Have a great idea for a series

>have a great idea for a series
>completely ruin it with a horrible male lead

Why is this so common? Are those MC's forced by retarded editors?

Don't even know which series this is but just by your image I already know it isn't such a great idea

>forced by retarded editors?

Anime fans tend to self-insert into horrible male leads, which boosts sales.

If you paid for anime your opinions might matter.

It's the free market working.

At least the MC got what he deserve

Kuuko should have her own church

>completely ruin it with a horrible male lead

You DO know what happens at the end when he finally gives in right?

nyarlathotep is an eldritch abomination not girlfriend material. kys you monster apologist

I cry everytime.

Kuuko x Mahiro OTP.

They are gods, insolence pagan!

>nyarlathotep is an eldritch abomination not girlfriend material
I will cut you if you insult my wife again, shit eater.

>being dumb enough to trust Nyarlathotep.
Not even once I would Nyaruko tho

Don't forget they ruin it also with gay shit as well.
Honestly Nyaruko would've been more fun with just Nyaruko and Kuuko having wacky school adventures.

Why do they ruin every anime by setting it in a school?


>show about cute abomination girls
>the best girl is not an abomination


Holy fuck, is this official art?


You should see the nude filter

>You DO know what happens at the end when he finally gives in right?

I haven't seen this series and it sounds ridiculous. Spoil it for me, what happens at the end? She kills/eats him or something?

>Anime fans tend to self-insert into horrible male leads, which boosts sales.

Is this why all top sellers in like a decade are either all-girl or fujo pandering?

Raped into insanity.

>itt neets feel threatened by a cute MC

I sure love how you overlook the fact nyarl is cute girl in this, I mean why bother saying anything when your logic is a broken mess.



Eh, even if it were a girl, you'd still need some "no fun allowed" character there. Nyaruko's cast is too crazy to work in a normal world without a character constantly holding them back.

The actual problem with the series is the whole "normal high school life with aliens in secrecy" status quo. It should have gone full crazy.

Is it actually meant to imply that she kills him with sex? More that she just sucks him completely dry?

Too Soon.

>implying the female MC wouldn't be just as bad

Did he died ?

It was only ruined because he didn't want literal mind blowing sex with her from the start.
Also, their bodies are insane.

God I wish that were me.


Imagine this is fucking you, not just physically and not in a sanity preserving way. Also emphisis on the fact it is the one fucking you and not you are the one fucking it.

I'll be honest. If I was the MC I'd be the same, I'd be deathly afraid hanging out with eldritch abominations who are trying to trick me.

But Mahiro was as hot as the female cast?

She wanted to get married

>completely ruin it with a horrible male lead
Hastur ruined the show, not Mahiro.

Funny how he joins the party afterward. People keep throwing that insanity meme around.

If she is gonna turn into a mind bending monster and probably kill mahiro, why does she says that she loves him ? this is not love



It's called lying

Something something sire Mahiro something something terrible Frenchman.

Why thou ? what would she gain from killing one human ?

Because she does love him. A mortal's sanity just cant really handle what an Outer God does to the things it loves.

>trusting anything Nyarlathotep says

this still just seems like a gag

I bet in the next chapter he is fine.

Here you go.

Is this from the LN?

Because old gods have nothing but time to kill. There is probably something pleasurable about breaking him slowly.

That is ~Fin~

he is ded then

Dunno found it here.

This always puts a smile in my face.

And this still breaks my heart.

wait what happened

You're a little late to the party

Think she rez'd him.


Voice actress is dead

That's an indication of buyers who are so pathetic they can't even insert into a shitty beta-meme male.

Or buyers who are women.

They are always better.

Or buyers who are not retarded self inserting idiots.

It's yurifags, homosexuals, and women buying most of this stuff nowadays.

Because it's the last time the average Japanese had fun in their life.

Nyarlathotep fucks with people because it feels like it, it's like the one Outer God who has it our for humans, every other one is content with not acknowledging our existence.

Im still surprised how the main girl was actually the best. What wicked sorcery was involved?

Fire lesbo was best though.

Not everyone is a dyke-loving gaylord like you, OP.

.......I'm not the only one who fapped to that vanilla doujin of futa Nyaruko impregnating Mahiro after she turns him into a girl, am I?

Guys have to insert somewhere.

Mahiro was great, retard.

No hastur love? That boy counts as a girl in my book. i would go to town on all 3 of them.


I miss Kuuko.

>duuuuuuuuuuuuuh why didn't he just stick it in the Crawling Chaos
For fuck's sake listen to yourselves.
He ended up doing her anyway and it was as horrifying as you'd expect.

Gotta selfinsert.

Japan takes its Double Act routines seriously.



Yeah you mean like the monogatari series right?

>has it our for humans


Not him, but it is pretty clearly "Has it out for humans"

Which means, "Out to get" or "Intentionally fucks with" if you are an ESLfag.


Fuck off /u/shitter

Because Nyarlathotep is a jackass.

Wasn't his mom a superb monster killer?

>Some delusional user still think that it's only natural to do a Terrible Frenchman

Seriously, go win Darwin awards, all of you.

Dressing them in hotpants is cheating.

I am sorely disappointed we never got to see/read about Luhy areping Hastur straight.

>t. terrible Frenchman