Darling in the FranXX

He's our guy, no doubt.

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Darling is a madman on a mission to claim the Oni.


>tfw darling gives me the strong thick hiro dick

Hiro tamed the evil Oni

>wish fulfilment MC manhandling the fapbait
>it was only the NTRfags that 'self-inserted'
Definitely begins a conversation with both lobes of one's cranium organs.

Fuck onifag, best boy tamed the beta evil wild Oni with his strong and thick hiro dick

>Hiro tamed the evil Oni

That makes it sound like he whipped her into submission which is nothing like what happened.
What happened is that Hiro understood the evil Oni's suffering and loneliness and opened his heart to her.


Fuck you, Ichigo will win. She may have gotten pushed into the sisterzone, but sisterly love will destroy the homewrecker.

>gotten pushed into the sisterzone
she jumped right in

It was an evasive maneuver to avoid the wrath of a monster. 200IQ play by worried strawberry,

>she jumped right in

To be fair she had nowhere else to go. She ain't no bitch, she's the loyal kind that will suffer in silence as long as her crush is with 02.
It's a classic dynamics in anime, think about Madoka, Kyosuke and Hikaru from Kimagure Orange Road. Madoka has a great crush/love on Kyosuke but she won't make the definitive move because Hikaru (Madoka's best childhood friend) is with Kyosuke. Only Kysosuke can break the triangle not Madoka. Which means coming back to FranXX that the only way Ichigo wins the Hirobowl is for 02 to die. Because I don't see Hiro dumping 02 at all.

I was thinking perhaps the klaxosuars are a “byproduct” of dicovering magma energy?
Peaceful subterranean creatures which lived on magma till humans disrupt their food supply.
As theres less magma, the klaxosaurs start to go near human civilisation to get their food.
Clash occur and the creatures are too strong, thus human experimented on the creatures to create their weapons.
Maybe Dr Franx (and friends) discovered magma which consequencely deprive the klaxosaurs, then they experimented on klaxosaurs to fight against them. Its like the humans tempered with nature and caused their downfall.

Goro is not happy.
Perhaps Goro can become a rival to Hiro in the second half?
There needs to be a second powerful Franxx or do they evolve?
Goro wanting to make Ichigo happy till he gets obsessed and end up hurting Ichigo to make Hiro feel for Ichigo. Then in the end Ichigo realize how much Goro cares about her and truely open up to Goro.
Then perhaps open the full power of their Franxx and they do a man-to-man friendly duel with Strelizia.
The speculation juices are flowing

perhaps human tempering?
Hope they won’t leave things hanging like Aldnoah Zero.

What if a Franxx is a repurposed de-cored Klaxosaur corpse that needs the girl’s soul and the boy’s control to reanimate?

So they have seen it before?
Or is this size class thing a generic thing?

Franxx!! Combine!!
Franxx Megazord, go!

The klaxosaur has a sad face…
That shapeshifting wackiness.

Ichigo went out like the other commenters predicted.

Will people come congratulate Hiro in his dreamscape? Too early for that
Got the Utena feels again.

Hiro is everything for himself.

Its like the EVA beast mode!

Cue some Kill la Kill come-back music!
Franxx transform not shapeshift.

Hiro needs another checkup
Its like he accepted something that rejected him.

Gay boy appears!
is he the new Hiro's love interest?
Nine iota?
The tenth of the Nines?

what the fuck is this

what your AOTS attracts

I'm gonna look forward to seeing the usual triggerfags go "[MYGIRL] appreciation thread" when the ending nears and then go all "lol look at the nerds they get attached to fictional chinese cartoons" when it's not something they like, as it usually plays out

truly the chads of Cred Forums

1 this is not your blog u flaming faggot
>He watched Aldnoah Zero
2 hahahahahaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I thought it was wonderful. He was so hyper focused on being a pilot and not getting mulched that he barely even spoke about her as a person.

>people still trying to come up with theories
I'm sorry to say that but I doubt any of you will ever top floweranon




Sacrificed his humanity only to be there fore best Oni. Mah boy



>Your wings are the wings that will pierce through this cage!



>Aside: Hiro back to life
>Zero two, you can't do it alone !

>it's going to be fine! Zero two you are not alone, it's ok it's ok it's ok

>Zero two!(she recovered)

>Hiro: I probably suitable to be a breeder
>Zero two: What's a breeder?



I enjoy its design.

I hope Genista will get one too some day

4koma are pure gold.


You and me both user. You and me both.

There should be more shows beside PSWG with this artstyle.

haha I looked up a name online and spammed the definition for a month

Red oni, blue oni.

Still, it's a decent mecha show.

>That makes it sound like he whipped her into submission
God, that's hot.

>What's a breeder?
Gotta make some little onis so momma oni isn't alone anymore.


Here's the latest CUTE 4koma, enjoy.

Only thick hiro dick can calm berserk dinobabe

>they're so connected they can read each others minds

Best one yet probably

New and improved

Genista! Sitting on my face!

Can't wait to see who makes the enemy robots. Could be some ai gone rogue, or mutants from the old world.

>That makes it sound like he whipped her into submission which is nothing like what happened.
Nah, he's the Whore Whisperer.


>The speculation juices are flowing

Good stuff. The need to breed grows stronger.

Why can't we get full face shots or at least her thoughts? I'm dying to know what to know what the fuck she is thinking. Will there be an arc with of all of these?

You would literally die though

I hate to say it but the biggest thing holding this show back is Imaishi's copy-pasted action scenes.

no he's not. Never stick in crazy




>I was thinking perhaps the klaxosuars are a “byproduct” of dicovering magma energy?
Well yeah thats kinda obvious

Not even a contest.


This episode is quite weak compare to others.

Episode 5 still by far the best episode.


If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic, under the ass of a giant robot.

Pacific Rim

I love how he just holds her from behind and calms her down.

Then what about Kokoro-chan sitting on my face with her sweaty butt? God, imagine what it would be like if Kokoro just spread her legs in front of you and let you press your mouth on her pussy and she'd just pee straight in. Literally divine nectar.

>not sticking your dick in crazy
Gay, son.

Too small


Do you think they'll make Hiro too? He's bland as fuck but I'd hate to see Oni without her daaling.

No but Alpha will get one

We can only hope.

They need to make Ichigo first, she needs to come with a crying face so that she can be bullied by my other Nendos.

I would buy both of them.


Please be this one

Best girl and best girl(male) love interests before the MC, seems possible actually.
Did Kaworu get one before Shinji?

Would you seriously fuck a robot, Cred Forums?

Great scene in a shit episode.

>That doc

>mfw other girls will never get nendos
I'd buy Kokoro and Ikuno

>40 tons
>40m tall

Imagine how much fun it would be to klaxohandle Genista. I'd walk around Plantation 13 looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.

Probably since they've done much simpler. I like Hiro's design.

Great scene in a great episode.

Would you not?

>tfw most of the FranXX pics I have are Genista

Can't wait to hotglue Strelizia.

too puffy

>40m tall

Has anyone done the autistic measurements to extract their sizes already?

It's a plastic model, not a figure. So enjoy spending 12 hours nipping, sanding, and painting only to erode your paint with your spunk.

>some modern tanks are almost twice as heavy

name one




M1A2 Abrams is 72 tons

That won't be a problem when I've painted her in semen will it? Dipshit.



I don't think your semen is lacquer-based, so the gloss coat won't be very resistant.

Sachiko on the frontpage.

>when you shove it in the wrong hole

Well it has a lot of armor

Modern tanks are really heavy, user. They're all King Tiger sized, it's just that modern materials and engines can handle it.


I want to bury my face inside Kokoro's beautiful fluffy hair

All of the above.

I want to bury my ERECT PENIS inside Kokoro's SHIT HOLE

Can we post some Miku? I love Kokoro but Miku gets no love and she is cute as fuck.


The mechas are incredibly light and mobile obviously. But I suppose they have poor weight displacement due to being bipedal. But that doesn't matter when your engines let you fly and skate across the ground I guess.

Post more lewd Genistas!



I want to bury my ERECT PENIS inside Kokoro's beautiful fluffy hair

This really isn't a series which would care about this sort of stuff and neither do I.

Still, did you really find thos numbers or simply made them up to cover your pasta?

user, it's really hard to wash cum out of a girl's hair, especially if she usually keeps it as beautiful and fluffy as Kokoro does. You wouldn't give her more trouble just to satisfy your lewd desires, would you?

Would Argentea be a suitable alternative?

anybody got a webm of her running up to hiro in that first scene

Last lewd I have is too lewd.

Yes by all means

>the A B S O L U T E CITY STATE of Ichigofags


Please imgur it, I need it for personal reasons.


>the state of Delphinium


The hero always loses first.

While we are lewding the robots, what would sex with Delphinium be like?

>tfw you're the only one who likes Ikuno

since when is fatty black?

What pasta? The only number I ratted off was the Abrams weight. I just went off this post

extremely desperate



Having a quick dip inside her locks wouldn't hurt.

Im predicting that it will stay that way until the end

IDK wondered the same thing myself.

He's the new Hiro's fuccboi

Thank you, that is a beautiful lewd. Why is Genista pissing?

Still the best one, imo.

Also, they really need to have Ikuno's robot get some action already. It's the only one without great fan art and that's a shame.

Are these cheaper than figures or do they fuck you over on build it yourself as well

It's just cooling fluid

Ichigo bullying

Don't lie to me user, the next thing she knows you'll be feverishly wrapping her silky blonde hair around your dick while impregnating it with your hot semen.


I like her.

There's something about Strelizia's use of geometry shapes that I just can't get tired of. It kinda reminds me of Syd Mead's work on Turn A which are probably my favorite mechs. It's vaired but not busy, recognizable but not outlandish, elegant but powerful, and can be cute and sexy if need be. It's quickly climbing into my top 5.

That's okay, I will support her all way through

I like them all. So far every character save Kokoro and Futoshi has been interesting, and those two aren't bad.

Honestly it reminds me more of something Nagano like. But you have good taste user.


Kokoro: Oh, yeah. You really shone in the battle.

Kokoro also loves Hiro

What does Ichigo's breath smell like?

How long till pic related happens?

One stroke wouldn't hurt, right?

Strawberries. With a hint of stale beef jerky.

What's a slut

18 episodes

Her design reminds me too much of Kaguya

Honey and Spunk

On how many boxes is she standing?

>Chlorophytum doesn't have great fan art
I disagree. She just has very little fanart compared to the others.

what the fuck

Am I forced to use HS? The subs are shit

Not likely, unless Goro goes maximum chad



No. That's 02.

I wonder if Dino AIDS has any effect on sperm production and the refractory period.

The PV is almost out, just a couple of days left

Your turn. Desperate.

the next ep is almost out too, just like about a week until we have it!

Depends on the size, it looks around the size of a 1/100 gundam, so probably somewhere around 30-50 USD.

Ninth letter of the English language
Thirteenth letter of the English language
First letter of the English language
Seventh letter of the English language
Ninth letter of the English language
Fourteenth letter of the English language
Fifth letter of the English language

The sound they'll make rattling their cage will serve as a WARNING

>ywn have hot oni gf ride your cock reverse cowgirl while she bends backward to stare into your eyes as she cums with enthusiasm.

>saturday was 20 years ago

She's my #2.

Oh, there's definitely some Nagano in there, what with the huge head and the arms that would be right at home in Gothicmade.But I've always been kinda lukewarm to Nagano, he's not bad, but I feel his designs don't accentuate things enough as an ensemble. Doesn't stop me from loving the Zeta and the L-Gaim though.

It's weird I'm liking Strelizia so much considering usually I'm not those types of extreme designs.

Do the parts come coloured or do I need to hire an artist


Only 6984 more minutes.

Well, yeah.
Everyone has one of those, just like they all have one in the chibi or wallpaper series

Depends, I've heard this is a new line by Goodsmile, so we don't know if they're going to be gunpla style, casted in color with stickers/decals for the details, or if it's going to be more barebones. I'd assume the prior, but we don't know much, they've only shown the proto model.

This Ichigo. The shitposting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.

Not him but robot figures usually come colored and with stickers to add in details.

They look miles better if you paint them, however.


>Hiro calming 02 down like a doggo
>That squishy 02 face in panel 3
>02 reading Hiro's internal speech bubble in 4
>Doc FranXXX

God this is the best.

Compared to a painted one.

c-can a brother get a filename

Yeah for me it really varies from Design by design for him Zeta like you said is great, also like the Qubeley. But I get feel you mean by lukewarm. Have a Strelizia for being a cool dude.

Watching ep6 made me realize how little oni cares for darling. She is just using him to be her little pilot and boytoy. Her reaction to him giving out was being disappointed, not upset. Her rage form was due to her anger at not being able to kill the dino.

So is there a choice of getting a pre colored model or a bare bones. Reason I ask is I might get one of both. Some budies are putting together a warhammer type game but with mechs. We are using 1/144 scale as a standard but the 1/100 might be titans


Think they'll actually do some of this mind reading sheananigans in the actual anime?
>Wait, what do you mean by ____?"
>I-I-It's not l-like that!

My bet is things will start changing for her, she expected him to go down for good but this may change things

Usually they only make one variation. Gunpla models come caste with colored plastic, while military and other figures can come caste in grey plastic for coloring or detailing.

>wallpaper series

We synchronize, and I am inside her. Or is she inside me (are we inside each other?) Every movement, every sensation draws us deeper in, and I am simultaneously surrounded, comforted by her as much as I am restricted, separated from my self and from others.

I am deep, but I am not sure into what I sink. I strive to give her more, to provide more, to meet those lofty expectations. Even as the destructive fire of my compulsion to satisfy me consumes, it is fed by a need to impress the other. To impress her. So specifically I am surgically separated from sovereignty.

Do I give into it? What is "me"? What am I, but some distinction that exists within the comparison between "I" and (You)? This is where and when I can make that decision; this is what describes the me; this is what defines who I am. I have an opportunity to decide that this is purely self-actuated, and not some operant defined by my desire to convince another to invest in me. I can prove, here and now, that I care.

I stroke deeply. I cleft. There is a wetness, and its lubrication spurs me on to a faster, more eager rhythm. As I dive, I confront that other, and give it the honest sensation of my desire. How deep can I go?

>There is a wetness

She is just less lovey dovey when piloting and expects the best from Hiro


Would it affect anything if I wanted to add blood splatter to the already painted model, or even do a full recolour to match a warhammer faction for shits and giggles

No one here remembers that meme, user, but thank you for the effort.

That meme's not THAT old.

...Is it?

>r u an adult

>Her darling hugs her after seemingly kicking the bucket
>"Dar... ling?"
>She calms down
>They proceed to slaughter big ass Klaxxo
>She reassures him in her lovely sweet voice that he'll be fine from now on
>Leans on him and gets out of the mech smiling
She just went through the dread of having lost her darling, being pummeled, going berserk, calming down and going balls to the wall to kill the enemy. Cut her some slack.

We should post this webm every single time someone defends mecha 3DCG animation.

> Dear Orog,

>Thank you for your questions. I'll try to answer both in turn. The more troublesome quandry is a classic one that is often mishandled even by the most experienced (mothers with rowdy children will know what I mean!). The key to removing stains from pasta sauce from white clothing is to wet the area immediately with cold water but the trick is to ensure that you don't end up soaking the stain into the surrounding cloth. Ugh! What a mess! Lemon juice does indeed work but only on smaller stains, and who has lemon juice handy on a moment's notice, as you so wisely point out. Then simply blot the moisture with a clean white cloth. Of course, the classic joke about solving pasta or blood stains on clothing is to simply wear red. Just kidding!

> Your second question is much simpler to answer and not as big a deal as you fear. "Whew! What a relief!" you must be thinking. Your guess that your friend had simply grabbed the first pair of underwear she saw in the nearest hamper when she rushed to strip off her messy clothes is no doubt the correct answer. When a lady is in a hurry to save expensive clothes, whether it's men's boxer-briefs, granny panties, or just a towel(!) is not a concern when it means saving a white leotard or heaven help us, that favorite little coctail dress we ladies all looked forward to wearing! A final piece of unsolicited advice I'll squeeze in is that she seems old enough to clean her own room to begin with, so don't worry so much about picking up after her...don't sweat it! You're a great friend who she's lucky to have and we gals are always looking for a man who can make our hearts flutter and still find time to pick up around the house.

> -Agony user


It's pretty old, but let's face facts; even if it was circa 2014, that was 4 years ago, and a very different time.
is circa like 2008 at absolute latest (and probably ealier).
>were the old guys now rico.avi

I wish to be the little oni.


You've most likely seen these already.

Not at all, you just have to know how to properly build the model properly and sand it smooth, you give it a gloss spray coat, splatter some blood on, and then seal it in with a matte coat on top.
I'm not too experienced with painting, but it's not that hard if you've got the time and money to blow.


>>Do I give into it? What is "me"? What am I, but some distinction that exists within the comparison between "I" and (You)?

You cheeky cunt

I've been here too fucking long.

I haven't actually thanks for the link.

I'll talk with some people I know, I'm thinking of turning one into either a khorn
titan or a grey knights scheme

Is that so? Then please show me the others from this set.

Hatefucking when?


Yes. Yes, we have.

zorome has the best rxfaces

How can they even compete

I like all of them except Mitsuru. Once they do that episode on his past, maybe I'll understand him better and that will change.

I hope she goes from seeing him as a ride partner to a more personal type of relationship. All this time it was as if he was just for her fun. We know that he at first saw her mostly as a way to "live to ride and ride to live" but it blossomed from there.

My wallet wont enjoy this.


I love this little manlet cunt. He and Miku have the best chemistry. Can't wait for their ep next week.

Toxic waste

He'll cuck fattie for Kokoro

Stop bullying her. P-please.

Need more of these with Oni and such.

>ichigo will never into hiro's heart


>Nobody has died by episode 6 except no-name characters

Show is slowly losing it for me, I was hoping for something darker.

>the jian monologue in 1
>expecting something darker

>Kamina and Dai Gurren will never die!
>Episode 8: Kamina dies

I's okay to be 12, user. But keep it to yourself in the future.

Damn some people are still emo?

Also, keep up with interviews and PV's and who's making this.

>he didn't watch gurren

Why do Genistas so popular on Cred Forums?

This is a slice of life show bro

So a good chunk of the show will probably be about the team of main characters eventually growing stronger and more united than Nines with Hiro finally becoming their rightful leader?

Naomi had a name, though.

Why do you want death so god damn much?

Has she even said something yet?

I don't like the way she look at me.

That's my favorite FrankXX design-wise, the face reminds me of Fairymon

Cred Forums has always liked bulky-looking mechas. Cherno Alpha was a meme in and of itself when Pacific Rim first came out. Plus, she's naked apron.

>a literal ACCEPT THE SLUT, PROCREATE AND BECOME HAPPY TOGETHER propaganda show probably funded directly by japanese government

Why are there ass handles?

>Nishigori: It's something energetic and a bit silly but intellectual
Door's that way.


Reminder that Ichigo was not the only one chasing after the bird in the OP.
(Maybe the bird is Hiro, or the spider, idk.)

Probably the best thing the show is doing, I hope it continues.

For optimal dicking.

She knows he can do it if he tries.

For sex and because Nishigori seems to have asked Imaishi for advice.

Hiro should've died desu, even if only for a little while.

Aw shit is there more lineart like this? Love that stuff.

>Of course, the classic joke about solving pasta or blood stains on clothing is to simply wear red. Just kidding!
Damnit I love girls being envious.

He did die desufaggot.

Maybe Nishigori should've thought of that before he put in the cult stuff.


lold a lot

At least for a few episodes, not a few seconds.

>riding positions are literally called Stamen and Pistil
gee, I dunno

Cult doesn't necessarily mean dark. It adds creepy undertones, but how it's portrayed is different.


>tfw because this is a happy go lucky SoL mecha show there will never be any stakes or threats to anyone's life

Sad desu

Ichigo will have bed-breaking sex with Hiro according to her V/A

Waste of time.

Fucking Nice

How so? I think it would've gotten everyone's asses in gear.

Ichigo will watch bed-breaking sex of 02 and Hiro

Are there any actual Ichigofags? The story has been laser-targeted on 02 and Hiro from episode 1. Ichigo is just fun to bully.

In your shitty dreams.

>with everyone but Hiro*

Embrace it, you'll be happier in life.

How long until we get Oni cosplaying Godoka?

His left hand should be grabbing her right tit

"nice ass by the way"

Surely her suffering will amount to something, right?

I love my occasional SUFFERING, but this is more of a interpersonal drama, with giant robots, couples' chemistry is literally a recurring theme, so don't expect a bloodbath, 3 characters will die AT MOST

> 140ft
> 40kton

>the way goro smiles
he is too pure for this world

Much appreciated, here is another oni for you.

Because there's no reason to extend it that long, the gravity of the situation was portrayed more than enough when Ichigo and co. reacted. And dragging on his comeback when the point was on the 3rd ride and Zero Two's sorrow would make it worse. The condition is still unknown after all.

Is ass really the superior fetish?

Hiro's piloting skills are impressive.

This, Ichigo has woken me up to the wonders of bullying.

But that webm looks good?

good to know he fucked the rubber not in vain

I just want the jobber squad to stop relying on Strelizia, it's really getting old.
>The condition is still unknown after all.
That's true, he could still die or be incapacitated.


It's expected when there's only been 3 major battles. They were quickly put together so I think they'll grow throughout or they may do a timeskip.

I will kill 02.

Yeah something you realize if you're only looking at the surface and not paying attention to the cuts and flashbacks within the episode. She was not using him at all, she was motivating him and her rage was blatantly due to killing Hiro.

The only thing he needs is oni-like strength and he will be able to beat the shit out of anyone even outside of his mecha


>1-5 nothing wrong with me

At least Delphinium is competent

Didn't they level up a little bit from this encounter? They were instrumental in opening up the Gutenberg not once but twice, the plan was to allow Strelizia to seal the deal because none of them had the equipment to do it. It was a collective victory, just like in 4.

Ichigo shut the FUCK up


I am Ichigo

> They transfer 002&016 to the 1337 squad

We are all Ichigo

Good luck, Ichigo. I will bring popcorn so that me and Hiro can watch 02 tossing you across a room and IMAGINE you with a strap on.

That's the point.

It looks amazing and no one is doing anything like that anymore because Sunrise preys on all mechanical animators to secure their virtual 2D monopoly.

I really hope the show moves the fuck on from this Ichigo drama soon. I'm tired of seeing her dominate every DitF thread. She's not that interesting.

it truly blows my mind that you incels lack the IQs to see that not only is Ichigo a wet blanket character, but she's vastly inferior to Zero Two in every way.

Ichigo fans are hebephiles, which is fucking disgusting.
Zero Two fan are at least Ephebophiles, which isnt morally reprehensible in the slightest.

I am Cocona.

>Darling becomes super strong like 02
>Has to undergo special rehab in order to avoid breaking everything he tries to grip
>"Daa~ring, I don't mind you being this rough, but the door handle certainly won't~"
>02 guides his hand with hers every time he has to grip something for the whole episode
>"See, you have to be delicate, just like we practiced last night..:"
>Ichigo watches in desperation

>02 tossing you across a room and IMAGINE you with a strap on.
holy moly

They managed to pull it together a bit in the end, but they sort of got messed up at start; Argentea and Chlorophytum getting tangled, for example.



Shut up.

There is a horn growing in my pants user.

Nice buzzwords.

Ass is life user.

>She is just using him to be her little pilot and boytoy
Nothing has implied that. Everything has shown the opposite and don't give me that she was faking.
>Her reaction to him giving out was being disappointed
She expects a lot from him, she believes in him and she wants him to trust her on this and going through with this. See Episode 6 and even just the Preview. Tomatsu Haruka has stated she becomes more masculine during battle.
>Her rage form was due to her anger at not being able to kill the dino.
No that entire scene was about her killing Hiro and on top of that another partner and above all someone who treated her normally. This is why that scene exists in Hiro's dream state.If it was just a dream, then they would have had him just stay near the plantation transports with Naomi and Zero Two scoffing at him. Do you remember what a Pistil and Stamen do in the cockpit? they both mentally connect so he absolutely saw her current emotion over what happened to Hiro given what the entire sequence is about.

This is not rocket science, there was a point to the directing.

>she may have gotten pushed into the sisterzone
she did that herself

What do 02's used panties smell like?

Dinosaur marking

Added to the pastebin

Cherries and Jurassic Park.

They're doing better at least. Especially on the support.


So Dr Franxx takes 02 and Hiro aside and gives them "the talk" next episode?

Bullshit, the Hiro's movements are amplified ten times because of the 02's superhuman strength and 02 has perfect control over the thrusters for accelerating and braking the Mech.

Parasites don't know shit about love. She didn't even know the words or concepts to make a proper confession in the first place.

Does anyone know why 02 has an obession with the word Darling?
Does she think it has another meaning perhaps



>They unlock their final form with the POWER OF LOVE

Cred Forums unironically needs more posts like these again,
complete autism but at least they put some effort into it


If they don't have sex in the next episode I'll riot.



Affectionate calling to the one who wants to be with her?

>i watch anime for the plot

I'm very glad this exists

>Franxx!! Combine!!
>Franxx Megazord, go!

That realistically has got to happen eventually.

That's gotta be saved for the cour finally. Next is that partner ceremony.

Can't believe Goro is fucking dead

>that fucking tongue

darling is the worst piece of shit ive ever seen. i'd rather cut off my own testicles than watch this garbage fire

Darlifra in a nutshell

Wife material.

There's something so appealing about a cute girl being imposed on by a much more developped woman.

The earth's mass is over 90% magma. Tapping even 1% of it would turn the surface into a volcanic hellscape. I don't think the dinos are short of food.


>02 has perfect control over the thrusters for accelerating and braking the Mech.
This, hat is why Strelizia is a cut above the rest.

I have already seen this post, please make a new one

>a cute pink haired monster will never take your grasses off like this.

Cute oni.

>02 not a fan of glasses
Who knew?
dat red coloring tho, super spooky

>Here Darling, you're interested in my panties? I don't mind~

I'm sure it will be explained, but I find it really interesting how 02 has basically refused receiving a name from Hiro because "they are useless", but she gives him one anyway.
I kind of want it to remain like this because it's one of those cool inversions that they do. We had Beauty and the Beast in this episode too.

Tits are life, ass is hometown.

>no fujobaiting allowed while im here

>i'd rather cut off my own testicles
Please do.

But why she wants to keep killing Klaxosaurs?

Nothing implies this though.

I feel like I have seen this post somewhere before...

Dr. Franxx is going to go all out. He's gonna give them
>a big insulated bed
>gallons of honey
>scented candles
>a collection of adult vids
There never going to leave their room.

We'll find out later.

Hiro is cute. CUTE.

I don't know user. Maybe she thinks she'll be accepted for it by others? maybe it's tied to something that happened years ago? is the wish Dr.FranXX talking about the same or a personal one? Given he said Hiro will make it happen, it likely means its a personal one of true happiness I think.

You can have a goal and also want something pure without using them.

Yes, our enjoyment

You can't make life out of tits. The ass is the center of life.

>"""Hotblooded""" asspull mecha

>I will protect Darling from fujoshits

So this motherfucker is going to be the final boss, right.
>takes out his augs
>they were suppressing his oni side
>reverts to being youthful
>proceeds to pilot with multiple clones of 02 at once in a giant-ass mecha


please, back to the KF thread

Is this what a climax feels like?


>Hiro with glasses


I want to marry Miku!

First time watching a mecha show?

>he got shitted out at birth
I'm really sorry to hear this, user-kun.

>no tits
>no breast milk
>mammals die

You are right, that's truly One Terrible Pairing right there.


Is this the first show you've gone to Cred Forums for?
In literally every show with >1 female character, 60% of the people in a given thread will have fixated on some girl besides the main girl. Half of them will have made some hipster pick of a girl with 5 minutes of screen time in 12 episodes.

Ass is a nigger tier fetish

No, this is.

Never ever.


Floweranon was the hero we needed but didn't deserve.

Because her klaxosaur blood is the reason she's (seen as) a monster. She's projecting her self-hatred onto them.


You have to think of it from her perspective, too. she was expecting him to die, and she had outlived all of her partners up until that point.

When he died, she went into survival mode. She was clearly very relieved when he sprang back from the brink of death.

Dah... ling.

A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.

The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness

The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple

Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight

Magnificence, excellence and success
Joy through challenges and successes alike
Faithfulness in romantic relationships
Optimism towards the future

It's okay if this show is generic, right?

Can we see this from the back?

I know that, but why say it on that exact moment? Does she really wants to kill a lot just for Darling to accept her? I guess getting the Parasyte regular uniform will be a big deal.

It's treading the line between safe and potentially crazy, right now.

Would this anime be less controversial if the pilots' positions were facing each other instead of the doggy style?

I'm a fan of Worried Strawberry

What implies that Strelizia is largely controlled by Zero Two in those aspects? Strelizia outside of its Stampede Mode, possibly, follows the same rules as every other FranXX and the Stamen remains the pilot which is in control.

That's what it's like to be deep inside someone else.

He'll end up dying, or getting quadriplegic.

It's a cute entertaining ride. I never expected anything from it yet it keeps my attention each week.

/threadly reminder

They would rage if it was necessarily male/female, no matter how they were positioned.

What does a tired Miku smell like? Shiritai no desu

Speaking of, do we know the rapid-aged stamen 002 started with?


Love and perfection.

Isn't there another part to this one?

I had high hopes from ex-Gainax but they keep falling into the same traps the mecha anime kept falling in the last 12 years.

>tfw no Honey gf

>yfw Hiro will go stampede mode at some point
>yfw double stampede

Well, it's been pretty much her only source of validation through the years until Darling came around. Plus she enjoys fighting and she grows closer to him when they're doing it.

Will Futoshi draw in the female viewers?



You mean his name? He was 081.


>"Darling, those are my breasts, not the chocolate."
Is this implying Hiro is biting her boobs?
Hiro, mah boi, that's some superior taste right there

They do give her the bottom feeders, kek.

Damn. I wonder if this guy is going to try to make a full doujin.

Maybe its a form of validation. Like
>people will accept me if I kill dinosaurs

What the fuck is that quality? Redownload that pic at once.

Typesetting user here, translations pls.

Disregard this, I'm fucking retarded and read it as 801.

>Those are my breasts not the chocolare~
It's so simple but it's so good.

Depends user, is this team who's trademark are shows like these and them doing what they know best generic? To me, no. On top of that they manage to keep it fresh by using completely different aspects and methods of building and story telling.


Someone already figured out wat the names mean.
They are named after geological discontinuities, which are the transitions between geological layers.

From outer crust to core, they are:

>controls are literally on the ass
>can only control the robot by pulling the handles
>that are on the ass
>complains about asspull
It was there the whole time.


But it's nothing different

Probably. The wish Dr.FranXX was talking about is likely to be accepted and have someone by her side forever given it makes sense and ties right back into her monologue in Episode 1. She's simple minded and a romantic girl at heart. But she's also self loathing as the other user mentioned.

Thank you.

>Stamen remains the pilot which is in control.
Yes, but the Pistil remains the pilot which is in control of the system of internal controls.

The flight/propulsion/balance/force systems are controlled by the pistil

Plenty different for me from the shows they worked on especially on how the utilize the themes and concepts they've introduced. I really don't care if you don't find it fresh dude. Like good for you, it's not changing how I feel about it.

Is that Klaxosaur going to be the size of a small country?

Yes, and the FranXX will have to GATTAI to defeat it.

Hmm I see what you mean actually.

They do something or an asspull to bait discussion then they explain it in the next few episodes, it's happened a thousand times

Pretty cool thanks user

>this retarded
Even World Trigger Osamu bin Laden is smarter than you on tactics when you have a superior teammate.

No, the pilots will have to GATTAI for better controls.

Evangelion did it better

See you next week.

The same fucking thing could be said of NGE and TTGL, you dumb fuck. We're 1/4 of the way into the show.

That's not what I am talking about if you bothered to read what I was saying.

>Bugdinos that get stronger and more evolved the deeper you go into their caves.

Cute bakemonos

Yeah, 02 has the edge on the other Pistil girls because of her super Oni strength.

>The reason 02 loved Hiro was his genetics

No user. This time notGainax is not going to space, they're going to Earth's core.
The last level will be literally the Earth Core Klaxo.
Just like every Klaxo has a core, the Earth alsp has one right?
2+2 user

Isnt that why most girls hang around guys?

Post proof

Every animal besides humans looks for dat ass. It's theorized that breasts developed in part so that women would have a pseudo-butt in front for men to look at during >missionary.


>The reason Hiro treated 02 like a person was his genetics

What's so bad about that?

STERILIZE you might wanna say?
Fucking children are bioengineered because the adults can't fucking procreate.

Have a Zero Two




is there any reason for muh power of love to delete klax aids
I'm honestly ok with that literally being the reason because this show is way too fun for me to pick apart like that but I'm just wondering if I missed something

that hair looks like kokoros

Just like RL. 02 is no different from a modern whore.

>he thinks it won't be relevant again
Shiggy diggy

I look forward to your 'new' and 'interesting' declarations about dropping this show every week.

Its probably just receded for now, it will come back soon enough

You gotta keep in mind this is different kind of AIDS.

The one that killed everyone before had them bleeding and shit.
None of them grew the blue thing.

He trained the most and he is a prodigy and he has special blood so of course he can will the tumor back into himself

Thanks, user.

Oh shit.

>but they sort of got messed up at start
boo hoo

It's not, the full picture isn't that great though.

They somehow meld physically when they're piloting, so the power of love isn't outside against the show's established rules.

Saved, thank you too.

>A-1 tier foreshadowing

Nah. His comment about "making 02's wish come true" or something in e06 makes me think he's going to be one of the few adults on the heroes side when Papa et all become the final boss.



>The last level will be literally the Earth Core Klaxo.
AKA Wiechert

A-1 episodes are way better than Trigger ones.

>inb4 he's the Lordgenome of the show

Such a beautiful Mech

>Earth is klaxosaur


Papa doesn't seem like a bad guy though.

These are always better than they deserve to be, I'm glad they're a thing.


This is not how you drive a FRANXX dumb oni.

Final triumphant moment is Strelitzia piercing the earth itself, going from one end to the other to shatter the core at the center of the planet

I liked him more when he was a guy.

A1 writes all of the series

Would anyone even watch this show if she didn't have horns?

So what do you think about this Kubexosaur design?

>Hiro and Zero Tsu are carrying on, laughing and giggling in the middle of the night yet again
>everyone is trying to sleep
>team leader has a duty to put a stop to this so everyone can be rested for the next mission
>trepidation about knocking on the door to the room with the moaning and slurping sounds
>glimpses pink hair flying around as 02 dances naked, doing a gyrating striptease for Hiro
>tits spinning around
>she is flinging her clothes off dramatically and spinning her panties around her finger as she shimmies
>slingshots her panties off her index finger and they fly across the room
>she's starting to gyrate on Hiro's lap
>door starts to open
>What are your two doing in here, don't you know it's late and ev....
>elastic-banded damp panties snap Ichigo right in the eye
>blinding pain
>everyone at breakfast asks her repeatedly why her eye is bloodshot and swollen
>02 doesn't even notice

Studios don't write shit, studios produce animation.

Makes me wonder if horns are going to be a thing among the stronger klaxos.

Perfectly silly.

viking helmet


He created a cult and has indoctrinated Parasites alike and consider them specimens. They seem pretty bad.

They have a writing staff who writes the show

Staff you fuckwad and they're doing fine.

>studios produce animation

No, they do anime production. That is managing the whole circus. Animators brought in are freelancers.

He's performing the classic "male MC goes berserk and the cute girl that has a crush on him steps in and brings him back to his senses" act, except in this show the genders are reversed and Hiro is the MC's bitch.


A-1 is producing the series and handles the writing

He still allowed Hiro to ride 02 let her stay on plantation 13.

Do the Japs know the glory of berry bulli?

Writing staff are not hired at the studio. Nishigori is just affiliated and Hayashi is MAGES hence Nitroplus involvement.

We'll have to make sure they learn.

Exactly. A-1's side handles the writing and Trigger supports the animation.

When will 02 Rape Hiro?

Is this show going to be the new kill la kill?

No. A1 is producing the series and Nishigori who has connections with A1/Aniplex and Hayashi who's contracted as he largely works with 5pb/MAGES is writing it.

Upon closer examination, Wikipedia contradicts itself regarding whether Lehman or Wiechert is deeper. Dunno what source this show is based on.


And they are A-1. What's so hard to grasp?

Nishigori is not exclusively A1 and Hayashi is obvious.

We like big bulky refrigerator mechs


Shovel Knight Ramiel.

I've done some inaccurate guesstimating based on pixel measurements in a few scenes, Strelizia came out around 80m tall, possibly taller because the perspective in the shot I used was somewhat fucked and I was too lazy to look for a better one.

Yep, A-1.

That is not A1. What is so hard to grasp?

That "oohh' was really awkward.

It's clear you don't know how production works in the first place and what affiliation means. No point in arguing with you since you fail to understand.

You are referring to A-1 contractors and saying that they are not A-1. Is this their original creation or are they staffed by the idolmaster guy?

You mean consensual love making for the purpose of procreation

There's probably more than one way to classify them, like how there's a bunch of way to separate continents. Geology is complicated.

Okay I have an understanding of what you mean now. But by and large would people who have to be contracted or are merely on connection basis really be considered A1?

Whenever he asks for it.

What about Consensual rape?

We D.N.A^2 now.

>Nishigori is not exclusively A1 and Hayashi is obvious.

The artists aren't exclusive to anyone.
That's why Yoshinari worked on LWA first and then a few month later, he was animating Made in Abyss.
It's why the writer of Code Geass and Valvrave was writing Princess Principal last summer and not IBO.

A-1 employs contractors in every department. They are first and foremost under the committee and the committee is A-1

That is what I'm saying.

Extra chromosomes don't make you extra special, user.

Hope we get a better ending.

>But by and large would people who have to be contracted or are merely on connection basis really be considered A1?

That's how all anime connections work. Literally everyone outside of KyoAni and Gainax (which are studios which actually hire animators full-time) is only contracted based on personal connections and availability.

I'm aware but is it really a good idea to tell someone A1 is writing when the individual is what matters?

Added to the pastebin

We will.


>He's performing the classic "male MC goes berserk and the cute girl that has a crush on him steps in and brings him back to his senses"
Exactly. It's the typical romance novel scenario with the girl and the monster. The monster gains/regains humanity because of one special girl who is not afraid of him. Ditf is beauty and the beast in reverse. Hiro is the "girl" here.

They are attempting to make the most money out of this and they will have the staff follow the market trends rather than their own aspirations if necessary

Someone drew Hiro saying "Darling dess" because Uemura at the Episode 1 to 6 screening went "Darling de~su"

No they're definitely following their own aspirations. This is under Nishigori's direction after all and entrusted by Aniplex. Fukushima P pointed out as much.

>a good idea to tell someone A1 is writing when the individual is what matters?

Yes, because anime production is a counter-intuitive mess that most people don't understand a single thing about.
You don't explain quantum theory to kindergarten children to tell them about the GPS.

He's close enough to people usually hired by A-1 that he's a potential candidate to be hired by that studio in the future.
That's as close as you ever get when it comes to matching works and studios in here.

Passion project buddy

>replying to their own shitpost with a retarded headcanon/fanwank


Because she doesn't deserve it at all.

When will Hiro call himself her darling? Even when he came back to life and calmed her down he said he was her partner.

And the aspirations is to make a mecha anime that will ride the gainax name make the most money. The sheer amount of eva references is a dead giveaway

Is there a reason why the girls outfits are so sexual?

If they wanted to make easy money they could have done a fujo mecha show

>The sheer amount of eva references is a dead giveaway
Yeah, because Eva doesn't have references to anything.


And this is where we part ways and disagree. There are not that many and Nishigori has blatantly stated his love for Gainax regarding this show and as his passion project. He's clearly been entrusted and given full freedom, everyone has implied as much.

Read the interviews.

It look like the kind of creature you'd find in dofus.

Girls are sexual.

Ah right that makes sense. It doesn't really muddle the vision or style of a show though. For example, you can tell when it's in the style of a certain director or writer.

>because making references to your own show is suddenly a problem
>suddenly implies the amount of eva references as if thats a problem
Please. This has not gone against any of what Nishigori has said about the project and his love for what he's created.

Dinosaurs especially

>my spear is the spear that will pierce the earth

Isn't the scale getting too big?
Dinolets that are barely the size of genista

2 or 3 times the size of Strelitzia

Suddenly one fucking hundred strelitzias tall

>FranXX defense force on the move
They have no creative personality. They ripped the wings last episode straight from eva. What's a homage and what's a ripoff? This is certainly in the latter category.


Nice trips but Hiro is not going to be the one she rapes, fampai.

>is there a reason why the uniforms for piloting a sex-powered robot are sexual?
Take a fucking guess.

>using this as your bases and starts pointing fingers
Oh it's retarded. Here I thought you had something.

> that bird taking off right as she licks him
deepest lore

then who is she going to rape?

You didn't respond to what I said.

Retarded ass design
I like it


I am just waiting to catch Viper around to ask for some escalation of his mastery in light of recent berry related developments.

Looks like the screening was a big success. Lots of hype around it and the cast had some fun.

This is glorious.


Claiming responsibility for the piss ones

Well the worm in ep4 was like >10km in length and in some shots stretched beyond the horizon, a FranXX was like of similar size to a single segment with the segment having way more volume. Beta in ep6 was fuckhuge too but I assume the scale is intentional.

Did they screen another episode or is that the feedback from the last one?

Any pics

Holy fucking shit


02 is not happy with Ichigo, where she was playfully dismissive of Ichigo earlier, she now appears overly irate.

It's funny, because even as Ichigo seems to ackowledg 02 this episode I'd say that 02's opinion of her has inversely worsened.

About time.

They screened the first 6 episodes together IIRC.

Just Episode 1 to 6 and hyping up seeing it in movie theatres in one go with the cast. Not sure if they teased something.

I'll share if I find any but have this. One person mentioned it looked pretty much sold out which matches with the whole registration issue.

gud meme



Ichigo really struck a nerve when she called Oni inhuman to her face in episode 5. Considering how sensitive the dino is about that particular subject it's not surprising that she'd be legitimately pissed at Ichigo now. At the beginning of episode 6 she's clearly still pissed off. They might've warmed up to each other 'naturally' before but I think Ichigo crossed a line and it's going to be hard to get back on the good side without a legitimate apology at least.

Those are some girly dudes
Must be all that soy


If you want to do that retarded shitpost, it won't work. Figured out a way round it, loser.

Ichigo said that she wasn't human.
We know that 02 is kinda buttblasted about being a monster.


Pretty much this. Which is what I expect as the resolving point of their sub arc at somepoint.

Offering to drink Ichigo's piss! Moving out of the way at the last second so all her piss splatters over the floor!

Anyone have this image of Dr. Franxx except transparent?

Why is Plantation 13 letting Futoshi do this?

Like is it part of the experiment? Why the fuck is he stress eating anyway? Hiding food and shit in your lockers to eat isn't even normal fatass behavior, it's compulsive as all hell.

Telling her it was because her butthole twitched too much!

>You can call me "Oppai".