Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

Looks like the manga is ending

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I can't read runes so I'll take your word for it.
Damn Jump is in a dire need for comedy manga now. What do they even have left?

Based. He isn't dragging it out to mediocrity.

Jump is going to need something pretty special lined up since everything is ending. Glad for Saiki ending when it needs to

I am sad yet happy

RIP shonen jump comedy

I'm not even mad. From the spoilers I've read in Saiki threads (really reliable, I know), Asou did seem to start making character progression and wanted to wrap the story in some way. Rather have that than just ending it abruptly.

In the latest chapter Saiki finally stopped the eruption and now time can flow again. So yeah, the manga is ending. I'll miss it.

It doesn't say it's ending, just that next week's issue will be an extra-long 26 pages including 3 color pages.

What other gag manga are left in WSJ?

Spring Weapon


Sounds like an ending or a change to the status quo

Color specials are not an unusual thing in serialized manga. If you want to claim the manga is ending, you'll need better proof than that.

I'm not claiming, im speculating, obviously.

Saiki usually has like 14-15 pages per chapter so getting 3 CPs + 26 pages in one chapter is certainly surprising, no wonder people think it's ending.

I kept hearing conflicting reports as to whether or not the volcano had been taken care of or not. Glad to see a definitive answer.

>gintama ends
>saiki ends
>Axe Samon to make room for few chapters of Togashi until he gets on hiatus again
>now WSJ is out of comedy titles
Sasuga wsj

>bastard offspring of World Trigger and Saiki
If anyone ever gets around to scanlating this series then I'd definitely give it a shot.

I don't like how he's thinking of getting rid of his powers permanently at all.
Not one bit.

It's truly been the end of an era.

>no more shapeshifting
>no more Kuriko

Don't do it Saiki.

I got you covered user.

So what does it means? He draw a special chapter because he want to take a break for some weeks?

Ramen ikoze

Soon I can leave WSJ behind.


His secret is pretty much out. It seems like a good ending point or at the very least a major shift in the status quo. It's a special occasion for the series. We will probably get more clues on what's going to happen next week.
For what it's worth, there's a phone game coming out in April.

>All this dead series
>Saiki, Gintama and Soma will end this year

End of an era

It just means a new era is beginning.

Well it was his aim ever since chapter 1

>Numa returns with a better series
>Ashihara returns stronger than ever
I want to believe

Good riddance. We don't need chuuni protagonists.

is the anime worth checking? i kinda want to wach something funny, how does compare to say, sakamoto, for example?

Don't bully the Jet Black Wingōnen_Jump

You can choose one series of this list and it will start running in Jump again, starting next week. Which series would you choose?

>>Saiki, Gintama will end this year
Where the fuck do I get my comedy fix now?

Has been dead for a while. The last arc killed off the series.

Bastard!! assuming no laziness/writers block


You might like Hinamatsuri, but it's monthly


"This was already announced in this week's Jump, but next week's Saiki will be 23 pages plus 3 color pages, for a total of 26 pages. If you've kept up with the series every week then you can probably guess what's going on here. I drew it with everything I had, so I'd be glad if you read it."



Saiki deserved more crossovers. Visiting one series every few months would've made for some great snark material.

There's Golden Kamuy and Kaguya, they're both from Young Jump I think. Also

Bleach, because I want to watch the world burn.

The characters are much whackier and the gags come at much faster pace compared to Sakamoto. The protagonist is extremely OP, but most of the humor comes from him trying to blend in and avoid attention rather than using his abilities to outsmart bullies.