Sword Art Online

So I gave in and read the Alicization novels since the manga is taking way too long to update.

Fucking hell why did Eugeo have to die?

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Because he was more interesting than Kirito

>Cropping Kirito and Best Boy
For shame.

Different image user.

Because if he lived, he would cuck Asuna as Kirito's true love

because kawahara thinks kirito needs to suffer some more

Black Swordsman? More like a potato waiting to be chopped.

It was a good reason to take Kirito out of the story for a while.

REEEEEEE fucking delete this.


Reminder that memories of Eugeo are what brought Kirito out of his double coma, Asuna, Shinon, and Leefa only helped and the More Deban club might as well not have existed

I have no idea what's happening in that picture but I feel angry for some reason.

PoH is a piece of shit to the highest degree.


Terraria > Solus > Stacia (In terms of design)

I respectfully disagree:
Stacia = Solus = Terraria = Alice.

I want Yuna as a permanent part of the SAO gameverse.

If only she got a unique bard skill line that boosts up parameters that players have in SAO

Something that never had a living body can't die. It just gets moved, edited or deleted.

Well they brought the miracle that is Yuuji back to us so once we reach Ordinal Scale it's a high possibility

Maybe then Eiji wouldn't be the faggot he was in the movie.

You haven't read Hopeful Chant I take it? She had a rare skill Chant that provided various buffs depending on what song she sung.

Damn. She could've been a real valuable asset to the front lines then. How did she die anyway?

This would be a welcome addition to the gameverse. Also further cementing as the best continuity

> How did she die anyway?

Yes, it gives party wide buffs, but it also draws priority aggro from EVERYTHING. She got rushed by mobs while Eiji was stuck behind a locked gate had had to watch

Well fuck. I need to read that then.

Man if she had proper tanks with her she'd be a fucking godsend to the front lines.

Tanks don't matter

You could have a hundred tanks, as long as her song is active every mob in hearing range from boss to adds is going to try and kamikaze her ignoring everyone else.

They did have tanks during that fight actually, they were just literally unable to pull off her no matter what

Considering we already have 1 dead character alive in the gameverse I would to see the writers bullshit their way into having Yuna be alive.

How she died is what Hopeful Chant is about. The gist of it being that Eiji and Yuuna had separately been leveling up to join the front lines. Eiji joined the KoB, got promoted to Asuna's squad, then demoted for freezing up in combat (apparently from fear, in reality from a slight incompatibility with standard full dive settings) and passed over for the next floor boss clearing team. The time to kill the next floor boss rolls around, Heathcliff, Asuna, Kirito, Klein, and all the other top players leave to kill it. Then a random player comes into town begging for help saving the rest of his party who are trapped by a field boss that has minions that inflict the silence status effect(prevents crystal usage). Eiji and two Fuurinkazan members are the best players available, so they put together some volunteers for a rescue mission, and Yuuna insists on joining. They got to kill the field boss with Yuuna buffing them, but it spawns one more wave of mobs than expected when it hits low health. Right in the part of the room where Yuuna is. Eiji freezes up again, begs the Furrinkazan guys to save Yuuna, but they refuse because they don't dare break off from the field boss or it'll start wiping everyone else. Yuuna uses her skill to draw the new wave of mobs down on herself to buy time for the party to finish off the field boss, and is killed while the party finishes off the boss and Eiji is frozen.

But would it be Reconstructed Yuna from project OS succeeding or would it be idol Yuna but somehow able to possess True Yuna's memories from a partial reconstruction? would they figure out a way to disconnect her from the final boss before they kill it like how they saved Strea?

It doesn't draw aggro from everything. Yuuna specifically sang a song that pulled aggro.

After the Alicization game saves Eugeo we'll get our chance to save Yuna too.

Saber a cute.


Save it for when the anime airs. Saber shitposting will be in abundance.

If we want to go full fanservice then it would be Idol Yuna with a partial reconstruction of the original's memories that can also sometimes turn her look back into the original SAO Yuna for the people who prefer that design.

I approve of this idea.

Darkness without boob armour?

Just finished Accel World VS Sword Art Online. Surpringly short and unsurprisingly dumb.
Summary for those that dont know
>Yui alive for 1000 years
>gets fucking depressed because everyones dead and gone except Strea
>they were building kiritos VR paradise
>they kinda accidentally created Chrome Disaster
>Yui literally wants to kill herself but AI restrictions dont allow it
>dons the identity Persona Vabel
>travels back in time
>virtual time
>this creates a distortion in Brain Burst
>Kuroyukihime and Crow go through distortion
>theyre separated, KYH barely believes Vabels request to 'protect' her
>Vabel abducts Yui from Kirito and Asuna
>KYH tasked with stopping Kirito and Asuna
>KYH realizes she fucked up, opts to help Kirito
>spend majority of the game gathering all of the SAO and NegaNebulous gang, misunderstandings and friendship ensue
>fight ghost data copied from BB of the 7 kings that Vabel brought with her inbetween because we need bosses
>and because apparently Incarnate abilities are the only way to make an admin console delete Yui
>Vabel actually deletes Yui
>Future Strea (who had appeared once early on but said nothing of value) appears through Strea and KYH
>tells them they can accelerate to the virtual future to take future Yui back to the past, and fix everything
>"future strea how are you here and why do you inhabit Strea and KYH?"
>"because we have similar souls"
>TN note: Soul means Seiyuu
>they accelerate to the virtual future
>Vabel reveals who she is
>"im going to kill you so i can die"
>final battle
>somehow merge past Yui and Vabel
>this results in Yui getting a memory wipe
>back to the past
>everyone says their arigatous and splits up
>just another day in SAO gameverse
It was okay i guess.

>Surpringly short
Didn't expect it to be so short either. The plot (though dumb) was interesting enough

The fuck is this convoluted bullshit?
Sounds fun though
Persona Vabel needs to get in daddy's harem

>"future strea how are you here and why do you inhabit Strea and KYH?"
>"because we have similar souls"
What did they mean by this?

Hence the
>TN note: Soul means Seiyuu

Don't look too hard for plot that makes actual sense in any of the SAO games.

I liked the fact that the story actually added something to Yui's character, kind of a shame that the events of AWvsSAO are non canon but that's the nature of crossovers.

>>they kinda accidentally created Chrome Disaster

Holy shit what the fuck?

>Don't look too hard for plot that makes actual sense in any of the SAO games.
HF and HR had a pretty sold story
LS really dropped the ball

I don't know where user got that from, she just unsealed it and made it her bitch, its creation story is still the same since its literally summed up in the chapter intro cutscenes

Honestly i didnt dislike the plot, it was just extremely rushed. And having run through it in maybe 30 hours relative to LSs fifty didnt help that.
Kawahara wrote it so convoluted is to be expected. And it isnt really a bad game, just short and unpolished. Skill connect can be easily abused, but ive had instances of getting OHKOd from enemies lower than my level too.
This was nice, even if Kawahara took the edgy way out. Always wondered when shed fight, and then it turns out you get Vabel as a part member postgame.
It was one of the experiments to transfer emotions into the virtual world Yui and Strea were working on in the future. Future Stera even said at one point they thought they sealed it for good but it was just too stronk. Vabel used it to her advantage in creating a raging negative beast to do her bidding.
Genuinely enjoyed LS. Not a spectacular game, but good enough that it never felt like a chore.

>unsealed it and made it her bitch
Is Yui a secret dom?

Strea and KYH are both great

IIRC they simply used the Disaster as part of those experiments. they didn't create it. Because the intro to each of the game's chapters is a literal retelling of Chrome Falcon and Saffron Blossom's story

>you get Vabel as a part member postgame
Wait I was under the impression she was DLC.

Oh i see. My AW knowledge isnt as up to date as my SAO knowledge, that i have much of that either. Still, they way it was told from Strea and Yuis POV made it seem like they had a hand in it.
Ah yes thats correct. I had all of it already, so it didnt cross my mind to disclose.

Strea is a bad influence
I blame her for Yui's misconduct

Ah I see. If you've got all the DLC already then what's your opinion on the Cast Away From Another World DLC? It costs around 30 Australian dollars here so I'm wondering if it's worth the price.

Wonder if ill ever get around to playing HF. But i still need to finish the last DLC of HR, and Fatal Bullet will be here at the end of the week...

AW vs. SAO may have been rushed, but I still say its all worth it for the nonstop Snow Black bullying

I went in order So I have HF and HR done

Oh yes. KYH bully was always nice.

Sucks to suck black king

Wait, you played HR without playing HF first? Weren't you confused by characters from the previous games and stuff while playing since it's the third game?

Sadly i only just neat the game last night. Was doing a few Side Episodes until just a little while ago. To my knowledge, it just adds a dungeon with infinite floors, as well as Alice, Eugeo, and some other characters.
Ehhhh i dont have this one. Whos affevtion do i need to raise?
>no Argo affection scene
I got HF back when it hit the Vita, but i couldnt suffer through the poor translation. I have the PS4 port from preordering HR, im just unsure if ill be able to handle its differences after HR.
Not entirely, i had a general grasp of Philia and Strea. I had played LS as well, so that helped a bit.

RE:HF is the games most complete form and the beginning of the Gameverse canon(It changes some story elements around so it renders Infinity Moment/Original HF obsolete) I'd definitely Play it just for Philia, Strea. and the Hollow Area is fun. Fuck that final area boss though

Meh, not that user, but i'm at floor 81 and the game is always about doing the same fetch quests or slaying a certain number of monsters, finding the boss room and just kill it by spamming burst attacks. The only reason i would pick it up is for the story of the gameverse like you said.

>Alice, Eugeo, and some other characters.
Oh I need the context behind somehow getting those two into ALO.

Hopefully ill do it sooner rather than later, but the next month or so will be spent with Fatal Bullet. Mayne after that, because i cant even think of any games coming out for the rest of the year.
Still havent done them yet, i think i only have Eugeos side episode available right now. Just kinda annoyed they didnt explain how Sachi got in.

Where did the anime stopped animating?

After mother rosario or Early and Late ?

The same way the Burst Linkers did:

VR Magic

Remember that this is the game about a time traveling AI trying to kill herself as a kid

Still makes more sense than Alice and Eugeo in HR.

Gamevserse OVAs when?

End of MR, Ordinal Scale was original story that takes place before Alicization

For those who were interested in what the Beaters event was like.


They really didn't animate Early and late?

I somehow remember watching something about excalibur.

When A-1 finish the main series I wouldn't mind seeing Hollow Fragment as a movie or something.

Although Lisbeth end in HF never carried over to the squeals it was my favorite ending Lisbeth really deserves happiness

Well A1 did say they plan to adapt EVERYTHING SAO as long as Reki keeps making content for them and he did help write the Gameverse plots so who knows

Iirc, it was only one chant that draws aggro, not necessarily all of them.

I really want it.

That looks like a lot of fun!

Who hype here?

Early and late is just a bunch of side-stories. 2 were animated (one in each season) and one was left over.

It's so close I can almost taste it.

Hollow Fragment and Lost Song are kinda meh when it comes to story. But the gameverse waifus are worth it. Hollow Realization on the other hand would have 2 cute new waifus and the story is also pretty good.

Asuna looks pretty good in GGO.

Does anyone one know how long the average playtime for Fatal Bullet is?

Well if they give it the Same treatment as the last game gets you can expect around 40 hours for the main story and another 20 - 30 for the DLC's. I grinded my character out to level 999 and it took me around 200 hours so you get something for your money.

Early and Late is three short stories. First Day, A Murder in the Safe Zone, and Calibur. The first was skipped, the second was adapted by the first series, and the third was adapted by the second series.

Gameverse Lisbeths Thirst is unquenchable

I doubt Kirito can go back in the past.

If your best girl isnt Yuuki, Sinon, or Lis, theres a problem. The three of them are too precious to pass up.
I went fullgoy and preordered the LE with overnight shipping. This and Yakuza 6 are my game highlights of the year. Does anything else even come out worth giving a damn?
Well theres the donut steel OC story, a Phantom Bullet adaption, and them whatever side content they decide to drop. Id guess 50 minimum.

Sounds fair. Hopefully there are just as many side events as the previous games.

Yuuki was saved by retcon to a less severe illness, and I assume if they did keep Yuna it would be her AI self either as partially complete idol Yuna or a complete reconstruction like her father wanted

It wasnt so much a retcon as it was they just decided to write that shes getting better. Pretty sure its still super aids in the gameverse.

Would still fuck

Yuuki is still the best there is but Premiere and Tia really grew on me in the last game.

I wouldn't really call it a retcon as it's a different continuity and the events that lead to it are logical.
You could just put her illness up to whims of fate ( and of her immunity system).

Because he is better character than Kirito and they need to upgrade Kirito's coolness with dual wield again somehow

I NEED it. Yuuki is a miracle and she didnt deserve the aids. I want her to get better like its implied she does in AWvsSAO because she deserves love.
Premiere = MAMORU. Shes perfect daughter material and im glad shes back in FB. And if Tia is anything to go by, shes gonna fill out real good.
Tia being going full hazukashii when told good job was pretty warming.

The Twin Goddesses deserve worship and love. Stil salty Tia isn't in Fatal Bullet. I hope at least Premiere will let us know what's happening with Tia in Sword Art: Origin.

In HR her condition is stable with the possibility of improving it would be cool if in FB implications of a cure breakthrough would be a god send
then she can chill IRL with everyone in OS game

in AWvsSAO, Ardor Maiden details a person in the hospital she visted he brother at that was under previously meducuboid treatment, but due to the discovery of a new drug compound, her condition improved so much so that she could freely walk around the hospital at least. There was no naming, but its pretty clear it was Yuuki. If FB goes that far ill buy every SAO game until i die.
>OS game
I remember saying in a thread months ago that i wanted an Yakuza style beat em up Ordinal Scale game. Shit would be fun as hell.

Strea being a bad influence is part of her charm.

>then she can chill IRL with everyone in OS game
Oh shit I completely forgot that she can't be in an Ordinal Scale game unless she really gets better. Welp that needs to be her side plot in the Alicization game then.

Drama and because christians MMO devs hate fags.

Also The AI can't unless they blend in with real players during the battles in AR or get robot bodies

My laptop can't pirate it.

Is was thinming about this a couple days ago actually. Kirito could just work his meme magic to at least make an AR pixie like Yui, but for Strea, Yuuki, Premiere, Tia, and Kizmel. And the Ordinal Scale could come out with some gameverse exclusive bullshit reason to make "AI partners" (whichs works well since most of the games operate that way to begin with) in which Yuuki would then be able to play. Its gameverse-ish enough that it could work!

Tia's tight pants do amazing things to my penis.

I don't get anything.
Who's Ardor Maiden?
Eh, they can just pull off another avatar projection.

A character from Accel World, which im going to assume you dont know much about.

Strea is a nice girl you can totally trust

Do AI dream of digital sex?

Strea Sinon and Leafa should be illegal on a sfw board

Assuming we get the OS game after the Alicization game, then Alice would already have a robot body so the writers would just need to bullshit up a few more for the A.I. girls.

Gonna need to add a couple others to that list.

This one does
also lewd hugs

I've seen her in that glorified OVA.
I should have specified but I meant who you thought Yuuki was. A patient in a hospital?
Or was the brother or the Maiden herself?

I wanna say we should get the OS game first because continuity, but remember the gameverse could give a fuck.

Oshiete Strea-sensei!
Sorry, rereading my post i definitely wasnt clear enough. Ardor Maiden met a patient at the hospital her brother was being treated at. Its heavily implied that patient she met was Yuuki, undergoing new treatment for auler aids thay drastically improved her living conditions.

Doing Libeth's questline in HF gave my a heart boner
Go on a quest to forge an ultimate sword gathering the necessary tools and ore, while restoring Liz's confidence in herself and her admitting she still loves Kirito even though he has Asuna. in the end it turns out the sword has to be made from love of the blacksmith to the Swordsman, you literally receive a sword made from Lisbeth's unquenchable desire.

In her alternate ending she wants to start dating IRL

In the gameverse the Fairy Dance arc literally doesn't exist anymore and Sinon's backstory and development happened in a game original MMO with SA:O before we even got to GGO. The game verse clearly doesn't care to follow LN/anime continuity.

Holy shit. Guess thats the route ill be playing.
>In the gameverse the Fairy Dance arc literally doesn't exist
I actually just realized this a little while ago when Oberon popped up in AWvsSAO. Its for the better really. Also, Sinons stuff is touched on in HR because Richters is there causing problems, and FB is going to have a Phantom Bullet arc where we'll probably get full closure on her. But yes, the gameverse doesnt give a fuck about the original continuity.

If Kirito got together with Lisbeth instead in the canon, what would their relationship be like?

Man, I have been fed way too many lies that I believed was true about this series.

I enjoyed the very first season but quickly steered clear from it because others kept on bashing it and didn't wanna interact with it. Jump to a couple of months back, I started to binge the series for the heck of it and still was an enjoyable experience, I also watched S2 and cried like a bitch during MR.

And when I got RE: Hollow Fragment, my enjoyment skyrocketed. I'm so fucking dumb for doing this. I could've fucking played ALL of the SAO games in the time I've spent avoiding it. I could've actually participated in threads like these months ago but because I'm an e-celeb sheep, I steered away from it because I thought it'd be cancer.

I'm so fucking angry and disappointed in myself. These threads are some of the least cancer threads on Cred Forums and I wished I had found solace in them a lot sooner.

Kirito would get hit alot more, but Lis would also get bullied by him alot more. In other words, a better more dynamic relationship.

The catch to that is that they're probably at least partly stuck waiting for the anime. The franchise as a whole probably wants to use the same seiyuu for the anime and the games, and probably prefers that the anime staff are the ones to pick the seiyuu for any novel characters when possible. So they'll probably make another original game, or make an OS game, rather than go through the hassle needed to get approvals for seiyuu for an Alicization game. Plus I'd wager that people in charge of the gameverse would prefer to wait for an Alicization anime to do an adaption first, so they can use it as a reference for their own.

Flirty and the bickering old married couple type. I really want this. Does anyone have a good fanfic I can read of those two?

Don't worry you have found the path

>watched S2 and cried like a bitch during MR.
If you didnt, your humanity would be questioned. Fuck, i get a lump in my throat anytime i hear the piano in Courage.
There still time to play though user. Dont listen to the people here that say Lost Song is shit, play the games in order; HF, LS, HR, AWvsSAO, and then Fatal Bullet. We're here to welcome those would enjoy the good thinhs about SAO.

>"because we have similar souls"
>TN note: Soul means Seiyuu
who the fuck wrote this shit?

Literally Kawahara. Wasnt even a supervisory roll, he wrote this shit.

The games are all I need
I really liked the optional endings in HF wish they would have kept those in the rest of the gameverse

No offense but AWvsSAO is shit and can be easily skipped.

HR had multiple bonus endings like HF did but they aren't a continuation of the HF ones

I like the action mechanics. It's a bit more interactive than the Hollow Games. I do prefer the hollow games though since they have way more sheenanigans which is really the main draw of the SAO games.

There better be an Argo ending for Kirito in Fatal Bullet or I'm going on warpath, the rat needs more love.

If she was 18 during SAO, it would've been /ss/.

Its a mess, but id say still worth playing. Yui gets some spotlight and gets to be more than kiritos and asunas daughter. The AW characters can be interesting to play, and the character interactions are pretty good.
God bless HR for having Argo bed scenes.

Philia was great too

Just curious, does Alice get her memories and previous personality back later in the LN?

>You will live long enough to fuck Asuna is VR
2025 can't come soon enough

Which girl would be MOST affected in losing her memories in OS? Gameverse girls included.

user cmon, have some taste.
I vote Philia. Shes got some trauma from HF right?

100% Philia would be the one who would be the most affected by it. She doubted herself throughout the Hollow Area and if she doesn't lose her memories of the Hollow Area somehow, she'll spiral out into thinking she's actually a Hollow instead who just replaced the original's body.

This, her trama was like Sinon but compacted over 1000 times, and after helping her she thinks the world of him, currently she is the second thirstiest girl for him after Lisbeth

Either Asuna,Lisbeth. or Philia


I'm about to start that volume. I'm not one to mind spoiler sbut it's hilarious how the ilustrations at the very beginning spoil entire plot points such as Eugeo becoming S32 or his fucking death.
The story's been great so far, I also read a little bit about PoH and Gabriel and it sounds hype as fuck.

>you will never be Lis' first customer

I will remind them

Any Accel World fan should pick up AWvsSAO because I have a feeling that game will be the biggest spotlight Accel World will have for a while. Fucking Sunrise...

>Fucking Sunrise

If Progressive gets along far enough we might get a Klein/Fuurin Kazaan spinoff detailing the off screen adventures of Klein, his guild, and maybe Agil

Dont remind me.
I JUST fapped, please no.
My heart is warm.
Would probably expect fuck as payment.
More warmth.
Spoiler that shit, i still have to play HF.
I dont know what it is, but shes just lewd by default.
The only one im mostly indifferent towards.
Theres that warmth again.
Easy to fuck considering how easily she'll bathe with you.
So much warmth god damn.
Ill fuck the edge out of her.
Cred Forums memes, and thats fine.
>Eugeo and Alice
I should reeeeeally finsh HR.

There would probably be a lot more sex considering how thirsty Liz already is.

I need this

So when the FUCK is RE: Hollow Fragment going to drop on Steam? It says that it's a pre-order bonus for Fatal Bullet, but there is no Steam page for the game itself. Is it launching alongside FB or at a later date?

I assume at a later date.

Getting a late Valentine’s image of Suguha done, if anyone’s interested.

They probably didn't think it was gonna get funded kek

PS4ReHF was a preorder bonus for PS4HR, and too my knowledge they both released the same day. Thats really as close to solid info as youll get.
Please continue.

Looking good user

I’ll keep posting updates

I'd fuck the intel out of Argo

Fucking Seven for Science would be fun

I wouldn't be too sure of that. Kirito and Asuna aren't exactly chaste.

Lewd couple.

Asuna will be pregnant with Kirito's child by the end of Unital Ring.

Will Reki give them a happy ending ?

I don't see why not?
unless there kid is KYH cause we know how her parents turned out

Possible, but it'd likely take a timeskip. Though I wouldn't rule out something unplanned.

Asuna's cleavage got a lot sexier after she did some growing in the real world

How much she does charge for a session?

If your good it's free

if your meh then you gotta pay her game subscription for a year

I wouldn't mind being fucked by Zero

"Hey Kii-boy, wanna /ss/?"

You think they would make season 2 to cash in on the SAO hype. That glorified OVA was nice but I need more.

I think they took Progressive into consideration and changed her canon cup size. Thanks based Tawawa-man. Shame they didnt do the same with her personality though.

Can Strea be for hugs AND fucks?


Well if Strea likes you she would do anything for you.

Strea is super friendly she would hug you if you were nice and kinda cute
her virtual pussy is only for someone she loves(Kirito)

What kind of fetish is Strea into?

All of them.

At your nearest southeast Asian black market, she'll be the one that everyone fears on the streets for how efficient she is at her job despite being small and young

Bondage and Roleplay

We're getting another ALO game before an Ordinal Scale or Alicization game, and we all know it. But what would make it a GOOD ALO game?
>FBs graphics
>ALOs setting
>ALOs flight
>ALOs 7 member party
>HRs MMO management
>HRs maps
>HRs member and affection systems
>AWvsSAOs combat, but polished
Anything else?

Ah, i meant in-universe real world. An OS game would be a good opportunity to introduce her actually.

This is Ordinal Yuuki right?

Every girl having their own unique ending, I want to spend ALL my time with my Rat wife


Yeah she has Augma on

they could still make it original by it taking place in ALO sequel game i.e ALOll

>they could still make it original by it taking place in ALO sequel game i.e ALOll
>A lol

>proper routes and endings for all girls
Added. Im making a list for this.
My personal fantasy would be that it starts in actual ALFheim, nine lands n tribes, and then other places would be added via content drops/dlc (Svart Alfheim, Aincrad, etc.) The plot excuse could be a rebalance patch/update.

I would like this actually something along the lines of the HF endings but expanded upon

Lis deserves happiness

Or Cardinal System content creation

But should it be Kirito or a donut steel?

Kirito without a doubt.

Depends on how well the Donut Steel received.

Donut steel wouldn't feel right with any of the main girls or Philia or Strea

I think the Donut needs his own harem if they keep putting him in games

Then we'll just stick with customizable Kiibo like HR?
Come to think of it, i wonder how well the donut scenario in FB is written.

we'll know in a few days
the story itself sounds pretty good

The only hate I hear is people who are mad the split exists in the first place and self incertfags mad OC MC can't romance most of the girls he pillow talks with

why doesn't Klein get any of the girls? I know the harem thing is the whole point but if we're talking about introducing new male characters then Klein ought to at least get one of them

He/she already has two girls and a guy. Two A.I. characters as well if we count them. Donut Steel's harem isn't too bad already.

They could bother to make an offline and online Kirito.
I didn't even bother costumizing my HF/HR avatar cause it was pointless.

What are the chances we get an anime for progressive? I found it fixed a lot of the issues I had with the original first arc and made me actually watch the second season and movie after being disappointed with the first season, boy was that a good decision since I loved both.

Plotwise, comic relief. Analysis wise? Hes the bumbling white knight trying really hard. He has the intentions and traits a girl typical likes, but he spaghettis fucking hard when a girl is actually added to the equation.
Not particularly low, but definitely not until after Alicization finishes airing, plus wait time. The question would be whether or not we'd get a proper adaption, or if the committee would just add the stuff that hasnt been done in the original S1 to stay inline with anime continuity.

Asuna (Progressive) is how i imagine Lis would be with Kirito if they were together, which makes me wonder how Lis is going to be portrayed in Progressive.

If I'm to be real, it seems most of the hardcore SAO nips are the type to care more about self insert fantasy than story, unlike here in the west. I think there's bigger demand for OC MC in nipland, than here which is why I theorize that he'll make a return. However, like said, the OC MC cannot romance all the girls they can pillow talk with. I imagine a lot of them would rather end up having another customizable Kirito and self inserting as him than an OC MC that can't even fulfill their fantasies.

Speaking of donuts...

Do you think Reki will drop the harem shenanigans all together and just stick with OTP vanilla? Do you think he regrets making Kirito have a harem in the first place? people have shit on his writing habits in the past

>just stick with OTP vanilla
Considering how much I like Kirito x Asuna in Progressive, and SC x BL in AW, he better.

The thing with his writing habits is that hes definitely grown. Thats part of why Progressive is a thing, and why its been well-received. Considering hes ultimately rewriting the Aincrad arc, its really anyones guess whatll happen. We could go full OTP with harem sides, we could go full harem (ballsy and underdone), we could get the gameverse characters. Its just too early to tell. Im honestly more concerned with where Klein fits in, and if/when Asuna and Kirito will split up to go be KoB/Solo.

>Do you think Reki will drop the harem shenanigans all together and just stick with OTP vanilla?
Reki already said that Kirito will end up with Asuna. I doubt he'd write some sort of "Ultimate Way" ending because that sort of sullies the relationship he has with Asuna.

Personally I don't like the idea of a harem in a series with as many great girls in it as SAO. It saddens me that, at the end of the day, none of them will ever be as important to Kirito as Asuna. Even in the event of an "Ultimate Way" ending, Asuna will always be his number one. To see Sugu, Sinon, Liz, etc struggle to compete with Asuna hits me in a bad way.