Boruto: Next Generations

Hawawabros, what happened?


Still waiting for more hawawa in the anime and manga

Post moar hawawas.

Ask and ye shall receive

Another thread improved by Sumire

Haven't read or watched this, but she looks really fucking cute. Is she the best girl? Feels like she is.

Glorified irrelevant character.


>3 posters before these posts
>only 4 posters after them

Yes, she is
Stay mad

I want to know how she went from pic related to being so smug, and I cannot wait to see this animated

Boruto is only for Hanabi

chapter spoilers when?

B-But she is his aunt! Hawawawa

This Franchise is so dead.
I knew NaruHina was a mistake. Should've been KibaHina.
NaruHina is such a forced ship to satisfy the virgin self-inserting Narutard nerds.

>tumblr filename
What a surprise

get out

no u

KEK threads are really dead, not even Kawaki can save this.

>he's the son of their current king, who is also their greatest warrior in history, who saved the entire world
>he's in perfect physical shape and the top of their entire school in physical combat
>his chakra control is better than people decades older than him
>he literally saved her from darkness and gave her a reason to live
>he has blonde hair and blue eyes

Of course she's in love with him. Nearly every girl in their class secretly would be except for the ones who are stealth gay.

The manga needs to become weekly so everything can be done faster.

Ikemoto is too busy for it to become weekly.

Three days.

Imagine if itachi somehow got the rinnegon.

Ikemoto needs to be swapped for another artist in order for the Boruto anime to avoid a repeat of that 80-ep pre-Shippuden filler hell.

Pretend like it isn't obvious gekko is evil and killed the kids parents and is stealing for selfish reasons. Imagine if this group really were noble thieves. What do you guys think about the whole stealing from the rich to give to the poor?

Don't know bout you, but Gekko possibly being a Kara outer is far more interesting to me. Also, Hako is Kaguya and Black Zetsu is inside her doll.

Imagine if itachi became hokage even

I demand Kishimoto's twin brother draws for Boruto. He hasn't been doing anything recently as far as I'm aware.


Yeah that's interesting I'm just wondering how many communists/socialists we have in here


Kiba has been nothing but supportive of naruto and hinata. Anyways he hooked up with that cat lady tamaki or whatever

>Ikemoto needs to be swapped for another artist
Not happening with Kishimoto around, his bro boner for Ikemoto is too strong.

Typical crackshipping.

Sarada is hotter in manga. She has some curves.

Reminder that tobirama was right about the uchihas.

Official hokage power rankings

1. Naruto
2. Hashirama
3. Minato
4. Tobirama
5. Hiruzen
6. Tsunade
7. Kakashi

tobirama is honestly probably below hiruzen.
he was an utter genius at inventing shit, but was somehow (hint: shit writing and retcons) weak in actual combat.

I don't know how Kishi justified having someone with a teleport technique being able to get killed in some stalling action combat.

Movie Arc when. This shit is boring.

Remember how easily hiruzen faught off all 3 hokages when orochimaru summoned them?

And he was old as fuck way past his prime during that fight. Imagine prime hiruzen.

Shouldn't the next manga chapter be coming out soonish?

did the voice actress of Boruto's sister change at some point after the water village season?

Orochimaru only successfully summoned Hashirama and Tobirama and they weren't at full power so that Orochimaru could more easily control them.

She sounds the same to me.

In my opinion, Boruto is a really good anime. It is really well-made for a target audience of 10 year old children that are just getting into anime.
But if you're an adult, you probably shouldn't watch it.

I'm 24 and love it. Go fuck yourself.

You can be 10 years of age mentally.

Is it safe to say Naruto's popularity for the most part died with it's final chapters and movies and the franchise is in a weird place were they're trying to establish new characters, plots, and concepts before releasing any new secondary content?

This is why KibaHina is better. Naruto completely oblivious to Hinata even when she confessed....only cared about her platonically.

Needed a movie to genjutsu him into loving her lol.

Kiba and Hinata were already close and their relationship felt more natural.

Kishi should have made them a couple instead of catering to the dumbass fandom to satisfy their self-insert interests.

What do you mean by secondary content?

Nah I prefer naruto and hinata being together. Kiba has tamaki so it's ok.

Have you never heard of adults watching shonen?
And why are you still here? Fuck off

I tried giving Naruto and Hinata a chance (even when creators have shoved the pairing everywhere).

But it's so dull. They have zero chemistry. It's truly just a wish fulfilment for Naruto self-inserts who fantasize about boning Hinata.

As for Tamaki, she's barely even a character. Instead of SP focusing resources on filler characters (who will never show up again) they should be developing the manga characters.

The Thread was fucking dead.
It needed some true hot takes.

I bet you 90% of the fanbase don't even know who Tamaki is.

>Kiba and Hinata were already close
What are you smoking? They never once expressed interest in each other. They were simply team mates. You might as well ship Guy and Kurenai because they fought against Itachi and Kisame together that one time

NaruHina became shit once Hinata lost every shred of a personality she had left. Now she's just Naruto's wife and Boruto's mom.

Dislike NaruHina as much as you want just don't try to push KibaHina of all things as an alternative.
>Inb4 Filler

>true hot takes
>unironically crackshipping
Back to tumblr

We aren't a NaruHina echo chamber, so get over it.

What are you talking about? Hinata has even more personality as a mother

No, she doesn't, shippfag. Hinata is just a generic anime mom.

I don’t care about NaruHina, your crack ship is garbage and a waste of time to discuss, now fuck off

What does being a shipfag have to do with that reply? Lurk more before using buzzwords you don’t understand

Even though this is filler, it again shows Kiba's awareness of Hinata's feelings.

Hinata could've moved on from Naruto romantically (while still admiring his will).

Would've been for the best.

>They have zero chemistry
Nice buzzword, faggot. Chemistry is absolutely subjective and has no bearing on what the characters actually feel for each other.

NaruSauku would have been way more dynamic thatn this hsit.

>except for the ones who are stealth gay
Especially the ones who are stealth gay.

They want that bort pussy.

He is actually getting better. I don't think that will be an issue.

She sure could've, just not with Kiba. Who views her as basically a little sister and was always playing wingman for her in regards to her crush.

Hinata should have gotten with Sasuke.

Hinata is one of the few people in the manga that never gave a single shit about Sasuke.

So when I hit a certain age a switch flips and I'm magically not allowed to watch shonen? I can only watch the most intense intelectual thrillers or philosophical anime that makes me question all of existence and think deep thoughts? What age is that exactly?

I disagree. I'm glad she stayed true to her feelings and stuck with naruto.

I disagree. It was the right decision to have sakura end up with sasuke and naruto end up with hinata. The only relationship I wish happened was Lee and tenten.

It doesn't matter. The fact that Naruto needed to be guilt tripped into reciprocating her feelings, and the fact that he looks constipated everytime he's with Hinata in Boruto (with little interaction despite tons of screentime). It's dull.

I don't care about NaruSaku, but your right that the couple would've been way more dynamic NaruHina.

Not sure what pic related had to do with your post.
Kiba was disappointed that Sakura was lying to Naruto about the mission.

Who do you think are the stealth gays? To be honest its offensive as fuck that its 2018 and not a single homorelationship formed in boruto.

No she shouldn't have. She should have gotten with naruto like she did. That's what made the most sense and has been hinted at since hinatas introduction in the series

Japs are too based for homosexuality. When they use it, it's only to shame it somehow.

>The fact that Naruto needed to be guilt tripped into reciprocating her feelings
Never happened
>and the fact that he looks constipated everytime he's with Hinata in Boruto
You're retarded. He looks like he always has.

Retarded shipperfag Narutards need to either discuss Boruto or fuck off

Sakura treating Naruto like he's a retarded manchild and busting his balls isn't dynamic. That's just a bad relationship.

>Borutard having the gall to call Narutards "shippingdags"
I guess all those BoruSara and BoruSumi arguments were all in my head?

>Naruto acts retarded.
>Sakura calls him out for being retarded.
I see no problem with this. It's how self-improvement is possible.

>I see no problem with this. It's how self-improvement is possible.
Naruto was able to improve himself without some ball-busting bitch hounding him, hence why he's a responsible adult now. Sakura would treat Naruto like a retard regardless of what he did because that's their (shitty) dynamic.

At least that’s related to Boruto, Narushitter

>Never Happened
Literally Naruto the Last Movie.

Also, the fact that Naruto is overworking as Hokage when he could easily use shadow clones to do office work and spend more time with his family....but doesn't.

Just because Hinata has been crushing on Naruto from the start, doesn't mean that she has to claim him as a prize.

Because most of the female characters just only had romantic dreams, Kishi just gave them what they wanted, baka.

Still more dynamic than Naruhina.
It's mostly because there's more variation to Sakura's personality than Hinata's. Allows, for more creative interactions without going out of character.

Can shippers please go an hero

Yes, Sumire is best girl

>sakuracucks still seething

What's everyone's favorite hidden village and why?

>I hate people who lie to themselves
I never understood that line. Sakura was lying to Naruto, not to herself, lmao.

I feel boring as fuck but it's the hidden leaf village. It's the main characters village where 80% of the series takes place so of course the writers made it the most interesting and coolest characters. Uchiha, hyuga, inoshikacho, uzimaki, senju, shinos clan, kibas, saratobi, coolest kages, kakashi, guy, legendary sanin, konoha 12, etc.

I also do like the mist village because 7 ninja swordsman are cool.

what the absolute fuck is with Salad being drawn like a literal infant

I cannot be the only one creeped out by her right?

We all know and accepted that Ikemoto is a pedophile. Just roll with it.

Kiba was always a NaruHina shipper.

This is pinkshitfag.

I hope Ikemoto give us more Sarada/Sumire lewds

KibaHina is literally NSfags just trying to pair the spares, same exact impetus as SasuHina.

Stuff like games and non-canon movies

>more dynamic
violent ralationship is never dynamic

Or Wataru

Ignore pinkshitter

he better do some Sumire in his next book.