on the shoulder of just one character it just shows how little the writer/director thought the show and quality goes downward because of it. I will say it once because some people don't get it and even those that go about ''generic'' also do it.

Any premise despite being generic CAN be good if the characters are great. Darling shamefully isn't doing that and isn't compensating enough on other fronts to make up for it.

Thank you for telling us. It's important information.


This is Ichigo, please say something nice to me


I hope you job more and Genista jobs less

Am I the only think this scene looks hot and want to fuck Hiro right here?

So these symptoms just went away because why?

002 would be a terrible mother, unfit! She wouldn't even know how to take care of an infant let alone raise a child properly with how selfish she is. Poor Hiro would have to do all the work while she goes out and spends money on extravagant things. Hiro should seek someone else as his homemaker not this homewrecker.

Definitely demon

> its earliest known uses can be traced back to Old English writings from the 9th century
You mean, the century in which Charlemagne reigned?


Power of love

Why would you want to fuck this? These veins are nauseating.

>the girl is supposed to take all the damage the mecha takes
>this happens
Nice fucken continunity.

Power of love and plot armor



Did you miss the part about how Zero Two wrecks her partners?

You're cutest when you're sad. You should be sad more often.

>that frame of Ichigo touching her lips while thinking of STRONG AND THICK hiro dick
fucking slut man
Someone get Goro a new partner

I hope this doesnt happen we dont need Fags in pure relationships

Hiro is such a poorly designed shitty self insert character and it bothers me so much.

Maybe because it's the badge given by 02, which shows their deep connection. I was annoyed those veins just went away.

>Power of love
Shiritai no desu.



Same reason why he had it in the first place which is bullshit

>teehee I was useful :) my friends will be aight'' when all the past episodes have proven the opposite.
Literally how can you say this? if it wasn't for him helping 02 they would have died to the Moho Klaxo, then again to the fuck-off worm, and when he recovered his consciousness he was surprised that the Gutenberg was still alive, he though they killed it, he was capable of calming down 02, the blue AIDS didn't disappear as a plot point and 02 and him finally showed what they're capable since Hiro connected with her on a deeper level, all of this even more relevant because of the built up behind the third ride, or do you really expected Hiro to die?


Naomi did die I guess, even though no one gave a fuck.

based fatoshi poster

Guess again :^)

The Pistil is that which is in control of the system of internal controls, (flight/propulsion/balance/force systems are controlled by the pistil), Zero Two can fuck any Stamen accelerating the Mech with the thrusters.

It's literally just the final part of episode 1 again but more drawn out. There has been zero plot development.

>le power of love vanquishes deadly diseases

Why they paired trash like Naomi with such a good a number like Hiro?


>So these symptoms just went away because why?
Went away the same way they appeared. Hiro's special blood and mind linking & mind synchronization shenanigans with Zero Two manifesting physically. Something that was established from the start.

Here you go.

What's a slut

Yep. It was supposed to be the explosive payoff, what a hackjob.

inb4 triggered /u/ bogeyman posters

Some bullshit that Dr. FranXX will probably infodump on us in 1-2 episodes.
It's not like he just got over the thing that killed her previous partners, as how she was affecting him was fundamentally different from what happened to the other ones anyway.
Plus I'm sure he isnt just boom back to normal episode 1 healthy Hiro, his body probably is different in some way now.

How long until it's revealed DitF was just Luluco season 2

>Dr. FranXX
Best girl

He's got the shonen asspull blood, believing himself hard enough will get him over any obstacle

UI Hiro (completed) when?

So he's the good guy?

I'm sorry! I just want what's best for the mc because he deserves better than the town bike.

Hiro's a newtype

I keep forgetting I'm watching shounen.


Dr. Franxx is officially /ourguy/.

Because it's shounenshit and logic doesn't matter.

>women should be rided
>man should guide women
>power of love and vanilla

The mad Doctor

I'm also happy to have my face squeezed between her soft and plump thighs. Imagine just breathing in her body scent at the end of a long day to calm you down.

tfw no Kokoro gf ;_;

Here let me put it in a simple way because it seems even the barebones of this show works your brain
First we have hiro
>I want to pilot a franxx for the sake of protecting my friends and be useful
okay cool that is a standard set up for a character but give me more.
We later have a situation where Hiro has his ''partner'' taken away but we also learn that he is level headed enough and doesn't let things get to his head like dumb bla bla from mitsure so later
>I want to pilot the franxx from all the previous reasons but more importantly I want to ride it with you
Cool more progression with his character bu-
>I gave my best lol 02 doesn't need me and was useful :))
See? it was a backpedal in his character for the sake of plot and shamefully that comes out as generic. From what we have learned Hiro wouldn't have taken the fact that he died as ''just enough'' which is the reason why i liked 02 pushing him and Naomi calling him a liar. Now here is another fit I had with this ep and hope it opens your eyes
>Flashback to an already dead character and somehow said character happens to know the MC even better than himself and his ''brother / sister''
Not sure about you but I have seen scenes like that in every show with a similar scenario. Listen dude no one thought Hiro was going to die. Anyone who did is retarded after all he and 02 are the main characters of the show. That being said if you wanted this to be their show then don't bother to offer me other characters that have the personality of cardboard. Anyone that isn't 02 and Hiro might as well don't exist really.
I hope I am proven wrong later but so far everything is just meh.


How have the sjws reacted to this show so far

>claxcore is yellow inside blue sphere
>Hiro got a blue tumour in the place of his heart and there's yellow blood cells in his blood
>he actually died for a moment but blood started flowing again while his eyes has turned red
It's almost like him having a "hidden potential" was hinted at since the first episode and him progressively transforming into the same thing as 02 is one of the most popular fan theories.
I fully expect that his heart has fused with claxcore.

There was already some triggered people on franxx threads

No idea, they're not important to the anime industry so it doesn't matter.

>this is just a sweet, a bit silly, story
>wtf why isnt it edgy


He wanted to become 02's wings, so he accepted BLUE into his body instead of struggling against it.

We are not important either.

Probably gave them PTSD when the based doctor grabbed Nana's ass.


What does Violet's breath smell like?

neither are you or me.

>hey this episode hiro will break 02's curse/rumors
>he does

>People die all around
>lol look at these mecha goofin
>Why is the show so tone deaf

>takes ages to 5v1 a single shitlord klaxi
>best franxx destroys dozens in seconds

What a silly fight

>I don't understand
>it's an asspull

t. 70-iq pseud

Gilbert's semen

How can franxxlets even compete

It's a wonder all the plantations haven't been destroyed several times over already.

I gave you a chance, Trigger. I wanted you to surprise me.
But it seems you're unable to move on, you're unable to evolve. You're stuck with this juvenile storytelling of yours forever. Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver, Franxx. All you produce is masturbatory fodder for fanboys.
I'm done with you.

Is that a spiral?


More like Zero Too Cute.

I don't recall claiming otherwise.

This show is an insult to Evangelion

Common soldiers seemed to handle everything except cube with ease, and this was considered a fuckhuge swarm of klaxos. It's just our experimental jobber squad who're special.


Is it implied that 02 also kissed all her previous partners?
This is important.

Thats a thicc 02

It's too late. You made your choice.

Evangelion is an insult to good anime.

>02 knows what Hiro is thinking about due to the mind meld
This shit is just wonderful

Desilusional evafag

It's not about the hymen in her vagina user, it's the hymen in her heart that matters.

In terms of when they use healthy monogamous relationship instead of deeply wrong freudian shit to power robots - yes, it is.

No it isn't.

Rebuild is a worse insult to NGE than just about anything else out there.

This so much

Yes, she also bites their dicks off

i GET THE feeling her death will be the most gruesome

>The strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love, because of its heart shapes and red color. ...
>To symbolize perfection and righteousness, medieval stone masons carved strawberry designs on altars and around the tops of pillars in churches and cathedrals.

How much does Mika make from compensated dating a month

I'm not sure any pilot death will be particularly graphic this isn't Muv-Luv

Nothing wrong with that.

Given how frustrated people seem to be with this show already, I can only imagine what the reaction will be like if someone actually dies

>Power of love/friendship cures SPACE AIDS
Shonenshit, ladies and gentlemen.

Hiro was 100% sure he was going to die on the third ride. He didnt know his situation was at all different from anyone elses. So as much as he wanted to ride with 02 while he could, he knew he would be gone after this battle and 02 would just get another partner like always, he doesnt have as much information as we do.
So after he figures hes won the battle, he just sorta gives in since he knows hes doing to die and just wanted to tough it through till the end.

Up until now, Hiro has been wanting to ride a FranXX because he is told its his only purpose in life. His goal was to pilot one until he died, and while 02 is a fasttrack to the death part, she's also his only way to ride a FranXX, he figured that he was only relying on 02 because he's been told she can ride a FranXX by herself. As far as he was concerned, his joyride was over so that was that.

It wasnt until after realizing that 02 might actually need him as much as he needs her that he had the resolve to not just accept the assumption that he was going to die.

I think I could have gotten what I was trying to say out in less words but whatever.

Here's why:
That blue cancer is not some kind of curse that only goes away if you accept 02, neither she gives it to her partners to the point of spawning a fucking massive blue mass on their chests (I do know that it might still be possible though, since that big dude from ep1 was covered), it is just that inside Strelitzia, both the pistil and the stamen share and mix blood.
The catch here is that 02, being (a big) part dino, has a lot of dino cells (YBC?) on her, when absord by the stamen, it causes a big rejection by the stamen's body, which is harmful and potentially lethal.
Looking at Mitsuru after piloting, and assume part of his bleeding comes from this, we can see that only on his first ride he was a lot more strained than Hiro ever was after his first ride (Hiro was fine and had no tumor on his chest during the bath scene).
So the catch here is: Hiro is a special specimen that was modified to "absorb" and "process" YBC.
If we check his blood tests again (and ignore a bit of its discrepancies, pretending it to be legit), we can see that his body is not actually trying to fight this mutation, he also has no external or internal injuries like the other two pilots and is usually just lacking oxigen (heavy breath, body temperature).
This is also why APE didn't want 02 to "mix" with Hiro:
>he can absorb and process her YBC
>thus, he eases and controls her Dino side to normal levels
>which causes her performance as superpilot to drop
Hiro's body accepting her dino cells while the other pilots don't is also part of
>opposite reaction
Other stamens get their blood "stolen" or taken by 02 (being devoured) causing their YBC count to drop, while Hiro process and absorb/transforms her blood himself causing his YBC count to rise.



We knew nothing about Hiro's disease

It was slow paced, took 4 to take down one. Meanwhile strielza swung her lance and killed like 5 in one go.

If someone dies I'm dropping this shit
Fuck the edgefags

>wow I can't believe they actually killed someone! >DROPPED!
Like that.

Do you know what an edgefag is?

>It wasnt until after realizing that 02 might actually need him as much as he needs her
Well she wasn't exactly crying or calling his name while he was passed out, was she?


>Kamina died? Fucking edgefags


>Death is not edgy

>>I gave my best lol 02 doesn't need me and was useful :))
>See? it was a backpedal in his character for the sake of plot and shamefully that comes out as generic.
Hiro himself said it was ok if he died in previous episodes, since not piloting is the same as being dead to him, he piloted with 02 3 times which which is what people expect from her partners, so I don't see any regression there
>>Flashback to an already dead character and somehow said character happens to know the MC even better than himself and his ''brother / sister''
she was his partner, she must have known him very well and he failed her, she appearing in an hallucination isn't far fetched, come on, it isn't that deep

Could the show be holding off on the name Hiro will give 02 because it's symbolism might be too obvious?

Probably the same way she went from a little red oni girl to a white human teen with horns and fangs. Fuck knows at this point, basically.

>a white human

>>Flashback to an already dead character and somehow said character happens to know the MC even better than himself and his ''brother / sister''
About this: I don't think Hiro was on some death zone.
Remember that we have loliOni and someone holding hands? Those trees might actually be from Hiro's memories.
That is, that whole scene is played inside Hiro's mind (since its played both on when Naomi is offing herself on that pod, and on those weird as fuck trees), he wasn't dead (well, he actually wasn't at that point), that also means that Naomi calling his shit is his sub-counscious calling him out.

Jesus fuck if you didn't defend this episode so hard the shitposters wouldn't have a field day

02's had a lot of partners die, as much as she had high hopes for Darling I dont think even she was 100% sure he would be fine and probably steeled herself as a result. That being said we never get to see her face between Hiro dieing and her going stampede mode.

Plus it was the middle of a fight.

Ichigo reminds me of someone...
I'm scared

It's an important event. I don't expect it to happen this soon.

Lurk more newfriend

Yeah the people saying "I absolutely LOVED this episode, it was so amazing, easily the best one so far!" it wouldn't be so bad

People should stop creating and believing headcanons.

I would be pissed off if all the cancer thing was disappeared after episode 6

Her name is Miku. But yes, she pleases old stamens for money.

You make a lot of sense user, we should start shitting on the episode even if we thought it was the best one, that will make the shitposters go away!

literally who

>Implying the old squad wasn't "wiped out"
That means they all are dead user, that means they are dead as fuck

>Triggerfags not doing extreme mental gymnastics to defend their clusterfuck of a show
You're too optimistic

Sure, but I hope it doesn't come up too late into the show. Especially after they pointed out how Hiro is thinking of a name for her.

What are the actual chances she's going to win the Hirobowl?


>2 horns
What is this meme, blue onis have 1 horn

She does NOT please old men!

My last two digits


It's already over

All their names are incredibly on-the-nose.
It actually might be easy to guess what 02’s name will be.

>Combine your generic harem show
>With a generic mecha show
>Reference other successful mecha shows
How Darling in the FranXX was made.


She can rape Hiro if she wants

She wont win even if 02 died
They are siblings after all

They took four in a couple of seconds, which would mean that they wouldn't take a lot more than half an hour to wipe out all those Conrads

That demonic glow is so hot

I kind of expect it to happen at the end of the cour.

>Generic harem
Watch the show


It's a supecial harem, exactly. With totally not a love triangle

I just want to see her happy wearing the Parasites uniform, maybe next chapter?

see you next thread

>love triangle
See Ichigofags literally invented the "Hirobowl", it is not a love triangle.

do you know what harem anime is?

More cute oni

>Childhood friend
>Mysterious new transfer student
>Bland, "Nobody understands me, I might as well be dead" MC
>Both Childhood friend and the mysterious new transfer student want to suck the MC's dick because he is "special"
You sure it isn't you who has to watch the show?

It's not that bad.

>I-it's not a love triangle you guys ichigo definitely didn't kiss her out of love

You first.

Shut the fuck up retard

This was actually hilarious.

Hey, that's pretty good!

She will die, just not now

I could see this happening, she gets a name at the next climax. In ep6 we got the Jian, the next high point will almost surely have something important happening between them once again.

Don't even bother replying to clearly false bait. Such posts can only be intentional or actual retards and it's not worth engaging either way.


la goblina....

02 fags don't get to call out retards

Good thing I actually despise 02 then, right?

None, her arc is going to be getting over Hiro and getting closer to Goro.

Who are you?

002 is a member of APE confirmed

then just fuck off faggot

Does it matter? Why is it your business which characters I like?

Why did they have to put the controls on the girls themselves?
Would it not make more sense for the handles to be part of the franxx?

One sided loves exist all over the place in fiction and in real life. Just because every girl in high school wants to fuck chad, doesnt mean chad is living in a harem anime.

>all this screentime just to do that

What a fucking waste of our time

We got a chance!

Other 02 darling


I'll be quoting this

To turn on weebs. Trigger knew that the writing was so weak for this show that they need something to keep the brainlets watching.

>reference other successful mecha shows
why do people act as if darling is the only one that does this? also try to pass it as a negative. Referencing other mecha shows is a thing almost every mecha anime does.

A love triangle does not a harem make.
If Hiro and maybe Goro were the sole males in the cast and all the other female pilots wanted to fug him then you would have a harem.
See; Vandread

You sure you know what "harem" means?

Mostly because its quirky / memorable / fun. Though if you want an in-universe explanation, the handles basically connect directly to the girls spine and brain, could handwave it as something as silly as avoiding latency by not having the data go through the FranXX first and just go directly from Stamen to Pistil.


>"But that's the theme of the show"
>"So it makes sense an emotion can mend metal and cure AIDS!"
Every damn time. Explain how then the leader of the second team ran out of fuel. Did he stop loving his partner in the middle of battle?

>if 02 died
Kek, some faggot said he would drop the show if anyone died. Imagine the meltdown on Cred Forums if 02 died. There would be 50 threads.

>Everyone does it so people shouldn't talk about it

>drains the people she pilots with, becoming more human in the process
>with Hiro she actually shares her dino aids gradually transforming him into an oni hybrid too and they both reach some sort of equilibrium where they can pilot together without hurting or draining each other

It would be the last episode anyway if it happens

You realize it was a fictional magic bullshit disease in the first place, right retard?

That's like 10% too high.


>missing the point
alright I guess

The girls that make up the wives of a polygamous man. Meaning more than one. Two is more than one.

Can we end this thread with cute Kokoroposting?

Who said it was cured with no lasting consequences?

The point is to tell the message that you should get over someone who you feel unrequited love for and find someone who actually cares for and thinks of you in a romantic sense.

So nothing is out of bounds in this story? The power of love is some panacea? If an emotion can mend metal, why can't it solve world hunger as well? Just magically send every dino to the center of sun? Is there no upper bounds to problems that the writers can't use the power of love to solve?

Okay, so you're just shitposting.

>Explain how then the leader of the second team ran out of fuel. Did he stop loving his partner in the middle of battle?
What the fuck? The fuel they were referring to was magma fuel speedwatcher. Not only did the blue aids come as suddenly as it disappeared, they could very well explain why it disappeared later, if it even did. In episode 4 no one knew Hiro had the blue thing, and there it was in episode 5. The same could be done with episodes 6 and 7.

>Meaning more than one.
>Two is more than one.

I only have pics of her cute robutt.

>Nobody understands me, I might as well be dead
This is not at all his character. He is not misunderstood he just want have a single purpose in life and if he can't upfill that purpose he may as well die.


Nigger, they're literally powering giant robots with the power of love. Maybe this show is too much for your autistic brain.

If you say so, but take out the mecha in FranXX and it'll play out like your generic harem/love triangle show, complete with the forced drama of protag acting dense as fuck around the two girls.

Ichigo isnt Hiro's wife though. There isnt even an in-universe waifu war, Hiro does not see Ichigo romantically at all. Its just an unrequited love, which you're obviously going to have in a series with love-powered mecha alongside plenty of other romantic drama cliches.

And we didn't need 6+ episodes of tons of screentime to do that

Hiro is such a good boyfriend.

Me too. I have many cute and lewd Genistas, but only three (3) Kokoros.

those two faggots would be a red paste

Love triangles and harems are two different things and you know it. You're equating them just to shitpost.

You wanted praise?

Kokoro has a big chest.

002 is a used good confirmed

Why are you posting Ange on franxx thread

Actually, four Kokoros if you count this Kokorobutt.

>Man, Jesus dies? Fucking edgy piece of shit book

oops ill fix that

Lot of people died because of that book

I swear her ass was bigger than that.

The themes have a very different focus

Oni is a terrible girlfriend.
Ichigo is far superior.

Would you rather she suddenly went
>wtf I love Goro now
On episode 1?
Does your autism prevent you from understanding that it takes a while to get over someone you’ve desired since childhood?

So 02's kiss to Hiro was to imprint him that she owns her from thereon, so when Hiro got kissed by Ichigo it triggered the cancer which tested Hiro's faithfulness so when he resolved to give his life for her is when the blue cancer subsided. post your crazy theory Cred Forums


So you think she needs the third most screentime in the show, almost as much as Hiro or 002, just to get that across?

The wing references unironically make more sense in Franxx


>If one thing doesn't obey conventional laws than nothing can
What matters in fiction is internal consistency. Do you like not actually watch or read any fantasy?

Yeah sure, whatever.
We’re only a quarter of the way through the fucking show, I’m pretty sure everyone else is gonna get development.
Miku and Motome are up next.