Which one is better, Cred Forums?

which one is better, Cred Forums?

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They get better in chronological order, but they're still the three best mecha shows of all time

Evangellion, and here is why:
TTGR while its mecha fights are ok, and the story is clear, it lacks the themes and feeling of constant despair that Evangelion has. And Darling is just goofing around too much without any deep themes or anything. Basically Evangellion offers more than just mechs

>edgy classic
>fun classic for kids
>derivative ecchi romance

but darling is still far from end

please dont talk about subgenres you clearly have no fucking clue about

I know, that's what makes it even better.

That top image is not from 1995.

I don't like evangelion because I don't like suffering, the others HAVE suffering but it isn't quite the main plot point. TTGL has 'striving' and excitement and journey as a main plot point and the sex robots have 'please japanese otaku you need to have sex' as a main plot point.


Hard to pick from 1995 and 2007. Leave the 2018 one, it is shit and will most likely be forgotten after this season.

Nice picture, OP, did you take it from KnowYourMeme?



Definitely not TTGL. Even Japan agrees it is shit.


>Comments: "Disgusting" "Ripoff" "Wasn't that bad, but it's easy to tell how old people who say it's really good are" "stay the fuck out of SRW please" "The best robot anime were in the 80's" "Isn't the believe in me who believes in you thing a ripoff of Kamen Rider 555?"

>"The so-called hotblood was too aimed for and badly written" "Throwing together tropes doesn't make a good show" "Only children like this rubbish" "I honestly found it boring" "Fake hotblood" "People say it's a homage but it's just a ripoff" "I don't think it's a ripoff, but the supposed hotbloodedness felt all wrong" "This is a parody right?"
>I hate how the retards who like this tend to make fun of the shows it's an homage to


>A couple comments on the jap equivalent of youtube = all of Japan

They liked TTGL quite a lot.

>Summarizing everything because of a video.
What a faggot.

Code Geass: R2. You guys may hate it for some fucking personal reasons but it just the Best Mecha series ever. Don't lie to yourself.

>an image from Rebuild
Top humor, OP.

I don't know which is worse, ignorant fanboys who claim TTGL is the greatest ever or bitter contrarians who claim everything about it is shit.

>which one is better, Cred Forums?

Third and final one.

>It's a trigger tries to capture the fire of TTGL or NGE, anime
They always end with some bullshit galactic universe shattering fight that comes out of no where and with super obvious friendship/family/coming of age metaphor. NGE and TTGL actually had build up to it.

Darling is just Seasonal garbage. Hardly anyone will talk about it after it ends and by the end of next season everyone will have forgotten about it already.


that feel when no cute girl to force-massage me.


>picture has Rebuild bloom
absolutely disgusting

This one

That's some patrician taste right there man.
That boy's harem was godlike.

It sure was.


NGE is overrated normie shit. It's for anime starters

This has been on my backlog. E-D or DH?

Typical NGE hater.

I was pinning until the end for cameraguy to actually go with them into space.

Cross Ange did it better

How Autistic are you to even watching NGE 2nd time????? I never consider animes that I can't rewatch.. Couch Stein Gates Couch... Good...

Ttgl and Franxx are fun... I watch anime for fun not to get autism user....

>can't rewatch NGE
I could understand the show but EoE is pretty much infinitely rewatchable for me.

2007 > 2018 > 1995

Lurk before posting faggots


Sounds to me like gurren and franxx know that mechas are inherently dumb goofy childlike ideas, and fully embrace those inherent qualities and make fun anime.

While Eva ends up being convoluted and pretenscious garbage that takes itself way to seriously, and tries to hard with it's goofy "MUH SAD BACKSTORY", for the main cast.


He is right though.

I don't like the fights in Darling, they look like shit
Same for TTGL



Eva = TTGL >>>>> Darling

Get raped and kill yourself, you underage shitskin slut nigger faggot with autistic mind, rebuilds are subhuman garbage that's needs to be destroyed.

Mobile Trace system is superior that even a horse can use it.

Why don't you ask this question when Franxx is done airing?

this one.


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>fucking Imaishi was already busy saving anime back then


I miss him



Perfect girl

people who think eva is deep are gay.
>leave everything obtuse even unecessary things for the viewer to decided
that does not make it deep, and honestly i never liked eva themes i am too alpha for these themes

>tfw too alpha for evangelion

Great MC.
Competent military and fun side characters.


I need that last scene looped and sped up


That is a long time aways.

>tfw want season 3 but it would be probably shit anyway

NGE > TTGL > Darling

Eva told the audience the point of the show explicitly in episode 25 and 26.

>non stop ultra expressive frenetic animation
>homage to countless classic movies and anime
>hint for every single Imaishi idea from GL to Luluco
Unironically this.

>evafags really think this


Sorry but EVA's the GOAT, and it has nothing to do with with trying to be 'deep' or 'pretentious'. Only brainlets don't get how straightforward it is.

>tfw too intelligent for TTGL

Eva tried to be deep and philosophical but it ended up being sophistic as fuck.
GL wanted to be stylish and fun and it achieved its goals.
franxx isn't trying to be anything but otaku pandering self insert schlock.

Going to have to go with GL.

it looks so fucking stupid holy shit. trigger was a fucking mistake.

> Rebuild pic

Got be pretty fucking triggered, you piece of human garbage. Well done, now kys


Poor, P.A. Works

That was supposed to be their first foray to mecha anime, and it's forgotten

Kino in the franxx


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End of Evangelion is better.

EoE is part of NGE.

>Stein Gates

(not true, by the way)

Shitstains like these are Cred Forums posters now.

dude shut the fuck up

NGE TV > Gunbuster > EoE > TTGL > Rebuild 1 > Rebuild 2 > Shit > Rebuild 3 > shitty teen romance animu masquerading as a mecha show

You can never beat the tang

I can agree with this

EoE > NGE > Kare Kano > Gunbuster > boring crap > whatever the fuck else was on your list

That fucking pic is not from Evangelion, you bastard!

>Rebuild 1 & 2
>above shit level

>it lacks the themes and feeling of constant despair that Evangelion has.
Are negative themes inherently more intellectual to you?

of course. suffering and bitter sweat endings are mature, for mature viewers such as myself, while neutral themes are happy-endings are disney, for children (unlike myself).

>but it ended up being sophistic as fuck.
haha how?

I hope you're being sarcastic here
>End of TTGL
>Not bittersweet

Eva is awful. Go away retard.

brb universe n sheeeit

>we put in the religious symbolism in because we thought it looked cool
>it somehow tricks retards into thinking the show is profound or deep
>retards can't realize that it was "coherent" by random chance as evidenced by how shit 2.0 and 3.0 are

You're just reading too much into nothingness. Eva is incompetently made garbage and it always has been, they just got lucky with the original.

You were doing so good until you ranked rebuild 1 above shit.

No you don't understand, it has very deep themes like freudianism n shit. Nevermind that all it does is allude to them without going anywhere with them at all or saying anything profound whatsoever. What's important is the very deep final message which is like, don't be afraid and just talk with people or some shit. I don't know, it's totally smart because it has the bible and depression and cocaine doctor and like, just namedropping these things automatically makes you smart which is cool because I am a smart person as evident by me being able to appreciate a shitty cartoon that blew its whole budget on animating dumb robots fighting kindergarten drawings.

It is always sad seeing being unironicly not getting Eva.

Meant people.

Not getting what about it? it's always hilarious seeing pretentious teens allude to some greater, deeper meaning to the show without without ever actually having anything to say in that regard.

>these kinds of retards roam this board now
we sure went down the deep end

>ITT: mechalets


Why do mech shows always have the same handle bar control scheme?

It doesn't block the camera and allows pilots to be expressive. Real cockpits are autistic and claustrophobic.

Damn, whenever I come to any of these threads I lose the little brain cells I have left. Darling is boring and 02 is the only decent character.

>2.0 above anything
Get the fuck out.