ITT we are making the perfect Isekai anime. I'll start:

ITT we are making the perfect Isekai anime. I'll start:
Harem of inhuman sex slaves

>Student happy at being on the fast track to an "elite" university
>He's the son of a disgraced/jailed politician that wants to clean the family name
>He's just as ruthless and without empathy as his father was, using people as stepping stones instead of viewing them as individuals and valuing them
>Some storm/earthquake happens and he finds himself in another world
>Fusion of Arabian Nights/Noblebright
>Is netted and made into a slave for a Lord
>He's a house-slave because he's eloquent and eloquent by slave standards
>Is reined by whip and lash, but finds out that the slaves are just doing their job, after hours they're kind to him and apologetic
>He gets to know them
>He becomes the personal slave to one of the Lord's heirs
>Builds up a friendship of sorts
>Lord dies, the young heir has to be the new Lord as war looms over the horizon
>A lot of diplomacy/politics and the student has to help the young Lord maneuver this cloak and dagger world
>As he guides the young Lord he rediscovers his empathy and meets the same potholes and crossroads his father did
>As he becomes more "good" the Lord becomes further "fallen" and "tainted" by the politics
>Now knowing the value of a person, he strives to help his friend retain his humanity
>Also, best girl is Desert Elf

Shota gets isekai'd and gets a harem of thirsty onee-sans.

Is there a reason that this keeps diving into getting a bunch of woman slobbering all over one man like it's some sort of entitlement by default?

The only way to make isekai good is to make it pander to your fetishes.

That's absurd. The rule of Isekai is to make the transition MEAN something to the character. He has to take something from it away that he was unable to apply/learn in his world of origin. That sense of resonance has to be present or you might as well go full on fiction fantasy.

>Videogame mechanics
>Demon king
>Cheat skills, specially skill absorbing and adaptative ones like being farted on giving you poison immunity
>Racial discrimination against beastkin
>Non humans are slaves
>Being nice to slaves like catgirls makes them so wet they would die for you
>Discrimination and slavery is pretty much dropped as a plot point once you get your first kemonomimi slaves.
>Go around doing tourism
>Eventually decide to play city building simulator and help to develop a city with your "god-like" ideas from the original world.
>Mindblow everybody with generic cooking recipes

Guaranteed to become insanely popular.

Nah. There is Faraway Paladin and it will also get a manga adaptation. And its cool since the MC becomes a fullblown Paladin in all but name (because he's technically a Priest).

>Guaranteed to become insanely popular.
Sadly, this is true. "Effort" seems to be a thing that escapes the Japanese perception of Isekai lately.

Effort hasn't mattered in entertainment for years.

So basically Shield Hero?

Marche gets an isekai anime

I would really like an Isekai where the MC is a professional exploiter. I've played many MMO's and there are always very skilled players that manage to break the game, not using hacks, but using exploits within the game, you know, just finding "unintended features".

What I liked the most of Log Horizon is how it tried to do something different with the genre. Exploiters have been present in all MMO's since Ultima Online and I think it would make for a great MC of an Isekai, it would make for a smarter than average of what we always get, a MC that is able to find out how to dupe, wallwalk, cheese bosses or pvp/duels, trick the server packages, experience glitches etc.

The kono sekai ga game MC is like that, exploiting the shit out of bugs, sequence breaking, glitched items and etc.

What a terrible idea. Exploiting glitches is alive and well in video-game isekai. Needless to say it's boring as hell and as much of a retarded power trip as any "but I'm just a lv. 1 nobody with the ability to steal other people's powers!" Only that in this case, any logical inconsistency in regards to an asspull wins can just be written off as "it's a glitch lol. They don't have to make sense."


Well, they're unable to learn what breasts look like up close without access to overpowered rpg skills.

Girls act like boys and Boys act like girls

Girls are extinct and cute boys act like girls.

No, I like my idea better.

>MC is a literal faggot
>isekai'd into generic fantasy world
>turns up he turned into a girl
>hates it because he won't be able to swordfight so his main priority is to kill himself
>can't because god gave her(him) immortality so she(he) can save the world from demon king
>MC doesn't care, want to kill himself asap
>go and meet a witch loli to break the immortality
>said she can't do it which made MC snap at her
>for some reason witch loli falls in love with MC
>oribiter #1 joins the party
>MC go on an adventure to kill himself
>meet bunch of girls on the way who fall in love with her(him) but she(he) is gay so she(he) told them to fuck off
>oribiter #32 joins the party
>MC meets demon king
>its actually a demon queen
>demon queen claims to be able to break immortality
>MC dives in head first
>MC is dead
>MC's yuri harem taken by demon queen
>the end
>spin-off is a cgdct of demon queen's harem shenanigans

you could pretend the hentai manga from that one guy are an isekai.
there exist no girls in the world (that we ever see) and all the guys have like trap boyfriends

>hates it because he won't be able to swordfight so his main priority is to kill himself
As if isekai aren't full of female swordfighters.

Wrong king of swordfighting.

>missing the point
Oh user