Which anime girl has the best heels?

Which anime girl has the best heels?

This one
>tfw heels fetish

me too man, me too. Those are nice. Where is that from?

Also the heels in darling in the franxx for their mech suit are incredible

She has some pretty great shoes throughout


Disgusting. Closed-toe or death.

Bishamon's armored heels were pretty neat.

Personally I like the ones in Symphogear. And also in Franxx if you want to count those as heels.

Franxx heels are too sexy for life

also this is every boy's dream

I like both though
its from Infinite Stratos S2

I'm a bit ashamed for looking up the source.

would you lick the bottom of her heel?

it's prison school

I would suck the heel and clean the dirty of the soles with my tongue desu

Heels are shit and only sluts wear them. Flats are best since they are for pure girls only.

>not liking both

somethin about slippin on heels really gets me goin

>>tfw heels fetish
I used to really dislike them when I was younger but they've grown on me over time.

I did not know I was into this until franxx thought me better.


I shouldn't like this as much as I do.

did you think mars was a slut as a kid?

the one with the pistol heels


I want to be those heels

She looks like a slut. Isn't she supposed to be 10 or something?




heels make an average girl a top tier girl


i know bayonetta aint an anime but that shit was cool

Hotaru's heels are always amazing.